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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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gone through in the book "ship of fools." stay cheerful. it's our duty. see you monday. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." great news for the united states of america. the economy is booming after months of projections, the second quarter gdp numbers are officially in with over 4% growth. in other words our economy is now moving at its fastest pace in four years. in moments we will explain what this means for you and highlight the president's historic economic track record that the rest of the media and the democrats are ignoring and the days of obama's pathetic economic stagnation are now officially over. today i interviewed the president about the roaring economy. and so much more. we'll play the highlights, plus
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the countdown to the mid-terms is on. we'll show you how the left's new low keeps getting lower and lower and lower? good news for the country? that's bad news for them. more progress to respect on north korea. today kim jong-un kept one of his promises. today he returned dozens of containers containing u.s. servicemen killed in the korean war. time for tonight's friday edition opening monologue. as a candidate and as president, donald trump long promised to spur the american economy and get growth rates back to 4%. many on the left, many in the media, many so-called experts and economists mocked him. they said it could not happen. they said a growth rate around 2% was the new normal in america. the haters, left wingers and democrats were all proven wrong. today the commerce department
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officially announced that the second quarter gdp grew at a whopping pace of 4.1%. that's double the average yearly growth under obama. under obama they nearly even made 3%. the first u.s. president in u.s. history not to have at least a growth. this is a key piece of an american economy that is now booming. everywhere you turn. the overall unemployment rate now is 4%. a 17-year low. to put it in perspective the average unemployment rate under obama, 7.4%. under president trump african-american unemployment is now at its lowest rate ever. 6.5%. record low hispanic unemployment rate at 4.6%. women in the work force lower at 4%. and by the way, 14 states have record low unemployment. consumer confidence at a 17 year
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high. homeownership rate up. the amount of americans on food stamps is down by millions and now there are literally more jobs available in america than there are people on unemployment. an economic miracle turnaround. and we're negotiating better trade deals all over the world. no trade wars including this week when president trump and the head of the european union agreed to push for zero tariffs barriers and subsidies between the two trading partners. just a short time ago, under obama he gave us 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more americans in poverty. the worst homeownership rate in 51 years. the worst recovery since the '40s and took on more debt than any every other president before him combined. on my radio show president trump
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said this about america's record setting economy. >> a big factor, sean, was regulation. and obviously a big factor was the taxes. but a lot of this, really the taxes are going to help in the future. i look forward to seeing the next quarter. because this is so sustainable. this is going to go for a long time. for the economy, we can go a lot higher. and people don't talk. we have 21 trillion in debt. when this really kicks in we'll start paying off that debt like it's water. we will pay that debt down. 21 trillion dollars, a number that is unthinkable. but that will go down very quickly. because the numbers with growth and the kind of growth that we've produced, the 4.1 can actually go higher. i look forward to seeing next quarter. i think the 4.1 is just a steppingstone. when we make good trade deals that will have a huge impact on gdp growth. the numbers will be so big you will start paying down debt in
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very large chunks. it will go quickly. >> sean: bad news for the media and democrats. they want their power back. the more successful america is, the chances of them getting power back is reduced every day. the huge quarterly gdp growth is great news for every american. not only does this prove that tax cuts have worked and always work. but it is also clear evidence of the president keeping his promises. something that's rare in washington to you the american people. important to keep in mind. we are approaching the most important mid-term elections in our country's history as far as i am concerned. by the way, steve bannon will talk about it later. but without a doubt, democrats will be up to the same predictable old dirty tricks and tactics. it doesn't matter what the economy is doing. they want you to believe the republicans are monsters. they are racists and sexists and
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xenophobic and homophobic and they want to breathe dirty air and water and throw granny over the cliff and kill children. i asked the president about that is so much more. here's his answer. >> the democrats want to raise everybody taxes. they want too give back these massive tax cuts that we got and reforms that are so good for everybody. but the tax cuts. they want to raise people's taxes and open up borders. they want to get rid of ice. i mean the things they're doing are so destructive. we won't have a country. >> sean: they want their crumbs back. they want open borders and obamacare and impeach you and stop all investigations into deep corruption. the president is right an ahead of the mid-terms it is very clear that the left, they really have no plan to improve the lives of oh, the forgotten men and women. we lived eight years under
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economic failure and stagnation. you want to take it back? you want the crumbs back? you want to impeach trump? you want to preserve the disaster of obamacare where every american didn't keep their doctor and didn't keep their plan and are not paying less in they want to eliminate i.c.e. and want open borders? they want to stop the investigations into what was the biggest abuse of power by the deep state in american history. with 101 days to go, the less the left's rhetoric and conduct is only going to get worse and worse and worse and of course their willing accomplices in the media that just echo each other. president trump success is driving them insane. this week they were in rare form. total insanity. they wake up every day, how can i hate trump today? take a look. >> i call on everyone who understands what is at stake.
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that understands who counts in a moral moment there are no bystanders. you are either complicit in the evil. you are either contributing to the wrong or fighting against it. >> jay z prolific rapper than philosopher, putin has donald trump big pimping. >> donald trump working with advance knowledge to be part of the international conspiracy. >> he was furious because he found out melania was watching cnn instead of fox. which when you think about it is probably her way of cheating on him. >> sean: this week in person the harassment of trump allies continued. first secretary nielsen then it was sarah sanders and pam bondy and mitch mcconnell and his wife, the transportation secretary and now they're going after sean spicer because he has a book out that people want to buy.
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on wednesday shouted down by one of these leftists at a book signing. take a look. >> hey, sean, you're a real piece of garbage. i hope you look around and see all of these empty seats and you realize even in new york city, people will not come and pay money to hear you speak. i read the reviews. it's a garbage book. you're as stupid as you look. it's a garbage book and you're a garbage person! you lied as press secretary and now you're lying in your boom. i read the reviewed. the "wall street journal" called you a liar. >> sean: i wish i was wrong but you can expect this kind of behavior and rhetoric from the left and it will get worse and worse as we get closer to the
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mid-terms in november. they want their power back at all costs. they think the louder they get the more effective they will be. we end with positive developments from korea. kim jong-un did keep his commitment to president trump and the u.s. and he did return the remains of u.s. servicemen killed decades ago in the korean war. listen to this. >> we did meet. we had a great meeting. a very, very great meeting. i think you could have lost 50 million people more. seoul is 28 million people. people say hundreds of thousands. we're talking about 50, 60, 100 million people could have been wiped out and lost. we had a great meeting, historic. among other things the remains are starting to come back. missiles have been stopped. we don't have rockets and missiles shot over japan. the hostages, we got them back, even before i left, we got them back. nuclear testing, no more, rocket
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testing, no more. so many things have changed. one thing all of their propaganda material which has been up for years, the signs and the music, it's all stopped. it's all been taken down. so many positive things have happened. and you know, we have time. there's no rush. i told my people, don't rush. we have sanctions on. we haven't taken any sanctions off. i look forward to the time when we do take the sanctions off. when that happens a lot of good things will have happened on the other side. >> sean: he is not trying to bribe a dictator. this is more tangible progress. the president's diplomatic efforts with little rocketman, kim jong-un and at the very least an important moment for those who lost loved ones in the korean war. and negotiations to denuclearize the korean peninsula continue. we'll update you on everything that has transpired. no rockets fired since december over japan.
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it's not a threat to the region. it looks like "fire and fury" and my button is bigger than yours is working. is working. and we did get our hostages out and there was the dismantling of one of the nuclear test sites. here with reaction. the author of the number one "new york times" best sellers this week, "liars, liberals, and leakers." number one on "the new york times" list, judge jeanine pirro and geraldo rivera. congratulation to both of you. judge, we are proud of you. so well deserved. geraldo, your book has been out. that brings something to my mind. you have always said when we disagree on immigration and i don't want to hear it today. although you agree with the wall. you do agree. but you actually keep saying, i love this about you even though we don't agree on everything.
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you say i want this president to succeed because i want my country to succeed. i don't feel that from the democratic party. they are not happy today about the gdp members. >> they would applaud if the president stumbled on the sidewalk. i think, sean, there is a hatred of donald trump that is something that is almost unprecedented. it's extraordinary. how people are actively rooting if the president and the presidency to fail. i think it's selfish and narcissistic. it's so pedestrian and partisan. it really is -- one reason politics has such a foul stench. i think the president could help himself more. you started the program with the great economic numbers. the thing about the economic number, a rising tide is lifting all ships, americans are doing better than ever, wages are going up. more jobs than people seeking jobs.
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but at its core, this is also a tremendous civil rights movement by president trump. >> sean: bingo. >> he is doing more for the inner city than all of the liberals and the wishy-washy socialism. and all the rest of it. black unemployment historic lows. hispanic unemployment at historic lows. were i on the president's team. i would say, this is what you focus on. say this every day. we are not getting nuked from north korea. look what we are doing for the cities, look what we're doing for the constituencies that voted for my opponent. we are doing more than all of the liberal programs combined. >> sean: geraldo is right on the money but, judge, i've said if the president cured cancer at this point, seriously, i really believe it -- if the president cured cancer and gave every american $30 million, the media and democrats would still hate this guy. if he adopted their agenda that failed they would still hate
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him. >> there is no question that the hatred towards this president is unparalleled in american history. there is not one metric that has suffered under this president. we are better off in every possible metric. i remember when president obama said all manufacturing jobs are a thing of the past. now we have 400,000 new manufacturing jobs in this country. we now have unemployment and i won't repeat all of the good things that have been said. here's the truth. geraldo says the president should talk more about the civil rights issue, helping the people who have been forgotten. the truth is he could talk about it from the highest mountains and the press would not report it. but the american people instinctively understood that this was a man, this donald trump who had never run for any office in his life, instinctively understands the plight of the hard-working
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american man and woman. we gave him a chance to use his words. we had nothing to lose. every metric has improved. every day he takes in coming and every day i realize more than ever, this man is a force of nature. he can handle anything and keep fighting for us. >> sean: geraldo this is a really good point. every election it's the same thing from the democrats. racist, sexist. homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, throw granny over the cliff and scare america. give me one idea that democrats besides impeachment and keeping obamacare and they want their crumbs back. one idea that would deserve us to go back to what? obama's 13 million additions to food stamps and 8 million more in poverty? what are they offering? >> well, medicaid for everybody. which is a wonderful idea.
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public -- >> sean: we could pay for that too. >> free college for everybody. >> sean: free housing, free daycare, free, free, free. >> the apparent nominee for the democratic congressional seat in the bronx and queens, ms. ocasio-cortez, her platform is wonderful. it spells out a utopian socialist universe. the reality, going back to what i said, is capitalism is the best engine for lifting people out of poverty and into the middle classes and beyond. you have to stress those things. i think it's sophomoric of us to avoids the fact that a lot of the hatred directed at president trump, some is self-inflicted, but a lot of it also is the fear. you remember the huge demonstrations the day after the inauguration by women wearing pink hats everywhere. their problem was the fear that
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the president would curtail the rights granted under roe v. wade. it's a sticky subject and you don't want to hear the other side of it. one advantage at fox, i respect your point of view on that. but i can't say that is generally held and there's a fear that the president -- >> sean: this is -- we've become best friends and we disagree. we'll go out and have a drink and a bite to eat and argue but we're friends. >> because i believe in the sincerity. >> sean: you want the country to be better. >> absolutely. >> sean: and judge, that's missing everywhere. i've seen such a level of dishonesty. they won't focus on the news channels about all of this success. we're changing -- the forgotten men and women that have left
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behind are now getting more opportunity than they ever had. and i'm a guy that started as a dishwasher. i identify with that, with people that are struggling. i struggled for 20 years of my life. 25 years. >> well, when you talk about, geraldo, i was in that march in washington. thank goodness, there were two navy seals with me, retired. at the least, i was protected. but the hate was palpable. when i asked people in that parade or the march or protest what they were protesting, they just hated donald trump. female unemployment, you talked about at the top of the show, it's at 4%. you look at ivanka trump. this woman spent her adult life trying to promote women as entrepreneurs. >> sean: and look at how they treat her and baron and the grand-daughter of the president. >> that's right. all of them.
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but look, here's the bottom line. america's better off, the left is trying to shut down the right. i've had my own experiences with it. they call me a fascist. the fascism is when there is only one way of thinking and everyone else has to be shutdown. >> sean: last word, geraldo? >> i think what happened to ivanka and her decision to give up her businesses is shameful. she and her husband worked so hard for free, for the country. and for people to attack their buses by sabotage the way they have i think is really, really regrettable. >> sean: some people work in washington. will pay more money to lawyers than they get paid. judge jeannine tomorrow night. when we come back, former trump white house strategist and the rest of my exclusive interview with roseanne barr. strategist rest of my exclusive interview with roseanne barr. as people who love the outdoors,
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plus, come in today and ask about xfinity mobile. a new kind of wireless network designed to save you money. visit your local xfinity store today. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we are on track to hit the highest annual average growth rate in over 13 years. an i will say this right now and i'll say it strongly as the trade deals come in one by one we're going to go a lot higher than these numbers and these are great numbers. once again, we are the economic envy of the entire world. when i meet the leaders of countries, the first thing they say invariably, is mr. president, congratulations, nice to meet you, congratulations on you economy. since i was elected we added 400,000 new manufacturing jobs. that was the obsolete deal.
10:26 pm
why is it obsolete? we have to make things. manufacturing jobs are among our best jobs and we're just getting started. >> sean: that was president trump earlier today going over what is a remarkable economic story. since he has taken office these unprecedented numbers are sure to help republicans. 101 days away from what i call the most important mid-term election in our lifetime. breitbart came out with today a list of seats that the gop must maintain and hold to maintain their majority. joining us now, former trump strategist steve bannon. this is battle 2018. they want to get their crumbs back and impeach the president and keep obamacare and cover up
10:27 pm
the corruption to steal the election. a lot at stake. >> sean, you said it's the most important mid-term. i would rephrase that. i think is president trump's first re-elect. it's a referendum on the trump presidency. they are very focused. the opposition will be very focused on trying to win the house of representatives and try to win congress to impeach trump and stop the entire progress whether it's the economic growth or his america first national security or southern border security. you pick it. they're going to try to unwind it. this is really -- i mean, the democrats go it one thing, they got a do over. this is november, 100 days and a wake up we're going to have essentially a national election and that's going to determine the second half of the first term of president trump and i think 2020. people ask me about 2020, right now we're going to have a
10:28 pm
referendum. and i'm going to tell everybody, the way to win this is exactly like we won in 2010, you have to go door to door, ring doorbells, do voter registration drives. president trump has delivered on the action. now it's time for the populous movement, conservative everybody that turned out in 2016 you have to do it all over again. or the first action they're going to take is to try to impeach president trump. >> sean: i went through the numbers. in your old hometown. only 100 seats are really up for grabs. the others are safe. they're not in play. you have 86 of those are republican seats. and you're talking about the republicans have to win 61 of the 86.
10:29 pm
so that's a lot and historically and i asked the president about this earlier today on my radio show. historically seats are lost in the mid-term election for the party in the white house. how do people save these 61 seats, plus because i would like to have a comfort margin there. >> here's what you have to do, we picked up 62 seats in 2010. it's not about money. it's about ideas and turning out votes. president trump has delivered. he said he was going to take action. he took action with the destruction of isis. and look at the economic numbers today. they are unbelievable. and the trade deals, what he's doing is reorienting the world supply chain away from china. he is fully engaged going on china on the economic war they've had on us. president trump has delivered on judges. everything he has said he is going to do he has down or is in the process of doing.
10:30 pm
it's incumbent on everyone who supported him in 2016 -- this is about the old fashioned way. it's going to be muscle. the opposition is very different than in, "16. hillary clinton's arrogance and cockiness, they missed what we were doing in the upper midwest okay? to really break that blue wall. this time, the time's up movement and the resistance are very focused. they are going door-to-door. everybody who supports president trump has to understand this will be the old-fashioned way. go door-to-door and knock on doors. and get your neighbors to come out. this is all about turnout on november 6. >> sean: we're calling this bannon battlefield 2018. but next week what we're going to do is name every district and put it up on the screen so the audience can see. here's the thing. because there are some people that rightly will look at their
10:31 pm
congressman and they'll say to me and you, hannity, bannon, my congressman's a rhino. my senator's a rhino. you ask me to support this guy? i supported trump but the stakes are so high what they want to do to the trump agenda which is my answer -- >> this is a national referendum whether it's a rhino or establishment figure or a congressman or a senator that you don't fully support. that is not the question now. the question is about the trump agenda and about president trump and his agenda. you have to just put -- sometimes vote for people that you're not totally comfortable with. and that means some establishment figures and some rhinos. it doesn't matter. it's an up or down vote on the trump presidency. if we force everything to november 6th we'll win this. here's the benefit of not having a blue wave. when they don't get the blue
10:32 pm
wave they have been selling, they're going to turn on themselves in a civil war in the democratic party and it's going to make 2020 much easier. >> sean: and it's already developing. just look at the job numbers. put aside the success north korea and yes, we now have remains from that war coming home this very day. no more rockets being fired and a dismantled nuclear test site. jerusalem is the capital and now we have record low unemployment in this country in 14 states for woman in the workforce, african-americans, his tannic-americans and asian-americans and the military that are out of work and millions are off the food stamp rolls with more jobs than people on unemployment. this didn't happen as fast when reagan was president. and i'm a reagan conservative. >> if you look at the actions he
10:33 pm
has taken including the judges, it's been nothing short of extraordinary. donald trump is a historic president and a transformational president. if you want to keep it going, that's why this november is not a mid-term election. this mid-term is the first re-elect of donald j. trump. everybody has to put their shoulder to the wheel. it's what we did in august of 2016. we brought the establishment movement together and grass roots conservatives together and against the media and all the money the clintons raised we won and won big in a historic landslide. that can happen again and it will happen again if people start to focus on what november 6th which is a national referendum on the presidency of president trump. >> sean: we're going to bring you on once a week until election day. steve does not like doing tv. but you think this is so
10:34 pm
important. you want to identify. we'll do this next week. we'll identify every single district that's going to matter, where the real -- well, battle -- >> the bannon battle fight of 2018. >> i think people need to focus on where the battle will take place. people will have to put their shoulder to the wheel. it's game on and we have to leave everything on the field and no tears. i'm tired of hearing the whining on our side of the football, this candidate and that candidate. we have to stop whining and get focused on what is needed for a victory. >> sean: bannon battlefield 2018. next week we define the defining races in this mid-term. when we come back he wants to be the next speaker of the house, jim jordan and why he wants to be speaker and more of my one-on-one with roseanne barr
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: yesterday ohio congressman jim jordan announced he is running for speaker of the house. earlier, i sat down with the congressman to ask him why he is running and what agenda he's going to push. take a look. joining us, ohio congressman jim jordan who announce head is running to be the next speaker of the house. welcome for a rare studio appearance. we are 101 days outside of the mid-term elections. i am calling at this time most important mid-term in our lifetime. >> yes. they want to impeach the president if they win. we have to win. >> sean: explain. >> if the democrats get in office they will go after president trump. they went so far left with the social democratic agenda they have. it's critical. here's what is at stake. think about the last year and a half. regulations were due. taxes lower. unemployment lowest in 20 years.
10:40 pm
economy is humming. gorsuch on the court and embassy back in jerusalem. out of the crazy iran deal and the hostages back from north korea. and i'm forgetting a few things. what is amazing about that list as well is congress only helped a little bit of that. congress has to do a better job. that's i didn't want to be the next speaker of the house. we have to do what we told the american people we would do. delivering on health care, delivering on border security and all the other issues. >> sean: how did it happen in the middle of the health care debate we discovered there are about 100 house republicans and senate republicans that voted to repeal obamacare in 2015 -- same bill and they changed when it mattered. >> six republican senators voted be ernst the exact same legislation they supported before after getting elected and
10:41 pm
taking the senate in '14 after winning the white house in '18. we have not delivered on health care reform or welfare reform for able-bodied people and not delivered on controlling spending. that's what we told the american people we would do. >> sean: but the president on his own has accomplished a lot. >> he's doing it. >> sean: why is there this reluctance among some republicans is the president is not the conventional establishment figure? it's icon klaasic, he's bold, he tweets, he calls out fake news. what is it some republicans don't like? >> it's the town. it's washington. the swamp is the swamp. they don't like donald trump coming in and changing the swamp and the way that town works. there is just this reluctance to ever change even though the american people said in 2010 we're going to put you in charge of congress to go change things.
10:42 pm
in 2014 they gave us the senate to say go change things and even though in 2016 they gave us the white house to go change things there is still this reluctance and the president feels it every sinkin' day. he is bound and determined to do what he told the american people he would do and the house needs to do the same. we've done some good things but not near enough. the reform we need to do. like the president has been doing. >> sean: the house has been doing better than the senate. >> it sure has. >> sean: 14 states with record low unemployment. record low unemployment for african-americans and hispanic americans and women in the workplace. and huge massive great economic news. one after the other. you mentioned the foreign policy successes. and i'm thinking there's a track record to run on. >> of course. let's campaign on it and tell the american people you put us back in power in the house of representatives we will do what we said. we will help president trump
10:43 pm
accomplish what you told us you wanted to accomplish in 2016 and what we ran on. >> sean: if you become the speaker. i will support you for speaker. the freedom caucus has been the most committed to fighting for keeping their promises and literally the single biggest group fighting to defend things that are conservative in the country and helped the president the most. >> we formed our group three years ago. we talked about the countless number of americans who feel like washington forgot them and left them behind. we want to fight for those people. i say this all the time. i say it because i believe it. we make the job of being a member of congress way too complicated. it's simple. what did you tell them you were going to do? go do that and stand up and have the debate. all too often we forfeit even before the debate even happens and the referee blows the whistle we just say we're going to forfeit the game.
10:44 pm
let's play the game and wrestle the match. let make it happen. >> sean: how will you be different? >> that's simple. the omnibus spending bill. the spending bill we were poised to hold spending down on non-defense spending because chuck schumer shut the government down on friday. over the weekend the american people said you are crazy! on monday he said i will open the government back up. because he was losing in the public relations world. so he opened the government back up. a few weeks later we had a chance on that big spending bill and hold the headline on everything else and what did we do? we said we won't even have the debate. even though we had a guy in the white house great at taking the message to the american people. we just said let's do what we always do, spend more money on everything and the deficit goes up and the debt goes up and the band plays on. >> sean: and the president is squeezed because he wants the money for the fence.
10:45 pm
>> we sent him a bad bill. >> sean: jim jordan, good luck. do we know when ryan is leaving? >> we don't. he said he's going to stay. >> sean: when we come back, more of my exclusive interview with roseanne barr as "hannity" continues. chicken?! chicken.
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>> ♪ >> sean: part 2 of my interview with roseanne barr. how should we handle these controversies -- in other words samantha bee, she apologized or
10:50 pm
bill marher the stuff he has sad over the years, that are atrocious. if you don't like my show you have the power to turn the dial. we live in an environment where it's not just disagree. disagree and get an opportunity and don't accept the apology and try to destroy the other show. i refuse to be a part of that because i do believe that in freedom of speech, number one. i make my living with it. number two, i do believe people make innocent mistakes. i listened to your background and read all of this stuff about you and your background and your mom and your dad. >> i want to say i have the best relationship with my mother today. >> sean: i understand. >> we've done the work that needs to be done in my family and i'm very proud of that. there is nothing but love. >> sean: understood. but having multiple personality disorders. >> that was a tough one. >> sean: i b.e.t. was.
10:51 pm
was that like having voices in your head? >> no, that's schizophrenia. >> sean: what do i know? i'm not an expert. >> waking up and noting where you are and how you got there. it's loss of time. >> sean: just disappeared? >> yeah. >> sean: and you were another person and didn't know it. >> no memory of any of it. when i had it, i had like four prescriptions for glasses. but i did wake up and find myself in unsafe places and didn't know why i put myself there. and that's just terrifying. and i no longer do. that -- but you know, my whole life i spent like that. one time i woke up in a truck in new york city. >> sean: i don't think there's one viewer, honestly, that doesn't have a family member, a friend, a neighbor --
10:52 pm
>> with mental health issues? >> sean: i think everybody watching knows somebody. what you just described to me is scary. >> it was scary. i told abc, i don't feel that i am in a good mentally balanced place. i had been working way too many weeks -- >> sean: leading up to this. >> and going on promotions crossing from ohio to new york and i became ambien dependent. a lot of people had problems with it and i am one of them. i'd find a house full of tris cuts and a pound of cheese. >> sean: you didn't remember when you woke up? >> i will see it in the kitchen. >> sean: you would see it and say i must have eaten this? >> yes, and trying to make brownies. >> sean: and not remember it? >> no. till the morning.
10:53 pm
but this is like -- >> sean: scary. >> ambien does that to people. >> sean: you want to do another hour? >> i forgot. i'm sorry. >> sean: what is next? >> i told abc, you guys, i will go get my meds checked. >> sean: you knew were going to a dark place? >> i knew i wasn't keeping up. you know, i don't absorb vitamins. i found out that i was really depleted. and that affects your mental health. >> sean: you were doing too much and not getting the time you need -- >> i am supposed to go to the hospital every 8 weeks and get infusions because i don't absorb iron and vitamins. i just kept saying, i wanted that show. i wanted a second season so bad that i worked myself almost to the end.
10:54 pm
>> sean: tell me what is next for you? >> porn. [laughing]. no. >> sean: really? >> no, i am kidding. >> sean: what is next? porn. there's your headline. >> i love doing my own stuff in my own studio. >> sean: you want to go back on stage? >> i want to go back on tour, yes. i want to go on tour and do my standup. i love looking out there. i don't have, like -- i have a really diverse audience of fans and i'm very proud of that. i don't just have -- i have all kind of opinions and i try to e unify what is universal between all of us. >> sean: when we come back the video of the day. straight ahead. video of the sta.
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tonight's video of the day is a sneak peek of tmz's harvey levin's interview with alex trebek. on this week's episode of objectified, i always wanted to be alex trebek. i do great at home. anyway, take a look. >> i absolutely love your show. and one of the things that i always think about when i watch it, i watch you read the answers. and some of them are complicated. do you rehearse these? >> if there's words that will be difficult to pro -- to say properly -- [laughter] i make diacritical remarks so people at home think that oh, gosh, trebek is so bright. >> sean: harvey and alex on objectified. it's at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. always fair and balanced. have a great summer weekend. a lot to get back to monday. see you then.
11:00 pm
>> laura: welcome to "the ingraham angle." i'm laura ingraham. from washington. ahead tonight, the stories that matter to you told in a way you're not going to hear anywhere else. of course. the economy roaring. exemplified by a sterling gdp number. is that enough for president's critics? you wouldn't believe what the reactions have been. for this great news for all americans. plus, remember that michael cohen bombshell that dropped on cnn last night? we covered it last night in the angle. we're going to tell you how flimsy it really is. in tonight's friday follies, raymond aroyo reveals the lacks of creativity in hollywood and