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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 28, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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[♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. there was a big blowup on the view. a shoutfest over socialism. >> think about it. medicare, social security, the library. >> i hope democrats do run a democratic socialist because you will lose spectacularly and i'll look forward to election night where i get to tell everybody i told you so. i think you should start paying the amount of taxes every
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socialist in this country thinks you should. it's dangerous. jesse: passions are running high because a socialist rising star knocked off pelosi's protege. alexandria ocasio-cortez stumbled through weeks of gaffes. >> this socialist label is something the media calls more about. i don't knock on a person's door and say hey, let me tell you about socialism. it's not thank you i campaign. it's fox news and the media wants to continue using this word. by me saying no, i'm not, it becomes a distraction. jesse: venezuela, a rich country with blountful natural resources is now a hell hole.
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look at what the experiment with socialism has wrought. nearly 90% now live in poverty. the average person last 24 pounds last year. six people are -- sick people are taking dog medicine. delays massive toilet paper shortage and it's the murder capital of the world. do they want to destroy america? they say we mean scandinavian countries, that's where socialism works. the scanned naichian socialive success story is a fantasy. you know what country is doing better than sweden? switzerland. sweden was going off a cliff until a decade ago when conservatives took over and implemented capitalist reforms.
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the scandinavia defeat the nazis, put a man on the moon, create the iphone? no, that was america. what are the major contributions to humankind from scandinavia? ikea. free healthcare alone costs $30 trillion. you raise taxes on everybody in america and it won't make a dent in paying that bill. if socialists don't trust trump why give the trump administration in charge your life. you want trump tals your landlord and running tour colleges? i thought didn't like trump university. the federal government has a hard enough time taking care of our vets and securing or borders and protecting us from hackers.
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and you want to give the government more responsibility? when people talk about socialism, ask them where socialism has ever work. joining me, charlie kirk and michel malcolm. we'll start with you. what do you think about this socialism experiment within the democratic party? >> i think alexandria ocasio-cortez is everything that'sing wrong with overpriced liberal ivory towers and extreme identity politics and a rib lamb media waiting for you the next savior. ocasio-cortez is the long cal fruit of the radical progressivism that we survived under barack obama. this is a man who said you didn't build that. at some point you earned enough
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money. so of course we have this project any, ocasio-cortez house so economically and historically illiterate. thank you for giving that overview in your opening points. because you don't get that as at most of liberal universities. she is so clueless. this is someone who graduated from an economics degree from boston university and doesn't even know what the unemployment rate is. jesse: charlie, did if you know ocasio-cortez graduated with an economics degree? >> she must have missed a couple class. if socialist professors believe the nonsense they profess, why don't they teach for free? why do the sell the books back
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to the kids and charge so much for credit hours. just do it for free. get rid of the profit structure and be a true example of that in a marxist society. i believe this is flood anti-americanism. we are the only country in the history of the world where even those who hate it refuse to leave. the biggest proponents of socialism aren't those waiting in bread lines. jesse: you don't see those from venezuela coming over and advocating for socialist reforms. we have 4.1% gdp. record unemployment. read mains of korean war vets from being returned from north korea. it seems like the socialist left
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wants to stop the progress. >> so much of the radical left which is the mainstream of the democrat party doesn't just hate america. they hate the fact that we are found on this principle of unleashing hard work ambitious people. under obama we had 8 years of wealth and success shaping. it will only get worse under the' alexandria ocasio-cortez regime taking over the mainstream of the democratic party. they are peddling an ideology based on dependency and coercion. they are regressive. there are not enough people in the media who want to tell the stories. i have people like my, children or grandchildren of immigrants who love this country because of the potential it promised them it was not a guarantee or
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entitlement. simply the opportunity which we enjoy. i have been in this business for 25 years. i started three web ventures. i'm a proud capitalist of quote-unquote color. the only color we care about is green. not because we are greedy. but because we are trying to put find our table and other people's tables. i have been able to employ dozens of people. all of this is based on volunteer associations of people mutually pursuing their self-interests. that is the exceptionalism alexandria ocasio-cortez has never experienced in her life. these are people who sign only the back of a paycheck. not the front of a paycheck. jesse: you can voluntarily give more money to the government. since ronald reagan election in
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1980 and 1981, worldwide poverty has gone from 10% to 7%. that's not because of the spread of socialism, that's because of the spread of free market capitalism. >> i life expectancy in 1900 was a little over 40 years. now we are living late into our 80s. we have an abundance problem of the west. we throw away more food than we consume. you can look at human migratory patterns. no one * every flees free market capital tennessee valley go back to marxism. they are leaving havana or miami, not miami for havana. jesse: when you hear people denigrate the american system like cortez does, when we talk
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about importing socialism into america, do you believe she thinks socialism can be implemented america and people can thrive? or do you think they want to bring socialism here because they want to slow down america? >> i think they are as their ultimate goal trying to bring down everything that made this country great in the first place. you can only do that if you are untest are -- untethered from es and history. when you have socialists and try to argue with them about the real dworld pragmatic impact -- so, it's not real yet. jesse: i want to show you guys something that's gone viral. this woman, i think her name is stuckey. she ising a young conservative woman.
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she interviewed ocasio-cortez. >> do you have any experience that qualifies you for this job? >> i was growing up during the clinton era, and basically when i was in middle school, 9/11 happened. >> do you have any knowledge whatsoever about how our political system works? >> hmm. >> why should voters vote for you. >> you vote, it's democratic. >> this has been enlightening. jesse: that's obviously a fake interview, but the left is going nuts and calling it fake news and they are very sensitive. >> i love allie. she did a great job. you look at her real interviews and they are not far off.
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she thinks the unemployment rate is dropping because people are taking two jobs. and israel is illegally occupying palestine. and socialism is working. jesse: maybe that's why people were confused on the left because it sounds like a regular interview numbers another one i want to play where he was campaigning with bernie sanders and she said she wanted to do this. listen to this. >> hello, everybody. i'm so excited to be hopping on now on senator sanders' account. we are here to flip a seat red in november. >> go for it. >> i want to give a shoutout to allie. insanity around the reaction to that shows the reaction to this
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thing. them lot of techniques when stephen colbert uses them every week. but they can't stand the fact that consequence there are actually have fun bringing down these people and exposing them for how moronic they really are. the bottom line point is just like with barack obama, they are propping up these empty vessels because it's all they have. it's moral bankruptcy it's his tore tick and economic bankruptcy and it's going to fail. the democratic party slogan sounds like it's ripped off from maduro and chavez's venezuela. >> the ms-13 people they refuse to call animals and sympathy for isis are at all-time levels. the republican party, we are the
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party ape a hamlin con and they are the party karl marx. jesse: i don't think cortez knows about socialism. maybe she is watching and she can take to notes. up next, roseanne barr and nancy pelosi. wait until you hear what they had to say. [♪] i are you ready to take your wifi to the next level?
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> i'm homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. it's popular to say isis is bad. but there is no better than ice is. >> it guarantees my ticket to heaven. >> take it from me, no organization is better than ice is. jesse: michelle wolf comparing i.c.e. officers 0 isis terrorists. here is nornlings governor
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andrew cuomo. >> this administration is on a crusade to people they don't consider original americans. what they have done at the border is an example and what they have done in puerto rico, and they are on a jihad to deport as many people as they can who they believe are not in the united states legally. tom, what is your emotional reaction when you hear comedians and politicians denigrate the men and women who protect our border? >> the comparison to terrorist organizations, does this comedian understand i.c.e. investigates terrorist organizations? we have presence in 30 countries across the globe in what we call the visa security program.
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we have prevented 30,000 people from getting a visa to come to this country. she doesn't know the first thing about serving our nation. jesse: she is comparing the people protecting her from terrorists to terrorists. i want to show you video of the sketch we had. charlie kirk was riding around with an i.c.e. agent at the border. they were talking about the kid, the minors they briefly separated from their parents or so-called parents. here is what he had to say. >> these kids are hard-core. they will take your lunch money. immediately after we separated them, they established a hierarchy within the area they were separated in. there was one child, 8 years old, 9 years old, that was running the entire team and telling other kid what they
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needed to do, take their cookies and stuff like that. we had another separation where they were having sexual relationships through the chain link fence. jesse: this week the trump administration has reunited officially under a court order. so-called families. the ones that were families. there were innocent children that were separated and that was a hard thing to watch and experience. but some of these people weren't their parents. other people were human smugglers and drug traffickers. some of these minors, 15, 16, were hard-core people. >> governor cuomo needs to understand the difference between border patrol and i.c.e. if you get arrested and get
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prosecuted for a crime just like any american family you will get separated from your kids. along long island new york last year, many of the ms-13 kids we arrested entered this country as unaccompanied children. when you talk about separating children. the vast majority are between 15-17. these are not toddlers we are talking about. jesse: people need to understand the realistic scenario. it's not a bunch of kids with popsicles coming across in strollers. this is a vicious and dangerous situation. you are trying to human dwrairn and protect the country. nancy pelosi says the democrats are the ones really protecting the borders. guess what she'd called 9/11.
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>> when we had the 9/11 and the commission was formed and made the recommendations, they made recommendations to protect america. but the republicans would never take them up. >> i don't know what's more preposterous, calling 9/11 an incident or saying democrats are strong on border security. >> what color is the sky in her world. does she support border wall? let, talk about why families are separated? because her and people like her caused the loopholes that allow the families to come across the border. there is nobody who has done more more border security and
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public safety than president trump. i worked for six presidents and i reek expect them all. but no none have done more than president trump. jesse: president trump needs a little help on capitol hill if he wants to get everything straightened out down there. the so-called tolerant left out of control. a black gay army veteran who has had enough of their bullying tactics has come out as a republican. that's next. sleep disturbances keep 1 in 3 adults up at night. only remfresh uses ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number 1 sleep doctor recommended remfresh -- your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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"watters' world." jesse: trump derangement syndrome is out of control. this week someone destroyed the hollywood star walk much fame with a pick ax. this comes after a boy was attacked for wearing a make america great again act. what's wrong the so-called left? i thought they were supposed to be toll rants. my next guest is a black gay
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veteran who used to be a democrat. he got so fed up with the bullying from liberals that he switched parties and became a republican. you group as a democrat. what made you switch parties? >> i think for me, i got so sick of the lies. what they were telling black people. when you are a black person you get messages from democrats saying you are a victim and you need us to succeed and you need us to achieve, you need this ever expanding welfare state to make something of yourself. i got tired of it and sick of that message that it needed them, and i got sick of that message of victimhood that they continue to push to black americans for the last three decades of my life. jesse: i believe the reason the democratic party does that to people, they need strong party discipline. they can't allow their base whether it's hispanics or blacks
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or young women or young millennials, they can't allow them to think outside the, box and entertain becoming a republican or even listen to republican ideas. they need those votes come november. >> they want to keep people in line. i think democrats use identity politics to keep people in line. i'm black and buy gay, and i have seen them use the same tactics for black people as they do for gay people. jesse: was it harder to come out as a republican or gay american. >> i didn't lose friends when i came out as gay. i lost friends coming out as republican. people do not understand it. these are the left that's supposed to be so tolerant and inclusive. these are the people who were the first to shun me when i came out as conservative. jesse: one guy says look at all the approval you are greght
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white people. is this why you do this? black people need to stop saying what white people want to hear and come together and deal with our issues as a people, not sell out to the people who caused them harm in the first place. when you read something like that how does it make you feel? >> it doesn't make me feel great. i have been called everything but child of god. they call you a sellout and an uncle tom. but why can't i have different ideas. why can't i be free thinking? why can't i have a victor mentality. why can't i have all these things that benefit me it dos didn't have anything to do with white people. there are different ideas i'm connecting to more. jesse: speaking of different ideas. we are going to play this. it's interesting to watch. roseanne barr was on sean
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hannity's show. we remember what she said and how and why she was fired. this is the first tv interview she did since that firing and sheer ways she had to say. >> america is a place where i a loud mouthed old gorgeous jewish woman comedian am allowed freedom of speech. they were saying it was racial wit was political. i wish i word it bert. but i'm not going to let them tell me way meant. i'm not a racist. the people who voted for trump aren't racist and trump isn't a racist. when things are going too if right i'll go a little left. when things are too far left i will go a little right. most of people in america i think think like that. jesse: she never should have said what she said about valerie jarett. but what do you think about her
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explanation and asking for forgiveness. >> i completely accept it. i am one of the few black people who did not think she should have lost her job after those comments because i don't think they were racist. to me when you look at valley jarrett, it's not too far out of the realm of possibility to think valerie jarrett is white. she is ambiguously ethnic. i don't think it's necessarily racist. do we give people an opportunity to apologize and be contrite? no, they didn't give her that turn the. they wanted to shut her down. what i think democrats do is they use accusations of racism and use those words to shut people down and get rid of those people. the same people that wanted roseanne fired are the same people rallying behind james
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gunn that made the horrible fed file joke on twitter. so the same people who rallied behind james gunn are the ones who wanted roseanne fired. jessefired..
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and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. >> fired by -- inspired by true events. it became cbs again has a
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familiar yet troubling feel like to when larry king would put himself in a movie. jesse: the "new york times" came out with their ultimate guide to the summer. man-free zones. leather weekend. a trans free zone. if you are a straight white man you won't be welcome at several of these events. they actually say that. what is witch camp? and why does the "new york times" want you to go to witch camp. >> i don't know that they want you to go, they are just letting you know about it. they areletting you know about potions and things that are anti-male. this witch cam in particular i
11:41 pm
think is for women only. jesse: are you going to witch camp? >> i don't need to go. i am comfortable. jesse: there is a two-spirit gathering in montana. >> i think it's the native americans. jesse: is elizabeth warren going to be there? >> she could be because she is part native american, not indian. jesse: they also have things men can't go. in sweden only sis gender. >> it's how you identify yourself. as a man or not a man. jesse: let's talk about
11:42 pm
something that's even more fascinating. at the university of minnesota, they are considering new guide lines. if you mispronoun someone and say he when they identify as a she. >> or the other way around. ze and zoe. it could bheen you want it to mean. jesse: what gender is zoe. you can make a gender out of thin air? >> you can choose your gender pronoun for yourself. jesse: how are you supposed to know what gender they want to be called. they know what the student population wants for a healthy environment. it's creating a comufnts respect and equality. jesse: you support this.
11:43 pm
>> they know their students best. so i support them supporting their students. jesse: we have the war on straws. the santa barbara city council is saying straws are bad because they are plastic. if you run a restaurant and hand out straws to your patrons and you do that's you can face fines and up to six months in jail for straws. >> it's bad for the environment it's bad for everyone. this is helping everyone. it's for all of us. jesse: they don't lock up criminal illegal aliens in california. >> no one is illegal. jesse: when you come across the border illegally you are illegal. >> a person can be undocumented but not illegal. they are tackling other issues
11:44 pm
and taking care of all of us by taking care of the environment. jesse: i don't know if they have their priorities straight. >> they are helping all of us. how can the priorities be wrong. >> see this girl? her boyfriend dumped her. want to know why? he wanted to play more video games. he broke up with her because he wanted to play more video games. diamond and silk next.
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. jesse: a georgia state lawmaker being forced to resign his office following a disturbing appearance on sacha cohen's video. >> because of who you are, you could be the victim of kidnapping by isis. in america there is one forbidden word. it's the n word. you have three seconds to attack. go. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]
11:49 pm
>> the n word is looney. if your buttocks touch them it means you have become. >> homosexual. >> if you want to win, you show some skin. u.s.a., u.s.a. [bleep] you show me your weapon, go. >> i'll touch you and make you a homosexual right now, usa, usa. jesse: diamond and silk. you have to have a better b.s. meter than that. >> i can't believe he's so naive to fall for that. there has to be a code of conduct where you don't drop it with it's hot more do you do
11:50 pm
derogatory actions. if he stepped down, other people should step down like the one running around saying we have to impeach 45. jesse: i had a buddy out in california, and he ran into maxine waters at a $100 a head brunch at the four seasons. and she admitted to him that donald trump because of the good economy would get re-elected in 2020. >> good for her. she knows it. jesse: we have elizabeth warren as the president likes to call her, pocahontas. she says the president is trying to turn races against each other. >> donald trump identifies the real problem america. a lot of folks are hurting. then he takes a turn and says it's the fault of those people.
11:51 pm
people who don't look like. people who don't sounds like you. people who don't worship like you. who aren't the same color and don't speak the same language. fill in the blanks. what he wants to do is put black working people against white working people. jesse: i don't see that. but i do see this. illegal immigration has a negative impact on wages and drives down wages for regular hard-working americans black and white, and legal hispanics. that's what the president is talking about, not trying to incite a race war. >> that's what the president is talking about. but saying pocahontas don't even realizes what the president is doing is bringing our country together, following the law. something they are not used to doing. she is a left-leaning liberal. a democrat. she don't have a message. they are a mess over there, so
11:52 pm
they will race bait to get a vote. that's what they always do. we know what the president is doing and we are happy he's making this place greater than we have ever seen it before. >> we call them the gate keepers. the dog whistlers. they try to instill fear in people with it many them doing all the race baiting and being with divisive. jesse: i don't think people are even buying it anymore. there is a woman named jeannette garcia. she is a weather girl. and one of the most of famous in the entire world. everybody wants to date her. she is an eligible bachelorette. she gets together with this guy, douglas martin. he's a professional gamer. they are dating for a while and things are going great, and this guy douglas dumps this woman
11:53 pm
here because he wants to dedicate more time to playing video games full time. can you guys believe it? >> any time a man want to play a video game over you. that means he's not that into you. that rejection was probably for her protection. but what i can say is showing your goodies to everybody. that's probably why people keep dropping you. keep your goodies to yourself. you don't have to let the world see everything as a woman. jesse: he likes "call of duty," the video game. diamond and silk, check out the chit-chat tour taking over the country. up next, late night hosts turn on james comey. unbelievable. watch this.
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jesse: late night turning on james comey as the former fbi director took to twitter to vote for moderate democrats, not socialists. seth meyers and amy poehler had fun with that. >> you want to weigh in when an election is coming up? you think that has gone well for you in the past? >> really, james comey, you are worried the democrats are going to move to far to the left. i don't know if you remember but we were just about to have a nice boring democrat for
11:59 pm
president before you decided to open your mouth before the election. as far as i'm concerned the democrats can vote for a bong in the shape of economy guevarra and you have nothing to say about it. the idea of you playing advisor to the democratic party is like the iceberg trying to joint crew of the titanic. jesse: congratulations, james comey, everybody now hates you. we did a poll about my hair. here are the results. the winner? what haircut? 34% didn't even notice the continues. come on, yies, shorter on the side, pushed back. anyway, that's all for us tonight. "justice with judge jeanine" is next.
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and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight, president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani with explosive allegations regarding the michael cohen tape. welcome to "justice," i'm jeanine pirro. and thank you for making "justice" the number one rated show on all of cable news all last weekend. my opening statement in a moment. but first rudy giuliani within the hour told fox news that experts have gone over the tape former trump attorney michael cohen allegedly made with the president and giuliani says quote somebody played around, close quote, with the tape. he says the trump legal team is trying to


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