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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 29, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight, president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani with explosive allegations regarding the michael cohen tape. welcome to "justice," i'm jeanine pirro. and thank you for making "justice" the number one rated show on all of cable news all last weekend. my opening statement in a moment. but first rudy giuliani within the hour told fox news that experts have gone over the tape former trump attorney michael cohen allegedly made with the president and giuliani says quote somebody played around, close quote, with the tape. he says the trump legal team is trying to get to the bottom of
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it. among other things he says he's trying to get access to the original full recording. a prospect giuliani concedes is slim. joining me on the phone with all of this breaking news is the man himself, president trump's attorney, mr. mayor giuliani. thank you for being us this evening. some shocking news tonight. >> yes, judge. we have to stop being shocked. i always thought of michael cohen as a responsible guy who was basically honest and extremely loyal to the president and the president was to him for many many years. i used to hear rumors about him about his character and things he did. now i find he does things like record his client and doesn't tell him. he abruptly ended that recording
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as soon as the president said the word check. what we are investigating is how did that happen. why did that happen. what was eliminated. then you have to raise these questions with every one of these tapes. how many of them did he play around with. he has 180 tapes. and lanny davis his lawyer says he didn't intend to deceive. lanny davis has to confront the fact that with chris komo he took his phone and put it in the desk drawer and said i'm not going to record it. what do you mean you are not intend to go deceive. these clinton people think they can say something and we have him on tape putting it in a drawer. mr. mayor one and i both know you are a former prosecutor, i'm a former prosecutor. you have to lay a foundation for
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thed a miss bit of any tape. what struck me the first time i heard the tape was you have to make sure that it's admissible in evidence if it's recorded with the permission of one of the parties it was because michael cohen record it it's unethical because he's the lawyer but that's another issue. then we have to lay a proper foundation. all of a sudden it's cut off, garbled at a crucial period of time when the president seems to be saying no, no, no, no, no, you make a check out, you don't use cash. the only way for us to figure out if this is accurate is for to you get the original tape. how are you going to do that? >> we have to hope it exists. this could be a recording of a recording. that they probably can't
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determine. you are right. we may never be able to determine that. but we have determined the fact that he tampered with the tape in the sense he abruptly mid-conversation turned it off. a guy that goes into a reporter and hides his thing and says i'm not taping it and it's taping for two hours. that's someone who didn't intend to deceive as lanny davis falsely said. judge jeanine: in order for the government to admit something into court they have to show a continuing custody and no changes or additions or deletions have been made. if they can't prove there are no addition or changes, and we don't know where it's been, could that be the reason it was leaked to cnn? >> isn't that interesting? atr last week at this time jay sekulow and i were being
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akiewltsed of leak -- were being accused of liking it. they made it clear it didn't come from us. there is only one place it could come from, donor lanny davis. why did they put it out? it's harmful to cohen. i think they put it out because they wanted the doctored version to obscure whatever else will be on that tape. i was hoping he possibly he raced it and we could recover it. by the was never recorded in the first place. as you know, judge, we can draw an inference it was favorable to us because of the way in which he was deceiving. judge jeanine: i want to thank you for calling in. >> great book, judge. i have gone through half of it now. you gave me a copy.
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i bought my own and gave three or four of them out. judge jeanine: i know you will have more to say tomorrow morning on "fox news sunday." now to my opening statement. you know, americans elected the outsider businessman president. why? to borrow a phrase from the man himself. what do we have to lose? the economy was in the tank, our kids western living in the basement because they couldn't find a job. factories were closing down, jobs and manufacturing were being shipped overseas, and in trade, china was sucking us dry. the obama folks called it a healthy economy but there was barely a pulse. 1% annual gdp growth was the new normal and president obama warned donald trump's election would result in economic disaster for all americans. >> some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come
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back. and when somebody says like the person you just mentioned who i'm not going to advertise for that he's going to bring all these jobs back. how exactly are you going to do that? what are you going to do? there is no answer to it. he just says i am going to negotiate a better deal. how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have? and usually the answer is he doesn't have an answer. >> i want to you tell your friends, don't let a friend vote trump. so here is the deal. he can't escape the math. math can be kind of inconvenience fit doesn't add up the way you want it to. and economists left, right, in the middle, all say the same thing. that trump's policies would
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throw us into a recession. the last thing we need. he would undermine the growth that we have had since the great recession. >> in the event donald wins i have no doubt in my mind the markets tank. his tax plan in combination with his refusal to reform entitlements and honestly address spending would balloon the deficit and the national debt. so even though donald trump is offered very few specific economic plans, what little he has said is enough to know he would be very bad for american workers and american families. judge jeanine: then was paul krugman, a nobel prize wing economist. he said the stock market will plummet and never recover from the election of donald trump.
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so we are very probably looking at a global respecial no end in sight. some are so blienltd by their hatred of donald trump, they forget decades of training in their own field. as america surges forward with more jobs than people to fill them, with african-american and hispanic unemployment the lowest in history and millions coming off food stamps because they want to work. the left, they rant and protest and create chaos. thp. they throw people out of restaurants and off television shows. they even go to church and say god sent them to destroy donald trump. the left doesn't care about our economic success. all they want to do is make noise. but it's nothing more than background noise. white noise. the truth? no one is paying attention to them.
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his numbers continue to increase and his popularity just keeps going up. after he met with putin and was accused of everything from collusion to treason, an offense punishable by death, his numbers continued to go up. when are they going to realize their yelling and screaming is nothing but a distraction, nobody cares. we care about food on the table, paying the rent, the mortgage, paying for kids clothing for school. but no, they want to talk about whores and porn stars or a lawyer they are squeezing so tight he'll confess to sinking the titanic. despite a media focused on a whack-a-mole russia collusion nonsense and the haters continue to hate, the president has thundered forward with his america first agenda. the 45th outsider president
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often work without the support of his own party has produced a gdp that no one thought possible, 4.1%. and we are on track to hit the highest average growth rate in over 13 years. what have you got to say to that, barack, hillary and all you geniuses? we are flying folks. this is the america donald trump had in mind when he asked us, what do you have to lose. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook, twitter and instagram hashtag judge jeanine. if you loved mire open you will love my new book. it's a "new york times" number one best seller. get your copy if you haven't already. here with reaction to my opening
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statement, hogan gidley. talk to me about the economy and my open. >> you are absolutely right, judge. remember when donald trump was elected as president of the united states, so many people said the economy wouldn't just tank, but it would never recover from what he would do to this economy. here we are with 3.5 million jobs created. regulations cut. we are open for business. this president mass gone on the global stage and said other countries have to pay their fair share in nato. in he said to our friends and allies, we are the piggy bank of the world and it stops today. i was in granite city, illinois when he gave that speech to the steel plant, u.s. steel. i watched the tears on the faces of grown men who told us they hadn't had a job in two years because barack obama told them
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those times of jobs were gone and would never come back. 1% gdp growth was the new normal the experts said. this president proved people wrong yet again. americans are back to work. it's an incredible time and it's due to this president's economic policy. judge jeanine: people who want the work, people who pay their taxes and follow all the rules, they are the ones who deserve the effort of this government. and speak of that, i want to talk about the ash lition of i.c.e. it seems the democrats pulled back on it because they were doing polls and most of of the american people are not in support of the abolition of i.c.e. we have ocasio-cortez who beat joe crowley in new york for the primary, now kirsten gillibrand, they are saying we have to
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abolish i.c.e. they are serious. >> it, incredible. anyone who wants to abolish i.c.e. either have no clue what i.c.e. does or they have decided to ignore the safety and security of their constituents. ms-13, the blood this city gang. they focus on smuggling, human trafficking, drugs. they are there to stop that. this president stands up for the hard working men and women who put their lives on the line every day and work for ice. democrats say we are going to stand with ms-13 whose motto is kill, rape and control. judge jeanine: the remains of american soldiers from the korean war are now coming back. how many administrations before donald trump tried to get read
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mains of american soldiers. there have been several. but this president actually delivered. they said these things he promised would never come fruition and here we are on the precipice of getting repatriated remains of those people in the military. i talked to some sphoaks folks who served and their surviving loved ones. it was a sense of pride, peace and closure they never would have had except for this president it's amazing. judge jeanine: it is amazing, and it's all about closure for these families. dan bongino and chris hahn standing by on the panel. bust more on tonight's breaking news you heard from rudy giuliani right here. congressman ron desantis weighs in on the trim -- the
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are you ready to take your then you need xfinity xfi.? a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. judge jeanine: you heard the news right here on "justice." president trump's lawyer, rudy
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giuliani telling us explosive details how they believe someone played with the trump-cohen recording. joining us, congressman ron desantis who joins me now. first time i heard that tape and then there was a break at the point where it seemed to be in the president's favor and then it was garbled. i said to myself that would never be admissible. then it's sent over to cnn. they have been trying to get forensic analysts to see if it has been tampered with but they can't get the originality tape to see fit has been. >> this whole thing is very strange. $of the questions -- some of the questions involving the tape.
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lanny davis is a democrat, a big clintonista. i don't know how much credibility that evidence will have. judge jeanine: the damage is done. i didn't because of my background. but they leaked it. it's not even an issue if they can admit it at trial. if they want to impeach they will say you know about that tape when you and i both not wouldn't be admissible in court. i want to talk about my favorite guy, rod rosenstein who is basically running the department of justice after he convinced jeff sessions to go hide in the closet. you guys wanted to impeach him. and i understand there was a resolution to have the guy impeached based upon what facts? >> a number of things.
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he should have recused himself from this. he wrote the memo saying comey should be fired. and he signed one of the fisa extensions for carter page. those are critical issues with some of the information we are trying to get. he stonewalled to congress. they redacted material facts from documents provided to congress. this has not been adequate cooperation with the congress. these are important issues the american people have the right to. congress has limited tools. the problem with the impeachment is there weren't enough republican votes for it. i would like to see is proceed with contempt of congress. the problem is congress is gone for the august recess. so that is not going to be a viable vehicle until sometime in september. and by the time -- even if it
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did get off the ground, i think it may be too late. judge jeanine: paul ryan wouldn't get on board and as i understand it, he didn't want this impeachment to go through or contempt of congress. here is the bottom line. am i somewhat right about paul ryan and the leadership. you come on and all your friends come on and you are trying to do it. somebody is stopping you. who is stopping you? >> the leadership is opposed to my resolution. judge jeanine: paul ryan. say his name. >> the speaker was opposed to it. getting some of this stuff short of that. i think that can be done and i don't know why that hasn't happened. you have people like nunez pushing, but we have certain issues involving what surveillance happened before july 31, 2016.
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what informants were used. what about the dossier. those are easily answered questions from the department. judge jeanine: plus he threatened congressional staff. candace owens is still on deck with this week's most of outrageous statement. these two guys can't get enough of each other. chris hahn and dan bongino keep coming back forcusations.
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i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." president trump: we accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions. we have turned it all around. once again we are the economic envy of the entire world.
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judge jeanine: that's president trump talking about the incredible news about the economy friday. former aid to chuck schumer and radio host chris than. and dan bongino. how are you going to wiggle your way out of what the president said. 1.5 million fewer prime age americans were working when he came into office. >> i will give him some credit for the economy, maybe not as much as he's giving himself. he didn't inherit a mess. the economy has been on an upward economy for years. and some people were front loading their exports.
12:31 am
president obama had four quarters better than this. and he created more jobs in his presidency than president trump has created. obama had a 5.1% growth in the second square and over 4% growth in the third square. he lost seats in the mid-term. jean require many all about sustainability and obama couldn't do it. >> chris is a little confused. president trump did inherit a mess. this is a fact. i know chris sometimes has a tough time with these things. but barack obama is the only president in united states history to never in two terms reach 3% gdp growth annually. keep in mind, one-term presidents have done it. he's also at the bottom.
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he's one of the top five worst economic presidents in american history. and by the way. i know chris is going to try to wiggle out of this one. barack obama harmed him a 1.9% growth rate in the final square and 1.6% the final year and trump turned it around right away. judge jeanine: did you call up and tell him he was wrong, dan? >> i didn't want to bother him. i thought he might be sleeping. >> here the deal. my numbers are dead on for the second and third quairlts of 2014. let's not count for 3% growth before it hatched. president trump did not achieve it last year and he may not achieve it this year. obama got 2.9%.
12:33 am
he gets 3.1, i'll say hooray. let's not count our chickens before they are hatched and not give all the credit to him. we have been on an upward trend for years. >> that's just not true. he handed him a mess by any measure. i will give you this. i don't give any president good or bad credit for the economy. i give to it american entrepreneur. i think the president can do things to get the government out of the way. and i think that's what donald trump has done through the tax cuts and cleaning up the regulatory mess barack obama left us. barack obama was a disaster by any metric. labor force participation, wage growth. and i am surprised you didn't bring up. the employment cost index, donald trump his first year,
12:34 am
bested barack obama's 8 years. >> there is a long way to go between here and the end. judge jeanine: i have an idea, rinse, here is the bottom line, i can't yell because i have a sore throat. my mother called me during the break and said jeanine, you have to have some water. if the unemployment is the lowest it's been ever for african-americans, for minorities, we have more jobs than people to fill them. you can talk gdp until the cows come home. that's what matters. a job and the ability to take care of your family. i want to talk about this tape. chris, do you want to answer? go ahead. >> there is a lot of good and
12:35 am
there is a lot of caution. the deficit and the debt are growing dramatically. >> that's the trade deficit. the budget definite, those are different things. >> i give up. don't tell me on a saturday night i have to shave for this and i have to let him get away with this. for 8 years we had to deal with barack obama and record deficits. now i get, chris, i'm with you. debt and deficits stink. point stipulated. but please spare us the nonsense about debt and deficit after 8 years of barack obama. >> he reduced the budget deficit every year. >> chris always has a scam. he came into office with the
12:36 am
highest annual deficit in american history. if i owe $700,000 and make $50,000 a year and pay down $25,000. this is not an accomplishment. this is what obama did. he ran deficits every year. judge jeanine: all right, guys. thank you. now, how did a former attorney general make my list of the week's most outrageous statements? that's ahead. more on the trump-cohen tape. alan dershowitz joins me and you don't want to miss him.
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>> what we are investigating, how did that happen. what did happen. what was eliminated. and you have to raise that question with every one of these tapes. how many of them did he play around with? judge jeanine: developing tonight. that was president trump's attorney rudy giuliani on "justice" discussing the breaking news on the trump-cohen tape. joining me with the new book "the case against impeaching trump." harvard law professor alan dershowitz. yesterday you wrote an interesting piece in "the hill" on how an obstruction case against president trump should raise a flag for any civil libertarian irrespective of which side of the aisle they are on. tell me why. >> they shall trying to -- they are trying to stitch together an obstruction case on public
12:42 am
tweets. people don't obstruct justice in public. if you are going to obstruct justice you are going to do it in private. the idea the special counsel is trying to put together, he knows he doesn't have the case. he's trying to put together a case based on tweets, public statements, presidential statements dwab presidential action. that's so dangerous to civil liberties. today it's being used against trump, tomorrow it will be used against democrats and tomorrow it will be used begins in the audience. any civil libertarian ought to be outraged that this special counsel is trying to cobble together a case against president trump based on his tweets. judge jeanine: would you agree when some of the judges were looking at the travel ban, they were looking outside the four corners of the ban itself. this is fundamental contract
12:43 am
law. everything is weren't four corn of a contract or based on ways relevant to the specific issue. would you agree with that? if you don't, tell me. >> i completely agree. the majority of the supreme court said what the president said about the travel ban is not as important as what's in the words of the travel ban. you can't have a travel ban that would be constitutional if president obama issued it but unconstitutional if president trump issued it. judge jeanine: i want to talk about rudy giuliani. he talks about the tape, there is a break in the tape. it gets muddled. the first thing i thought is what's going on with this. what are your thoughts on it? >> 10 years ago i represented the former president of ukraine who was charged with a serious
12:44 am
crime and it was based on a tape. we were able to get the tape and put it through forensic analysis and prove they switched words on the tape and made him say things he didn't say. i don't know that happened here. all i know is this tape must be subjected to forensic analysis. we must stretch the word to find out exactly what the president said, what the context was, and most of important why it ended at a particular point. was that a decision made by mr. co-on end it there? was it erased because he said things that were exculpatory. the tape does not contain any evidence of crimes. how do i know that? a former judge made a determination that this tape is covered by the lawyer-client privilege. and criminal discussions are not covered by the lawyer-client privilege. so we have a judicial
12:45 am
determination that this tape does not contain elements of a crime. judge jeanine: you are talking about barbara jones the master on this who would not have handed over the tape if it were not covered by attorney-client privilege. >> absolutely right. nobody made that point and it's very important. there is a judicial determination it's not criminal. it's not a crime to seek advice from your lawyer as to how to deal with a complicated situation. every lawyer has had conversations like this with clients. in the end the client listens to you. but nobody should have heard this tape. judge jeanine: i agree, that's why you are a harvard professor. because you are so smart. she lots of those out -- she loves those outrageous statements. candace owens standing by live
12:46 am
to look at the
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judge jeanine: maxine waters always has outrageous things to say when it comes to president trump. but this time she suggests in a
12:50 am
church sermon that she was sent by god to stop him. take a listen to this. >> i was sent to [inaudible] turning point u.s.a. communications director candace owens joins me with that and much more. i keep hearing that the left is on god's side. isn't god on the right? >> i can't believe she said this. it's so bizarre. this is a woman who advocates for violence. she tells people to go up and accost trump supporters. i don't believe this is what god wants exactly. i don't recall that exact
12:51 am
scripture. i do read the bible to be honest with you. i must tell you, the claim that god is on their side and at the same time calling for at the very left, harassment of public figures is shocking. let's go to the next one. sound on tape. >> are you seriously considering throwing your hat in the ring for 2020? >> i'm thinking about it and i'll make a determination sometime early next year. judge jeanine: that's former attorney general eric holder asking asked, you are seriously considering throwing your hat in the ring. this guy was held in contempt of congress for failure to hand over documents in the fast and furious scandal where our guns
12:52 am
were sent to the mexican cartel. >> he quite literally had blood on his hands. brian terry was the agent who was killed in this scandal. he was held in contempt of congress. the on sitting cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of congress. i can hear the channel lock him up all over again in 2020. he has a right to think about running, but he shouldn't think about winning. judge jeanine: holder never recused himself on any of this stuff. so when congress hold him in contempt there is no one to refer it to in the department of justice. the left is always smarter. they hang on to the power why the right. sessions this a closet somewhere. let's talk about chelsea handler.
12:53 am
is the man who vandalized trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame single? what say you, candace? >> this is not even that bizarre when it comes to chelsea handler. she advocates on behalf of ms-13, which is okay with molotov cocktails being thrown at the palestinian border. she has nothing to do at the end of the day but send wacky tweets. judge jeanine: finally as we go forward, closer to the 018 mid-terms, do you think this will get worse? >> what's going to get worse? everything? judge jeanine: the specific statements. >> it will keep getting worse. this is their strategy. i can't imagine it getting much
12:54 am
wackier. but with maxine waters it only seems to get much wackier and chelsea handler it only seems to get much wackier. judge jeanine: candace owens, thanks so much. welcome! hi there. so, what do you look for in a vehicle? sleek designs. performance. dependability is top on my list. well then, here's some vehicles that deliver on that. woah! wow. oh jeez! that's our truck! it's our truck! and they're our cars! that's my chevy! chevy's the only brand to earn j.d. power dependability awards across cars, trucks and suvs three years in a row. awesome. i'm proud. it's like a dynasty. it's impressive.
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judge jeanine: finally tonight i'm excited to say my new book
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is number one on "the new york times" bestseller list. number one on "the washington post" bestsellers list. i want to take a moment to think everyone was been so supportive, especially the folks who took the time to come to my book signings. take a look. i've got pictures. here we are in the oval office with the president in washington in a book party there is there a huckabee sanders in washington, kelly in conway in dc and tom you know him from the show and jared kushner and donald trump junior in washington and wilbur ross, cabinet secretary in southampton. also, there is the mayor himself, mr. giuliani and former attorney general, also a federal judge and friends of mine from
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montréal and alvin and stacy who came from montréal and there is pamela, also held a party for me and there is the united states senator lindsey graham. eric trump junior along with lera trump in new york city and there i am at a book signing in new jersey were so many people waited in line for. there is a crowd when i first came in and in smithtown, long island -- look at the stuff they cook for me and 300 people in smithtown. there is a guy i owe it all to, my sir lancelot who sat with me as i wrote and wrote and wrote, i owe it all to him. if you don't have your copy you can go to barnes & noble or any bookstore and don't forget to follow me on twitter.
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god bless all of you. thank you for watching. i'm advocating for truth, justice and the american way. i'm jeanine pierrot signing off, greg gutfeld is next. see you next saturday. >> man walks into a pet store and sees as a sign, talking parrot and buys if it comes back and says he doesn't talk. dices what letter? tour owner says sorry, the letter is $10. another week and no talking and back to the store. he did not climb the ladder and look in the mirror and talk, another purchase. there becomes a guy comes back to the store and the owner says the parent is dead but before he died he spoke in the store owner says what did he say. though they sell any birdseed at that store you. greg: will be appearing at the comedy cellar all week. [cheering and applause]


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