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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 29, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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we'll see you then for the latest buzz. [♪] eric: a fox news alert. fresh fallout over that secretly recorded conversation between michael cohen and president trump. rudy giuliani is calling into question the legitimacy of that recording. he says experts believe someone tampered with that tape and he's demanding to get the original. reporter: president trump taking aim at his former lawyer on twitter as more reaction rolls in over that leaked recording.
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>> obviously the real test here is the investigators, the justice department and american public, he doesn't get to decide this case. i should say i feel sorry for him, but nobody will believe me. he destroyed himself as a witness. reporter: ellison barber is at the biat -- at the bedminster gf course. reporter: he says he has two forensics experts giuliani said he worked with in the past. we don't have names. they are experts that have been hired or solicited by the trump legal team. he said the tape is not an original. that someone played with it. they are trying to obtain a copy
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of the original raw recording. cnn reported that cone is prepared to tell the special counsel that then candidate trump knew about the 2016 trump tower meeting his son arranged with russian officials. in may in an interview with cbs news juliany called cone an honest, honorable lawyer. giuliani said his opinion changed after he heard about the tapes. reporter: any response from the cohen camp in all this? reporter: some but not a whole lot. i reached out to lanny davis, cohen's attorney. he says the statement we received yesterday focused on reports that giuliani warned
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cohen to stop talking and he's violating attorney-client privilege. davis says mr. giuliani seems to be confused. here is giuliani on "fox news sunday." >> the court order allows us to respond without waiving privilege if we have to defend him. that's exactly what we were doing. reporter: abc news is reporting a joint defense agreement between cone and trump is over. we asked mr. davis if he could speak with us on the phone and do an interview. he said he was unable to comment beyond the statement he sent us. reporter: thank you.
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eric: let's go to chicago. andrew, how do we know this claim is true as giuliani claims someone fiddled with the tape. >> i don't think anyone knows whether the tape has been fiddled with. i wouldn't put anything past him. even if these tapes prove to be admissible, they still have major problems. the tapes aren't complete. it's apparently a tape of a tape. and you have big segments of the tape that can't be heard. remember there is still nothing illegal that was discussed in those tapes. i realize why everybody likes it. we have the president of the united states talking about a payoff to a playboy model that never took place. >> it appears mr. trump says
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cash to pay them cash yet michael cohen goes, no, no, no, no, no, we'll pay by check. >> correct, so i'm all over that. i spoke to allen about it. when it comes time for the financing. we'll have to pay this. cases te
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prosecuted personally. they used tapes and wiretaps. would wouldn't someone say get the original tape, stipulate it's the original and enter it into potential evidence. >> it's fascinating the original tape hasn't been produced. i don't know if it's been doctored with. the fact that they are so unwilling to produce the original. if i'm giuliani or president trump. i demand to have all the tapes and the originals to make sure there was nothing doctored on these tapes. i would think as a special counsel he would want the original rather than a facsimile of it. i would be shocked if he hasn't demanded it already. i find if the tape was leaked,
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it was a copy of a tape of a tape. eric: you think they have it already? the fbi seized material from his home, office and hotel room. >> i hope they do have it. all of this with respect to what mr. cohen is doing. he's aiming for a pardon or a deal with the special counsel. he's look out for his best interests instead of his client's. eric: if he doctored with the tape it's legal in new york to secretly record somebody else as long as it's one party. so it was legal what he did. but could he face disbarment? >> i don't think there is any question he's going to face disbarmt. he never should have been recording this conversation of
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something so exclusive with his client. that's a breach. then releasing this information to cnn to try to make the president look bad. it doesn't matter if the president waived the i have with respect to these tapes or conversations. you can't put these tapes out to people to try to embarrass your client. if he's able to avoid criminal prosecution, there is no question he's going to lose his license and he should lose it. >> can he face jail time for this? what do you think is going to happen? >> it's clearly legal. but with all the shady dealing from wire fraud issues, the medallion issues with respect to taxis, he's in a world of trouble. that's why he's desperate to cut a deal with the special prosecutor he would tell his own client down the river, donald
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trump. it'it's conscionable. reporter: there is new reaction to president trump's refusal to declassify key parts of the fisa warrants on carter page. >> the president has the letter from us. i think this lawyers aring at this to see if they can declassify it sooner rather than later. but the sooner this comes out the better off we have. what's left, the american people need to know what's in it. >> what information did the fbi use to get a warrant to surveil a member of the trump campaign? was it legitimate evidence or part of the steele dossier
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turned by the democrats. the justice department released document related to the surveillance application. most of of the documents were redacted. particularly the section where they say why they thought carter page was a russian agent. democrats argued the redacted sections show there was much more tight than that. but this morning devin nunes who chairs the house intelligence committee pushed back on that argument. >> the reality is that's not the case. we have had several of our members who have been painstakingly going through it piece by piece, and we are quite confidence once the american people see the 20 pages, at least those reporting on this issue, they will be shocked by
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what is in that fisa application. reporter: for months nunes argued that the fbi acted inappropriately in the fisa warrant application because they relied on the dossier. he says the pages they are asking to have unredacted show they kid that -- they did that. eric: the economy grew by 4.1% in the second quarter. treasury secretary steve mnuchin telling "fox news sunday" that he's confident the economy will continue to grow. >> we can only project a couple years in the future. i don't think this is a one or
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two-year phenomenon. i think we are in a period of four or five years of sustained 3% growth at least. eric: gillian turner is live in washington with more. reporter: the administration is take that message of prosperity to the news media with the president leading the charge. >> you sense out on the street talking to business leaders that the best is yet to come. these numbers tell the tale, but the enthusiasm and confidence across this country among business leaders and businesses large and small tell the same story and more. reporter: the president reinforcing the spirit of optimism saying the best result coming out of the gdp report is the trade deficit has been reduced by $52 billion.
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the big picture he says, growth is here to stay. this despite warnings from some economists that current growth trend are not sustainable. but the secretary of the treasury is so confident he believes it's irresponsible for the treasury to raise rates. >> the market has been targeting 2% unnation. we have to have slightly higher interest rates. reporter: he says he expects 3% growth to continue for three or four or five years into the future. and he's not too worried about american tech giants taking a tumble. >> i'm not concerned about this. the tech stocks have had an incredible run. reporter: the great debate in washington is how all this impacts the mid-terms. the president told sean hannity
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the good news is bound to spell victory for republicans. reporter: president trump is going on the campaign trail to stump for gop candidates. our next guest says it all depend on his message. firefighters in california, battling wildfires and sweltering heat. >> if you don't feel safe, trust that intuition and gut feeling and leave ahead of time. i woke up in memphis and told... (harmonica interrupts) ...and told people about geico... (harmonica interrupts) how they could save 15% or more by... (harmonica interrupts) just calling or going online to (harmonica interrupts) (sighs and chuckles)
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. eric: fast-moving wildfires that continue to scorch out west. high temperatures and dry conditions. authorities are urging residents to be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. >>it is imperative when we give evacuation notices to already been ready ahead of time. be ready. have your belongings and important papers, photographs, cell phones and chargers, don't
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forget those. all the ready to go. eric: we have fox news in coverage on the grueling battle live in the extreme weather center for the fire warning forecast. we'll be hearing from the deputy fire chief in california. but first, jonathan hunt is live in idyllwild, california. how are efforts going there? reporter: it's another tough day in california. but let's start with the good news from here in the san bernardino mountains above palm springs. the cranston fire has been a tough one for firefighters. but the good news is they have 29% contained. that's a good figure. it scorched about 13,000 acres. but no loss of life here. that's the good news coming out of this part of california. but we go further north.
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very bad news at the carr fire centered around the city of redding in northern california. that scorched some 130 square miles. a huge area. it is only 5% contained. it destroyed 536 structures so far. 300 of those, according to a count by the associated press, that number is almost certain to rise. 5,000 more structures including a lot of homes are threatened, and five people are reported killed. two firefighters, officially confirmed to have died in that fire. three other people, a woman and her two great grandchildren reported by the family to have burned to death in that fire. and veteran firefighters fighting the flames up there in redding say they have never seen
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anything quite like this fire. listen here. >> the fire ran with such force, there were 70-plus-mile-per-hour wind, tornado-like winds going through there. you are seeing trees uprooted. i'm sure many of you have the photo and videos of that. you see roofs ripped off house. the fire didn't do that, the wind did it. reporter: also up in northern california in the famed winery of napa valley, a fire is burning. but firefighters seem to be getting a grip on it. pr fires in yosemite and mendocino county, california.
9:22 am
10,000 firefighters are battling large wildfires in the state. the problem when you have these triple digit temperatures as well is exhaustion with so many firefighters stretched so thin. there are many tough days ahead for the california firefighters right now, eric. >> that is an army fighting an enemy it's devastating, tragic and heartbreaking. alicia: we go to deputy chief scott mcclain, the public information for for cal fire. he joins us by phone. my first question for you, i don't know if you heard jonathan hunts reporting. he's talking about 10,000 firefighters. how are you doing on resources. do you have what you need? >> we are at 17 significant fires with 12,000 firefighters
9:23 am
committed in the state of california. these fires burned over 200,000 acres to date. and as far as structure destruction. overall in the state 20,000 homes are still threatened. we are getting equipment from out of state. self states sent resources to us. we just got news that nationally we'll be getting 150 fire engines heading our way this coming week. the national guard has engaged. we have use of their aircraft as well as ground troops divide into hand crews. they already had the training. so we are getting a lot of resources from a lot of different directions. >> how are you deciding to send these resources when you have so many large fires? >> it depend on the threat. the risk versus ask gain. we want to make sure we protect
9:24 am
folks and make sure they can get out of harm's way. and less thought would go into those wide reaching stances without any population density. but at the same time we need to protect our watersheds in the state of california. that affects never the state. alicia: you are talking about getting people out of harm's way. the last number i saw was evacuations were 40,000 people in the redding area. where do you put everyone? i understand some of the evacuation centers are getting filled up. >> 40,000 individual have been evacuated. so folks have the evacuation centers to go to. on this particular fire they filled up fast which i have not seen before. folks usually will head south or north to family, friend and
9:25 am
hotels. alicia: there was a great grandmother and her two grade grandchildren in the redding area caught up in a flash fire. can you explain what that is? >> this took place late friday. and two of our firefighters were killed in the same event. the fire developed so rapidly due to weather conditions that it just was huge fire wall coming into the west redding area extremely quickly enveloping everything in its past. we have video of fire tornado taking place in that area which explains what happened because of the erratic weather. there was no stopping it.
9:26 am
alicia: we want to show folks out there something a little more in a positive note. but a reminder of the humans behind this fighting this. we have a tweet you guys put up thanking the highway patrol that saved a deer. they said they were city folks but that little deer is kissing that officer there. >> it's a great human interest story. pets that had to be abandoned are being picked up by animal mall grouped in the area. alicia: thank you very much. and good luck doesn't even cut it for everything you are doing. thank you so much. deputy chief scott mclean, cal fire. eric: they are to be commended for the work they are doing. the hot weather and the drought
9:27 am
make it harder for the firefighters to put out the devastating fires. fire weather watches now in effect up and down the whole state and throughout the west. adam klotz with the locker-term forecast. there is any relief in sight? adam: this weather has been fueling some of the fires or adding to it. unfortunately that's continuing for this sunday and monday. the temperatures are not too bad. but they have been dealing with extreme heat and dry conditions, not just in california, but throughout the entire west. some of that extreme heat targeting today. these are sunday highs getting down into arizona and nevada. look at some of these temperatures up and down california. these are your daytime highs. up to close to 110 degrees will be the high today. incredibly dry conditions.
9:28 am
it doesn't improve a lot the next couple days. the highs in triple digits. not a big difference in the next couple days as far as the heat goes. that's why we continue to see heat advisories stretching from southern california up into the pacific northwest. with that you get the elevated fire danger. everything you are looking at in the highlighted ping area, that means the wind are stronger and the humidity is low. it's dry, it can burn. we have it up in areas of washington. but it's not just a problem into portions of california. we are look at spots stretching back down into colorado and back over toward utah, nevada, that have also been seeing fires and
9:29 am
red flag warnings. the wind are high and the conditions are dry. these are fires, 7 fires of 100 acres or greater stretching across the west. the thing that would help all of this out. obviously it would be a little bit of rain. you are seeing all the activity unfortunately on the western side of the country. rain sure through the midwest up and count east coast the next couple days. where we need it out west, unfortunately in the immediate future we won't be seeing much relief here. eric: the u.s. imposes
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of psoriatic arthritis. don't let another morning go by without talking to your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. eric: fox news learned the deadly in indonesia appeared 14 people killed with 160 injured or adapted 654 magnitude quake hit the tourist island today. more than 1000 homes they say have been damaged in reaching continuing to do with a series of aftershocks. officials say the number of casualties could rise as more information does come in. eric: new developments in a diplomatic dispute and arrested american pastor. refusing to back down after president trump threatened sanctions against the country in retaliation for andrew bernstein. he's been held in accusations of terror and espionage.
9:35 am
conor powell live from our middle east bureau with more. >> in recent days it looked like an effort to reduce the tensions between president trump and president heir to one of turkey, though we see those ramping right back up a few hours ago. president erdogan said they won't back down when facing the threat of sanctions. president trump on thursday said the u.s. will impose large sanctions on turkey for their longtime detainment of edgar bronfman from a great christian, family bennett wonderful human being suffering greatly. branson has been held in turkey for nearly two years and was arrested following a failed military coup against the turkish government. president erdogan claimed he is connected to the usn who believes in 2016. working for 20 years but was
9:36 am
assigned that scene could be reduced in terms of the tensions. the detainment has deep been between nato allies, washington, which are already over disagreements of how to deal with turkey, involvements in syria and regional involving russia. a lot of growing tensions between the united states and turkey, which is a nato ally and a key player in that part of the world. of course this is causing a big problem. we will let you know as we learn more about whether or not he'll be released. alicia: conor powell in jerusalem. eric: let's go to the former director of communications in spokesperson at the united states mission to united states new york. this is much more about other issues beyond the fate.
9:37 am
>> absolutely. as a reporter, conor powell mentioned, this affects the area, relations with russia, relations with armenia. an array of things including human rights overall. turkey right now is on the midst of a very impressive. in which erdogan is really a desperate. he's imprisoned tens of thousands. not just political opponents, but teachers, journalists in jail rm turkey. essentially it slid into what actually a nobel prize-winning literature writer called a terror state a few years ago in the problem has actually worsened since the coup. eric: are they really truly a nato ally? >> we can't kick them out of nato. it's a very complicated system, but certainly we can work together with like-minded allies
9:38 am
to put pressure on turkey. germany, france, netherlands, other members can begin the process. >> it seems like he's a strong man doing whatever he wants. for tat. >> absolutely appeared a couple things happening now that are quite helpful. one is turkey's economy is a little rocky. if we can exert some pressure to know which is under consideration within the u.s. senate to try to make sure turkey doesn't get any extra financing from the imf or to make sure that we are watching the banking system and not aiding and abetting anybody come about actors have been turkey to try to contain in that way would be a helpful thing to consider at this stage. it's extremely important. the man lived in turkey for 23 years. the pastor has a small
9:39 am
congregation. they have created within the state run media within turkey. >> is originally from north carolina church or terrorism. under house arrest for 21 months. he faces 35 years in jail if ultimately convict it. here is vice president pence calling for his release. >> we welcomed the news this week. turkey made the decision to transfer pastor brents and tahoma rice and i actually spoke to pastor branson and his wife shortly after they arrived. they should be allowed to return to his family, to his home, to his church and his nation and the united states of america. >> to pressure the turkish government, how do you think this will play out? will you see him back here on u.s. soil without extraditing
9:40 am
the line in pennsylvania. >> as often happens sometimes when you have disputes, generally you would want to resolve an issue like this on the quiet. work out some sort of diplomatic thing between on current washington to secure the release. unfortunately, in erdogan has made this into a giant political issues so he's complicated the problem. erdogan is such an egotistical man come egotistical man cometh sees himself as essentially the pasha of the ottoman empire in many ways in terms of his foreign affairs action and imprisoning people. we are talking about school teachers in the civil service. so for him to stand down is a huge deficit. we are in a real conundrum here. it is wonderful that might tend to see where he's doing. there's consideration within the u.s. senate to do something
9:41 am
about it. why are we selling the most sophisticated fighter jets, df 35 to turkey when he did a deal for the most sophisticated antimissile battery that the russians have. this is a nato ally. eric: maybe forgot the brakes on the sales of the fighters that would really pressure erdogan perhaps. >> exactly. we really have to get this right. if the situation spiraling out of control for years. they are paying their payment brand for this, but these highlighting the humanitarian problem in highlighting a whole array of other issues and have sound policy and resolve. eric: her thoughts are with pastor branson and we hope he does achieve and reach renowned at some point. we'll see how that plays out. unfortunately seems to be on erdogan chess playing. thank you. alicia: president trump
9:42 am
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>> is said to general kelly and a whole group of people, we have to get a group together. give me the top 25 congresspeople that could go either way and i want to go out of champaign should those people cheered likewise with the senate because were going to fix everything once we have the votes. >> president trump as he prepares to hit the road to help republicans remain in power. the president sending a message across the aisle on immigration, threatening to take drastic measures if they don't come to the negotiating table. i would be willing to shut down government if they do not give
9:47 am
us the vote for border security, which includes the wall. must get rid of catch and release, et cetera and finally go to the system of immigration based on merit. we need great people coming into our country. joining me now is congressional reporter for "usa today." thank you so much for joining me today. the president's been very busy on twitter today. emigration and the threat of a government shut down. how does this impact the district races? >> this is not good news for republicans. the house failed to vote. they failed to pass legislation. just because the party is so divided, conservative to the president on this. they want the wall. and then you have the more moderate you want a solution over all of this, which is an
9:48 am
unpopular issue is pretty much all republicans and all democrats. for the president to be threatening government shut down right before the midterms of an issue of his own party is not good at making republicans nervous. transfer the president and his party at this point are often seen as a liability to their fellow party officeholders running for reelection. this was vulnerable republicans want to hear from the president is putting their districts on his calendar. >> no, they don't. very helpful to be clear. he has 80% to 90% approval rating in this districts. i talked to republicans on the hill. primary voters, trumpeter support the president. the problem is democrats very much do not support the president so much so that they are going to show up to vote against him in republicans need
9:49 am
that middle section that might be turned off by the president. so the president going out there, threatening the government shut down. that might turn off the prospects. 25 vulnerable republicans do not want this. they probably don't want him campaigning for him. vice president pence or someone else a little less controversial. alicia: in all fairness, the international stage, his face really like that. republicans really need a moderate republicans. they need middle-of-the-road folks come independent definitely. is there something to be said for what the president has accomplished in this districts? >> absolutely. the president continues to sort of step on his own message. if they are running on only the economy, north korea come international stuff would really
9:50 am
help them. that's what they're trying to do. you see the president just a couple days later talking about shutting down the government rather than the economy doing so well. but he steps on his own message. that is the real problem. republicans in the independent voters might like some of what is happening, but then they reminded about family separations at the border or tariffs or other things the president brings up on its own. >> we know very well we are all in for quite a ride. thank you so much. trent is a new controversy over the enforcement of federal immigration law is one major u.s. city takes action to limit a safe access to information. what is that animals will be the effect? >> your insurance rate skyrocket.
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eric: one of the nation's biggest cities of the decade-long contract with the immigration and customs enforcement agency, ice. philadelphia major thing the city will stop giving access to real-time or a status of the agency can go out and round people up who says. in our newsroom at the latest details. >> a city of philadelphia will no longer about immigration and custom reports that the access to the real-time arrest information.
9:55 am
the decision comes after days of protest from demonstrators who camped outside philadelphia city even storming city hall. the one-on-one meeting with the mayor. the organizers got their meaning that granted the agency acts as to the city's preliminary arraignment reporting system for mayor jim kennedy said after a thorough review of the city concluded that isis misusing the information in the database to go to homes and workplaces of people who list countries of origin and arresting people who are in the country that country illegally but have not committed any other crimes. >> we're not going to provide them additional information so they can go out and round up people. >> we can abolish this contract and we are. >> in reaction to the decision to enter contract with i.c.e., i.c.e. is deeply disappointed with the city's decision despite
9:56 am
attempts to disrupt lawful offers to apprehend criminal aliens. they remain committed to efforts to withhold public safety in the city of philadelphia. this decision will make it easier for immigrants with dangerous criminal records to find refuge. >> this is just the natural next step in the open defiance against law enforcement. the way the law is written. demonizing them. >> philadelphia had long been a sanctuary city. decided not to release inmates. for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ to and practice... kidlots of practice.tion.
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who would have guessed? an energy company helping cars emit less. making cars lighter, it's a good place to start, advanced oils for those hard-working parts. fuels that go further so drivers pump less. improving efficiency is what we do best. energy lives here. improving efficiency is what we do best. money managers are pretty much the same. all but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured
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so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. >> the president's former attorney michael: under fire today calling him a serial liar on fox news. >> an exclusive interview on fox news come in the president's treasury secretary house the red-hot economy the red-hot economy says it's only the beginning. >> now just 100 days in the midterm elections in november. we will speak to gop candidates for governor was facing primary voters in tennessee this tuesday.


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