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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 30, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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we'll see you then for the latest buzz. [♪ >> it is monday july 30th, this is "fox & friends first" happening right now at 4:00 a.m. fox news alert. state of emergency, wild fires raging in the west with the death toll rising and several people missing. >> live on the grounded as crews race against the clock from fast-fueling. this time republicans standing in his way. we are live in washington. >> frankly that in 2018 federal agency engages in practice that essentially targets law abiding citizens. jillian: city of brotherly love shows no love for ice agents.
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>> slamming the sanctionrary-city stunt, "fox & friends first" on a monday morning starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> i have been wondering for the last decade what her name is. we will figure it out. we know that you guys out there as well. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" as promised, i know my name i'm todd piro. jillian: and i'm jillian mele, thanks for
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starting the day with that. >> we know this guy griff jenkins where congress is not expecting to take action any time soon, griff, foreign to you. >> perfect song anything can happen because we had a big developmentover the weekend. the president issuing this threat tweeting i would be willing to shut down government if democrats do not give us votes for border security which includes the wall, let's get rid of lottery and catch and release. we need great people coming into our country. now this comes after senate majority mitch mcconnell and paul ryan met with the president at end of the last week to avoid shutdown and after mcconnell told kentucky radio station that funding for wall will wait till elections and bridge will be
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preferable to all-out standout with democrats. >> this president is a bully and he will try to intimidate all of us. he's not going to shut down anything. we are not going to be intimidated by bluffing or bullying. >> some republicans voice reluctance of idea of shutdown before the midterms. >> i think we are going to make sure we keep the government open but we are going to get better policies on immigration. the president i think wantstous have policies that work for america and work for americans. >> one major consideration is if and when might change consider kavanaugh and republicans want to confirm them around deadline. the president has meeting with world leaders, perhaps we will learn more about pool sprays behind thinking but this is certainly a big development that we are going the talk about this
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week. >> interesting to see how everything is connected together, kavanaugh, border wall w the funding, it'll be a while in next in the couple of months. jillian: democrats take aim at the booming economy. >> tommy laren says democrats hate seeing -- >> they are using talking points which they have no knowledge of the economy and what's happening. if you watch clips, she has no idea what she's talking about, they have the talking points, we want to help the poor, we want everybody to pay fair share, if you look at the numbers, the very people they want to support or bring up are being held to president trump and they hate to see this president win and hate
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to see americans wins and bad for midterms and bad to 20. >> midterms just 99 days out, jillian. jillian: brief cat now will be heading to capitol hill today with first meeting with democrats, president trump's supreme court nominee is scheduled to meet with senators donnelley and manchin. >> a judge who you would strictly interpret the law as written and not legislate from the bench and we remain confident that before the fall is out that judge brett kavanaugh will be justice brett kavanaugh. jillian: official timetable has not been set for hearing. devin nunes threatens possibly legal action against getter for censoring republicans, some politicians were buried in results when users searched names, at one point own account was hidden. >> i don't know what twitter is up to, it sure looks to me like
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they are censoring people and they ought to stop it and we are looking at any legal remedy that is we can go through. jillian: twitter blaming technical glitch that's been reported by been fixed. >> president trump tweeting is robert mueller ever going to release conflict of interest with respect to president trump inschuiding the fact that we had a very nasty and contentious business relationship, i turned him down head the fbi one day before appointment of special counsel and comey is his close friend, the first time that the president has elaborated on any alleged conflicts of interest with the special counsel. jillian: fox news alert and story we continue to follow. wild fires growing by the hour in california now another firefighter among the dead with seven people missing.
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>> lauren, good morning. >> good morning, todd, jillian, we are in front of what is left of a home in rafael after fire left this neighborhood nearly in ashes and the fire has ge stroid more than 650 homes burning nearly 100,000 acres, fire officials have been able to contain 17% of the fire up from 5 per this morning, this fire is uniquely hard to stop. >> the with the intensity that we have here it's hard. >> this fire is scarytous, something that we haven't seen before in the city. >> the car fire fueled by strong winds has killed four civilians and two firefighters, grandmother and two grandchildren killed when fire spread to home and another person was discovered sunday and the car fire more than a dozen
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fires burning in california. another firefighter in california battling fire in yosetimete national park. >> i've had a few -- >> more than 3300 firefighters are batting the carr firefighters, 17 wild fires, we are hearing reports of volunteers using trucks and trailers to rescue livestock and help those families who are fleeing their homes, todd, jillian. >> just a horrible time right there in california. jillian: thank you. we are learning new information about discovery, returned after jog and sent him a snapchat
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before vanishing on july 18th, boyfriend alerting authorities when she did not show up for work the next day. this comes as $2,000 reward is being offered after an iowa business added additional a thousand dollars to crime stoppers award, investigators searching a pig farms along with other properties nearby hope to go find her alive. >> massive computer glitch grounded them for a time, 900 flights nationwide were delayed but it's unclear if all of them were due to 40-minute outage. they weren't alone, separate outdrainage sky west, flights for american, delta, united and alaska now back to normal. jillian: president trump set to welcome the italian prime minister at the white house today, one of the strongest supporters in western leader.
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president trump raising his italian. >> robert wilkie will be sworn in as veterans affairs, effort to start fixing long hit wait times and improving patient care hospitals nationwide. jillian: fox news alert, dozens of terrorists about to be released from prison and the government's plan keep an eye on them. the growing security concerns this morning. >> one quarter of growth does not transform. it's good to see but will it last? >> exactly. >> president trump will take a lot of credit for the good numbers, don't believe him. >> gdp tops 4% but the med says 00% focused on slamming president trump's economic accomplishments. the economist peter says the left is ignoring reality.
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comes next to prove it. my name is jeff sheldon,
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shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. >> president trump takes a victory lap on the economy celebrating massive gdp report and record low unemployment rates for african american and hispanic workers. jillian: the left is raining on the president's parade, here with his response that former u.s. international trade commission chief economist and professor of international business at the university of maryland peter mauricie, thank you for joining thus morning. what do you say, is the president's lap well deserved? >> absolutely. what the left is denying the entire presidency growth averaged 40 to 45% better than obama presidency. both of them had 4% quarters, i don't deny that about mr. obama. what matters with baseball,
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what's your batting average across the season, what's the batting average across the years, bottom line is president obama really wasn't a big leaguer, mr. trump's is about 2.08%, a heck of a lot better. >> let's put up the numbers for second quarter gdp, that's up from 2.2% in the first quarter, that said, many on the left are saying these numbers are artificially propped up by tax cuts and too inflated because of the tariffs, a lot of companies selling wears, boosting second quarter at detriment to third and forty quarter, how do you respond to that? >> it will come 3, critics are overly pessimistic. hard reality. 3% growth is pretty darn good,
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as for tariffs, chinese are clamping down on exports through administrative means in anticipation of what president trump might do i mean, that's a bogus argument. we had expert number. that's not going to repeat, they never do but we will have other areas that do very well in third quarter, nonsense. bottom line is the left has a data problem, they gave us eight years oflet -- lethargy and now we are growing again. jillian: let's take a listen. >> we can only project a couple of years in the future but we are well on the path for several years, i don't think this is a one or two-year phenomena, we are in a period of 4 to 5%, 4 or 5 years of us taken 3% growth at least. jillian: look into your crystal ball do you see the growth as
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reality? >> i see it 3%, i don't see it 4 or 5. i will point out that 3% growth is dramatically different than president obama, the consequences for state and local tax revenues, municipalities, ability to finance social security are so profound with the economy growing at 3% i know it sounds small but, you know, this is like soccer, you know, it comes one goal at a time, what matters is you win 3 to 2, this is a profound difference, i'm optimistic, but mr. sneech tends to speak in hyperbole even though he seems reserved, if you read the words, he tends to make things bigger than we should. jillian: i'm justifying using how many sports andies that we would have. >> i'm a baseball fan. i'm sorry, but you know i remember willy and nicky mantle,
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all that stuff from new york growing up. >> we love it. >> jillian: love it and appreciate your time this morning, have a good one. >> take care. jillian: just about 18 minutes after the hour, streaming face, netflix making push for religious programming. >> carley shimkus on what's behind the idea and what viewers think of next. hi, carley. are you ready to take your wifi to the next level?
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then you need xfinity xfi. a more powerful way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> democrats call to abolish ice many party leaders refuse to answer direct questions about why. >> ii want to ask you about tha, what about that move?
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>> republicans, well, look -- >> is that a good message for the democrats, abolishing ice, i have to stop you both there, i think you had a fair chance to make argument. >> he didn't talk about ice, did he? >> no, he did not answer that question. >> that was a lot of yelling. refused to answer the questions as his party prepares for midterms. >> the former mayor of new orleans distancing himself from calls on the left to abolish ice. >> i don't think abolishing ice is a good idea, when police departments get out of the ray, you don't say get rid of police department, we reform the police department, we are a nation of immigrants and nation of laws. >> mitch who calls himself a radical centrist says he doesn't intent to make the white house run. democrats made headlines for
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removing four confederate monuments around new orleans last year. >> department of homeland security blasting the philadelphia mayor for ending a contract with ice after activists storm city hall. jillian: carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 siriusxm 115 here with the story and the reaction, good morning, carley. carley: philadelphia has decide today use the system, real-time arrest information to ice agents including names, countries of origin and social security numbers. now democrats believe ice agents were abusing the system to investigate people living here illegally but the department of homeland security is disappointed with this move, spokeswoman katie says sanctuary city make philadelphia less safe by putting the rights of criminal aliens over the safety and security of american citizens despite the misguided action taken by philadelphia today, dhs will continue to work to remove illegal aliens and
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uphold public safety, this is a major win for activists who camped outside of city hall, protesting the immigration and customs enforcement agency rather but elsewhere folks on social media are less can vinceed. brian who says, that was unwise managing the next ten years will be difficult at best, kelly on twitter also calling for the government to cut off federal funding now. so big controversy happening in philadelphia. >> they just don't get how much ice protects us an sad state of affairs. carley: a little bit of both, how about this? netflix will focus programming on faith and family, the vice president of original theory said this that represents a significant percentage of population not only here in the u.s. but around the world, so it is something that we are focused on really building out of a
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robust family friend programming. well, some folks are suspicious, guys, let's take a look at the tweet, evelyn says why, they lost a lot of viewers after they let obama produce shows. a lot of people think it's a good idea, so maybe some more viewers on netflix over the whole thing. >> taylor swift doing taylor swift type things again? >> carley: a very sweet gesture to donate tickets who are mourning the death of police officer, many viewers remember he was shot and killed with his own gun on july 15th, mayor in massachusetts says taylor swift quietly donated, she didn't want no one to know this, fire fight ergs and police officers to her
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stadium. >> she does it right. carley: much needed i'm sure relief for a lot of the families who are mourning this officer. jillian: absolutely. >> time now 26 minutes after the hour, border wall battle. president trump threatening to shut down the government if congress does not fund the wall but the senate could delay a vote until after midterms, where does it all go from here? we debate next. >> i'd like to have a parade, the generals would love to do it and so would i, i think it's great for country in terms of being a cheer leader and the spirit. jillian: mark your calendars, the date for the president's parade has just been set. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up
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>> fox news alert, police left scrambling after learning as many as 80 terrorists could be set this year in britain, the uk security minister say it is focus will be to keep close eye on them. 40% of current sentences will end by christmas but more to get parole. one of the prisoners to get released, inspired nearly 100 jihadists. jillian: little known law could keep corporations from terrorism lawsuits, casinos invoking the safety act arguing shooting that killed 58 people in las vegas was terror. law provides immunity for company to meet security, denying liability, the ruling could open the doors for others to seek protections in mass shootings with no known motive. >> republicans renewing calls for president trump to declassify court document use today spy on members on trump
1:31 am
campaign. jillian: garrett tenney on russia investigation. >> last week the fbi released more than 400 pages of previously classified documents related to applications for surveillance called fisa warrants, most of the documents were redacted particularly section detailing why carter page was russian agent, those that were not redacted showed the steele dossier, democrat-funded opposition research was major component for justification of the warrants. democrats argue the redacted sections show there was much more evidence, house intelligence chairman devin nunes says he documents wants declassify show the fbi and the justice department acted improperly. >> the reality is that's not the case.
1:32 am
those of us who have been providing oversight over this issue, we are quite confident once the american people see the 20 pages, at least for those that will get real reporting on this issue, they will be shocked by what's in that fisa application. >> the white house says that at least for now, president trump does not plan to get involved in this specific request to declassify documents but today devin nunes said his understanding that the white house lawyers are looking into it to see if they can declassify sooner rather than later. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. >> the trump administration cracking down on spending as congress faces september deadline to fund the government. president trump's economic larry kudlow sounding on the timeline for corporate tax rate to be paid off. >> we will be tougher and tougher on spending. i reckon it'll take us a year or 18 months to start turning that around. it's not unusual.
1:33 am
i look at it as good investment in future prosperity and future economy. of course, we inherited a tough deficit situation. >> social media giants like facebook and twitter could soon be fined for so-called fake news, lawmakers in the uk want to hold them liable forcing them to pay fee or regulate for quote, harmful and misleading information. personal data of 87 million users data was hold by analytic. ginsburg saying senior colleague stevens stepped out when he was 90.
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i have about more years. jillian. jillian: the battle for border security is heating up after president trump sends this blistering warning to congress, quote, i would be willing to shut down the government if the democrats do not give us the votes for border security which includes the wall, so where does the border wall battle go from here? joining me to debate gop councilman borelli and democratic strategists rochelle, what do you make of the messaging? >> this is another attempt by the master of distraction to take attention away from the fact that he as a bromance with putin, questionable meetings at trump towers and the fact that he was covering it all up. what president tweet that is he would love to see the government shut downs, why would president want to see federal employees struggling make ends meet, put food on the table, pay bills and send kids to school, we are
1:35 am
talking around september, around the time kids will be buying school supplies and it's unfortunate because it's him throwing a tantrum over a wall that he said méxico will pay for. jillian: in fairness, joe, i want to take your take, something the president has been fighting for, not sure if it's something bringing up right now to distract from putin. >> this isn't out of the blue and it's not the first time to threaten to shut down government over border wall. government shutdowns are used by political footballs by both parties to get name calling and not many people remember the schumer shutdown in january this year, but the reality is what voters will remember is the fact that one-third of the electorate believes that immigration reform is the most pressing problem america faces today. the fact that democrats are willing to hold congress from enacting any type of reform is going to play out pretty significantfully the midterms.
1:36 am
jillian: rochelle, say that the government does shut down, let's play the card right now, how do you think this would affect the midterms? >> well, i think it's going to be bad for republicans, you already had congressman johnson of wisconsin come out and say he doesn't think it's a good idea, you also had the rnc chairman say that this should not and will not happen, it's just not a good idea for republicans to do this right before the midterms, i mean, if we want to talk about, you know, government shutdowns, president trump was very critical of president obama in 2013 during that shutdown in which he called obama's, obama weak and saying that he lacked leadership because of government shutdown, so i wond internal revenue if the president feels the same way now that has going to be the second government shutdown in less than two years. >> look, nobody wants government shutdown. nobody is a party of government shutdowns but when you elect a republican congress to the house, you elect to republican senate and republicans to the white house you have an expectation that they do what they say they are going to do
1:37 am
and one of the things is to reform immigration. this is more about the republicans have been a little bit of enthusiasm gap going midterms and this is something that would really drive the base, something they committed to and something i hope they do. jillian: you don't think it would be detrimental in midterms? >> no, just the opposite, show it is base that electing a republican copying will result in republican policy. jillian: when do you guys think, rochelle, i will start with you, when we will get the border wall? >> one, i think the republicans are a little bit out of touch, they are using 20th century solution for 21st century problems. president trump has said that this entire shutdown would be in response to drugs, well, drugs are not coming-during thrown over in sacks into the united states, drug dealers are using modern technology to bring drugs into the united states, i mean n2016 you had border agents
1:38 am
track down, try to attempt to seize a submarine carrying $194 million worth of cocaine. so these policies that they're bringing forth to me aren't realistic in response to the real problem we are facing. jillian: joe, final word. >> the majority of the drugs do come across the southern border. >> but not over the wall. >> through the southern ball. that's near here nor there. >> the issue that funding for the wall has been democratic platform from bill clinton the barack obama and it's only now because of trump that democrats do not want to see seen as compromising that they are willing to abandon their principles -- >> in all honesty, i want to respond to that. >> jillian: a couple of seconds. >> obama deported more immigrants than any president in u.s. history. jillian: we do have to leave it there, it is 38 minutes after the hour. bombshell report revealing the obama administration shell out
1:39 am
cash to al al-qaeda, how does ts happen, our next guest says there's plenty of blame to go around. is austin, texas with name change? first let's look at weather across the country.
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>> welcome back, 42 minutes after the hour. facing first-degree murder charges after being transferred from the hospital to jail. officer miller died over the weekend, a week after being shot in the head responding to armed robbery and another suspected cop killer charged with first-degree murder, killing arizona state trooper last week.
1:43 am
vice president of the arizona troopers association now pleading for donations to help pay for the fallen hero's funeral. you can donate online at az jillian: 6 miles from eiffel tower is housing dozens of illegals, more than 300,000 illegals made up of 100 nationalities are packed in community, police clearing thousands of them who are living in tents underneath the bridge. up to 80 migrants arrive in paris every day. >> defense distributed agree to go block pennsylvania users after emergency hearing in federal court, this comes ahead of the company's formal ralout following settlement with the state department, the designs make the guns untraceable and may don't come with serial numbers. jillian: austin, texas
1:44 am
recommending the city change its own name after finding name supported slavery, report finding stephen. austin known as father of texas viewed slavery as necessary as expansion in 1830's, the city would have to vote or name change, no serious efforts to do so just yet. >> the date is set, we know when the military will parade the streets of washington, d.c. jillian: the pump and circumstances may not be what president trump had in mind jennifer griffin explains. >> saturday november 10th, one day before visit rein's day. sparking idea to honor america's veterans. prohibits forces from taking part that maybe needed for war. the money will come from the
1:45 am
military's operations and maintenance budget according to republican chairman of the house armed services committee. >> it says if any operational units are used, secretary mattis has to certify that it will not affect readiness. >> the pentagon's top officer has arriened u.s.-northern command based based in colorado, starting from the revolutionary war and war of 1812 till today and coincide with the 100th anniversary with tend of world war 1. it's not clear how much the parade will cost taxpayers. >> i've seen various cost estimates, 10 million and 30 million depending on the size of the parade. >> the bill tries to try to focus on men and women who have
1:46 am
served and really tailor toward 100th anniversary of world war i but also give an opportunity to honor those veterans who never had a parade. >> the council was concerned roads would be damaged with heavy armaments rolling down pennsylvania avenue, spokes han for the u.s.-northern command say at this time we do not intend to use tanks at parade. jennifer griffin, fox news. >> 46 minutes after the hour, a father pulling off operation glass flipper for his daughter. >> oh, man, lump in your throat time. the story that will sure to bring you a tear to your eye.
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♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: 1:50 a.m. in oakland, california, people are coming home, going to work. >> i don't know, oakland is a big party down, i would guess good sports teams, the golden state warriors. >> those people are out partying because they are sports team? >> that's all i have for you, oakland, that's all i've got. >> good morning to you. >> a little boy putting himself to work with his own lemonade
1:51 am
stand but not the fill his own pacts, jillian mele but to help police. jillian: fox affiliate in kansas city has more. >> here is my sign, it's called lemonade, we couldn't fit stand on there. >> maybe 8 but he's got big plans. >> we get lots of cars and lots of cars and decided to take advantage to help local police department. good thing to do for the police department because they'll stop what they are doing and come out and help people that are in serious trouble. >> i think that's great. >> we try to teach generosity to him and older brother, it's nice when a kid has their own idea and just kind of allowed to do that on their own. >> brecken has goal in mind. >> i'm just trying to see what i can do.
1:52 am
i want over 12, over $12. >> we want people to give whatever they wanted to and not to be limited by an amount and whether it's a dime or 10-dollar bill, it doesn't matter, whatever they want to give is what we want to do. >> whatever brecken can get will be honor today receive. >> a glads of lemonade is a great way to show that we can enjoy positivity in our life. >> they do a lot of stuff to help us, they just do a lot and deserve this. >> fox 4 news. >> how cute. guess what, brecken shattered initial goal.
1:53 am
>> twelve dollars was the goal. his stand raised over $3,000 in just hours. he wanted 12, he got 3,000. good job. jillian: love it. time for the good, bad and ugly first up the good, a father working three jobs, surprises daughter with the dress of her dreams. [inaudible conversations] jillian: after initially saying he could not afford it the pennsylvania dad revealed the 200-dollar dress while daughter visited him at work and as you can see she looked stunning in the dress for her eighth grade formal. love it. >> next the bad, prang ster played vladimir putin's portrait at the colorado state capitol where president trump's photo should be, the photo since been removed and so far no one has claimed responsibility. jillian: finally, ugly, beer in
1:54 am
groash restore right before robbing the place of $17,000 in cash, the man pretend today shop before pulling a gun on the manager at a public stop in atlanta, dna from the beer can help stop the crook. that's scary. >> coming at 5:00 a.m., attracting tear risks, americans being followed, most dangerous enemy says that's a good thing while he's praising the secret government program in the next hour of "fox & friends first". my name is jeff sheldon,
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and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done.
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it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. >> it is monday july 30th, this is a fox news alert. wild fires raging in the west with death toll rising and several people missing. jillian: live on the grounds as crews race against the clock to stop fast-moving winds. why the white house is confident judge brett kavanaugh will be confirmed by the midterms. >> and no covfefe, can really
1:59 am
anything be that? >> raudy giuliani's puzzling tweet that's breaking the internet. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: todd goes crazy dancing when he's not on camera. i get to see a lot that you guys don't sadly. >> it's really not oman, oh wham
2:00 am
i'm todd piro in for rob schmitt. president trump is willing to do just that if it means securing border. griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. where congress is not expected to take action any time soon, good morning, griff. >> the president wants a wall and wants it now and wants to do whatever it takes to get it. i would will willing to shut down government if democrats don't give us votes for border security, let's get rid of lottery and go to system immigration based on merit, we need great people coming into the country. the threat reverses where things appear to be heading into the weekend, majority leader mitch mcconnell met with the president last week over avoiding a shutdown suggestin


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