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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 30, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> it's great to see you tonigh tonight. tune in every night at eight to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and especially groupthink which is in evidence everywhere but we will continue to resist it. sean hannity is up next. >> tucker it's great to see you tonight and i sold busted you in front of a group. welcome to "hannity." we are now at 439 days, still zero evidence that donald trump or his campaign did anything wrong. the president rightfully is calling out mueller and his extreme conflict of interest and his blatant political bias in a huge way. president's attorney emmett rudy giuliani will set the record tonight with the very latest. also, robert mueller is really concerned with russia collusion, i would happily be glad to point him in the right direction. we have all the evidence he
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needs. there are many real examples of hillary clinton, adam schiff and other democrats colluding with russia before, during and after the 2016 election. also so many important topics that we have covered, jim comey may be headed back to capitol hill. the president is now pushing forward with the strong plan on immigration which is now an important issue, 98 days. and that's rooting against america strong economy. it's time for tonight's multipronged opening monologue. >> it's a worse example of political persecution. it supposed to be a deep dive and how russia was attempting to metal and cause chaos and our presidential election. instead for months, robert
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mueller has been searching for something, anything, to malign the president and all the allies. now the special counsel's judgment and political president is in the spotlight today. is robert mueller going to release a conflict of interest with respect to president trump including the fact that we had a very nasty contentious business relationship? i turned him down to head the fbi one day before his appointment as special counsel and jim comey is his close friend and he continued also. why is mueller only appointing angry democrats, some who actually work for crooked for crooked hillary, like gd ray and others including himself have worked for obama? why isn't mueller looking for all the criminal activity in russian collusion on the democratic side western mark the president is absolutely right, on this program we have been right and we have long called out mueller and his merry band of truncating and corrupt democratic donors are what are
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extreme conflicts of interest. in fact keep his team is made up investigators and lawyers who have almost exclusively donated to obama, ellery, the democrats. they couldn't find one republican, not one? even an independent? talking about tens of thousands of dollars to candidates like kiersten joe land and, and it's once reported to as brothers in arms. sadly we have a two-tiered system of justice. mueller is more than happy to obsess about a pointless meeting. paul manafort goes on trial tomorrow, when does hillary go on trial?
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and embarrassing political dirt and naked pictures and everything. donald trump and collusion. >> she is a poor journalist, but anyway but she became famous because of putin is scared of the godfather. she is also known as a person who provides girls for oligarchs and she met trump and brought him one of our russian girl celebrities, who is also known as a person with a strange reputation. >> so putin was made aware of
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the availability of the compromising material? >> yes of course. >> thank you very much, we will be back in touch through our staff to make arrangements to obtain these materials for our committee and thanks for reaching out to us. >> naked pictures of trump, it was a russia collusion. >> clinton campaign, we found collusion. remember it was clinton and the dnc, they funneled money through a law firm. perkins cooley to a law firm, fusion gps, to find a foreign spy. christopher steele. why, because he had russian contacts that made up russian lies and the now infamous dirty dossier that by the way was never verified, corroborated and has been debunked. clinton campaign used of these bought and paid for russian lies
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in two ways. first was to shape the clinton campaign message. the person whose name was redacted and it steals information for senior clinton campaign staff. and that included a campaign manager robbie moog, campaign chairman johnny podesta. and second, the dirty dossier was actually shopped around to various high-ranking government officials and of course, your corrupt media all in an effort to malign that trump campaign before election day. to lie to you, and bruce or whose wife was working with christopher steele at fusion gps and she was helping them make up all these lives. and the ci director turned msnbc hack john brennan also reportedly licked the contents of the dossier to then senator harry reid, and also brendan was involved in this. then went public with the
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information james clapper, it was brennan who i was talking about before, but clapper leaked the dossier to cnn, who is now his employer. let's not forget the role the phony dossier played with the speaks seven warrant and the camping associate of trump's, carter page before, during and after the campaign. four separate incidents coming from the dossier that hillary paid for. where was the investigation into this collision? mr. mueller, where are you? at the clinton campaign paid a russian spy and used lies to fly to the american people come and steal the election, get a warrant to spy on americans and using an unverified uncorroborated, hillary clinton bought and paid for political document? nobody told the fisa court judges, ever? they disseminated what was false, untrue, propaganda and disinformation to rig an election, presidential election.
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given the rampant bias from team muller and his two-tiered system of justice at play here, is it any surprise that president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani who will join us in a few minutes is urging his client not to participate in any interview with mueller? if he did, he would be crazy. that's a bad idea and you can't trust these people, they are corrupt. >> are you now yes or no on a sit down between the president and robert mueller? >> two things. first thing, no on the sit down until we get down here and know exactly what we want to do. the process is that we have five cocounsel and senior people, he has always been in favor of doing it. >> what are you telling him about that? >> right now and telling him no way. >> as we speak, rudy rudy giuliani will join us in a
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moment to rebut any negative findings by team mueller and as we know russia collusion is still a total hoax. many in the media are rolling out recent actions of a one-time attorney michael cohen and some kind of huge smoking gun against president trump. even michael cohen themselves, if they would do their jobs, they are lazy and overpaid accompanist denied the accusations of collusion. he did it in testimony on capitol hill. he said given my proximity to the president of the united states and the candidate, let me also say that i never saw anything, not a hint of anything that demonstrated his involvement in russian interference or election, or any form of russia collusion. let me say it again, it's time for this witch hunt to end. we are now than 14 months in this politically motivated fishing expedition, all designed to malign the president that you the american people voted for. if the deep state, the corrupt media and all these elites have
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their way, he never would have been president. that's why they bring the investigation into hillary to save her. now donald trump is the leader of the free world and his decisions impact the lives of literally billions of people every day and his collusion, lies and distraction is hurting the country and frankly, i brought it's hurting us as well. it needs to stop. meanwhile breaking tonight, jimmy haider may be headed back to capitol hill and house republicans are reportedly interviewing him over his interview. remember he was one of the officials to sign off on the fisa warrant against the trunk camping associate, despite admitting that the dossier he said was salacious and unverified. then he had already signed off on it. we also have breaking news on the immigration front tonight. over the weekend, the president tweeted this. i would be willing to shut down the government if the democrats don't give us a vote for the
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board of security which includes the wall. we must get rid of the lottery, catch and release and finally go to a system of immigration that is merit-based. we need great people coming into our country. today the president doubled down on that tweet. watch this. speak to my administration is working hard to passport a security legislation, improved vetting, and they make integrate a merit-based immigration system which the united states means very badly. as far as the border is concerned, if we don't get border security, after many, many years of talk within the united states, i would have no problem doing a shutdown. it's time we started doing proper border security. speak in a common sense
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merit-based immigration system, their friends in the media are playing political games with america strong economy. last week, great economic news. gdp grows on a whopping 4.1% rate, and despite this great news, a robust, healthy economy, we now have eight the largest labor participation rate ever. millions fewer on food stamps and, 4 million new jobs. the media is spinning, this is bad news, only the media. >> here's the thing, with the economy booming like it is now, he is still in the low 40s. what's that mean when we have our recession in two years? >> if there was an urgency in the president's voice that bordered on almost pulling a muscle trying to pat yourself on the back. there is the sense where you overhyped something and there were so many times that that those remarks were overhyped.
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>> president trump: was accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions. >> sean: [laughter] can we play that again? anyone who goes on a google machine can see that, you showed in part that the economy of oh eight was here, went up, and it's been a steady, slow, gradual economic increase. >> sean: oh, every morning, from six until nine. can't help it. as we marched for the most important in terms of our life, and buckle up and get ready, the rhetoric is coming from the media and their friends on the left. it will be more insane, more negative and more ridiculous. get ready for those polls, everyone will be smeared. buckle up. and guess what, the future of your country is at stake. this is their agenda, take a close look right there. they want to resend it, they
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want their crumbs back. they want to resend the tax cuts. they won't say it, they tell everyone to be quiet but they want to impeach the president. but just don't tell the people. and of course, they love that the obamacare. i think a lot of you were paying so much less, and they want to block judge kavanaugh and they want to end all legitimate important investigations into the deep state. and they want open borders. we know they want open borders, and want to eliminate i.c.e. in 99 days, you the people will decide if the trump agenda stops. you want that to happen. there is a lot on the line here, no positive agenda. joining us is the author of a hit new book. and that's the illicit scheme. fox news legal analyst at gregg jarrett, the author of another huge best-selling book, "the case against impeaching
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trump." a harvard professor who is not really loved where he is right now, some island, i won't mention where, because everyone is attacking him, alan dershowitz, and david crone is with us. let's start with the so-called trump tower meeting and it to adam shapeless shift. >> it's not collusion to have either of those conversations in the trump tower meeting for adam schiff. it's not a valuation of the federal campaign election act because foreign nationals are allowed to volunteer for information. some have said it, it's a conspiracy to defraud the government. that requires dishonesty, deceit, trickery and craft. these are law professors that have said this. so that requires according to the supreme court a bribe or
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kickback. again, collusion is not even a crime, show me in the criminal codes where this exists. i have an entire chapter of the book entitled, it's not a crime to talk to a russian. hillary clinton's campaign and democrats actually talk to more russians than the contact with the trump campaign. >> they paid for russian lies. professor dershowitz, i know you took great offense on conspiracy tv, i don't know why you punish yourself like that. the important question is, you have said this. you are not the biggest donald trump supporter politically. and that's about civil liberties, constitution and i don't think he likes set by his judges were purposely lied to and gave false information and try to impact election. all these things i think you find it disconcerting.
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>> more than disconcerting, i find them unconstitutional. when members of the justice department namely that the dossier was paid for by people trying to defeat donald trump for president, and withholding the fact that the credibility of the witness who was providing information may turn on the fact that he claims that he has evidence that donald trump engaged in these salacious things with the bed. and, it's not the kind of witness who would justify americans. >> what they supposed to verify it? aren't they supposed to make sure that the judges were fully informed and they knew henry paid for that? >> if they knew that and they
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saw the actual application, then they committed a serious violation. so they should be asked why those two pieces of information in particular were willfully and deliberately withheld from the fisa court. they may have granted the warrant anyway. and this should be the whole revision of the way the fisa court operates. these two pieces of information, i want to hear from rosenstein and others, why did they justify withholding those two pieces of information, they knew they existed and we knew the fisa court would want to know that. i hear it's devastating to him and to others.
6:19 pm
let the american people see all of it. >> that is a key point, professor dershowitz is right on track but there's no question about what rod rosenstein knew. we now know he signed off on at least the last renewal. if there is any error, it doesn't even have to be a material error, any error, and must be corrected. it must be notified immediately in writing. specifically in the role. i have three great lawyers on the show tonight. three. if i lied to a judge and purposely misled the court, to say i had deleted subpoenaed emails, acid washed my hard drive and busted up devices, do you think that that would get me out of jail? >> i could get you out of jail.
6:20 pm
and i think with the legal brie brief, and neither is a molars case against trump, amount to an obstruction of justice. i delete the 33,000 emails and then i use bleach bit. i go into robert mueller, and he recently asked everyone to hand over their blackberries and iphones. it was a clear obstruction of justice. and i would just leave you ther there. nobody pays attention to this,
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hillary clinton gave classified documents to people without security clearance. that alone should have been a crime. not to mention the fact that and it wasn't the same with hillary clinton and they were prosecuted. >> how many people were identified that did less in your book? >> six. >> there are many reasons that mr. comey has to be brought before congress. he may think he's going to get some zingers in the, he's got to be examined about many things in the ig report and about leaks that are under investigation by the ig. the fundamental problem here is there is no integrity in the process. for mr. miller's team that he picked throughout the process, that is what is fundamentally most impressive. >> sean: and to the only one who said he would get me out, thank you. >> i could get you out but i don't want to get you out.
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>> we have a big interview with the president's attorney rudy giuliani coming up next.
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, provides the most wifi coverage for your home, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. >> sean: it joining us now america's mayor and president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani. good to see you, and by the way i really hate that you have that ring. that is a yankees world championship. >> why do you hate it? >> i was there for the last one. >> i should emphasize, i paid for it. >> it's funny because remember, david dinkins got in trouble for being at that particular game, the last game when the yankees won?
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i was at that game and i bought my tickets on stubhub and he got them for free. >> he always did. he said to the only politician that paid for his ring had to. >> there is no second meeting here? >> it's highly unlikely, i always have to leave the option open as a lawyer in case it comes across. i believe we are coming toward the end, so i'm talking to some of the people that formed the original part of the investigation. i think to john for all the cooperation he gave them because that puts us in a position where we don't have to cooperate. we gave them 1.4 million documents, 32 witnesses. and, i prosecute obstruction of justice. >> you said maybe you would let
6:28 pm
him answer a few limited answers on collision. >> i don't want to give a false impression. given the revelation of the last three or four weeks we've gone further away from the idea of answering any questions for them. we don't think we have a legitimate investigation. >> none of the constitutions -- one of the main ingredients, i was here when you were mayor . and i have one of the best supreme court's working with the united states. >> how about unanimously? >> and they can't be subpoenaed. you have the fact that even if he can be subpoenaed, you have to show particularized need. and if john dowd's memo of four
6:29 pm
months ago shows, they have no particular need. and they explained it tomorrow over and over again. you either believe it or don't believe it but don't think we are suckers. you are going to be jammed with perjury. >> they are very good friends. robert mueller was denied before he got the special counsel. >> calling he is more discredited than anyone else in this investigation. he cannot be believed. so if you are going to believe comey's word against president dunn i know you are trapping him into perjury. >> sean: what happens if mueller decides he wants to take this all the way and subpoena the united states president?
6:30 pm
>> it's never been decided. the only subpoenaed to a president that has ever happened in the many years of our republic was to bill clinton. it was withdrawn. we have a case of what we call first impression and we will find out. then we have cases of lesser officials who were subpoenaed. and documents of the subpoena. you always have to show particularized need. if you have to show particularized need, tell me the particularized need. they said that about flynn, i never had that conversation. they are going to a regular charge. >> martha stewart did nothing.
6:31 pm
this is martha stewart. >> let's get him, it doesn't matter how serious the crime is. >> let's get a celebrity week. >> what about the sdn why? you worked there. they are really good at what they do. >> i have no objection to that. >> sean: why are they bringing in the cfo of the trump organization? >> a thousand reasons. i've been through and our lawyers have been through including all russian lawyers and american lawyers, we've been through every one of the documents they have given us and every document relating to president trump here. that's why we quickly waived the privilege. and a minute cohen believes that first conversation where he secretly recorded the president and lied to him and pretty much
6:32 pm
drove himself out of the legal bar, he put it out. and the minute he started putting stuff out about the tape where there was much of this horrible substrate fusion, hiding the tape recorder. >> they will all eventually fall. and i wish they were made public tonight. >> what about the mueller team? >> andrew would be regarded by many defense lawyers and prosecutors as a disgrace. he has had cases reversed. he has done something -- this might sound like a strange thing but he has with withheld exculpatory evidence. he sent an innocent man to jail.
6:33 pm
and we have a lot of guilty people to prosecute. and when it's close to the line, sylvia morrow taught me this. she used to say to me, you know something? if you let them go, no big problem. they will be back again. >> sean: that's probably true. how does janie really work for the clinton foundation and get on that team? >> how did the guy who gave 36 granted to the democratic party get on the team? how did the guy who was crying at hilary's -- because, i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. he's so arrogant he doesn't care about appearances. do you realize if a republican did that come up with "the new york times" would have done? had i been need a special prosecutor for hillary clinton and i hired ken starr? >> sean: mr. mayor, good to
6:34 pm
see you. i really do like the ring but i'm glad you had to pay for it though. that would have been controversial. when we come back in, president trump that up with the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border. we have drastic actions to show the way on that. this will be a key issue in 99 days, straight ahead.
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>> president trump: we need border security which includes the wall and includes many other things. we have to end of the lottery, we have to end of the chain. it's like a disaster, you bring one person in and you end up with 32 people. we have to and these horrible catch and release principles, where you catch somebody, if you take their name and he released them. you don't even know who they ar are. then it's supposed to come back to a court case where they want us to hire thousands of judges. the whole thing is ridiculous.
6:39 pm
we have to change our laws at least is that there are congress. so i would certainly be willing to close it down to get it done. >> sean: that was the president earlier today reiterating his comments from over the weekend and that is today, the doj announced that "a jordanian national" was hiding and arrested on saturday after arriving at the jfk airport. he was issued an arrest warrant because of his scheme to six muggle special-interest aliens. he goes on to explain that your jordanian national conspired to smuggle six yemeni nationals across the border in exchange for a fee. also i'd like to correct something from the last segment with the mayor. i said david dinkins but i met governor paterson. high guys i know both men very well and get along with them great. i just disagree with them both.
6:40 pm
i especially love seeing mira dinkins at u.s. open tennis every year. joining us now, michelle malcolm from michelle malcolm investigates. it's a conservative show, so how are you? this is the agenda. they want to impeach the president, they want their comes back. they want to eliminate i.c.e., they want open borders and they want investigation to end. if there is something i'm missing that the democrats are offering the american people will come up please tell me because that's either all they say or all they want to do. >> that's the bottom line, it's not just about abolishing ice, but abolishing that last founding principles which have helped preserve. i can't tell you how relieved i am, and we have a president that made promises to forgotten men and women in this country and
6:41 pm
it's keeping them. he is fighting the beltway establishment, the u.s. chamber of commerce types, the corporate interest and those have aligned themselves with the radical left to try to's sabotage our immigration laws and becomes less safe and less prosperous. and the policies that have underscored have weakened 16 years ago, sean. and it is a sign of beltway d.o.t. fecklessness. how many times did they say that? it is lucy and charlie brown with the football and people have had enough of it because this is the losing bargain that we should have learned from 1986.
6:42 pm
and it never, ever comes. >> just like the tax increase, you never get the cut. republicans are afraid if obama's a president is blamed for a shutdown, my question is very specific. i don't think the message was for chucky and nancy pelosi. i think the message was specifically for mcconnell and ryan. i keep my promises whether you do or not. i think they should follow through on that. >> i absolutely do too, otherwise it will get a repeat of the same disasters we had under the bush administration where the secure fence act was signed with great hullabaloo in 2006, and we still have 400 or 500 miles of unprotected border that was supposed to have a fence on it more than a decade ago.
6:43 pm
the grassroots of the republican party are used, abused and exploited. and i think that jim jordan is exactly the kind of change and it's not what we need. >> i'm not even -- i'm a registered conservatives which you can do in new york. their particulars congressman or congresswoman or senator is a rino. then we know, and stop the investigations into the deep state. what do they say, i say it's too important for the president's agenda and forward progress for
6:44 pm
the country and it really is in this case. >> those are cross benefit calculations that every voter has to make and we have to continue to keep pressure on and expose the radical leftist within the republican party who are essentially -- >> they are not going to align themselves with pelosi and maxine waters and other radical democrats in the house to try to impeach this man and stop all progress in the country which has been pretty phenomenal in 18 months. >> well i would say it is buyer beware, and you have to make sure that these people are not going to betray you because we have seen that over and over and over again, whether it's on immigration or not. >> i remember the phone call. i deserved it i think at the time.
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>> sean: the president took on the corrupt main street media in a series of tweets saying they were quote driven insane by trump derangement syndrome. of course the famed outreach as usual over the tweet, but the president has a point. they are heroes. >> cohen is saying that donald trump, the candidate for president of the united states of the time had authorized that go-ahead for the meeting to take place with his son.
6:50 pm
and i.c.e. said, this is news, as did cnn. lichen watergate, you have a very serious news organization, and that's really the most important thing that we do when we go out and do our reporting. >> donald trump is authoritaria authoritarian. the one in only truth comes from him. and i'm not suggesting that donald trump read it, evidence is he doesn't read very much. >> that's who we count on, dan rather, on the other level. these nationally syndicated a secret service agent, and i didn't even say anything and you are laughing. but the reality is, just look at the next, like most corrupt news man ever who made stuff up. i would love to say what he really made up.
6:51 pm
>> sean, where does one start with this trump derangement syndrome. trump is being hammered because he doesn't accept the findings of the intelligence community as to the russian meddling. these are the same individuals who accused, and saddam hussein has stockpiles. george w. bush relied on that, and accused george w. bush of relying us into the war. there's a lot of antagonists a lot of antagonism towards a president for "the washington post," "new york times" and, they are so upset. not only saying fake news but enemy of the people. i just think the president say, they basically say i'm not serving my american people trut
6:52 pm
truth. therefore if you don't do your job, that is where that comment comes from. "the new york times"'s competing articles of the day after election day, 2,020. they live in like a fantasy world for them which is really bizarre. >> put yourself here for a second. years ago, you know this and larry knows that, too. we were told, don't talk so with the mainstream media. the mainstream media knew that. they were like, this is great. we can crush conservatives in a heartbeat, all we have to do is impugn you by calling you a racist or anything ending that way. donald trump not only scrapped that model but he also made his brand reversing the model and
6:53 pm
hitting the media back. >> along came social media and twitter and now trump can communicate to 100 million americans without having to go through "the washington post" or a cnn "the new york times" ." "the new york times" has has an indoor swan since 1956. he's been able to take him on in a very effective fashion. i'm impressed. >> maybe they believe their own b.s. it's every minute of every day seven days a week for three late long years now. they just ups has on hating this president and feigning outrage every day.
6:54 pm
>> i wonder that, too. i know i can be sarcastic sometimes on your show but it's obviously not helping our business model. cnn is losing to the bob ross reruns on pbs. people are watching beach house sales on from seven years ago rather than watching cnn, so you wonder why they sit around in a room and say, okay. we almost want to believe for the sins of rationality that they do believe it, even though it's crazy. because they be insane otherwise. >> sean: okay, good to see you both. when we come back, the great rush limbaugh and president trump start to shutdown the government over border security? that's next, straight ahead.
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6:59 pm
shut down the government. what do republicans and the base think about at? let's take a look at. >> trump is showing he is not afraid of a government shutdown, which believed, the base of this party loves. the base of this republican party -- we know now, by the wa way, when you have any poll that shows that trump has 85-90% of the republican party, the republican base is trump's now. it's not a bunch of populist nationalists. it's a mainstream of the republican party that supports trump. they hate this cowering before the democrats in the media over government shutdowns. they hate giving up every policy idea in the face of the blackmail the government shutdowns. they love trump saying, he'd be willing to do it over this because the issue of immigration is what got him elected. >> sean: i am with him. shut it down. shut it down. the people with the president. that is all the time we have left this evening. remember, this show was always going to be fair and balanced.
7:00 pm
we are not and never will be the destroy trump media. we have a couple of big things coming up this week, i will tell you later in the week. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. she's actually in the next studio over. she's here. so i saw somebody this weekend, last night is a matter of fact, she said, why do you call laura ingraham? like "the ingraham angle"? you purposefully mispronounce her name. >> laura: where have they been for the past 20 years? [laughs] that is all i can say. hannity, will you announce our -- >> sean: we got to make an announcement. can we make it now? >> laura: go ahead. >> sean: we were all together tonight, i got to see you and tucker, which is great, because i don't always get to see you guys. the next time we are together, we will all come on the show had to have a little powwow. >> laura: a little bit. there is a tennis charity, tennis tournament t