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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 31, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> president trump is heading to florida for a rally as we speak. the crowds are gathering in tampa to hear the speech. it's happening in three hours from now. welcome, everyone. i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." the president will be headlining a rally for his preferred candidate for governor, congressman ron desantis. with the threat of a government shut down over immigration ongoing and a trade fight still percolating, are the rallies helping or hurting? the president says he will campaign six day as week for the gop candidates. phil keating is in tampa where it's happening.
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hi, phil. >> the classic sounds of aerosmith getting the trump supporters revved up. things gets going at 7:00 p.m. eastern time and one of the president's trademark make america great again rallies. the presidents rarely endorse candidates in the primary face but that's what the president is doing. the president endorses ron desantis and tweets about him and in the past six weeks or so, desantis has gotten a six point lead in the latest poll. there's mutual affection between the men. you can see him teaching his children how to use block to build a wall and how to make the words make america great again. desantis was considered the underdog facing adam putnam,
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former congressman. perhaps this is the trump effect. both candidates pushed supporting illegal immigrants in their stump speeches, appealing to florida republicans on an issue that is really more of a federal issue, not a state governor's office issue. trump lands in tampa at 5:30 eastern. the first stop will be the tampa bay high school for a discussion of people with vocational careers. the president will sign the have strengthening career and technical education for the 21st century act that he signed officially in washington this morning that act will make it more streamline for cities and states to build new and improve and existing vocational schools. people have been camped out all day long. several dozen slept outside the fair grounds hoping to be front row and center. they're inside. it's air conditioned here and
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paying off. three hours ago. >> enjoy the thanks. >> yeah. >> the koch brothers bucking the president on trade. is that a problem? so far the candidates the president has been backing have been winning. the federal's ned ryan and robin here to see you. good to see you, ned. so far so good. can he keep it up? >> i think so. we've seen polls that show trump as one of the most popular republican presidents ever. i know he's doing this despite the white house political office trying to get him to not endorse. i'm loving it. in georgia with kemp, he was down by a few points and won by a double digits. i want him to go to the tennessee gubernatorial race and endorse diane black.
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the most important thing moving forward, trump needs to have allies not only at the federal level but also at the state level as well. so i love this play. he's got the clout and i hope he keeps using it. >> what is having those allies at the state legal give him? if he's able to court some of these people that are governors, et cetera, will they have influence on senators and congress people? what is the end goal there? obviously he wants as many republicans as he can. how does it help? >> yeah, absolutely. i think that this really speaks to the larger issue within the republican party, which is that a lot of those in leadership and those that belong to the party as a structure are not willing to flex their muscle in order to get members in line. so it makes sense to court high powered individuals in the republican party that can put pressure on congressmen, senators from that state. that definitely makes sense politically for trumpers, especially working with this congress. so many members of the
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republican party in both house and senate have been so vocally opposing various bills and agendas that the president has tried to push. >> robin, a lot that congress will need to focus on in the coming months. not even including right? >> true. >> but you hear the president talking a lot about how he needs this money for the wall and if he doesn't get the money, we'll be looking at a government shut down. does that help or hurt them? >> i got it. in my opinion, i don't think he can afford another government shut down. i think it's a trump tactic. he comes out -- you have to think back to his days as a real estate mogul. he comes out with the best deal and works back. i think that's the tactic he's pulling here. you saw him walk back a little bit. he wants us to work with him on
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chain migration and the diversity lottery visa program. there's wiggle room there, trish. >> shepard: is it giving republicans heart attacks there? they're thinking of the shut down. thinking how can i ever win? >> i disagree with robin. one thing about the schumer shut down that played into trump's hands and played in his favor -- trish, you have to remember looking historically, americans are not paying attention to the government shut down. reagan shut it down three times with 3% growth. i want him to draw a line in the sand and say one of the reasons i was elected is to build a wall and to have increased border security. the thing that is puzzling to me, trish, somehow obama found $150 billion to bribe the mullahs and we kind find $25 billion to build a wall? >> you know they're going to find it. >> of course. >> walk me through how this will play out politically speaking
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for the democrats. there's a sense that they just want to open the flood gates, get rid of ice and i don't know as that plays into peoria, as they say, everyday americans want to feel safe, they don't want to feel under siege from a group of people that are here illegally. >> yeah, i think it's very clear that many democrats are not interested in serving americans. as a hispanic american, i got frustrated with the messaging from the democratic party that like to pose as the party of representing hispanic individuals when in reality, that's not the case. they've promised time and time again to resolve and help individuals that were brought here illegally as children and something that they cave on every time. it's clear what their interests are and their interests are honestly open borders and lawlessness. that's something that doesn't play well politically and
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doesn't play well politically to shut down the government to accomplish those goals. >> thank you. good to see you all. the white house said to be looking for ways to bypass congress to lower taxes on investments. house minority leader nancy pelosi slamming it as a $100 billion tax scam, her words, for the rich. what does my next guest think? craig smith. you know, there's something about these politicians on the left where they just over and over again, craig, they want to take more of your money, my money, everyone's money on the street. there's a sense that, you know, the more you make, the more we'll take. somehow this is a tax cut for the rich when all they're talking about is indexing things for inflation and anybody that invests a dollar should get the indexed amount 20 years later. i mean, i don't understand. i guess it's a political talking point. your thoughts. >> yeah, that's exactly what it
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is, trish. you're right. money is much better off than the afternoon person's hands or the company's hands or a 401(k)s hands than it is in the government's hands. think about it as i listened to the intro. the last time we had a tax cut from a democrat was john kennedy. since then, any time you've heard about a tax cut, you heard about tax cuts for the rich. if you hear about the republicans wanting to cut regulations, they want dirty water and dirty air. if we want to secure the border, the republicans want to rip children out of the arms of their mothers. >> the wicked party, the way they're painting this. a bunch of meanies. >> and you know that we index for brackets. why wouldn't we index to protect investors against the ravages of inflation that we've seen running 2 and 3%. every ten years it costs you 20%. inflation and taxes eat up a huge amount of investment gain. that could go back to
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reinvestment, creating more jobs and more growth. if we think we're going to balance budgets by cutting spending, we're dreaming. we have to grow our way out of those deficits. >> yeah, i'd like to see some fat get cut out of the budgets. but i agree in the growth. i agree in the importance of growth. sometimes you have to spend a little to make a little. >> absolutely. trish, that's an -- >> but what they're talking about, you know, it's indexing for inflation, capital gains taxes. is it a complicated story to present to the american people right now? will the democrats try to do that in ways that are not necessarily good for the economy? >> a great point. to answer your question, they're going to take advantage of this politically. you're going to hear tax cuts for the rich. it's going to be their montra going into 2018. i think it's going to wear thin on the american people. let me tell you why. they've heard it over and over and over again from the democrats. it's nothing new. they're not bringing something
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new to the table. and the average person -- the democrats may want to play this class warfare but it's not working with the average american. i talked to a group of construction workers in pittsburgh sunday. they said we hope the rich get richer, build buildings. >> obvious. everybody wants to make more. i get it. the american way. thanks, craig. >> good seeing you. >> facebook taking action to crack down on election fraud. homeland security kirstjen nielsen on "the daily briefing" with more. mike emanuel? >> a stunning announcement from facebook's chief operating officer this afternoon. >> earlier this morning, we removed 32 pages and accounts from instagram because they were involved in coordinated inauthentic behavior. this kind of behavior is not allowed on facebook because we don't want organizations or individuals creating networks of account that mislead people about who they are or what
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they're doing. >> while facebook didn't directly blame russia, some lawmakers are pointing the finger at moscow. the senate intelligence's committee top democrat, mark warner from virginia, says it's time for the trump administration to get serious. >> what is disturbing is that we still have a white house that refuses to acknowledge this problem. we had a closed testimony this morning the banking committee. some of the folks talking about the sanctions on russia. no one from the administration can say who is in charge of election security. >> as for the trump administration, the secretary of homeland security offered this reaction with fox's dana perino. >> facebook has taken it seriously. they should be commended for what they did today. shows that the threat is very real. americans need to know that. the russians or whoever it is in this case, we haven't attributed it, but russia is trying to manipulate us. >> it's a serious concern with
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mid-terms 14 weeks away, trish. >> thanks, mike emanuel. paul manafort is in court in alexandria, virginia today. it's the first trial to result from the russia probe. does it have anything to do with russia? >> this has nothing to do with collusion, russia or nothing to do with the trump campaign. won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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>> trish:
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>> trish: the jury is now set. the trial of paul manafort, the former trump campaign chairman, was caught up in the russia probe facing 18 counts of tax evasion and bank fraud. let's go to peter doocy in virginia with the latest for us. hi, peter. >> trish, i was just inside listening to paul manafort's defense attorneys try to make the case that he wasn't trying to hide $60 million in funds that he received from ukrainian politicians with russian ties to consult from the irs. the manafort team argues that he
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just didn't understand the tax code and so if anything, his punishment should be the same as other americans who make a mistake. an audit. not charges of fraud and life in prison if convicted. paul manafort's team is trying to point the finger at rick gates who pleaded guilty to lesser charges and does plan to testify against paul manafort at the trial. the prosecution sent by robert mueller spent about 20 minutes detailing his lavish lifestyle and explaining expensive houses that he bought with the money from the ukrainians. while mueller's team was going through the life of luxury that paul manafort leads, the judge in this case, t.s. ellis, interrupted to say that it's not a crime to have a lot of money. so it does appear that that is
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how things are going right now for the mueller team. opening statements just wrapped up there. about to go to the first witness and we don't know who it is. trish? >> trish: it's interesting for the judge to say that. thanks, peter. if bob mueller's team loses this case is the white house in trouble? the white house says they have had nothing to do with the russian collusion and rudy guliani is calling it illegitimate. here to sort it out, judge andrew napolitano. you were surprised? >> i was shocked. judges have an unwritten rule not to interrupt in opening and closing statements. but this judge is not keen on the government's case. he said that bob mueller has sent you here to squeeze this guy to get information out of him that will help indict, charge and embarrass or impeach the president of the united states and i don't want to be a
1:19 pm
part of it. then they persuaded him it was a legitimate case and that's why the case is going forward. so there's two arguments here. one is that the judge is right. the only reason that they're prosecuting paul manafort is because they want him two trials, two months in solitary confinement. about imposing the most pressure that they can put on an innocent person. they want him to squeal on something, they don't know what on donald trump. the other argument is they're prosecutors. if they're looking for russian collusion and stumble on bank fraud, they can't long the other way. that i have to prosecute. >> trish: part of the problem with the special prosecutor. you'll find something along the way. >> and paul manafort's lawyers are former prosecutors. they're very talented. one of the arguments is this. paul manafort was investigated by the federal government by a
1:20 pm
team of federal for all the stuff eight years ago and they exonerated him. who was the young prosecutor that led that exoneration? rod rosenstein. who now runs the justice department and has threatened to call deputy attorney general rod rosenstein as their first witness and have him give to the jury all the reasons why he declined the prosecution of these charges eight years ago. >> trish: you think they have gotten anything from him? has mueller's team gotten what they wanted or hoped to find from paul manafort? >> absolutely not. on the steps of the courthouse this morning after a jury selection, this afternoon actually and before the opening statements, manafort's lawyer turned to the press and said, all deals are off, we will not settle anything, we won't give them anything. water rolling the dice with the jury. >> trish: collusion is one thing but that's a bad word, right? >> i'm so happy you said that.
1:21 pm
you know, i read a column every news at my column is that collusion is a hollywood and media term. the crime is conspiracy, an agreement to commit a crime, whether or not you actually commit it. so for rudy guliani to say there's no such crime as collusion, he's right. it's the wrong word. >> trish: and don jr. had this meeting with the russian lawyer that somehow that is "proof" of that term that you're not wild about, collusion. but at the same time, judge, you had hillary's camp going all the way to russia on foreign soil paying for intel to dig up dirt on donald trump. if one is collusion, why isn't the other? >> it's conspiracy, not collusion. but i've been complaining for 18 months now about the justice department looking the other way for the many crimes of hillary clinton. they're not bound by jim comey's
1:22 pm
statement that she's not going to be prosecuted. they're not bound by any decision by loretta lynch not to pros cute here but they don't want to go near it. >> trish: judge, good to see it. >> thanks, trish. >> trish: we'll be right back. new laptop with 24/7 tech support. yep, thanks guys. i think he might need some support. yes start them off right. with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. save $200 on this dell laptop at office depot officemax. save $200 on this dell laptop but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal?
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>> you know whether if you list in kansas or vermont, human healthcare is not a privilege. a single payer system, the cost of healthcare for the average middle class family will significantly decline and that family will be much better off than under the current dysfunctional system. >> trish: bernie sanders wants it and we'll be paying for everything, right?
1:26 pm
according to a new study. a plan for everybody would cost the government $32 million and hit taxpayers with massive hikes. if democrats are going to slam the gop for increasing the debt, how can they answer to this? right? you can't have it both ways. what is the expression? can't have your cake and eat it, too. good to see you both. sure, they want to spend on one thing. getting out on another. why isn't there any consistency? why are we hearing about so many fiscal conservatives in the democratic party when it comes to sandra's plan? >> i think what matters to democrats is where the money is spent. sure, a lot of money over a lot of years. $3.3 trillion a year. that's about what we spent currently annually. what democrats want to do is spent taxpayer money where it benefits the vast majority of taxpayers. we have something like the recent suggestion that we would
1:27 pm
$100 billion of tax cuts on capitol gains, but, you know, 86 to 90% of the gains, the benefits, would go to the top 1%. >> trish: you say democrats want to spend the money where they think it is most fit. i think patrice, the flip side of that is, most americans would say, you know what? it would be quite nice if i could keep what i actually earn, most of it anyway. so if you're looking to spend something, maybe the answer is actually to invest in your own people themselves. the hard work that they have put in. your thoughts. >> absolutely. you're talking about a plan that would take choice and control over your resources away from individual families. the report really points out, you know,you don't know the kind of access to timely coverage or healthcare will be. you're talking about shoving millions of people into one
1:28 pm
healthcare system and not necessarily increasing the number of providers. you may lose doctors and hospitals as a result of this because of the reimbursement rates will be lower and so you have people that are going to be -- you may have rationed care or lining up around the corner to get your annual physical. that's not the best piece of my tax dollars. i'd rather have a system where i can get my health system or healthcare. >> trish: market force going into the equation. >> yeah, here's the fact. we have a problem with healthcare. democrats are trying to find a way to solve it. 600,000 family as year. talk to them about what choices they have. they have no choices. their efficiencies were acknowledged by the study that came out of george mason university. the last thing i'll say is, there's various estimates. one is that the bernie sanders camp uses, $1.4 trillion over ten years. that's what the government is playing now.
1:29 pm
>> trish: it's a problem and needs solving. i just wouldn't want to see a situation where we run the risk, patrice, of turning into a system like canada's where, you know -- i've known people that don't get the right kinds of tests and the right kind of medical care that they need because it's all run by a bureaucratic government. >> absolutely. in some countries, the government decides whether your hemorrhoid treatment will be covered. they decide whether certain illnesses for older people would end up being covered. while i recognize a lot of americans want good healthcare and healthcare coverage, this is not necessarily the best answer. the market has not been perfect but certainly has provided the better solutions. there's nothing wrong with being able to find a good common sense plan that fits somewhere in the middle. >> it will keep a lit on the costs, too. watch how quickly that happens.
1:30 pm
anyway, good to see you both. danielle, patrice, thank you. kim jong-un made a commitment to denuclearize during that summit with president trump. but u.s. officials telling fox news that it's business as usual for north korea's missile program. so where do we go from here? we're on it for you next. mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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>> trish: this just in. a federal judge will hear arguments in a lawsuit by
1:33 pm
several states about blocking the printing the blueprints of 3-d guns. the hearings coming. more coming up. with tender dun. or try crab lover's dream. but hurry in. 'cause crabfest will be gone in a snap. booking a flight doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go... for the best savings on flights, go to priceline.
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>> trish: watching shares of apple up in after hours trading. beating earning and sales estimates. more in just a moment. but another big story. officials telling fox news that north korea is working on ballistic missiles at one of their facilities. this after kim jong-un made a commitment to denuclearize at the summit last month. how will it impact relations? rebecca joins me with more. good to see you. this is disappointed, shall we say. maybe perhaps the u.s. was thinking that we could actually
1:35 pm
get him to stop and he did stop some production but apparently this is still ongoing. how should we think about this given the big pomp and circumstance and the ceremony around the denuclearization. >> it's not really unexpected. i would expect, you know, ambassador bolton and secretary pompeo and the president to not be shocked by the reports. the north koreas stopped their missile testing and the administration keeps pointing to that as a success. that's just a part of the missile and nuclear program. they can still create more capacity. it's a problem. back to that document you talked about that came out of singapore where they promised to denuclearize. that was very broad. they never said when or what they had or how it was going to leave the country. that is all being negotiated between the united states and north korea. >> trish: and we're still playing hardball. >> that's a critical piece of
1:36 pm
the puzzle. the trump administration is category different than the previous administration. even though it's fully willing to engage because of president trump to have these talks, the trump administration has not been willing to relent on the pressure, on the sanctions in place, so none of this missile development is coming from sanctions relief from the united states. that's an important part. so where do we go from here? you said those at the top are not surprised by it but a little disheartening amid the progress they're still up to their old tricks. how do we move forward toward full denuclearization if they're not willing to be on board? >> i mean, diploma my is a slog. the trump administration has made clear that they need a year to get in the country and figure out what the inventory of the missiles and pieces are and to get them out of country which
1:37 pm
means the clock is ticking. we have to december, january to continue to pressure. the north koreans are playing hardball. they want to continue showing that they're doing some pieces of their program. they're pushing the trump administration to get economic relief and that type of thing. it's not the end of the story. >> trish: and let's go to iran. the president said sure, i'll sit down. i'll give him this. he said he will sit down with anyone. he doesn't need to put preconditions on anything. he's willing to have a conversation. i think that is healthy. it's good to have a dialogue with even these rogue regimes. so he will sit down with iran. he said he doesn't think they're there yet. are we running a risk here in that he's willing to sit down with that one, willing to sit down with that one but if nothing is being accomplished or
1:38 pm
they're up to their old tricks, are we in a tougher spot? >> no. we're willing to talk. he doesn't use it as a reward. he uses it as a starting point. he's not going to let go on sanctions. we're hitting the iranians really hard. their economy is not in good shape. he's ready to talk to president rouhani. he's not the supreme leader. if he sits with anybody, it would be the supreme leader, not rouhani. it's interesting that president trump is willing to do this because he's so focused on outcomes. he doesn't care about the idealogical point. >> it's very inciteful what you're saying. he's not using the meetings as a reward. he's trying to have a legitimate dialogue and you have to start somewhere. it's nice if you can meet
1:39 pm
somebody face to face. very different approach. very different from previous presidents. rebecca, good to see you. >> thank you. >> more on apple. they're expecting big iphone sales the rest of the summer. stocks trading up 2% in the after hours market. so does this mean we're seeing the end of a short-lived tech wreck? so many people saying with trade going the way it is, it's very challenging for the technology sector. maybe not. more after this. diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk?
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no mathere are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep. call one today. are you in good hands? >> trish: apple beating sales and earning expectations. iphone sales coming in slightly below expectations. slightly. apple looking at stronger sales. what do we take of that? we'll break it down. we have charles payne and
1:43 pm
kristina partsinevelos here with us. where do we start? >> big things, earnings came in higher than expected. $2.34. that's the ninth quarter in a row. apple seems to do it. revenue higher than expected. a big focus point is services. services encompasses music, iphone care, the apple pay, all of that came in about 31% higher when you compare it to last year. he's a huge increase and shows how the company is not only a device company but a services company. >> trish: what they projected for next quarter beat with analysts were estimating. we're looking at a 59.5 billion. now they're saying it's going to be like $60 billion for next quarter. >> positive outlook. >> amazing for apple.
1:44 pm
investors like that. trading up all day and after hours. everybody says trade is a problem, tariffs are a problem. how is it hitting apple? >> it's not hitting them and i don't think it will. we've heard president trump mention on more than one occasion, the special carvesouts. there's the fox come plan here. one of the biggest construction projects in american history. what is interesting, apple's stock is up 12%. with the tech wreck that we've seen, amazon up 52%. google up 17%. this is stock that never gets the respect that it should get. we know a long time tim cook coming in steve jobs shadow. but at this point, to your point, the guidance up where it is, the sales, over and over again and branching out into services, this is a stock that should be higher. >> what do you think is
1:45 pm
motivating this this? everybody needs a phone, right? it's a must-have. except charles. [laughter] >> you would think -- you have a two-year life span. most people will reinvest in a phone. we hit this saturation of smart phones. that's why apple is shifting away to services. they're expected to launch three more phones in september. you want hear that on the earnings call tonight. it's not their motif. they don't normally do that. i've been hearing leaked records. the mac blog. a larger phone. >> yeah. why not? >> basically a mini version of the ipad. >> and more money. people have more money now. >> they have more money. >> they're employed. >> and revenue was up 30%. like i said, it's really trying to integrate themselves into our lives. you cannot go into whole foods on any grocery store for that matter without having the option
1:46 pm
to pay via apple pay. so little by little, we're doing to see how apple pay amongst other things, apple music integrating into all aspects of what we do. >> might with a philosophical issue for tim cook. remember how he was able to stay above the frey with respect to how the other big teches have abused our data and privacy? as they get into the service area, we're going to share more information with them. they can monetize it. they don't have to. they're sitting on $243 billion cash on hand right now. >> globally speaking, these american tech companies trying to do business and do do tons of business overseas, we keep hearing from many in the investing environment that they're concerned about the threat of tariffs and what that will mean for things. it didn't affect apple in terms of this quarter. doesn't seem to be affecting them in terms of the coming
1:47 pm
quarters given the outlook. so at what point does that matter? or like what we've seen on other things a bunch of posturing from the president? >> they have put out a real good earnings report friday. 159 conference calls. tariffs mentioned 17 times. 19 times negative. for this quarter and the quarter ahead. we know specifically obviously lumber and coca-cola, carbonated soft drink sales are down. they've been raising price as long time. there's serious issues they're dealing with. >> apple has 40 stores in china. mcdonald's has store in china. >> some real, too. >> very good point. >> there's been some talk about that, those stores getting hit and the suppliers because apple builds their phones there. so you're not seeing that reflected right now in the service end. >> knock on wood. >> they're completely trying to shift away.when you have a he
1:48 pm
little bit of a divot in iphone sales or any sort of device sales and you see this increase in revenue and services, this is apple in some ways trying to protect themselves in case there's some sort of trade issue, which we're not really seeing at this point. >> i've known heetha for many years. i feel like every time we go into consumer spending times, the fall, you're going to tell me how it's going to be down and not so good and things are not so great. now we go into fall and we go into christmas et cetera, looking ahead, it feels better, right? >> completely. >> trish: leave it there. >> a high note. >> i'll take it. >> trish: forget the democrats. gop leaders. not liking the president's threat of a shut down before the mid-terms. one speaking out. you'll hear from him next. so you have, your headphones, chair,
1:49 pm
new laptop with 24/7 tech support. yep, thanks guys. i think he might need some support. yes start them off right. with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. save $200 on this dell laptop at office depot officemax.
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>> trish: president trump doubling down on a shut down. he's threatening to close the government if democrats don't sign on to more border security funding. he wants the wall and the money for it. democrats say bad idea and some republicans like senate appropriations committee chairman richard shelby agree. good to have you here. welcome. >> thank you. >> trish: so you're saying neither party wins, right? when the government shuts down, bad for everyone and you don't like the political posturing that is being used right now. >> we're trying to avoid a situation where it would call for a government shut down. we've been working the appropriations process as we speak on the floor of the senate. we're working it together to try to stay within the
1:53 pm
appropriations bills and keep riders and authorizations off of them. we hope to make those deadlines. i don't know if we'll make it all between now and october 1. now, i shared some of the president's concern about the border. we have not protected our border for 30, 40 years. it's gotten worse and worse. he wants more money. we don't know how -- where we can get the money. at the same time, that will be something that we'll have to work out between the house and the senate. right now we're going to continue to work the appropriations process and try to avoid the spector of a shut down come october 1. >> trish: senator, does this put more pressure on you and your colleagues, the threat of the shut down, the president willing to put that out there as where he's willing to go if you guys are not successful? you feel more pressure as a result of the threat? >> pressure works.
1:54 pm
fear works with us. we fear a government shut down. we should try to avoid it. maybe the president is sending us a message. he's sent several messages that he's clear. >> trish: you can say. what do you think it will cost? $25 billion realistic enough? >> i don't have any idea. it's a multiyear deal. i would hope a wall would secure the borders, but i'm not sure about it. people come in here, fly in and never leave. probably millions of people come to this country. we have a real immigration problem and i'm aware of it and i hope congress is aware of it. >> trish: how do you succeed in this effort? what is it you can do and your colleagues can do to actually see this through to the finish line so that you're not looking at the possibility of a threat of a shut down as you head into
1:55 pm
mid-terms? >> we have money what the initial number was asked for by the administration in the senate bill. the house has a higher bill. we have to resolve those differences. the president wants more money. we'll see what the process brings. as i said again, a lot of the american people realize that our immigration system is broken. the president is right here. we do not protect our borders. he's right again. we ought to do everything we can to do this. this is a step in the right direction. let's see if we can make it. >> what do you say to the democrats saying we need to get rid of ice? we need to start over. >> we probably needed to start it over a long time ago but now we have what it is today. we have an immigration service they're. we have a border patrol and everything. we need to step it up. we need to protect the country. we haven't. we can do better. to start all over, i don't know what would happen in the
1:56 pm
meantime. >> trish: all right. like you said, fear, threats. sometimes they work. you have your work cut out. thank you. >> thank you. >> trish: we'll have more after this.
1:57 pm
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1:59 pm
>> trish: some good news out of apple today. taking a look at the start, it is still up. it's up 3%. pretty nice again. it will likely be able to big market tomorrow. what's important is its feeding earnings, beating sales expectations. when it looks at what what the future, it looks like those sales numbers are going to continue to come in and that's important because it suggests our economy is still growing. despite the headwinds come everything we hear about how tariffs are going to hurt us, the trade issues are going to drain the strength out of our economy, so far, not the case. apple, because they like to
2:00 pm
manage expectations, they would like to let investors know if it's a problem and they are not saying so. it's good news. we'll talk more about it tomorrow on "the intelligence report." 2:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. "the five" starts now. >> jesse: i'm jesse watters with katie pavlich, juan williams, dana perino and charlie hurt. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." president trump is taking his america first message on the road. less than two hours from now, he's going to be firing up the crowd in tampa, florida, to drum up support for gubernatorial candidate congressman ron desantis. we've seen a dramatic turn around in the polls after trump endorsed him. desantis is getting attention for this funny ad. >> everyone knows my husband ron
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