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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 31, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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when he lowers the flag to half-staff to honor fallen police officers or city workers killed on the job. you are amazing. our hats are off to bring >> amazing, and i'm sorry. >> amazing show. set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" up next, good luck with greg gutfeld. >> bret: can we just go back to -- what happened there? >> no, the show is over. >> bret: moving forward. thanks, jesse. president trump asked his chief of staff to stay on and take on a pair of republican mega-donors worth billions. the first trial begins in a special counsel investigation and it has nothing to do with russia, collusion or the campaign, and should americans be able to print their own guns? this is "special report." ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we begin tonight with a sign of stability in the high turnover
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from white house. chief of staff john kelly says he has accepted the president's offer to stay on through 2020. multiple reports, stories and the washington rumor mill over the past few months had kelly out of the door as he approached yesterday, his one year anniversary on the job. also tonight, president trump appears to be picking a fight with some of the few republicans who have more money than he does. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us from the north along with all of that. good evening. >> good evening to you. if all the staff members at the white house, there's likely no one whose status and faith has been the subject of more rumor and speculation than that of chief of staff john kelly. today, all that rumor and speculation went away, at least for a while to come. >> to paraphrase mark twain, the reports of john kelly's demise have been greatly exaggerated. it was widely rumored and reported that it chief of staff, often described as embattled, had fallen out of favor with the
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president, had been marginalized, and would likely leave after his year anniversary at the white house. that anniversary came and went yesterday and was accompanied by a tweet showing a beaming kelly and president trump with the caption "congratulations to general john kelly. today we celebrate his first full year as white house chief of staff." today, white house officials told fox news that the president asked kelly to stay on through 2020, the end of his first term, and that kelly accepted very many of the previous rumors about kelly had come from within the white house and his changes elsewhere in the administration. with general kelly at his side, president trump is going to war with the powerful koch brothers, who are waging a campaign against the present strategy of using tariffs to leverage new trade deals. >> because of new tariffs, our farmers livelihoods are at risk. carmakers, factory workers and macs you don't like manufacturers. farmers want trade, not aid.
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tell the administration and congress, open market and end tariffs. >> president trump took a blow torch to them, tweeting they have become a total joke in real republican circles, that he has beaten them at every turn and that they are two nice guys with bad ideas. and it's not just tariffs. the network recently announced its willing to bet democrats over republicans if the democrats policies more closely align with the coke agenda. a spokesman saying we support policies that help all people improve their lives. we look forward to working with anyone to do so. on monday the network announced it would not support republican kevin kramer, who is locked in a tight race with north dakota democrat senator heidi heitkamp. >> it was very disappointing to see yesterday that they are not going to support kevin kramer. heidi heitkamp voted against the tax cut. she has not been a supporter of the policies the president has put forward. >> as the feud rages, support
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for the president from an unexpected corner. jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon, a former close ally of barack obama praising the president's economic policies. >> he has done things which accelerated growth. we needed competitive taxes and the way the american public should drink it though might think about for 20 years we have been increasingly uncompetitive. >> tonight at a campaign rally in tampa, president trump will put his economic policies on the line. he's making an appearance on behalf of congressman ron desantis, who is vying to become the next governor of florida. >> bret: see that live right here on fox. roberts, thanks. the trump administration is studying the idea of what would amount -- by reducing the taxes levied on capital gains. administration officials have said no decision has been made yet on whether to proceed. they say treasury secretary steven mnuchin prefers deferring to congress, but he does have his department studying the
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economic impact of such a change and the legality of proceeding without congressional approval. democrats are denouncing this idea. house minority leader nancy pelosi says the plan "exposes the true priorities of the g.o.p. tax scam." facebook says it has uncovered new efforts to metal in u.s. politics on its platforms, and it says those efforts may be linked to russia. facebook officials have artie briefed members of congress. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has details tonight from capitol hill. >> 14 weeks from election day facebook announced it has taken down accounts engaged in a sophisticated political influence campaign. >> earlier this morning we removed 32 pages and accounts from facebook and instagram because they were involved in coordinated inauthentic behavior. >> at this stage the social media giant isn't prepared to blame russia at least in public in part because the account holders try harder to hide their identities than russian-based
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internet research agency data in the past. facebook said the accounts and pages were created starting in march 2017 using names like black elevation, mindful being and resisters. more than 290,000 accounts followed at least one of the pages. >> we don't have enough technical evidence to say definitively who is behind us but we can say that these accounts engaged in some similar activity and have connected with known ira accounts. >> the pages created 30 events since may 2017. they also ran 150 ads on facebook and instagram paid for with 11,000 in u.s. and canadian dollars. on capitol hill, some members held that judgment. >> i will let facebook be the ones to really analyze or make attribution to who was behind it. >> but other leading lawmakers were briefed ahead of the announcement are blaming moscow. >> i have a high level of confidence that these accounts, many of them that have been tied to ira accounts, many of them
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modeling some of the techniques that were used by the russians in the past. with pretty high confidence i think this is russian related. >> the homeland security secretary saluted facebook for responding to the suspicious activity. >> facebook is taking this very seriously. they should be commended for what they did today. it also shows that this threat is very real and americans need to know that. the russians or whoever it is in this case, absolutely are attempting to manipulate us. >> facebook describes securing its site like an arms race, like essentially they have to continue battling with these outside groups who continue getting more and more sophisticated. lawmakers are now saying it's time for washington and silicon valley to do more. >> bret: on the brett kavanaugh nomination, chuck schumer and dianne feinstein are demanding hundreds of thousands of documents related to his work at the white house. the white house staff secretary. this afternoon we heard from the
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chairman of the senate judiciary committee. he responded saying this. >> i will not put the american taxpayers on the hook for senate democrats fishing expedition. >> bret: so what's the latest on all this? >> grassley stand up because those democrats are asking for basically every document that passed through brett kavanaugh when he was the staff secretary for president george w. bush. that's a massive gatekeeper role and that would be a huge amount of documentation. chuck schumer, the senate democratic leader has appealed to former president bush. he's appealed to the national archivist and now grassley feels like he's trying to embarrass him so what's significant here is to comoderate republican senators, susan collins and lisa murkowski have sided with chairman grassley in this battle. that is significant because of those moderates had gone with schumer, that could really drag out this whole confirmation process. >> bret: going forward october . like emmanuel live on the hill,
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thanks. the dow gained 108 today. the s&p 500 finished ahead 42, the nasdaq was up 18. the first day, the first trial -- the first day of the first trial has just ended for one of canada trumps top advisors. his former campaign chair. a jury was seated today in the case of paul manafort, the first case brought to trial by special counsel robert mueller. the jurors will not hear anything about a low alleged rn collusion or special counsel headlines. peter doocy is outside the federal courthouse in virginia tonight to tell us what this case is about. good evening, peter. >> good evening, brad the court session just ended for today but a little bit earlier this afternoon while prosecutors working for robert mueller tried to nail paul manafort for financial crimes by outlining his lavish lifestyle, the judge interrupted and told the mueller team it's not against the law to have a lot of money, so the
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burden of proof on the special counsel is proving to be heavy. >> lawyers for the man who was with the trump campaign for just five months are fighting to keep them out of federal prison for 305 euros. paul manafort is charged with falsifying income taxes, and committing bank fraud, type $260 million the special counsel alleges he was paid as a consultant to ukrainian politicians and then hid from the irs. >> the chances of paul manafort trying to reach some kind of deal has passed us. >> interrupted by lunch and a list of witnesses that to testify against manafort, including rick gates and former bernie sanders strategist tad devine has been presented. the providing judge, ts ellis is the same one who challenged the special counsel's focus on financial chargers for manafort back in may saying that "we don't really care about mr. manafort, you really care about what information
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mr. manafort can give you to lead you to mr. trump and an impeachment or whatever." the trial proceed in any way. today white house officials indicated they are not involved. >> the judge has very strictly instructed, no mention of paul manafort's role in the trunk and pain, no rush, no collusion. this trial obviously centers on matters that have nothing to do with the campaign. >> in 2016, manafort initially joined the trump campaign to help navigate a possible contested convention. >> there's not going to be a second ballot. it's not an issue. >> manafort later rose to champion german and sat in on the infamous trump tower meeting with russia allegedly offering dirt on the clinton campaign. last month the president said manafort's a short stint with the trump team should have made him an oversight to robert mueller. >> i think a lot of it's very unfair. i look at some of them where they go back 12 years. manafort has nothing to do with her campaign. but i tell you, i feel a little badly about it. >> now manafort's legal team
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needs to convince the jury to have the same kind of sympathy as the president because his fate is controlled by six men and six women from virginia. >> i don't think you go into this thinking even if i get convicted i still may get a pardon. i think that's a big risk. >> late this afternoon, the mueller team called their first witness. it was the former bernie sanders strategist and colleague of paul manafort, tad devine, who was actually pretty complementary of manafort, but his testimony served to establish manafort's deep business ties in ukraine. somebody whose name was never mentioned by that witness or the mueller team or the defense team, donald trump. >> bret: peter doocy outside the courthouse. thanks. now to news overseas. iranian officials say if president trump wants to talk, the u.s. must rejoin the iran nuclear deal he left last spring. that terse response comes after the president said he would negotiate with anybody.
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correspondent rich edson has more reactions on it. >> president trump says he would meet with iranian president who saw him run honey. iran says the president should forget it. foreign minister tweeted the two countries have already spoken. negotiating a nuclear agreement and "threats, sanctions and p.r. stunts won't work." try respect for iranians and for international commitments. president trump says his administration is implementing an aggressive stance towards iran. still the president says he's prepared to talk. >> no preconditions. they want to meet, i will meet. anytime they want. >> his secretary of state mike pompeo then appeared to outline conditions. >> the iranians demonstrate a commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people, can agree that it's worthwhile to enter a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation, than the president said he's prepared to sit down and have a conversation with them. >> the state department says the
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president has offered to meet without conditions stands. >> the president and the secretary have both said that. >> the trump administration will begin imposing additional sanctions in iran. restrictions the united states once lifted as part of the iran nuclear agreement. china, russia, britain, france and germany are trying to salvage the agreement without the u.s. the threat of additional u.s. sanctions has already forced european businesses to scrap investments in iran. iran's foreign minister is pressuring the europeans to ignore potential u.s. sanctions penalties and invest in iran anyway. >> europeans should decide whether their businessmen, banks and government or to pursue european interests or american interests, or in particular trump's interest. >> while the u.s. maintains economic pressure, the administration continues its assault on iran's leadership. >> they seem more concerned with riches than religion. >> last week secretary pompeii called the leaders hypocritical
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holy men that resemble a mafia more than a government who enrich themselves at the expense of iran's citizens. iran's government is also confronting protests and economic anxiety, the value of iran's currency has fallen dramatically this year against the u.s. dollar, dropping to a new low. meanwhile, prices for food and medicine are rising. >> bret: rich edson live at the state department, thank you. american intelligence officials say north korea is building new long-range missiles despite ongoing disarmament talks with the u.s. senior foreign affairs correspondent tells us how this squares with recent talks of nuclear disarmament. >> north korea is at it again. u.s. officials confirming to fox news pyongyang continues work on its missile program. analysis of satellite photography indicates recent activity at a factory which builds long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of targeting the united states. as many as two missiles are said to be in production. it's business as usual, the
3:16 pm
official told fox. >> the south korean government is closely watching north korean movement and closely working with the united states. >> this comes after last week's news that the north continues to produce material for nuclear bombs. after last month commitment to work towards denuclearization by north korean north korean leader kim jong un at the summit with the president trump. experts say he didn't promise to halt nuclear activity now. >> they're basically staying true to what kim has been saying, which is that he's going to start mass producing material but also missiles. >> the still the talking continues. today the dmz generals from north and south korea met again to work on regional issues that might lead to bigger things. >> i believe processing inter-korean issues is a meaningful initial step to ease military tensions. >> the north has made concessions, the blowing up of a nuclear test site, the dismantling of a missile test facility and the remains of what is believed to be 55 u.s. service members missing since
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the korean war. said to be repatriated back to hawaii tomorrow. >> we told chairman kim if we can denuclearize your country there is a brighter future for the north korean people. >> chairman kim might want more. >> i think from north korea's perspective they have done a lot and i suspect that they are building some momentum for asking the u.s. for concessions. >> those concessions to north korea could mean an easing of sanctions or the signing of a peace treaty, both of which the u.s. is not yet ready to do. no one said this is going to be easy. >> bret: greg palkot, thank you. turkey's state run media says a court has rejected an american pastor's appeal for his release from house arrest and refused to lift his travel ban. the court ruled there was no change in the strong criminal suspicion against pastor andrew brunson. he faces up to 35 years in prison in turkey if convicted of terror and espionage. president donald trump is threatening sanctions against
3:18 pm
turkey over this case. turkey insists it will not give in. up next we have some breaking news we are following. we will bring you right after the break, the latest on the massive and deadly wildfires burning through much of california. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 17 in des moines, where officials say they still do not know what happened to a 20-year-old iowa college student who vanished nearly two weeks ago. molly tibbetts disappeared near brooklyn iowa, one of the chief investigators says they are chasing every possible lead. fox 29 in san antonio, texas, with the safe return of a shark stolen from the city's aquarium. police say they have confessions from two men involved in snatching the 2-3-foot long gray horn chart domestic shark. police tracked only get getaway pickup truck last night. and this is a live look at philadelphia former affiliate fox 29. the big story there to make the first member of a penn state
3:19 pm
university fraternity to plead guilty in connection with the hazing death of a pledge last year is sentenced to three months house arrest. ryan burke pleaded guilty to four counts of hazing and five alcohol violations. tim piazza died after a night of heavy drinking and a series of falls that left him with a fractured skull and severe abdominal injuries. other defendants face trial in february. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ let your perfect drive come together at the lincoln summer invitation sales event. get 0% apr on select 2018 lincoln models plus $1,000 bonus cash.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert, breaking news out of mexico. a mexican airliner has crashed near an airport in the northern state of durango, getting just some details now. jonathan hunt is monitoring the latest developments out of our los angeles barrel, good evening, jonathan.
3:23 pm
>> we are getting some good news from the governor of durango state in northern mexico and that is confirmation from him that they believe at this point there are no deaths as a result of this plane crash. this was mexico flight 20 4:30 4:30 -- took off from durango in the north of mexico headed for mexico city. took off at just after 3:00 p.m. local time there. that's 4:00 p.m. eastern and apparently according to the transport department fell upon takeoff. we have seen photos on twitter of the plane lying on its belly, but relatively intact. although there was smoke billowing from it and emergency services on the ground dealing with what appeared to be a relatively large fire in the pictures we have seen. also we have seen photographs of some of the full crew that were on board with 97 passengers
3:24 pm
walking away from the wreckage, another sign that this accident was perhaps not as bad as eck first feared. so the breaking news as we understand it from the governor of the northern state of durango, no deaths, but an accident involving aeromexico 20 4:30 one en route from durango to mexico city, 97 passengers on board, four crew. there are some injuries but as we understand it at the moment, no deaths in this crash in northern mexico tonight. >> bret: jonathan hunt live in l.a. we will keep monitoring that. thank you. meantime, a massive blaze in northern california has now destroyed almost 900 homes and torched more than 170 square miles. it is believed to be one of the most destructive fires in california state history. correspondent jeff paul is live again tonight in redding, california, . >> there is no end in sight.
3:25 pm
>> it's just been devastating, really. it's so hard. >> fires burning in california continue scorching acre by acre, leveling homes by the hundred bearing >> i lost it all. every bit of it. i'm sorry. >> there are now at least 15 major wild bikers burning across the golden state. a car fire burning in redding which claimed the lives of at least six people, now considered the seventh most devastating fire in state history, destroying close to 1,000 homes. >> i used to fight fires back in the ' 70s in '80s and i've never seen anything like this. >> the most active the complex fires. a pair of fires burning north of san francisco which doubled in size overnight and is now threatening thousands of homes. and just to give you an idea of how indiscriminately these fires are burning, two houses behind me here in redding, they look fine, the car is okay, the grass barely grain but then you walk a few feet just across the street
3:26 pm
and you have the opposite seen. a car burned down to its metal, the home destroyed, the grass in the front yard blackened by all the smoke and fire and firefighters say that's what makes these fires so hard to fight. they don't know where they are going to go next. >> this is once in 100 years, it just seems like each year it gets a little worse and worse. >> firefighters at the front lines are feeling at working around the clock, their aggressive efforts are paying off. if containment levels are increasing, giving families hope for tomorrow. >> everything is still here. i'm optimistic about that. >> the stories of strength that we are hearing about in these communities are incredible. one local hospital telling us that more than 40 employees have lost their homes, but they are still showing up to work to help others despite losing everything. >> bret: live in redding, jeff, thanks. up next, should the government allow you to access directions about how to 3d print your own gun? some breaking news on this story
3:27 pm
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>> bret: this is another fox news alert. a federal judge moments ago issuing a temporary restraining order staffing the release of downloadable lubricants for 3d printed guns. earlier today president trump tweeted that he is consulting with the nra on this controvers controversy. correspondent anita vogel tells us to make several states are actually suing the trump administration to block this release. >> for god sakes, when it comes to something as basic as public safety, our state department saying this is a giveaway for terrorists. >> fear and outrage from the washington state attorney general as he filed suit against the state department on behalf of nearly a dozen states over the government's decision to allow a texas company to publish files detailing how to build a gun with something as simple as a 3d printer. critics say these ghost guns
3:31 pm
will be made of plastic with no serial numbers and will be practically invisible. >> these firearms will be undetectable. they will pass through metal detectors without a blip, a buzz, or a bell that is going off. >> these ghost guns aren't the new wave of american gun violence. >> because the state department is charged with regulating the sale of firearms outside of the u.s., it was the agency which blocked texas company defense disrupted after it briefly published the gun blueprints in 2013. the company then sued the state department, the owner cody wilson claiming his free-speech rights were being violated. >> the government does not have the power to tell people they can post information on the internet. that's a violation of free speech. also, state law is trumped by federal law. >> just last month the state department settled that student saying certain firearms and related items are already
3:32 pm
widely available for sale. >> the license to both sleeves online. if this is an unconstitutional action. >> this didn't happen by accident. the trump administration, pushed by the gun activists, did this. >> defense distributed file that of august 1st the age of downloadable guns would formally begin but as you noted at the top, within the last half hour, a district judge in seattle has granted a temporary restraining order, meaning the company defense distributed cannot publish those pictures of 3d guns online for the time being. we will be following this story and see where it goes from here. back to you. >> bret: we will, thank you. president trump asked his chief of staff to stay on through 2020. we will get reaction to that and all the day's news from the panel when we come back. ♪
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3:37 pm
critical that people's lives obviously depend on it. so i'm in for the long haul. >> bret: chief of staff john kelly here on "special report" despite stories like these from "the new york times," how long can john kelly hang on? cbs news, it may be on the way out. nbc news, basically he's leaving and "the wall street journal," as well as some reporting that we had here on fox that he may be leaving. john kelly is staying on according to the white house. the president asking him, one year anniversary yesterday, tweeting out congratulations, but asking him to stay on 22020 as sources say he has said yes. let's start there with the panel. jonah goldberg, senior editor at national review. national public radio. mollie hemingway, senior editor at the federalist and because he's a good egg we have greg. >> nice! >> bret: cohost of "the five," whose new book is out today. retribution.
3:38 pm
>> it was a good rhyme, brett. >> bret: what happened to dana? >> i think the whole segment should be about what happened to dana. oh, my god. >> bret: john kelly, jonah, staying on. it's like heads are exploding in washington. what happened? >> the rumor mill was very, very strong. the reporting seem to be pretty clear about this and i don't know. it seems to me that at the very minimum we can say that this kills the story for a little while but the president has said he has full faith and confidence in various other members of his cabinet will haven't endured much longer than that. i would still be surprised if john kelly is actually there through 2020, but it seems like they wanted it to be the end of the story and john kelly, my understanding is that john kelly does not function like a normal chief of staff. normally a chief of staff funnels the information and personnel who get to see the president. he's more like a senior advisor who does manage down, but doesn't manage up the way traditional chief of staff's do.
3:39 pm
so it's interesting, i don't have a great theory about why this got a 180. >> first of all, if he does make it all the way to 2020, and we really have no idea if you will, that will be a very long time. that will be the longest. i think john kelly managed to bring some order and discipline to the white house, but the president doesn't want to be managed in the way a normal chief of staff -- a typical chief of staff would do. he likes free will and conversations. he likes to talk to whenever he wants to whoever he wants to. it's o'kelly's efforts to kind of control the information flow to him, that's where he didn't succeed. >> bret: mollie, the president also likes to break up white house narratives or washington narratives. like just say that's not true. >> we could not have had more anonymously sourced stories saying this man was on his way out within hours or minutes or days. certainly he wouldn't last past the end of the summer.
3:40 pm
we had so much reporting saying that. so at the very least of this story, which also is sort of anonymously sourced but the white house is not knocking it down. they always knocked on those other stories, they always call them fake news. they are not doing that in this case. i think that's significant but maybe the real lesson edge we should care less about palace intrigue and more about the actual policies that are coming out of this white house and the fact that there are people who support these policies that make it more effective. >> mollie is absolutely right. the loser here is the person who keeps saying sources say, or in that sentence that begins with we hear. every time i read we hear or sources say i know it's wrong and the great trick here what trump is doing is that the assumption is not just that john kelly is going to be there through 2020 but so is trump. basically making you think past -- he's not going to be impeached. he's going to be around. so it's pretty cool. kelly is part of that good cop crazy cop framework like lethal weapon where mel gibson is riggs
3:41 pm
and kelly is what's his name, murtaugh, the danny glover character. it makes america feel good to see those guys in that office, to see pompeo, mattis, bolton and kelly, because they kind of counter this impulsive rogue mel gibson-like president. >> bret: so do we get a special report monologue? is that the second iteration of the book? i want to talk about the shutdown back and forth. take a listen to this. >> it's completely concerning to us, its consternation. frustration at this point as to why congress will do its job. >> i'm hoping we are going to be able to resolve this issue. we know it's important to him. most republicans including myself agree that we ought to fund the wall. >> the leader and i have had almost daily conversations about the appropriations bill and we are making very good progress. the fly in the ointment here of course is the president.
3:42 pm
whenever he gets involved he seems to mess that up. >> bret: now there seems to be this kind of walk back that he has told staff he is not talking about a shutdown before the midterms but then tweets out i don't care about the political ramifications. >> this is a threat he has made before about how he is willing to shutdown the government in order to get what he wants, funding for the wall and other immigration measures but this one was pretty diluted pretty quickly. he said he didn't have a redline in terms of how much money he wanted for the wall. it wasn't clear whether he was talking about pre-election or afterwards and congress is actually passing appropriations bills for the first time so he would have to veto a lot of them if you really wanted to shut down the government. so congress doesn't want to shut it down. i think he's trying to send a message to his base, i care so much about these immigration issues that i'm willing to do something drastic like shutdown the government but everybody i've talked to doesn't think it's going to happen.
3:43 pm
>> bret: doesn't move the needle electorally? >> i think this is an issue where you are seeing huge division specifically in the republican party, the donor base that wants to continue the immigration policy as it has been but the voter grace that has gotten rather sick and tired of continuing with things and not dealing with some of the systematic problems in our immigration policy so it's hard to see how it plays out because you have a divided repair, the donors versus the voters. >> bret: speaking of the elections, the koch brothers, now in the sights of president trump. take a listen. >> because of new tariffs, our farmers livelihoods are at risk. carmakers, factory workers and manufacturers too. farmers want trade, not aid, tell the administration and congress open markets and end tariffs. >> they are ideologues. they are not just supporting republicans. they are also supporting democrats. we are not going to equivocate on who we are going to support. we are supporting republicans, majorities that are going to help this president passes agenda. >> bret: the president tweeting the globalist koch
3:44 pm
brothers have become a total joke. i never sought their support because i don't need their money or bad ideas. they love my tax and regulation cuts, judicial picks and more. i made them richer, their network is highly overrated. i have beaten them at every turn. they want to protect their companies outside the u.s. from being taxed. i'm for america first in the american worker. a puppet for no one, to nice guys with bad ideas, make america great again. strong letter to follow. >> was going to say that. >> the simple fact is first of all the coke network, 96% of the candidates that they backed in 2016 won their races. 7 out of 8 senators. a lot of this has to do with the data that the afp, one of the offshoots of the koch network collects that they are not sharing. at this idea that we heard even more stridently from steve bannon recently that the kochs need to shut up and get with the program, they have been in favor
3:45 pm
of drug legalization, criminal justice reform, they were against the iraq war. >> bret: they are libertarian. >> and they have $40 billion apiece. i don't want to sound like dana perino but there's a certain amount of squirrel you money that allows them to live up to their principles. of course she's the head of the republican party but that's not the koch networks job. >> they were very slow to embrace donald trump but when he started doing things that they approve dub like the tax cuts and deregulation, they like that. but they have certain principles. trade is one of them and they have so far decided not to support kevin kramer. >> allowed women of supporting grammar. >> i like the koch brothers because they dried the left crazy. the left portrays them as the evil power demons. i think this is just a fight among parents. what's the best meal to have tonight and the kids should just let it go. i don't think it's that big of a
3:46 pm
deal. his tweets are just getting longer, that's the real problem. they enlarge the suites and he still is going past the limit. that was like a short novel. dana could teach him a thing. >> bret: we are not going to talk about dana in the next panel. next up, it appears north korea is still working on his weapons program and iran says no dice on talks. gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea can start in the colon, and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it helps replenish good bacteria. get four-in-one symptom defense.
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♪ >> we told german kim if we can denuclearize your country there is a brighter future for the north korean people. we are convinced that he too shares that understanding, that there has to be, indeed he has directed better economic times for his own people. >> the south korean government is closely watching north korean
3:50 pm
movement and is closely working with the united states. however, i hope you understand that we are not able to speak about the intelligence. >> bret: from our pentagon team, it's business as usual. it officials the latest technology with the latest assessment north korea told fox news specific goals specifically noting that the regime is building intercontinental ballistic missiles. no evidence that north korea has halted work on missile development despite dismantling parts in a recent week. jonah, what does this tell us? >> i find this utterly not surprising. my position has always been it has nothing to do with the term, it has to do with the north koreans, the north koreans have organized their entitled political system for 30 years around the need to have nuclear weapons. asking them to give up their nuclear weapons voluntarily is like asking the hells angels to give up their motorcycles and switch to scooters. it is part of their identity as a nation and is not even clear
3:51 pm
to me that kim jong un could survive a coup if he actually gave away the nukes. so this does not shock me. >> bret: days ago the president waited a rocket has not been launched in nine months. likewise, no nuclear text till my test. the fake news this thing without ever asking me, always anonymous sources that i'm angry because it's not going fast enough. wrong, very happy. but he can't be happy about missiles going forward, right? >> i agree with jonah. they should not be surprising. kim publicly stated they were going to continue building ballistic missiles. there was nothing in those talks that would indicate he would stop doing it and they do not have sufficient incentive right now to stop with their materials with their building with the ballistic missiles. this is part of a larger program, which is deterrence, which we need to continue doing. we need to keep the lines of communication going, and that has gone well. some of the bodies of the dead soldiers returned and that is a very good start. we also need to think about containment as we continue to
3:52 pm
pursue the denuclearization strategy. it can take a long time but it's not surprising. >> bret: the vice president is going over to hawaii to meet the remains there. go ahead. >> that is not the message that donald trump has been sending. he came back from that meeting in singapore and said there's no more nuclear threat from north korea. lately he's saying i'm very patient, it's okay if it takes a long time, but he was very invested in saying the meeting was a success, i have solved the problem, as he put it, everyone can sleep easier and he will have to backpedal from that. >> people are sleeping easier. it's a much better situation right now than it was a year ago. >> then exchanging threats to destroy each other, sure. >> he always said let's see what happens and i think you are seeing what happens. i don't think north korea should hold what they are doing. they are waiting for a grand gesture. it's like a romance. you've got to put a ring on it. and until there's actually a commitment, and agreement, a former declaration of peace, i don't see why they wouldn't stop doing it, we wouldn't stop doing it. i think it's now who does it first. i think that's where we are not.
3:53 pm
i'm very positive about this. i do feel better about the world and i think that things have happened. >> bret: and you have said you were an. >> i'm worried about everything but i worry less about north korea and i just think that for this to happen, they don't trust us, we don't trust them so they are waiting for the grand gesture. >> bret: speaking of grand gestures, the president yesterday talking about iran. >> preconditions, no. they want to me, i will meet. anytime they want. anytime they want, it's good for the country, good for them, good for us and good for the world. >> demonstrated commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people, reduce their malign behavior, agree that it is worthwhile to enter a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation and the president said he's prepared to sit down and have a conversation with them. >> bret: sounded different there, jonah.
3:54 pm
foreign statement, foreign ministry statement said no, we're not going to do. >> this is what unites these two stories and also pompeo's testimony last week. pompeo very strenuously tried to say, imply, suggest, that the president says off the cuff isn't the policy. what we are actually doing on the ground is the policy. so here we have two sound bites from the secretary of state essentially flying back what the president says off the cuff on television and it's a weird way to run a railroad. >> the president's statements are not u.s. government policy. we are that over and over again. john bolton keeps saying that is not the policy of the united states government but the president is the united states government, so what does that mean? that other countries should discount what he says and wait for pompeo to explain it? >> the last three presidents who won my collections were people who wanted to meet with the country's adversaries. this is something the electorate wants, even if the foreign
3:55 pm
policy consensus in d.c. he acts like it's crazy. for a lot of americans there was no difference between what they heard donald trump say and mike pompeo. they want to have a different approach to foreign policy, one based more on national interest than interventionism. >> bret: lessor here, greg. >> i look at the personnel and i'm not worried. i look at pompeo. i look at bolton. these are grim people. bolton is a walking no. it's a different administration in my opinion that i think they go in there and they are more levelheaded. to paraphrase jonah, it's like comparing this level of foreign policy with the previous is like a humvee to a schwinn. these guys mean business. >> bret: good luck on the book, thanks for stopping by. >> always good to see you. >> bret: hopefully dana will be okay. >> got her a swear jar. >> bret: when we get back on attributes to fighting a fire in california. booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia.
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♪ >> bret: finally tonight, the car fire continues to burn in northern california, those pictures are amazing and horrifying. local community members, wildlife included supporting and supported by one another. this is 2-year-old gracie distributing breakfast to firefighters coming off the next shift. her grandfather and two uncles helping to fight the car fire. her family wanted to show support and give back, sober readers of course, that's the way to go. and we can't forget our four-legged friends. this photo captures one 11-mond
4:00 pm
faun sweetly thanking the sergeant who saved it. we heard all the stories about people showing up for work even though they lost everything. thank you to all who are fighting that fire. thanks for inviting us into her home today. first be 27, fair, balanced and unafraid, my buddy bill hammer guest hosting for martha. >> good evening to you. any moment now we will take it on to florida. president trump is going to be on that stage in tampa for a make america great again rally to drum up support for the bass and drum up support for ron desantis. he wants to be the next governor in florida. all of this with an eye on the midterm election looming 98 days from now. good evening everybody, i'm bill hammer in tonight for my colleague martha maccallum. tonight is all part of the strategy to hit the trail at a backbreaking pace in the run-up for what will likely be a referendum on the presidency. as the president faces that test,