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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 1, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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handing out breakfast burritos to firefighters battling the car firing california. or dad, brothers, grandfather and uncle are all fighting the fire. she is our hero tonight. most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. jillian: this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am a fox news alert. the airbase in south korea where dozens of american heroes are preparing to return home. rob: we will take you there is they receive the honor they deserved for decades. >> if you want safety, if you want borders, if you want to have a country, then you need to go out and vote republican. rob: donald trump rallying the sunshine state, warning them not to let democrats rain on the parade. jillian: griff jenkins joins us live with reaction.
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rob: plans for 3-d guns shot down after anti-gun groups go ballistic. weight until you hear what the nra has to say about it. "fox and friends first" starts right now. good wednesday morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. jillian: thank you for starting the day with us. we begin with a fox news alert. we are told the ceremony is starting right now in south korea for the repatriation of us service members remains handed over by north korea. 55 aluminum transfer cases draped in american flags will be carried to four air force planes by guards, more than 6 decades after the korean war. kim jong un 7 mike pence will speak later on. let's listen in.
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>> the ceremony is hosted by vincent brooks, united nations command. we appreciate the minister of national defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the honorable we song jew, security. us ambassador harry harry and rear admiral john c crisp from the mia county agency. all of whom will serve the viewing public. we also acknowledge the korean national assembly, members of the diplomatic corps, members of the united nations command, members of the republic of korea and the united states combined command and the united states forces in korea. today's ceremony will be conducted in three parts.
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honors to the following, the dignified transfer of remains and the flyaway. there will be a brief interlude to allow your departure. you are invited and welcome to observe all three parts in the room. ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the invocation given by the command chaplain and remain standing for the playing of the national anthem of the republic of korea and the united states of america representing the united nations command countries. >> if you bow with me i will pray in korean first. let us pray. [speaking korean]
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[speaking korean] >> a mighty and merciful god, we come before he with humility in our attitude. as we welcome our fallen comrades from a long journey home, i cannot fathom what they and their loved ones have gone through. in the midst of difficulty, they
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never looked back. they endured the hardship and gave everything they had at the end, they paid the ultimate price and our fallen comrades gave their full measure of devotion. a life worthy, oh lord, to resolve that, cannot have died in vain, but lead to a lasting and just peace in korea. in your great mercy, grant us serenity above all, help us to cherish the life, peace and freedom. may the lord bless our returned comrades and their families in your holy name, i pray, amen.
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>> present arms. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ [the star-spangled banner] ♪ ♪
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♪ >> order arms. ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. ladies and gentlemen, general brooks, commander, united nations command.
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>> good evening. i am general benton k brooks, commander united nations command. i welcome the many distinguished guests who have joined the command, honoring the remains of fallen warriors from the korean war as we send them away from this ancient land to the identification laboratories in the united states where they can be positively identified and returned finally to their country and their families who never forgot them or the war that claimed them.
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to the distinguished representatives of the republic of korea government, led by the minister of defense, to the excellencies of the diplomatic corps and attaché core representing united nations member states, sent forces to the aid of the republic of korea under the united nations flag and the forces of multiple countries who serve here today in the republic of korea, thank you all for your participation. ladies and gentlemen, at a time like this, in such a solemn observance, the time for words should be short and the time for
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solemn observation of military tradition to honor fallen comrades must be the primary focus of our attention. with that in mind it was appropriate today to recognize what it is we are doing. encouraged by recent cooperation with north korea on this humanitarian effort that enabled the transfer of 55 sets of remains on 27 july last friday, as the successors of united nations command in the republic of korea and beneficiaries of the noble sacrifices of those, who a short while longer will remain nameless yet in our presence.
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our final salute to them, to lay a wreath in the names of our countries who fart side-by-side and who died side-by-side and to be reminded once again of our solemn obligation to bring every one of them, the missing, the prisoner of war back to their families. this is a cherished duty,
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commitment made to one another and this is a solemn reminder that our work is not complete until all have been accounted for no matter how long it takes to do so. we assemble in this place, the united nations flag before us, the flags of the state beneath it and behind us. the flags of the united states is lead nation of the republic of korea as the primary force provider and beneficiary of the gallant sacrifice, and these 55 sets of remains in our midst. honored colleagues of the united nations command, in a few moments we will proceed with wreathlaying and military
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honors. and the movement of each set of remains, the transport aircraft bring them one step closer to the end of the journey. i want to thank the department of defense, missing and accounting agency. the department of state, the republic of korea government enabling this event. and to thank each of you for your presence today and your support every day. thank you and may god bless the souls of those who lay before us and provide comfort to those who
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yet await the return of their beloved and missing warriors. >> at this time the ambassadors and national representatives from the countries that provide medical support to united nations command will lay wreaths for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the republic of korea. >> ladies and gentlemen, please stand.
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ambassadors and representatives, please place your wreaths. ladies and gentlemen, please bow your heads. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> as you were. father, please be seated.
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throughout time and in military tradition, bugle calls have been used for action in the lives of warriors, to wake up, to eat, to attack, even to retreat but also to remember those who have fallen. to conclude today's ceremony, you will hear the traditional calls of the republic of korea followed by the tradition of the last post and finally the
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american tradition of the 3 volley, 21 gun salute. please stand as we join together for military members to present a salute while our civilians are first to place a hand over their heart throughout. present arms. ♪
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♪ >> order arms. present arms. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> order arms.
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present arms. [gunshot] [gunshot] ♪ [taps] ♪
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♪ >> order arms. ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for the departure of the reviewing party.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the honors portion of today's ceremony, thank you for attending. in 15 minutes we will begin to transfer remains to the aircraft. you are invited to stay in this room, which will require proximally one hour to complete. if you are unable to stay, we request you repair to the hangar the same we wanted. >> you have been watching the repatriation ceremony for soldiers, not just of us origin but from a number of western countries in south korea. and extremely moving ceremony that will continue like the individual just speaking, the last speaker said in 15 minutes. for right now we bring in gordon chang, the expert we always have on for all matters north korean.
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what is your reaction when you see this from a human perspective? >> this is who we are. the united states since the end of the vietnam war has spent so much time on prisoners of war missing in action. the attorney general today, who commands us forces korea, was introduced as commander of the un command because we don't know whether all of these are americans. many people suspect there are some french, british, australian as well. it is very important that we do this. this comes at a critical time in our relations with south korea. south korea has a president who is anti-american and south koreans must remember the sacrifice not only of americans but others in the un command who came to the rescue of south korea in 1950. you have a south korean president was more prone north
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korea than anything else. i don't know this very much we can do about him but for the rest of the south korean electorate it is a struggle for hearts and minds and this is important. jillian: you referenced something commander brooks said, this brings them one step closer to the end of their journey. look at the numbers and the fact that over the course of three years, 1950-1953, 36,940 americans were killed, 92,000 were wounded, 8000 still listed as unaccounted for. put yourself in the situation of those family members, people who still don't have answers. how important is it the united states stand strong and continue to fight for this? >> this is critical because if the us doesn't do this another nation will. we have 7697 unaccounted for.
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we believe there are 5300 in north korea but they will only admit to holding 200 or so. they said that on various occasions, we have 55 back. it is important for donald trump and great him to raise this in the summit with kim jong un on june 12th but we have a long way to go. it is also prisoners of war. the north koreans, soviets and chinese did not return 800 to 1000 americans. most of those people have died or been murdered but some may still be alive and we need an accounting of the living or possible living. todd: when you look what takes place from this time forward, explain the process of repatriation. >> these remains will go to joint base pearl harbor, at the hickam portion of the base the defense pow mia accounting
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agency has a forensics lab. they were look at x-rays, dental records, pieces of clothing and the dog tag returned by the north koreans and they will try to identify those that need dna analysis, which is just south of wilmington, delaware. this process could take 3 days to years. we have many sets of remains from decades ago we have not been able to identify. jillian: i was doing research on what you were talking about, dental records will come into play, testing of their mitochondrial dna, that will be key and that is what happens in delaware. >> you got to remember during the korean war we didn't take dna samples. that only started in 1992. it will be very difficult to get some of the dna analysis.
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some of these remains will probably be quite small, maybe too small to take dna from. this is going to be a long process. the great thing about the united states is we do this because it is important not only for family members but the nation as a whole. todd: a somber day but hopefully will give a sense of closure to so many families. "fox and friends first" will return right after this.
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>> donald trump sending a lot of clear message in tampa, florida, elect republicans if you want border security. jillian: griff jenkins joins us from martha's family restaurant. >> reporter: good morning. you will be jealous, it is a designer, let me tell you, i
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have not been to a trump rally in tampa since 2016, first visit as president. he hit the economy success. we watch that ceremony, he hit china for tariffs and trade deals and he hit immigration. take a listen. >> we want maximum border security, and respect for our heroes, ice, border patrol, we will have tremendous border security that will include the wall. >> reporter: the president left the door open for a government shutdown to get the wall. the reason he was here, to campaign for ron to santos, he wasn't the front runner, that
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was a popular republican here. and fired up and this is what supporters wanted to say afterwords. >> continue focusing on the economy. everything else will fix itself. this is the man, there has never been another president like a man there will never be another one. >> my business has tripled since the tax code. >> i won continued efforts with veterans and farmers. >> the most popular republican in history, kept promises, and
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what are they famous for? i am going to find out later this morning. >> nobody can take a prize from you. a spike in mexico's murder rate alarmed thousands on the southern border. todd: the 30% increase makes 2017 mexico's most violent year in decades. can democrats still stand up for ms 13 and call the president racist for wanting the wall. jillian: brandon, thank you for joining us. 31,000, 174 murders reported in
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2017. what does that number say to you? >> if this doesn't set alarms off for the democrats i don't know what will. what that is telling us is organized crime in mexico is taking control, a multibillion-dollar industry, the smuggling that goes on, the illicit activity that takes place, the mexican government has not gotten control of that issue and that spills over into the united states. a lot of the crime and murders happening in towns that are very close to the border so it comes over into the united states and that is something. rob: not just the wall but a general sense over the last couple months border patrol, ice, have been distracted by so many other issues that they have been unable to fully protect the border from drug dealers going back and forth.
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>> you would think democrats would support, all-americans would support law enforcement including ice, including border patrol. when we are being attacked by our own lawmakers it makes a lot more difficult to do our job. it becomes nearly impossible to secure the border if we do not get the support we need from the democrats and frankly in some cases the republicans as well. heather: you heard the conversation of a possible government shutdown. this is what donald trump had to say, border security, national security, national security is long-term viability of our country, a government shutdown is a small price to pay for a safe and prosperous america. do you think there should be a government shutdown in order to attempt to get this done? >> it is a small price to pay. if we had the political will, this is going to go on the shoulders of the republicans. if we had the political will to
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do what needs to be done we could secure the border and if a shutdown is necessary to get the funding for the wall in strategic locations and other measures necessary to the border i am all for it. this president as long as he continues to lead people will get behind him and follow him and he does that we will secure the border. shannon: a government shutdown does affect a lot of people in different ways but you think this is that much of a priority that it needs to get done. >> i'm one of the people in effect. i'm a federal employee, i don't speak for the federal government but i speak for border patrol agents and i can tell you we feel strongly enough about border security, public safety that we are willing to make our lives a little bit uncomfortable in the short term for long-term success. this is about the long run, not the short run. it is a marathon.
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todd: take your medicine now so you can feel better later on. thank you very much. time now 38 minutes after the hour. facebook uncovers fake news accounts ahead of the midterms. is russia to blame? jillian: how worried should we be about election interference. we are asking our political panel next.
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>> 42 after the hour, untraceable 3-d printer guns slated to hit the internet put on hold after a judge temporarily halted their release. jillian: the nra firing back at anti-gun activists, jackie ibanez joins us with more. >> reporter: the seattle judge ruling in favor of several states arguing posting the guns
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blueprints online would aid criminals and possibly terrorists. it started when cody wilson, founder of defense distributed posted plans for working 3-d printed pistol online in 2013. when the state department told him to take it down wilson sued. the case was settled this june allowing the blueprints to go back up before the judge stepped in. donald trump weighing in on the issue, i'm looking into 3-d plastic guns being sold to the public, already spoke to nra, doesn't seem to make much sense. washington state attorney general agrees. >> i would make it stronger, makes no sense to make those available. he is the president. his administration is in his hands. >> reporter: the nra firing back to and i got activists, reminding them these weapons have been outlawed since 1998.
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regardless of what a person may be able to publish on the internet, they have been illegal for 30 years. the man behind the 3-d printer guns promises to keep fighting until every gun on earth is available for download. >> i believe i am championing the second amendment in the 21st century. access to a firearm is a fundamental dignity, fundamental human right. >> he will stop posting unplanned online until september hearing ways out. despite the promise he says 2500 people have already downloaded blueprints to ar 15 rifles. wild. rob: strange bedfellows on that one. facebook says it is uncovering campaigns to the midterm elections, facebook says the 32 pages were much more sophisticated than the ones used in 2016. how worried should we be? joining me to debate is former presidential advisor to
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president clinton and president obama, doctor susan johnson. i will begin with you, doctor coke. >> very serious, we should be very concerned was one of the headlines, what can we trust online? the question americans are asking for what can we trust, period? social media has a responsibility to do more than find out where the source is. todd: facebook says, quote, it is clear whoever set up these accounts went to greater lengths to skewer their true identities than the russian-based internet research agency has in the past. doctor cook thinks this is a big deal, what say you? >> 32 pages out of 2 billion monthly users. i'm finding it hard to get excited about this. it is interesting one of the articles i read, activity around pages on the right versus
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activity on pages on the left, the goal is prudent. if this is russia and they suspect it might be, is for vladimir putin to destabilize western democracy, cause us to lose trust and faith in our elections and our process and the most important thing we need to do is say we won't tolerate meddling but the russians have been doing this for decades and have perspective. people were losing their minds over $832 in michigan in 2016, $300 of facebook ads in pennsylvania. they have been doing this for decades. we understand that but in the seat of a multibillion-dollar presidential election in 2016, 32 pages as multibillion-dollar user pool, i have a hard time believing it is as serious as people want to make it. we shouldn't tolerate meddling at all but -- todd: what about the real world events that were started by this
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middling? it wasn't just online but rallies, how do you respond to that? >> some of those rallies were infinitesimal compared to other events that barely register. my point is i don't want russia meddling, i don't want china meddling, i don't want macedonia meddling. in the scheme of things we are dealing with something so infinitesimal that we are making a mountain out of a more. i would argue my greater concern back in february when the heads of our cyber security online security in front of the senate intelligence committee caused massive concern in regard to issues in regard to 32 pages in michigan, something to be aware of but the impact is so infinitesimal. >> molehills grow into mountains. we have to be concerned.
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mountains grow out of molehills, we have to be concerned, they just started with these investigations but there are many more. i have a facebook page someone else put up. taking our social media identity. we have a trust issue and that is the biggest concern and we should be excited about it. we should be concerned about it. you can we trust? no one. >> this debate is not going anywhere. we will have you want to continue it at some point in the near future. doctor cook, mister ryan, thank you very much. continuing coverage of the return of american servicemembers from korea. [amazing grace] ♪
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>> forward march! >> health! present arms!
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ready, set! ready, set! ready, set! ready, set!
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order arms!
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>> present arms!
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>> reporter: wednesday, august 1st, a live look from south korea on a day decades in
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the making. jillian: the remains of american heroes will finally return home from north korea. donald trump rallying the sunshine state warning voters not let democrats ran on america's parade. todd: all the major moments, live with reaction. not even america's pastime could bring congress together. jillian: the time-honored tradition democrats are throwing in the dirt. "fox and friends first" continues right now. you are watching "fox and friends first" wednesday. todd: thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with a fox news alert. a repatriation ceremony to the remains of servicemembers in south korea overnight. jillian: 55 aluminum transfer cases handed over by north korea 6 decades after the korean war.
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they will be sent to hawaii to be identified. >> reporter: this was a moving ceremony in south korea attended by military officials, this is just the beginning of what is expected to be a lengthy journey, a sendoff for a journey that will wind up in hawaii. >> this is a solemn reminder that our work is not complete until all have been accounted for no matter how long it takes to do so. >> reporter: from here the remains will be flown to hawaii in an honorable carrie ceremony. vice president mike pence, the son of a korean war veteran, is expect it to be there.


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