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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 4, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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suggestions. have a great weekend, always fly your flag, have a bbq with a fan, enjoy life, be happy. shannon bream and the fox news at 19, good night from washington. >> this is huge, fox news alert, breaking news to cap off the week so stick with us. a federal judge orders it to restart of the dac a program. our legal panel breaks down both sides of the argument. it is being called the stomach attack uncharitable services by the catholic church. philadelphia freezing the foster care program and by catholic social services which is seeking emergency relief from the supreme court. the president heading to ohio, a special election for house seat, democrats say they can smell a
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win. we preview the battle and we are digging into the escalating face-off between the are in c and the koch brothers. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with the dac a ruling just hours ago. dc-based federal judge ruling that the trump administration must fully restart the obama era program which provides some level of amnesty to certain immigrants who came to the us illegally as children. what is the trump administration after next step. jonathan hunt has details. >> and other legal blow for donald trump on the issue of immigration but the ruling will not be implemented for 20 days giving the administration time to appeal which it probably will. the obama era deferred action for childhood arrivals program protect immigrants who came to
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the us illegally as children from deportation and gives two your work permits. homeland security secretary kirstjen neilsen filed a memo in june observing dhs has discretion to end the program, the discretion to create it but in a stinking opinion tonight dc district judge, quote, although the neilsen memo purports to offer further explanation for the decision to rescind dac a it does not elaborate on the primary rationale for its decision and judge bates wrote if the agency wants to recent the program it must give a rational explanation for its decision. a conclusory assertion that a prior policy is illegal, conquered by a bunch of policy assertions simply will not do. there have been other court
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rulings in california and new york which prevented the administration from ending dac a but they will continue renewing existing applications, this new ruling goes much further and would mean the entire program would be reopened meeting new people would be able to apply. there will be another court hearing next week with a 7 state coalition led by texas seeking to have this program declared unconstitutional. it is widely thought the judge in that case will side with states ordering the end to dac a. that would set up conflicting judicial borders and we all know that means likely headed to the supreme court. shannon: thank you so much. what do our legal eagles think, doug burns and general counsel of the american civil rights union, can see cal ski. good to have both of you with us
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this friday night as we iron out this decision. let me start with you. what they are saying is the trump administration didn't put up a good enough argument why this program should be disbanded but they said it never had constitutional authority behind president obama to start it and so why can't this president unwind it. >> a couple ways to digest this opinion. you can report that this judge is giving a stinging rebuke on the question of dac a itself, this was the judge on april 25th gave the government 90 days making it very clear if you articulate a solid reason for terminating at the board will listen carefully, they came forward after 90 days and the judge that you failed to articulate it but the last one is the key.
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this court is not holding that dhs can determine its program. you didn't give us the question. >> none of this will take until august 23rd, there will be a chance for appeal. let me read the judge's decision, the court holds if dhs wishes to recent the program or take any other action it must give a rational explanation for its decision. the assertion that prior policy is illegal accompanied by a hodgepodge illogical assertions won't do it. is it their fault for not getting this right? >> this will be travel ban 2.0. we can't get brett kavanaugh on the supreme court he needs to be confirmed as the new justice because this case may end up very eventually. there are three legal problems, a federal law how agencies implement statutes, the administrative procedure act. when d apa, the later version of
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the aca it did not go through the epa. if you go through the apa if a regulation violates another federal statute it is illegal, congress determines these immigration issues through immigration and nationality act but even all that aside, every president has a duty under article 2 of the constitution to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. the fifth circuit appeals court helped the bigger version to be unconstitutional because it violated the administrative procedure act and was inconsistent with immigration and nationality act. the courts didn't read the constitutional question because there are multiple ways that is unconstitutional. all that went on here is the president and his dhs secretary and attorney general looked at the fifth circuit decision and said when d apa is illegal then the aca is illegal too. if the administration is doing
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something illegal today we need to stop it today. that was there rational explanation. the court should have adopted that explanation and they will take us up on appeal. >> they were not fans of what they receive. this is what our buddy said, why do we even have a president, all we need is a handful of left-wing federal judges. >> and the separation of powers he is right. this is a congressional matter. the irony of ironies is the argument is president obama did not have the authority to put this program in by way of advocate of order. i agree with that. the irony is you don't have the authority to discontinue it. very ironic in my opinion. >> in a report from us citizenship and immigration services, they said the truth is we let those with criminal arrests for sexually assaulting a minor, kidnapping, child
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pornography or more to be provided protection for removal from the aca. and so they can be repealed the criminal elite data it reinforces the need for continued review and scrutiny which was imposed unilaterally by the obama administration circumventing congress getting to be point of what it always turns back to. >> the court held this violates the administrative procedure act. even if it didn't it violates congress's law and there were those that were satisfied it would still violate the president's duty to carry out the law as congress makes it. the fact that donald trump looked at this and said obama's program is illegal, we need to stop it now, it turns everything on its head, the judge has a completely upside down to save a prior administration is breaking the law a new president cannot
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stop it and that is what the courts will say on appeal. at the supreme court, we need brett kavanaugh. >> justice kennedy officially retired and step down so we have eight justices and that impacts everything that goes to the court. we will talk about another emergency filing tonight. thank you very much. tonight some good news out of mexico on the nafta front but china is threatening new tariffs, the latest back and forth in the emerging trade to this the administration is touting more good news on the jobs front. edward lawrence has details tonight. >> unfolding today the mexican trade minister says we could have a revised nafta deal by the end of august, this would be a major breakthrough because the talks were stalled. the trade minister says there are three more issues to iron out. the us wants to make a deal with mexico to be able to take it to canada to ask him to sign on or be left in the cold.
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the mexican president-elect wants to show he is a deal maker, an agreement for his first day in office on is a china announced retaliation tariffs, $60 billion, a tariff the 25%, includes the energy sector, shipment of liquefied natural gas and offered this morning. >> the chinese had better not underestimate the determination of donald trump to follow through and seek 0 tariffs and nontariff barriers and cities and a level playing field and major reform in ip status and forced transfer technologies. >> the chinese thought there would be an outcry from farmers to back off the tariff tactic. that never materialized. they are using measured language
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that they would like to have a deal quickly as the economy slides toward recession because of our economic numbers was 150,000 jobs were created in july below estimates. the white house that we have to look at the big picture. asian unemployment and hispanic unemployment are near record lows. the unemployment rate down to 3.9%. >> the white house has plenty of good news when it comes to the economy but is it overshadowed by the fight with the media? kimberly stossel says if donald trump is going to spend every day embracing, elevating and making this the dominant discussion then no one will, the press is not going to do it. democrats aren't and no other republican has that megaphone. let's talk about it with our political panel, editor of the daily caller, good to see you.
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she talked about if the president wants to help the gop, you got to rally the base, remind them of promises kept but has to get folks from the center reminding them how good the economy is, i hope you are enjoying the new prosperity and this is the beginning. he spent a lot of time going after folks, that enjoys part of the base, it is not the center. >> he enjoys it but on some level he can't help going after, the russia hoax, he is so consumed with the notion that people might deem his election illegitimate or his presidency is tainted, can't stop assaulting that instead of focusing on what he accomplished. >> trying to defend himself in front of the media who keeps bringing it up. i think the media plays a role in this, no matter what, he can talk about successes and so he is blue in the face.
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at his rallies, the only time you hear him mention that is when the president is saying it out loud during the rallies which is why the media will talk about whatever they want, it won't be the successes, 6 days a week for the final 60 days after the election, you will hear a lot of positive messages about the economy from him. >> the media figure him out and there is a lot of back-and-forth, they know no matter how much he can talk about the economy, they won't ring the bell for him on that. when they talk about russia, whether russia helped him win the election it sets him off but he always takes the bait. >> he can't help it but he's a master of this medium so maybe there is a master to this, maybe he would not mind if democrats take the house back to be easier to win reelection. >> and easier to get impeached. they take over the house, a little more, former senior
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health and services official saying the president's daily feeding of the outrage machine allows us to get work done on the agency level that would allow more scrutiny than a, quote, normal administration. of cable news anchor spent hours of airtime dissecting the latest trump tweet, they barely notice when we achieve conservative policy goals like adding work requirements to mitigate and string federal funds for planned parenthood. list of things they are doing, the epa, the labor department, things are happening but people close to the white house said we like we are sneaking this stuff in under the radar. >> the trump presidency as he has gotten a laser pointer and everyone is distracted and running all over the place and he gets a lot accomplished. a record month-to-month, jobs
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added, and the share of black employment. and weight employment, as close as they have ever been, a record of how close the number is. >> a quick fact on that, more jobs created in the last 18 months. the record expansion referred mostly to the obama administration. shannon: new administrations wants to blame the last administration for bad things that supporters of the last administration want to carry over the good things, the last guy, not this guy. >> politicians for good economies and walk away too quickly, the american people are going to move on whether the presidents want them to. when it comes to the way governments can help people who make money is a huge deal and deregulating has been a
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tremendous been to the economy. >> the mainstream media will not champion the things that are positive of this administration. molly hemingway had this to say about the back-and-forth between the president and the media. >> donald trump did not create distrust of the media, distrust of the media helps create donald trump and the media need to get a handle on why so many americans don't just dislike them but love them. >> pushing the president's base more towards them? proving his point? >> if you look at the level of outrage and animosity toward him. the strength of coordination, democrats go too far at times and i can only help the president. >> the president needs to cover things based on facts. nobody likes whining.
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>> it is less policy information to the rest of us. have a great weekend. donald trump's lawyer rudy giuliani making a decision with the legal team whether he will submit to an interview with robert mueller. alleged russian collusion in the 2016 election, whether -- james comey, the presidential legal team, within 10 days. a new front opens up in the religious freedom fight. the city of philadelphia freezes a catholic charity's foster care program over a situation that is never happening. >> a dangerous movement and detected by many but real is challenging and eroding great traditions of religious freedom. shannon: democratic senators
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>> this is a fox shannon: fox news alert, catholic social services which serves children in need in philadelphia including orphans is asking the us supreme court for emergency health, philadelphia has the foster care program because it doesn't believe in same-sex marriage. both sides claiming discrimination. we speak to the president of the national center for life and liberty and someone familiar with cases at the supreme court. let me read a little bit. this has gone through the lower courts, catholic charities going to the supreme court for help. this is what philadelphia said. when this catholic charity freely chooses to enter a contract with the city and commits to contract terms it cannot thereafter alter those terms or dictate others in ways antithetical to staff or city law and policy prohibiting
12:23 am
discrimination against residents in all forms, the city cannot be compelled to financially support cfs's religious views. this charity doesn't support same-sex marriage and they can't be in contract with the city of philadelphia any longer. >> that is totally incorrect in my opinion, a shocking assault on religious liberty. you have catholic charities providing services in philadelphia for 50 years, huge amount of children being held and now the city is saying because you have this religious belief, we as the government have the right to ban you from participating in the program. in my mind what the city is complaining about, they make exemptions all the time and for them to step forward and say the catholic charities cannot participate is really the government establishing religion, they created their new little religion that if you believe this about marriage or
12:24 am
this about what constitutes same-sex marriage being right or wrong, you are banned from doing business with the government. that is exactly what the founders never wanted. >> and reading this emergency filing we are waiting to see where this goes, it plays out over a few days time, the catholic services group said this never happens, this is a hypothetical case, there are no complaints, no complaints filed by same-sex couples and cities told them this, religious practices, it is not 100 years ago time to change. and if they want to help kids find it or not? >> we have a government, the city of philadelphia telling a faith-based ministry organization deny and abandon your faith or we will not work with you anymore.
12:25 am
that is ultimately a very scary thought because in my mind we think about civil rights analogy where rosa parks can i sit on the front of the bus versus the back of the bus, in this case the city of philadelphia is saying you are banned from the bus, you are not allowed to participate or be involved and you have to wonder where this will stop. now they say this organization can't participate. what about someone who belongs to a church or a ministry or personally has a believe. can they do the government's work or will the government say we have a new litmus test? if you belong to this organization or believe this way you would be banned from working for us. this is a huge assault and i am scared the courts have rules wrongly, it requires action to step in.
12:26 am
shannon: this emergency situation in the supreme court goes to justice alito based on geography, the circuit. we have eight justices because justice kennedy has stepped down. things end up in a tie. can you give your take on where this may go? >> i am a little worried. a case before the supreme court twice in 10 days, it is difficult. and catholic charities are saying we will be out of business if the government pulls all the contracts. i'm fearful the supreme court may not step in, that is why it is important that those overseeing it, in harrisburg or washington, this discrimination violates our first amendment it has to stop. >> we covered the religious freedom task force, we will see if this is another one. great to have you with us. >> thank you for your voice and leadership across the nation.
12:27 am
shannon: more legal action tonight, one of paul manafort's tax preparers said $400 in foreign income as a loan to produce the former trump campaign chairman's tax burden, and she agreed under pressure with rick gates to alter attack documents for one of manafort's businesses to show the big one. on tax evasion and bank fraud charges. than a democrat announcing they plan to begin meetings with the president's pick for the supreme court after recess but if you think that constitutes a car in the partisan bickering over brett kavanaugh think again. mike emanuel on the new democratic plan. >> democrats intend to launch a new strategy on the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh when senators return to town later this month. fox has confirmed the vast majority of senate democrats will abandon their boycott of meeting with judge cavanagh,
12:28 am
they expect to call for and support the release of all his files from his time in the bush white house. >> we have somebody that is extraordinary. as you know, judge cavanagh. >> democrats calling foul after the national archives that it could not produce all of brett cavanagh's documentation until late october. the senate judiciary committee will hold the confirmation hearing in september leading republicans to say democrats have more than enough to review. >> taller than big ben, taller than the statue of liberty. >> 70,000 documents were produced for john roberts confirmation, 170,004 a lot of kagan and 182,000 for neil gorsuch. chuck grassley has requested 900,000 documents for brett kavanaugh which is why will be a time-consuming process and there is some criticism as democrats don't want to review the
12:29 am
documents, they have already made up their mind. >> we will not rest until brett cavanagh is defeated. >> reporter: his paper trail helps reassure conservatives he is reliable but provides a challenge with democrats. >> it does allow senators on the judiciary committee to have a lot of fodder for questions. he goes in with the burden to show that he will respect precedent. >> others suggest the request is excessive and a stall tactic. >> a fishing expedition designed to obstruct. they are seeking documents least likely to have any inkling of legal issues. >> reporter: many democrats will meet with brett cavanagh, have artie publicly opposed him. officials say they are still seeking millions of irrelevant documents. mike emanuel, fox news. >> for years the koch brothers were the mega-donors in politics
12:30 am
but following their critique of the president and his policies the republican national committee is making a bold statement of its own. kaylee mcinerney joins us to discuss and there are breaking new developments from the koch brothers. accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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which cleans away odors instead of just masking them. for freshness you'll notice week after week, try febreze plug. [sfx: mouse click] >> >> a fight over the future of the republican pretty, the trump revolution taking aim at the most deep-pocketed and influential names in right-leaning politics, the koch fighters, citing policy differences on tariffs and immigration and holding back on endorsement in a key senate race. rnc chairwoman rhonda mcdaniels sending a memo to donors, quote, the koch network will no longer support only republicans running for office and are moving forward they will support candidates that fit their agenda even if they are democrats. some groups who claim to support conservatives when they decide their business interests are more important than those of the country or party, this is unacceptable. the kochs are firing back and
12:35 am
kaylee mcinerney is here to talk about all of it. leader tonight this letter went out from general counsel at koch industries that the koch network was never an appendage of the republican party and is proud to hold elected officials accountable when they fall out of line regardless of party identity. >> the koch brothers care about an ideology whether they call it conservatism or libertarianism. i would ask them in response to their statement how does supporting heidi heitkamp, democrat out of north dakota who oppose tax cuts and repeal and replace, how does that advance conservatism or libertarianism? it does not. shannon: is that the same as endorsing heidi heitkamp? >> they put out a flowery friendly at about heidi heitkamp and they have this initiative where they actively oppose
12:36 am
republicans, actively supported democrats and a nice warning from bernie sanders, open borders are a scheme of the koch brothers. in 2015 the rnc understood they are not beholden to conservatism. and not the case with the koch brothers. >> saying this to fox, a long-term commitment to unite around issues that will help people improve their lives. and where we agree and disagree in a civil way, this is what it will take to make progress on the issues creating a society of mutual benefit where people succeed by helping others. they are more about specific policies, issues and agendas than any partisan commitment, that will never support anything but republicans. >> that might sound nice on paper we don't believe that. our chairwoman was clear they are putting their business
12:37 am
interests above party interests, the president said they are worried about being taxed overseas because to benefit united states citizens, it is not about politics, it is sad but that is what the koch brothers have done. >> rick tyler used to work for ted cruz said the rnc distancing itself from the crotchs represents a repudiation of free-market economics and abrasive its newfound identity as a political cult. rick tyler has been off for quite some time, he is talking about free-market economics. the koch brothers have positive ads against people voted for tax cuts, people who have opposed free-market economics every step of the way, that is what the koch brothers have done. rick tyler might reanalyze his support of the koch brothers and change the port out of the
12:38 am
republican party. >> dangerous we the party to rely on big-name donors. he is running constantly about impeachment, he will pour $110 million and the left leaning progressive candidates this fall, the democratic party often doesn't align with him so dangerous to throw in big money. >> you hit the nail on the head, that is the heart of the issue. in 2015, writes priebus, not much in the weeds, data inside the confines of the rnc, to have their own data network. and can't rely on a billionaire, developed $200 million data operation. thank goodness we don't rely on the koch brothers who don't report republican candidates. >> they want to work where they can. we will see how well that goes. things that are important to both sides.
12:39 am
they decided to cash in on the fake news craze. to the liberal left losing their collective minds? real news roundup including this controversy coming up. after a couple campaign rallies earlier this week the president heads to ohio for round 3. you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't have to actually talk to your neighbor. are you watching the game tonight? or... could just trust duracell. ♪
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>> it's being called the last >> it is being called the last major get checked for republicans and democrats ahead
12:43 am
of the midterms. a key showdown in a critical state, ohio. here is a preview of how the president is fighting to win big he hoped in ohio. >> reporter: he was just in pennsylvania and is going to campaign for republican house candidate hanging on by a thread in a district that is historically red. republican troy balderson and democrat danny o'connor are fine to represent the 12 congressional district in the house of representatives. congressman pat t berry resigned to take a job in the private sector, this is a race republicans expected to be a relatively easy win but not panning out that way. the latest poll from my mouth university puts the pair one percentage point apart. balderson with 34% support among potential voters, o'connor with 43%. pollsters looked at this less than two months ago, balderson was up by 10. the last special house election
12:44 am
before the midterms in november. turnout is expected to be low but on all sides, analysts and campaign officials are looking at this to try to get some clues what they are thinking, what campaign resonates. they are putting polling in the same category as washington liberals but o'connor is rejecting that. >> liberals in washington want to repeal middle-class tax cuts, implement socialized medicine and hike taxes on working families. danny o'connor is just as dangerous. >> i am danny o'connor and i approve this message. >> reporter: he race decent amount of money and paint himself as a moderate. there is some concern this could be a repeat of the special election in pennsylvania when a first time candidate running as a moderate democrat, connor lamb, won what was considered a solidly red district. in 1939 democrats have only held the ohio seat one time in the
12:45 am
mid-80s. shannon: the president loves being on the road. it seems like he will ramp up a sean hannity interview 6 or 7 days a week. >> he doesn't sleep. shannon: which means that i sleep either. time or your real news roundup. washington dc museum dedicated the first amendment and free press is defending its decision to sell make america great again hat and a t-shirt that reads you are very fake news. despite a outcry on social media spokesman is defending the failsafe being a place where people of different viewpoints feel welcome is important. the second disney movie this year to be banned in china, winnie the pooh is a symbol of resistance against communist leaders, protesters comparing president 6 row to the beloved buddy bear. john oliver was banned for
12:46 am
making some of the comparisons. if you are prone to keep up with the kardashians you're more likely to develop negative attitudes. one minute exposure to materialistic media can foster anti-welfare sentiment. he told telegraph newspaper there is more emphasis on materialism to be happy. to be selfish and antisocial and it on sympathetic to people less fortunate. there is a new man in charge of the veterans affairs department, a number of problems to be solved for our veterans but robert wilkie is looking forward to the challenge, exclusive interview with the new secretary is on tap.
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>> robert wilke was sworn in earlier this week as shannon: robert wilkie was sworn in, new secretary of the veterans affairs department, a daunting role to fill in washington and tonight he speaks exclusively, jennifer griffin, about the big challenges that lie ahead. >> reporter: we have the opportunity to sit down with the new va secretary for his first interview since being sworn in monday. he is the latest official tapped to fix an unwieldy bureaucracy that is supposed to serve 9 million veterans but is still
12:51 am
plagued with any efficiency despite its budget having been doubled in the last we 10 years. robert wilkie served in the pentagon under donald rumsfeld, worked for condoleezza rice it had years of experience on capitol hill and now he may have his toughest assignment yet. >> daily walk to high school with the woman who is now his wife, he passed by the fayetteville va hospital which were the inscription the price of freedom is visible here, made a big impact. >> reporter: this assignment is personal. his father was wounded after multiple tours of vietnam. >> he came back to us weighing have of what he did when he left. i watched his recovery. it was agonizing. >> reporter: the problems were spotlighted after a series of scandals were exposed when it was revealed that veterans were put on secret wait lists and
12:52 am
dying while they waited to see doctors. amputees from the wars in iraq and afghanistan were denied wheelchairs. >> the story of a triple amputee who applied, a triple amputee was rejected. why is the va still turning amputees in afghanistan and iraq catastrophically injured, still turning them down? >> process culture. a culture in some respects that looks at a patient is a generic number coming through the system and that is not the way it should be. for those who sacrificed the most, i am probably out of line with standard procedure, those folks need to be at the front of the line. >> when you commit to changing the system, the catastrophically injured, the amputees don't have to drive 3 hours every 6 months to show they are still in amputee. >> absolutely.
12:53 am
the government culture is one we need to fix. >> reporter: and the promise unfulfilled is to the spouses and mothers caring for recent war veterans in a 20s who would be disabled for the rest of their lives. >> caregivers want two things, they want permanent status recognition so they don't have to keep reapplying to be the caregiver and they want permission to work outside the home and receive caregiver benefits because they need to do so to make ends meet. will you commit to changing? >> absolutely. >> reporter: wilkie reserved as an air force reservist, his great-grandfather fought in world war i. >> paris in a matter of minutes. >> reporter: his wife's grandfather whose bible wilkie used to take his oath. >> the bible taken into battle by my wife's grandmother. >> he found in previous jobs overseas personnel and readiness at the pentagon, this was not his father or grandfather's military.
12:54 am
>> the va recently put in bathrooms in their facilities. >> we need services, maternity services for our women veterans. when my father was commissioned before the kennedy administration, one half of 1% of the force is female, now it is 17%. what that means is 10% of our va patients are now women. the world has changed and we need to change to meet those needs. >> reporter: in his new office hunger poached portrait of omar bradley, the first secretary veterans affairs after world war ii and chose bradley's desk as his own. >> bradley was tasked by changing va to accommodate soldiers into the va ranks, really a visionary. >> reporter: the president promised veterans if they need to see a private doctor the
12:55 am
government to pay for to make sure vets are seen in a timely fashion. wilkie pushed back on repeated suggestions that he and the president are intend on privatizing the va. >> we don't turn veterans down. a private facility might. >> reporter: the first test will be to deal with the low morale of the 370,000 people who work for the va and address the brain drain exacerbated by years of turmoil. the va is short 33,000 doctors and nurses. shannon: thank you. tonight, time for a midnight hero, a pair of delta passengers hail heroes after helping to restrain a violent passenger who was punching overhead lights and windows and threatening to, quote, take the plane down. former corrections officer and another man with the coast guard were able to handcuff the man to
12:56 am
his seat and keep an eye on him until the plane landed and police took him into custody. they had visions of 9/11. good for them for acting, tonight's heroes. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent friday evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. (harmonica interrupts) how they could save 15% or more by... (harmonica interrupts) just calling or going online to (harmonica interrupts) (sighs and chuckles) sorry, are you gonna... (harmonica interrupts) everytime. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome.
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week. >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity" ," trump versus the left. i'm jeanine pirro end tonight. from day one president trump has never been afraid to call out biased members of the press when they distort his record or report fake news, and during a rally last night in pennsylvania, the president once again stood up to those in the media who want nothing more than to see him fail. take a look. >> president trump: i met with nato. now it nato in all fairness, 29


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