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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 16, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the pair losing their balance and plunging straight into the boston harbor. i feel bad laughing but they are okay. rob: it's august. jillian: have a good day. rob: john brennan's security clearance has been revoked james comey and other top security officials may be next. >> political. is he going after his political opponents with this. >> no, if there were others that weren't that we deemed necessary we would certainly take a look at those as well. >> russians interfere with our election, right? who was head of the put, who was head of the cia. who was the head of the security advisor. who was the head of the fbi. >> signing ceremony in new york where he clearly tried to jab president trump but instead he may have overreached a bit. >> we are not going to make america great again. it was never that great. >> this morning, we are
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kicking off the all-american road trip. the first stop is dollywood. >> >> now is the wrong time to tell "fox & friends" i'm scared of roller coasters. ♪ i love this life. steve: will locash sang this song on this program it is the thursday edition of "fox & friends." today is dollywood. brian: i will tell you my idea which could get us bigger ratings. steve: not possible. brian: take some of these bands and play them all together all the different bands and you get to see all our different hairstyles and how great would that be? we have had everybody on. ainsley: just play video of everybody you have made famous? brian: right.
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everyone we told them to stay with music and we roll them out. how great an idea is that? steve: that is one of the highlights of our summer concert series because we have the biggest acts and entertainment and tomorrow we have scotty mccreery because brian thought it was a good idea. brian: go on "american idol" and become famous. ainsley: i know florida georgia line you made famous. steve: hold it. the biggest one was taylor swift u she started on this program when she was 15 years old. brian: didn't we have hannah montana on? steve: mollie cyrus. brian: anyone could book miley sirus but you booked hannah montana. ainsley: sarah huckabee sanders was talking but who the president is considering revoking the security clearance of the former cia director john brennan because he was going on national television and accepted a job at nbc and
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msnbc. the security clearance has been revoked by president trump. steve: why did he do it? everybody is speculating. the president himself told the "wall street journal" last night that the president holds john brennan among those responsible for launching the whole russia trump colluded business which, of course, the president denied. keep in mind and we have heard about this a couple of times. it was back in the summer of 2016, that guy, right there, who at the time was the cia director, went to harry reed whos was the top senator on the democratic side with the dossier. he showed him the dossier. harry reid wrote with a letter to james comey saying hey, the fbi has got to investigate. this and then the fbi did. so, in other words, it started with brennan. then harry reid and then james comey and that's how we got to where we are a number of investigative reporters like kimberly strossel say. brian: he is an inflammatory pundit who has a rich history in intelligence. and it made the president concerned and others concerned that maybe is he going to use some of his
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intelligence access to go on and attack him with it. so the president took action. sarah sanders made it official. >> mr. brennan has recently leveraged his status as a former high ranking official with access to highly sensitive information to make a series of unfounded and outrageous allegations while the outburst on television about this administration. mr. brennan's lying and recent conduct characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary is wholly inconsistent with access to the nation's most closely held secrets and facilities, the very aim of our adversaries which is to sow division and chaos. brian: here is he what said, john brennan, when this came out and no longer has top security access which i don't think he was using. this is part of an effort by mr. trum
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it's the way he said it the way he delivered it and what he knows that had this administration extremely concerned u. ainsley: mark levin made an exlengths point on sean hannity's show. this has nothing to do with free speech. listen. >> noble is stopping brennan from speaking. in fact nobody could stop. he has a big mouth. he will never shut up. the right that he has access to information because he served in the obama administration at the cia is a preposterous argument. who else is president looking at. comey was a leaker. he be a sconsded with government documents when he left. mccabe is under criminal investigation. guy under counter intelligence investigation for misconduct. his security should be pulled. james clapper committed perjury. bruce ohr, another one, pulled. united states, anotheyates nort. not because he has a problem
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with democrats or liberals he has a problem with these people. steve: are there others? we have a big screen with a bunch of faces that are familiar. a number of them have been fired by the finn. they have been demoted, clapper lied famously in front of congress. it's interesting. jim jordan said yesterday if any of them still have clearances they should lose them. joe digenova said it's a glorious day for america. an evil man has lost something he is not entitled to as you look at some of those who still have access to clarified information. finally, john kennedy, the republican from louisiana had, perhaps, my favorite sound by the of th bite of the y yesterday. he said regarding mr. brennan i called him a butt head and i meant it he is giving the national intel community a bad name. that is a quote from mr. kennedy. brian: you know where he felt because he was the right hand of president obama and became president obama's cia director when he couldn't pass the first time. i'm going to talk with
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anthony tata, the author of "dark winters" he will be with us to talk about the impact here. is this an for example of freedom of speech or tired of hearing the cia director sound off knowing he has access to things at the highest level. steve: it's at a back, i think, because the president thinks that john brennan launched the whole investigation. and now he has his chance to do something, boom, he did. ainsley: meanwhile, the governor of new york, andrew cuomo shocked the crowd when he rebuked the president's make america great again slogan and the crowd gasped. listen to. this we are not going to make america great again. it was never that great. [. [laughter] brian: they they're to cheer him. they couldn't cheer that. did he just say america is never that great. he has to quickly walk that back because the blow back
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became overwhelming. president trump hears this and tweets this out. we are not going to make america great again, it was never that great is he quoting what he just heard. can you believe this is the governor of the highest taxed state of the u.s. andrew cuomo having a total meltdown. democrat, republican, you should be offended by that statement. steve: absolutely. the press secretary came out from the governor and says the governor believes america is great but maximum greatness was still yet to be achieved. he also tweeted. brian: really, nice try. steve: listen. they have to spin it. they are in a hole on this. what would you say would be great again would not be great at all? we will not go back to discrimination segregation, sexism, isolationism, racism or the kk. like new york's motto says excelsior. every one yard not backward. ainsley: let's hear what the
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governor of new york, 12 million immigrants came to ellis country island because of this great country. listen to what he said again. >> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great. [gasps and. [laughter] steve: ironic thing is when he ran for governor in 2010, he put out a video announcement, according to the "new york times." and what does he say? together we can make new york great again. so it was great although he said it was never that great. brian: as you know, he has had a hard life he grew up the sownel of the governor of new york married a kennedy and became governor himself after working the clinton duration. obviousladministration. corey bookie saying something savagely wrong. fundamentally wrong. elizabeth warren our law enforcement are racist front to back and governor cuomo. the democrats are really on the same page in many ways.
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good luck on that debate. ainsley: we want to know what you think send us your comments at would defeated communist japan, radical islamists. we ask our men and women to go overseas and sacrifice so much for this great country so we can be the land of the free, the land of the brave. we are the most generous country in all of the world. yes, we have our faults because but because of this country our world is a better place. we are great. steve: communism and japan and so many other things as well. here's the thing about andrew cuomo though. i think he wa channeling donald trump. he got under his skin a couple days earlier. i talked to andrew cuomo he says is he not going to run against me oh, please, do it. the governor came out and said i don't have private political conversations with the president. brian: i worry about our country if that resonates. if people are listening to andrew imom mow. steve: people gasped, i
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don't think so. brian: people hearing that and reading it in newspapers if they still get them delivered wow, is he singing my song. i'm worried about it. a lack of appreciation where we came from. because we're not perfect doesn't mean we are not great. we are one of the only societies that continues to try to get better. steve: but it was never that great. that's the part that really riles up a lot of folks. as ainsley said a moment ago, let us know what you think at brian: i'm sure great jillian. do you think he would say you were never that great? jillian: i don't know what he would say that comments was so out of left field. you wonder where that comes from you wonder what else. news we are following. fox news alert. will hold up in a building in kabul firing off shots. police say the situation isn't s. under control. isn't known how many attacker there's are or if anyone is dead.
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the attack comes one day after isis suicide bomber killed 34 people in the city. the bomber blowing himself in a building where students were taking university entrance exams. man charged with killing a police officer in horrific crash was distracted by phone. california highway patrol arrested sean matthew walker. walker was speeding when he slammed into his motorcycle during a traffic stop last week. the officer and driver he pulled over both died. walker is due in court tomorrow. griff was a marine and 189-year veteran of the force. he leaves behind a wife and three kids. an investigation is underway into what caused a major power outage at reagan international airport. the lights turning back on after more than an hour of darkness last night. look at that the blackout impacting inbound and outbound flights in terminals outside of washington, d.c. passengers left waiting for planes and luggage all with the lights off. backup generators did provide some light. >> as you can see a little
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bit there. another day, another bench clearing brawl at ball park after the first pitch. watch as braves rookie gets hit by marlin's -- he had to leave the game. moments later both teams fighting on the field until atlanta. they were both he geneticked. atlanta got the last laugh though winning the game 5-2. that can shatter your elbow. that's scary stuff. brian: had t. hit and got broke might have cost the season. ainsley: hits him because the causes the brawl was it intentional? probably not, right? brian: of course it was. it looks exactly intentional. you hit the hottest rookie in baseball. jillian: i can't sit her and say it was intentional. steve: thank you very much. brian: thanks, jillian, he said he was a refugee escaping violence in iraq. really a cold blooded isis cop killer living in california for years. how did he slip through the cracks? steve: hillary clinton had something to say about kids who wanted to take a knee
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brian: president trump rerevoking the clearance for john brennan saying brennan has a history that calls his credibility into question
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and the president might not stop there. he has a whole list of former officials whose clearance is under review. is this the right move? here to weigh in is the author of a book dark winter and brigadier general anthony tata. do you think this is the right move. >> i think it's the right move. john brennan never should have voted for a security clearance. >> he voted for a communist candidate. >> he supported that way of life. of the president made the right decision in revoking his security clirns. look at what he did in his official capacity, brian. he oversaw the iran deal and all the intelligence. he manipulated isis intelligence for president obama. he was part of the russian hacking. he is standing down the cyber team to allow the russian hacking in 2016. he had a secret meeting in march of 2016 with russia. he flew to moscow. and so there is a lot of evidence here. he met with harry reid and gave him parts of the
3:19 am
unverified clinton paid for dossier. brian: the word was go announce. this. >> he spied on american citizens and lied in front of congress about that spying. and, question 29 on the security clearance form says, you know, have you ever supported overthrowing the u.s. government? all have you got to look at brennan's tweets and he supports the removal of this president and right there that's enough evidence to get rid of his clearance. brian: he has been quite inflammatory in his comments. we could go on for hours but here is 29 seconds. >> well, i made my feelings known about mr. brennan. i think most americans look at our national intelligence experts as being above politics. mr. brennan has demonstrated that that's not the case. he has been totally political. i think i called him a butt
3:20 am
head and i meant it. i think he has given the national intelligence community a bad name. >> donald trump has badly sullied the reputation of the office of the presidency. >> mr. trump continues to have his ignorance of the facts, a woeful disregard of them. >> i and many other national security officials are speak out because of the abnormal and aberrant behavior of mr. trump. brian: that's just a little bit of it. it goes on forever. we rolled senator kennedy first. is he a supporter of the president in this case, not all the time. and then you hear brennan's comments. you have think they are inappropriate even though he is hired to give his opinion. >> yeah, brian. i don't think it has anything to do with his comment. jen john brennan somebody a clear and present danger. he supports the overthrow of this particular president. he needed to have ace access to information revoked. when you look at his track world officially, he was
3:21 am
station chief co-bar towers saudi arabia. he had one job. and that was protect american lives and he failed there and messed up and moved up. brian: station chief in saudi arabia. >> that's right. brian: senator warner feels differently. general, thanks so much forever your opinion. >> thanks, brian. brian: nor "fox & friends" in just a moment. don't move. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at and got them (burke) back on track. so we know how to cover almost anything.en almost everything even "vengeful vermin."
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♪ steve: it is 6:24 in new york city. we have quick thursday morning headlines for you. more than 70 people have apparently dropped like flies after overdosing on synthetic marijuana. the horrifying scene unfolding at a park in connecticut. 25 of those ods occurred in a three hour span in broad daylight.
3:25 am
at least three people presumed to be involved are under arrest. and the former nsa worker who leaked classified information to the media faces the longest sentence ever for leaking. reality winner admitted emailing documents about russian meddling to a news site. her plea deal calls for five years in prison. prosecutors want the maximum 10-year punishment to deter more leaks. winner's sentencing will be next week. stay tuned. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, steve. new york governor andrew cuomo stunning the crowd after saying this about our country. >> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great. [gasps and. [laughter] the republican candidate who wants to take his job disagrees and calls on the governor to apologize. mark, thank you so much for being here.
3:26 am
you are definitely the republican candidate and you will be running against him or vicinity nixon. >> or both of them. she can remain on the ballot as working families party candidate. it's a strange thing that happens in new york. she can stay on the ballot through november. ainsley: obviously he is saying he doesn't think america is great. hasn't ever been really that great. what is your reaction for that? >> i was raised by saying gel mom grew up on food stamps. tell me america isn't great. i was the youngest mayor in america for a short period of time. here i am the most unlikely maybe for candidate for governor of the state of new york. america has always been great. i was so ashamed and shocked that a man who has lived in privilege. he was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple could think that america was never great, it has always been great. that i recall determination toward march making things better has always made america great. i'm ashamed my governor
3:27 am
doesn't know that. ainsley: now you want him to apologize? >> he owes new yorkers and american people an apology. then again i don't know if he believes it, if he is lying, if he is just trying to win a primary at the end of the day it's an insulting thing to say to gold star moms, men and women fighting overseas to folks who died in service who, by the way, on that blue line protecting our communities every day to say that america was never great or wasn't all that great. ainsley: not just defending americans but defending in other countries. >> absolutely. we have the beacon of hope and opportunity for millions of people for generations. america, with its imperfections has always been great. ainsley: this is a statement from cuomo. the governor believes america is great and that her full greatness will be fully realized when every man, woman, and child has full equality. america has not yet reached its maximum potential. so do you think by releasing that statement it was a mistake or do you really think he feels that way and real thridz could cost him votes? >> this is a man who once proclaimed he is the government. i don't know that i
3:28 am
necessarily believe anything they have to say. i don't know if he has walked it back. if he has apologized. i have really don't understand what he takes other than i take him at his word. he said america wasn't all that great. he's wrong. ainsley: you told us a little bit about your story grew up single mom, food stamps. tell us but. >> my mom was. she was single for a couple of years. we grew up on food stamps. i thought i was the luckiest kid in elementary school we got a free lunch. she taught us to work hard. she encouraged us to respect others and respect ourselves. always had grandparents and allies. all of my family encouraged of to us make a difference. i was given the opportunity as an 18-year-old to run for village board in my hometown. served a year and one year later was elected america's youngest mayor. it was the greatest honor of my life. and to think that i was able to participate in grand democracy. the dignified duty of public service. america is great. america is great. ainsley: thank you so much. marc molinaro.
3:29 am
>> thank you. ainsley: a cold blooded cop killer living in new york for years now. how far did he slip through the cracks? this morning kicking off the all-american road trip. >> good morning, if you are as good as us you are in great shape. we are rving across the country. first stop like you said dollywood, don't miss our day yesterday. it was awesome. we will take you inside this amazing theme park coming up when "fox & friends" returns on a thursday morning ♪ ♪
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♪ steve: i was so inspired by the do it yourself guy yesterday from hgtv the day before i had power washed my
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mahogany front porch and yesterday i got out the australian timber oil and i restained it. ainsley: it's great. you keep the bunting up on your front porch. steve: we do. it really needed it. it was worn out. took me 90 minutes and how did it turn out in the end? ainsley: it's beautiful. ainsley: if i didn't know this so well i would think this is a photo shoot and another magazine feature and hand it to your butler and they finish it off. you do love doing your own stuff. steve: i do. actually, before did i that i put some new sand in all the pavers in my front yard because they just. ainsley: we showed the other picture. you could see the american flag, the bunting keep up on house you match it. you went out with your folds of honor t-shirt and white pants on and even your bucket is red. steve: it's a little handy bucket from home depot that i got yesterday.
3:34 am
so many people were talking on the instagram why are you wearing white pants? ainsley: looks like painter pants. steve: they were actually khaki pants you know how when you got a big project you are going to destroy clothing. which pair of clothes am i least in love with these days. and that was the next. brian: so it's going in the garbage anyway. do you know what i did because i realize i'm not steve doocy. almost everything i have never wears out. i think it's treks for everything -- so everything can i. steve: synthetic wood. brian: everything can i do i want those things that last lifetime. because i want who hose it down rather than fix it. ainsley: if you ever need to, you know who call or one of your brothers: steve, i know it's new jersey saturday at noon. steve: keep in mind, we are done at 9:00 in the morning. we have got all day to do stuff. brian: not everybody. steve: you are done at noon. ainsley: i need electric
3:35 am
work done the guy i hired the super in my building did he that illegally. you are going to start a fire in our building. oh my gosh i told brian about it he said i'm going to send my brothers. they did all the electrical work. steve: hats off to all the do it yourselfers. we have a lot of them. news time. jillian: good choice on the khaki pants. i'm not a pan of khaki pants. get you caught up on news. i know that's a conversation for another day. suspected isis fighter wanted for killing an iraqi police officer is arrested on american soil. according to the doj. omar amine arrived in the news 2014. months after murdering the officer. he will links to terrorism providing refugee status saying his family was the target of violence in iraq. he has been living in sacramento, california and working as auto mechanic. he will likely be extradited back to iraq. take a look at toy car up in flames. the mother access she got her toddlers out safely just in the nick of time. >> it was alarming like how
3:36 am
quickly it went up. like, i mean it went from a little bit of smoke to a full on fire within like two minutes. jillian: the 16 month old and 3-year-old kids are okay. a massachusetts fire chief thinks the incident is related to the car's battery. the toy distributer claims a fire is practically impossible unless something was modified or out of the ordinary. be careful. how about this? an 11-year-old girl is inspired by collin kaepernick to kneel for the pledge of allegiance. enough to she is gaining support from hillary clinton. >> it is in my rights that i'm allowed to kneel. students are allowed to take stands as long as it's not disruptive. jillian: that's marianne that taylor. hillary clinton tweeting it takes courage to support your right for justice especially when you are 11. keep up the good work. her teacher reprimanded her for the protest. buff the school is not taking action.
3:37 am
brian: what's her problem with the school and country? we're proud of 11-year-olds that can't pledge of allegiance. jillian: yeah. um-huh. steve: jillian, thank you so much. meanwhile out on the streets of new york i see janice dean behind us a pretty nice start to the day. and have you got a fan. janice: i have a friend of mine right here. i just let her what's your name. >> debra. janice: where are you from. >> from chicago illinois. janice: what is this. >> creation of my new company called hat party i made you a rain or shine. janice: oh my gosh. >> go out today shine so we have to put it on this way. janice: has a freddy the frog caster. that's amazing. this is my rain or shine hat perfect for today. back inside, everybody. steve: that's very nice. janice: i love it. thank you. ainsley: just do the weather with the hat. brian: put the weather on a crawl janice has to talk to somebody. crawling at the bottom. that's fantastic. today kicks off our brand new series.
3:38 am
it's called the all-american summer road trip. ainsley: our own todd piro is traveling across the country with a look all the fun can you have if you are traveling in an rv. steve: i see the rv behind him as he travels pigeon forge, tennessee. hello, todd. >> hey, steve, ainsley and brian good morning to you. do you know 22 million americans are going to go rving in 2018. that includes your friends at "fox & friends." we took this bad boy to dollywood. check it out. check this out. how cool is this? this rv and rvs like them are really america's home away from home. right here we have the winnebago intent. now it's time to go exploring. we're going to head on off to dollywood. so why did dolly start
3:39 am
dollywood? >> she is really proud of this area. she wanted to share the smoky mountain stories with people around the country and around the world. >> kids and their parents now can explore and play and imagine together as a family. >> this is a pretty accessible area for rvs to come and hitch up for a while. >> certainly. great smoky mountain national park. todd: while we are talking about rvs dolly herself has her own rv right here. >> i win. so i have never blown glass before. how do we do it? >> well, it's pretty easy, actually. todd: how hot is that? >> about 1800 degrees i would say. put a little bit of blue on, a little bit of red. go ahead and start. todd: when you think of theme parks. you usually don't think of arts and crafts. dollywood is different.
3:40 am
>> it's all about the heritage. ♪ todd: i smell cinnamon. cinnamonriffic. todd: that's really good. hot but good: of course when you are here in dollywood you have to check out a live show, right? ♪ i love you peggy sue. >> we are the gentles. i feel like if we had somebody who could maybe join us, join in and maybe sing some songs with us. this guy over here seems to fit right in. don't you think? >> yes. >> this one right here? >> yes. yeah, you. >> come and sing and dance with us ♪ going to rock ♪ going to rock ♪ around the clock tonight
3:41 am
todd: time to ride some coasters. we are going to start off with wild eagle. the question is am i going to be an eagle or am i going to be a chicken? let's go find out. ♪ ♪ is there any way you guys can eliminate the drops for this ride? what about the speed? can we go like in a 61 miles per hour, can we go 16? no? oh gosh. all right. i love you mom and dad. is now the wrong time to tell "fox & friends" that i'm scared of roller coasters? or should that have been before? i'm scared. [screams]
3:42 am
so was i an eagle or was i a chicken? you decide. ♪ steve: oh, man. ainsley: oh my gosh. steve: ed to, i have a question for you. when you were going through the roller coaster with your mouth open like that, did you catch any bugs? ainsley: todd was that a scream or turkey call? todd: i just want to apologize to america for that. it turns out we actually dubbed in the screaming. we got a 15-year-old girl to use her screaming and that was my voice. before we go away. i want to fend off the inevitable brian question. [screams] todd: stop it. you don't have to reloop it fend off the brian question you are not allowed to drive in rvs at the park. we're allowed to do it because we are "fox & friends." as you saw, i have a choice between working on my summer body or eating. i'm going to eat another cinnamon roll. ainsley: i don't blame you on that one. brian: summer is almost
3:43 am
over. ainsley: want to know why he is the only one on the ride. brian: reminds me of that vacation movie with chevy chase. steve: if you would back up the teleprompter i would tell folks if you you would like more information trip. coming up pop quiz time. >> what do you think is worse plays straws here or people coming into this country illegally. steve: the answer will surprise you -- or maybe not. brian: maybe not. steve: it all happened in california. brian: explosive new texts uncovered doj official bruce ohr and the author of that anti-trump dossier. what was he so afraid of? it's a text have you not seen. you have seen gregg jarrett before. he has showered. >> can you stain my porch? ♪ big time ♪
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3:47 am
steve: security clearances under review apparent solid dod official bruce ohr as a shocking report uncovers more of his texts with the author of that anti-trump dossier christopher steele. one, steele seems concerned about comey's upcoming testimony on capitol hill. hi, just wondering if you had any news. obviously we are a bit apprehensive given scheduled appearance at congress on monday. hoping that important fire walls will hold. many thanks. >> ohr replied sear no new news. you i believe my earlier information is still accurate. i will let's you know immediately if anything has changed. gregg jarrett is the author of the russian hoax. it's the number one book in america for the third week running and he joins us now. >> good to see, steve. steve: what are important fire walls that mr. steele is worried might.
3:48 am
>> here is 60 pages of communications with bruce ohr with the department of justice. is he frantic is he going to get exposed. in one text message. steve: they want it to be a secret. >> oh, right. because here is what chris steele did. he created a phony document, false intelligence. he hated trump. >> is he on record saying he would do anything to stop trump. so what he did was he created this false intelligence document peddles it to james comey and his confederates and john brennan and is he doing it a lot of it through bruce ohr, the guy thered in the middle of the screen he realizes is he going to get busted. is he going to get exposed. one text message is senator grassley has a letter and is he going to implicate him, christopher steele. another one he writes to bruce ohr scom about to
3:49 am
testify and is he worried he will be exposed. steve: because then it would expose the fact that democrats funded it and hillary was involved and that would have happened almost two years earlier than right now. talking about the dossier though and you just mentioned mr. brennan. brennan got his security clearance yanked yesterday. one of the reasons it sounds like the president told the "wall street journal" that he holds him responsible for launching the whole trump-russia collusion narrative. >> chapter 6 is how john brennan as the cia director was the instigator of the russia hoax. did he more than anyone damage in propagating false intelligence in the dossier. he has proven he cannot be trusted with national security secrets. he has leaked before. and he would be prone to use current intelligence to damage trump and jeopardize national security. he should be nowhere near cia headquarters. in fact, he ought to be banished from washington,
3:50 am
d.c. steve: so the president was right to pull the security clearance on him? >> absolutely. you are supposed to be nonpartisan apolitical as cia director. brennan never was. he was acolyte and sycophant of hillary clinton. he was using this false intelligence to damage trump before the campaign ended and to help hillary clinton because he wanted her to be president. steve: right. nobody would ever know because hillary clinton was supposed to win. but then donald trump, as it turns out won, and now we are starting to know more and more. >> as you pointed out at the want to hour it was very devious maneuver by brennan. he goes to harry reid on capitol hill and together they council one this plot, if you write a letter to comey we can leak it to the media alleging trump-russian collusion and that's exactly what they did. steve: check it out. it is called the russia hoax. it's available everywhere. gregg, thank you very much. >> steve, thank you.
3:51 am
steve: you bet. straight ahead, what else more harmful plastic straws or illegal immigration. answers from the streets of california coming up next. >> should plastic straws be banned. >> hell yeah, they should. >> should we ban plastic straws. >> absolutely. >> do you think we should ban plastic straws? >> i do. with advil liqui-gels, what bad shoulder? what headache? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
brian: it's the talk of the town in california as in state. should plastic straws be banned? prager u caught up with the locals in santa barbara to ask that very question. >> should plastic straws be banned? >> hell yeah, they should. >> should we ban plastic straws? >> absolutely. >> do you think we should ban plastic straws. >> i do. >> why do you think that. >> because they are bad for the environment and they cause a lot of pollution. they kill the baby sea turtles. steve: well, there is a lot more where that came from.
3:55 am
joining us with more is will whitt joining us from l.a. will, were you surprised at the answers. >> of course i was surprised these people need to go to prager u and watch some our educational videos might know something. seeing the brainwashing in california is completely surprising. brian: where are you from, will? >> i'm from colorado originally but grew up in denver. ainsley: we heard a few of the reactions. what was reason that they wanted them banned? >> every single person we talked to said the plastic straw should be banned because it's bad for the environment. it's a huge priority. when you think about california, i mean, crumbling roads, homelessness, infrastructure problems, housing crisis, i mean, it's just such a nonissue that i couldn't believe it. steve: you did ask some people some very pointed questions. we're going to run one more sound bite. listen to these answers. >> what do you think is worse? plastic straws here or people coming into this country illegally? >> oh my god, plastic straws.
3:56 am
[laughter] >> you think? >> yes. >> what do you think is a bigger priority to stop plastic straws or illegal immigration? >> a bigger priority? i would say straws. steve: you know, did i not see that coming. ainsley: me neither. >> neither did i. i really didn't. i wanted to see how far it would go. let's see how far it would go and ask people these questions. really these people, that's what they actually believe. ainsley: those were two people. did most of the ones or all of the ones you interviewed did they say the same thing. >> yeah, the majority of people. we just didn't include all of them in the video. brian: get out while you can, will. please, defect. whatever can you do. >> yeah. brian: will, thanks so much. ainsley: thanks, will. steve: it's impossible to get a plastic straw in new jersey these days too. they are all paper. ainsley: causes wrinkles. steve: wrinkles. ainsley: i heard just as many wrinkles as cigarettes?
3:57 am
brian: more on the break. john brennan taking a new job revoke security clearance. bring you that jab the right and the left. ainsley: remember blockbuster only one left in the entire country and kevin mccarthy went there stick around sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. right now, get 0% apr financing on the 2018 subaru impreza.
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4:00 am
mix and match airlines to save more. ♪ >> john brennan's security clearance has been revoked but white house officials are warning james comey and other top former officials may be next. >> seems like everybody have you mentioned has been a political critic of the president. is he going after his political opponents with this? >> no. if there were others that weren't that we deemed necessary we would certainly take a look and review those as well. >> russians interfered in our election, right? who was president? who was the head of the cia. who was national security advisor. who was the head of the fbi. >> new york governor at signing ceremony in new york where he clearly tried to jab president trump. but, instead, he may have overreached a bit. >> we are not going to make america great again. it was never that great.
4:01 am
[laughter] jillian: which morning we are kicking off the all-american road trip and the first stop is dollywood. >> now is the wrong time to tell "fox & friends" that i'm scared of roller coasters. [screams] ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home ♪ go, go ♪ go big or go home ♪ go, go. steve: live from new york city this is "fox & friends." ladies and gentlemen, the number one cable morning news show for this the 16th day of august. i had to make sure. ainsley: had you to look. brian: you i have been looking at the news and saying we could have 10 number one stories omarosa aside we're blowing through. today there were huge two huge stories. andrew cuomo's comments about how he views america and john brennan's security clearance which is no longer there. the cia, the former cia director has been such
4:02 am
critic and his hands possibly are so dirty in this russia investigation, president trump has had enough and revoked the clearance yesterday. ainsley: that's right. the white house said that brennan has a history that calls his credibility into question. the president has a responsibility to protect classified information and who has access to it. steve: that's right. online right now there is a brand new op-ed nit "new york times" written by mr. brennan radarring the president's motivations. and he writes: mr. trump clearly has become more desperate to protect himself and those close to him, which is why he made the politically motivated decision to revoke my security clearance in an attempt to scare in to see you lens others who might dare to challenge him. actually, the president of the united states spoke to the "wall street journal" last night. and he said the reason that he pulled the clearance was that he holds mr. brennan among those responsible for starting the whole trump colluded with the russians and that's why he is
4:03 am
president business. we were just talking to gregg jarrett who has the number one book in america right now called the russian hoax. he said it all stuarted with john brennan. john brennan took the dirty dossier, went to harry reid and said hey, did you see this? and then they figured out, you know what? i'm going to write a letter to the fbi director, james comey, saying that the fbi has got to do something, so they did. and they did. brian: there is a theory that's the reason why the fbi got involved is the cia one orchestrating the fbi to get involved with the london based christopher steele who had contacts in russia, whose intelligence was never verified but made it into the dossier, which brought forward the fisa warrant, which moved forward on the carter page investigation and now why have ongoing probe by robert mueller. ainsley: predictably the media freaked bought it, listen. >> security clearances have
4:04 am
never been used to punish people for speaking out. >> we should all be scared about the state of our democracy. they didn't just make a threat. it's a promise. they are snatching. john brennan's national security. >> we begin tonight with a chilling action taken by the president of the united states that looks something like something you might see out of a dictatorship or authoritarian regime. >> trump is under fire for nixonian enemy's tactics those are the words of some white house official after the white house is admitting it is retaliating against former cia director john brennan. >> interesting thing about the whole dossier and mr. brennan. mr. brennan in public has insisted that the dossier played no part in the intel community's investigation. but, at the same time it was just as president trump was coming into office that he did the briefing and he said and here's the evidence showing them the tots yea that there was collusion between your team and the
4:05 am
russians. brian: others on the list going to be reaffirmed perhaps or have those revoked this guy named james comey, comey, struck, page, ohr perhaps and maybe james clapper as well. ainsley: those under review as well. brian sat down with general anthony tata brigadier general and he had this to say. >> john brennanened is a clear and present threat of this nation. he needed to have his access to information revoked. when you look at his track record officially, he oversaw the iran deal and all the intelligence. he manipulated isis intelligence for president obama. he was part of the russian hacking. standing downtown cyber team. the president made the right decision in revoking his security clearance. steve: senator rand paul from the great state of kentucky tweeted this out i applaud president trump revoking john brennan's security clearance. i urged the president to do.
4:06 am
this i said earlier my gave right sound bite of the day was john kennedy, the republican from louisiana. i love the sound bite because it is actually a politician who says exactly what he is thinking which is rare in washington. he said brennan has been totally political. i called him a butt head and i meant it. he is giving the national intel community a bad name. brian: meanwhile and by the way no one stopped him he can still talk. he doesn't deserve access. ainsley: he isn't trying to silence. brian: he can still talk. he has a contract. he probably can't get a lucrative private sector contract without a security clearance. i always thought as we change gears, i thought we could agree how great the country was when the rubber hit the road how we want to continual that greatness and continue to improve. then out comes, i'm sure, future presidential candidate now looking for four more years as new york governor, governor andrew quom mole and his comments yesterday. steve: that's right. and as we play these, keep in mind, it was a couple of
4:07 am
days earlier that donald trump was in upstate new york and said you know, i have talked to andrew cuomo off the record and he says he is not going to run. oh, please run. clearly the president got under his skin, the whole make america great thing obviously has gotten under his skin. and that's why this sound bite is the sound bite everybody is talking about. here's the governor yesterday at a bill signing ceremony when suddenly he blurted this out. >> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great. [laughter and gasps] steve: it was never that great. where does that come from? this is a guy that grew up in privilege. his father was a governor. he married a kennedy. how bad has life been that he looks around around says wow, this country is not that great. sea two term governor. he worked in the clinton administration. steve: is he a big powerful democrat who fancies himself a future political and perhaps presidential contender.
4:08 am
the president heard that, and he tweeted this out. ainsley: he said we're not going to make america great again? it was never that great. can you believe this is the governor of the highest taxed state in the u.s., andrew cuomo having a total meltdown. it's hard to believe he is the governor of new york. this is where 1 million people came from ellis island and new york to come into this country for a better life. brian: i want to know what country he does think is great. why would you ever want to lead arguably the number one state in the country through troubled times between his family two terms with his dad and he going through a third term now. steve: cuomocuomos have run the state you would think the state would be great. taxes are great big. brian: everyone around him in s. in some type of legal trouble. buffalo project. looking to rerevitallize buffalo. the guy running that is in jail right now. ainsley: i don't know if he
4:09 am
said it and regretted it because of all the backlash or if he believes that or mass stake. his spokesperson walked it back her greatness will be fully realize you had. brian: that's not what he said. that's a spokesperson an hour later but that's not what he said. steve: that's walking it back which they tried to do. nonetheless, it has stung. ainsley: is he running against cynthia nixon. their primary is in a few weeks. marc molinaro he is the guy who has the republican nomination. is he running against them. he was on our show earlier and said. this this is man who once proclaimed is he the government. i really don't understand what he thinks other than i take him at his word. he says america is not all that great. is he wrong. even with our imperfections this nation its promise, purposes principles and peel have always been great. i'm ashamed to think my governor doesn't know that. steve: it was never that great. we asked you what you thought. we got an email from ro who says i'm 86 and i can still
4:10 am
hear my father immigrant himself telling me to never forget we are living in the greatest country in the world. ainsley: mary jo writes us and says america's greatness comes from so many sources. we try, we persist. we give. >> as a vietnam veteran we sacrifice. she says cuomo, look at the war monument on the mall. we gave it our all. brian: crystal twitter beg to differ. greatest nation on earth. classroom cities and in our hearts. something that god bless america. he is not alone. other leading democrats feel similar. corey booker says he laments the savagely wrong state of america. bernie sanders says we are fund mentionly immoral and wrong. elizabeth warren says law enforcement is race frist front to back. he is not alone. he has a lot of company. steve: have you got a lot of the company because there are a lot of people resisting donald trump. if donald trump is saying make america great again are you going to say you are right, donald trump, america is great again. if you do that then you
4:11 am
don't get elected. brian: president obama had a tough time answering that question are you exceptional nation. yeah we all think we are exceptional. steve: different time. ainsley: send comments. in email box is exploding with your comments. steve: it's heating up. ainsley: hand it over to jill i can't say who has more headlines. jillian: the family has the support of the white house. mike pence meeting with mollie tibbets father after his speech in iowa. >> i just wants mollie's family to know you are on the hearts of every american. and we will continue to work and we will continue to pray for mollie's safe return. jillian: 20-year-old vanished nearly a month ago after going for a jog in brooklyn, iowa. officials have been getting so many tips they just added a second server to her website to keep the page up and running. a man is dead after slipping and falling into a vat of
4:12 am
oil near walt disney world. it happened near a facility outside the florida theme park. 61-year-old was standing on a grate emptying oil and greecgrease from a tractor-trailer and fell. tried to rescue him but couldn't because the fumes were so strong. white house breaking embargo with north korea. three individuals russia china and singapore. accuse of shipping cigarettes, oil and north korea to the breach of sanctions mental to put pressure on the regime to end its nuclear program. california highway patrol officers sons of fallen heros to first day of school. lucas died after crashing during a motorcycle chase in 2017. officers greeted his son cammeron in the parking lot and walked him to class. and another killed by a drunk driver christmas eve in 2017. men in uniform posing had
4:13 am
his family. patrol says both children will always be a part of their family. send it back to you. steve: that is a great gesture. all right. jillian, thank you. straight ahead, details about terror compound in new mexico get more disturbing every day. now we are learning about the links to the blind sheikh. andy mccarthy was a lead prosecutor for that case back in 1993. is he going to join us live next. ainsley: plus, insane video of the moment a teenager is struck by lightning and lives to tell about it. steve: that's him? >> i was dead for like 15 minutes. dang, i would be dead. actually i'm like superman right now. it's absolute confiden 30,000 precision parts, or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians, or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned,
4:14 am
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4:17 am
should say, "protected by alan and jamie." -right? -should it? when you bundle home and auto... run, alan! get more than just savings. you get 'round-the-clock protection. steve: it has been a story we have been following all week. one of five suspects arrested at that muslim extremist compound in new mexico is originally from haiti and been living in the united states illegally for more than 20 years. she has since been detained by ice. this as we learn about the compounds and the suspect's links to the blind sheikh trial in the new york city area in 1995. andy mccarthy was the lead prosecutor back in the day for that case and he has a new article on "the national review" online on these very ties. is he a former federal
4:18 am
prosecutor and fox news contributor as well u andy, good morning to you. >> steve, great to see you deceive steve when you heard this name tied to this compound in new mexico where allegedly they were trying to teach these little kids how to become school shooters you immediately made the connection. >> there aren't that many sawage. the alleged ringleader of this compound in new mexico is the son of somebody who came up in our investigation back in 1993. steve: he wound up being on a list with people who could be potential troublemakers along with usama bin laden. >> he was on a list of people who we thought could come up in the investigation or could come up in the trial. steve: that's him right there. >> yeah. turned out he didn't -- we did not have to prove anything in the trial about him but he actually did appear as a defense witness, a character witness for. so defendants at the trial. the important thing, steve, is he was a fairly renowned,
4:19 am
i would say notorious sharia supremacist preacher at a mosque in britain very important because the blind sheikh used to preach there as well. and the ideology that they preached is that muslims in the west should start enclaves or parallel societies where they both prepare for violent action against the host country and try to live their lives in accordance with strict interpretation of sharia. steve: that's what they were doing. >> low and behold 30 years knocking your head into wall. what we learned in 1993, if we learned anything in that trial, it was that this is an ideologically driven threat. if you pretend that the ideology is important. if you try investigate it without taking -- without considering the ideology because of political correctness, you are always going to be behind the 8 ball. steve: their attorney says, look, these were just devout
4:20 am
muslims living out in the dessert practices their second amendment rights. in the meantime, it sounds like the judge in this case has granted them all bail at $20,000. they are being held on a variety of other warrants and whatnot. they are not out. still, $20,000? >> yeah. there is no second amendment right to abuse children. we have one dead child here. evidently, we don't -- nothing has been proved yet because of the ritualistic practices that went along with their ideology. it's not about people's freedom under the second amendment. it's about whether we have i mean, look, this country has been at war since 9/11. and it's been at war with an ideology. that has to be taken into accounts along with the other evidence that they find in the compound. steve: read all about it at national review online. andy thanks very much. >> thanks, steve. steve: meanwhile remember the blockbuster store? there is only one left in the entire country and kevin mccarthy is there. is he there in bend, oregon.
4:21 am
how did it go? kevin, coming up ♪ where were you ♪ oh, yeah. ♪ you make my dreams before nexium 24hr mark could only imagine... a peaceful night sleep without frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? had a little incident witht kia moped in bermuda.e. oh. even with insurance, we had to dip into our 401(k) and it set us back a little bit. sometimes you don't have a choice. but it doesn't mean you guys can't get back on track. great. great. yeah. no judgment. just guidance. td ameritrade.
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4:24 am
brian: time now for news by the numbers. first 45 years. that's how long it's been since north carolina allowed alligator hunting. now one county is issuing licenses to 20 hurents who will be able to use anything from ropes to bows and arrows to capture gators. more than 750 people have already applied for the random drawing. next, $125,000. that's how much a washington state man won playing the lottery after getting this advice from a fortune cookie. the message said, quote: buy a ticket. all your financial troubles will soon be resolved.
4:25 am
he says he will use some of the winnings on a sushi dinner. i think he will have money left over. finally one. that's how many blockbuster stores are left in the entire u.s.a. steve: so we sent fox news contributor kevin mccarthy to check it out and he joins us live. >> yes. steve: it's in bend, oregon, right? >> bend, oregon. it's a surreal full circle moment for me as a kid blockbuster was my favorite second home rent terminator 2 once a week and new york being in manhattan talking about the last blockbuster of all time. brian: happened to be in oregon. >> insane. i'm honored to be with you. i missed you guys so much. it was amazing. samantha hoenig the producer met me out there. she did a great job with this package. there were two in alaska shut down in july. only open for inventory sale. the only place you can rent in blockbuster is bend, oregon. we walked in that store looking for terminator two.
4:26 am
they did not have it. the guy who rented the film ended up showing up in the middle of the story. it's so cool. ainsley: i can't wait to see it. ♪ ♪ >> okay. >> hi. >> i'm in blockbuster. >> has it been a while since you have been here? i have some older films i wanted to return. i'm not sure how the late fees will be. >> check them in and see how bad it is. >> welcome. >> when i was walked in for the first time it was a flashback to childhood. >> i was a kid riding to blockbuster. a red schwinn bike rented terminator two or whatever movie i wanted to see. blockbuster was a second home to me. >> thanks for waiting, guys. ♪ >> this is amazing that people are still renting films this much. it's not just the nostalgia thing. >> everybody who has been here to visit. one thing i hear oh my god it looks like a blockbuster,
4:27 am
it does we are blockbuster. can you still find the movies the exactly the way they did and it's fun and customers are loving it. >> this is privately owned. when dish network out of bankruptcy we licensing agreement. pay employees and the customers come in the door we will stay home. >> are you getting more people who want to work here now. >> we have had more applications. i am trying to hire right now. >> can i work here. >> you absolutely can work here. you have a badge already. >> it has my name on it look at it. i'm legitimately a blockbuster employee. enough to i need to know how to do everything. ♪ ♪ they are putting me to work here. genuinely putting me to work. first try. is this normal for like a monday morning? paycheck. i want to rent a movie.
4:28 am
>> absolutely. >> specific film i'm looking for terminator 2 judgment day. >> absolutely. let's go down here to the action section. >> i'm not seeing it here which is making me a little upset. can we go look and see if we can check out if it's late or not. >> absolutely. >> if it's late i want to call the person and tell them to bring it back immediately. >> i'm sure they would enjoy phone call. >> you a classic. >> sloppy disk install. >> that's amazing. hi, brian my name is kevin from blockbuster courtesy call to let you know that the film terminator 2 is almost two days overdue. ryan, real quick, what did you think of terminator two? wasn't that scene great? favorite scene in the whole film. >> hasta viva, baby u. >> this was not planned. you happened to be dropping it off. show the movie you brought back terminator 2. this is the first movie i saw in theater with my dad. and it was the best memory of my youth.
4:29 am
it's the main reason why i'm so in to blockbuster in general. i love coming here. >> thanks for bringing it back. >> thank thank your customer and send them on their way. >> thank you, kevin. >> thank you, kevin. >> now that i have terminator 2 back in my hands and little film called jaws. i'm ready for movie night. sandy, thank you so much. you are amazing. hi, guys. i got to say this. always remember, be kind, rewind. >> yeah. we were just sharing our blockbuster stories in the package. steve: i can't believe you pretended you were working there. two days overdue. >> kevin from blockbuster. legitimate get ready to walk out the door when i called him. i thought he was going to show up later in the day after work. he came literally at that moment. we didn't tell him to. it was crazy. one of the things i miss about blockbuster is going to blockbuster and not know going my movie waste going to be there. i stalked the drop box area excuse me are you returning
4:30 am
terminator 2. you said have you one at your house? ainsley: i have a blockbuster near my house right outlines of 23450eu neighborhood. wall new releases. steve: 1, 2, 3. ainsley: i would see all my friends. too young to go out. all my friends. see all your middle school and fresh class friends. they would have all of the latest movies. pray there was one. if there wasn't you gold and ask the front desk to check the box. >> brian, did you have one when you were grewing up? brian: i loved the way blockbuster say goodbye. go okay. ainsley: right. brian: out the door. put your movie over the detector. you want to get out now. i saw you walk out with popcorn and snacks. that was another good thing they had all your favorite candies. goober, milk duds. reyeraisinettes. >> thank you to producer
4:31 am
putting package together, steve, anxiously, brian, good to be here in new york. ainsley: we didn't know how special blockbusters was until now it's gone. steve: now thanks to pay per view blockbuster is in every television in america. >> that store is actually very busy. there were returns. brian: that's why they give you hours. steve: kevin, thank you. >> i'm waiting for my paycheck. steve: meanwhile 28 minutes before the top of the hour we have a fox news alert. a plane quarantined right now tennessee. and mike huckabee is on board. it's all unfolding right now. the breaking details hear what are the governor has to say coming up next. brian: is he going to call us from the plane? steve: i think. so. brian: how much trouble is nancy pelosi n morning the powerful new call for her to abandon her quest to be speaker again. put down the gavel and walk away. you heard me. ♪ ♪ everybody wants to rule the world
4:32 am
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4:35 am
♪ steve. ainsley: they were dancing and having a good time. dancing couple giving a whole new meaning to the song foot loose. steve: foot loose pair losing their balance and plunging straight into boston harbor. brian: another reason not to dance, kids you, they both got out of water on their own and are okay. steve: thank goodness. brian: we will follow that story throughout the day. ainsley: we will also tell you about this story there is a prominent newspaper in california. the state where nancy pelosi lives. you know, she wants the democrats to take over the house. she wants to being speaker. the newspaper is demanding a public declaration where she is going to say i am not going to run for speaker of the house. it's called the sacramento bee. and their editorial board
4:36 am
said this. steve: the headline is dear nancy pelosi, it's not about you, it's about your party and country. forget being speaker. and then what they do is essentially go through the list and they say look, at least 23 democrats need to gain at least 23 seats to win the majority to run the house for you to have the job. but you are such a polarizing figure they say 45 democratic nominees have already come out and said they will not support you. of the writing is on the wall. bow out. brian: this is a major bullet that the republicans have bring up the fact that most democrats want to be socialists and number two that nancy pelosi will be your speaker. and, guess what? democrats and democratic leaning newspapers are beginning to panic. this is what the editorial said. here is an excerpt. the republican party is now clearly the party of donald trump. the democratic party cannot be seen as the party of nancy pelosi. and win in november. do you understand what's going on in the media is
4:37 am
actually coaching the democratic party. stephen colbert and through editorials like this. ainsley: they say she a distraction. she is so far left. she and several others maxine waters, that she is too much of a distraction. in those states where democrats are facing tough elections, they need to distance themselves and they actually are. they are distancing themselves from her because they need more moderates and they even need republicans to win. steve: here's the thing. i would imagine she will be the star of almost every republicans' ad in the run up to the november midterm they will be running the crumbs bite. that is not helpful to the democrat message. ainsley: they go on to say she can still be in office and have a voice. if she really means what she says about the importance of the democrats retaking the house she needs to accept she will not be speaker. brian: she will never accept that she will fight until the last vote to get the majority and to be speaker. ainsley: she is the master negotiator. she will negotiate.
4:38 am
brian: just ask her. steve: gigantic fund raiser and all those people in her caucus who wants her money they are not going to say oh, madam speaker you got to turn around. whatever you want. brian: let's see what happens when we vote. steve: let's see what happens when they vote. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with some news about our friend mike huckabee. jillian: that's correct. you mentioned passengers on plane were quarantined. this is a live look in nashville where some type of health scare had an american airlines flight quarantined. former arkansas governor mike huckabee was on that plane. is he now off of the plane. huckabee having a sense of humor about it tweeting quote one hour after landing, got to the far away gate where american air will hopefully get us off this plane. medical personnel at the gate. hope it's not because i got that straw in california. i don't think that was it governor huckabee tells us one passenger was taken away in an ambulance wearing a mask and glostles. so, there you have it. frightening scene there and your favorite cereal may
4:39 am
have weed killer in it. new study by the environmental working group finds level of the active ingredient in roundup in several cereals, granola bars and instant oats. that chemical has been linked to cancer. among the potentially harmful foods can you see on food lucky charms, cheerios toasted whole grains oats serial. have you see it it to believe it terrible lightning strike caught on camera. even more remarkable, the teen who was struck right there lives to tell the story. 13-year-old josiah wiedemann thanking god, returning home from the hospital five days after the strike. >> dang, i survived it and i was dead for like 15 minutes. dang, i beat death. i feel like i'm superman right now. >> can you imagine doctors say his heart actually stopped. army vernal saw what happened and gave him cpr to save his life. a popular 90's sitcom could be saved by a reboot. >> what happened?
4:40 am
>> the usual. the boy gets the girl. i get the locker. -- i get the locker. >> he is open to remaking the hit comedy. he says it would have to be, quote, worth everyone's time. i think it would be worth our tomb. i loved that show. ainsley: he looks like the coolest guy. we all loved him. steve: slater was cool. janice dean out on the streets of new york city where we can see right there she is alone with the taxi. janice: i am. everyone is saving up their energy for tomorrow, our summer concert series. scotty mccreery is going to be on the plaza sponsored by kissinger. famous dave's will have their barbecue. everyone is sleeping in today. take a look at the maps. 77 in new york. the humidity is back. 73 in cleveland. 78 in del rio and 72 in los angeles. we do have showers in the
4:41 am
forecast across the central u.s. the midwest, the ohio river valley where you could see the potential for a little bit of flooding and strong it severe storms. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. of course across the west not getting the moisture they need to help firefighters out there. it's going to remain very warm and dry. there are your highs today. 90 here in new york. with the humidity it's going to feel even hotter than that still very hot across the west with not moisture -- enough moisture to help firefighters. i mean, i'm still looking for people. i only need one friend. brian: you don't need people. you have the weather. brian: worse comes to worse just do the weather. janice: even fair weather friends. steve: turn around and raise your hand and those taxis will pull over. hi, hi. how are you? i got some friends right here. how are you guys? nice to meet you. wave real quick because we're doing the weather hit. >> hi, guys. >> boys and girls club. >> red and blue coming
4:42 am
together. >> president trump supreme court pick meeting with senators. senator ron johnson he joins us live next hour. steve: are the liberal media trying to rewrite history trying to credit president obama for what president trump has accomplished with the economy? we're going to let you decide coming up next. ♪ ♪ only in america ♪ ♪ dreaming in red, white, and blue ♪ only in america ♪ where we dream as big as ♪ so you have, your headphones, chair, new laptop with free 24/7 tech support. yep, thanks guys. i think he might need some support. yes. start them off right. with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. like these for only a 25 cents at office depot officemax.
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♪ ainsley: hope you are having a good morning so far. welcome back. the guy who smashed president trump's hollywood walk of fame star is standing by his actions. >> what i did, i believe, was a rightful and just act. i think that the repercussions of it were only positive. and i only wanted to bring about positive political
4:46 am
change. jillian: tmz released video of the july incident showing austin clay hit the star with the pick ax. he has pleaded not guilty. a star sr. manufactured? get this british director tony kay just cast a robot as the lead in new movie. deadline reports first born a movie that hasn't yet been released. interesting. ainsley? ainsley: testimony as some in the media are trying to rewrite history to credit president obama for president trump's accomplishments. the "new york times" writing an economic upturn began under president obama is now trump's to tout. isn't this the same paper that claimed this, quote: low growth will haunt whoever wins the white house. that was from august of 2016. our next guest says some in the media are totally disconnected from the reality of working americans. here with more is staff writer for the federalist bree peyton. hey, bree, thanks for being with us. >> of course.
4:47 am
thanks so much for having me. ainsley: do you think the media is disconnected. >> yeah, i think it's obvious they are. i don't know how you can call yourself intellectually honest and write those two sentences in the same publication. a lot of members of the media are disconnected. i'm including myself in that category at times. you know, my dad owns a small manufacturing company and that helps me to stay grounded and have a realistic perspective works americans and the struggles these have to face and regulatory environment president obama pursued under his presidency. mind you, that's the same president that liked to say if you own a business, you didn't build that yourself. the government built it for you. so, under that kind of leadership, it was really a hostile environment for many business owners, especially under the passage of obamacare. i mean, every single year the insurance broker would come to my dad's business and oftentimes he would say i don't know if i can offer insurance to you or your employees next year. i can't really give you a
4:48 am
perspective on what premiums are going to be. and, you know, that kind of uncertainty is what makes growth in the economy and what makes growth in businesses really stagnant because people are fearful to invest. people are fearful, you know, to invest in their businesses and buy stocks and do different things like that. and when donald trump was elected president. it was very obvious to everyone who was even just glancing at the stock market from time to time or who knew someone who that owned a small business which when are the backbone of america's economy that the collective business environment breathe a giant sigh of relief that we're going to have a president who is not going to be actively attacking small businesses. ainsley: the president oftentimes tweets about his accomplishments some of them are 3.9% unemployment rate. 157,000 jobs added in july 4.1% g.d.p. growth. does your dad think, he is a business owner, is he seeing signs of more money in his
4:49 am
pocket because of president trump or does he credit president obama? >> no. 100 percent. you know, as i said earlier, the entire manufacturing industry in the united states breathed a giant collective sigh of relief when there is going to be a president who wasn't going to actively attack them and use the administrative state to do so. i think it's important to look at, you know, trump's accomplishments in this perspective. ainsley: okay. thank you so much, bre for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: kareem jabar compared songs to slavery. his perspective coming up next. america was never great, at least according to new york's liberal governor. this morning, president trump is firing back and your emails are pouring in on this one ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how you like me now ♪ how you like me now ♪ how you like me now ♪ how you like me now ♪ how you like me now ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
brian: nba hall of famer kareem abdul jabbar reigniting national anthem debate in a column yesterday, compares forcing athletes to stand to the anthem to songs of slavery writing this it wasn't enough that the slaves had to sing they had to sing oppressive feel good songs currently the song being demanded is the national anthem during football games. i guess that's the oppressor's feel good songs. brandon tatum with turning point u.s.a. is a fellow police officer. brandon do you see what kareem abdul jabbar is talking about? do you see his point of view. >> i see his point of view i think it's incredibly offensive and anti-american. it is as is a nine to believe that slaves. last anytime i checked
4:54 am
slaves weren't getting paid millions of dollars to pick cotton and treated with respect. if they were to take a knee at the plantation they would get beat to death. this speaks to a broader issue of the de rangement we are seeing from these athletes. i don't understand for the life of me why people can't perceive that standing for the national anthem is showing respect to this country, to the freedoms it that are afforded to us. we are in the greatest country on planet earth. i don'i don't understand why kareem would say this. i respect his basketball but his politics and logic are ridiculous. brian: what he is saying is we started on slavery. we had slaves helped build this country especially in the south. that's what took place. therefore, athletes who make up most of these football rosters shouldn't be forced to sing. so is he equating how our country started with 2018. >> yes. it's illegitimate. they are not force to have had sing. they don't have to sing. all they got to do is stand.
4:55 am
it's a policy. this is private job. when i was a police officer in my uniform, i couldn't go and take a knee because i was mad about what barack obama was saying about police officers. i would lose my job and get fired and couldn't provide for my family. he has no excuse for his rhetoric and it's ridiculous. i say that 100 times. it makes no sense. brian: what about hockey players? that league is mostly white. if they were taking a knee for the national anthem, do you think there would be the same outrage? >> no, nobody would care. this thing is about racism. i will say that again. just because you are black don't mean you can't be racist. the oppressors. hot are oppressors? is he talking about white people. that's continuously dividing our country. that's what america is about and that's not what we are made of. these players are the top 1% earners in this country. if they really had a problem they could fix the situation in their own communities based on the money that they make and they are doing it voluntarily. nobody is forcing them to play football. it is a privilege and an honor to play in the nfl.
4:56 am
and if they don't like it and feel so oppressed how about they switch positions with other people who would take that opportunity and take advantage of it and make it better for their own communities. brian: lastly, real quick on their argument, their argument pause we are the 1% we will look back 99% of the black community who don't make the money we have or have the ability we have. what do you say that to that. >> it's 99% of the black community. most black people are in the middle class. a small percentage of the community that these players have come from a lot of them that they could afford dibbably go back and fix. instead of taking a knee, which does nothing, go to your communities and do something about it. brian: gotcha. brandon tatum always good to hear from you. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead, john brennan taking a new jab at donald trump security clearance he did it in editorial section of the "new york times." we will bring you that at the top of the hour. todd piro kicking off a brand new series the all-american summer road trip. he stops in dollywood. he needs a break
4:57 am
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♪ brian: president trump revoking the clearance for former cia director john brennan and the president might not stop there. >> seems like everybody you mentioned been a political critic of the president. is he going after his political opponents with this? >> no. if there were others that weren't, that we deemed necessary we would certainly take a look at those as well. >> john brennan is a clear and present danger and threat to the nation the president made the right decision revoking his security clearance. ainsley: governor of new york, andrew cuomo, he shocked the crowd when he rebuked the president's make america great slogan. >> we'll not make america great again. it was never that great. >> america with its imperfections has always been great. i'm ashamed to think my governor doesn't know that.
5:01 am
ainsley: we're kicking off the all american road trip. the first stop is dollywood. >> now is the wrong time to tell "fox & friends" i'm scared of roller coasters. [screaming] ♪ brian: he is another hot country artist. i never heard this song before. steve: i have. i think it is beautiful. i don't think new york which we're seeing image, i don't think is his hometown. ainsley: i can't get enough of todd piro riding the roller coaster. steve: it was like a turkey call. he is riding around the country in a fancy rv. starting a new series on "fox & friends." he is down in dollywood. hooray for dollywood.
5:02 am
in 20 minutes. brian: rand paul brought this up to the president. james clapper keeps beating up on you. john brennan keeps beating up on you. they have high security clearance. what role do they have in our government? why do they deserve high security clearance? it is too much at stake. especially somebody that hates you this much to allow this to happen. you should consider revoking it. president said he considered revoking it. yesterday he revoked the security clearance. steve: john brennan said regarding the president's meeting with mr. putin, it is treasonous and almost approaches high crimes and misdemeanors. the president pulled his security clearance and my be thinking of others who have been critical of him. according to "the wall street journal," one of the reasons the president did this was because he regards mr. brennan as responsible for launching the russia-trump
5:03 am
colluded probe. ainsley: white house, sarah huckabee sanders says brennan has a history that calls his credibility into question. the president has a responsibility to protect classified information, who has access to it. rand paul agree with it. jim jordan agrees with it. brennan does not. he wrote a op-ed in "the new york times." mr. trump is desperate to protect himself and close to him, why he made a politically motivated decision to revoke my security clearance in an attempt to scare and silence others who might dare to challenge him. brian: it is not true. he doesn't like you. your comments are hardly befitting of a cia director. you sound like a 3-dollar pundit. the president indicated in "wall street journal," i don't trust many of these people on the list, the list we'll go over in a second. i think they're duplicitous. not good people. often times the president will let us understand something else is coming down the pike might reveal more john brennan was
5:04 am
involved in as it leads to this russian probe. very curious to see who else is on this list and why. the one person i don't believe belongs on the list is michael hayden. i think michael hayden has been a critic i think he has been somewhat fair. i couldn't put him in the category of clapper and brennan. ainsley: a lot of people once you're out you shouldn't have security clearance. you shouldn't profit on your career in the cia or fbi having security clearance. steve: one of those things we've done in washington for a very long time. retired general from the army, anthony tata was on with brian a little while ago. he had this observation about mr. brennan and his security clearance. >> john brennan is clear and present danger a threat to this nation. he supports the overthrow of this particular president. he needed his access to information revoked. when you look at his track record officially he oversaw the iran deal and all the intelligence. he manipulated isis intelligence
5:05 am
for president obama. he was part of the russian hacking. he was standing down the cyber team. the president made the right decision and in revoking his security clearance. ainsley: a lot of democrats saying the president is trying to silences us, the president is trying to silence him. mark levine made a great point on "hannity" we played later this the show. you can talk all you want. go on msnbc and nbc and talk. nothing to do with that. this is taking away your security clearance. steve: "wall street journal" on op-ed page, they have a instruction for the president, absolutely mr. brennan super partisan but they say, more effective way to fight back for the president would be for him to declassify all of the records that congress has asked from the department of justice and also the fbi. so that the people of the united states would know about any potential law enforcement or intel community abuses. the quote is, as long as president trump refuses to grasp
5:06 am
the metal of his own department of justice to get the story out to the general public by declassifying moves like removing security clearances will remain empty gestures according to "wall street journal" editorial page. brian: mark warner says that is not acceptable but wants congress to pass legislation to not allow the president to revoke anybody's top security clearance. think about that. senator byrd you would think mark warner is the chair children of that committee. you never hear from him. senator warner comes off, a left-wing partisan. fancieds himself somebody doing the work of the people. he is doing the work of the democratic party. senator burr should speak out. he has access to the same thing senator warner does. steve: it was contrary to what the president did. that is why a lot of people are playing the sound bite. here is the sound bite of day as we zoom out quickly. brian: that was my idea.
5:07 am
steve: slowly zoom in, camera two, slowly zoom in. brian: hand me the bullhorn. ainsley: if you're just waking up. what you're talking about is the sound bite of the day. if you're waking up a lot of you are upset with the governor -- brian: want to stand up to get closer? >> steve. no, dave is zooming in. ainsley: the governor of new york made a shocking claim. he said he will not run for president. i hope you do run andrew cuomo. andrew cuomo he shocked the crowd yesterday at a bill signing. he was rebuking the president's make america great again slogan. he shocked the crowd when he said this -- >> we're not going to make america great again. it was never that great. [shouting] brian: even his friendly crowd couldn't cheer that. the really, america is not great? he has an opponent. his name is mark mellanero. has up i will battle in the democratic state of new york.
5:08 am
pataki won as republican. he has his hands full. he was outraged, talking to steve this morning about these remark. >> this man once proclaimed he is the government. i don't understand what he thinks other than i take him at his word. he said america wasn't all that great. he is wrong. even with our imperfections, this nation's promise, purpose, principles and people have always been great. i'm ashamed to think my governor doesn't know that. steve: the governor's press secretary did their best to try to walk things back. the governor believes america is great but maximum greatness still has to be achieved going forward. what is interesting as well, the fact that the whole family, cuomo's story, about how his relatives were italy, they immigrated to the united states. they built a business. they had the american dream. for them america was great. so for him to say that flies in the face -- i think president trump just got under his skin. ainsley: america is great. he rep since new york obviously
5:09 am
this is where ellis island is. this is where 12 million immigrants came in for a great america, a better life. that guy who is running as the republican, against cuomo, he said, when i was little, we had food stamps because my mother was single mom. we were just trying to make ends meet. get from that place in my life all the way to running for governor of the state that i love. only in america. brian: you listened close to steve's interview. i know. just add this, that walk-back that you just read was the worst walk-back ever. what i meant to say. ari fleischer would never write that. should say i meant to say, come across differently is this. instead, i know what i said. i would like to say something without denying it, something totally different. then he came out and actually made things worse and brings up the kkk? are you kidding? steve: this one has various shades of greatness. the press secretary said but maximum greatness has still to be --
5:10 am
brian: that would have been interesting had he said that maximum. i meant to say maximum greatness. you correct something, you correct it. rather than change the statement. steve: you have press secretaries to do some walking. brian: who blew it. ainsley: this is tweet from john. personally spent time in 76 countries in the military. this is hands down the greatest country in the world. i will never leave my usa again. steve: another guy by the name of steve is out tweeting. enough is enough with the rhetoric this is disgusting comment, tell that to all the veterans and immigrants that come here because of our greatness. #america was, is and always will be great. brian: so far we have a lot of people that disagree with como. what about tamara, this military mom and military wife would like to hear a personal apology from mr. cuomo. tell you what cuomo actually tweeted out to president trump. let's take a look at it. what you say would be great again would not be great at all.
5:11 am
we will not go back to discrimination, segregation, sexism, isolationism, racism or kkk like new york's motto says, excelsior, ever upward, not backward. what does that mean? you said america was never great. leave trump out of it for a second, number one. 60 million voted for donald trump might have a little problem where you characterize people that support his policies because they're not for isolationism, they're not for the kkk. they're not for sexism. they are voting for president trump and direction he has taken the country. just say i have a different ideology. you don't necessarily have to say the country is bad because the president thinks it's great. steve: he made a mistake in saying that at the get-go. and he is trying to dig himself out of a hole and he keeps digging. so far it's not working or is it? keep emailing us facebooking us or tweeting us. we read it all day long.
5:12 am
ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: we follow this story about a airline. look in nashville, some type of health care had an american airlines flight quarantined. former arkansas governor mike huckabee was on the plane. he is off. having a sense of humor about it, tweeting one hour after landing, far away gate where american will hopefully get us off the plane. medical personnel at gate. i hope because i not because i got the straw in california the medical staff seen going on board. america airlines says everyone is off. that sick passenger is being treated. definitely a bit of a scare there. the family of missing iowa college student has the support white house. vice president mike pence meeting with molly -- molly tibet's father after the speech in iowa. >> i want mollie's family to know, you're in the heartses of every american and we will continue to work and we will continue to pray for mollie's
5:13 am
safe return. jillian: the 20-year-old vanished nearly a month ago after going for a jog in brooklyn, iowa. officials are getting so many tips, they added a second server to the website to make sure they keep the page up and running. the paul manafort case is now in the hands of the jury. a verdict could come down at anytime today, although the jury must decide on 18 individual counts. lawyers from both sides pointed to the testimony of rick gates during their closing arguments. the defense argues that manafort former employee and star witness for prosecutors has credibility issues. manafort is on trial for bank fraud and tax evasion. so we will certainly see. time will tell. steve: goes to the jury this morning. thank you very much. brian: got hour 1/2 worth of instructions from the judge. wow. ainsley: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. president trump's supreme court pick brett kavanaugh is on capitol hill meeting with senators. one of them is senator ron johnson. he will join us live next.
5:14 am
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♪ steve: judge brett kavanaugh on capitol hill yesterday meeting with senators including democrats joe donnelly and heidi heitkamp. the second and third democrats to meet with him after joe manchin ahead of what could be a
5:18 am
contentious confirmation hearing, set for early october. our next guest also met with the president's latest supreme court nominee, republican senator and homeland security chairman ron johnson joins us right now from capitol hill. senator good morning. >> good morning, steve. >> good morning. you spent a little time with the judge yesterday. tell us a little bit about him. >> just a really nice guy, a decent person, a person of integrity, a judge. what a concept. let have somebody as he has written the judge is to interpret the law, not make the law. the text matters. you have to see his eyes light up when he talks about his daughters, coaching their basketball team. i asked about his daughter's friend, she lost her father to als. he is basically taken that girl under his wing as well and mentored and been a surrogate father to that person as well. he is just such a nice person.
5:19 am
i don't see how anybody could oppose his nomination. we consider his incredible judicial record. you know democrats have a dozen years of experience, are they looking for a his fourth grade essays? they have more than enough information to make a decision. this should be 100-in terms of the vote. steve: chuck schumer doesn't want that to happen. not only part of the senate resistance program, but they don't want to give president trump a win. >> it is such a shame. you know, and let's face it, democrats that have turned these judicial nominations into the dogfight these things have become, starting with judge bork. steve: right. >> they created a verb, borking out of that process. democrats turned this into poison thus news atmosphere. steve: democrats are steamed merrick garland never got a vote. what are your impressions of
5:20 am
president of the united states pulling the security clearance of former cia chief john brennan? >> i have no problem with it. i'm kind of amazed he didn't pull it sooner. steve: really? >> security clearance is a privilege. i think john brennan was abusing that privilege. steve: in what way? >> partisanship. former cia director, coming out on cable news shows and divisive attitude he was taking. again he was certainly never going to be consulted on by this administration, so why does he need it? steve: senator ron johnson from the great state of wisconsin. senator, thank you very much. >> have a great day. steve: you as well. he said he was a refugee escaping violence in iraq he is actually apparently a cold-blooded isis cop killer who has been living in california for years. how did he slip through the cracks? we'll tell you that story. this morning we're kicking off the all american road trip. first stop in the rv, dollywood. todd piro there. we'll check in with him live
5:21 am
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♪ ainsley: we have quick consumer headlines for you. parents you need to listen up. there might be too much lead in your baby's food. "consumer reports" finding worrisome levels of heavy metals after testing 50 different products including many from top brands like gerber and beech-nut. food made with the rice rated the worst, wow. steve: safest minivans in the country have just been revealed.
5:25 am
ainsley: so scary to watch, especially a minivan, when we think of our kids. honda odyssey and chrysler pacifica earning top picks from the ihs. simulating a crash into something like a tree or a telephone pole. the toy yet sienna received a mixed reviews. never thought i want admin any van, but i think i do. those are the cabs a easy to get into. steve: good visuals, large seating capacity. and many cup holders. ainsley: absolutely. heated seats. steve: there you go. brian: sure you're done? kick off our brand new series auld the all-american summer road trip. steve: todd piro is looking at all the fun you can have as he pilots the rv behind him. ainsley: he is joining us live from dollywood which is in pigeon forge, tennessee.
5:26 am
hey, todd. reporter: ainsley, steve, brian, good morning to all of you. 22 million americans are going to rv in 2018 including husband here at "fox & friends." we took the winnebago here to dollywood for fun, food, rides, cording ainsley, some unintentional turkey calls. take a listen. ♪ check this out. how cool is this? this rv and rvs like them are really america's home away from home. right here we have the winnebago intent. now time to go exploring. we'll head on off to dollywood. ♪ why did dolly start dollywood? >> she is really proud of this area. she wanted to share the smokey mountain stories with people from around the country, around the world. >> kids and their parents can explore and play and imagine together as a family. >> this is a pretty accessible area for rvs to come and enjoy
5:27 am
dollywood. >> certainly. great smokey mountain national park. most visitedded national park in the country. >> most appropriate that dolly who loves rvs herself has her own rv. i win. i never blown glass before. how do we do it? >> well it is pretty easy actually. >> how hot is that? >> 1800 degrees i would say. >> put a little bit of blue on. a little bit of red. go ahead and start. >> but think of theme parks you usually don't think of arts and crafts. dollywood is different. >> it is all got heritage. [train whistle] >> i sell cinnamon. oh.
5:28 am
cinnamonerific. that is really good. hot, but good. of course when you're here in dollywood you have to check out a live shot, right? ♪ >> folks, we are the gems. somebody maybe join us and sing songs with us. this guy over here seems to fit right in, don't you think? this guy, this one right here? >> yes. >> you. you. ♪ rock around the clock tonight ♪ >> time to ride some coasters. we'll start off with wild eagle. the question is, am i going to be an eagle or am i going to be a chicken? let's go find out. ♪ is there any way you guys can
5:29 am
eliminate the drops for this ride? what about the speed? we go like inset of 61 miles an hour we go 16? no. oh, god. i love you mom and dad! is now the wrong time to tell "fox & friends" that i'm scared of roller coasters? or should that have been before? i'm scared. [screaming] oh! whoo! so was i an eagle or was i a chicken? you decide. ♪ steve: that's a good look, todd. ainsley: you were neither, you were a turkey, todd. that was so funny. >> here is the deal, you all know i began the day as literally the easiest person in america to make fun of.
5:30 am
the combination of my lack of upper body definition, plus the turkey call cemented it for the entire nation. ainsley: that is so funny. >> let's get positive here. you saw the glass blowing. we made a patriotic on mament for our "fox & friends" christmas tree. if you want to learn more about the whole experience, where you can go. we're headed next week to ac, atlantic city, yep, i will fly with the thunder birds. if you thought i sounded funny this week, wait until you see me next week. ainsley: tobin has a turkey call. that is turkey call. can we hear your sound on the roller-coaster now? do we have that cued up? no. steve: we just heard it. ainsley: do it again, todd. steve: todd, thank you very much
5:31 am
pigeon forge, tennessee. brian: that was howard dean. there you go. >> whoa, whoa. steve: not quite a turkey call. ainsley: very similar. thank you, todd. a. steve: good job. that's great. ainsley: in other news, democrats say a blue wave coming but president trump's economy is booming so will that cause it to crash. white house national economic director larry kudlow says absolutely. he is live next. steve: hillary clinton has something to say about kids that want to take a knee during the pledge. ♪
5:32 am
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♪ brian: that is the white house. let's bring in larry kudlow. he goes there to work every day full time. steve: looks like they're doing a little maintenance. brian: that's good. shows the infrastructure we need done. he is with the national economic council. larry, welcome back. >> thank you, appreciate it very much as always. brian: right now, a lot of people are talking about trade. you were kind of nervous before you went to the administration about where we're going with this trade and these tariffs. the market responded negatively to what is going on in turkey. can you reassure people we're beginning to make some headway? >> well, look, the answer is yes we're making great headway in europe, making headway in mexico. we've got a chinese delegation coming next week, kind of
5:36 am
second-level delegation. maybe that he will reopen those talks. i particularly am optimistic about europe and mexico. i think that is going to be reassuring. but i just want to say this, look, my messaging this morning, there are so many weird things in the newspapers and in the media. the single, most, important political story, this year, by far, is the economic boom that virtually no one expected to happen. and indeed no one thought would happen except outside the administration. i want to make that point. that is the political story of the career. it is going to continue right through to the election. an economic boom, 4% growth are recent numbers. we can go through this as much as you want but here's my second point, this is going to have a huge impact on the november midterm elections. i know there is a lot of issues out there and so forth and, god knows we're not going through all of them but look, it is
5:37 am
going to have a huge impact. here is a factoid for you, here is a factoid. after tax, after inflation income, think of it as paycheck income, take-home pay to use ronald reagan's, that is a key political economic indicator, it is moved up from 1% only when potus took office to over 3% recently. any political scientists tell you that is the one to watch for elections. i think because paychecks are rising, the economy is growing unexpectedly, the gop will keep the house. keep the congress. that is my take. steve: larry, i don't know if you read "the new york times," i read the reason things are booming because of a combination between donald trump and the great situation barack obama left the government with. >> i love this story, i just love the story because, all my friends who worked in the obama administration, and i have a bunch of them, told us
5:38 am
repeatedly, we could never grow faster than 2%, ever. that was their mantra, okay? now we're growing at 4%, they're saying obama should take credit. in other words, we couldn't grow at two but, uh-oh, we doubled that to four. so we'll give credit to our man. no way. give donald trump some credit for lowering tax rates, rolling back regulations, trade reform. let me add one, the numbers keep rolling in, that's what's so great. consumer confidence numbers, record high and rising. small business confidence number, record high and rising. large business confidence, record high and rising. we're going to see a big number in the third quarter. the atlanta fed is already predicting over 4%. that would make back-to-back 4%. all i'm saying you can't say on the one hand -- these are pals of mine, used toe come on my tv show, you can't tell me on one
5:39 am
hand it will be never better than two, if we double that to four, we take credit for that even though we told you it couldn't happen. it did happen. it is the story of the year. it will be big election impact. brian: president obama blamed president bush for at least three years, maybe six. ainsley: larry, another big story, the headline, the crowd was shocked, when andrew cuomo, the governor of new york, stepped up to the microphone, he was signing this bill, the crowd was shocked when he was rebuking the president's slogan make america great again, when he said this, listen? >> we'll not make america great again. it was never that great. [shouting] ainsley: it was never that great, nerc was never that great. what is your reaction? >> you don't know andrew would say that even his own crowd starts booing him. i have no idea. he is gone off the tracks on
5:40 am
this. can i insert? i don't like to do partisan stuff. i knew andrew cuomo's father, mario cuomo. long time liberal democratic governor. he was a class act. served in the military. no matter your disagreements with mario cuomo, you always got along with him. mario cuomo loved america, fought for it. steve: he was living the american dream. >> why andrew would make a horrible statement like that is beyond belief to me. i just don't get it. brian: yeah, similar, i know you don't like to do partisan stuff, cory booker said something savagely wrong in the state of america. bernie sanders says there is something fundamentally immoral and wrong in nerc. elizabeth warren says law enforcement is racist from front to back. hard to get past this. this is extreme language about our own country.
5:41 am
>> i know. i it reminds me of the '80s, when i was down here working for president reagan because the democratic party in those days was very far to the left in '80s. they always blamed america first. jean kirkpatrick gave famous speech to the gop convention, called san francisco democrats who blame america first. you are seeing a repeat of that. i will say with my limited political scope it is not going to work. the story, again, i don't mean to repeat, the story this year is an economic boom that virtually no one expected. steve: sure. >> frankly whatever you think, president trump, who is completely revised our policies on lower taxes and regulations and energy and trade, you just got to give him credit. no more punishing success. no more attacking business. look at these confidence numbers. there is new management in town. i think it's working, i really
5:42 am
do. steve: larry, quick exit question, i heard we're pretty close to a deal with mexico to right-size nafta. how close are we? you have got 20 seconds? >> ambassador bob lighthizer said we're getting there, we're getting there. so i'm very optimistic about this. i think it would be a huge win for both countries and i think we're going to have a lot of progress on europe as well. ainsley: thank you, larry. brian: larry kudlow, great to see you. do you get a sense he knows how to host a show? ainsley: so much fun to interview because he is so real. a swimmer attacked by a shark just feet from the coast of cape cod. we are live there coming up next with that story. steve: oh, boy. are you prepared for a natural disaster? wherever you are that is always a possibility. skip bedell with how that bag there could save your life if the worst happens. stick around.
5:43 am
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jillian: good morning to you. back with some quick headlines. look at the toy car up in flames. a mother said she god her toddler's out safely just in the nick of time. >> it was alarming, how quickly it went up. like, it went from just a little bit of smoke to a full-on fire within like two minutes. jillian: take a look. that is all that is left of that car. the 16-month-old and three-year-old kids are okay. massachusetts fire chief thinks the incident is related to the car's battery. the toy distributor claims a fire is practically impossible until something is modified or out of the ordinary. 11-year-old girl inspired by colin kaepernick to kneel for pledge of allegiance. now she is gaining support from hillary clinton. >> it is in my rights that i'm allowed to kneel. students are allowed to take stands as honk as it is not disruptive. jillian: that is marianna taylor
5:47 am
from. hillary clinton said it takes courage to exercise your right to protest and injustice especially 11. the teacher reprimanded her for the protest. but the school is not taking action. send it downstairs to you guys. steve? steve: get me out of the water. that desperate call for help after a swimmer was attacked by a shark just off cape cod. brian: two recent nursing graduates now credited for saving his life. ainsley: michael heinrich from our fox affiliate up in boston is live outside of the hospital where that victim is recovering. hi, michael. reporter: we're still working to find out how this man is doing. 61-year-old man, victim of a reported shark attack is getting treatment here at tufts medical center in boston after getting airlifted here, med flighted here from the cape. this all happened yesterday afternoon around 4:00 in truro, massachusetts a beach there faces the atlantic ocean and
5:48 am
witnesses say they saw seals there around that time. and then, this reported shark attack occurred. witnesses tell us they heard the man scream for help, and beachgoers went in to pull this person to shore, using towels on wounds, puncture wound to his torso and leg. they tried to get him help quickly but cell service was so bad, someone had to run up a sand dune in order to get to a landline inside of a home to call 911. first-responders carried him up the sand dune before getting him the help he needed. again right now we do not know how this person is doing, how he is coping with these injuries after a terrifying situation but we are going to stay on it. for now, i'm reporting live in boston. back to you. steve: michael, thank you very much. the first shark attack on cape cod since 2012. holy cow. brian: i'm tempted to comment. ainsley: brian hates sharks. steve: i've seen that.
5:49 am
meanwhile 12 minutes before the top of the hour. up next, are you prepared for a natural disaster? skip bedell is here with what you need to know if the worst happens. quid speed. you'll ask... what pain? advil liqui-gels minis.
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ainsley: good morning, everybody. president trump yanks ex-cia chief john brennan security clearance. new york governor andrew cuomo claims america was never that great. president trump hold as cabinet meeting. we'll monitor the live event. parents of missing journalist austin tice. on the fight to bring him home. a big show coming up. jim jordan, mike huckabee, pete ink king, join us live in "america's newsroom." steve: are you prepared for a natural disaster? do you know what your family should do without power for a
5:53 am
week, what would you do? if your house got flooded in the basement? ainsley: no clue. we called skip bedell to come in with the best products for emergency prepareness. host of catch a contractor. >> sometimes seconds make the difference in life or death. we find products make a difference., they prepack everything you need for your family to get out quick. you need to the hit road, food rations, drinking water, solar powered kits in the bag. one to six people. survival up to a week. they thought of everything. don't have to put a thought. even a bag for your pets. if you head out the door, can't think what you need. it is all prepacked to go. like in the military, bug-out bag. everything you need to survive up to a week for the whole family. >> for the house, the car? >>, for the house and car and your pets. five dollars goes to disaster relief victims.
5:54 am
keeping the lights on. you have to have lights to check the electrical panel. this is ultimate in battery powered lights. 700 loom men's on this little flashlight. check your electrical panel this lantern. batter operated. usb ports on the back to keep your phone charged. this thing runs forever. they're amazing power they get out of these batteries. it will light your whole yard, basement, wherever. when the the storm is over evenf lights are not on. >> collapsable. >> collapsable. milwaukee leader in battery powered lighting. champion has best generations. two models, portable unit operates not only on gasoline if there is no gas available in the storm, how many times, it will run own your barbecue tank. steve: that's good. >> totally portable. steve: my neighbor got these, it will run off natural gas. >> this whole house generator this hooks up to natural gas.
5:55 am
never refuel it. this is automatic standby. powers up the whole house. >> now the time to buy it. not when storm is happening. >> get prepared now. so when it happens, sometimes, one minute can make the difference of life or death, right? speaking of getting all the power back on. water is the biggest problem. >> thumb per one killer. >> flash floods, hurricane. you have to get the water out. simpson is the number one name in pumps. these pumps pump hundreds of gallons of water per minute. so when the water is all done, the storm is over. you have to get water out of the basement, pet it out of the house. simpson pumps get that done. speaking of water, personal flotation devices how many times cars are washed down the road from a flash flood. you don't know what is happening or coming. put on personal flotation device. this has co. 2 canister. have one for each person. even if the car is washed out. strongest swimmers can't compete. it has co2.
5:56 am
pull the rip cord, blows up automatically. if you're unconscious inflates on the own when it hits water. floatation for pets. we'll evac, how many times the pets don't make it. they have hand ills on the back. any size for your dog, your cat. steve: awesome. >> everybody is getting out. everybody is making it because the water is really the killer. >> so glad you're doing this segment because as weather person, we say be prepared, be prepared, be prepared. we need this stuff. you never know when a storm could happen. you never know when a flood could sweep your car away. >> if you're not prepared, you're not going to make it. steve: if you like more information, go to skip bedell dot-com. >> that is the place. >> -- is happening right now. ♪
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i want to believe it. [ claps hands ] ♪ ooh i'm not hearing the confidence. okay, hold the name your price tool. power of options based on your budget! and! ♪ we'll make heaven a place on earth ♪ yeah! oh, my angels! ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪ [ sobs quietly ] >> join us tomorrow. scotty mccreery will be our
6:00 am
featured performer in the concert series brought to you by keurig. >> have a wonderful day tomorrow. we'll see you with a great show tomorrow with music on the plaza. stay tuned for the "after the show show". >> bill: thanks, guys. reaction pouring in after president trump pulls the security clearance from john brennan and the white house says there might be more to come. i'm bill hemmer. the team is back together today inside "america's newsroom." hello. how are you doing? all right? we missed you, welcome back. >> sandra: got a little rest. we're back in action this morning. i'm sandra smith. the president following through on threats to strip away assets for one of his harshest critics sarah sanders says it's more about keeping the country safe. >> mr. brennan has recently leveraged his status as a former high-ranking official with access to highly sensitive information to make a series of unfounded and outrageous


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