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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 17, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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analogy. he had a gas guzzling car. >> yeah. >> neil: i want to thank you. >> thank you, neil. >> i have your emotional support dog. >> neil: that will do it. "the five" is now. ♪ >> juan: hello everyone, i am here with jesse watters, dana perino and greg gutfeld. this is "the five. ." >> juan: president trump reportedly ready to revoke more security clearances as 13 former top intelligence officials representing republican and democratic administrations blasted the decision to take away john brennan's security clearance with a statement of support. the president explaining his rationale on the white house lawn earlier. >> president trump: i have
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tremendous response from having done that, because security clearances are very important to me. there is no silence, if anything, i'm giving him a bigger voice. many people don't know who he is and know he has a bigger voice. and that's okay with me because i like taking on voices like this. i've never respected him, never had a lot of respect. >> juan: president trump adding that demoted doj official bruce ohr could be next to lose his clearance. meanwhile, ex-acting cia director mike morrow who was among the officials condemning trump is accusing the president of trying to silence critics. >> the use of a national security tool for political purposes is inappropriate, unprecedented, and dangerous in a democracy. the risk here is that, a number of people will no longer speak out because they are afraid of the president taking action for them.
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>> juan: is this a silence for the critic? >> no, brennan was out of control. he wasn't on tv disagree with the policies of the president. he lies to congress, gets on television and calls a president treasonous. i don't understand why this guy would have access to this. in case the current administration wants to consult with them, they may be of help. this is a guy that's completely partisan the second his security clearance is revoked. donald trump definitely colluded and that's why you don't have a security clearance anymore. it's one thing to have an opinion about policy and it's another thing to actively and relentlessly be on television trying to use the fact that everybody knows you have access to the security and high level net national security information so that you might actually know and, they are
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standing in society. it's totally testified that this guy should... clearance, but i think anyone arguing otherwise has not been listening to brennan's comments. william webster, george tannen, porter goff, mike hayden. leon panetta, david pretorius, jim clapper. what do you make of this? i wanted to ask you, when trump said on the lawn, nobody has ever heard of him, i'm giving him more publicity and making him bigger than ever, what did you think? >> that, we have a lot of respect for everything they've done to protect the country and weed out the enemies. i just happen to disagree, they are sticking together and that's what they do. i understand that, just like anyone would stick together if they came after your fellow
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brethren. but i agree with jedediah. this guy deserves to have this revoked because of his behavior, not just him saying that the president is a traitor or calling on administration officials to use article 22 of the constitution to remove him from office, and making veiled threats, like you're going to get something one day. he told the senate under oath that he didn't see any evidence of collusion and he never said that there was evidence of collusion when he put forth that intelligence assessment report after the election. now he runs to "the new york times" and says there's evidence of collusion? is not honest, he's been caught telling lies and just spying on senate staffers. he was the cia station chief and involved with the wmd fiasco. he actually handed benghazi survivors of nondisclosure agreements at the memorial service for their fallen soldie
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soldier. the guy didn't deserve to be cia director, everyone said he was more of a political appointee and it now makes clear sense. >> juan: so how do you interpret the 12 top intelligence officials, and it's more than that now, or make the case, and i'm quoting "revoking a security clearance should be based on national security concerns, not political views." >> there are like 13 ways you can lose your security clearance. erratic -- using the word erratic in the initial statement was the reason it was actually clever because that's actually one of the ways you get a security clearance, if you can prove you are not erratic. but the president said he was erratic and then he said basically it was because of mostly the russia investigation, but the other things that jedediah and jesse pointed out are true. even absolute power has some constitutional limits and our society.
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if john brennan had done all the previous things but had been on television saying, the president as a right, it's a rigged witch hunt, he would not have lost his security clearance. it is political and i think professionals are saying it's better for us as a country to keep us safe and of the continuity to keep us altogether. richard burr, who is the senate committee chairman who is a republican, and he's been pretty quiet during this entire thing. people have a lot of respect for the senate investigation. he said to brennan, if you had had some sort of idea or proof that there was collusion in 2016, why did you wait until yesterday to tell "new york times" about that? why didn't you bring it to us before hand where we could actually do something about it? >> this is an interesting charge because we have a situation where dianne feinstein had a chinese person that apparently had ties to the chinese government. and then the cia and intelligence community told dianne feinstein about it.
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the question is, why didn't you tell the trump administration? what we hear from brennan, this was an effort from the obama administration not to get involved in the political campaign. greg, are you buying this? us before i think having a driver as a spy is a great idea because drivers hear everything. jfk airport, you get on the phone and you are in a fight with somebody and the driver just soaks it all in. you are in the backseat and the driver doesn't exist, and you are yelling and screaming. the chinese, that's brilliant. and i guarantee you, there are more of those spies out there because that's a great idea. i think -- there's a really funny story on on what spurred brennan on to go after the russia collusion story and it was based on a joke that trump made.
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and scott adams, everybody drink [laughs] but is quoting scott adams for pointing out that brennan what spurred on by a joke. only the truly humorless could have taken that seriously which leads me to my next point, i don't really take this seriously. this doesn't really upset me. we live in a new world. we could say every day that this was unprecedented. while we could say no president has used this language before, but if we keep saying this is unprecedented, as they were saying in that clip, it's pointless. i think trump -- this is another example of how he can mess with the media and mess with the democratic party, one in the same, while the rest of america including our viewers carry on. democracy does not die in the darkness, it dies in their hysteria. >> you say unprecedented and that's exactly right. the media acts like every single
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day donald trump has come down the escalator and said this thing about mexicans, it's like groundhog day. every day he shocks the conscience. most of the rest of the country has absorbed it, we understand this is the new reality we are living in. so we understand that donald trump says something that's incredibly controversial in the media piles it on, they put all these words in a basket. authoritarian, racist, bigot. then they mix it up and pull it out and whatever the word of the day is that week they will label the trump administration as. >> and i want to help them because i believe that they are sincere in their emotional distress. there needs to be a life alert for these triggers. >> emotional immaturity because most people have now been jaded enough to realize that the president is the president, he gets in the gutter and throws haymaker's after every single thing and this is the new world we live in. >> i think they become unhinged.
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to me, the scariest part about brennan is he looks unhinged. the things he tweets out, these are not things that someone who is of sane mind and sane -- who is able to say i disagree with the president on x, y, and z, that trump derangement syndrome, people in the media hate when you say that but it is real. it's real when you sit and you have to find something every minute of every day to pick on trump. you can take issue with this policy, you can take issue with whatever you want but not on a constant basis. so much so that i'm starting to read headlines over the hill about furniture and trump changing the furniture out, changing it from them furniture that melania liked. at this point people look at the media, and but i know a couple
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of them and they don't like what has happened in terms of former intel officials going out and being very political. maybe not all of those 13 but in the intel intel world, the former intelligence professionals, they wish that somebody like brennan had not decided to go and make it political because it makes it harder for all of them. the importance of them being able to talk when another without fear, it's really important for all of our futures, i think. >> there are two things that i want to raise because we have to go quickly. i was listening to chris wallace on the 3:00 show and chris was saying, it seems to me like trump likes to pick his spoils. and he has made brennan like maxine waters into his coil. he's picked this guy is a representative of -- you will love this jesse, deep state. does this play -- >> he's not attacking a black woman because
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you guys say, trump only goes after minorities. this is it a straight white male who trump is going after, let's be clear. brennan has been the most vocal and a vicious critic of this president. sally yates, former obama administration official, not even james comey has said the same things that brennan has said and that's what he has elevated himself to public enemy number one. >> what do you mean? >> i see that bob corker, the republican of tennessee says, what goes on in banana republic? >> you tend to add the sentence after everything trump does. does this play to his base? it doesn't mean anything. and it's pointless. >> don't go anywhere because we
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are debuting a brand-new segment on "the five" later. and also potential jail time for a friend who pushed a girl 50 feet off of the bridge. stay tuned. ♪ (ford chime) it's the ford summer sales event and now is the best time to buy. you ready for this, junior? yeah, i think i can handle it. no pressure... ...that's just my favorite boat. boom. 's so
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shocking video that america has been talking about all week. an 18-year-old woman filmed pushing her teenage friend off of a 60-foot bridge. prosecutors just announcing that taylor smith has been charged with reckless endangerment following the incident after 16-year-old jordan fulkerson suffered broken ribs and a bruised esophagus. if convicted, smith could face up to one year in jail. they not, how do you say and see this? >> i actually learned something from the daily briefing earlier because he was saying that because she was pushed in that way and fell face first and landed on her stomach, which is why she has a broken ribs and a bruised esophagus, if you jump you are able to land feet first you are going to be better off and hopefully not get hurt. i'm assuming a lot of people
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have done this. but the push i think probably needed to be punished. the one she's facing a year in jail and a $5,000 fine. >> greg: in times like this i don't think you understand the laws of physics and motions. she's on the other side of the bridge in a bikini, thinking about something. i've watched the segment and, they are best friends, there was no intent to harm her. be one big push though. >> greg: you can tell she was thinking and counting it down. but i think a lawsuit will probably happen, but i don't see jail time. i don't think there was malicious intent to hurt somebody. if her friend and knew that she could break her ribs or injure her esophagus, she's not going to do that. i think it was just tomfoolery or tonya foolery. >> juan: the 18-year-old friend claims that her friend wanted to be pushed and went to
2:19 pm
go visit her in the hospital afterwards and was refused entry. it looks like as a greg said this will be in the courts. >> the girl who got pushed is really mad now. she's on video saying she wanted her friend to be punished. i just don't understand, the 18-year-old that pushed her, i don't think there was malicious intent. but you look at that potential fall, i don't know what was going on in her head, that she thought that pushing somebody off that could possibly end well. the thing is, if you do jump, you can control the positioning of your body. you have some control over what's happening. to surprise someone, i don't know. i feel like an 18-year-old should have had a better head on her shoulders to not do that. even if your friend is there and was going to jump, it's one thing to jump and it's another thing to push someone when they are not prepared. those are two different scenarios. >> you think someone who is 18 and should have had their head
2:20 pm
on the shoulder shoulders? well, one is 18 and one to 16. in addition i think she stepped over the rail and put herself in that position. i don't know about that. but the friend has no right to push her, but i will say that she thought that she could somehow land flat, and i think like dana was saying, she should have tried to dive but she couldn't. >> she said she lost consciousness on the way down. >> the argument isn't about stupidity, it's about maliciousness. we all agree it's stupid, but we can't agree on maliciousness. >> the charges reckless endangerment. nothing is considered intentional. >> while you don't know how athletic this girl is. she scared and gets a big push, to be able to maneuver yourself into diving position 60 feet in the air, she was not prepared. if you want to do that to a friend, you give them a little
2:21 pm
nudge so they can gather themselves and land feet first. >> i didn't know there was an art to this. [laughs] >> that hard push will make her carry over and her momentum will make her land -- >> i thank god that when i was 18 or 17 or 16, we didn't have smartphones. because all of us data, or i will speak for myself, that wasf her friend. my kids said, let's go bungee jumping. i'm not stepping in there. no one would have a chance to push me. >> do group remember -- did you ever have a kid in class pull out the chair from under you? i thought that was funny but you could break a tailbone. >> you are that kid, i can tell. >> are luke liberals losing speak over all the winning during the a trump presidency? we will talk about that, next.
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>> if you find yourself losing sleep over politics, you are not alone. many people are admitting getting lack of shut eye over our current roller coaster like political landscape. all that tossing and turning on late night hair pulling thinking about trumps a winning is affecting 20% of those with a college degree and 9% of those with a college degree or less. the hardest hit, younger baby boomers, ages 54-63 are the most likely group to lose sleep over america's political climate. greg, does that surprise you? >> greg: emphasis on baby boomer. it's not a surprise that people in college are more affected by this because they are too close to the buyer, , fire, fire being
2:27 pm
politics. i will take the is present a problems over problems in the past. if the newspapers were honest, they would run a daily correction saying, yesterday we set the world would end and we regret the error. they really would regret the error. >> i think the issue is social media for a lot of people because when you are on twitter, and that's why i wrote the book, hashtag do not disturb. the issue is, you are on twitter and you see this constant flow of information all the time. there is no break, you go to other websites and you are inundated. people aren't able to process information at that pace anymore so they kind of start to lose their minds, myself included. >> yes, be more disciplined about putting things away, your phones or your emails. i would also say that people ages 54-63, they are generally
2:28 pm
at the age where you start being unable to sleep and it doesn't really have to do with politics, it has to do with age. i think people are making up excuses. there is not a woman i know my age who sleeps really well every night and it's not because of politics, it's just because we are human. >> i'm up at 3:00 a.m. exactly and i wander around the park apartment until i fall asleep. >> i don't want to ask what you do in that time. >> now, you are immersed in politics all day long, what do you do to keep sane? does the trump news ever drive you insane? >> while i haven't slept since november of 2016. i'm trying to put it together. now, i saw that that psychologists are having a meeting out in san francisco and they have here, jedediah, 15 symposiums on what trump has done for the american mind. it talks about people who say
2:29 pm
they feel hopeless, they have no control, people say they are now fearful because of trump. so i've been trying to figure it out with the psychiatrists, and i thought, maybe if i took a sleeping pill. but if i took a sleeping pill than i would miss trump destroying me, and i can't do that. i need to be alert. >> you have to sleep with one eye open. [laughter] >> that's right. the only problem is, the wife doesn't like it. >> i was up all last night thinking about bruce ohr. think about it, what's so funny? he's hiding meetings from the fbi, hiding payments to his wife from fusion gps that the media is now covering and i'm thinking, why is the media not covering it? that's what was keeping me up last night. and money. i don't make as much as greg so it's driving me crazy and i'm stressed out. [laughter] i might actually buy a llama for
2:30 pm
any emotional support pat. >> i read that jill abramson who used to run the times has an obama doll and her purse. like as a comfort. >> she says, it's unbelievable what happened in the country so she looks back to the last time we had a competent, able president as a source of comfort. >> while that's a first for me. coming up, we are debuting a brand-new spanking segment on "the five" and day and reveal it, next. ♪ or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. but allstate helps you. with drivewise.
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2:35 pm
that's not in the show. we've written that down and thrown it into this hat and i will randomly pick one of those topics. >> unicorns. [laughs] >> it's really put together here. here. ufo was spotted in north carolina turns out to be a good year blimp. now i have a few bullet points. a north carolina man sent the internet into a frenzy after capturing what he believed to be a ufo hovering over a sky near a lake on his cell phone. it turned out that there was a good year blimp covering a nearby nascar race. good years statement about the incident, we don't want to get into the middle of a good story but that's definitely us. >> if that's the best part of the story is that that guy does not believe it still. and i've seen a few things in the sky myself that i thought perhaps were ufos and a couple
2:36 pm
of times i have been corrected it wasn't a blimp, it was something else, but that's my favorite part of the story. >> didn't we have one of these things not too long ago were the pilots thought there was something in the sky and there was an explanation? >> it was like the fly was caught in the glass or something and you could see it moving. here's the deal, growing up in my era of the 70s, you heard about ufos all the time. there were documentaries, the stuff about bigfoot and loch ness monster, and space aliens. now we live in this era of smartphones and we don't see any of this which is proof that none of this existed. we have everybody -- everybody is armed with a camera for evidence. >> we saw something like sasquatch that was chasing a moose. >> it was alec baldwin, he was trying to get a taco.
2:37 pm
>> and you were behind him with your cell phone. but jessie, you got your pick, this is deep state. this is a supporter who says, i don't believe anything. it's a big orange balloon over fifth avenue. >> i don't want to share, but i am a believer. i think greg is way out of line to think he is so important that he is the only living species in the galaxy. come on, greg. >> you've never even seen anything in the sky that you thought was suspicious? >> i think that will restore his credibility. new york university makes tuition free for all medical students. did you see this?
2:38 pm
they gave away $600 million. [laughter] >> give her a break. >> we are just trying to get a number. [laughter] >> that is just so bad. let's pick another one. >> you go to school, they are helping young people become doctors. >> that's even worse. [laughter] >> this is mine. southwest airlines is normally allowing miniature horses on its claim as support animals. so we picked the same one.
2:39 pm
>> we were the ones -- >> wait a second. i thought the airlines were cracking down on these awkward animals? >> they are. you can only have three, a miniature horse, a dog, and a cat. >> when you have to clean up after them, that's the size of a big horse. >> the thing is, it does kind of picks me off that people are gaining assistance, what happens is something is great, and then you have all these other people going, then i don't have to pay for shipping the animal or the extra stuff, i will apply for this online. they make it too easy. >> people have serious psychological conditions and you are making fun of them. you are not apathetic enough.
2:40 pm
and it makes me very anxious. >> you need one of these. >> my therapy animal is a wild turkey. >> i have one last one. prepare for a war on balloons and environmental experts say, this is the company that wants to ban straws. now environmentalists say the pieces of balloons that fall back to earth can be deadly to seabirds and turtles that eat them. clemson university is ending its tradition of sending 10,000 balloons into the air. >> first -- we are getting ready of everything that's fun. candles are next. >> so what do you do when they in fact say it pollutes the ocean, and it's causing electronic outages.
2:41 pm
so if the lights go out, then you say was that a philia balloon? >> i feel differently about this one. >> especially the mylar ones. >> let's just ban the live ones. >> let us know what you want to think about the new segment. i will make sure to come up with a new story next time. >> nobody tweets positive stuff. >> stay right there, fan mail friday it is up next. ♪
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>> and, dana is still mad at. >> dana: i just have a better understanding now. >> but it was your idea, the whole hat deal. >> kiss up. just make up. >> first up, fan mail question.
2:46 pm
maria corcoran asked a very good question. if you could create a new political party, and boy do we need one, what would you name it and what would be its main philosophy and a top priority? all right. i have to go to jesse. >> i mean, i think there is a place in this country for fiscal conservatives and social liberals. whenever you talk to people that are under 30, they say, fiscally conservative but socially liberal, there is a lot of people that say that. >> what's interesting though, that recent study -- i'm sorry, but it's true. if you -- i hear from a lot of people, fiscally conservative, social and liberal but honestly, pretty much you know all of the them. but i appreciate the sentiment. >> would do -- if you started a
2:47 pm
party, what it be? >> rent is too high. i think i would recall at the republican party. two-point oh and it would stand for free trade, low deficit, emigration that helped our country grow, and i would say, enough of this trump party, we will have a real republican. >> we don't need a real party, we are already in charge of the house, the senate and the white house. >> that's the trump colts. i'm talking about a real political party. >> difficult winds, it isn't a cult, it's a party. >> i think i should call at the freedom lovers. i'm good at that stuff. >> like absolute freedom? >> and of the tagline would be about keeping more of your money. because i think most people look at both parties and they think taxes and they think, they don't even know mike care about freedom selectively. so freedom lovers and you take more of your paycheck home, i
2:48 pm
win. >> mine is called the unitarians, it's unicorn libertarianism. so unicorns are fun, we can all agree. so a unitarian would legalize all fun things. the only way that can work is if everybody leaves everybody alone and doesn't lecture them on their fun things that they like to do. we can have balloons -- if you don't want to have balloons then we just go our separate ways. but you don't lecture me on it. we unitarians will be armed, so armed with their big horns. i should shut up now and go to the next question. >> did you answer? i thought you did but -- >> she's good. >> dana, i'm going to your first on this. this is from ben lena 15.
2:49 pm
what is the strangest item that you have in your home and, do not explain why. that's an interesting command. >> at the strangest thing. what about the harley with the sidecar? >> that's pretty good. jedediah? >> i have lots of miniature versions of large things. i want to explain why, because you said not to. it's probably in my best interest that i don't. a small cheese grater, miniature knives and forks. [laughter] >> i mean, bobbleheads, you just pick them up at ball games, and i have an elliptical, and that's pretty weird people are like, what's that doing there? and i said, i exercise on it and things. that's not weird. >> i have an unsigned copy of the gut failed monologue.
2:50 pm
[laughs] >> the strangest sight in my home is me. instagram, french firecracker asks, you find a briefcase full of money in your travels, what would you do with it? don't say immediately give it to charity. >> juan: i give it back to some whoever it belonged to. it recently came out in the news that they did that. >> what about you, dana? it's at >> dana: i would always feel guilty if i took it so i would take it back to the hotel or wherever it was. >> what about you? >> i would look for a tag, if it was on like luggage or something. the thing is if you take it back to the hotel, you know somebody else is going to spend that money. >> but then it's on your his
2:51 pm
conscience, not yours. >> but i don't sleep well, am over 50. >> if that's. >> so you find a briefcase of money in your travels, what do you do with it? >> i keep the cash, 100%. i think that's the right move. >> i keep the cash and if it ever catches up to me i played dumb and say i found it. [laughter] >> i would visit you in jail. >> i don't think you can get locked up for that. >> i think you can actually. >> i don't know what i would do, i'm just exhausted. one more thing is up next. ♪ okay we need to get all your school supplies today...
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with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. >> welcome back to the party. time now for "one more thing." >> we have a real murderer's row on the water world. the moche, diamond and silk. also a special report on alex jones getting shut down pretty much everywhere by ed henry, and the green party candidate that spoil the election for democrats, he joins me in waters world, don't miss it. >> dana? >> dana: tomorrow is clear the shelter's day which is an annual event where if you want to go to animal shelters to rescue a pet, they will reduce the adoption fee in order to help animals and need to get there forever home,
2:56 pm
as i call them. over 900 shelters and rescue groups across the country are participating so you could save a lot of money and save a life. if you go to clear the you can find a participating shelter near you. >> now you have to say that with caring and compassionate, "one more thing." >> and also, it will not rain. you guys, i have a lot to think about over the weekend. [laughter] >> greg, you are up. >> greg: you know, i won't do this with redeye, just ignore him. "the greg gutfeld show" tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. hollie mckay, we have lots of surprises. nothing quite like jesse, but i swear it's going to be fun. and now, how about a little bit of this. or not. where is it? there it is. greg's political division news.
2:57 pm
there you go. now you killed it, i just wanted to say, we keep talking about political division and people not getting along, take a look at this. why don't we just move on? [laughter] >> there it is. if a dock and a dog can sit on a swing together, can't we all get along? can't all different political stripes and parties get along, if they could just be on the swing? >> except for that guy. >> it could be the feathers and for a party. [laughter] >> there you go dana. >> dana: i didn't mean it that way. i need to get off the air. [laughter] >> we are rooting for you, kid. [laughs] people think that soccer is not a tough game. well, take a look at my son. it is a recreational league soccer team last night sent into the hospital.
2:58 pm
he got a concussion and they had to give them 15 stitches in his mouth and his face to put them back together again. he was in the goal trying to punch the ball away when the offensive player tried to head the ball into the goal and instead ended up smashing heads. his mother tells me he was knocked out for a few minutes before doctors were able to revive him. >> is he still a republican? >> do i need to knock some sense into him? >> i don't know about that. >> this is my daily animals are better than people segment. [laughter] golden retriever molly cuddles a rescue horse sammy in an adorable video that went viral. if this doesn't mild your heart, i don't know what to say about you and you must be dead inside. the video was shared by caroline knight equine rescue and assistance, and you can see them snuggling. the rescue horse came into the shelter and was skinny and
2:59 pm
scared and the golden retriever goes over and decides to make the horse feel at home. i don't understand why people can't do this. >> this is perverted. what are we seeing people, i horse and a dog are not supposed to be together. >> look at this beautiful dog in this horse. >> we have time for one more question. what fictional place would you like to visit the most? >> fictional place? >> narnia. >> i was going to say that. >> what about mayberry? >> i was going to say vermont. [laughter] >> you always say the hobbit. >> but i can't remember the name of the land. she is. >> we should know about those brownies before the show. >> this is why i have never smoked pot. [laughter] imagine how bad that would be!
3:00 pm
[laughter] >> or how good it would be. >> i want to go to wonderland. >> we will be back here on monday. roses are red, violets are blue and this is the end of >> bret: this is a fox news alert, welcome to washington. a new pentagon report says that china's air force is taking aim at the u.s. the annual report states that the chinese military is likely training for strikes on u.s. targets and that's not all. this report includes the people's liberation army improving already formidable cyber operations. the reports drops today after reports that trump is restarting trade talks with china.


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