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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 21, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> she writes a report that i'm innocent. >> it is tuesday, august 21st, special counsel showdown. >> the president rails against the russia probe. >> more border patrol supporters the immigration debate ranges on. >> sending out crazy tweets. >> the vma turning into a political sideshow.
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jillian: "fox and friends first" continue right now. ♪ >> no stopping us now. i was pooled and got a country song. don't know what i am talking about on tuesday morning. >> unloading on robert mueller, targeting the russia investigation. rob: the president later addressing his role expressing concerns of a perjury trap. jillian: the very latest, enjoyed that singing from rob.
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>> reporter: it was unbelievable, no stopping us now. in an interview with reuters the president making his thoughts known. he could take the investigation if he wanted, i can do whatever. i could run it if i went but i decided to stay out. i could be involved if i wanted to be. i haven't chosen to be involved, i will stay out, that reference to rod rosenstein to fire or replace mueller. the president raised concerns about speaking to mueller warding -- saying he says something, my word against his, mueller might say even if i'm telling the truth that makes me a liar, that is no good. the president went on a twitter rent saying disgraced and discredited bob mueller, 30 hours in the white house counsel, for purposes of
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transparency, anyone who needs that much time when they there is no russia conclusion is looking for trouble, and ruining people's lives and refused to look at corruption on the democrat side. there is so much more, mueller's angry dems looking to impact the election, a national disgrace. the president's attorney rudy giuliani downplayed the cooperation indicating he would not be allowed to sit down with mueller sarcastically saying this. >> you give us the questions, not under oath or q&a. and you write a report that i'm innocent before questioning it. >> if it left any doubts where he stands he will address it in a rally in west virginia tonight. >> we are looking forward to that. >> many on the left accused the
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president of collusion, obstruction of justice and even treason. >> at some point democrats have to pick a story and stick to it. >> some critics have to get their narrative right. either donald trump is obstructing justice or he isn't. the narrative is donald trump obstructed justice, refusing to meet with special counsel and attacking mueller, obstruction of the investigation and found out the president about his white house counsel to spend 30 hours with mueller. he waved executive privilege and attorney-client privilege to do it and they say he made a mistake. the president of the united states is behaving like someone who says i didn't collude with russia and what speed it up and get going. >> the 15 month russia probe has yet to offer any evidence of wrongdoing by the president. >> the last known nazi
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collaborator in the united states is deported to germany. ice agents arresting 95-year-old at his home in queens, new york. according to the justice department this man served as an armed guard at a death camp in world war ii and lied immigration officials about his role in the war. a judge revoked his citizenship for deportation in 2005. it is unclear he will face prosecution in germany. 95 years old. celebrating the men and women who protect our border, throwing support behind i sent border patrol agents. >> my administration will not rest until you have the resources, the tools and the authorities you need to do it properly. we love you, we support you and
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we will always have your back. >> the president vowing to stop america's catch and release policy which allows some immigrants who have been arrested to be released by the immigration hearing. >> donald trump vowing not to make concessions in the release of andrew brunson. the us has done everything right. >> the us has been disciplined in how they approach this with turkey. they started with quiet discipline, they gradually demonstrate their frustrations. >> turkey proposed the us will spend billions of dollars of find and drop the investigation into a turkish bank in exchange for andrew brunson's release, the white house rejected that offer, donald trump's message to disgraced cia director, bring it on, the worst cia director in
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the country's history, it will be easy to get his records, texts, emails and documents to show not only the poor job he did but how he was involved in the mueller rigged witchhunt, he hit the sunday talkshow circuit admitting he had been contacted by lawyers and is willing to file a lawsuit over security clearance being revoked and hinting at doing the same thing for cia analysts philip mudd after what he called an unhinged tv appearance. rob: the first lady preparing for her first solo trip to africa. she visited several countries in africa in october, more about issues coming on the same day she spoke at an anti-cyber bullying summit. >> most are aware of the benefits of social media. we still need to do all we can
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to provide information for successful and safe online habits. rob: stopping cyber bullying is a focus of the be best campaign. jillian: the mtv music video awards turned political. comedian kevin hart digging into donald trump before presenting the first award of the night. >> we are allowed coast-to-coast right now, looking at this like game day. do not worry because you are allowed to kneel or do what you want. know old white man can stop you. you never know what will happen. bad language, people running to the bathroom sending out crazy tweets, basically like a typical day at the white house. rob: we are getting used to this. he wore sure slamming the border wall as a number of immigrant children stood behind him with shirts that said we are all human beings.
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his performance protested the trump administration at 0-tolerance immigration policy. jillian: we want to know what you think of the latest political digs, send been able to friends first or send your thoughts on social media pages. it is august but feels like fall. we are loving this. >> much-needed relief, humidity. but -- i aim to please. rob: you didn't have to say that. >> i love it when you love the weather. 68, less humidity and getting into the season the temperatures cool, not as much humidity. past 24 hours the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the midwest and that will head
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eastward as the area of low pressure lengthens, severe threat in the ohio river valley and the interior northeast and that will move to the northeast tomorrow. enjoy the day today because we will see strong to severe storms as we head into tomorrow in the northeast. out west, not getting any relief yet again and temperatures remain very warm especially in the northwest and the rockies. temperatures in the 90s, not good for firefighters. we are not getting the moisture we need to see. still warm across the south and a nice refreshing 76 in new york city, don't you love it? it is like celebration whether. jillian: i heard you singing at the beginning of the show, now i have that song in my head. rob: that is the country version. jillian: so many talents.
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rob: something wrong with your ears. 10 minutes after the hour, john brennan blasting donald trump over revoked security clearance but admits officials are making money off of it. >> they serve on boards of directors that require security clearances because the companies involved deal with certain information. rob: it was a swampy soundbite on meet the press. a former cia operative who had security clearance calling out the former cia top boss. jillian: does this look for your? a liberal getting called out for copying our commander-in-chief when we come back with my bladde, the products i've tried just didn't fit right. they were very saggy. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with new sizes, depend fit-flex is made for me. introducing more sizes for better comfort. new depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit.
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>> a pair of rockets toward the presidential palace.
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>> [speaking in native tongue] jillian: the first rocket landing not far from the presidential palace, the second year the us embassy, nobody was hurt, it comes one day after the president announced a cease-fire with the terror group. the world's number one state sponsored terrorism improved its air force around unveiling a new fighter jet overnight as tensions rage in the middle east. state media releasing these images showing president rouhani on hand to witness the first flight. rob: john brennan accusing donald trump of threatening the livelihoods of former government officials if he yanks their security clearance.
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>> some of them serve on the board of directors that require security clearances. this could have a punitive and financial hit against them. rob: brennan upset his colleagues might not profit off of their security clearances after they left the post which are to discuss this is the cofounder of diligence, mike baker. you had clearance at one point, they leave their post and go on and take private jobs where they make a lot more money. they might be in jeopardy with this. >> in washington dc and the surrounding area, clearances are a currency. we talked about this in the past.
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maintaining your security clearance for senior individuals leaving the government in a variety of agencies has always been a bit of a currency. people at my level on the street when you finish your job and leave the cia use her in that back. i didn't have an expectation of keeping my security clearance, i didn't want the responsibility and i was going to the commercial world. the way it should work there are millions of people walking around the security clearances, 4 million. of those over 1.2, 1.3 million have top-secret clearances. i would like to see this bizarre discussion between john brennan and donald trump out in the public, this feud going on that is very surreal, to be used to do something for the greater good. do we need 1.3 million people
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with security clearances walking around? i don't think so. what we should be doing is saying when you have no more need to know, when you don't have a position that requires maintaining and handling information, you turn it back and if you go into the commercial sector and get hired by a company, effectively once you to have security clearance do what you're supposed to do, the company that sponsors you for your ticket and they have to go through the process of getting you your security clearance back. rob: numbers like that, 2 million, 3 million people with these clearances and you wonder why so much leaks out of washington dc. the media says this is unprecedented the president would take away security clearance and a lot of the left in the media are up in arms over this but so is john brennan's behavior and the idea of weapon icing the justice department against the former administration to take on your predecessor hillary clinton's
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opponent, this is a lot of unprecedented things here they only focus on the fact that john brennan no longer has security clearance. >> it is unprecedented. even james clapper said it is unfortunate that john brennan is now the issue. he has done something that goes against the grain as somebody from the agency, you don't want to be up front or on the radar screen, you don't want this story. as far as media goes you go back three four years in the washington post was saying they think president obama should fire john brennan. that was when there was the issue of was the agency inappropriately looking at senate computers during an investigation. so as is typical he is in favor, out of favor like james comey, love him and hate him.
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john brennan has become the story. for those of us who love the organization, the cia and the intel community, it is a very odd situation. rob: when clapper says bad things about you you probably went too far. mike baker, thanks for your time, appreciate it. 20 minutes after the hour, murder motive revealed, the man charged with killing his pregnant wife and daughter hours from facing a judge and the bombshell claim he just made. is a presidential run in chelsea clinton's future? what the former first daughter revealed about following in mom's footsteps. ♪ school... grade... done. done. hit the snooze button and get low prices on school supplies all summer long. like these for only $2 or less at office depot officemax. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. like these for only $2 or less
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rob: hillary clinton coming out of the woods. the former democratic presidential nominee will headline three dnc fundraisers, event scheduled for san francisco, chicago and new york and will likely be closed to the press and this helps the dnc raise big money ahead of the midterms. jillian: chelsea clinton not ruling out a run for office. the former first daughter saying it is a definite nobody definite maybe, who knows what the future is going to bring. clinton criticized donald trump while promoting her new children's book at an event. rob: bill diblasio maybe stealing the campaign slogan, promises made, promises kept. jillian: donald trump use that at his campaign rally, the trump campaign uses it in ads like
2:25 am
this one. rob: the gop uses it in the official website describing his accomplishments, the mayor's spokesperson says it is a common phrase and they are not copyable trump campaign. we will see if he is up to something, why the change in slogan. jillian: french evidence foreign actors are trying to interfere in us politics. jillian: hackers that microsoft just thought ahead of the midterms. >> microsoft uncovering russian hacking attempts against political groups with the midterm elections. microsoft removed 6 internet domains registered by the russian hackers with political affiliation with the russian government. they were trying to spook legitimate websites from us political groups, think tanks here, one of them is the international republican institute, the others being the
2:26 am
hudson institute and websites from the u.s. senate, trying to make those look real. microsoft says they have no evidence these hackers were successful but they are ahead of the elections. jillian: your next new birth trip to the airport could be more efficient. >> reporter: airports in new york city where huber is starting this effort, going to laguardia or jfk, users will be asked to select their airlines, that will give a more accurate eta and drivers will get more direct information, and navigational error. this will make sure the prices are more accurate. we start airports in new york city, we plan on rolling this out to airports across the country.
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>> i am in newark guy. and providing his own party, john kasich wants to run as a republican against donald trump but is that the move to make? lee carter, why this is an to play to win the white house. ♪ todd. hold on. [ engine revs ] arcade game: fist pump! your real bike's all fixed. man, you guys are good! well, we are the number-one motorcycle insurer in the country. -wait. you have a real motorcycle? and real insurance, with 24-hour customer support. arcade game: wipeout! oh! well... i retire as champion. game hog! champion.
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may increase the risk for low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. jillian: in a few hours the colorado man accused of killing his pregnant wife and two daughters will be back in court as we learn chris watts told police it was his wife who killed his little girls and he killed her in a fit of rage. according to the police affidavit he saw his wife strangling their daughter on it baby monitor and children were dead by what happened to his wife.
2:31 am
and having an affair, charged with first-degree murder. two men being held in nashville, officials arresting an hour before little turned himself into authorities. both convicted felons named as persons left three people dead. another is linked to a third incident where a fourth person was mugged and shot. >> the man wanted for threatening to kill donald trump spotted in maryland, john christie was seen sleeping in a vehicle near the pennsylvania west virginia and maryland border. he has been on the run since june when threatening the president on facebook, there's a $20,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. enough is enough, chicago's top cop that up after 6 people were killed and 52 others injured over the past weekend. >> i showed anger frustration of many families today mainly because these acts are tragic, senseless and cowardly.
2:32 am
i'm tired of it and you are tired of it too. jillian: two of the victims killed, 16 and 17 years old, 344 people have been killed in chicago this year. >> brett kavanaugh facing the biggest challenge yet. the supreme court kick sitting down with chuck schumer. the senate minority leader, undercover government records. susan collins seen as a possible swing vote also expected to meet with kavanaugh today, it is on september 4th. >> donald trump hitting the road at a campaign rally in charleston west virginia to visit a show of support for republican patrick morrissey. these challenges, democrats joe manchin for his senate seat this fall. jillian: running against his own party, john kasich hinting he could take on donald trump in
2:33 am
2020. >> maybe i will, maybe i won't. i don't know. here's what i do know. my job as a human being ultimately is to serve the lord and if i'm helping people to realize their god-given purpose and destiny than i am striking ten and that is good. rob: is potentially stealing your own party's votes the right move? here to weigh in is the partner lee carter. and the republican nomination, we can technically still any votes from donald trump because it would be a primary type thing. >> historically when this happens the incumbent president doesn't happen. this happened to george hw bush, jimmy carter, a number of different times in the past. what we have to keep in mind is this president isn't like any other president we have seen before, no conventional wisdom applies here. i'm not surprised we have a
2:34 am
republican running against this president because we do have a faction of the republican party that is a never trump and the fact that he is doing this is his right, not surprised it is him. i would not be surprised if there are more of them but i don't think it will have an overall impact. jillian: wide you say wouldn't have a big impact? >> i think trump's base is secure and stolid and immovable. through one controversy after another no matter what happens the flatlined baseline number is enough to carry him no matter what. there is going to be some people who will go, never trump or anybody else comes along, it will be -- is going to be a distraction. what happened in the past when someone runs against an incumbent.
2:35 am
and it will not have an impact. we have these comments, and what it means to be a republican, i don't think everybody is clear of that. rob: they might have that agenda, the president's base is so strong, or does he need to bring in more people technically independent, there's a lot of people, i like this person more than this person. >> if the president were to run today he would win again. there is no one who would beat him with any kind of message. it won't happen. two years is a long time.
2:36 am
you think of where donald trump was at this phase in the election process last time nobody thought he was a serious threat. on june 15th the year before the election, the five reasons jeb bush will be the next president, an article in the washington post, people just don't know. we have to take a look and see who that is but i think the president will have to figure out a way to reach out but he does that on an issue by issue basis. the economy is making people give the president the benefit of the doubt despite one thing after another that makes you think this is the thing that will take him down. >> how do you see the other side using this? there will be criticism. >> it will not be surprising for the left is a the republican party has an identity crisis, don't know who they are, are you
2:37 am
a trump supporter, a republican, no values by the conservative party. i don't think it would be wise for democrats to do that because what democrats have right now is a huge gap in messaging, nobody knows what it means to be a democrat. they can criticize the republicans all they want, if it doesn't in you are pro-women's rights, where does it mean you stand on the issues, people don't know anymore. you just run on resist, we are not republicans and republicans are a mess. it didn't go so well so they would not be smart to do that. i wouldn't be surprised three weeks from now. rob: the democrat primary looks like the republican primary in 2016, all trying to get a mess out. 37 after the hour. alleged isis killer sneaks into the united states as a refugee. how did this happen? one senator is trying to get to
2:38 am
the bottom of that. >> turning into a political hit job. >> you guys are about to kneel or do what you want. no old white man can stop you. jillian: is hollywood the safest bet to stop the president? your comments pouring in and we are sharing them next. ♪ crazy ♪ make me crazy ♪ does that make me crazy ♪ ♪
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>> domestic abuse allegations against keith ellison catching up with democrats, targeting several liberals displayed ongoing calls to drop out of the minnesota attorney general race. >> dragging me off the bed. >> they should be ashamed. >> a top fundraising group
2:42 am
attacking four minnesota democrats running for congress that are supporting ellison who denies abuse allegations. jillian: remember when andrew cuomo said this about our country? >> we are not going to make america great again. it was never that great. jillian: donald trump firing back at an event honoring border patrol agents. >> any politician who puts criminal aliens before american citizens should find a new line of work because it is not going to work. any politicians to get up and say the country is never great are that. i think that is the end of that career. jillian: the governor of new york responding to the president tweeting new yorkers know who you are and we look forward to seeing to it that you find a new line of work.
2:43 am
the mtv music awards turning political. comedian kevin are digging into donald trump. >> coast-to-coast, looking at this like game day but do not worry, you can do what you want. you never know, bad language, people sending out crazy tweets like a typical day at the white house. rob: wrapper logic war a t-shirt that slammed the border wall. your comments pouring in on this. walt shining in on facebook saying this is why i do not want award shows, for politics and personal ideas. jillian: too bad i used to like him. now i won't watching.
2:44 am
why can't people stay in their lane, first football, now comedy. >> don't want to contribute to their ratings or pay money for their movies, don't need the negativity, lots of great things happening in america. jillian: don says why? i truly thought you were hilarious, liked your movies, you ruined it for me to not. i'm sure it won't matter to you, the last of my viewing dollars, no class at all tonight, disgusted. it is 16 after the top of the hour, passing prison reform. 17 states ready to strike for prison reform today, the same issue donald trump has us pushing for, getting out of the political slammer. our panel is on deck to debate it. rob: let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> the author of the number one book in america the russian hoax, greg jarrett dropping by to talk about the legal peril
2:45 am
and then schapiro joining us live from the west coast. did you see what happened over the weekend? this none stole the show saturday night in chicago. as a strike, sister mary jo, another pitch, with this one, throwing -- none of us in the dump tank by the conclusion of the telecast. we invite people to call us, right to us, facebook us, who should sit on the duck take? you are doing it? thank you. you just put it aside. tune in. get dumped by the none.
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>> chuck grassley demanding answers after a suspected isis, granted refugee status in the united states. the refugee committee sending a department of homeland security state department answering omar amen's travel records. and could face the death penalty for the crime. your racism has no place, justin trudeau defending this comment after a woman asked the prime minister questions about
2:50 am
asylum-seekers entering canada. [speaking french] rob: the prime ministers saying he will, quote, be very clear when people are trying to push politics of fear and intolerance, something canadians expect of me since last year over 32,000 illegal immigrants have crossed into canada, many of them claiming asylum. jillian: 17 states will strike nationwide, protesting prison conditions. pushing for prison reform, the issue received support from both parties. can the president get a bipartisan win? democratic strategists for nyc councilman joe borelli. is there something we can agree
2:51 am
on? >> reporter: a huge surprise, i can definitely give donald from credit, started by president obama, a bipartisan issue but it is important for legislators to approve something that will have a path, if it does not address mass incarceration. and racially motivated sentencing. african-americans are incarcerated at higher rates based on higher sentencing rates, that needs to be part of it. senator grassley and senator durbin. >> this is the first step in the right direction. >> the senate has a version of the bill that includes sentencing reform and there is real ideological opposition to that.
2:52 am
those who oppose it, and not by hillary clinton or barack obama but refused to give him a win outside the traditional republican comfort zones, into something that has been democratic dogma for generation. >> this is what democrats wanted but a lot in your position, i will give this a win for the president because it is something we have been asking for. >> joe is right, it is a step in the right direction and we have to consider the fact that a lot of states and cities have seen this working. i worked at the state attorney's office in baltimore city when we started a program to address recidivism in baltimore and also louisiana, they have seen their prison populations decrease as a result of having these programs, we have got to start somewhere
2:53 am
and this is the right direction. an issue of public safety. we want to make sure these men and women, we need to be clear we are talking nonviolent drug offenders, not murderers, people could committed nonviolent crimes. jillian: i want to start with your opinion on this one. new york city can smoke pot on the corner, launch attacks on cops, how do we get our cities back? before you answer that listen to this video from three days ago. [bleep] >> on every quarter. you piece of [bleep] >> that is just -- >> we saw another video on the street with 6 other officers
2:54 am
getting the same treatment. i wish these videos get played 1 million times. the men and women of nypd and law enforcement around the country, this is what liberals are trying not to tell you, that the police departments are racist, fascist institutions locking people up at random and it is not, they face a difficult job. the ones in the video handled it with extreme composure, representing everything great about new york city diversity and the police department. jillian: what is great about police officers who are doing their job every day throughout the country. >> i won't take this as a political issue. this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart because of the freddie great trials. what i saw particularly in the video you were showing is indefensible. i cannot defend what i saw, you guys didn't play the video but
2:55 am
this guy followed police officers after he was detained for 15 minutes because of the description of the suspect, he followed the offices and continued to curse at them and everything and i found it indefensible and it angers me as an african-american, if officers turned around and physically assaulted him or shot him it would be another unjustified police shooting. i think the person following these offices is tone deaf. >> how much do police officers have to take? any other job, and they called the police. >> this is a conversation we want to continue to have at another time. gold in a different box. and the bandits, well, they got rocks.
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>> mariner's fan catch as foul ball in one hand while holding a beer in another. i love these. make it look so easy. after the catch he took a sip and then a bow. jillian: rightfully. so mothers to be are using pot to fight morning sick. one in 10 california women use marijuana to treat nausea and headaches. rob: finally the ugly, this is not the something blue this bride wanted. a woman with a blue ink stain pen expose blonde hair
3:00 am
a week before her heading. she did get it out with bleach. that is problematic right before the wedding. jillian: she had a week to figure it out. rob: that is very blue though. jillian: have a good day. >> breaking just moments ago. the president said he is concerned that an interview with the special counsel could be a perjury trap. >> look how mike flynn was treated. >> new overnight the last known nazi collaborator in the united states is deported back to germany. >> ice agents arresting 95-year-old palaj. >> the mtv video awards. >> don't worry from this game you are allowed to kneel. can you do whatever you want. no old white man can stop you. >> new russia targeting


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