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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 22, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> dana: president trump hosts a medal of honor ceremony, stick with fox news for that. thanks for joining us, i'm dana perino, up next here's shep. >> shepard: noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house. the president talked to "fox & friends" after his attorney said michael cohen is willing to flip. paul manafort could change his mind about not cutting a deal as he faces prison time. another trial, we'll talk to a talk who can look at both cases from both sides. and the president about to award the military's highest honor to an american hero. after new technology revealed just how brave he really was and the sacrifice he made. >> he did it because he loves what he did, he loved his country. >> you will see the medal of
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honor ceremony live, right here, so let's get to it. >> shepard: first, this wednesday afternoon, president trump insists he did not break the law. the president sitting down with fox and friends for his first interview after yesterday's two big bomb shells. his former fixer or lawyer michael cohen and former campaign chairman paul manafort could be heading to prison. a jury convicted manafort of bank and tax fraud. and cohen cut a deal with prosecutors. admitting, pleading guilty that, he broke the campaign finance law and claimed president trump told him to do it. implicating directly the president of the united states. cohen says then-candidate trump directed him to pay women to silence them about their alleged sexual relationships with the president. one of the individuals cohen silenced is believed to be the playboy model karen mcdougal on the left here. on the they are the porn star
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stormy began yells. both women claim they had sex with the president about a decade before he took office. president trump denies the affairs n an interview with ainslie earhart, the president responded. >> did you know about the payments? >> later on i knew, later on. but you have to understand, ainslie, what he did and they weren't taken out of campaign finance, that's the big thing, a much bigger thing, did they come out of the campaign. they didn't come out of the campaign. high first question when i heard about it, did they come out of the campaign. because that could be a little dicey. and they didn't come out of the campaign. that's fake. but they weren't, that's not even a campaign violation. >> shepard: that was today. remember his comments from air force one back in april. >> mr. president, did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no. >> why did michael cohen say that? >> you have to ask michael cohen.
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michael is my attorney, you will have to ask michael. >> do you know where he got the money? >> no, i don't know. >> shepard: well we did ask michael cohen, michael cohen told the court. reporters asked about that very comment today at the white house briefing, we will hear the response in a moment. president trump is also praising paul manafort, a convicted felon. calling him brave. while slamming cohen. the president tweeted today, i feel very badly for paul manafort and his wonderful family, justice in quotes took a 12-year-old tax case among other things, applied tremendous pressure on him, unlike michael cohen he refused to break. make up stories in order to get a deal. such respect for a brave man. a felon a felon who cheated the american taxpayers out of tense of millions of dollars. chief white house correspondent john roberts at the white house. >> we're hearing from the white
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house and the president as you pointed out earlier, relax to the cohen plea deal. the president's outside attorneys tried to portray michael cohen as a liar. but on many occasions in the past he has been very emphatic and saying that the president had nothing to do with the payments. and now he's suddenly changing his story with his back against the wall to say well, no, i was directed by the president to do this and i was directed by the tonight do it on two occasions. as you might well imagine, that was the first question at the preefing this afternoon. here's how sarah huckabee sanders responded to it. >> are you saying the president has never lied to the american people? so many people look at the tape of him on air force one saying he knew nothing about these payments. when in fact we now know he knew everything about these payments. has he lied? >> secretary sanders: look, again, that's a ridiculous accusation. the president in this matter has done nothing wrong and there are no charges against him. >> there was -- she's coming to me, back to me for a second, one
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interesting part of the president's answer to ainslie earhart's question, that hasn't played in that portion that you aired there, shep, where the president said this was not a campaign contribution, because it wasn't the campaign that paid it, it was me. and i have tweeted about that in the past. now, you remember, the president put an awful lot of his own money into the campaign. so i asked sarajevo hah huckabee sanders how did the president dlinity what was going to the campaign and what might have gone to other people for campaign purposeles. listen in here. >> how do you draw the line between what was a campaign contribution and what might have been a payment to somebody for other purps. >> secretary sanders: i'm not going to get into the back and forth of the legal part of. this i would refer to you the president's outside counsel 678 as i told cecilia, what i can tell you is what the president has stated a number of times, he did nothing wrong, there are no charges against him, just because michael cohen has made a deal doesn't mean anything with regards to the president. >> so, again, the president says
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that he learned about this after the fact. but then there is no recording from 2016, have michael cohen and the president discussing the potential payment to ex-playboy model karen mcdoing youal. that was -- mcdougal. that fleshed out in a great amount of detail in the information related to the michael cohen plea deal. cohen brokered a deal with the approval of a federal candidate, and that candidate is widely believed to be president trump. and with the head of a corporation, widely believed to be american media, david pecker, to pay off the money with the understand that cohen would reimburse american media for the money. shep, there was at least to say mildly a glitch in the time line here. we'll keep pulling on the thread to see what we can find out. >> shepard: john, a reporter also asked the white house about the possibility of impeachment. >> that's what a lot of people are talking about here in washington, d.c. they don't believe the president
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has any cripple in a exposure on this because the justice department has been adhering to guidelines. that a sitting president can't be indicted. president certainly can be impeached as we've seen in the past. could it be that these charges that were leveled yesterday by michael cohen in the plea deal lead to impeachment proceedings against the president. well we know that nothing would happen at least until the beginning of next year, all depends who controls congress. if the democrats flip 24 seats in the november election, they could begin impeachment proceedings against the president. here's what sarah huckabee sanders had to say about that notion. >> secretary sanders: the idea of an impeachment is frankly a sad attempt by democrats. the only message they seem to have going into the mid terms. and i think it's another great reminder of why americans should support other like-minded candidates like the president that are actually focused on continuing to grow the economy, continuing to secure our borders, continuing to focus on the safety and security of all
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americans. >> even if the president were to be impeached by a dem xwratly led congress we see a replay of 1999 per the republican controlled house voted on articles of impeachment for president clinton but the senate did not convict. takes two-thirds of the senate. unlikely according to everyone i talk to that that could happen. michael cohen's attorney told me that this is just the beginning of the process for davis that he's willing to talk to investigators about the true nature of his relationship with donald trump, things that might have transpired during that relationship. cohen has set up a go fund me page which is so far attracted $54,000. that's about one-tends of what they're looking for -- 1/10 of what they look for. >> shepard: cohen implicated the president directly in a crime. is there a noticeable sense of change in demeanor there, or was
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this expected? >> i think it really was expected. here's a guy who famously and it's been reported many, many times said that he would take a bullet for the president. then that interview with george step no loss suggested that his main goal was to protect his family and his country. i talked to lanny davis about the evolution that cohen went through. it seems as though he just decided that a world of hurt was going to come down on him and it was time that he needed to say something about president trump to save his own hide. but lanny davis said something very interesting, he said when he saw president trump sort of defer to vladimir putin on this issue of russian meddling in the campaign, that was the last straw and he said to lanny davis, let's go forward with all of this. >> shepard: fascinating point in history. john roberts at the white house writing the first draft. the president's former fixer michael cohen has more secrets to spill about his ex-boss according to cohen's attorney, the aforementioned lanny davis.
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will cohen cooperate with the special counsel, bob mueller? >> the answer is he will cooperate with everyone because he's committed to telling the truth. but i know that when he retained me, as recently as yesterday, he's committed to telling the truth. >> shepard: dramatic evolution from last summer when michael cohen said he was so loyal to the president he'd take a bullet for him. no more. rick lefb that will has the latest. >> michael cohen could have spent the rest of his life in federal prison. with this plea deal he's looking at three to five years. nothing in the deal excel him to cooperate with the mueller -- compels him to cooperate with the mueller investigation but doesn't preclude it. lanny davis said cohen appears ready to cooperate. he's free on $500,000 bond, admitted under oath to hiding $4 million in income from the irs, hiding a debt to secure a home equity loan, paying off two
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women to protect his boss and help win the white house. as you heard john roberts report, cohen told the judge in the summer of 2016 he arranged a reimburse a tabloid for buying and then burying a story about former playboy model karen mccuingal who claimed an affair with mr. trump and said he paid $130 no steffi clifford, stormy daniels, she was ready to go public with the claimed affair. both cases cohen said he did so in coordination and direction for candidate for federal office, protect from information that would be harmful to the candidate for the principle purpose of influencing the election. cohen's attorney admits he lied for years but now says he's committed to telling the truth. >> shepard: at the same time cohen's attorney says the president of the united states should be prosecuted. >> he does. he said that the president committed a crime and should be indicted. listen. >> mr. trump wasn't willing to sign those checks himself. he directed mr. cohen to make those hush money payments. is a federal crime.
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if michael cohen, with the prosecutors in new york, agreeing admitted to that, then certainly donald trump is guilty of the same crime. >> we heard from attorney allen dershowitz, saying the president is far from an impeachable offense and far from a criminal offense. >> if mr. trump, the candidate, contributed several hundred thousand dollars to his own campaign to pay hush money to women who were truthfully or falsely alleging against him that's not a crime. a candidate can contribute as much as he wants. if he directed somebody to do it intending to pay it back. >> cohen will be sentenced on december 12. his lawyer says he doesn't want anything from the president including a pardon. >> shepard: rick, thank you. breaking news now, on fox news channel and this is just in to us here at the network. from our station, fox 29 in philadelphia. which has just reported that new york state investigators have just issued a subpoena to
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michael cohen as part of the trump foundation probe. again, fox 29 in philly reports new york state investigators have issued a subpoena to michael cohen as part of the trump foundation probe. it's brand new to us, just always it's brand new to you. we will have further reporting and analysis throughout the hour. the fallout from yesterday's bombshell legal developments now creeping on to capitol hill, some lawmakers are refusing to meet with president trump's pick for supreme court. so is that pick and confirmation process in real jeopardy? is this politics? that's coming up in the fox news deck on wednesday afternoon. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen?
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>> shepard: breaking news, continuing coverage of the 23450us that just came in to us. as it turns out, it's from the associated press. top of a-3 if we could. and this is the new information, the writing of the associated press. investigators issued a subpoena to michael cohen as part of their criminal probe into the trump foundation, his charitable foundation. a spokesman for the democratic governor andrew we mow's tax department confirms. the subpoena was issued after michael cohen's attorney said the long-time lawyer and fixer
12:17 pm
has information that would be interesting to prosecutors at the state and federal level. as a close confidant, they seiko hen could be a significant source of information looking into whether trump or his charity broke state law or lied about their tax liability. anybody charged with a state crime could not be pardoned by the president. messages left with attorneys for cohen and trump were not immediately returned. all of that from the associated press. michael cohen works with president trump for more than a decade. he rose through the ranks of the trump organization, eventually became executive vice president. lauraingle in new york city with more. >> hi, shep. michael cohen has a long history here in new york professionally and personally. the son of a holocaust survive or, grew up on long island, became a lawyer and taxi medallion owner, purchased several trump apartments. that's where the connection to the president began. a big week as we've reported for
12:18 pm
the married father of two who will be by the way celebrating his 52nd birthday this saturday with a new title to add on-to-his roster, admitted felon. cohen earned his law degree from the thomas m. coolly law school in michigan but could be disbarred if he is convicted. that's one part of it. according to published reports he met the president in 2004 hiel he was looking to buy an apartment at trump park avenue. after siding with mr. trump in a dispute with the condo board at trump's world tower, he publicly promoted trump tower apartments as a sound investment. something that led mr. trump to offer him a job. cohen quit his law partnership and went to work for the trump organization in 2007. cohen has a resume in politics, named deputy finance chair of the republican national committee finance committee in 2017. a post he resigned this year citing the ongoing special counsel investigation. he also had democratic ties, posting a picture of himself with hillary clinton in 2014, on
12:19 pm
his twitter page with the #hillary clinton fan. cohen has also donated money to candidates on both sides of the aisle including democrat senator chuck schumer of new york and republican senator john mccain of arizona. cohen recently became a registered republican, too, he was reg staersd democrat in january of 2017. in march of that year, he tweet heed was making the official move to join the republican party adding that it, quote, took a great man at poe tuesday to get me to make the switch. >> shepard: thanks, laura engle. all of the news on president trump's former campaign chairman and former fixer overshadowed, charges gains popular republican lawmaker from southern california. the feds are using the california congressman duncan hunter, and his wife, of spending hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars on themselves. paying for everything from lavish trips to fast food.
12:20 pm
again, this was the man, the second in all of congress, to endorse president trump. the first to endorse president trump has found his own trouble. details on all of this, just ahead. if you have psoriasis, ...
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12:24 pm
understand is that his plea agreement actually says that it does not bind any other agency or law enforcement agency. so this isn't surprising that the new york state tax division is looking at this. also, his plea agreement calls for him to file amended tax returns. new york state officials look at those amended tax returns as evidence of criminal action. if he didn't pay the federal taxes he didn't pay the state taxes. >> shepard: if he was, for instance, making payments for services rendered or anything else, from the foundation, which you're not really allowed to do, and should have had a tax liability on such things, then this might expose that. >> well, the charity you remember, is not taxable. so that's a tax exempt organization. >> shepard: that's kind of the point. >> and i think some of the issues are what they use, the charity to do. the attorney general's office under barbara underwood,
12:25 pm
actually had imposed punitive measures on members of trump's family, jared kushner, ivanka trump. it's a question whether this was not acting a as nonprofit. if it was acting in a for-profit way there be would be tax liability. >> shepard: that probe is under way, renew of the civil probe, now moving on to that. as for yesterday, michael cohen has known donald trump for a long time. under oath, implicated the. of the united states a melanie. what do you do with -- for a felony. what do you do with that? >> for mr. trump? >> shepard: how does the system react to that in challenging times? . under normal circumstances the person that he implicated would also be charged. obviously, there is a, it appear das -- >> shepard: if the president weren't the president under these circumstances he would be channelled. >> correct, correct. it would lead to a -- the indictment would be sealed so that mr. cohen could cooperate so that the person that he's cooperating against knows. this is a public indictment -- public plea agreement.
12:26 pm
the president knows obviously it's all over the news that he's the person that michael cohen is referring to, then-candidate. what it means is that this is more ammunition, more fuel for the mueller investigation. a question of which route mr. mueller takes, whether he goes against the sitting -- standing d.o.j. policies, indict the sitting president, or use it for the president for impeachment purposes. >> shepard: not as if the president and his team couldn't mount a vigorous defense, they certainly could. >> sure, if it gets to that point. >> shepard: the point is just because he says it doesn't mean the president, you know, has committed any crime. he gets a chance to defend himself under any circumstance. >> of course. but understand what goes into a plea agreement here, it was federal prosecutors, they would vet this is a proper plea, a judge, article three j.j., appointed by president judge pauley, respected judge, makes sure this was a crime. and allow this plea to go
12:27 pm
forward. and they did view that. and i think southern district of new york feels confident in making this plea. naming -- without naming president trump, naming president trump. >> shepard: nice to see you, thank you. some democrats on capitol hill want to dli the confirmation process for the supreme court nominee, now that the president's former attorney and campaign chair are facing prison time. cohen pleaded guilty, the jury convicted fan manafort in an extraordinary five-minute period yesterday. judge brett kavanaugh has been meeting with the senators on capitol hill ahead of his confirmation hearing as is custom. chuck schumer says the manafort and cohen cases are a game changer. peter doocy live on capitol hill. peter? >> shep, one of the democratic senators who had been planning to hear the president's nominee out crossed their meeting off her calendar today.
12:28 pm
>> i will be cancelling my appointment with judge kavanaugh, because i choose not to extend a courtesy to this president who is an unindicted co-conspirator to this president, the corte sieve meeting with his nominee for the supreme court, a lifetime appointment. >> as far as we know president trump has not been identified as an unnamed co-conspirator in any indictment. like the senator said. that doesn't mean the democrats aren't trying to stop the kavanaugh proceedings, something that the senate minority whip, dick durbin, was pushing for. he told news the hallway seems to me at the minimum we should be withholding this decision about a supreme court nominee until the air is cleared. but there is one thing the democrats don't have right now, to hold up the proceedings. that is enough votes. shep? >> shepard: no, they don't, they couldn't do it without republicans. what are you hearing from republicans? >> they don't want to change the schedule. the judiciary commit any the senate put out a statement
12:29 pm
saying justice breyer's confirmation occurred when. clinton's records had been subpoenaed by a grand jury. we're nowhere close to that situation. . calls to delay the hearing are the latest tactic from opponents who decided to vote no weeks ago, franticly looking for anything that sticks. the hearing will begin as planned on september 4. senator marco rubio, republican from florida, is pushing his colleagues to stick to their agenda. >> they will continue to do so, judge kavanaugh, is extremely qualified, i look forward to voting for him. >> there are no republicans who are reaching across the is a toll the democrats saying we will help you hold up kavanaugh. shep? >> shepard: peter doocy, live on capitol hill, thank you. a republican lawmaker and his wife now accused of dropping a quarter million in campaign cash on personal expenses. a federal grand jury has now
12:30 pm
charged the california congressman duncan hunter and his wife, margaret, for using the campaign money for vacations, theater tickets, their kids' tuition, even fast food. one example, prosecutors say the couple used the money to take a vacation to it aly in 2015. -- to italy. they say the congressman tried to set up a tour of a naval facility to justify the trip. but when the timing didn't work out, he reportedly told his chief of staff to, quote, tell the navy to go blank themselves. congressman duncan hunter says the feds are carrying out a political agenda. he was the second member of congress to support president trump openly and says that's a big factor. the congressman also says he and his wife are excited to go to trial and prove their innocence. william is live in the west coast news hub, that might be another first. >> using campaign money for personal items is elly, why
12:31 pm
prosecutors claim the couple tried on conceal how they spent the money. including trips as you said to italy and hah we wi relatives, children's private school tuition, theater tickets they claimed as gift baskets for supporters, ski trips, tequila shots, dental work claimed as charitable donation to smiles to life, even buying a pair of shorts. at a golf shop to claim golf because for wounded warriors. last night hunter's father, a former congressman, defended his son. >> it's politically motivated by hardcore democrats who want to get duncan hunter out of congress. >> now, hunter claims the indictment is a political hit job, two prosecutors once attended a hillary clinton fundraiser. yet u.s. attorneys office in southern california is run by a trump appointed republican who refused to hold this indictment until after the election. republicans considered east san diego a safe seat. now democrats who need just 23 seats to flip the house may have a chance to win.
12:32 pm
hunter earns $174,000 a year, his wife contributes $36,000 as a campaign manager, yet according to the indictment the hunters spent substantially more than they earned, overdrawing their bank account more than 1,100 times over 7 years, resulting in $37,000 in overdraft fees. speaker ryan has stripped hunter of his committee assignments. this morning the san diego union trib called on hunter to resign. the two face arraignment tomorrow. >> shepard: william live in los angeles. we're waiting nor president trump to honor a fallen airman who died saving his fellow service members. we expect the medal of honor ceremony to begin in a few minutes, we'll bring it to you live as soon as it starts. , here's something you should know. there's a serious virus out there that 1 in 30 boomers has, yet most don't even know it. a virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. hep c can hide in the body for years without symptoms. left untreated it can lead to liver damage, even liver cancer.
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>> lea gabriel with the fox report and today's headlines. police look for a man who set an suv on fire outside a home in florida, all caught on camera. this happened in the city of
12:35 pm
miramar north of miami. you can see the manpowering something on the roof of the car before setting it on fire. the owner says they have no idea who the man is or why he did it. meantime, time lapse video from saudi arabia showing thousands of people on the pilgrimage to mecca, muslims taking part in the annual trip went on to participate in the stoning of the devil where they throw pebbles at three walls. millions of muslims make that trip every year. one man is definitely marking some bogeys on his round of golf, a massachusetts man noticed his golf ball kept disappearing at the country club. it turns out some foxes were stealing the ball before he had a chance to get on the green. the news continues with shepard.
12:36 pm
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12:38 pm
john chapman. back in 2002 a rocket propelled grenade hit the sergeant's helicopter and the navy seal fell on to a snowy mountain in afghanistan. sergeant chapman and a team of navy seals went back for their comrades. it led to an hours-long battle with al qaeda militants. the pentagon reported that other members of the team thought chop man had died and they had to leave him behind. but video from a drone said chapman kept fighting for another hour before the militants eventually killed him. e officials say he saved his teammates' lives. the president honors him on behalf of america. now here's president trump. ♪ .
12:39 pm
>> mau you join me in prayer for those who desire. holy father, we thank you for this day. for this national recognition and for technical sergeant john chapman. lord, we enter this esteemed ceremony with hearts filed with grief and pride. our dpreef stems from the pain of than jo's sacrifice along with six other courageous americans that lost their lives in noble service to our nation in the cause of human freedom and dignity. our pride stems on this day focused upon the man you createed, gifted, and empowered with an unconventional resolve to operate selflessly in protecting his family, his teammates, and the world from the evil of terrorism. we thank you, lord, for the opportunity to honor john chapman with america's highest
12:40 pm
decoration for his heroic valor. to honor the enduring sacrifice his family carries deeply within their hearts. and to honor the legacy, inspiration that john has infused into the mission, the leadership, and the operations of air force special tactics. lord, your just intent of overcoming evil with good in this world through human agency found fearless expression in john. even in the face of death so others may live. we thank you for john, we thank you for his family, we thank you for his unforgettable life and love shaped by your very spirit. father, as we move forward this day may your presence be tangbly known to than jo's appreciates family. as we move forward may john's sacrifice motivate selflessly duty to you, to country, and to humanity. as we move forward may we give thanks for our great nation, our great military, and our great
12:41 pm
liberties that rest upon the bravery and blood of selfless patriots like technical sergeant john chapman. to this end we pray, amen. >> amen. >> president trump: thank you very much. please be seated, thank you. thank you, chaplain, very well done, beautiful. we're honored to be joined by members of congress, military leaders, distinguished guests from across our nation. i want to recognize secretary of the air force heather wilson, thank you heather. air force chief of staff david goldhein, thank you, it's been 19 years, i think, right? with the air force, to deal with the congressional medal of honor. congratulations. a long time. very dwee serving. -- deserving. air force undersecretary matthew done on sdran, air force vice
12:42 pm
chief of staff steven wilson, and chief master sergeant of the air force kathleen wright. i also want to thank v.a. secretary robert wilke for joining us and you are doing a great job. the vets are very happy, hearing a lot of great reports. along with senators john bozeman, richard blumenthal, bob casey, chris murphy, and toomey and representative john gates and john larson. thank you for being here, thank you all very much, appreciate it. we're gathered together this afternoon to pay tribute to a fallen warrior, a great warrior, technical sergeant john chapman, and to award him our nation's highest and most revered military honor. would you all please join me in welcoming a wonderful family
12:43 pm
that i just met in the oval office, the chapman family, thank you, please stand up. [applause] >> president trump: and to his beautiful wife, valerie, who agrees he was a brave man, right from the beginning. you knew. that i know this day is truly brought special meaning. exactly 26 years ago you married john. today is our great honor to share his incredible story with the world. so thank you very much, valerie, we appreciate it. and your daughters mad i sonl and brianna -- madison and brianne, a we award your dad the
12:44 pm
congressional medal of honor. and i know he's looking down on you, right now, from heaven, proud of this day. but even more proud of the incredible young women that you have both become. it's great to know you. great to have met you, thank you. we're also grateful to be joined by john's wonderful mom, terri. his sister, laurie. his brother, kevin. and valerie's parents rita and jim novak, thank you all for being here. very great honor. [applause] though she could not be here today, somebody that john loved very much, his sister, tammy, please give our regards, thank you. i also want to recognize jack souza, john's friend and combat
12:45 pm
control teammate, who is still recovering from a recent severe injury. jack, thank you for your noble service, thank you very much. we appreciate it. thank you, thank you jack. [applause] looks like you're doing well. doing well? good, thank you, jack. finally, we salute the five congressional medal of honor recipients who join us, woody williams, harvey barnham, eld ward buyers, brian thacker and brent slobinske. please stand. [applause]buyers, brian thacker slobinske. please stand. [applause]yers, brian thacker a slobinske. please stand. [applause] brave people. three months ago i awarded the medal of honor to brit for his
12:46 pm
heroic actions in the battle we are talking about today. john chapman grew up in connecticut from a very young age, john was determined to protect those in need. in kindergarten, john noticed that his classmate, bill brooks, was being bullied. as bill says, john stepped in and saved me. in his high school yearbook, john quoted these words, give yourself before taking of some one else. very far-sighted. john lived by that motto, every single day. everybody that knew him said that's the way he lived. two years after he graduated high school, john enlisted in the united states air force. he was among the elite few to complete air force special tactics training, one of the most rigorous training programs in all of the military. john became an expert in deploying undetected on to the
12:47 pm
battlefield to set up air fields, and direct fire support. now, john will become the first special tactics airman to receive the congressional medal of honor. john met valerie in pennsylvania while he was training with the army. it was a big day. good day, right? they married in 1992 and soon their love grew into a beautiful family. whenever john was home he immediately took on dad duty, reading to the girls, playing with them, and even building an amazing swing set. do you remember that? a long time ago. a swing set. soon after the terror attacks of september 11, john volunteered to deploy to afghanistan. he walked into his superior's office and said i need to go. in one of the most harrowing
12:48 pm
engagements of operation enduring freedom, john was part of a highly-trained team on a combat mission to establish a secure position on the peak of tarkurgar mountain. in the early morning of march 4, 2002, john and his teammates were preparing to land on to the mountain when their helicopter was struck by heavy machine gunfire and a rocket-propelled grenade. they were under serious attack. as the helicopter lurched away, petty officer first class neil roberts was flung out of the aircraft and on to the top of the mountain. as the helicopter crash landed into the valley below. horrific crash. the team survived the crash and without hesitation they volunteered to return to the mountain. they wanted to get neil.
12:49 pm
they landed into a deep snow and heavy machine gunfire coming from three different directions. couldn't even see, so many bullets. over 10,000 feet, they fought the enemy at the highest altitude of any battle in the history of the american military. john chapman was the first to charge up the mountain toward the enemy. he killed two terrorists and cleared out the first bunker. john left the safety of the first bunker to fire a second enemy grenade at another bunker. as john fired on the second bunker, he was shot and fell to the ground and lost consciousness. even though he was mortally wounded, john regained consciousness and continued to fight on. and he really fought. we have proof of that fight. he really fought. good genes. you have good genes. he immediately began firing at the enemy who was bombarding him
12:50 pm
with machine gunfire and rocket-pro pild grenades. despite facing overwhelming force, john bravely and fiercely battled on for over an hour as another american quick reaction force helicopter approached. john engaged the enemy and provided covering fire in an attempt to prevent the enemy from shooting down our soldiers, our airmen, and that helicopter. in this final act of supreme courage, john gave his life for his fellow warriors. through his extraordinary sacrifice, john helped save more than 20 american service members, some of whom are here today. and i'd like to introduce them. sergeant major matthew lefriends, please stand up. thank you, sir. [applause] thank you sergeant major.
12:51 pm
sergeant major raymond depauley, thank you, raymond. [applause] special tactics major gabriel brown. [applause] thank you. along with his team leader master chief brit slobinski. [applause] thank you, thank you all. and we also remember the six others who along with john gave their lives on that snowy, really, really cold afghan night. petty officer first class neil roberts, specialist mark anderson, sergeant bradley crows, senior airman jason cunningham, technical sergeant phillip svitak, corporal matthew cummings.
12:52 pm
the greatestblingsings of our country are patriots like john and all of you that just stood and frankly many of the people in this room. i exclude myself and a few of the politicians. [laughing] who, like john, carry our freedom on their shoulders, march into the face of evil, and fight to their very last breath so that we can live in freedom and safety and peace. it is my privilege to ask valerie to join me on stage to accept the congressional medal of honor on behalf of the hero she loved and the hero our nation will forever remember, technical sergeant john chapman. thank you. please, please valerie, thank you. [applause] would the military aid meese come forward and read the citation. thank you.
12:53 pm
>> the president of the united states of america has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor posthumously to technical sergeant john a. chapman, united states air force conspicuous gallantry at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. technical sergeant john a. chapman twished himself by extraordinary heroism as an air force special tactic combat controller attached to a navy sea, air and land seal team conducting reconnaissance operations in afghanistan on march 4, 2002. during insertion the team's helicopter was ambushed, causing a teammate to fall into an entrenched group of combatants below. sergeant chapman and the team voluntarily reinserted on to the snow capped mountain into the heart of a known enemy stronghold to rescue con of their own.
12:54 pm
without regard for his own safety, sergeant chapman immediately engaged, moving in the direction of the closest enemy position despite coming under heavy fire from multiple directions. he fearlessly charged an enemy bunker up a steep incline in thigh-deep snow and into hostile fire directly even gaujing the enemy. upon reaching the bunker, sergeant chapman assaulted and cleared the position killing all enemy occupants. with complete disregard for his own life, sergeant chapman deliberately moved from cover only 12 meeters from the enemy and exposed himself once again to attack a second bunker from which an implaced machine gun was firing on his team. during this assault from an assault position directory in the line of intense fire, sergeant chapman was struck and injured by enemy fire. despite severe mortal wounds he continued to fight relentless any, sustaining a violent engagement with multiple enemy personnel before making the ultimate sacrifice. by his heroic aks and extraordinary valor, sacrificing
12:55 pm
his life for the lives of his teammates, technical sergeant chapman upheld the highest traditions of military service and reflected great credit upon himself and the united states air force. [ applause ] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
12:56 pm
[ applause ] >> for those of you who desire to join me in prayer once more. oh lord we thank you again for this honorable ceremony, for it is right to exalt integrity, courage, and valor. we thank you, again, for john's life and love that look beyond self preservation, to the preservation of others, to the preservation of human worth and dig nilt, to the preservation of righteous governance around the world. we thank you again for building this man's heart, his mind, and his fearless resolve that equally matched his war fighting skills.
12:57 pm
so others may live. as we conclude may john's family be covered with your lavish love and peace. may the uniform sons of daughters of america know your empowerment and protection and may you hasten the day, oh, lord, where war will be no more. for your glory we pray, amen. >> amen.
12:58 pm
[inaudible] >> president trump: thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> shepard: if you are a regular viewer at this time of day on fox news channel, these sorts of things happen about this time of day. over the years, it has been one of the great joys to watch the president, whoever the president may be, uplift and honor those who have sacrificed more than we really have an understanding
12:59 pm
for. and to give their family such an understanding moment. it is a wonderful tradition and a fantastic thing to watch. >> it is so unique. it is the first one for the air force since vietnam. that is 44 years. it is a long time or something so overdue. for john chapman, it was new drone technology that he survived on the mountaintop and fought for 70 minutes alone. this is an upgrade of a previous metal. the former secretary, deborah james pushed hard for this. this was a great day for his family. >> shepard: what a great day and a privilege for us to watch on behalf of a grateful nation, as the president put it. and certainly on behalf of those of us here. aside from that, we were glad to bring you that from start to finish without any interruption. aside from that, it get lots
1:00 pm
from day-to-day, we are in a bull market that has lasted from anything ever. the best man in all of cable news on business is neil cavuto. so now, we present an hour-long special with neil cavuto. >> neil: thank you, shep, very much. a fox news alert. there has been no bull like this. the longest bull market in history and we are off. in the next hour, we are all over the story. in fact, my friends, it is our only story. 3,453 days, this is the officially the longest bull market in history. a lot of folks are telling us it is going to keep making history. it is that big and that important. what has happened on the corner of wall and broad, it is stunning and numbing. today, we look at how we got here and how long we can stay