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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 26, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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[♪] arthel: our nation and the world mourning the loss of senator john mccain who lost his year-long battle with brain cancer yesterday at age 81. presidents and politicians from both sides of the aisle remembering the lawmaker known for his defines in the face of captors during the vietnam war. and the rebellious streak that sometimes put him at odds with his own party. welcome to "america's news headquarters," i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn.
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the man known as the maverick of the senate. flags flying at half-staff at the white house and capitol hill. president trump sending his condolences on twitter saying, my deepest sympathies and respect go out to the families of john mccain. our hearts and prayers are with you. we have team fox news channel coverage of all of this. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill where john mccain spent so many years. we begin with william lajeunesse in phoenix. reporter: the long good-bye has begun not just in arizona. but here and around the world. also some joined the motorcade yesterday on its way to the
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funeral home last night. at some point we expect john will lie in state at the state capitol. among the hundreds of tweets from the political colleagues, there are two memorable ones. one from wife cindy, saying my heart is broken. i am so lucky to have lived the adventure of loving this incredible man for 38 years. this from his daughter megyn. love him or hate him, friend or enemy. with john mccain you knew what you were going to get. he had a temper but he would also forgive people. he was fun to be around. it's one of the reasons he was elected twice to the house and
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and five times to the senate. >> when john mccain moved here, he fit right in. he has a great independent spirit. the hell maverick thing is not just a political nickname. that's who he is. >> i'm going to try to deserve the privilege. i have been repaid a thousand times with the good company and satisfaction of serving something more important than myself. of being a bit player in the story of america and the history we made. and i am so very grateful. reporter: that is a passage from his memoir. he'll be brought here to the 8 capitol before being taken to washington, d.c. where he'll be buried at the u.s. naval
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academy. arthel: tributes pouring in for senator john mccain who is set to lie in state at the arizona capitol in phoenix and the capitol rotunda in washington, d.c. he'll receive a full dress funeral service at the washington national cathedral before his burial at the naval academy. reporter: senator john mccain had a legendary career on capitol hill. he seemed to enjoy his role as a senior states man, putting his arm around makers showing them what it's all about. mccain butted heads with the president and members of his own party last summer when republicans tried to scrap obamacare. it was mccain's vote that killed
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the measure. but mccain said he felt the senate should operate in a more bipartisan fashion. >> he spoke to the senate and talked about how we needed to come together and not do things in just a partisan way. that was his biggest issue with the approach we were taking. it wasn't a bipartisan approach. he recognized, he was a huge institutionalist. the senate forces individuals and parties to come together, and he wasn't seeing that. and we haven't been that kind of institution for a while. i understood why he voted the way he did. reporter: john mccain earned the respect of democrats as someone willing to work across the aisle. many democrats are praising mccain for putting his country over his party. today democrats are praising his
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lifetime of service. >> he was a true american hero from his courageous service in vietnam when he refused the ability to go home and volunteered for a few more years of torture in the hanoi hilton rather than get out of line with others which he could have done. he was a true american hero. it will be a long time before we see the like. reporter: it's very quiet on this sunday on capitol hill. the passing of john mccain will be the dominant topic when lawmakers return to work. eric: a lasting part of the senator's legacy is american policy and national security. a major factor is his father and grandfather's notable service in the navy, including for the senator those brutal and punishing 5 1/2 years he was held prisoner of war in vietnam.
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gillian turner has more on that from washington. reporter: when it comes to national security and u.s. foreign policy, senator mccain is best known perhaps for national defense. >> his legacy will be his commitment to and his contributions to the national security of the united states. that's where i think he made the most of difference. >> but a lesser known attribute was his commitment to the responsible use of american military force around the world. he was a hawkish and fierce advocate for the flexing of military muscle as during the war in afghanistan. >> we need a strategy to win. the strongest nation on earth should be able to win.
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reporter: oftentimes the end was the prevention of further loss of life. >> i would argue for a no-fly zone and arming and training the free syrian army. at the same time we must continue to take mosul and raqqa and stop this flow coming out of raqqa and being sent to europe and the united states to commit acts of terror. reporter: today in recognition of his unique approach to foreign affairs, tributes with foreign leaders around the world are coming in. israel's prime minister tweeting his support for israel never waivers. the state of israel salutes john mccain. a poignant sentiment from germ numbers foreign minister who writes, he stood for america which is a reliable and strong partner. an america that takes strong
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responsibility for others and sticks to its principles even in a difficult moment. arthel: to more on this. we'll get ambassador kirk volker. ambassador, thank you for being here, unfortunately under these circumstances. if you would, start for us with your thoughts of the man himself. >> he was an extraordinary individual. he had the hallmarks of courage and integrity that guided him. he was about serving a cause greater than one's self. arthel: as executive director of the mccain institute which is part of arizona state university, would you tell us about the current agenda and what the mccain institute
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represents. >> it was founded at the initiative of nor mccain with arizona state university. the purpose is to advance character and leadership. arthel: talk about the significance in senator mccain created and developing foreign policy over the years. is there something unique or specific in his approach and his impact on foreign policies that will be missed most of? >> without question. john mccain above all others was able to combine a sense of national security and national interest with a clear understanding that our values as a nation are fully embedded in that concept. it's not a choice we make in
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supporting freedom and democracy abroad or security at home. we are only secure at home if we live in a world with our values are -- are ascendent. it was played out in standing up to russia and dealing with chain today as a strategic adversary, partner, an an authoritarian government that abuses human rights. arthel: as you pointed out, senator mccain had a strong commitment to u.s. allies. how will he be viewed globally. >> he'll be viewed as the conscience of the united states. he epitomized the united states it was forth riteness and support of security, calling for
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freedom, democracy, human rights for those denied those things at home. and it was the united states being a partner with others as they tried to build those things in their own region and environment. arthel: what lessons can we as a country learn from senator mccain, the war hero, the maverick. >> you need to be true to yourself. he's the first one to admit the mistakes he made to his life as well. you will remember the keating crimes scandal. that chewed him up. he knew it was not the leadership role he wanted to play and it shaped him going forward. he commented on the 2000 presidential campaign. when he was asked about the confederate flag flying over the state capital in south carolina. that chewed him up.
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after that he went back to south carolina and gave a passionate speech about the rights of all citizens. that honestly and courage is something we all should aspire to. and he emtomorrowize -- and he t in his own life. eric: back in washington, tensions have been escalating between the president and the attorney general sessions. all this leads to the question, will the president fire sessions? and what would that mean and what would be the political and legal fallout. the heartfelt tribiewghts keep coming in for senator john mccain. we'll have so much more on his life and legacy throughout this hour. >> i fell in love with my country when i was in prisoner
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[♪] arthel: president trump going after his attorney general again after jeff sessions vowed the justice department would not be quote improperly infliewrnsd by politics. the president firing back with this tweet. jeff sessions said he wouldn't allow politics to influence him only because he doesn't understand ways happening underneath his command position. highly conflicted bob mueller and his gang of 17 angry dems are having a field day as real corruption goes untouched. no collusion. garrett tenney is live from the white house. reporter: the president retweeted several of his own jabs at jeff sessions from earlier this week. this isn't the first time the president has publicly criticized the attorney general. several top republicans like lindsey graham and chuck grassley are suggesting they could be open to the president replacing sessions. senator jeff flake says that is
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not the case for most of of the senate. >> there may be a few isolated voices saying that the president should fire him. we are saying as a body, please don't. he serves at the pleasure of the president. we know that. but i think it would and big mistake to fire him now. >> what kind of repercussions do you think there should be if he does this? >> the concern is that would be the first domino to fall. reporter: this latest round of attacks spurred one of the most of pointed response from jeff sessions. former attorney general alberto gonzalez says sessions was right to respond. >> that always serious allegation that the department of justice is out of control. jeff sessions has been quiet
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until now with a lot of krirtd civil from the white house. it was appropriate that he did respond. reporter: while a handful of republican senators are suggesting they could be open to reef placing jeff sessions as attorney general, they don't want to see it happen until after the election so this could go on for a few more months. eric: for more on this, let's bring in andrew stolkman. it's his prerogative if he wants to fire him. jeff sessions is a member of his cabinet. the president has to have con if i comments attorney general. if he doesn't have confidence i
9:21 am
don't understand the storm outrage for the president to get rid of a cabinet member. eric: some would accuse the president of obstruction of justice. >> that's just silly. you can't fault the president for doing something he's constitutionally allowed to do which is fire his attorney general if that's what he wants to do. it's an inherently controversial position. you had jfk appoint his brother attorney general. you had the left in this country railing against jeff sessions before he was confirm. now they are line up in unison saying wait a minute, mr. president, you can't fire him. if the president doesn't have confidence he should fire him. eric: getting some one to take the job. they do. jeff flake said they would not confirm somebody else if the
9:22 am
president fires sessions because they don't want the president to dump sessions. >> i don't buy that. members of the senate can say whatever they want. but ultimately the president forwards a new name, a highly qualified name. they will approve him in my opinion. the one error the president made was not putting jewel yani or chris christie in that position. he didn't require sessions to make a loyalty pledge. now that he likely wants to get rid of him he's facing withering criticism? that's a horrific double standard. eric: his loyalty pledge is to the tenets of the office and carrying on for the government of the united states, not the president as a personal being. you do point out one thing and i wanted to know what changed. here is lindsey graham saying it would be holy hell if the
9:23 am
president replaced him, then doing a 180 and opening up the door to that possibility. >> there will be no confirmation hearing for a new attorney general in 2017. if jeff sessions is fired there will be holy hell to pay. >> every president needs to have an attorney general he has confidence in. these are not lifetime appointments. eric: what changed? >> i don't know what changed. but the body of knowledge of what jeff sessions has done has slowly changed. it takes a while to form certain opinions and have those opinions change. there are enough senators who evolved in their positions that if president trump does dump jeff sessions, i think there will be enough senators while they may not support it, at least won't riot in opposition to it. eric: would you take odds on
9:24 am
this? >> i would put the odds at 2-1 that sessions gets fired after the mid-term elections. i think he's safe until the mid-term elections. thank you. arthel: the democratic national committee making major changes to its presidential nominating process, limiting the power of superdelegates. we'll have those details, plus more on the life and legacy of john mccain and his complicated relationship with president trump. > >> in times of political turmoil we share an awesome heritage and the responsibility to embrace it. george woke up in pain. but he has plans today. hey dad. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol,
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>> back at half staff in washington to honor the late senator john mccain. senate minority leader chuck schumer calling for the senate office building to be renamed in mccain's honor. our senior producer has more now from washington. hi, chad and >> either. we've got the official notice from the top four leaders on both sides of capitol hill in the house and senate about stated john mccain could be expected out later this week. this is an honor on the bestowed on 29 predecessors before john mccain. the last was daniel inohe, late democratic senator from hawaii. he served four years in the house of representatives before moving to the senate and he had some pretty big shoes to fill. he followed barry goldwater. only two persons have felt that
9:30 am
senate seat since january 1952. barry goldwater and john mccain. there's a lot of parallels between their career. the republican nominee for president. both have eligibility question about whether they would be eligible to be president. mccain was born in the canal zone in panama. very goldwater in the territory and those sure the senate armed services committee. john mccain came back to the senate last fall. he was appearing a little more frail. his voice was thin. and there was a moment where some reporters caught up to him in the hallway and asked him how he was doing. he said every life has to end somehow. he was very pragmatic about what his diagnosis in future maybe. this is where his former colleague, the republican whip from arizona said john mccain always said that he was on the clock. perhaps because of his time in vietnam. take a listen. >> john's entire approach to life as we want to get the most out of the time we have here, so let's dig in and get going.
9:31 am
at this case i pointed him towards public service. service of his country and the state of arizona. he certainly did get the most out of this time here. >> this is something we see in washington the next couple days and i'm standing in the russell senate office building named after richard russell. chuck schumer, minority leader renaming days after john mccain. the office for the senate armed service committee are here. richard russell voted against civil rights legislation. he served for 38 years spirit lyndon johnson kind of land all of his tax kicks in becoming the master of the senate, master of the senate from richard russell. at the end of the day it's unclear whether the senate will try to rename this building after john mccain. arthel. arthel: thank you pretty much, chad. turn to senator mccain's relationship with the president
9:32 am
was blocky to say the least. he questioned his status as a war hero. recently he failed to mention the sender's name and assign a defense spending bill named after mccain. the sender recently called trumps all thinking this conference with vladimir putin, quote, disgraceful. their report to senator his family told the white house they do not want president trump at his funeral, though mike pence is acceptable. joining us to talk about this complicated and contentious relationship is white house correspondent for the "washtington examiner." the president has simply not been gracious to the senator during his sickness and long before that. he's been rude, unforgiving and downright demeaning. >> i would say we're looking at one of the most complicated political relationships in recent memory featuring two of the most strong-willed
9:33 am
independent personalities in politics for quite a long time. on one hand you have a man who spent six decades in service to the united states of america from his time in the military to the house of representatives and the u.s. senate and two bits for the u.s. presidency. mccain is nothing if not an american icon. not just in the confines of the u.s. border but globally pursued for making sure democracy and freedom and individual liberty rained across the globe. trying to write as he has such a problem with him. as mccain has said, the president's own personality, the fact that he crossed the's policies. >> let's look at this. here's something to know between the two of them. mccain is someone who would not ever shy away from giving his personal opinion were telling how he felt regardless of how you felt when i was covering capitol hill i was the son a couple occasions. he is someone who did not shy away from telling you exactly how he felt on a given issue.
9:34 am
who does that sound like to you? does that not sound like president donald trump who almost every morning on twitter and public statements does not shy away from telling people exactly how it is. tree into a sick we've got this collision. >> in a close of two incredibly strong personalities and are not always willing to back down from what they feel is right and what they feel it should be accomplished. turn to the president is being for a treat last night. here it is. it does offer sympathies. my deepest sympathies and respect go to the family of senator john mccain. our hearts and prayers are with you. some are pointing out that he doesn't get the respect of the senator himself. he does to the family and not john mccain. >> let's look at it. if nothing else, the president is burying the hatchet. he's telling those within the name mccain family that he feels their pain, their knees praying for them.
9:35 am
yes, i know just last month in the defense appropriations bill named after john mccain the president notably didn't say his name throughout god. honestly, we know donald trump is a fighter. we also know that donald trump likes to win and he likes to remain strong. if nothing else, the president did express his condolences for the family. he asked us to his condolences and at least if nothing else as the office of the presidency is trying to heal the nation. eric: perhaps the last public statement the senator released a scathing criticism of the helsinki summit with latimer pruden, who mccain has said is quote, nothing short of an enemy of the united date any dictator. here is that the senator's office sent out in july. today's press conference in helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president in memory could be damaged by the president's naïveté, egotism false equivalence and the
9:36 am
medicine for autocrats is difficult to calculate, but it's clear the summit in helsinki was a tragic mistake. do you think the president can get beyond, you know, the infliction of that type of criticism and what do you think the senator's lasting legacy as when it comes to the presidency of mr. trump. >> i think president donald trump can get past this. obviously continue negotiations and talks between the u.s. and russia. nothing here is set in. with that, an interesting moment in american history is someone in helsinki for sure. we received quite a lot of criticism on both sides. what many wanted to see if the president condemn vladimir putin on the world stage right next to him for election interference. in terms of whether mccain, like what his fanfare dictates,
9:37 am
i think we'll have to see. obviously there's been a strong rhetorical history between the two. like i said, that was burying the hatchet and we will see the president continue to focus on his policies. trying to guess, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. arthel: democrats making big changes to their roles in their the presidential nominating process involving superdelegates for unpledged and can vote for whomever they like. dnc voting to prevent superdelegates from voting on the first ballot at the convention after a majority sided with hillary clinton over senator bernie sanders in a bitter primary fight two years ago. molly henneberg is live from washington with more. what can you tell us? >> hi, arthel appeared hundreds of party insiders who are not bound to any one candidate can make up 15% of the vote at the
9:38 am
party's national convention every four years. starting in 2020, the superdelegates may have to set up for the first row. under new rules passed by the democratic national committee, if the first ballot is contested, meaning no one candidate has enough pledged delegates from state primaries and caucuses to win outright and superdelegates cannot vote. if there's a need for a second ballot, superdelegates can vote. this move is in response in large part to bernie sanders campaign in 2016. his supporters accuse national democratic leaders abusing superdelegates to drive out the numbers for hillary clinton even as sanders was still trying to challenge her. >> before democrats gunnar is coming to liquid and had 400 superdelegates that are going to vote. i used to talk during the 2016 election pseudo-sanders, brittany sanders press secretary under regular and consistent basis and now is one of the
9:39 am
issues that they believe really disenfranchised before. >> not everyone believes and unfairly put hillary clinton are the top during the 2016 democratic primary. >> we always have to remember that superdelegates have never swayed an election. once they got supported bernie sanders, hillary clinton won the primary fair and square. >> the dnc chair tom perez said these changes will show democratic voters, especially young voters that we listen and react to it. arthel. arthel: molly henneberg, thank you, molly. transient nucleotides that north korea's president trump cancels secretary of state pompeo stripped bare. we'll can john center live up to his promises and get rid of their nukes. coming up, we will look at
9:40 am
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(vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. eric: we have some sadness in the world of arts and entertainment. legendary writer neil diamond has died at the age of 91. simon is best-known for the classic such as the odd couple in barefoot in the park was made in two films. the couple became a hugely popular. a writer for television in the 1950s. before becoming the iconic committee playwright who was so prolific, 60 plays and screenplays from promises promises the sunshine boys, lost in yonkers, and on and on. simon died early this morning due to complications of pneumonia. he was around by his family at a new york city hospital. once again, american legendary playwright neil simon has passed away. he was 91 years old yet but a
9:45 am
loss. arthel: what a contribution to american culture. and now we get to this nuclear talks with north korea apparently hitting a roadblock as president trump canceled secretary of state mike pompeo's plan trip to north korea that was supposed to take place this weekend. the president be denied by secretary of state mike pompeo not to go to north korea at this time because i feel we are not making sufficient progress with respect to denuclearization at the korean peninsula. the trade tensions with china may have something to do with this. alexander is a former u.s. ambassador to south korea and a distinguished fellow at the atlantic council. good to have you here, sir. as you know, although the president made the decision to call secretary pompeo stripped after getting update on the status of negotiations and still
9:46 am
the decision reportedly took the state department officials by surprise. what is the signal to you and this is the right move at this time? >> it was secretary pompeo at the right decision and reflects the fact that the president is finally accepting the reality that he did not get the breakthrough agreement in the clear commitment to denuclearization that he claimed he did at the singapore summit back in june. clearly the north koreans don't see denuclearization the same way we do. they are clearly demanding a lot more in return from the u.s. than kim jong un indicated in singapore and then reconsidering a strategy was the right move to make. they could be doing more and the trade war doesn't help encourage them to do that. the real problem is the president, to be frank, misjudged kim jong un unless if
9:47 am
we can get on a better track. arthel: to follow up that i have time. less than 18 days after the summit with kim jong un there is a new discovery that north korea had no plans to do you make a list of all the things to shake hands with the president and privately to see tim. as the president premature on that sunday? should he have relied on the resources and the fingertips and intellectual intelligence before agreeing to the meeting and is there any way the summit was the right move. i think it was the right move, but the president needed to do a much better job in nailing kim jong un down unless more explicit commitment, unambiguous commitments to denuclearization. kim jong said there must of us are and take all his troops out while he keeps his nuclear weapons for at least another 10
9:48 am
to 20 years. the deal was never fully understood on the north korean side and now we are paying the price in terms of this kind of setback in the talks. pompeo was humiliated when he went to pyongyang in july so it is better to postpone this visit. input a little more heat and the chinese. getting on track. in 30 seconds you mentioned china is not to blame perhaps for not putting enough pressure economically on north korea. should the trade were not helping right now, and you think the president should put the trade work on hold temporarily as they try to sort out what is happening with north korea? >> well, we need to negotiate some kind of deal at the chinese are not the overly ambitious. a lot of these terrorists we've
9:49 am
imposed under retaliation that has taken place are hurting american companies and american consumers. but i think the main thing is to work with the south koreans can i make sure they don't get out ahead of us on economic incentives for the north koreans until we see some real commitments of verification to denuclearization. it's not impossible to get the north koreans on the path. we need to get around back together. eric: thank you so much. sorry for the short amount of time. we had to dedicate as much to senator mccain has rightly so. trent to democrats remain determined to live up confirmation of brett kavanaugh. the reason they will postpone the process in my next guest of constitutional lovelier does well, the reason may not be good enough. i'll take that.
9:50 am
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that's a lot less bulky. always discreet. train to democrats in the senate judiciary committee train a new tactic to delay the process for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. 10 democrats had republican senator chuck grassley asking him to delay its siding the convictions in the police and the presidents to associate.
9:54 am
michael colin and paul manafort. they cite the possibility of criminal wrongdoing by the president himself. joining us now is a constitutional law attorney on this. jeni, cohen in manafort developments really enough to warrant it away? >> absolutely not. simply a delay tactic from an independent democrat. the letter to chuck grassley indicated they wanted a fair bipartisan process. that's the purpose of confirmation hearing. they've had since july 9th 2 reveal all of this. nothing is warranted. anything in terms of delaying the process and their assertion that somehow the manafort and the cohen issue that has nothing related to trump are absolutely baseless. >> the judge has in the past suggested that the sitting president cannot be indicted. that is the doj guidelines.
9:55 am
dupree cavanaugh on the bench and the critics said it'll be in. >> well, brett kavanaugh has had a very stellar judicial record. over 300 opinions show his infidelity to the constitution in his capacity as a supreme court justice, what he would ultimately rule is not supposed to be part of the senate confirmation hearing. the fact that democrats use that as a particular tactic not only undermined the credibility of the justice that has had a very long track record to the constitution, but also the senate has more document than almost any other judicial nominee previous. >> 30 seconds left. what is your prediction? they have the most of the nomination will go through. >> i do think they have those big mitch mcconnell leadership in chuck grassley absolutely this global forward.
9:56 am
it is not evidence. it's simply a plea agreement for a michael cohen. for the democrats to even suggest that they have plenty of records, 300 judicial opinions. this is something that is sent going to move forward. >> we've had so much breaking news of course. thank you very much. arthel: thank you. stay with fox news for continuing coverage of the life and legacy of senator john mccain. eric: will be back with much more three hours from now at 4:00 p.m. eastern time remembering the senator, his life, his legacy and accomplishments in our country. and live claritin clear. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on is boost®.
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