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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 29, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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from your friends at fox. stories to take you through the day. you can find is now on your facebook feed at facebook watch. it will be up there in about 3 minutes. we will break in, because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. >> neil: all right, feeling sweats because the heat is on more than 60 million americans. getting hit by a very dangerous heat wave. 13 states. is there any relief in sight? welcome everyone, i'm neil cavuto, and this is "your world" ." cities across the eastern seaboard including this city. they are trying to do things to avoid this. does anyone remember the chaos that resulted from the blackout in new york city way back in 2003? similar instances and the '70s, and '60s, they did not have train service. there is no air-conditioning,
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unless you had something called a generator. it could happen again. we had fox coverage. cities and municipalities trying to deal with this. meteorologist in new york city, if there is any relief in sight for this. scott martin on the cost of all of the spirit we were again with doug in a very steamy nation's capital. >> d.c. was long a swap even before donald trump coined the phrase, one of the reasons congress would leave town for the entire summer. the intense heat and humidity that we are seeing this week is really posing some serious risk in d.c. schools. parents are calling for them to shut down astroturf playground. temperatures as high as 140-160 degrees on the services. one mother showed photos of second degree burns on child's feet after he stepped out of a
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fountain onto a hot surface. >> if they can put a warning on my cup of coffee from mcdonald's saying caution, this contains a stream of hot liquid, they should be able to do the same for something that kids are running out. >> neil, 13 states in these conditions. a mandatory load reduction for all high-rise commercial buildings. that has been extended from yesterday. people may notice some increases in temperature and some escalators have been shut down in an effort to conserve electricity and prevents the possibility of a blackout. many unair-conditioned boston-area schools are dismissing three hours earlier. other east coast cities have cooling centers. stratford connecticut, stamford, connecticut, baltimore, there are many, many more. the good news is, the worst of it is happening.
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a mild improvement tomorrow with real improvement coming by friday. indeed, august is going out like an overheated lion, to be 25. >> neil: thank you, very much, much. let's go to our meteorologist. >> hey there, neil. it's really hot out here. the intense heat is happening today. we notice on the eastern half of the country, as we take a look at our map, 90, pretty much areawide getting into the mid-90s and several cases. the temperature even hotter than some of those locations. what is it feel like? you're getting in the triple digits in boston, washington, d.c., getting close to triple digits in new york city. it feels like 98 degrees currently because of that, no surprise here, we have advisories stretching up and down the atlantic could some of those red areas chemicals or heat warnings. which means that you're getting into the fields like temperature of 95 degrees.
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the thing that is going to eventually help us, and that is getting to thursday's forecast, this is all part of a big cold wave that will be sweeping through the area. it is going to knock down these images a lot. from the mid-90s to the lower 90s, and then look at those temperatures finally for us on friday, getting down into the middle 70s. 74 degrees in new york city. we will eventually be looking a lot better. i do have a perfectly good weather center that sent me outside. i will be sending you my dry cleaning bill. you can do with this. >> neil: thank you, very, very much. i look forward to more details on this. in the meantime, you're paying for this whether you are in the affected areas are not. that is how the stuff goes these days. whether we talk hurricanes, or disasters, invariably, it has an effect on this. what we pay for basic stuff. fox news contributor looking at
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the financial fallout for all of this. utility bills quickly pop. we are all concerned. and more than that. >> you are saying utility bills up $30, 100% in some cases. we've had a couple early once in july. in california, june. you see this effect everyone feared what really hurts is the discretionary spending, neil, that the consumer has the powers is economy. some have an increase in their bull of the dollars that i mentioned. they were not go to the stores, they will not spend on items that they would shop on amazon for example. that could slow the economy down quite a bit. >> neil: a lot of people try to protect themselves and find things to do in air-conditioned laces, or go to movie theaters and the like. if people could seek out those places, the business would pick up, right? >> i tend to go to ice cream shops a lot more. at least that's what i tell my wife and kids when it is hot. there are other things that
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consumers do. that's good that you pointed out with one of the previous guest. as it was mentioned, there will be temperatures in the 70s this weekend. but, they do occur. there are times when we have these heat waves, just like we have winter storms over the winter time when that those key people out of the stores and it does affect spending and transfer down the economic data line. >> neil: speaking of the economic data line, i would be remiss if i did not mention the pick up in the doubts today optimism about a trade deal, we will be touching on that. obviously, a little bit propelling the dow. now, the heat wave, i should stress, but the fact that there is a win, maybe a warm wind at our back. >> as temperatures have gone up on the east coast, so has the dow industrial average. the markets and economy are looking at things positively, given that we have the deal done with mexico a couple of days ago. i don't think that canada is too far behind. the crown jewel, will have them in a couple months.
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stu and i was a pleasure, hot or cool, you are always the best. i do appreciate you. i want to show you something both inspiring, and just remarkable to see. this is a long line of folks waiting in very, very hot weather to see their beloved senator, john mccain. lying at arizona state capitol. the first of four days which will include a memorial service tomorrow in phoenix as well. on friday, the united states capitol. they don't do that for too many folks. they are it for the maverick. on saturday, a funeral service at the washington national cathedral. a burial at the naval academy in annapolis. a formal goodbye to one of the countries most beloved senators. well-deserved, well-respected. in heat, more than willing to d
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>> those people do not want to be silenced. it is not right, it is not fair. it may not be legal, but we just want fairness. >> do you think you want to regulate them more? >> we are just going to see. you know what we want? not regulation. we want fairness. if we have fairness, we are already happy. speak to the president is not letting go of the notion that when it comes to social media and the likes of google and search engines, their they are predisposed to not liking conservatives and him. he wants to do something about it. it isn't clear what that something might be and whether the united states government is involved and to what end. fox news headlines 24/7, she was here at three in the morning. what was going on here with the president when it comes to searches, they are all tilted
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against him? >> that is what the president is saying. searches on google, google searches -- usually when you search something about trump news, negative stories come appeared he thinks that that is an issue with google itself and may be there for how they procure stories on the website. they could also very well be the fact that the mainstream media writes a lot of negative stories about trump. that really has nothing to do with google itself. google is in the business of getting clicks and selling ads. they usually post the most prominent news sites at the top of their search. oftentimes, fox news comes up, it's because they were clicks. they want to put the most trusted websites right at the top. >> neil: it might reflect that the mainstream media and sub six they come across when not something that the president --
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>> now we're talking about regulation which opens up a can of worms. >> neil: he mentioned on twitter that he doesn't want his site to be that way. it is re-triggering that discussion of the fact that they are biased. that actually with that and they don't like you. >> this is surprising to me. surprising to a lot of people. there was an engineer on facebook who posted a memo on facebook's internal message board saying, we have a problem with political diversity. that statement may be as plain as the nose on your face to a whole lot of people, but as is usually the last thing in silicon valley want -- is a pretty big deal that not only was this memo allowed to stay up, but about a hundred people also joined in and agreed with him. >> neil: saying that the site is tilted? >> not that the site is tilted, but the culture within facebook
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is a hard place to be when you're conservative. this reminds me a lot of what happened with google, the last time there was attack employee. he said something that was politically controversial. he said last year that there are fewer women in silicon valley because of a difference within their gender, as opposed to something else. google said that that was a sexist thing. they then fired him. facebook is handling this. if only. if you want these workers say that it is a harassing environment? what are they want to see done? >> i think they want to see an openness of diversity. that is what this whole group is about. it doesn't really seem like they are saying something controversial to you, me, and a lot of other people. certainly different than a lot
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of views within silicon valley where, if you agree with anything president drop said or how it any semblance of conservatism, whatsoever, that could be perceived as racism. there are a lot of people at facebook that complained this group and said that it was something that minorities could see as bad. there is a bit of pushback as well. >> neil: carley, thank you very, very much. i want to bring in justin chambers all of this. what does the president want to do? the facebook thing is different thing. but it comes back to social media bias that the president says is rapid. what is he want to see done? >> today, he said that he wants to see fairness in the oval office by reporters following an event. the president backtracked from the idea that he potentially wants to see official regulatio regulation. he said that he will settle for fairness and brought up the fact that social media and google beyond capitol hill soon to talk about this.
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carley had mentioned that maybe the bigger problem is with the mainstream media that it is misinformation that this is called and spit back out to those trying to conduct that search? so is it really google's fault? as it a surgeon's fault or what have you? >> as you touch on, it is a little bit collocated. if you search for something, it might show different research s than if i search for something. based on our results of research is to repeat is one component of a big is also the fact of the president appeared to have picked up this idea from a conservative news outlet that showed a charge that also played into this about media bias and whether outlets on the right around the left, which is part of where he's getting the idea that google and search engines or facebook, or twitter are biased against conservatives. also noting that the president pointed out that the president
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thinks this is biased against people who voted against him. it certainly something to think about his election chances in 2020. it certainly something that concerns him. >> neil: so he's putting the warning out. if you don't do something, i will do something. >> right, but it is not clear as you noted, what he would like to see. he did not really pause at anything. larry kudlow yesterday was asked something very similar. he said we will see what happens. the president like to say. it is very unclear right now what the white house does and what specifically would even be calling on congress to do. >> neil: have a feeling that larry kudlow was caught on fire and did not know what happened. i was good seeing you, thank you very, very much. meanwhile, north korea about the talks. neck. >> are they changing their mind on on denuclearization? as possible.
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>> when it comes to north korea, is it moving fast was to mark no. but we never thought it would. we knew that this was going to be a slow, tough process. are they wishing, or may be changing mind on denuclearization? as possible. but we will not change her mind on sanctions. >> neil: well, the wheels could be coming off the wagon. the ambassador to the united states might be suggesting that north korea might be backing out of talks. >> and everything points to kim will want any benefits, but he will probably look for any that he can find to not deliver this denuclearization. >> neil: she saw this amongst the excitement of the leaders
1:22 pm
getting ready to meet. right now, the foreign policy -- trust me right now. it's interesting. a lot of your cynical views then, and i say that with the greatest of respect, what is going on here? you aren't hopeful then, i would imagine that you are realizing it now. what is it that you think that the north koreans are trying to pull? >> oh, neil, they are to pull what they have tried for decades at this point. it is sadly predictable. they are buying time. the actually had trump talking very tough in the great game of chicken that has been going on for a long time. so, they came to the table. they got this summit and so on. and of course, they are doing what they do. they are rewriting the terms, they aren't compliant. they are making concessions that don't actually amount to giving
1:23 pm
up their nuclear program. and to be fair to president trump, part of the problems that he has got is what i have been saying for years. unfortunately, it is true. the only real solution is an end to the kim regime. the problem, is how do you get there without a confrontation? without another korean war? >> neil: you did say it before, but you are convinced that maybe given kim jong un's past history, lying to us, his grandfather's history of lying to us, that we probably wouldn't and shouldn't be surprised that he lied to us. president trump, to his credit, is not accepting it, and saying things are off until you are back on. do you think there should be a timetable here? does it come down to us realizing that this is a mistake, this is a generational sort of line of family that will
1:24 pm
not and cannot be trusted period? >> it is a functional total terrien systems that this family runs. they cannot be trusted. >> neil: what do we do? how do you deal with that? >> that is an enormous problem. again, what i keep thinking is, the mission has to be, how do you bring them down? that is the only real answer. the question becomes to what extent can sections help with that? but with the objective, not of the persuading them to do nuclear is. i don't think sections will do that. but of actually undermining them. at that stage, look, what president trump has done at this point is check to the diplomatic box. every president goes and tries diplomacy, because america doesn't want a war. so, you know, if he did not do that, the critique would be, how come he never tried. he has tried it the diplomatic box has been roundly checked.
1:25 pm
so now what? i think the answer is, go back to the days of reagan with the soviet union. there are many differences here. but the bottom line is, we need to look for ways to undermine the north korean regime. delegitimize it further than it already is. >> neil: you seem to be saying that we are beyond what we tried to do with the soviets are russians, try and verify. and now, we can't trust them, so there's no reason to verify liars, right? >> what i have in mind here is actually pushing them to the point where finally, the soviet union in 1991 collapse. and that is high risk. >> neil: thought is regime change, too. that is a risky gambit. >> the problem is exactly that regime change is the only real solution to this. at the same time, it is very high high risk, at the same time, what are the risks of not having
1:26 pm
regime change? right now, he still has a nuclear arsenal. we've heard it reported and senator pompeo reported that he has been working on missiles and nuclear bomb fuel. >> neil: they had to know that we would know this part to head to know that we have these things called satellites. they had to know that we would have the means of which to check them, right? >> yes, of course they know that. again, this is a game of chicken. what they are betting on is that we are not actually going to pull the trigger. have two inks. they have south korea hostage. the hostage racket under which they have developed this whole nuclear program at a great deal of damage in the world. and now, they have nuclear weapons as well. to add to that. this is a hostage racket, an extortion racket, and actually,
1:27 pm
it would be highly beneficial, not just on the korean peninsula, but to the rest of the world to see north korea's regime collapsed. one of the message that that would bring is nuclear weapons do not guarantee the survival of a tyrannical regime. that would be a really important message to get out of this point. >> neil: powerful stuff, claudia, thank you very, very much. >> thank you, neil. 102 plus degree temperatures there. >> neil: these are people lining up from the hundreds, i'm told, the thousands earlier in the day, for a chance to say goodbye to john mccain who is in the arizona state capitol right now in phoenix. the first of four days of funeral service though and on sunday finally with his burial. a lot of these folks, voters who remember him well, average citizens who respected him immensely. they want to say goodbye to the maverick. they are bearing the heat and bearing anything else just for
1:28 pm
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>> neil: health care for for illegal immigrants. that is what the mayor wants. how will they pay for it? how does it fit the bill? we are on after that. or a cream.
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>> neil: all right, the sad and long goodbye of the one john mccain. i wondered if he could have envisioned the type of crowd that he would be looking at. the ones in arizona paying their last respects here and putting up with 102 degrees heat. they stand in a long line to get in that opportunity. a lot of times to pass the casket and say thank you, good, public service for all you have done. >> hi, neil. i think is 104 degrees right no now. when john mccain was running the senate campaigns, he would canvass the state of arizona with the smallest towns of populations of 50 and 60 people. this is payback. they are coming from all over the state to calm and pay their respects to john mccain. they are expecting tens of 15000 people to wait in these lines. they have tense up for a lot of the weights to get inside, it
1:33 pm
would be very long. i would've been his 82nd birthday, john mccain's casket was brought here and was greeted by the honor guards, full respect, every branch of the military. his wife, the mccain family was greeted by the arizona governor doug ducey. and his wife. and inside commit during the ceremony, governor doug ducey spoke in honor of senator mccain. watch. >> he fought for the causes he believed in. he plowed through election after election with the energy and focus of a warrior. but, along the way, he did it with humor and humanity. without compromising the principles he held so dear. >> we also heard from former senator john kyle, very emotional as you watch the video of the family addressing the casket of.
1:34 pm
very emotional. tomorrow morning at 9:00, they will kind of repeat the process. the casket will be taken out by the honor guards and then put back into the hearse, and taken to the baptist church appeared that is where the big ceremony will take place 10:00 local time tomorrow. former vice president joe biden will be the primary speak in there. we also hear from athletes like larry fitzgerald, the wide receiver of the arizona cardinals. as we know, john mccain was a huge sports fan after that ceremony, senator mccain's casket will be put onto a plane and then flown to d.c. where he of course will lie in state and the capitol rotunda for 24 hours. his funeral is set for saturday. primary speakers, former presidents barack obama and george w. bush, and then, senator mccain will be interred to the naval academy on sunday. >> neil: trace gallagher, thank you very much.
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>> i did universal health care when i was mayor, and regardless of your immigration status. san francisco is the only plan for all undocumented residents. we proved it could be done without bankrupting the city. i would like to say that we could extend that to the rest of the state. >> neil: what candidate gavin newsom is talking about, is health care for everyone regardless of their immigration. rochelle, who would pay for that? >> i would like to say this, first of all, i don't have a green heart. i don't think that your insurance or your ability to receive health care should be based on the fact of your status on whether or not you have a green card. the fact that gavin newsom was be able to do this, means he knows what he's talking about. it means that he knows that he
1:39 pm
can implement this plan. when they have this had plan in san francisco, it came out of te city's general fund. they also implemented a cost to businesses who do not provide insurance. and also, there were copayments that were able to help pay for it. at this as some think that the and california support, and something that they want, then why not give it to them? >> neil: it is up to those residents, you're quite right. they will find a way to make it happen. i'm wondering what that would be. in california, already has just about the highest tax burden combined state and local tax burden. some of its wealthiest residents are taxed right now on an individual basis, the highest level is better than 12.5%. the overall business taxes at 8.84%, but there is a movement among democrats to double that to pay for things like this. you know, there are reason why
1:40 pm
businesses are leaving california, right? >> republicans, you guys, hate big government, right? >> neil: don't up accused me of being republican, or big or small government, i'm looking for ways to pay for the government. >> well newsom knows the way to pay for it because he did pay for it in san francisco which is the most expensive city to live in. if he was able to do this in the most expensive city in california -- >> neil: there is a difference between doing and providing for something in san francisco, and taxing wealthy individuals there than there is to do this statewide in a state that is losing businesses, right? >> we should really be clear on this. even though san francisco is a wealthy city, you have people in san francisco making 117,000 people per year qualifying for food stamps. even though it is labeled, for wealthiest city, it is actually the most expensive city to live in. he was still able to do this. >> neil: aren't they at the
1:41 pm
people that you want to tax? wait a minute. who is going to get the bill? if you put it on businesses, it may very well be people, and i assume it will be the approach he takes, to put on wealthy people and businesses. we know businesses in california were leaving, a lot of them to texas. a lot of wealthy individuals are very fearful that estate tax rate for them could be double from 8.484% could be. at what point will they say it's a beautiful everything, but i'm outta here. then what? >> i don't think anybody in california is going to go anywhere as a result of this. let's be clear. taxpayers already paying -- >> neil: are you saying what's happening a taxes? they are booming. >> taxpayers already paying for undocumented people to get health care. when they show up to the e.r., hospitals are not turning these people away. when they cannot pay -- >> neil: it is the same across
1:42 pm
the country. you're right about that. if your income and your sick, they take care of you. >> i did not get to my point. my point is that when these people show up them and when they are unable to pay, the hospital ends up paying the bill. and what ends up happening? the hospital pulls from federal funds. who is putting money into the federal funds? taxpayers. we are already paying for undocumented people to receive some sort of health treatment. >> neil: you raise a good point. what is to stop me and others, enable american citizens, california residents, legal, all, that are now told that exemptions and allowances are being made for those who should not even be here. we're going to flip the bill for everything that comes to you, be it health care and a host of other things, education benefits, what is the goal in going to the process to become a regular american citizen if you have to foot the bill for sending like this and stick it on americans who can ill afford it? and californians in particular,
1:43 pm
who are the most taxed in this country period? >> trying to come legal citizens and doing the legal way unless they want to be booted out of the country. >> neil: in the meantime, we will foot the bill from everything through your education -- >> it is so un-american and mean-spirited for people to turn away a person just because they are on documented, when they -- >> pigging legal taxes. >> was mean-spirited -- >> neil: would you pay more in taxes to provide this? >> yes, i will. >> neil: so ask californians about that. with a question a? >> they are getting taxed to death. they can afford it. >> neil, let's talk about this. >> neil: there inhumane, they have the heart if they might raise her hand and say, stop, i can afford this. this is ridiculous. >> 51% of the people in
1:44 pm
california right now support newsom. barely, if those people are california voters, spewing you might be right. that 51 will support, who will pay higher taxes. there's a big difference between 51% support what you want to do and 51% saying, i so support what you do want to do that i will pay for it. but they would like is the idea, and they want someone else to pay for it. >> now, i don't think they want someone else to pay for. clearly, newsom has done this in san francisco where he worked for it is going to work in california. and when you have 3 million people in california uninsured, then i think that is the reason. let's keep in mind this is not single-payer. this is not cigna pay. >> neil: you are saying single-payer, people supported. i want to pride benefits and free college and everything else i could possibly get my hands on, including health care for everybody. but when push comes to shove,
1:45 pm
and i give you credit, you say you will happily pay for that. if you ask a lot of californians, a lot of citizens that feel maybe that way in the united states, would you pay for it? would you go ahead and put your own money on the for this, i think you get very different results? >> the healthy san francisco plan that newsom had first separatist go is not a single-payer plan. >> neil: but is everyone in san francisco paying for the? >> the way it was paid for was through copayments, businesses that did not provide their employees with insurance. >> neil: my point is that it wasn't paid for everybody. it was put on a few to pay for this. sometimes, it is running out of steam. i've seen a host of other things. my state, in new jersey, they're asking a few to pay for benefits for all. a lot of really don't mind because they say, well, i'm not paying, animal for a period of course, you're all for it if you're not paying.
1:46 pm
if it's someone else's treaty, you're not going to look at what you're buying. you're going to say, i'm not buying, i'll have a couple of appetizers. >> i'm sorry, i can't turn around and look at little girl and her face suffering from leukemia from honduras just because her parents brought her over illegally. >> what you are doing is saying -- >> that is what happening. >> neil: want to ask about the american citizen. the single mom that is putting the legal u.s. resident who is putting up with the same pressure that you alluded to an illegal. the financial obligation to pay those costs without you turning around and making her look like she's heartless or to make her look like she doesn't care? if you want to do this and you want to pay for it, then pay for it. you're right. the california government will decide. but will they pay for it? >> let's take away documented immigrants and talk about americans in this country that cannot afford health care. let's think about the spirit san francisco is not full of undocumented immigrants.
1:47 pm
there also american citizens. >> neil: would you pay for? >> already said that i would. >> neil: you feel and you support this, would you pay for it? in my state in new jersey, when i asked folks a similar question about providing a lot of benefits for a lot of people with support for schools, they were all four and until the issue came up, as long as it is on the wealthy. as long as it on a few. as long as it is not on me. >> okay, now you're saying that this is going to be a tax burden on the wealthy. that is not the case. >> neil: who is the part and on? would you be willing to say that this is worth it for everybody to chip in and pay for it? >> if i had to pay an extra $2 out of each paycheck, or whatever it is, in order for someone whether they are undocumented or an american citizen to receive the treatment that they need, then absolutely, i would. >> neil: you're convinced that california i was of same mind that if they had to put their
1:48 pm
money for the heart was coming which might be very, very noble, that they would share that same thing? by the way, i think you would be more than a couple of bucks. >> it might be a couple of bucks, five bucks, $20 a month, whatever. i think californians are for it. 51% of the population are supporting it. >> neil: you're playing with taxes on their money. you are assuming that they are happy to go along with it. >> clearly they are. >> neil: i look at money. i look at money coming in, money going out. we all like to buy things. kids who want to buy the taj mall tomorrow if they could. but i have to tell them, we cannot buy the taj mahal. >> we have to look at the fact that we are talking about california. we are talking about a state that has the highest population of undocumented immigrants. i was surprised if they have family members that are saying hey, this is a good idea? >> you're talking about a state that is bleeding businesses faster than any other per you're talking with the state that has seen other states take it to the
1:49 pm
cleaners because it has responded to the relief and taxes that california refuses to see. you seem to be getting them another reason to give up. >> i am not -- [laughter] i'm not giving them a reason to give up eared all i'm saying is once again -- >> neil: you just committed their money. you just told legal residents, you have a moral obligation to help those who are here illegally. >> let me tell you something. i haven't told him anything. i live in harlem. i'm not voting in california. the voters in california will decide. >> neil: you told him this is a good idea, you will happily pay for it. while giving them credit, you're saying everyone will pitch in and pay. but everybody is not going to pitch in and pay. if you are going to pitch in id pay. because you can all do the dig on money that isn't yours. >> i think the details still need to be worked out, to be 25. >> neil: yeah, the details. >> if we can find a way to do
1:50 pm
this, it is the american way to do so. >> neil: it is not a conservative or liberal position for it to me, it is a bait that both parties need to realize but if you're going to make promises and commitments, you need to come up with a way to pay for it. the mayor who is running for governor is just as obligated as those who live in washington to say, here is how i'm going to pay for the spirit until we hear that on both parties, and in this case, from the mayor stipulating how he is going to do it. >> week ago back and forth. we can't really discuss the details yet. >> neil: that is the problem. we are discussing details. someone has to say, paying for. >> right. >> neil: good talk, good talk. thank you very, very much. stick around, we have more. your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free.
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>> neil: all right, i apologize, all of you, if that seemed rude on my part. but i am a big merge when it comes to money and paying for things, no matter what you're paying for. i wanted to raise this. that is the problem here, you can make a lot of goals, but there is the issue of paying for it. i never find a way where they pay for it. >> yeah, well look, your previous guests at all it would take was $20 a month per person. let's assume that that is right. all of the 330 million americans will pay $240 more a month in order to provide for your health care. let us roughly $80 billion area. but the cost of medicare for all, their free health care for everybody is estimated at $32 trillion over a 10-year time frame, which means roughly $200 trillion a year. we have now raised tax by everyone in america $20 a month, we raised $80 billion.
1:55 pm
that is 2.5% of what is needed to fund, and other words, he would have to have 40 times as much per person, per year to pay for this. >> neil: status where it gets a little crazy. just what is going on in california paired but your point is well taken beard even if we were to tax the rich at 100%, we cannot keep medicare going more than a couple of years. the fact of the matter is, there isn't enough money in the till to keep the government obligations the way they are now. what i am worried about, when you add more promises and obligations onto that, and then, sort of go for the heartstrings and say come at these are illegals that are hurting. my first point is, a, they are illegal, then how, and who of the legal americans do you tax to pay for that? they will have to tax a lot. >> remember, she said that san francisco is one of the most expensive places in the country. maybe one of the reasons why it is one of the most expensive places in the country. if people make $100,000 plus a
1:56 pm
year on food stamps, it is because of the cost of the regulations, taxes, fees, and everything else that goes along with it. i had friends that live in california. they moved to michigan in order to run their business, because it was too expensive to do so and san francisco. i make one other point. i live in austin, texas. we are ready to have one of the biggest apple facilities in the country, and one of the biggest google facilities in the country. i have a mile west of where i live, a couple of years ago, grew a 16 story building. guess who was in a building? californians. a company called dimensional funds who has high-paying jobs in the financial sector groot lock, stock, and barrel from the san francisco area. they could not attract good people because of the cost of everything that was going on in san francisco. >> neil: fair enough. karl rove, i am sorry if i blew off the handle there. you, i could see, but no. i apologize for that. it is not a liberal or conservative thing, it is how do we pay for this?
1:57 pm
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