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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 31, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the backdrop of all the cowardice around us. that's it for this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight," an investigation into big tech topic were going to keep up with every u night at 8:00 so join us there. we'll see you. ♪ >> sean: welcome to this speciall edition of "hannity," i'm jason chaffetz into night foran sean. we'll highlight why elections matter. since thens president's inauguration in january 2017, the trump effect has been in full swing. the economy is booming, the i media has been called out for its abusive bias and deep state corruption has been exposed at some of the highest levels in our federal bureaucracy. last night president trump called on the department of justice to confront that deep state corruption head on, take a look. >> president trump: our justice department and our fbi
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inside they have incredible people but our justice department and our fbi have to start doing j their job and doig it right and doing it now. because people are angry, people are angry. [cheers and applause] what's happening is a disgrace. and at some point i wanted to stay out but at some point if it doesn't straighten out properly, i want them to do their job. i will get involved and i will get in there if i have to. >> jason: this week we learned even more details surroundingeda brewing scandal we've been discussing for months all surrounding the foreign intelligence surveillance act or pfizer for short. judicial watch now has uncovered that no fisa court hearings -- none -- took place on the warrants obtained by the fbi on former trump campaign associate carter page.
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we know the basis was christopher steele's a dirty dossier and yesterday catherine herridge reported that current muller deputy andrew weissmann was kept in the loop about the steele dossier. joining us now to break all this down is author of the russia hoax, the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. and judicial watch president, thank you both for being here. congratulations on thera book, i think it's been "the new york times" best-selling list three weeks in a row. that's got to drive them crazy. i want to start with you, you've done some amazing work i'm a huge fan of what judicial watch is done without you, explain to us in this court filing what you are able to uncover. >> they wouldn't tell us whether there's a pfizer warrant on
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flynn. what about the transcripts? they initially said there were no transcripts, we asked the offense of intelligence within the justice department, they told us there was never any court hearing. there was the initial warrant in three subsequent renewals and to me it's astonishing and. disturbing that these courts couldn't bother to hold hearings on this by warrants targeting donald trump. you look at these applications it is about trump campaign it's about president trump. three of those warrants were filed while he was going to be president or while he was president, refused to do so and they were gamed by relying on the justice department and fbi. you've got the courts falling asleep at the wheel here and you
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have the underlying corruption at the doj and fbi. the leadership at the justice department and fbi are completely out to lunch in terms of highlighting and exposing and holding those accountable for that corruption. >> jason: what do you glean from this and the fact there was no hearing? >> it's an ex parte proceeding, there's only one side, the government side. is nobody there to protect the civil liberties and the privacy rights that are being intruded on by the federal government. these judges without hearing,g without asking a single solitary question accepted as truth for the representations of people like james comey, andrew mccain, rod rosenstein and sally yates. now we know we weren't telling the truth. they were deliberately misrepresenting the facts, they were concealing vital evidence, deceiving the judges and perpetrating a fraud on the
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court. this is what's wrong with secret starar chambers. it's gotec to be corrected in se form or fashion. the abuse of power now is rampant. this is what happens. >> jason: the concern is when you author, they don't expressly say or tell the judge that the clinton campaignn is funding this, you have to use a decoder ring to figure out -- and then on top of that for judicial watch to find out there was no hearing. tell me about andrew weissmann. when catherine herridge is reporting why is he so important and what bruce ohr is doing and informing him along the i way? >> bruce ohr has now implicated the lead lawyer in robert mueller's special counsel team. he was in on the russia hoax. that was framing donald trump for doing things that he never did.
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wiseman knew that christopher steele compose the phony dossier, they knew the document was completely specious it was uncorroborated, unverified and they knew that he had been fired for lying and the fbi a department and department of justice apparently didn'tn care, they use that nevertheless to pursue this fabricated investigationin of donald trump. and to wiretap an american citizen without proper evidence. this now ruins the integrity and credibility of robert mueller's special counsel. weissmann should be fired and the special counsel should say we apologize, we arend terminatg our special counsel probe because all of it has been tainted and corrupted by weissmann. >> jason: will have a difficult time to get it through
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the courts. where does judicial watch go next? what are you pressing for? >> we were told there are 1600 pages of bruce ohr documents that will take six months and they want to turn them over. we sued for andrew weissmann's text messages, we've already shown that she sent an email to sally yates praising her lawless reporting of president trump's travel ban order back in the administration. now theyt don't want to turn ovr any text messages that mention clinton or trump. he attended clinton's party on the election night, it wasn't much of a party. >> jason: i kind of wish i was there, i think that would've been a fun. >>is they're hiding his text messages from us. were asking for all of these questions, you opened the hour with talking about the president think he may have to get
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involved. the easiest way to get involved is to order the justice department and fbi to quickly release these records and declassify defies applications, so we can figure out what's in them. they are classified tous cover p corruption, notrr national security issues and get the truth out. that's the best way to combat the deep state at this point. >> jason: there not only turning over to the public which is paying the bills, you're at the tip of the spear on that. there also holding back from congress. they have security clearances, they have no excuse. they continue all of those back. one ofof the things that's concerning about this is not just bruce ohr but his wife nellie. where does it go next with nelly? >> shall be questioned. it's important, laws appear to have been broken here. he omitted in his filings at the
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department of justice that his wife was getting paid for composing the dossier that he was peddling. that is not only filing a false government report but it's a bribery in gratuity statute, thisow is what he's now squealig on people like andrew weissmann. having weissmann heading up, that's h a detective who framesa suspect and appoints himself to investigate the crimes for which he has framed the suspect. andrew weissmann is leading the investigation into donald trump and yet it is weissmann who is involved in framing donald trum donald trump. >> jason: the number for person at the department of justice and his wife who happens to work for this organization, they can have some communicatio communication. >> quickly, the dossier was used byas mueller. it was signed during mueller'sig reign. mueller is responsible for the youth of the dossier.
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>> jason: that's where we get into rod rosenstein, the memo he authored and framed and firing of director comey, it's so incestuous that it needs to be exposed. this week senator lindsey graham weighed in on the blatant deep state abuse of power, watch thi this. >> a lot of people are trying to convict president trump, don't be so fast. i've seen no evidence of pollution after two years. mueller is looking at it, we'll see what he says. plenty of corruption at the department of justice and the fbi should be stunning. reverse the rolese. just imagine it's a republican party who hired a foreign agent to go to russia to get dirt on hillary clinton and they used it to get a want and never told the court about it. the front page story everywhere, that's pretty corrupt when the two fbi agents and u.s. attorneys and doj lawyer, it's
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our jobs to stop trump, can you imagine if it wasd our job to stop clinton? >> jason: congressman jim jordan had this to say.d >> christopher steele picked bruce ohr in the first place. why did they select his wife to come work for fusion? they had direct access. he was handing the parts of the dossier, why did they also want to run it through bruce ohr the justice department? it seems to me to create weight and credibility behind the document that was completely false. if you can now tell the press and other people, a senior department of justice official is also talking about the dossier and also passing it onto the fbi it gives it weight when it fact it was completely on credible, unverified document. >> jason: joining us now is my mike huckabee. thank you for joining us.
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those are pretty strong words from lindsey graham, he's right. he talks about the democrats are nowhere on this issue. how did democrats justify this and when the tables have turned, what is it they will ultimately end up saying? >> this is so stunning and there are three cs to describe it. corruption, conspiracy, and cover up. what makes it so discomforting is while the press should care and they should be exposing this because sunlight is the best disinfectant when you have something that is horribly diseased but there's no sunshine on this. other than from people like catherine herridge, sara carter, people like gregg jarrett. otherwise we would never know these things. the other part of this is that at the highest level of the fbi and department of justice, there was unintentional effort to
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reallye stage what is no less than a coup d'etat against the elected president and they are using taxpayers dollars to do it and these are people with government jobs and are supposed to be upholding the law. we ought to see a bunch of people frog marched across federal property under arrest for what they have done. it is just unbelievable that this level of corruption exists among this many people at the top. >> jason: somehow, someway this special is about the trump effect. i a can see them trying to do ts against donald trump because he is a disruptive president. he is unconventional and he did something he wasn't supposed to do and that is beat hillary clinton to become the next president of the united statese. with all that in place, what is donald trump to do now? what should the president be doing? >> he's got to have an attorney general who if they cannot personally task someone in washington to root out the corruption, then go out to the justice department and field
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offices and bring a team together that will thoroughly investigate and do it fearlessl fearlessly. empower congress, force the fbi and justice department to get everyone of e those documents unredacted to the oversightt committees . the more lights that get turned on the better because were not dealing with something that's political here and i hope a lot of americans stop and realizehi that you can have a lot of political opinions if you like donald trump you don't like him -- here's what this is about. we preserve our system of government where we elect people, we empower them and whether we can trust law enforcement. if we have this kind of corruption and our law enforcement agencies, we have something that truly does take us to the end of our republic. that's why it matters and it really does matter that much. when people have the power to take your liberty away which law enforcement does, they can put you in jail, they can ruin your life. if those people become corrupt then your whole system utterly
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breaks down. i think were on the verge of that right now. >> jason: we used to have democrats that would lead the charge on this. that was their accusation against law enforcement and they are deadly silent on that. it's hard not to think there's some complicitys between the media and the democrat machine because they are styling on it. what do you say to democrats who want to be honest brokers? >> they need to step up and be honest brokers. they can be national treasures and heroes, not because they go out and hurt democrats --- i don't want to hurt the democrats, i want to help our system. i want there to be a judicial system whether you're the poorest guy and totally unconnected to politically or whether you're the most powerful person on earth, justice will be applied to you exactly the same way. that clearly is not the same way, without it we've all become cynics to our own government and we can't afford to have that kind of environment and a
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constitutional republic. it destroys it. >> jason: you're absolutely right. justice is supposed to be blindfolded and my grandfather was a career fbi agent and i've got to tell you the integrity of that department and agency has got to be restored. we bank on it too much. thank you so much for joining us, i appreciate it. up next on this special edition of "hannity," the trump effect we tackle the upcoming midterms, stay with us (male speaker) stop by bass pro shops and cabela's today
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♪ >> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," the trump effect. at his indiana rally last night, president trump slammed the democratic party for obstruction and lack of productive ideas, take a look.
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>> president trump: today's democratic party is held hostage by left-wing haters, angry mobs, deep state radicals, establishment cronies, and their fake newsir allies. the democrats, they call themselves the resistance, that's what they're good at. resisting and obstructing. they are obstructionists. every day, they are resisting the wheel of the american people and trying to undermine the verdict of our democracy, delivered so strongly in 2016 like never before. [cheers and applause] the most remarkable thing about the modern democratic party is how truly undemocratic they really haveal become.
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the so-called resistance is mad because their ideas have been rejected by the american people. and we're getting rid of those bad ideas one by one. it is driving them crazy. >> jason: now with just 68 days until the midterms, many democrats are taking a hard left turn. in a display of anti-trump one-upsmanship, governor cuomo called eyes a bunch of thugs. >>s new york state is the state that is suing donald trump for ripping babies from the arms of their mother, new york state is the state this as we will not cooperate with ice, they're a bunch of thugs. he politicized eyes, they're a bunch of thugs, we said we will
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sue them. >> jason: joining me now with reaction fox news contributor and former clinton pollster doug schon and rnc spokesperson, thank you all three for joining us. the democratic party is the future of democratic party to embrace socialism and try to go after law enforcement by calling them thugs? is that the democratic party of today? > i sure hope not, it's one strand in the democratic party, it hasn't taken over and my advice to the fellow democrats is to stay in the center, stay positive, and stay constructive. we have an eight-point lead in the generic vote, the president is at a record low, disapproval inin "the washington post" poll, we will win a big victory in november. >> jason: how do you see democrats pointing out, i see them pushing for the abolishment of ice and this scorched-earth
10:24 pm
resistance movement. >> that's exactly right, they have become radical, they are embracing socialism. look at what happened last here in florida, andrew gillam won. he's calling for abolishing ice, he started a debate stage next to bernie sanders and called for a revolution. we don't want a revolution in florida but nevertheless that's what he's calling for. and in arizona, the guy who won the gubernatorial primary he doesn't just want to abolish ice, he said let's get rid of the southern border. these are crazy fringe ideas, andrew cuomo saying america was never great for taking over the democratic party, it's scary and frightening and it won't win a national stage. >> jason: tammy is sitting here in studio in new york, how do you see the democrats plan? i see them going further to the left. >> they do have a platform.
10:25 pm
bands draws, book out and out burger, cottle ms-13, abolish ice, demonize the police so they have a platform. it's clear. i wish they would listen to doug schon because i want an opposition party that is loyal and cares about the country but you're not seeing that manifest right now and that's because there's no leadership in the democratic party. they can continue this, it's something americans will reject we've always rejected it. we also happen to a be in a time for americans within a very short period of time have seen what the centrist democrats give you the barack obama up from just a couple years ago compared to what donald trump has done. a world of difference. it's a shocking reformation americans would not have expected because were told it's the new normal. now everything has changed and for the first time we see 85% of working americans see the future as brighter and something that is waiting for them and that is good.
10:26 pm
remarkable it's due to policy. it's not an accident and the president needs to reinforce that all the time. >> jason: all i hear is the democrats demonizing the president. it's scorched-earth, it's resistance movement. no matter what the president says. i can't even name a platform position that the democrats believe in other than thosee things. >> i think you're right. i think it's a fair critique that the democrats do not have an alternative agenda. i'm one of those who believes we need as you what i discussed comprehensive immigration policy, aim compromise to get health care done. more help for workers who are lagging behind in pay. i think tammy is exactly right. we need a strong, loyal opposition. my sense is if they do that and add to that, getting rid of nancy pelosi and the democratic leadership, we will be not only a stronger party but we will
10:27 pm
have at least oneas if not two houses of congress. >> jason: that's not going to happen. >> i think it could. >> jason: it could if republicans stay on control of the house. if thehe democrats take the houe that's what they're planning to do. whatni is the message that republicans are using to win in the midterms? >> it's simple because of president trump, your life is betterrm off. that poll that tammy cited his spot on, you have 85% of blue-collar workers saying their life is better because of this president, because of his policies -- the economy is soaring. wages going up in the fastest pace they have been back gate, 4.2% of gdp. the republican party is now the party of blue-collar workers. to doug's point i would point out if there is a mold for democrats winning. it is connor lam. what did conor lam do? he actively said i am not deposing donald trump but i am
10:28 pm
opposing my leader nancy pelosi. the key for democrats to win is to support trump, project nancy pelosi. not have opposition and that primary so he didn't have to face somebody from the left. he was able to situate himself without confronting with the democrats are dealing with. that is not the case for everyone else that is out there. >> jason: she's right about the confrontation fromi the far left. i want to play a clip, this is andrew cuomo the governor of the state as big as new york going up against his opponent here cynthia nixon,op let's play this clip and i would like you to react. >> my opponent lives in the world of fiction i live in the world of facts. a few facts, okay? the subway system is owned by new york city. >> the mta has been controlled by the state since 1965. >> can you stop interrupting?
10:29 pm
>> can you stop lying? >> as soon as you do. >> jason: did he really just say that? >> that gives you an example of what can happen when you really are situated, he just effectively admitted he's a liar. he'll stop lying when she stops lying. that's with the democrats get to. this is what happens in a state like california or new york when there's no real opposition. suddenly and this is the problem the democrats have, there has to be a central position about doing it strategically since the president's leadership getting her back on her feet. >> jason: i've got to go quickly here, i want to get one more thought on the abolish ice movement. i've never seen a party prevailed that wants t to dismantle and demonize law enforcement.
10:30 pm
>> i can't understand it i would be happy to have connor lam as our speaker and i would be happy to do a reform of ice but we need the southern border and we need strong borderng control. period. >> jason: you're in a minority of the minority. >> i think i'm right and i think i stand for reasonable policies. >> jason:ci that is a right answer but unfortunately that the position of the republicans, not the democrats. >> democrats are out there saying abolish ice is not part of our platform -- make no mistake they'rerm telling our falsehood. when you have a resolution in support of ice on the house floor, 90% of democrats voted against it. this is the mainstream position of the democratic party, abolish law enforcement it's a losing argument. >> jason: midterms are coming up in one of the most important elections of our lifetime.
10:31 pm
thank you all for being here with us tonight. straight ahead, i'll be tackling the worst of cnn's botched reporting with gene allotment, dineen marelli, and madison auto coming up, this special edition of "hannity" the trump effect c continues. ind of like playing yr own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter] (vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there?
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♪ >> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," the trump effect. during his raucous rally last night, president trump had tough words for the media -- take a look. >> president trump: look at how many cameras they have, like the academy awards. they can't get enough.
10:36 pm
but when i start screaming fake news you see those red lights go off for a little while. we have technical difficulties, then they go back. look at this. in the studio they go he's about ready to go, ladies and gentlemen we have technical difficulties will be back in just about -- that he comes back okay were back, here we go, keep going. what theyo have to put up with, them.ot that easy for it's tough to have a network where you're calling them fake news -- that just shows when you get goodd ratings you can say anything, right? that's what happens. the failing "new york times," if i wasn't here, they would be out of business. "the washington post," "the new york times," cnn.
10:37 pm
>> jason: vintage trump right there. in the wake of cnn's botched reporting about the 2016 trump tower meeting, two very obvious tools of mainstream media bias has emerged, the advice of obsession and the bias of omission. most recently the media's bias of obsession is out in full force with her over in top impeachment preoccupation, watch this. >> i'm not saying it's high but it certainly went up. impeachment. >> the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. he should resign his office or bebe impeached. >> today the trump presidency took a giant step toward impeachment. >> impeachment, impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment implications are now in the air.
10:38 pm
>> if it isn't a crime it certainly is an impeachable offense. >> impeachment. >> impeachment is a word and play inme washington. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> should the present be impeached? >> there are democrats who say there is now more than enough to impeach. >> is it an impeachable offense? >> impeachment. the impeachment process. the president will be removed from office after the impeachment trial. >> they want to talk about impeachment. >> do not talk about impeachmen impeachment. >> jason: wow. meanwhile regarding their bias of omission, the media research center points out that networks spent 39 minutes hyping the dubious cnn story but then ignored its downfall on error. joining me now author of bad politics keeping your sanity and member of the donald j. trump for president in 2020 media advisory board gina lowden, fox news contributor dineen
10:39 pm
marelli and madison jesse otto. thank you all for joining us here. they cannot get enough of it and dr. loud and i will go to you first, what's your take on that? >> in this climate of mad politics, perhaps we need a new definition of insanity that goes something like this ---- insaniy is doing the same thing you did in 2016 and expecting a different, outcome. apparently they don't understand that just hating trump is not a party platform, there aren't going to win on it. they need to find something to replace that bazaar thought that has only succeeded really in dividing a nation. and polarizing us in a way that media has never done before. i would personally love to see the media help us come together by presenting both sides of an issue on the fair and balanced way and letting audiences decid decide. >> jason: i've seen you out in
10:40 pm
other states talking and addressing other audiences, what are you hearing people saying? you get addressed with impeachment questions or is this something that found in east coast liberal media lease. >> i think people are amazed at the fact that the mainstream media has gone to flat out lied to americans. it's enough for meit to keep up with going on, it's great that president trump is calling out the liberal mainstream media and the crowd loves it when he brings it up.t if people are watching, they know it's so hard to determine what is true and what is not. when they do it flat out lie, they do come out and try to correct what they've said, they have an agenda. the agenda driven media has an
10:41 pm
agenda to discredit and demonize >> does that seem fair and balanced to you. >>ad we have a biased mainstream media s and we. at nothing to destroy the president. fake news, botched and misreported stories over and over again and of, course all of this coupled with a complete lack off recognition for his successes and his accomplishments. this is the reality of the mainstream media. it's un-american, it's unethical and frankly the people i talked to across this country are sick of it. >> jason: gina, the media has been pounding on impeachment, they have this trump fascination anything they blow it up. is america buying that? i don't see anything that the democrats are talking about breaking through. i don't see any leadership from the democratic party and i don't
10:42 pm
hear anything about their platform. , the establishment media has completely evaded the heartland of america and they really believe that the things they hear at their stuffy cocktail parties are what the middle of america is thinking but it's no not. i don't understand how they can look at the actual numbers, record low unemployment of black people, record low unemployment of hispanics,le record low unemployment of women, popularity among minorities doubling since this president was elected. what do they think those people are going to do? do they think they are going to continue to swallow the lies the establishment media wants to put out? not only will they not continue to believe it, they're going to be adamant in their defense against it. there's a trump a train that's stronger than ever because of what the establishment media has created. >> jason: unbelievable progress not only in foreign affairs but domestically, jobs, the economy, jobs, jobs again, the unemployment.
10:43 pm
the numbers are absolutely stunning. but i don't see the media talking about those at all. if you'ree the average person in the united states and you're not watching fox and some others, "the wall street journal" and readingst about this, how are ty even supposed to get victims of what's happening? >> it is off the rails. the media is still mad at the fact that president trump is president trump. they don't want to talk about his accomplishments, they don't wantnt to talk about our great economy, record low unemployment and all of the things that the other panelists have mentioned. how well the administration is this election was about jobs and the economy. president trump looking out for the forgotten men and women, he for kept his promise and that's what were seeing. the media doesn'tau want to rept it because i have a different agenda. >> jason: i see the democrats are embracing the resistance movement, scorched earth,
10:44 pm
everything is bad. how do you see it? what are the democrats really stand for thesee days? >> days don't stand for much of anything, they will continue to lose when it comes to the midterms in november. they're talking about were going to see a blue wave. were going to see a red wave as a result of the fact they aren't standing for anything, there's no leadership in the democratic party. it's not what people want to see. people want to hear with these candidates are going to do for them not just what they're going to do for trump. when it comes to see in another botched reporting they're continuing to cover this thinking it's going to help their agenda which is to destroy the president. it's not helping the president it's more successful than ever continuing to accomplish everything he said he would and everything they said back in 2016 that he could not do. >> jason: i think the american people see through it and i appreciate all three of you joining us on this beautiful friday night. thank you again. up next on this special edition of "hannity": the trump effect, congressman matt gates and david
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>> welcome back to this special edition >> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity": the trump effect. since he took office one of his greatest achievements was the economic boom under this administration. president trump talked about the economy during his rally in indiana last night, watch this. >> president trump: this is a truly amazing period of time. we have the best economy in the history of our country. factories are reopening, jobs are pouring back into the united states.
10:50 pm
consumer confidence in our country is at an 18 year high, isn't that beautiful? a brand-new poll just showed that 85% of blue-collar workers -- i love blue-collar workers -- i actually like them better than white-collar workers but probably i won't say it too loud, i love our blue-collar workers andnd so do our white-collar workers. our blue-collar workers believe their lives are headed in the rightt direction and the poll thanks to republican leadership, our economy is booming like never before. it's never been likeoep this. economic growth last quarter hit a number that nobody thought possible.
10:51 pm
this number was less than 1, going down to negative territor territory. we created nearly 4 million new jobs since the election and lifted almost 4 million americans off food stamps. >> jason: joining me now with reaction this was publican stride list noel nickk port and sirius xmat patriot david webb s joining me in the studio here in new york, congressman. you're good at talking about the economy in their others good about it but republicans are usually fairly pathetic about talking not just about numbers and statistics but how it relates to individuals. why are the republicans so pathetic in telling a message that is so spectacular? >> we've got a great story to tell. the trump economy is growing faster than anthony weiner deletes his browsing history. when you have more investment
10:52 pm
you actually need workers and we have more people working, fewer people on unemployment and people are happy in their job. does our kitchen table issues that will be at the forefront of midterm elections. we have to pose the question, do we want resistance or results. president trump is delivering resultsen and only a republican conference will stand with him. >> jason: is not resonating, is the message getting through or what to the democrats do to thwart that message? >> that the point. when you havee president trump saying 4 million jobs since het. took office, what does the message they are runningli on? we are enjoying a high market, consumer spending is through the roof and look at what people are doingin. it reinforces that the republican brand it works. look at the economic side of the republican platform and it a wo works. he is living proof that the policies are working and is taking the wind out of the sails for the democrats message, what
10:53 pm
are they running on? >> jason: david is joining me here in studio, most of the polling shows of the tax cuts aren't actually resonating, people don't know the positive nature of those. why is that? why on the communication side are republicans struggling with this? >> separate the polling from the reality and most people in midterms will vote on their kitchen table issues. republicans are good at crunching the numbers but they're terrible at translating that ate times to the kitchen table issues. when you look at where we are today, labor day weekend consumer earnings are up, confidence is up. they need to focusen on savings, that's the other side of the story. republicans need to go to people and talk to them about what this means to them in a very kitchen table level, don't just talk about the job numbers, don't just talk about gdp growth. bring that down to what it means. you are all invested in the market somehow. you are buying products thatrk e in the markets, what did they
10:54 pm
cost? what are your goods and services, are you able to afford the more basic things for your family? bring it to that level, don't talk about the high-level numbers. >> jason: congressman not everyone is going to go to a trump rally and hear his message in the unique way that he says it. what w is the message that republicans need in these last days leading up to the midterms to make them successful? >> we continue to see voters focused on social security and one thing wewe have to do a betr job of telling the american people is that as a consequence of a growing economy and tax cuts,so social security is stronger today than it ever was over there democrats because we have the opportunity to have more revenue and the government not from high taxes but by having more taxpayers. bys. attracting more people by exciting people to invest and take risks in an economy that's growing, we can take care of the most vulnerable and i think that will help us win a lot of swing voters that want to see america succeed and may be don't republican or t democrat.
10:55 pm
>> jason: if the president is able to pull off these trade deals with mexico and potentially with canada what's that going to mean in the midterm? i think it's going to seal the deal it's going to be great. were looking to flip from blue to red. the number one issue is the economy and people want to lower those taxes, they want the state taxes, you have to look at what this is going to do. i think one he seals the deal think it's going to push it over the edge. >> jason: i got to go. coming up, more on this special edition of "hannity" after this break, stay with us "have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off.
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♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪ >> jason: many thanks to sean hannity for allowing he to guest host this special edition of "hannity: the trump effect." that's all the time we have left, but i want to put in a plug for my book, "the deep
11:00 pm
state" how an army of bureaucrats protected barack obama and is working to destroy the trump agenda. it'sat available for preorder n. on the bookstands september 18th. have a look at the "deep state." i appreciate it. "the ingraham angle" is up next. >> laura: good evening from chicago. i'm laura ingraham. welcome to the ingraham angle's special, "trump's legal battle." president trump is a fighter. no doubt about that. it's a good thing, because he's facing attacks on multiple fronts. in the next hour, we'll tell you how the media are putting stories out, some of them bullying lies to undermine the president's agenda. alan dershowitz will be here to discuss trump's latest fight with the justice department. you won't believe what we're learning about doj official bruce ohr. raymond arroyo is here with his friday folly segment with how he'll