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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: amazingly we're out of time. see you tomorrow, the show that's the sworn enemy and we mean it of lying, pomposity, smugness, and especially group think. if you thought that was great, sean hannity, live from new york, right now. espn what a great introduction. welcome to hannity. let's be blunt. >> sean: 57 days from today if nancy pelosi, maxine watters, chuck schumer take over the house, the seng at, this is what you can expect to look at in terms of what's going to happen to your country. >> maxine, they say please don't say impeachment any more. when they say that. i say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. >> sean: let tonight be a clear warning, with just two months to go until the single most important mid-term election of our lifetime, you have the power. you will deside whether or not maxine pat terse, nancy pelosi get their way.
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the rnc calling the democratic party crazy town. we'll highlight who is up for election, including congresswoman watters. we'll show you every senate race that matters. we have identified on the show 75 house races that will determine the balance of power in the house. you might want to look and see if your district is in play tonight. and we have a message for former president obama, he's back in the spotlight, talking about his favorite topic, himself. plus the deep state, house of cards literally now coming crashing down. tonight, we are on the verge of breaking it wide open. believe it or not, there are brand new text messages between lisa page and peter strzok. we know for a fact what the insurance man was, we have coordination between the d.o.j. and the fbi and we have the evidence that they were to leak anti-trump information to you, the public, in the spring of 2017 to destroy the president.
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even mueller's pit bull andrew weissmann himself was allegedly involved in all of these dirty deep state likes. we know what that insurance policy was. this is yet another damning wrinkle in our investigation into deep state corruption. the president looks poised to finally declassify critically previously redacted sections of fisa applications against former trump campaign associate carter page. by the way, the coordination thing between the d.o.j. and fbi was about carter page. he will join us in just a few minutes. sit tight, buckle up, time for breaking news opening monologue. >> sean: you cannot say you were not warned. for months on this program i have been sounding the alarm about the democrats' true agenda. including item number one on their to do list, this will happen if they get control of the house. how do we know? they're saying it about impeaching trump. they want him gone as soon as
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possible. yet most democrats, even maxine watters admitted she's told not to say it. they're trying to keep it secret. they whisper it behind the scenes. they don't want to tell you the truth about their intentions of the de facto leader of the democratic party, congress woman maxine watters, couldn't contain herself, she let the cat out of the bag. >> i'm in this fight. i'm in this fight and i'm not going to move. and as you know, there's a difference how some of our leadership talk about how we should handle all of this. they say maxine, please don't say impeachment any more. and when they say that, i say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. [applause] >> sean: the worst part of that, don't say it, don't say it, just stop. that's what they want to do. congresswoman watters is no exception. impeachment is a foundational pillar in what is the democratic agenda.
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not you, the forgotten men and women who deserve health and service from the government, even senate minority leader chuckie schumer wants to impeachment the president, quote, the sooner the getter. we have that -- sooner the better. >> sooner the better. >> the sooner the better. >> got to get the republicans. democrats are on your side. >> sean: the sooner the better. this threat is real. if the election were held today, i'm always going to be honest, i'm not confident in any way that republicans hold the house. of course impeachment is only one part of the radical democratic plan for america. jog on the agenda to -- nothing on the agenda. they want to rescind the tax cuts. they want to preserve obamacare, bring back the individual mandate tax. how's that obamacare working, did you keep your doctor, your plan, paying less? they tried, likely fail to block the kavanaugh nomination to the supreme court f there's another
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appointment they will try and block it again and probably have more chances of success. we know they want open borders. we know they want to abolish i.c.e. they will kill off all of the sessions into the deep state which means the biggest corruption scandal, abuse of power scandal in the history. they will burden this president with what will be never-ending investigations into nothing. it'll never stop. this is what is at stake in 57 days. all of the progress we've made as country, in, what, 19 months, will stop dead in its tracks much it's over. one congressional candidate wants to block funding to our number one ally in the middle east, israel, because of their discriminatory treatment of palestinians. and there's one democratic district attorney candidate wants to decriminalize trespassing and shoplifting and destruction of property. jeez, we have no laws at all and so much more. don't forget the congressional candidate from illinois what once compared trump to osama bin laden.
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he's now claiming actual nazis are working in the white house. which brings us back to congresswoman watters, bragging about her recent threats to the trump administration officials. imagine if republicans are saying this and obama was the president. fake a look. >> i got up and talked about the president's cabinet, i said if you see them anywhere, you see them at a restaurant, if you see them in a department store, even at a gasoline station, just tell them you aren't welcome here. and of course the lying president said that i had threatened all of his constituents. i did not threaten his constituents, his supporters. i do that all the time shall but i didn't do it that time. >> sean: threaten them all the time achlt proep prattly enough, the rnc released an ad calling the democratic party crazy town. this is our future if you don't vote in 57 days. don't blame me. take a look.
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>> please get up in the face of some congress people. >> everybody from that cabinet, you see them in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you say to them. >> the republican leaders say president trump doesn't give a (bleep). >> i just don't even know why there aren't upricings all over the country. -- upracings. >> sean: you want that in 57 days? you want to pay higher taxes? do you want unfettered illegal immigration, eliminate i.c.e.? you want the progress we've made in 19 months to stop. none of the people you just saw have any agenda to help improve the lives of you, your neighbors, your family. none of them plan to put more
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money back in your pocket. none of them will increase your safety. look at the screen. this is what is at stake. we have nine current tossup states in the senate. if you are from one of those states take a good look. we'll put it up every night between now and election night. many with vulnerable incumbent democrats. a huge opportunity mere. mccaskill, missouri. heitkamp, north dakota. manchin, west virginia. donnely, indiana. in the house, so many pivotal close races will decide the future of this presidency. follow that, see if it's your district. we will run these every night. if your house district you see scrolling the screen if that goes blue, guess what. all of the progress we've made will go away. democrats will be happy. higher taxes, open borders on the way, the trump agenda will be halted, endless investigation. when you hear democrats and their friends on the left,
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mainstream media calling them risist, sexist, home on phonetic, dirty air, water, want to kill children and throw granny over the cliff. that's what they say every election. this happens every 2 and 4 years. nothing more than the same old playbook, shameful political tactics, they want their power back. this is not about serving you. in their quest for more power, democrats are now rolling out their savior, here he comes, the annointed one himself, barack obama. he thinks the mid-terms to bring sanity back to the country. like when he was president. take a look. >> a consequential moment in our history. and the fact is, that if we don't step up, things can get worse. where there's a vacuum in our democracy, when we are not participating, not paying
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attention, we're not stepping up other voices fill the void. but the good news is in two months, we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics. >> sean: let goes to his definition of sanity. what was it like under the obama administration? lowest labor participation rates, lowest home ownership rate in 51 years, worse the recovery since the '40s, 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million in poverty. and took on more debt than every other president before him combined, anemic growth, burdensome regulation, billions of dollars in cash to iran while they were actively funding terrorism around the world and chanting death to america and death to israel. former president obama thinks he was extremely successful. in fact, he was so proud of himself, that during his recent hour-long speech, he talked a lot about himself. 102 times in one hour.
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take a look. >> i want to be clear, i have to kind of remind them, actually, those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015. i'm glad it's continued but i have to say, this i don't agree with it. i don't agree with that. i believe. i believe. i have seen it. i have lived it. i'm one of them. i know. i know. i know. i know. i know. i'm here to tell you. i'm here to tell you. my administration couldn't vee verse 40ier trends. people like me. i won states in the presidential election. i got votes from every democratic. i did. i mention when you hear how great the economy is doing right now, let's just remember when 24 recovery started. i'm not making that up. >> sean: all about me, all about me, toby keith, what i see what i know what i want what i see. i love talking about you usually.
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but i want to talk about me. i'll say it again. 57 days from the most important election, mid-term election in our lifetime, not easy to win a mid-term. democrat want to return to the status quo, you can't allow it to happen. or you can and pay the price. too much is at stake including pivotal investigations into the deep state. of course the deep stit never wanted donald trump to be president. his administration is aggressively exposing what we now know to be a dark, seedy, corrupt underbelly of the country's massive federal bureaucracy. there is a swamp, there is a sewer, night after night right here on this program. we keep bringing you damning information about how corrupt some of these officials are. some who have been hell-bent on defeating president trump with lies and taking him down with lies. and tonight even more breaking news. we thought we had them all, we don't. brand new, tonight, text messages uncovered between former fbi love birds strzok and page, proves everything we have been telling you for months.
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look at this. a letter from congressman mark meadows of north carolina, to the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein a review of these new documents suggests a coordinated effort on the part of the fbi and the department of justice to release information to the public domain potentially harmful to president donald trump's administration. they actually did it. specifically, the spring of 2017, high level officials, leaking sensitive information about fisa warrants against one-time trump campaign associate carter page who will join is in a few minutes. look from strzok to page, april 10, 2017, quote, i literally just gone to find this phone to tell you i want to talk to you about media leak strategy with the doj before you go. okay, the doj and the fbi coordinating likes to the media.
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it's an ongoing investigation. on april 11, to 17, the next day, "washington post" publish as story about carter page and his fisa application. naturally this led to multi-day media obsession about so-called trump-russia collusion. the next day, april 12, 2017, one day later, strzok testing his girlfriend, lisa page, job well done all while referring to two derogatory articles about carter page. john solomon reporting tonight this could have been an attempt to smear carter page. why, in order to cast a negative light on the president. and potentially spur new investigations. there's even more. congressman meadows points out unearthed documents show mueller's pit bull, andrew weissmann, robert mueller your number one guy, and other doj officials also leaked similar information to the press. they were coordinating the doj and fbi to why?
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to lie to you, the american people. why? to destroy the president. we now have discovered what the insurance policy is. you have all of these trump-hating deep state actors, peter strzok, lisa page, bruce ohr, nellie ohr, andrew mccabe, christopher steele, they have one thing in common, they all hate president trump. this was about a month before andrew weissmann's boss, robert mueller, started the phony witch hunt. he's still working for mueller, weissmann is. this comes as president trump looks poised to declassify important sections of carter page's fisa documents, everything that was shown to the gang of eight, specifically the pages 10 through 12, 17 through 34, potentially we're told exculpatory information on carter page. now, all of the associated footnotes, the so-called 302s, the reports that say bruce ohr talking about christopher steele in the context, terms of what
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they talk were. this -- talk about. this declassification can happen any time. i haven't seen them but according to my sources the information will be explosive. we'll ask carter page about that in a moment considering it's about him. and if he's such a danger why hasn't he been charged? joining us you ator of number one "new york times" best seller the russian hoax, elicit scheme to free hillary clinton and blame donald trump, fox news investigative reporter sara carter, we'll start with the news then get greg a's natural sis. we have the fbi and doj colluding to leak phony russian lies, to damage the president, the same doj that hired mueller and the same mueller team ohr, steele, surrounding the information. >> i think these are some of the most important documents, and important text messages to come out yet. what they show is that the doj
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and fbi, high level senior officials, were working hand in hand to together to leak information on a counter intelligence investigation. >> sean: ongoing investigation. >> ongoing investigation. on carter page. a foreign intelligence surveillance warrant. this is, i believe, and greg can explain this more clearly, i was speaking to intel jeans officials about this. -- intelligence officials. they said this is prosecutor. you -- prosecutable. you do not talk, confirm, leak to the press anything about a counter intelligence investigation. i think this is going to be very important, moving forward, and i think this is the main reason why the president needs to declassify the rest of the documents that you just spoke about. the fisa document, bruce ohr's 302s. >> sean: strzok and page communications that haven't been released.
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this is brand new, how did we not see this before? >> they were withholdtion the information, the department of justice is withholding that information. it trickles of the slowly to congress. congress has been fighting over and over for the documents. just think how many more documents we haven't seen, sean. >> sean: this goes to the issue of firewalls that steele was talking about with ohr, the issue of the insurance policy with strzok and page, to the issue of christopher steele asking bruce ohr if he got his information to the special counsel. i don't think can you get more corrupt. fbi and doj, doj running the investigation, colluding to leak what whee now know to be lies -- we know to be lies to hurt the president. the same doj, hired mueller and steele is feeding information through bruce ohr to mueller vis-a-vis wise man. >> the definition of corruption. if there was ever any doubt that
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comey's fbi and owe bam's a department of justice were engaged in an illicit and illegal scheme to frame donald trump this should erase any doubt. they are bragging about it in their text messages. they were using deliberately knowingly, waflly, false information that they were pedestrian peddling to the washington -- peddling to the "washington post." they swallowed it hook, line and sinker. then bragging about it. >> sean: when you get ohr and mccabe and page and strzok and steele and then you look at they don't want to be exposed, steele didn't want to be exposed, the fire walls, leaking to the special counsel, i'm thinking we know what the insurance policy is. these are the five hating -- the trump haters. >> the insurance policy in the event that hillary clinton lost the election. >> sean: this is post election in april of 2017. >> frame donald trump, undo the decision of american voters.
6:20 pm
undo the election results. >> sean: with lies. >> right. and it's a violation of federal felony statutes. most notably abuse of power. you aren't allowed to use your public office to interfere, disrupt, somebody's constitutional rights, the rights to privacy, carter page. the president of the united states peddling a false story they knew was fabricated. >> sean: at this point in time, this is rod rosenstein's department of justice. >> right. >> sean: jeff sessions is recusing. now he has a special counsel. but he has another problem. that he's up to his eyeballs in all of this, he appointed the special counsel. he himself signed the fisa warrant, the third renewal application. >> actually, sean, it was the fourth renewal application. he knew everything. or he should have known everything that happened prior to that. so the first three applications, those first three renewals, that went over and over again until
6:21 pm
he finally got it, had all of the information backlogged, all of the information that the fbi would have had. peter strzok, rod rosenstein, this is rosenstein's fisa. he should have known, that is why the doj and the fbi are fighting so hard not to declassify the information. those 302s by bruce ohr, the information contained in the interviews, show they withhold exculpatory information from the court. when they get the 302s and compare them to the application warrants, i think all of our answers will come out. >> sean: if that's the case who goes to jail? a lot of people could be subject to prosecution including all of the individuals, rod rosenstein, james comey, sally yates, andrew mccabe, who deceived the court, perpetrated a fraud on the court. >> sean: deliberately. what we have here, they are leaking department much justice coordinating likes of unverified
6:22 pm
information and russian lies to the american people. >> yet they refuse to answer those same questions when congress asks them. >> sean: thank you both. the man at the center of this, carter page, will weigh in on tonight's breaking news. ed henry and much more. when you rent from national... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter] (vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there?
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>> sean: pushing for president trump to declassify fisa documents that led to the government spying on former trump am pain advisor carter page who will join news a sect. second. joining us is ed henry, fox news national correspondent. >> house republicans are renewing their push for the tonight declassify a series of documents after receiving a batch of new text pes messages that raise questions about anti-trump bias.
6:27 pm
in particular republican firing off messages to rod rosenstein about these texts suggesting a coordinated effort by fbi and doj officials to wleek damaging information about the president and his advisors to keep the russia investigation alive. april 10, 2017, text exchange between fbi aofficials peter strzok and lisa page, suggest they have what they call a media leak stockie. strategy. the "washington post" published a story about about carter page. then on april 12, strzok congrat litted his colleague over two negative articles about carter page saying one was worse than the other for the trump team. strzok added well done. mark meadows is a letter to rosenstein, interesting it went to him, he signed off on one of the fisa warrants that continued the surveillance of carter page. republicans want to see the president declassify documents that may shed light on how the doj handled the investigations
6:28 pm
of president trump and hillary clinton around the election. house republicans want to see the documents that may shed light on why justice department official bruce ohr kept such close touch with the former british spy, christopher steele who put together the dossier that laid the ground work for the surveillance of page. >> sean: doeser in that steele himself doesn't stand by. ed henry, here with an exclusive reaction is trump campaign associate, at the center of tonight's breaking news, the fisa abuse scandal, carter page, great to see you, sir. just to remind people, when you were on last time you traveled to russia and other places. when your country, when you came back they often debriefed you. >> very often, yes. >> shannon: you cooperated with the fbi, you're a fie tree on the. >> throughout my life. >> with the cia and other agencies. >> yes. >> they considered you a friend. >> i always thought they did, yeah. >> well, you are at the heart of all of this. the quote, media leak strategy,
6:29 pm
on april 10, 2017, strzok and page communicating with each other. then it likes the next day, 191th in the "washington post." then strzok is congratulating page for a job well done with two derogatory articles about you. that's the fbi and the doj coordinating against you to leak in an ongoing investigation. your reaction? >> sean, they said it best on your show, going back weeks, it's not about me, they're just trying to get to the trump administration, the trump campaign. this is just a way of tearing down all of the great things that president trump is doing. >> sean: well, let's be honest here, though, this is about your name, your reputation, your life. and it's an ongoing investigation. you just heard what sara carter said, 302s are released, the unredacted pourings of the fisa,
6:30 pm
you will be exonerated with exculpatory evidence withhold. let's assume sara is right, considering she hasn't been wrong yet. what would that mean to you? >> i remember six years ago tonight my good friend, chris stevens, lost his life in a very similar situation. >> benghazi. >> these people in washington, there's no concern about his safety, and very much worried about their narrative for the media. that's the focus. nothing to do with safety, they're just focused on their own spin for their own personal gratification. >> sean: systemic culture of media leaking by high officials at the fbi and doj related to ongoing investigation. that's what we're talking about, you are in the center of it. my mother was a prison guard. my dad was family court probation. i had more people in the nyp, d -- nypd. we're not talking about the fbi.
6:31 pm
we're talking about a few people in the fbi and the doj that abuse their power and basically used you as the single person to go out there, to get the president. do you have any doubt they're trying to get the president? >> no doubt whatsoever. >> sean: when you spoke to these people, now interestingly, you haven't been indicted. >> of course not. >> sean: are they talking to you? >> i haven't talked to anyone from the u.s. government this year. other than the people in the doj where i was, you know, had my case against the u.s. government. and they keep, similar to the fisa court, southern district of new orleans keeps giving false testimonies. >> sean: about you. >> i have a case against the u.s. government. and the fake news propaganda. >> sean: you have lawsuits. >> yes. >> sean: and you don't want any money you told me. >> $1, nominal. >> sean: how do you pay lawyers with $1? >> i want to fix this terrible thick that's happened to our
6:32 pm
country. this is just on principle, but it's just so corrupt right now. >> sean: tell me if this is wrong, the fbi and doj we learned through the text messages were colluding to leak what are phony russian lies about you and in the same doj hires mueller to investigate it. the doj is working with the fbi leaking it. then we find out, through bruce ohr and christopher steele's contacts, christopher steele is saying did you get my info to your friends in the special counsel. what's wrong with that picture. >> sean, look, i have dozens of lawyers that i'm up against in doj. and that's on the civil division. it's been, you know, told to friends with the "washington post," "new york times" -- >> sean: did they apologize for taking likes that are unverified? >> absolutely not, no. and -- >> sean: if they do it will be on page 836 in the bottom
6:33 pm
right-hand corner, nobody will find it. >> hopefully they start fixing this a little bit, sean. >> sean: are you going to sue them? >> well, it's just like the first -- the fake intel report by clapper, comey, brennan on january 6, 2017, two weeks before the inauguration. it was split into two themes. one is the hacking, the other is government propaganda. i am doing, i have a legal action right now, the government propaganda. >> sean: we get this information 245 we want declassified and unredacted, are you convinced there's exculpatory evidence they withheld, do you know? >> the more information comes out, it keeps showing how ridiculous this is. >> sean: when you look at the players steele, o46789r, strzok, page, mccabe do you think that was the insurance policy? >> sure, it's definitely seems like it. >> sean: good luck, appreciate it. >> wouldn't have happened. >> sean: allen dershowitz next. we opened our doors with 70-megawatts, 35 mules,
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selling book "new york times" the case against impeaching trump, harvard law professor alan dershowitz, and fox news contributor andy mccarthy. comes down to this, both of you i know are good people. i know your work in the southern district of new york. i know where you stand on indicting a ham sandwich and criminallizing differences professor dershowitz. when you have the upper echelon of the fbi and the doj coordinating likes that turn out, professor, to be untrue in an ongoing investigation at what point do people get held accountable for this? >> this is a very serious problem. we have too many likes, many of them are unlawful. many of them are in violation of the laws and the rules. and we have too little
6:39 pm
disclosure of allegedly classified material, and exculpatory information. they have it backwards. they should be disclosing this material they claim is classify, 95% of it, declined signed to protect people, not designed to protect national security. they must reveal exculpatory material. they should never be leaking. the tragedy, the former hefd the fbi, james comey, gave permission to leak. when he leaked material and laundered through a columbia law professor. that put the green light to many people, if the head of the fbi can leak why can't we. >> sean: the coordination, the fbi and the doj, they say it, media leak strategy. then they leak. then they, you know, job well done on two dogtry deals about -- der rogtry guy in a we talked about. i don't want to be leaked about the fbi and the doj and i don't think you do.
6:40 pm
>> nobody wants to be leaked about. but i don't want to get ahead what we know here. i've been in investigations where there were leak problems. and sometimes you have to have a leak strategy because your investigation is being damaged by likes. other times, you have what i regard as a corrupt endeavor by government officials to intentionally leak information in order to as e say tickle the wires, you have people who are under surveillance, put information out in the media, and you see how they react, who they speak to, et cetera. it's not a tactic that i think is a worthy one. but it does happen. so, i think we need to find out, i agree with professor dershowitz, what we need is disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. but i don't want to pounce on what we don't know. >> sean: we have two text messages that talk about a media leak strategy, congratulating each other over leaking about carter page and talking about further likes.
6:41 pm
let me ask this, professor, a big question the president now is going to have to answer. and i have not seen them, but i hear if he declassifies and sends out unredacted fisa applications, the 302s that sara skarter says has exculpatory evidence that they withhold, the gang of material, all of the page, strzok texts, it will show cution corruption at the highest levels. my sources say 9 out of 10 in terms of corruption exposure. >> well, i think first awful, sunlight is the best disinfectant. the public ought to have the opportunity to judge, it ought to be put in context, see what there is. let's not have selective disclosures, either by republicans or democrats, which helped their narrative.
6:42 pm
let's disclose everything we can, unless it really raises serious issues of national security. when in doubt -- >> sean: you sound like spartacus. >> put it out. >> sean: in all seriousness, you're right. >> there is an issue on that. we shouldn't be withholding material about kavanaugh either. what is good for the goose is good for the gander, has to come out on all sides. >> sean: i'm not disagreeing, but kavanaugh, they released more documents than the five previous nominees. andy? >> not enough, though. >> i would say not just on republicans and democrats, but not by the fbi and the intelligence community. the big problem you have when you have a government that likes is that it cherry picks likes. >> sean: should the president unredact -- unredact, declassify -- >> everybody, he should of done it the first day in office. >> the president has the power to declassify but he should do
6:43 pm
it not politically. not to serve his interests or the interest of his party but the interest of full disclosure and the america -- the americans citizens' ability to read for themselves. when we hold information back, we insult the american public. they have a right to see it. that's what democracy is all about. you can't have democracy without information. so we need more disclosure and fewer likes. >> sean: last word, andy. >> two years, two years, put it out. put it out. two years. >> sean: is rod rosen stein conflicted, considering it was his doj, fbi, and they're the ones that we find out have people leaking and he's appointing mueller and he signed the last fisa warrant? >> he's so conflicted, even beside the fact he's a potential with it in the case. he has become a player in the case rather than the objective neutral chief prosecutor. >>. >> sean: you agree, andy? >> i do, and i think his memo,
6:44 pm
his august 2 memo which is roughly contemporaneous with the fisa warrant this he signed should be unsealed and revealed. >> sean: thank you both, the house of cards is about to fall. when we come back, the ladies of "the view" vicious, hateful swipes at our first lady. we'll play you the tape. ♪
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view" are going after the first family. look at the swipes taken from some of the hosts at the first lady, melania trump. watch this. >> i was shocked by melania's statement. she said -- [ laughing ].
6:49 pm
i tell you. >> do not -- don't do it. >> i can't come back. >> that's why we tell you not to do it. >> i can't do it. she says, people with no names are writing our nation's history. words are important. and accusations can lead to severe consequences. if a person is bold enough to accuse people of negative actions they have responsibilities to publicly stand by their words and people have the right to defend themselves. as far as i recall dash. >> who wrote that, buy shell obama? -- michelle obama? >> sean: then joy behar bashed her. >> she is enjoying the fruits of the american country. her parents are now, in the chain, what do they call that chain migration? >> chaining my dprags. >> they're enjoying chain migration burt her husband wants to stop it. why shouldn't she go along with it? she was in slovenia, doing
6:50 pm
nothing, i don't know what she was doing. what was she doing there? >> working as a model. >> now she's the first lady. come on, as my mother would say, who's better than her? >> sean: vicious. joining us with reaction, tammy bruce, author of the number one, that's right number one, did i say number one "new york times" best seller liars, leakers, liberals, the case against the anti-trump conspiracy. the host of justice on fox. and she fills in for me but complains about it all the time. >> i do not! i love to fill in for you, when you taking off again? [laughing] >> sean: when are you going to drop dead, i'll jump right in. i have had it with the attacks on secretary nielsen, pam bondy, sarah sanders, first lady, ivanka, even baron trump. leave the wife of the president and leave the children alone and leave the women that serve their country alone. because if republicans did this we know what the reaction would
6:51 pm
be. >> you know, i have personally experienced the kind of attacks that you just saw on "the view." it wasn't that long ago i won't for my book. >> sean: such a bad idea. >> no, no, i'll go toe-to-toe with anyone. they don't scare me. >> sean: nobody watches. >> there is so much hatred by the left toward the right, all of a sudden racism is acceptable. sexism is acceptable. derogatory statements. look, i know melania trump, the woman speaks five languages, extremely classy and bright. you would never hear her say, for the first time in my adult life, i am proud of my country. you would never hear melania talk about the fact that it is not right that so and so's parents came. you know, the comment about chain migration, the reason she says chain migration isn't what it should be, people are coming in illegally. they're just crossing the border.
6:52 pm
what michelle obama wanted. >> sean: melania came in legally. >> legally. >> sean: english is her fifth language, not first bts second, not third, fourth, her fifth language. can i barely speak one. she's a good mother, represents our country well, and i can't believe the vicious, vile attacks. never-ending. like that idiot, jimmy kimmel. >> as a woman, if you experience this and you recognize it for what it is, they're jealous. when you're growing up, if you are a special individual, are you excelling, beautiful, there is a crowd of the mean girls who go after you because they can't stand it. it's clearly jealousy. at the same time, you've got melania who frankly can take the heat in that kitchen. you notice they were attacking was her personally. not her ideas. because the statement she made about freedom of expression and taking responsibility, is at the core of what matters to every american. but the joy behar remarks
6:53 pm
implied, horribly, that the first lady is a prostitute. she's doing things to get stuff. when i think we're dealing with projection here, aren't we. first lady's approval rating is the highest, really, of the president, of everybody else in politics, of anybody on "the view." she's well liked for a reason, she represents what makes this country great. immigration, yes, people want to come to this country to become americans. and then honor us with embracing the american ideal. what they heat, what they're going after, and it is why the president will be re-elected -- i welcome it. it exposes -- >> sean: going to happen in 57 days. >> the reason that donald trump is the president. everything you are saying is true. the reason he's the president is because people rejected the barack obama and the michelle obama legacy. it's really as simple as that. >> i think that first lady herself particularly represents what makes the country great. what the american people
6:54 pm
recognized in that couple. and why she, frankly, with her programs for kids, her speaking out against this anonymous op ed piece, she knows what makes the nation great. she is an elegant woman. >> sean: el ganlt, lovely, wonderful person. >> i want her to keep speaking out. >> sean: if you have family or loved ones on the east coast you need to see a report, hurricane florence is real. that's next. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ >> sean: we do have a fox news alert. you've been hearing about her again florence now miles off th. it headed right to the carolinas. now we wear. it is headed straight for the east coast of the u.s., according to projections, as my friend says, this is a pattern hurricane, which means it is likely not going to change course. it's a category 4, 140 miles per
6:59 pm
hour, said to make landfall on thursday in the carolinas. look, we love you. if you live in north carolina, south carolina, if you are in virginia, wilmington looks like ground zero right now. this storm is headed for you. mandatory evacuations are now in place in certain areas. we urge you, please heed those warnings. you know what? we've seen enough damage. would and hugo went to the same area, this particular storm, hurricane florence, who is a slower moving storm. hugo did so much damage in the charleston area, the carolinas, that literally, decimated entire communities. you've got to take this seriously. remember, we can always rebuild homes. i know it's not easy come i know it's inconvenient, i know it's a pain but take your possessions, take your kids, take your animals, and if they tell you to evacuate, please get out. the one time in my life i will tell you to listen to government. also pay your taxes.
7:00 pm
they'll put you in jail. please be careful. we are it on the fox news channel throughout the week. we are praying for all of you that are in harm's way. we are always fair and balanced. we are not the destroy drum media. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is standing by. big show tonight, laura. >> laura: a word to the rise about the hurricane. fantastic show with the new developments. >> sean: have a great show. >> laura: welcome to washington. i'm laura ingraham on "the ingraham angle" on a very busy monday night. we are monitoring hurricane florence, category 4 hurricane that is this expected to smash into north and south carolina right around our show time. we will give you a part information you do not want to miss. plus, former chief strategist of the president, steve bannon, is here for a rare and exclusive appearance. he'll comment on the internal war at the white house and share exclusive footage from his new