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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 11, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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groupthink. things that need enemies. have a terrific night, we will see you tomorrow. in the meantime, if you don't have plans tonight, may i suggest staying right where you are in keeping the dial on fox, because sean hannity is live from new york city. >> sean: hannity is next, great big breaking news today. that would be better. tucker, great job.t, >> tucker: cancel your plans! >> sean: everybody is welcome into our j house. we love that you are here, thank you for joining us. two dated march the 17th anniversary of the september 11th, 2001, attacks on this country. this morning president trump, he visited shanksville,ry pennsylvania, where a new monument has been erected for those brave passengers, the crew of flight 93. remember, let's roll? they fought back, ultimately crashing that plane into a remote field and coming up tonight we will show you the president's powerful remarks earlier in pennsylvania and it is the sixth anniversary of what was the horrific benghazi terror attack and obama is trying to say that was a conspiracy, it didn't go down
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the way we know. he's trying to rewrite history. we have the evidence. t in a few minutes we will respond to the former president, a hannity mini monologue. a new law if it's possible for liberal joe scarborough. he used today's somber anniversary to call trump's presidency worse than the 9/11 attacks. we will respond to msnbc's pathetic morning show host. also tonight, major breaking news surrounding the deep state. we now have tonight just uncovered literally about anaj hour ago brand-new text between peter strzok and lisa page. we were right, and i look like yes, high-ranking officials in the doj and fbi worked togethe, to leak false russian information to you, the american people to destroy then-president trump like they did before the election with the phony fisa. you will see these new text and only 56 days to go until the most important midterm in your life, and i do have an urgent warning to you. inome november, everything is at stake. all of that, plus eric trumpo
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joins us in a few minutes and i have an exclusive interview andh george papadopoulos his wife simona, but that's coming up later. first tonight's breaking news opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: hard to believe, but 17 years ago today we were attacked like never before right here on american soil. all told, 2,977 innocent men and women and children lost their lives at the hands of pure evil. fulfilling what they think is there evil ideology designed by evil man by the name of osama bin laden. some of the finest people on earth were senselessly killed. good, hardworking people in the world trade center. first responders, police, over 300 firemen. while everybody was washing down, they rushed into those burning towers. many others in the pentagon, the passengers, the crew of the planes that were brutally hijacked and used as weapons of war, including the brave men and women on flight 93. they fought back against their attackers.
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let's roll, causing that plane to crash in a remote field in pennsylvania, miles away from what we believe was their intended target in washington, d.c. today president trump visited brand-new monument honoring those brave american souls and he delivered these powerful remarks. let's take a look. >> all of america wraps up and joins together. we close our arms to help you shoulder your pain and to carry your great, great sorrow. your tears are not shed alone, for they are shared grief with an entire nation. we grief together for every mother and father, sister and brother, son and daughter who was stolen from us at the twinn towers, the pentagon and here in this pennsylvania field.
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we honor their sacrifice by pledging never flinch in the face of evil and to do whatever it takes to keep america safe. >> sean: tonight as we honor all of those whori lost their lives 17 years ago today, we must never forget the danger of radical islamic terrorism is real, it is always lurking, they are, they were at war with us. we were not at war with them. we better be prepared and we better accept that sad but true reality. meanwhile, one particularly unhinged -- while msnbc conspiracy tv morningg host seems to have really forgotten just how devastating 9/11 2001 was. out aold liberal joe put new op-ed. he put it in "the washington post." it's entitled trump is harming the dream of america more than any foreign adversary ever could. yesterday, the day before 9/11
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but literally he's promoting this absurd article and he sends out a tweet that reads "my latest trump is damaging the dream of america more than any terrorist attack ever could. and according to the tweet and that op-ed, joe scarborough a thinks trump is worse than 9/11 where we lost nearly 3,000 people. the economy has turned around. people have jobs. 4 million fewer people on heree on here wished down my food stamps. that's how low we were going to sink? sometimes i literally hang -- there is no net underneath me right now. this is a live show. i do three hours of live radio every day. sometimes you can say things and they come out wrong. as congress would say, extend our remarks. some things can be unintentional, slip of the tongue. this was thought out written piece. he spent time thinking of this and today on his dumpster fire of a morning show, he doubled down on stupid. watch this. >> if you strip america of its ideas, forget about knocking
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down buildings in the financial district, forget about running planes into the pentagon, those are tragedies, but those tragedies bring us closer together. america is an idea. you've got america of that idea, that's when you do the most harm. the reach weeding of the neo-nazi videos, charlottesville. i could go on and on what he said about majority black countries.i that is tearing more at the fabric of america than attacks on the twin towers did. we rebuild from that. we became stronger because of that. but this seems to me a far graver threat to the idea ofbu america. >> sean: hey, joe. kids grow up without their fathers and mothers and after facing much backlash for his absurd comparison, he partially tried to backtrack as well thought out "column" and said he should have shown moree care
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and wording his tweet and then his blushing bride to become a fellow host mika burzynski vigorously defends him on twitter. of course america's cutest couple. perfect example of what happen when trump derangement syndrome gets way out of control. at this point i don't even think these two can ever recover. it's that sick. we will deal more with this later but we now have some very important breaking news tonight. literally minutes ago sara carter handed us brand-new never before seen on earth to tax once again between fbi lovebirds strzok and paige. why don't they just hand them all over? in september 2016, months before the election it appears strzok and page were working, or contributing to an op-ed about russian election interference. look at your screen right there. september 2nd. lisa page asked strzok "we are still writing the op-ed, yes? "strzok he responds. "the washington post," they published a story about russian
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interference on the very same day. sara carter reporting tonightt the former fbi lovebirds share a link to an article in strzok rights just read the article. we say a lot of the same things. i guess that's okay. and then page writes back "yeah, but that's why ours is going to need to be more folksy so it's not like a news article. maybe like more smelly walmart people. strzok had said that. these new text released yesterday from congressman matos, a pretty clear picture of what's going on. including this text from strzok to page, it took place on april 10th 2017 reading "i had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you what i want to talk to you about. media leak strategy with the doj before you go. fbi and doj colluding. and then two days later onbe april 12th strzok warned lisa page that the articles were coming out about her namesake, carter page and then on
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april 22nd we originally believed this was on april 12th, metal's office corrected that earlier today -- same point. peter strzok told lisa page article is out, well done. this is what we have now been telling you what is a coordinated effort, the highest levels of the fbi and the doj leaking into trump information before the election, after the election, to the press first to stop them from becoming president and then to destroyy his presidency. sneaky peter strzok is not trying to actually put out his own conniving spin on this fresh new scandal.s his attorney says the term media leak strategy in his text refers to a departmentwide initiative to detect and stop leaks to the media. the president and his enablers are once againin peddling unfounded conspiracy theories to mislead the american people. but our words sound exactly alike. we are going to have to make it more folksy. don't insult our intelligence. this is the same peter strzok who claimed under oath that political bias didn't impact
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his work as an fbi agent. but hillary should win 100 million to nothing. the same super patriot who played a critical role in exonerating hillary clinton -- we know she committed felonies and fermenting this witch hunt from the get-go against goe against donald trump while trashing him on his work phone, openly wishing hillary would win the how could anyone vote for trump? i just was in a walmart. smelly walmart people were there, i could smell the term supporters. earlier today the president responded on twitter "so terrible, nothing being done at the doj or fbi, but the world is watching. and they get it completely." we did reach out to strzok, page and the doj, we have yet to get at response. more on these breaking news developments. sarah and greg will join us in a few minutes.. we shift our focus to what is the most in important midterm election of yourve life. i will say this for the next 56 days. last night i called her need to wake up, pay attention.f republicans, to be very blunt because i only tell you the truth, they are in real danger of losing the house of representatives and the senate?
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i'm not that comfortable about thatpu either. look at your if that is your district he will likely decide the fate of this country in 56 days. democrats win these races, the trump agenda will be stopped. it will halt right in its tracks. all the progress we've been telling you about, the democrats, their insane quest for impeachment will begin in earnest. just listen to chuck and maxine waters. the senate?n frankly also offer glass democrats. you can forget about constitutionalist judges getting confirmed. it won't happen. meanwhile, right here on this program we have long warnedd that it's only a matter of time before the aggressive threatening rhetoric and tactics coming from the left ih going to result, somebody is going to get hurt or killed. here's kind of what i'm talking about, take a look. >> i will go and take trump out tonight. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house.e. >> course i want to punch him
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in the face.ow >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant in the department stores at a gasoline station and you tell them they are not welcome! >> please get up in the face or some congresspeople! >> i just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country, and maybe there willme be. >> sean: get in their face, chase of sarah sanders, pam bondi, secretary nielsen out of restaurants. just say anything horrible about the first lady, the first daughter, even a 12-year-old kid. over the weekend, someone did in fact get in the face of a republican congressional candidate. rudy peters. never heard of him before but he is running as a republican. california's 25th district. and guess what? he was approached at a campaign booth by a man who is making disparaging remarks about the. republican party. that deranged individual then pulls out a switchblade and attempted to stab peters but the knife thankfully malfunctioned and then they had a confrontation.
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i've said it a million times before and i will say it again, the tactics of the anti-trump resistance have gone way too far and while peters was able to escape unharmed, and i always blame people for what they do, you can't blame people's rhetoric for what people's actions are, but a you've got to admit this is not helping. the next victim might not be so lucky. but if it was a conservative, they would go nuts blaming talk radio at the fox news channel. i'm now holding individuals responsible. the rhetoric is reckless, it's dangerous and it's out of control. more on the upcoming election throughout the show. joining us now with reaction to our big breaking news is thehe author of the number one "new york times" best seller, the russia hoax. the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett and fox newso investigative reporter in contributor, sara carter. sarah, let's go to the news. this just broke within the last hour or so. you've now got new text s
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messages on top of the old text messages. we got a response from the attorney of peter strzok. it is ridiculous, considering we can read and we have fundamental simpleet basic understanding of what they were texting back and forth. let's talk about the new text messages. >> i think these new text messages, sean, really expose what was going on inside the fbi and doj. once again, we are seeing more evidence of basically collusion within the fbi and doj to change and shift the narrative during the 2016 investigation into president trump and then candidate trump. collusion with russia. there has never been any proof of this. we know now based on these text messages not only did they use a dossier that was unverified. a dossier that was salacious, one that even christopheros steele, he wrote himself that, it was not verified and now we are seeing in these text messages that they are shifting the narrative. what's most important here, sean, is that congress get to the bottom of this.
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that is why they are askingg deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to investigate this. we need to re-question all of these players, strzok, page, sally yates, the boss of bruce ohr, everyone. everybody needs to be requested on this and they need to find the answers to these questions because, honestly, it's not looking good for them. >> sean: that's right. >> a statement today by strzok and his attorney, if laughable and it's actually shameful and dishonest. >> sean: kids and life and they are and they try to lie to you. and you are like don't insult my intelligence. stop. >> they must think americans are stupid. they issue a statement saying peter strzok was trying to detect and stop leaks. look at the plain language of the text. here's one of them. the article is out! well done, page. that is not stopping a leak, that's creating a story. >> sean: we have to sound more folksy.
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>> all of this just underscores that there was one purpose in mind and that was too damaged donald trump and undo the election. and they were all leaking. it wasn't just strzok and page. andrew mccabe nowmp under investigation for leaking to the media and lying about it four times. the biggest leader of all, ofew course, is james comey, stole government documents and gave them to an unauthorized personi for the sole purpose of leaking them to trigger the special counsel. we have strzok -- >> sean: we have mccabe, t comey, sarah. we have yates. we also have rod rosenstein. he appointed mueller.we i really want to get into this. he kind of holds the keys to the kingdom in a way, doesn't he? because doesn't he get to decide -- let's say mueller writes a report. he will make the decision, if i'm not mistaken if the report is released to the american people. t number two, doesn't he get toot decide, rob muller has to go to
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him and say i want to subpoena donald trump and i went to get him under oath and have a year-long court fight to make him testify before a grand jury? so if rod rosenstein is conflicted in this whole thing, which we now know he is because he signed forth fisa warrant, the third renewal, how does that work? and he is a witness in the comey firing. >> as far as obstruction is concerned and if mueller is going down that road, rod rosenstein himself was the one that wrote the letter to recommend the firing of comey. he's either a witness or a coconspirator. he can't be in charge of this investigation. and another point in fact, he signed that forth fisa and this is why it is imperative that president trump declassify those documents, declassify the fisa documents that need to be declassified, the gang of eight
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dossier that they showed it to particular members of congress, that's very important because that also contains exculpatory information in the bruce ohr interviews with the fbi. once all that information is out, the american people are going to know the truth, and that's why it is so important to hold these people in the doj accountable and get those documents declassified. >> sean: i don't think it will do it all and went on. they are also important how we he should do one one day, let the american people absorb the magnitude of it, then another one, then another one. but here's the thing, what is the culpability here of rod rosenstein? >> it could be tremendous. >> sean: will he be the one that decides whether or not they pursue a subpoena against trump? does he make that decision or does mueller make it? >> it would be mueller initially but with permissionn and consent of rod rosenstein. >> sean: and if he says no it doesn't happen. >> he shouldn't just be not ino the department of justice.
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>> sean: here's the conflict, wouldn't he get mad if donald trump releases the warrant that he signed? does he then seek revenge by saying we are going to go after it subpoena the president? >> he might well do that. he has every interest to continue to obstruct theig release of these documents.. he absolutely does. this is a man -- >> sean: if you released anything about me that makes me look bad i will unleash mueller even further on you. >> he absolutely could. it's the abuse of power and there is no justice at the department of justice currently under rod rosenstein and jeff isessions. >> sean: last word? >> he r could. but that doesn't take away from the fact that the american people deserve to know the truth. we deserve to understand what happened here and we deserve to move on. so we need those declassified. >> sean: unbelievable information. that close. the cards are going to come tumbling down. thank you both, you have been amazing from the process. eric trump is here in studio. first time together, george papadopoulos.
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he's got to spend 14 days in jail. they will join us on set. i will address barack obama calling the benghazi attack story the truth by the heroes of benghazi a conspiracy theory as this busy news night continues. we are glad you are with us. thanks for being with us. ♪
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♪ >> sean: conspiracy tv msnbc liberal joe double down on stupid and his comments about president trump and 9/11. we've got the evidence, take a look.n >> the retweeting ofpr neo-nazi videos, charlottesville. i could go on and on. what he said about majority black countries. that is tearing more at the fabric of america than attacks
10:25 pm
on the twin towers did. we rebuilt from that. we became stronger because of that. but this seems to me a far greater threat to the idea of america. >> sean: joining is now with reaction from the trump organization, tomorrow ishe yor son's birthday. i don't even know if i have a lot more to say about joe except it's so cruel and so mean and so vicious even for him -- and he took the time ton write it. i've said dumb things and had to take it back but we are not on a delay, we are live. >> look how uncomfortable he looked. he just wanted to get out of there.k he was so uncomfortable. what a stupid comment. what an unbelievably stupid comment. sometimes i watch a show and literally you almost can't watch. it's almost unwatchable. you end up turning it off because it's crazy. 9/11 was the greatest tragedy probably the history of this country. 3,000 innocent people paris at
10:26 pm
that day to absolute savages. he compared the to a man i who gave up his life to run for commander in chief and by every economic measure, by every quantifiable measure, this country is doing i don't care if you look at unemployment, if you look at gdp growth, you look at stock markets, 401(k)s, the amount os people who have, food stamps. i could go on and on it on. the largest tax cuts it in the history of this nation. jobs coming back to this nation. o consumer confidence being at an all-timet high. what kind of stupid comment is this? and it's quite frankly the reason that joe and mika have no watchers in the morning? do they have, 500,000? and how many are watch window? people are tired of this. >> sean: a certain insensitivity, but this is like trumped arrangement. let's say that some people don't like your dad's style. that he fights on twitter, he takes on all comers. he's combative, he doesn't
10:27 pm
apologize for things the political class demands he apologizes for, so what? for me, 4 million more americans working, 4 millione fewer americans on food stamps, all the things you talked about. more importantly, he keeps his word. conservative justices, supreme court, fighting for the borders. i would say not having a missile fired over japan since december is pretty successful.. hostages home, remains of soldiers home. and everyone thought he would o start world war iii. kind of worked out differently and better for the whole world. >> those savages that took down the world trade center, that flew a plane into a field in pennsylvania, they are largely gone because of the actions of my father over the last 24 months. if you go back 24 months, all you heard about isis, isis, isis, every day. he put a war on them like they've never seen before. he on handcuffed the military,s he let the guys who do the best job in the world, the brave men and women go after these people and go after these savages and
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you don't hear about them anymore. they went from 45,000 soldiers on the battlefield -- >> sean: to beheadings. you remember the beheadings? >> people to forget about that. and it's very sad and it was a stupid comment by joe, one that obviously he instantly regretted. >> sean: he actually doubled down on stupid and then he goth a lot of pressure. then he kind of fullbackck halfway. i don't call for boycotts. i don't want anybody to be silenced. in the end it's always f conservatives they want to silence. he can say whatever he wants and people have the power to watch or not watch. i let me talk about these elections in 56 days. i keep saying it's the most important midterm in our life but the track record over 1000 years, it's only happened three times. the last time was george w. bush after 9/11 that the party comes to power in the white house and they don't lose seats in the house or lose control op of the chambers. it's an uphill task. >> it might be. but one of the democrats message right now? let's raise taxes. that's one of their messages. let's raise taxes, let's go
10:29 pm
after our amazing law enforcement, let's abolish ice and eliminate plastic straws. that's literally the message of the democrats. they have no leadership. you saw the disaster that was the brett kavanaugh hearings where you have cory booker and kamala harris, they are up w their grandstanding. the poor guy didn't even get to speak for the first seven hours of the hearing because they are sitting there going back and forth running for president of the united states on the stage. it's crazy. i don't think america is into that. you look at how well the economy is doing. you look at how good we've done on the war on terror. >> sean: your dad is a charismatic guy. a lot of people voted for him inea 2016. it's hard to transfer charisma to some of these candidates. they suck. theyof are weak. they don't have a backbone. but they are not going to impeach her dad. i believe maxine waters and chuck schumer reveal what their strategy is. they want their crumbs back, they want to rescind the tax cuts. they don't want conservative justices. they want to abolish ice, as you said. they want to keep obamacare. name one thing thatt they are
10:30 pm
offering the working men and women in this country? the forgotten men and women it's going to make their life better? >> and then obama comes and takes credit for it. which is truly shocking. they all fought against this tax cut, the greatest tax cut in the history of thee country that put so much fuel into our economy and is causing all these unbelievable numbers that we are seeing every single day. they all voted against it. >> sean: for the third d quarter. >> it's amazing. they had to revise gdp upward this quarter. you remember "the new york times" and "los angeles times"? they all made fun of my father in the election. he says he can get above 3% gdp there's no way he can get above 3% gdp, he is dreaming. then he gets 4.2% and they are crickets.dp there talk about omarosa, some crazy book that comes out this week. no matter what he does they won't give him credit and it's horrible, -- o >> sean: you are pretty calm about it. i am not as calm. >> they see through nonsense. >> sean: 56 days. if they want these to continue.
10:31 pm
>> better go out and vote. by voting for republicans you are helping him succeed aton te mission -- >> sean: that you elected in 2016. and if you don't you are effectively voting against him. he is going to do incredibly well and keep winning for this country. he's going to win again in 2020. >> sean: the new look? >> do you like it? my wife won't let me shave. >> sean: [laughs] george papadopoulos his wife in studio. i have a little monologue addressed to president obama saying the benghazi attack is a conspiracy theory. i actually interviewed those heroes, he's lying. straight ahead. ♪ when you rent from national...
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only remfresh uses keep 1 in ion-wered melatonint. to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number 1 sleep doctor recommended remfresh -- your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. ♪ >> sean: last week former term campaign aide george papadopoulos was sentenced to 14 days in jail for lying to the fbi. he joins us in studio along with his wife, very outspoken and supportive, simona is with us. you guys just got married. >> we did.
10:36 pm
>> sean: you married him in the middle of all of that? >> that's true >> sean: and you are fighting for him on tv, which i liked a lot. >> she is a real killer. she's not russian likele everybody thinks. >> sean: i don't want to go over these interviews. what do you want the american people to know especially about this professor?pe and what do you want the american people to think about your experience with robertt mueller, how you got tied up in this. i was all over the campaign, i never met you that i know of. and company?d george who? you were in one meeting with the president, then the candidate. o did you ever meet a russian? >> i never met a russian official in my life, no. >> sean: tell them about what you want to tell them about your story and experience. >> initially when candidate trump was very vocal about wanting to work with russia at some level i basically thoughtn it would be a good idea for hio to meet just for a photo op.
10:37 pm
that was the basic i meet this professor randomly in italy. he presents himself as some sort of high-level connected figure to both european governments and to the russian government.t all of a sudden he introduces me to a girl who he calls putin's niece. she is not his niece. i don't know who this person was. the russian ambassador, where wanted to meet at the time in london. >> sean: you thought you were doing with the campaign said they wanted? but the campaign site -- better relations with russia? >> absolutely. out of the blue he dropped this bomb on me are about. i have no idea where he got this information from. he said he was coming back from russia. i never saw emails. aed he never told me where the emails were, he just drop thisk bomb on me and then went his own way. i don't know what his purpose was. it was incredibly shadyy >> sean: atou the professor your sentencing came out said you would never talk about these things. >> his lawyer just a couple days ago went on cnn and said he might've been working on
10:38 pm
behalf of somebody else. >> sean: why did you apologize for lying? did you consciously lie? >> during that meeting, the january 27th, 2017 interview, i did consciously live. >> sean: why would you lie? it doesn't seem like there's anything wrong with what you knew. did you know anything that was illegal? >> all i could say about this -- i didn't plead guilty to collusion, i've pled guilty to lying. everybody makes mistakes but certainly it wasn'tt pleading guilty -- >> sean: when you lie people think you are lying to protect somebody. were you lying to protect anybody? the campaign? why did you feel the need or desire to lie? >> looking back it was a chaotic moment. sometimes you make mistakes, that's all i can say about it. >> sean: you have an interesting story, in terms of this professor. how did you meet him, i didn't: know about him. >> i share this information with the fbi and the congress but none of them quoted me apart from interviews on tv. i meant the professor at least five years ago through the head of a socialist group.
10:39 pm
a professor in rome, a partner of the company's in london. in this company, this university trains secret service agent of western intelligence. he's also a member of the clinton foundation. he claims to be a member of the clinton foundation. >> sean: the clinton foundation? donated to the clinton foundation? >> twice. o that has been proved. >> sean: the professor? >> exactly. my point has always been how did this professor at his back on fit with the narrative of the russian agent? there is nothing that leads to believe that he is a russian agent. nothing to believe that i'm a russian spy. everything it seems to me fictitious. it's just insane and as i said, i was a witness in the case and i share this information. with both the fbi and the congress. >> sean: you face five years
10:40 pm
in jail over this. do you think you were set up? how does this professor get into your life? how did this guy from australia all of a sudden -- did you know anything about the clinton emails that were going to be released other than what was in the public domain? >> of course not. the only thing i knew was probably whatever appeals will speculative the time, clinton's secretary of state server might've been compromised. that's what was going through my head. i met all of these random people in london. london was a very strange city for me during those months. that's where i met the professor. i met downer there, i met halper. >> sean: like gin and tonic and you were a little drunk and talking to downer. >> what's interesting about that, i've never admitted toal remembering anything talk about that. i remember a lot about that meeting, i remember the context about that meeting. and it was done under extremely suspicious circumstances. >> sean: you thought you were being recorded? >> i was so suspicious that actually notify the fbi when i was talking to them that i
10:41 pm
thought that he was recording me with his phone as as we all know, spying on an american citizen, that's illegal. >> sean: a lot of people don't know and that information gets shared, doesn't it? and that's the way to spy on people keeping your t hands clean, isn't it? >> i don't know. one of our five allied allies are spying on americans, it's illegal. whatever he was doing i felt the need to notify the fbi about it and i did. >> sean: how was mueller and his team to you, both of you? >> to me, intimidating. mostly -- this is something i never said the last time i interviewed, they came to seeat me at the airport and i was boarding my flight and for italian tourist visiting the united states is intimidating. >> sean: i got to run. five years in jail, you could have spent, 14 days, can you handle that? >> i can handle that. i've a very, very strong life
10:42 pm
and we're looking on to moving forward. >> sean: 14 days, that's way too long. i'm actually happy that it's not longer for you. i think you got caught up in something way beyond you. thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much. >> sean: we appreciate you coming.. when we come back, former president obama calling the benghazi terrorist attack that left four americans, a wild conspiracy theory. i interviewed those brave men. it was not a conspiracy. we will set the record straight in a mini monologue straight ahead. ♪
10:43 pm
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♪ >> sean: 9/11, our world changed forever. we will never forget what happened 17 years ago, but tonight it's also important to remember another date, at 9/11 2012. four brave americans lost their lives during what was a horrific assault against a u.s.
10:47 pm
diplomatic post in benghazi, libya.os for 13 hours scrambled near the attack. no helicopters made it to benghazi, no marines were sent to the rescue. everybody knew they were under fire and on friday last week president obama called his administration's deadly failure to act, subsequent apparent cover and up nothing more a crazy g.o.p.-led to conspiracy theory. that is the subject of tonight's mini monologue to obama. ♪ a day we can't forget, that is september 11th 2012, the u.s. ambassador chrisor stevens, foreign service officer sean smith, i've met his family, cia contractors thai wood, another great family, glenn doherty, they were all murdered. some of them big heroes and all of this. this was a well coordinated assault. dozens of heavily armed radical islamic militants against u.s. diplomatic position in benghazi. they used automatic rifles,di they used grenades, they used rpgs.
10:48 pm
and other military style weapons. within an hour the obama administration officials, they were briefed about this attack. u.s. surveillance drone was even sending back live footage. the state department notified the administration that a radical islamic terrorist group was responsible. the militants, they quickly overran the lightly guarded main u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi and set fire to the ambassador's quarters. under heavy fire. by the way, that ambassador had requested many times ofde secretary of state clinton in her office that they get reinforcements. they were denied. many americans managed to thankfully evacuate because there was a nearby cia outpost which was subsequently attacked multiple weights of jihadists. this all occurred over the course of 13 long hours. right here on this program i had the privilege of interviewing the brave men and women who were told to stand down, not help, put their
10:49 pm
careers on the line and saved literally dozens and dozens of lives and two of them you saw lost their life and they told the truth about what happened that night. let's listen to those people that were there. >> i was there when it got attacked and the wall got blown open. at the time there was only two security guys there when that happened thathe night. >> sean: for great britain had left, the united nations have left. >> listen to those guys aggravation about we've been requesting more security, they just don't know why it keeps getting tonight. >> sean: you know itst was a hotbed for terrorist training, everybody knew. >> we were told to wait. 5 minutes and told to stand down. the words "stand down" were used. so there's no confusion. ten more minutes, 25 minutes we were told to wait again. it's hard to maintain your composure, but you do. the full truths weren't being told. that's where we are telling the truth right now. >> sean: just the opposite of what obama i guess obama missed those interviews because on friday is
10:50 pm
trying to rewrite history claiming that his administration's shameful actions are surrounding the benghazi attacks were nothing more than a republican-led conspiracy theory. watch him live. n >> the politics of division and resentment and paranoia has unfortunately found a home inre the republican party. this congress has championed the unwinding of campaign finance laws give billionaires outside influence over our politics, embraced wild conspiracy theories like those surrounding benghazi or my birth certificate. rejected science, rejected facts on things like climate change. >> sean: let's help obama remember the actual crazies in the conspiracy and what it looks h like. 2012, susan rice, u.s. ambassador to the 15 days after the benghazi attacks, the obama
10:51 pm
administration book turk on five different sunday morning shows to lie to you, the american people, saying over and over that the attacks were just an out-of-control protest, a spontaneous protest over a youtube video. they just happen to have rpgs in their back pocket. of course obama knew that this was just the this blatant cover-up just one small part of the benghazi scandal and more importantly, why was there a lightly armed diplomatic post in a failed state overrun with terrorists where the u.n. had left, great britain left? why were reinforcements not immediately sent from across the mediterranean?ce why was this assault allowed to continue for 13 long excruciating hours? then secretary of state clinton saying at a congressionalin hearing at the time if you continue -- she's actually lying also. it's unbelievable. joining us now, the author of the upcoming book the deep state. fox news contributor jason chaffetz. author of why we fight, fox news national security strategist sebastian gorka.
10:52 pm
i know who i believe. i believe that the guys that were there, congressman. >> i was the first member of congress to go there less than three weeks after the attack. the book that i'm writing is a new information what happened in benghazi and i would love to talk to president obama saying that's a conspiracy theory. shame on him and god bless charleswood. god bless them. >> sean: i'm kidding, i love these guys. who do you believe, dr. gorka? >> i dedicated my first book, defeating, to those three brave men who ran towards the sound of gunfire. and let's remember one thing that isn't a conspiracy theorye ambassador stevens on dozens of occasions asked for more protection from hillary clinton, secretary of state and the obama administration, which he was denied. jason is absolutely right.
10:53 pm
it is utterly disgraceful that the former president should lie to our faces and dishonor the memory of those brave americans, sean. >> sean: think of the courage to be told twice to stand down and go anyway. when you don't disobey an order to protect your fellow americans you've given up your career, it's over after that. >> do you know what happened when they actually got home? those people saved thousands of americans live spirit when they got home, to know what the state department did? they took away their security clearance of the couldn't get a job. a it was unbelievable. that's how they treated these guys. when they were there in germany, when they were there in germany they didn't send them home. they didn't offer them plane tickets. they were just told you are released. that to pay for their own tickets to get home.d >> sean: dr. gorka, last word.
10:54 pm
>> all the people, all the people who knew the truth about benghazi were polygraph every month by obama's administration, by hillary's state department. why?ba to intimidate them. it was un-american. this is not what we do. this is not venezuela. >> sean: we want to take timee to remember these families. they too have suffered like the families of 9/11 and also those bravee heroes. thank them, they are american patriots. i appreciate it we have hurricane florence barreling towards, yes, the carolinas and more. rick reichmuth has a report straightli ahead. ♪ benjamin franklin captured lightening in a bottle. over 260 years later, with a little resourcefulness, ingenuity, and grit, we're not only capturing energy from the sun and wind, we're storing it. as the nation's leader in energy storage, we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it. this is our era. this is america's energy era. nextera energy.
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and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. ♪ >> sean: fox news alert, >> sean: hurricane florence barreling toward the east coast. rick is in the fox news weather center. this is theth real deal, rick. >> yeah, it is. some storms are bad, but maybe not all that bad. this is going to be bad for a number of reasons. take a look at this.w yesterday was the statistical peak of hurricane system.
10:59 pm
we have four p systems. this one real quick, if you are in texas, watch this, we might see something form here while wg are talking about florence, that's the big storm getting close towards the carolinas. we know it's going to make landfall across the carolinas. we don't know exactly where that happens. but the track of this storm takes it somewhere here thursday evening into friday morning, somewhere along the north carolina and south carolina coastline. it could stall here. it will have big impacts. some spots are going to see up tos 30 inches of rain, we are going to talk about a major flooding event as well. >> sean: thank you for being with us. for all of you in harm's way, authorities tell you to go, get your papers, pictures, valuables and go. we need you safe and secure.
11:00 pm
you are in our prayers. we'll follow this on the fox news channel. we are not the destroy trump media. there she is, laura ingraham is standing >> laura: great show tonight. welcome to the ingraham angle. do we have a show for you tonight. msnbc saying the president is doing more damage to the country than 9/11. the man who was commissioner of the fdny during those horrific attacks is here to respond. plus newt gingrich is here. plus, his messaging advice to the g.o.p. and a follow-up, former new england patriot matt light is here to blow the whistle on how the nfl is making a