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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  September 12, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: i mentioned that live town hall in phoenix, arizona. right here on fox news, my social media lit up. i'm harris. here's dana. ♪ >> dana: this is a fox news alert. hundreds of thousands of americans on the move heeding urgent warnings to evacuate as hurricane florence bears down on the carolinas. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is the daily briefing. ♪ ♪ we also have two big interviews today with former secretary of state john kerry about his new book and some hot spots in foreign policy and bob woodward will talk about his book fear and the firestorm it is sparking at the white house and beyond, first hurricane 4 category forecasters are calling the storm of a lifetime. here is north carolina's governor on the looming catastrophe. >> north carolina, my message is clear. disaster is at the doorstep and is coming in.
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if you are on the coast, there's still time to get out safely. >> dana: we have fox team coverage and they are doing a great job out there. rick leventhal and leland vittert are live in north carolina. we begin with meteorologist adam klotz on the storm's latest track. adam, it's changed a bit. >> it has, dana. we just got a update last 30 seconds before we went on air. one of the things we saw the wind speeds dropped to 125 miles per hour. that's enough to turn it down to category 3. that's right on the border of a category 4. it is expected to restrengthen. this is just a brief weakening before it restrengthens back up to a category 4 here. likely by the next time we get an update. this is going to be restrengthening. once again, this is taking you in to thursday. notice by the time we hit near landfall likely friday morning, close to landfall or making it, this is then saturday morning. so what are we going to notice with this track is a sudden stall. a little bit of a shift to the south but definitely a sudden stall with that stall
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you are going to see a possibility for rain to pile up. you're going to see more time for it to bring in that storm surge and that's what we have been seeing here. storm surge heights could be getting up as much as 13 feet. and there are a lot of low lying areas. especially across portions of north carolina. so, anywhere you are seeing some of this pink here are areas where you are going to get up to 10, 11, 12, 13 feet. that could cause some major flooding along the north carolina coast as this system slowly moves. in otherwise, as far as stalling goes, you have the storm surge, perhaps a lot of rain, also. this storm is able to sit there and just dump rain. dana, we could be talking about spots getting up to 20 or 30 inches on top of that 13 feet of storm surge. this could be a huge water issue for folks along the coast. >> dana: all right. i saw fema saying it would be like my tyson hitting you in the face. obviously it's extremely serious. thank you, adam. residents in the path of flornsz preparing for the worse as it continues to churn its way towards the coast more than a million people have been ordered to evacuate from low-lying
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areas. and rick leventhal is in one of those plates wrightsville beach in north carolina. still sunny there, rick. >> it's a beautiful day but we know that's going to change, dana. this is the road to wrightsville beach wilmington is that way. police check point talking to drivers trying to get in to wrightsville beach. if they don't have a residence pass or they are not media they are not getting on wrightsville beach. stopping some of these vehicles. some of them may be helping up residents to board up last minute. you see people being turned away right here. the ones getting over they are going over one draw bridge right here. this is the bridge to wrightsville beach. and this bridge will close at 8:00 tonight. that means that no one is getting onto the beach after 8:00 tonight. dana, if people are there and want to get out, they will let them off but they are not letting anyone on. we went down the road to a nearby gas station. they still did have fuel. they this ice but that business was closing at 8:00
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tonight. other restaurants and businesses down the road are already boarded up and closed. everything on the beach side pretty much is also shut down at this point. people seem to be heeding the warnings knowing that this storm could bring a significant surge, significant rain and make things very dangerous. of course, the government has prestaged assets. they have got fema standing by. they have closed the schools. cancelled classes, opened shelters and they are prepared for, this they think, they hope. but we have to wait and see how bad it gets. >> dana: rick, what is the number one concern? >> well, it's that surge. and it's also the fact that this storm is now expected to stall and park just offshore and just dump rain on this area. the rain total 2 or 3 feet. maybe even more in son-in-law spots. all that rain, all that water has to go somewhere. we saw last year in harvey and there are predictions this could be like harvey where harvey brought 60 inches of rain to places
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that hadn't seen anything like it, ever. it could bring 45 inches of rain to some places here in the carolinas, dana. that would cause catastrophic flooding. >> dana: indeed, rick. we will back in touch. atlantic beach, north carolina also bracing for monster storm. lee land vittert is there. how seriously are pique people taking the storm there. >> they say they don't think they have ever seen anything like in this storm dana in their entire life. ask people at davis beach where this is all the storms they have weathered sings 1996. they have been here since 1951. they need a few more pieces of plywood for that. they got a message for hurricane florence here get lost. they are so concerned about the storm and potential for flooding here really the certainty of flooding on this island, can you see inside they have cleaned everything out. mr. davis in there making a couple of last-minute phone calls. his wife says the only thing left for them to do is pray. >> everybody around here
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sticks together very well. they help each other out. >> you will need it? >> we have a strong community. >> all right. so that was the captain of a boat who we were on earlier this morning talking about just how much this community comes together in times like this, dana. we have seen that in stories like that all over the place here and the last minute preparations now have sort of concluded and people have coming to take one last look at the beach. really on a beautiful day before they either head out or head to hunker down, dana. >> dana: is there anyone who is riding the storm out? >> you know, there always is. and a lot of them can be fined right under the hurricane flag tackle box tavern. they are having a hurricane party inside as a matter of fact. and it is $6 hurricane drinks. i have not had one. they say they are strong. and dana, if you are interested in coming down the hurricane party we are told goes all night. so there are some die hards
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who say no matter, what they are just not leaving. in fact, the police and fire department have a message for them here they say you guys can stay. we are not. if you call 911 we probably aren't going to be able to come and get to you. >> dana: stay something probably not a good idea. we will let them choose for themselves. lee land, thank you. ahead, we will talk to someone from noah about how they track this mask storm from the air. plus, new concern that syria could launch new chemical weapons attacks on own people as tensions build in other foreign hot spots. i will speak with former secretary of state john kerry. he is here live in new york and we're glad to have him. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: there are fears many more could lose their lives in syria last rebel strong hold idlib province. syrian approving the use of gas in new military offensive. joining me how is former secretary of state john kerry. author of the new book "extra everyday is extra" which we are going to talk about. you write so much in the book about things that are still trouble spots today. i want toy take a livable to u.n. ambassador nikki haley about syria. >> the united states followed through when we said we would respond to the use of chemical weapons. we stand by this warning. if assad, russia, and iran continue down the path they are on the consequences will be dire. >> dana: so you know this issue well in 2014 you said on meet the press the obama administration struck a deal where they got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out but with this news what do you think our response should be if assad and possibly complicit with russia and iran use these weapons again.
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>> let me make an important point. we said we got 100 percent of the declared weapons out. which is what the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons was able to track. we knew that assad had kept some, and we tried to go to the u.n. security council and unfortunately russia played games and we didn't get there. >> dana: right. >> so bottom line, i agreed with president trump's use of force. i thought it was the appropriate thing to do. what i think was missing and is still miss sgt. diplomatic initiative. because there is not going to be a military solution to the opposition in syria. yes, you can clear the community, you can drop a lot of bombs, but the only way to finally, you know, try to put the country back on track. >> dana: it doesn't help that russia and iran are also trying to meddle and how important do you think it is for the united states to try to figure out a way with russia to deescalate tensions and to try to find some way to de-conflict? because if there is a possible accident there then what could happen? >> there is no solution to
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the problem of syria without having iran and russia and others in the region at the table. that's just a given. and right now, i just saw there was a meeting in tehran. the meeting had turkey. >> dana: right. >> russia and iran. no other countries that are involved. no way that is going to resolve the problem. >> dana: let me ask you about iran. how many times have you left office have you met with iranians or iranian representative? >> a few times, two or throw times. >> dana: is that to talk to them about the iran nuclear deal. >> no. it's to talk to them more importantly about their behavior and what are the ways forward in order to try to redefine a security arrangement that works for everybody. if iran is going to continue to meddle in. >> dana: or fund hezbollah. >> or fund hezbollah or mess around with syria or be involved with iraq, we have
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legitimate concerns. what people don't realize is even if the agreement that we made with iran, with respect to their nuclear weapon, we kept the sanctions on missiles. we kept the sanctions on human rights abuses. we kept the sanctions on their transferred weapons to yemen. we raised those sanctions several times. so, we october as much as anybody those activities but we differ in how you are going to control them. we believe by pulling out unilaterally the president has actually made it harder for an iranian leader to deal with them. >> dana: let me have you respond to this. there are people in the intelligence community that say that you have been telling the iranians to wait out president trump and the administration and to wait until there is a democratic president in 2021. is that accurate? >> well, i think everybody in the world is sitting around talking about waiting out president trump. i mean, have you got our allies remarkably, the people that we have worked with the closest through the years sitting there saying what's next?
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>> dana: so are the europeans trying to wait out president trump to keep the iran deal in place? >> no. it's not iran deal specific. it's with respect to trade, with respect to nato, with respect to most of the relationships the u.n., u.n. support, the kinds of things that really make a difference overall to our position in the world. >> dana: the trump administration would be frustrated to learn that former secretary of state or former officials being involved in the administration are advising the iranians or the europeans on this even if it's contrary to their position. >> let me be crystal clear. >> dana: okay. >> when i met with the iranians the policies of the united states was still to be in the iran deal because the president had not decided and not pulled out. >> dana: um-huh. >> secondly, every former secretary of state continues to meet with foreign leaders, goes to security conferences, goes around the world. we all do that and we have conversations with people about the state of affairs in the world in order to understanding them.
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we don't negotiate. we are not involved in interfering with policy, but we certainly have reasonable discussions about nuclear weapons, the world, china, different policies. obviously. >> dana: your book also talks a lot about politics. have you had an amazing life. have you done all sorts of things. >> it's not over yet. >> dana: of course. that's why it's hard to write autobiography. >> no it isn't. i have never written anything about those periods. i never wrote about the war i never wrote about the campaign in 2004, never wrote about the senate. what's important i think for your learns is m listeners is na policy tone former secretary of state. it's antidotes and analyses what's happened to the senate. why are we where we are and how do we change things for the better. john mccain and i worked extremely closely together to get answers on families p.o.w., mia. you have got to work together and our country is
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screaming answer. >> dana: they want that democrats are in great position, according to two polls just out today begin pack has the democrats up 14 points in general maker ballot npr at 12 points. do you agree with some of the new platforms like abolishing ice? >> no, i don't agree with fixing. i agree with reforming and fixing. >> dana: abolishing ice might not be the most helpful bumper sticker. >> if you are boss you have to invent something else. >> dana: what about medicare for all. >> i think medicare for all is an interesting concept. what we really need, i there is a bifurcated approach to healthcare which would provide healthcare to all americans, which is critical but also allow people flexibility choice for themselves. >> dana: what about impeaching president trump? >> i think it's a mistake to talk about impeachment. i that i we shouldn't be politicizing it if you put it in the discussion now, you are making something political. i think we have to be really careful and be very analytical about whatever
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evidence is there and it's not there yet. because, the mueller investigation really has to run its course and then you can make an evaluation. >> dana: last question for you and give me another minute. today it was announced that middle income -- middle class incomes are at a record high, poverty is now down below what it was in the great recession. i wonder how you would advise democrats to try to win back voters who voted for obama but then voted for president trump if the economy is going to do so well for the next couple of years. >> the economy is doing well but incomes are not at record level. the rise has for the first time ticked up. but i think there are serious questions about the durability of what is happening right now because of what is happening with trade policy. if we're going to have a trade war. >> dana: do you think that's a problem for foreign policy as well? >> it's a problem for foreign policy because it changes our leverage, but it's also a problem for everyday americans who are workinger and harder. even though the income might have gone up they are spending it in 10 seconds on
11:19 am
the increase of prices on all kinds of items. and this is true for construction. it's aluminum, steel, you have got it on goods. >> dana: and farming. >> farmers are getting hurt. do you know what's happening? the administration is taking tax dollars from americans to make up the difference to the farmers which means you know, you are not allowing the market place to do what it's supposed to do which i am told is a tenet of the other party. >> dana: yes. that has been the case. last question. every day is extra. why the title? >> because for people who fought in a war or even people who are lucky enough to survive some incident, i think you are refreshed in your notion of how fragile life is, how important it is to live a legacy that honors those who laid down their lives for our country. that means living a life of purpose. it means trying to make every day meaningful. and it also means you learn a lesson that there a lot
11:20 am
worse things in life than losing an election or losing a debate or something. >> dana: very gracious winner and loser you have been a really gracious guest as well. thank you for being here, john kerry. >> a pleasure to be here. thank you very much. >> dana: ahead our panel will react to everything the former secretary of state and i just talked, about including his book. plus we will go back to north carolina where the strongest hurricane in decades is targeting the southeast coast. ♪ ♪
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11:24 am
and his platform there win a democratic primary in today's environment? >> not in 2018, but maybe in 2000 20 if th2020 if they are de to win. they are sort of the british labor party and stand a real chance of losing in 2020. if they have somebody who represents more traditional democrat they might have a shot. >> dana: in his book he calls you a very smart man. >> well, he said a couple other things. [laughter] >> not as nice but i appreciate that. incidentally in the book i learned something i didn't know after we won ohio by 118,000 votes that he spent the morning after the election contemplating and discussing whether or not he should file a lawsuit. that's a little bit of history. >> dana: eye opening and he didn't do that i talked to him about syria and iran the two big hot spots and possibility of deconfliction. we have a little bit of sound about that. let's play it how many times since you left office have
11:25 am
you met with iranians or iranian representative. >> a few times, two or three times. >> dana: is that to talk to them about the iran nuclear deal. >> it's to talk to them -- no, it's to talk to them, more importantly, about their behavior and what are the ways forward in order to try to -- to redefine a security arrangement for the region that works for everybody. >> dana: noah, the trump administration is worried or concerned there are former obama administration officials talking to iranians and europeans about how to wait them out so that they can wait for a democratic president in 2021 and try reconstitute the deal. >> perfectly reasonable for this white house to be concerned that that is the case. politics this is supposed to stop at the water's edge if you are conducting politics with the game of communicating that you will get a better, more secure arrangement from another administration therefore your behavior should not change now that undermines american national security and that's something that everybody should be concerned about. the thing that struck me in that interview is how he stuck to tough posture about
11:26 am
iranian missile production. keeping sanctions on iranian missiles. getting missiles out of the language of the jcpoa one of the major actions with this financed iranian missile production in order to incense iran to behave in coordination with the jcpoa is supposed to do. one of the biggest problems with the last administration and one of the first acts of the trump administration was to sanction iran over its missile testing and the disparity between the talk of the obama administration and iran and behavior towards it persists even today. >> dana: juan, what do you think about the syria piece? we're looking at the possibility that assad could use these chemical weapons against civilians as early as this weekend. > >> juan: i think we have no option. i mean the famous red line was struck by president obama and failure to -- the congress didn't vote on it president trump acted in a limited fashion to punish him. but, now, what have you is foreknowledge that he intends to act in this manner. and obviously with the complicit of the russians
11:27 am
and iranians. >> dana: right. >> juan: how do you punish this to simply say we will strike again in some sort of missile fashion from a neighboring ship seems to me to be insufficient. you have to strike a deal. senator kerry, secretary kerry said to you, dana, you see people meaning the iranians, the russians, the turks, you can't strike a deal. america has to be at the table. >> dana: america has the united kingdom and france on our side on this and also really disgusting because assad is already trying to blame the civilians and the religions forebels for chemical. >> what a liar. >> dana: absolutely a lie. stay tuned we will bring you back later. book everybody is talking about. bob woodward is up next talking about the white house pushing back on key revelations in his book ♪ ♪ ♪
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11:32 am
is actually going to be around when he gets back. here's what he had to say. >> justice construction they buy their fuel here. about everybody in the local area that's in construction buy their diesel fuel here and their gas. and i depend on them. they depend on me. >> the widespread nature of this storm means as many as 800,000 homes could be affected, dana. >> dana: what's the rest of the scene look like? >> it's really a ghost town pretty much. you can look up here and see this home right on the beach. beautiful home up on stilts, but they boarded it up with plywood and that's the same pretty much all the way down the line. we had some drone footage shot earlier this morning which shows the scene. normally at a hurricane do have stragglers people who want to seat storm. partying surfers. you don't have that here. the message was clear this going to be a direct blow. people know what they're in for. for the most part what we see here people are heeded those warnings and left. dana?
11:33 am
>> dana: steve, those drone shots are amazing. we will keep talking to you as you take care of yourself down there. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: bob woodward's new book sparking a firestorm in washington and beyond, the white house pushing back disputing some characterizations in the book. i spoke to bob woodward earlier. all right, bob, thanks for coming. >> thank you. >> dana: on "the daily briefing." i want to start by playing some sound from you over the weekend on cbs sunday morning. >> you look at the operation of this white house and you have to say let's hope to god we don't have a crisis. people better wake up to what's going on. >> dana: what struck me by that is do you think people are not aware of what's going on? >> well, i think this book shows meticulous detail what happens at specific meetings, where the issues are addressed by president trump and his staff, foreign
11:34 am
affairs, north korea, afghanistan, the middle east, all of the immigration trade issues and so in the coverage of trump, in the focus, a number of people have had on the -- and i think rightly on the mueller investigation, that's been the center of gravity. i think you need to measure a presidency by what actually is done on the issues that affect people. >> dana: there has been several people have come out and said this book is inaccurate. this is not a new accusation. have you heard this before and answered and said it's all accurate. you have the notes to back it up. but, what about for some of those people that have decided to talk to you. do they get more favorable treatment in a book? >> i am able and i have the time to actually vet it and make sure that these are the descriptions of what occurred. but some of these statements by people i call kind of a
11:35 am
politically calculated survival denial. it's very much like the non-denial denial. >> dana: they complain a little bit about it was out of context. >> yes. >> dana: or misrepresenting their experience is what rob porter said. >> yes. and actually i believe that it does. but these things get washed out as time moves on. the former editor of "the washington post" ben bradley used to always say the truth emerges. often it takes a great deal of time. >> dana: four people are quoted extensively in the book, steve bannon, reince priebus, rob porter and gary cohn, those four are no longer there. there is one person who is quoted quite extensively in the book that i read over the weekend. that is chief of staff john kelly. and he is still there. and here's one of the quotes in the book john kellily sees gary cohn in the cabinet room after gary cohn has said look i'm going to resign because of the
11:36 am
charlottesville statements and in the book it says on the way out of oval office, general kelly, who has heard it all, pulled cohn into the cabinet room according to notes that cohn made afterwards that was the greatest show of self-control i have ever seen. if that was me i would have taken that resignation letter and shoved it up his six different times. i spoke to a source close to the white house this is what they told me in quotes they couldn't believe the kelly quotes. that they weren't surprised about the other four but that the kelly quotes really surprised them and that the president is very unhappy with general kelly, chief of staff, that he feels that they feel betrayed and the other thing they said is they had heard kelly say something like this about cohn or that they had heard this story before. so there seems to be now, because of the book some distrust between president trump and chief of staff john kelly. would that surprise you? >> well, i don't know. i haven't done reporting on it but, again, the things that chief of staff kelly
11:37 am
talked about and what he did, i mean, very interesting points in the book where he sits down and he issues some orders and he says we are no longer going to make on the fly decisions. we are going to make sure that there is a process, a vetting of decisions and no decision that the president makes is final until there is a formal decision memo. and, of course. >> dana: that rankled some people. >> yeah. and it didn't last. and so, you know, there is an effort on the part of general kelly to get some control here and anyone who has worked for trump knows, and i think the book establishes this, also, that very hard to control trump. >> dana: how would this book have been different if
11:38 am
president trump had talked to you for it? >> i would have included what he had to say. last month he called me and said, gee, i would have liked to have talked to you and he didn't understand why it didn't happen. >> dana: if he offered you an interview now, would you take it? >> well, the book is already out. maybe for the second book. >> dana: is there going to be a second book. >> well, who knows. >> dana: what would be the title of that book? >> it's a very good question. >> dana: i could imagine a couple of things. i do know -- >> -- people have suggested alternative titles for this book, like zoo without walls, which is one of the quotes from the former chief of staff. >> dana: right, with reince priebus saying it's like predators inside the white house. i do want to ask you, this the president is very frustrated that his message can't get out or that the results aren't being reported that he is not getting enough credit for things that have happened. this book really covers the first year and it seeds plant interested in that year are bearing some fruit this year with the economy and the optimism numbers, the unemployment numbers.
11:39 am
did you ever think that maybe the book felt a little incomplete without including some of those things like an addendum of sorts? >> well, you can't do an addendum about events that haven't happened. this book goes really up to the spring but, on the economic issues, have you read the book, you know there is a fierce battle going on in the trump white house about whether we should have steel tariffs, for instance. >> dana: right. >> whether we should have any of these tariffs and there are a lot of people, including i think about 99.9% of the economists that say tariffs really don't work. they are unnecessary. the president, as you know -- >> dana: you say in the book he has had these views for a long time and gary cohn and the president go back and forth on this a lot. if the economy because yesterday the white house said that this is durable. the economy is strong and it could last another couple of years. if that is true, and elections are based on the
11:40 am
economy, do you think the president is on his way to re-election? >> well, we will see. one of the things you learn doing this 47 years is trying not to report on the future. >> dana: bob woodward, thank you. >> thank you for inviting me. >> dana: bob woodward covering a lot of ground. our panel is back with reaction. plus, hurricane florence taking aim at the carolinas. folks in virginia also preparing for a really rough ride. >> this is so awesome. this is something now that we all should take heed not just during a storm but we need to pull together because we are going to need each other it's not if but when. why test a hybrid engine for over six million miles? why hand-tune an audio system? why include the most advanced active safety system in its class, standard? because when you want to create an entirely new feeling, the difference between excellence and mastery, is all the difference in the world. introducing the all-new lexus es.
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11:44 am
their very nature ambiguous. there is no doubt that woodward, a good reporter, has reams of paper and spools of tape on which people say the things that he reports in the book, but we don't know if it's accurate, if it is what really happened or somebody says that somebody said that somebody said. or even if people said it themselves if they recall it happening. >> dana: i heard from senator mcconnell's office yesterday there is a couple of little things in the book just about when meetings took place and who was there, they say they are inaccurate in the book but that they don't have any record of bob woodward calling them to ask. >> look. if the general point though of the book is that this is an unusual white house that doesn't have the normal decision-making process, that's right. >> dana: right. noah, last week, or earlier this week bob woodward said people ought to wake up to what's going on in this white house. and so like are they -- i don't think people are in the dark about how the white house is operating. but, i think it is interesting that apparently the president trump is
11:45 am
unhappy, according to my source, very unhappy with general kelly and distrust in the white house with the chief of staff. >> i have not read this book but from the excerpts i have seen and from this interview he is essentially being framed as island of sanity and stability in the sea of chaos. i frankly question that just based on, for example, the roll-out of this deterrent policy on the border. well into a year after general kelly's tenure when we should have been in the midst of the stability. very haunting policy politically disastrous people like steven miller on one hand taking credit for it and secretary kirsten faining that it exists. i'm hesitant to say whether this is accurate portrayal of the chief of staff. >> dana: i don't think the book was negative about president trump at all. there are pieces in there we talked to him earlier so we have additional pieces that are going to run is he impulsive but he has good instincts such as for
11:46 am
example establishing that relationship with the new crown prince of saudi arabia. >> there is some balance. the thing with bob woodward is it's not that you read the book and think oh, he has a political perspective. i think the political perspective may be advantageous to trump critics at this moment because it fits with michael wolff's book fire and fury. fits with the adiscrimination. it fits with what omarosa has to say although she lacks bob woodward's credibility. i don't think woodward intends this to be some type of political missive. he used the word with you dana me particular lus in terms of gathering information. he believes that it's not just a matter of statements that were made as karl says he has notes and spools of tape but that that has given him the basis to find the documents to go to other people. i will say that in his defense of the other thing to say is trump is certainly firing it up, flight trump is going after woodward. >> a mistake in my opinion. better if the white house
11:47 am
had said here's what we have to say about it and do it at a low level and move on rather than engage on it look, again, woodward has done this 19 times, i believe. and so he uses words like meticulous and he likes to leave the impression that this is history as it actually occurred. and it's not that sharp. it's not that clear. it's not that precise. >> dana: he says in the interview that we just did a moment ago that he is -- well, basically says there is going to be a second book. >> sure. >> dana: take us into the white house right now, would you have president trump cooperate on a second book? would it turn out any different. >> you know, these things -- there would were good woodward books from the perspective the bush administration when things were going good and bad when things were going bad. that's a decision to be made down the line. but the point i think noah made, there's a lot of consternation. when you have the president's son come out and say the president, my father now doesn't know who to trust and the circle in the west wing is getting smaller, that's the one really bad thing about the president having beaten up
11:48 am
on this book is it's caused a lot of people to say i'm worried about my position in the west wing. i'm worried about who can i speak to. i'm worried about the confidence. >> dana: last question to you, noah. the president has said that john kelly would be his chief of staff through 2020. do you think that will hold? >> yeah, i have no idea. if this is the case and they are very worried about the people around them it seems unlikely. i'm not sure who they could replace them with or if there is any interest in replacesment. this administration operated like it was in a bunker from day one. we are facing the prospect now of the potential for democratic takeover of the house and a lot of investigations follow it from adversarial chamber. >> dana: carl and i know what that's like after 2006. do you remember? thank you, panel, juan williams, karl rove and noah rothman. my interview with bob was so interesting we didn't have time for all of it here. check out the entire interview on my website and loss of interesting stuff
11:49 am
there fox news alert another big shakeup at cbs "60 minutes" jeff fakinger steps down. feger violated company policy but authore offered no or details. this comes after les moonves retired sunday after new allegations same type of thing sexual misconduct. sounding the alarm on ecigarettes. calling tan epidemic. new images of hurricane florence what they will tell us about the massive storm. and you can be part of the daily briefing on social media. join the conversation on twitter at daily briefing. i'll see you there.
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>> dana: back to hurricane florence looking like a monster even from the air. high definition camera from the international space station capture ago close-up view as a category 3 storm heads for the east coast. joining me now is lieutenant commander nicholas morgan flight director and noaa meteorologist. thank you for being here, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> dana: tell us from your perspective and observation, i know this is not first hurricane noaa has tracked. what might be dinner about this one. >> no, we have been doing it for quite a long time. and we have seen storms in similar strengths but every storm is different. and depending on where along the coast line it hits, the affects, the impacts on the coastal areas can really be different from storm to storm. >> dana: what kind of information can you get from the air that people can't get from other radar type of technology? >> so, one of the things that we get from the air as opposed to satellite or weather radar is we're able
11:54 am
to see down into the storm to maybe shielded visually from the satellite and also might be too far from a land-based radar to actually see. so, the ocean is really big and there is not a lot of data out there for the forecast models to use and so our plane goes out there and tries to cover -- fill some of those areas, some of those voids in with data. >> dana: does there come a point when it might be too dangerous for you to make this flight? >> no. we will be up flying as long as the hurricane poses a threat to land. we do our operation very safely. we have a lot of risk management procedures in place to make sure we perform our mission safely. and, you know, we really try to get out there to get the data the forecasters need to help people on the ground evacuate, if needed. and to save the country money on narrowing down that
11:55 am
forecast. very expensive to evacuate areas outside the forecasted track. >> dana: i'm interested in that mission like how you try to figure out a way to be most efficient so that the government resources can be where they need to be. >> so, as i mentioned, there is big data voids out there in the ocean. the models have to kind of guess as to what it might -- what the weather might be in those areas. so when we go out and get data in those voids, the models can then kind of narrow down the uncertainty in their track. and if we know where it's going better, then we can focus our efforts, our preparation efforts and it can be less costly, less coast line that we have to worry about if we know better where it's going. >> dana: that's super smart and taxpayers appreciate it and certainly the people there in the area there as well. lieutenant commander nicholas morgan. thank you and stay safe. >> all right. thank you. appreciate it. >> dana: and now for a few other stories you should know about. it's our daily three. number one, tropical storm
11:56 am
olivia is weakening as it approaches hawaii. but, forecasters warn it could still bring high winds and flooding in parts of the state. the fda considers pulling the plug on flavored ecigarettes. the agency asking five manufacturers to submit plans on how they will keep their products out of the hands of teens. and pope francis calling a special meeting of bishops to discuss the sexual abuse scandal in the catholic church. the february meeting will include church leaders from around the world. americans remembering the 9/11 attacks yesterday in new york and across the nation. next, how one local display got an extra patriotic touch. ♪ ♪ george woke up in pain.
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>> sure to tune in to "special report" tonight. nikki haley will sit down with bret baier here on fox news. the andover fire department
12:00 pm
taking time to honor victims of 9-11. a bald eagle perched himself on an american flag. thanks, everyone. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in the east where the disaster is at the door step. one leader said that today. today is your last full day to safely get out before the storm of a lifetime rolls ashore. those aren't our words. they're the warnings from officials across this land as hurricane florence surges towards america. we'll talk to a hurricane hunter in the sky flying a plane around the heart of the storm to get a better idea where it's heading in order to save lives. we'll bring you the latest on florence's brand new track and where and when it could make landfall and where we could see flooding and storm surge. get


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