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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 12, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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all, the gesture was so beautiful. she couldn't even speak. she was just saying, "thank god," and i say, "thank my god. >> laura: great patriot. we are out of time. laura ingraham, big show next. >> laura: i love john voight and i got teared up watching matt. mark levin does a great show. i miss that. i read about that. >> sean: you need to be a guest on his show. we are going to put you on there for an hour. >> laura: when? let's get it done. >> sean: i did an hour, and you guys to to do it. >> laura: can i come on your show sometime? are we allowed to do that? >> sean: i'm allowed to work out with you. the left hates you so much. they are like, putting in pictures of you when you were 12 and saying, she was a horrible person at 12. >> laura: you know, it's the cost of doing battle, hannity. what can i say? >> sean: welcome to the big time. welcome to prime time. you made it. >> laura: you warned me.
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oh, we got a laugh through it all, hannity. thank you so much. welcome to "the ingraham angle." i'm laura ingraham from washington. you want to stay for the full show. we have a lot to get you. the entire hour is going to be appointment viewing. we have something very important we want to tackle. the increasingly hostile tactics of the left, from demonization, now to outright violence. how it's harming the country. governor mike huckabee, jeff florida, matt schlapp, congressman steve scalise, and another important guest will join us. and tonight, raymond arroyo is here with a story of a comedian sounds from a late-night talk show for me too comments. was it something else he said? joe biden producing a new series with social media giant, trying to tilt the maternal actions. "seen and unseen" straight ahea ahead. we will bring a live upgrade from the ground in north carolina as hurricanes
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lawrence is terrifying, bears down on the east coast. but first, the new american lef left. agents of hatred. that is the focus of tonight's "angle" ." in the wake of their humiliating defeat in 2016, and after trump had called them all out for their disastrous policies, democrats and their celebrity boosters were receiving, just 24 hours after the inaugurationr message. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> we are here to be nasty! i am a nasty! >> over the next months and years, we will be called upon to intensify our demands for social justice, to become more militant in our defense of vulnerable populations.
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>> laura: militant. i'll say. fast-forward to today, when we are seeing the disturbing uptake and politically motivated violence. mostly from the left. abusive behavior, via language, and in some cases, physical attacks are visited upon people for no other reason except for the fact that they are conservative supporters of the president. just this week, karen washington, a trump supporter, a nasty meet up of fellow activists at a trump hotel. then someone using an anonymous twitter accounts with a handle dream star justice responded with the image of a handgun handgun. and the message "i'm coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstains make america great again hats as trophies." though the account, which supported the far left democratic socialists, has since been deleted, d.c. police and the fbi investigated the mass murder threats. authorities are right to take these threats seriously. over the weekend, a republican
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congressional candidate in california, rudy peters, who will join as a just a moment, was in a booth at a fall festival when a man approached him. he yelled profanity is about president trump and then rush the republican candidate. he pulled out a switchblade, which he meant to use on peters. well, the knife, thankfully malfunctioned and the candidate fought back. fazeli has been charged with a felony count of making threats. this comes after a spate of attacks over that summer, where trump officials were targeted in public places. sarah huckabee sanders, pam bondi, homeland security chief kirstjen nielsen, and stephen miller were all set upon by activists. [crowd chanting "shame"]
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>> you are deporting tens of thousands of people. you worry silent to the united states. >> you are taking away health insurance. shame on you! shame on you! shame on you! >> laura: even moderate republicans, like susan collins, are subject to abuse. collins' office on capitol hill has been slammed by called to vote against a supreme court brett kavanaugh. >> if you care at all about women's stories, vote no on kavanaugh. don't be a dumb [bleep]. >> if you vote for him, you are setting us backwards. backwards, woman. letting trump and his appointees steel health care from millions of americans.
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steal the right to choose what equipment do with their bodies, and you stood by them, "oh, i didn't know, i am so naive." [bleep] you! [bleep] you! >> laura: like the destructive antics of antifa with a rioting this moment baltimore, you can always count on the left to justify aggression. this is msnbc contributor. >> when you listen to those, having been on the campaign trail, at the passion of people, the obviously abusive, the language that is being used as a portent. but you also feel that they are talking about life-and-death issues. >> laura: it's important to focus on the word "blood" that she used. "it's a poor and part" issues. as if to say the abuse coming from the left is almost justified, reading between the lines, as they like to say pray that is certainly what james hodgkinson thought when he tried
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to assassinate republican steve scalise at a baseball field and virginia last year. the threats, the demonization, the violence, it is all of a piece. by the way, steve scalise will join us in just a moment. activists on the left have created basically a deadly ideology for harassment and even doing bodily harm has become essentially a legitimate tool of the resistance. this is congresswoman maxine waters from this weekend. >> there are those who said that we like lacks ability when i td about the president. first of all, you are not welcome here. so it frightened a lot of people. of course, the lying president said that i had threatened all his constituents. i did not threaten his constituents, his supporters. i do that all the time but i did into at that time.
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>> laura: it is just utterly disgraceful. it's not funny. you know why it's not funny? because lives are now being endangered by reckless speech like this. it is not political debate. we are not debating the issues here. it is a conversation that goes one way. you are abhorrent, you are awful, you are like hitler, you are a nazi, so we will destroy you by any means necessary. that is how the game goes. so i say it is time for the democratic party to not only condemn the hate speech but to repudiate his repeated political acts of terror before someone loses their life. political battles on both sides, you bet, republicans and democrats, should be limited to discourse and debate, and chirp, protest, that's fine. to allow this dangerous trend, though, to continue, of the kind of stuff we have been seeing, is going to take our republic into to places we dare not go.
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and that's the "angle." joining us now with reaction, two men who have seen this violence face-to-face. the offer mentioned rudy peters, the republican congressional candidate from california attacked by a knife wielding trump hater just on sunday, along with house majority whip steve scalise. of course, we all know over a year ago, congressman scalise himself was shot, endured multiple surgeries during that congressional baseball game, not so far from where we are broadcasting tonight. both of you, it is wonderful to see you for this very important topic. rudy, i want to start with you, then we will go to congressman scalise. tell us very briefly what happened on sunday that all americans must know, given the tenor of the debate and discourse today. >> thanks for having become a laura. sunday was just another day the fair, wonderful people in castro
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valley, great job by the chambe. i had another gentleman running for assembly district 20 in california with me, all of a sudden, we are sitting behind the table, late in the evening, and we hear somebody screaming, "f you, donald trump," we kind of look up from the table, he's got his middle finger extended. he is walking by our booth. we pretty much didn't say a word, just watched him walk by, kind of keep an eye on him. the next thing we know, he stops, turns around and says, "i'll show you," and he pretty much brought marshes the table. on our table, we had a coffee cup and flags were reregistering alameda county voters. as he picks up the coffee cup, i get away from the table, and start going around to the front of the table. he picks up the coffee clock, rear his back, throws it, misses it, brexit, we are pretty much chest to chest at this time. i grabbed him, threw it to the ground, i don't strike him, even fell on top of, he had a
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beer in his hand, a glass bottle, people were screaming, children were screaming. it is pretty crowded with famil family. he jumps immediately up, reaches in his pocket, pulls out a knife, and he got it over his head, and he is screaming, "i'm going to kill you," so he's dancing in a circle, and i can see has them trying to get the blade. he's pushing on the bartender try to get the play to come out. at that point, and pretty much fearing for my life. i just looked around and grab kind of a sign at another vendor's, a little plastic sandwich board sign -- >> laura: and you pushed him back? >> when this lunatic gets this knife out, he's going to kill me. >> laura: unbelievable. >> somebody finally screamed and yelled and it stopped and he turned around and left and i went back to my booth and -- >> laura: this is insane. i mean, rudy, this is insane. first of all, we are so glad you are safe.
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glad the switchblade was not operating or he didn't know how to operate it. congressman scalise, of course, i thought about you, the first moment i heard about this, read about it, i thought about you, and everything you and your family have gone through over this past year. your reaction to this entire trajectory since last year to today, given what has happened? >> laura, first, it's great to be back with you. there is no place for this in american politics. the foundation of this country is about free and open debate. we encourage it. we ultimately please enter the bill of rights the first amendment to allow people the freedom of speech, to even criticize their government. but not to resort to violence. we actually resolve our political differences of the ballot box in america. that is what we have always been about. this violence, the insightfulness, the call to arms in essence amongst liberals, has
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to stop. >> laura: the left is saying, congressman scalise, donald trump started to create. attends divisive rhetoric, it's a life or death situation for americans, we will lose our health care, women will lose their right to abortion. it's a life-and-death situation. well, we don't want you to resort to violence, but, as maxine waters had come a push back, find them where they are,s stations, don't let people operate, like rudy was doing, and public. >> there is no part of that sentence. he pointed that out. he pointed that out, laura. when donald trump ran for office, he promised that he would fight for those forgotten men and women, there were millions of americans that had been left behind, that weren't even part of the american dream because they had been discarded by the previous administration with a horrible economy, crazy regulation, things that were killing manufacturing in our country. you literally saw parts of our country being eviscerated. the middle class was being eviscerated. donald trump said, i will stand up for you. >> laura: they don't care.
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>> policies are actually following through. >> laura: congressman, the left, and way too many of the democrats, eric swalwell came out in a tweet and he condemned the violence toward mr. peters. so that is good. we haven't heard very much -- >> we need to see more of that. >> laura: where are the democrats? maxine waters, schumer, pelosi, where are they? we have a congressional candidate being attacked with a switchblade, yelling "f drum," and it is just another day. >> they need to be called on to call out this kind of violence, if this was going under the right, you know what would happen, laura. every mainstream media outlet would be reporting it, calling on each one of us, there have microphones in our faces. i would denounce it. i would announce anything that happened on either side but you don't see about enough from the left. they need to be challenged. where are these liberal talk show hosts that yell and scream and rant and rage, if their
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incitement is actually leading somebody to go and commit violence? that is not for this country is about. >> laura: it is by any means necessary. what i am watching tonight, you have to understand, were at not for a switchblade not offering, and mr. peters having the wherewithal on the physical strength to push this guy back, you might have had your throat slit. congressman scalise, hubert came very close to dying, could havet the baseball game. it was politically motivated. i do not think it was adequately covered as such, as political violence by the american media. i am very upset about what is going on. republicans have to be careful with their rhetoric, the president, everybody has got to take it down a notch. it is way too hot, and debate is great but this is obscene, what is happening. mr. peters, a student group opposed to to a speaker on cole campuses, you think about what happens at berkeley and so
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forth, check this out. you agree or disagree that the student group's actions are acceptable if they resort to violence to prevent a speaker from speaking? 81% disagree. that the student groups actions are acceptable. yeah, that is a good deal. they shouldn't be violent. i think young people, frankly, with their head screwed on straight, most of them know that. rudy, close it out. >> exactly. this gentleman was 35 years old. he's not a child. we didn't see them earlier in the day, it is not like we had a dialogue or an issue or a conflict where we were discussing policy issues or stances. i don't know what was in his mind but the latest report as his mother was with the democratic club group there in that area -- >> laura: rudy, we are out of time. i will tell you what it is. i don't mean to interrupt you. let's make it clear. congressman scalise knows this. this is hatred toward donald trump and his agenda. that is art. it's not about the country getting better, it is not about
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blue-collar workers, which is going on, opportunities for african-americans, it is to destroy him by any means necessary, using any tools, legitimate, illegitimate, most of them just do not care at this point. >> they don't respect the things of this country is founded on. >> laura: gentlemen, thank you so much. joining us now to consider the political calculus of these tactics is jeffrey lord, interbreeding editor to the americans -- along with rochelle reggie. i want to do it time in first. we are gritting way too close to someone losing his or her life because they stand for a political issue. your reaction to what happened to rudy peters, and this call to such a militant, forceful, aggressive stance in public against people, that people are taking this to the wrong and violent levels. your reaction? >> i think what happens to
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peters was completely disgusting. is it is extremely important. i remember being a press secretary at the house when representatives go lease was shot and it was really heartbreaking for everyone on the hill, whether you are republican or democrat. i agree with what you said earlier before coming to me, is that we do have to turn down the rhetoric. that is clearly on both sides. i'll be the first to say, i don't think this is okay for any elected official to promote any kind of violence, whether you are telling people to be punched in the face or whether you are telling people to be followed and aroused. >> laura: you are condemning maxine waters. i know you are hating term for what he said in 2016. are you condemning maxine waters? >> i don't believe that people should be followed and harassed. >> laura: that's interesting. jeffrey, your reaction tonight? >> this is disgusting, laura. this is a very, very important conversation to be having here. this is with the american left
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has been, over decades, and the topic has changed. they were doing these kinds of things, smashing seattle's to protest world trade, and doing it again another 12 years later, 13 years later, to protest occupy wall street. this has been going on and on and on and frankly, leaders in the democratic party have got to stand up and rain this in. i mean, we have gone from a democratic party where franklin roosevelt condemned on the forgotten men and women to jfk asking what you could do for your country as people shrugging their shoulders as people commit violence and taking a good laugh at maxine waters. i mean, it is pathetic. it is pathetic. it has got to stop or somebody is going to get hurt and steve scalise was already hurt. >> can i say that, this is not anything that is just republicar democrat. we have to remember what happened to gabby giffords as
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well. this is people that are extreme in their tactics, and extreme -- >> laura: you are talking about jared -- i can't member his name. he had -- it was initially reported that he was a conservative talk radio listener. false. he was not. this is not -- i believe -- correct me if i'm wrong, it was not politically motivated. he was a nut job. that is violence, period. condemn it. that was not related to political resistance. we are talking about weaponizing political resistance. jeffrey, last word. >> this is got to stop. the thing that i am concerned about is precisely because president trump was a businessman with all these properties all over the country in the world, they are easy targets, and i think that we have to bring the stuff and entering the rhetoric about donald trump and, period. >> laura: i think we found some common ground. rochelle, jeffrey, great to have you both on tonight. i have a question.
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how are barack obama and hillary clinton co-opting the tactics of this resistance? not an encouraging violence but maybe in perpetrating untrue this. tell you next.
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♪ >> laura: is bad enough that democrats are trying to sell as
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much discord as possible, leading up to the midterms. but now they are reverting to one of their tried-and-true tactics. willfully deceiving their supporters. one of the latest examples, the appalling smears of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. hillary clinton is following a senator kamala harris' footsteps on twitter, parroting these wildly out of context comments from judge's kavanaugh on abortion even after they have been exposed as lies. and former president obama hitting president trump over his attacks on the press. that's funny. hypocrisy, galling. in fact, "the associated press" even published a fact-check showcasing the obama administration's brute force response over leaks to the media. joining us now with reaction is matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union, along with democratic strategist and once he read. i wish you guys were both here. it is so lonely in the studio. neither of you are here. all right, let's start with you.
7:25 pm
this deal with brett kavanaugh, i know people can do this, they can exaggerate claims and so forth, but when it comes to this particular criticism of kavanaugh, it really is ridiculous. they tried to paint him as someone who was saying that there is a particular abortion drug that was -- but he was merely quoting the group priests for life. he wasn't saying that it was his opinion. he was summarizing the petitioner's argument in a particular brief he was referencing. but that is not what kamala harris said. hillary clinton and her tweets are the following, "she said kavanaugh -- i want to be sure we are clear about something, that brett kavanaugh sat in his camper, confirmation hearing, he referred to birth control pills as abortion and inducing drugs. a sawed off an alarm bell for meeting and it should for you, too. it's a dog whistle to the right." do you agree that
7:26 pm
hillary clinton willfully with characterized that what kavanaugh said? >> i won't say that i agree with that notion but i will say that people sometime have their own way of interpreting things, as they hear them or read them. but the bottom line is, the general context, that senator harris was making and what secretary could tell my clinton was making, they were trying to inform the public, the dangerous road we are going down when we are on the way to confirming a judge to the highest court in the land for a lifetime. they are drawing real-life examples of why he would be dangerous to women's rights. and for the future. >> laura: okay. real-life example would not, i imagine, include purposeful distortion of what judge kavanaugh actually wrote in an opinion. matt schlapp, i find this, of all the things to criticize a kavanaugh -- i've known him for 30 years, full disclosure -- an incredibly impressive person on every level.
7:27 pm
ava, gold standard come out the window. supremely, well-qualified as what they viewed his tenure as on the district -- that easy circuit court of appeals. this is where we are? by any means necessary? if you have to lie about them, do it, you have to stop his nomination. >> this is where we are. it is sad. i was a little bit of a geeky kid, laura, and i would watch these confirmation hearings were all these previous nominees to the supreme court, and i don't like all these liberal senators but they would ask real, sensitive questions, and i didn't always play fair. but we had a national conversation about where we want to the court to be and where we wanted the conversation to be in our society. you can have a conversation about roe vs. wade. i would like to overturn it but i have known him a long time. i have no idea what he's going to doing it on the supreme court when it comes to roe v. wade. let's have a discussion. but you act like brett kavanaugh said anything about his jurisprudence on birth control at the hearing is a lie.
7:28 pm
so when they go that far, when they tweeted out, when they make it seem so simple, when it's actually very complicated, i think you do a great disservice to all of us because i actually would like to have meaty conversations about these constitutional questions. i think it would be good for america. >> matt, you say you want to have meaningful conversations but remember, it was your party who would not give president obama's nominee a hearing to even start the conversation. >> i loved that decision. >> of course. that is a prime example of hypocrisy at its best. the second thing, you know how -- >> your party doesn't run the senate anymore, antjuan, you don't get to determine when the hearings are! >> i am highlighting hypocrisy of your party, who would not even give president obama's nominee a hearing, who democrats and republicans agree, who was a well-qualified for the bench. >> laura: antjuan, you are too young to remember all of this. but i remember a time where george h.w. bush -- i was in law school -- in one of my former
7:29 pm
law professors, was on a long list of court of appeals nominees who were just waiting for a vote. when bill clinton came in, what did he do? i mean, they just installed installed installed -- >> in combination with joe biden in the senate. >> there's a difference. >> laura: what is good with the goose is good for the gander. on the scheduling issue, republicans have suffered and democrats have suffered. but we are talking, antjuan, about an actual confirmation hearing where serious issues are discussed and individuals aren't maligned, either personally or purposely using false smears. that is just not cool. on any side. >> i am all for having a conversation about the nominee and their background. i will tell you like i tell everyone, i have concerns about his history on voter i.d. and his thoughts on obamacare. but at the end of the day, you all want -- you and matt want to
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talk about this me a ring and the rhetoric that comes from certain folks our party. look, the republican party thrives on misinformation and lives at this point. that is why donald trump spaces are popular right now. >> laura: obama and hillary are back by popular demand, leading the charge for the midterms, both of them are out there. but for barack obama to come out and to trash donald for being tough on the press, i mean, let's not forget what he did -- was it, the sedition act, going after all these reporters, espionage act? all of these leaks, whistle-blowers, i mean, this was brutal for reporters. he even got a fact-check for that. >> there were more constitutional over steps under obama than we have seen in any other modern president. >> matt, -- >> antjuan, i'm talking now, my friend. i love your voice but i am
7:31 pm
talking. i hope your family a safe down there. seriously, obama is trying to have it every which way. he comes out and says, "what is trump doing trump hating this big economy, it's actually my economy, and then on the other step, he is saying, the economy isn't solid. i think the american people are smart. i think the american people get it. i think republicans look foolish when they try to be too clever. sometimes democrats do come off also. i think the american people are smart. political candidates and so mike will be awarded when they shoot straight. that is why donald trump is being rewarded. >> he you know what i support -- >> laura: we are out of time. "the new york times" editorial board, no big front of conservatives, said the obama administration has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news. that was from "the new york times." so i guess it's -- depending
7:32 pm
on -- thank you so much for joining me tonight. coming up, comedian norm mcdonald gets bumped from "the tonight show," wipe politics might have played a role. and what common device in the bathroom that you use may make you sick. all that with raymond arroyo and "seen and unseen" next. s plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way.
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>> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" signatory we explore some of bicultural stories of the day comedian norm macdonald had a tonight show appearance next after some controversial remarks on the me too movement. that is far from the whole story. joining us now as raymond arroyo, "new york times" best-selling author of the will wilder series. i know how the fallon show canceled norm mcdonald. >> nbc said they did it out of sensitivity of the audience. norm macdonald did an interview about this new netflix talk show he is doing, david
7:36 pm
letterman is producing. hardly conservative talk show. however, he is promoting a dent he made comments about the me too movement on his friend roseanne and louis c.k. here's what he said. he said, "i'm happy that me too movement has slowed down the bed. it used to be 100 movement can't be lying, then it became one woman can't lie, and that became, "i believe all women, and then you are like him or what, like that chris hardwick guy? i really thought about the blunt end of the stick there." he went on to say, unlike the victims, his friends, the comedians, suffered more than the victims dads. that he had to apologize for. >> laura: not a good comment. >> that was over the line. there might be another reason that fallon a tonight show -- jimmy fallon want to norm mcdonald and said my producers are in the other room crying so you can come in the show. he said something about his talk show as opposed to the ones that are already on the air. this is what he said. this might explain his cancellation as well. "ever since jon stewart, late night hosts, have been forced to
7:37 pm
become political pundits. even down to jimmy fallon. nt is derided for his treatment of donald trump i meant to be maligned for "humanizing trump," funny. i thought he was human. if you have a nominee for president on your show when he is your guest, then he is your guest." b1 fallon had to apologize for having trump on. >> he messed up his hair. they say he humanized him. we've reached a point, where a president is human, and that's controversial, we reached a low point. whether you are watching this norm macdonald's or not, there is a new series on instagram tv -- >> the one i don't even know what that is. >> it's a new tv service. that is called "here's the deal," a ten episode issues-driven show designed to spur young americans to vote in the midterms. know who would you think would host such a show, laura? >> laura: they ask me and i sat down. >> they found the perfect host to attract the young voters, vice president joe biden. >> less than 100 days before e
7:38 pm
most consequential election in our lifetime, we have to keep our eye and the ball. that's why i'm pardoning with ig tv to breakdown the issues. just facts. at least as i see them. >> how is this going to attract young voters? i feel like he's about to sell me a reverse mortgage. >> laura: he's not going to be talking about democratic dating. he's going to be talking about carbon dating. [laughter] >> for a moment, i thought he was -- anyway, he went on to that quadrant of your favorite issues that will get the young people outcome immigration. >> laura: oh! >> for centuries, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has given us tremendous advantage, we've gotten the best of every nation. we do need to control our border. every country needs to control the border. but that does not require
7:39 pm
ripping infants and children from the arms of their parents. this administration has to stop using immigration as a political tool to divide us and to us and them. >> laura, if you're going to do political punditry on instagram. become aware is the newt gingrich jana, they get dick cheney channel? have balance. >> laura: these things are all left-wing. as a social media dominated by the left. all right, here we come! >> very quickly, the spreading of disease in our public bathroom. a new study -- you know those jet spray, it is kind of a cold spread of water, they did a study, the journal of hospital infection, these are supposedly hygienic. you know what they do? the aerosol bacteria, feces, and e. coli into the air. you are actually getting a face full of this stuff. >> laura: the new facial. >> that is one way -- >> laura: did you say "the
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journal of hospital infection"? all, where's my subscription? who the heck subscribes to that? >> when you are crawling in somebody else's feces, don't use those things. i'm giving a paper towels. it's horrible. >> laura: no, this is news you can use. is that the unseen? >> that is the unseen. the unseen is the e. coli growing. >> laura: the east coast is bracing -- which is not funny -- for hurricane florence and its impact. we are going live to the north carolina coast with the last minute prep there and evacuation underway the next. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- mbc, approved,
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>> laura: this is a fox news alert. turkey and florence is now just 333 miles from the carolina coa. it's a punishing storm surge is the initial band starts to hit the east coast, let's go to fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal live on the ground in wrightsville beach, north carolina. rick? >> laura, it is not here yet. what we have instead is a very eerie and surreal quiet. wrightsville beach is empty tonight. the lights are on but nobody's home. the only thing we can hear is the ocean. there have been no vehicles on the roads, no people on the sidewalks, this is the main parking area, that is the fishing pier right there, completely empty.
7:44 pm
completely quiet. the main drag, north-south, right there. we saw one vehicle. let's go back in here, we saw one vehicle, a police car, they came over and told us, get out of the street, get back in the property. we could stay as long as we stated in the property. there was a mandatory evacuation order. they closed the bridge to wrightsville beach i data clocks are known also as a ladder near. people can leave if they want to, laura, but no one can get back in. if you think things will start getting bad here tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. of course, friday, all day, financial hurricane-force went into saturday. the storm surge could be well over our heads but we are standing if it holds true to that 9-13 feet prediction. wrightsville beach is relatively empty. there are some people here potentially trying to ride this thing out. if they want to get out, they still can. time is running out. >> laura: rick, thank you so much. stay very safe out there. the media and democrats are wasting no time using hurricane
7:45 pm
florence as a political hammer to give them a believe it or not -- of course again believe it -- against president trump. it started when msnbc trump did a bomb saw bombshell documentary docu. >> with a document indicated that nearly $10 million has been taken out of the budget of the emma wright and the advance of hurricane season and instead transferred to i.c.e. for what appears to be detention programs for immigrants. >> we are going for them the horrendous policy of repping children out of their parent's arms, we are still trying to unify all those families, to a new strategy of building internment camps. they would be funded through the same account of these funds would go to three i.c.e. >> laura: that does sound like a bombshell and pretty damning. one little problem, it's not true. homeland security says that under no circumstances were any
7:46 pm
disaster relief funding transferred from fema to immigration enforcement efforts. fema's spokesperson further stated on twitter that "after calling senator jeff merkley staff to inform them of a fact surrounding fema budget, we were told it is a tv hit. you take it where you can. regardless of the facts, though? unbelievable. joining us now is former arkansas governor mike dubke of e. the whole show has been about how low can they go. remember, michelle obama says, when they go low, we go high. i loved that sentiment. unfortunately, we keep going lower, and now playing politics with this absurdly dangerous hurricane. and lying. your reaction tonight? >> it gets worse, though, laura. msnbc is still running that same story tonight give me even after it's been discredited, after it's been totally debunked. they are still running with that. so it tells you that the facts don't matter.
7:47 pm
it is all about the politics. when you have guys like joe scarborough saying that president trump has done more damage to america than the airplanes that flew into the buildings on 9/11, can you imagine what would have been said of a conservative if they said that barack obama had done more damage to the country then 9/11, when 3,000 souls were murdered in cold blood? i mean, i can't even begin to get my arms around what that would have been like. we are dealing with, not only, the left, but that we are dealing with the media that sups it and is complicit in this kind of outrages rhetoric against the president and anyone who supports them. >> laura: speaking of that word, governor, "complicit," a headline for "the washington post" op-ed for the editorial board. "another hurricane is about to better our coast. trump is complicit." ac actually blowing the winds
7:48 pm
from the east atlantic -- this is now -- i don't even -- i have lost words to describe how absolutely pathetic, and they are out of ideas, they are out of solutions, this is all the jeff bezos post has apparently. >> this is what you find when people are reduced to howling at the moon. what we basically are seeing with the press is that they cannot stop people from supporting the president, they cannot stop his policies from working with high employment, with low unemployment, with pay raises and bonuses and businesses coming back and manufacturing returning. >> laura: do you think they want the economy to recover? i'm sorry to interrupt. do you think they really want the country to succeed? look at what is happening with blue-collar jobs and wages! they should be a vote of rare unity, frankly, for the country. do you think they wanted to succeed? >> no, they'd want. bill maher was pretty honest when he says he hopes there is a
7:49 pm
recession, that a crash of the economy. he says that's the only way we can get rid of donald trump. he was at least honest about a prayer to the others aren't. when barack obama was president, i didn't like his policies but i didn't like them because of what they were doing to america. if they had worked and we had a bunch of people that were prospering under the president, when obama was there, i wouldn't have complained about it. i would have say that mike said, hey, maybe we are wrong, good for him. i even said that when he was first elected that i hope he was successful. i meant into. we don't have that from the left right now, and we don't have it from the press, but then again, i repeat myself. >> laura: governor how could great to have you on, thank you so much. by the way, you have heard from the pollsters and pundits and of course the trump haters. what do you really hear enough from real america? up next, we take you to ohio where a small businessman tells us what the experts are missing about this economy. stay there.
7:50 pm
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♪ >> laura: the economy just keeps blooming. you keep thinking it can't get higher, well, guess what, the census bureau revealed that middle-class income hit an all-time high of $61,372 last year.
7:53 pm
yet, no matter how much good news there is about wages, jobs, unemployment, nothing can satisfy president trump's haters. >> people are all still looking for good jobs, so to hear the president think that talking about how strong the economy is is going to help him win back these midterm is foolish. >> laura: not foolish. the economy can't be that great, a lot of people don't have jobs. brilliant analysis as always. let's just turn off that noise for a few moments and here from an actual american who is reaping the fruits of this great economy. joining us now is it steve, the president of stabbed manufacturing solutions in dayton, ohio. steve, it is great to have you here. you actually are a working class american, and do you to differ with mr. bond into basically says, waives it off. it is not all that great. i went in front of us economy. steve? >> that is not what we are
7:54 pm
seeing here in the manufacturing sector in dayton, ohio. thank you for having me here. we have over 4,000 jobs available in the manufacturing industry that we cannot fill. a speed when you have 4,000 openings, that means people, evn without special skills, can start at a wage of $15 an hour, so you don't have to go to college, you can get on the job training, that is just fantastic news for the country. we need more workers. and more people willing to work for these jobs. >> we do. the manufacturing industry throughout the united states is over half a million jobs available today. many companies like us, we pay for education with a starting wage of $15 an hour. if you need further training, we'll send you to a school or sunday to a training program to get the skills you need. >> laura: explain what the economy is like for your company today versus, let's say, five years ago. >> five years ago, we were
7:55 pm
struggling. the entire industry was struggling at the time, just as recent as the end of 2016, we had just over 20 people. it had come alike, 23 people. today, we have 43 people. we have seen the industry overall growing, and the optimism throughout the industry, there was a survey not too long ago by the national association of manufacturers that showed over a 95% optimism in that manufacturing industry, for the growth of the industry. it's exciting times. >> laura: it's really exciting exciting. it stands in sharp contrast to what president obama said back in june of 2016. let's take a walk down memory lane together, steve. let's watch. >> some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back. he says, i'm going to negotiate a better deal. well, how -- how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have and usually, the answer is he doesn't have an answer.
7:56 pm
>> laura: steve, your reaction? >> [laughs] i remember that. i'm excited to see their jobs have come back. i'm excited to see policies that are coming out of the administration that are beneficial to the manufacturing industry and beneficial to the country as a whole at helping our industry grow. >> laura: do you hope the republicans and democrats can come together and keep this economy going? are you hoping for a blue wave? >> you know, i don't see politics in the manufacturing industry. there really shouldn't be. the only red or blue in the industry is the flag that flies on every shop floor. >> laura: god bless you. i love that sentiment. we need more of it. steve, thanks so much and congrats on a great, great turnout for your company. keep it going. coming up, joy behar shoots her mouth off again and immediately regrets her decision. the last fight next.
7:57 pm
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>> laura: it's time now for the last bite. joy behar of the view is active again. we are use to her unhinged political rants. today she somehow managed to outdo herself. >> they show them the facts, he disputes it, he lies. he's a sociopath. if he loves another 20 years, god forbid -- if he loves anothd become a light, 105. i don't with the president now. i don't. i just want to melt.
8:00 pm
>> laura: and trump is a sociopath? okay. it is a rare moment of self-awareness. joy, the name dry just brings dry, doesn't it? that is all the time we have tonight. it is it is shannon bream and the fantastic "fox news @ night" team. shannon come i can't wait to watch your show. >> shannon: thank you so much. welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. this is a fox news weather alert. the fury of her work in florence can be seen off the east coast. officials measuring waves as high as 83 feet as as a carolia coastline is in eyesight of the powerful storm. tonight we will take you to north carolina live. we'll also investigate the claims that fema is giving money to i.c.e. failure to the bottom of it. plus the storm gets more political. we'll talk about that with lieutenant governor of puerto rico, got something to say about the president calling the federal government's response to hurricane maria and unsung success. it might surprise you. you don't want to


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