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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 12, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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one, big breaking news. the storm is coming, a lot going on in politics, but mostly sean hannity is right now and you're not going to want to miss that. >> sean: he talked about getting a beer -- no! >> tucker: i'm telling people stay tuned! >> sean: what a way to sell it. don't get your beer now. wait until ingraham comes on at 10:00. what is that? get your beer before. have a great night. great shows in it. welcome to "hannity." a lot going on tonight. hurricane florence, you see it on a collision course with north and south carolina. if you are in the evacuation zone, please get out while you still can. sadly, not everyone is taking hurricane seriously. for example, the editorial board of "the washington post,v i'm not making this up, floating an insane conspiracy theory that president trump is responsible for the storm. this is not fake news. this is literally trump sickness derangement syndrome at a psychotic level.
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we will show you the actual article frankly it should embarrass all these so-called journalists that claim they have so much integrity. also tonight, a huge dump of more strzok-page texts. we have them. and now we have even more evidence. it's now incontrovertible, of what is illicit, politically motivated, anti-trump deep state leaking, cia, fbi, doj, and from the director of national intelligence. they are all included in this, conspiring against trump not oo get elected and then,th of course, to stop him after he was elected. t remember what chuck schumer said? the intel community willim get you six ways from sunday. i hate to say it, i think he's right. and breitbart has obtained footage of tech giant google and their first company-wide meeting after the 2016 presidential election. all our fears have been confirmed. the people of google detested
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the president you elected and everybody who voted for him. you are going to see this video for yourself. we are now also 55 days away from one of the most important midterms in your life. we will show you how the tactics of the left are beyond out-of-control, full of lies, and we do have a lot of good news for republicans and information they should be using to win in 55 days. sit tight and buckle up, it's time for tonight's breaking news, multi-pronged opening monologue. ♪ it is now a full-blown psychosis. it is a psychological level of- on hinge mind never seen. trump derangement syndrome, out-of-control. if your dog bites, if the bee stings, the baby cries, and you're feeling sad, it's all president trump's fault. if he literally cures cancer they will never give him credit in the media. now according to the editorial board of "the new york times," hurricane florence is also president trump's fault. i'm not making this up. look at the headline on your screen. another hurricane is about to batter our coast.
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trump is complicit. "the washington post," not "the new york times." believe it or not, that headline, it's not just click bait. "the washington post"" actually laid out a case in the editorial for why president trump is responsible for bad weather. look at this quote. "when it comes to extreme weather, mr. trump is complicit. he plays down humans' role in increasing the risks, and he e continues to dismantle efforts to address those risks." not only is the claim totally absurd, it's also factually wrong, not that they care. o the american enterprise,, put out in president's first year in office, the u.s. rigorous co2 emissions more than any other country in the world. so trump derangement syndrome has now reached a new height. these people are just downright sick in their obsession to hate the president. the slogan from "the washington post" is democracy dies in darkness. sadly, the final nail in the coffin for democracy, journalism, if you will, issa e
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kind of blinding anti-trump hatred that is on display from them and all their friends in the media almost every day. maybe instead of blaming president trump for bad weathea and a hurricane, maybe the mainstream media could focus on the biggest abuse of power scandal in our history. and thanks tonight to the former fbi lovebirds page and strzok, we have even more evidence that your government was leaking sensitive information to destroy trump from the get-go. first to prevent him from becoming president. then to destroy his presidency. we showed you earlier thisro wk the newly uncoveredre text messages were feeling in 2017 media link strategy with the fbi coordinating with the doj. sara carter also discovering that strzok and page were working on a russian interference op-ed in the lead up to the 2016 election. so there was leaking not only by the fbi and the doj before the election, again to prevent trump from winning. after the election to destroy a
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duly-elected president in the you, the people. sara carter has obtained even more new texts from strzok detailing his cozy relationship with "the new york times" and one of its reporters, mike schmidt. april 14th, 2017, strzok texting "also, apparently, the times is angry with us about "the washington post" scoop, and earlier discussion that we had about the schmidt piece that had so many inaccuracies, too much to detail here but i told mike -- redacted and andy they need to understand we are absolutely dealing in good faith with them." he then follows up that text with "the fisa coupled with the guardian piece from yesterday. the fisa one." helping "the new york times" with a story on the supposedly top-secret fisa court. this is beyond bad. supposedly he's running the investigation. what does it say about "the new york times"? what does it say about "the washington post"? all you need is one anti-trump
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official to hand them propaganda and misinformation, distorted lies from a known trump-hater at this point. blow it up, act as though it's gospel truth. that is the paper of record? where are the corrections? when are they coming? don't hold your breath. we did reach out to the doj, "the new york times," "the washington post" and strzok and page for comment. we have yet to get a response but tonight we have brand-new, never before seen text messages. it now appears that on topt of -- let's see, the director of national intelligence, the fbi and doj colluding in all this and leaking to the press, it seems like the cia, they too were involved in the same kind of illicit leaking and we are talking about you, mr. sanctimony, john brennan.ic just obtained brand-new texts showing that some officials were "leaking like mad in the lead up to the fbi's russia probe." why?
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to influence public opinion. take a look at this exchange. this is just after the president got elected, december 15th, 2016. there they are again, lisa page texting strzok, "remind me to tell you tomorrow "the times" doing a story about the rnc hacks." strzok responding "more than they already did? i told you that quinn told me they are pulling all the stops out on some story."t he then followed up "think our sisters have become leaking like mad. scorned and worried and political, they are kicking into overdrive." according to reporting from her own catherine herridge, the sisters they are referring to that strzok mention, that likely is the cia, that would be john brennan and barack obama's cia. less than a month after that exchange, "the new york times" published, published a story about rnc hacks on the very same day buzzfeed published a steele dossier filled with russian lies that hillary paid you have strzok referring to the cia pulling out all the stops saying the cia is scorned and that they are political and they are leaking like mad.he
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less than a month later, the dossier becomes public. is this the kind of politically motivated leaking from our most trusted government officials? is that acceptable, john brennan? i hate to say that chuck schumer is right, but if you go against the intelligence community, they will get you six ways to sunday. why? because the deep state with tht power that they have intelligencewise, it's like a house of cards. we are watching the whole scheme come tumbling down. revealing the level of corruption in your government that should make you sick and concerned, and as it turns out, high-ranking deep state officials, they weren't the only people rocked by the election of donald trump. look at they obtained official video from inside a 2016 company-wide meeting at the tech giant, google. this was following trump's win. if you thought the good peoplea of google weren't biased and against all things trump, this should make you think again. let's take a look.
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>> most people here are prettyt upset and pretty sad because of the election. >> the first moment i really felt like we were going to lose. a massive kick in the gut that we were going to lose and it was really painful. >> very strong and vocal. and not just from a press standpoint or a p.r. standpoint, but actually working hard behind the scenes to stand up. >> i think it's worth being very vigilant and thinking about all these issues, what can we do to lead to may be of better quality of governments, decision-making and so forth. >> is there anything positive you see from this election? [laughter] >> that's the really tough on right now. >> sean: google, fair and balanced just like "the new york times" and "the washington post" and all those deep state actors.
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responded to the release of that video in part, "nothing was said at that meeting or any other meeting to suggest that any political bias ever influences the way we build anm operate our products." of course, judging from whatate just saw, we could show you and hour more of exactly the same thing, virtually nobody, at least no one in a position of power at google wanted donald trump to win. it sounds like the cia, fbi, doj, and the director of national intelligence under obama. according to what we just saw, many actively working against president and against the candidate. we are just supposed to believe them that there's no political bias and their bias doesn'te impact any ofup google's products? they literally held a funeral for our country at a company-wide meeting the day after donald trump won. we will have more on that developing story throughout the hour, butaf first, the countdon continues. it's all inde your hands. it's where you, we the people, have all the power. in 55 days, the trump agenda
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will move full steam ahead or it will stop dead in its tracks. you get to decide. some of these races will literally be decided by just a handful of votes.e. let's take a look. >> i will just list you a a buh of races that are dead even. arizona, nevada, tennessee, montana, north dakota, missouri, indiana, west virginia, and florida. all of them too close to call and every one of them like a knife fight in an alley. just overall in every one of those places. >> sean: this is a time when your vote is going to matter. do you care? would you like the trump agenda to continue? do you like the records on the economy we keep talking about? a lot is on the line. a lot is at stake in this midterm election. 55 days away. look at this map. if you are in one of the states, you literally will decide whether the republicans
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from the senate, or chuck schumer, who says we can't impeach a trumpet soon enough, will run the senate. you will decide if the trump agenda moves through congress. you will decide if originalist, constitutionalist judges continue to be confirmed, and look very closely at this. if you live in one of these house districts, you will decide whether or not the president will face impeachment because that's what maxine waters, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer promise. there's a lot in play here. it's that serious. you've heard from all of them. they want impeach the president. on my radio show earlier today, the former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, said republicans, they need a national election. they need to sign off on the unified agenda in order to secure victory. we often talk about the five things the democrats are going to do if they win. impeach the president, they want their crumbs back. they want a tax increase. they want to keep obamacare, that's worked out so well for so many of you paying more, losing your doctors and losing our plans.
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they want to eliminate i.c.e., they want open borders. one of the things republicans ought to sign onto and promise to you if they get elected. maybe it could be to follow through on the trump agenda. number two, secure the border wall and fund the wall fully. maybe they could support the president's choice for constitutionalist, originalist, on the court so that you don't have people literally legislating from the bench. or vote to make the tax cuts permanent. why shouldn't they bee permanen? it's good for the economy, we will have more information about that in a minute. dismantle obamacare. replace it with what *her plans. for example, that have more choices, health care savings accounts, giving more power. health care cooperatives like our good friend down in wichita, kansas, dr. josh umber. atlas m.d.eoo 50 bucks a month, unlimited care, and he negotiates 95% reductions for any medicines you might need. also, how about making america energy independent? we use all of our resources
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available. if we've got more than the entire world combined. it would be good for national security. it keeps us safe. good for the economy, will create millions of high-paying jobs for americans, and in the process wealth for americans so they can buy a nice car, nice house in a safe neighborhood,us and send their kids to whatever they want to send them to. republicans also, they've got to promote just how effective donald trump has been in the last 19 months. just today, get this, look at this. we learned the u.s. median income rose to a record high during the president's first year inhe office. poverty rate also fell during the president's first year. millions fewer on food stamps, about 4 million fewer.e 4 million new jobs. more manufacturing jobs than we've seen in 25 years. jobs that obama was never coming back. this country is literally booming under the president's leadership, and as that happens, good news is bad for the democrats that want their power back. we had eight years of failure under their policies and under
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obama's policies. and on top of that, guess what? america will still be even morp prosperous. 14 states, record low unemployment. record low unemployment foram african-americans, hispanic americans, asian-americans, 65 year low for women in the workforce. youth unemployment, 55 year low. on top off this, watch all the left, they are getting unhinged. they are desperate.. a guy in california actually trying to stab a g.o.p. congressional candidate at his campaign stand. police of washington, d.c., investigating a threat to commit a mass shooting at a make america great event in trump international hotel, wyoming. g.o.p. office was set on fire less than two days after it opened. senator susan collins, she's received over 3,000 coat hangers she prepares to vote in the confirmation of judge kavanaugh, and her staff has reportedly been receiving vulgar and threatening phone calls and promises to fund any opponents she may have. not a good climate for people to support trump.
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the rhetoric on the left, iav don't blame those people, but g certainly it's having an impact on those that have a tendency to be crazy. something horrible happens, maybe they should stop telling people on the left to be getting in people's faces and chasing pam bondi and sarah sanders and her kids and secretary nielsen out of restaurants. joining us now with our top story, fox news contributor sara carter, investigative reporter. author of the number one "new york times" best seller "the russian hoax: the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton, frame donald trump," fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett. sara, let's start with these new text messages. three days in a row now. now it starts off with they are going to have a big media strategy. that was the first thing.. and let's get into where we are today with "the washington post" and "the new york times." >> i think this is a smoking gun that the fbi, particularly peter strzok and lisa page, and possibly andrew mccabe, the former deputy director of the fbi, are leaking information to
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the media about none other than carter page. in april 2017, sean, we have information in these text messages that they specifically state that "the new york times" is upset with this group that was given to "the washington post." on april 14th, or april 11th is when "the washington post" actually published a story confirming that there was a fisa warrant on carter page. think about this. they were actually confirming a secret warrant to spy on ann american citizen publicly with the newspaper. if this all pans out to be true, these are, in their own words, these are text messages from peter strzok to lisa page basically confirming that the fbi leaked information to "the washington post." i spoke with carter page. he again said this is the biggest charade he's everas se. today he is just dumbfounded at the fact that they would go this far, but they didn't
10:18 pm
surprise him. >> sean: if you really break it down, all the evidence. where did the dossier elite come from? we believe that came from the director of national intelligence at the time? all obama officials. >> the instigator was john brennan, cia director. >> sean: let's talk about what it means. >> when powerful sources in government abuse their trust to support the legal process and when the media is complicit by condoning corrupt behavior and failing, deliberately, to tell the truth, democracy is threatened, and that's what happened here. the alphabet agencies of the intelligence community, the fbi, the cia, the department of justice. they were all involved in doing the same thing. leaking false information about donald trump and his associates
10:19 pm
to damage trump and to, in the end, try to undo the election results. it is a cesspool of corruption, and the people who did this, they need to be brought to justice if they committed w crimes and i can identify a variety of crimes, including abuse of power and obstruction of justice and perjury. >> sean: we are not getting at this very quickly. we thought we had all the text. there's a lot of talk earlier this week, sara, that in fact there might be unredacted material that included the 302s. with steele and bruce ohr in particular. it might include the fisae warrant, more particularly the one that was signed, the last one by rod rosenstein. we talked about that conflict last night. the gang of eight information that's never beenigig released. in every people commenting
10:20 pm
saying hannity and sara carter and greg are full of crap, but in fact this information does exist. it can be declassified and unredacted.. why hasn'tl it been? >> i believe it will be. all of the sources i have h spoken with say that the white house is reviewing this, though the president will declassify all of these documents. of course hurricane is barreling down. this is probably not the time to release those documents. i would assume the presidents will do this as soon as possible, particularly with all this new information coming forward. those documents are absolutely necessary. they need to be declassified. more importantly, along with the fisa documents -- they leaked it to "the new york times," to "the washington post." according to their own and text messages, they didn't seem concerned about the secrecy of the documents. if they were willing to give it out at the same time james comey was actually signing a fisa renewal, because during this time james comey himself -- in june rod
10:21 pm
rosenstein signed the last. if they were okay with leaking this to "the washington post," we should be able to see those documents, as well as the dossier that was given to the gang of eight, which i have been told holds an enormous amount of exculpatory evidence that was withheld from the foreign intelligencey surveillance court. >> sean: the biggest players with the powerful tools of intelligence, the cia leaking like mad, then the dossier leak, then strzok and page. mccabe is mentioned in these text messages. he knew about it. what p happens when you leave this kind of information to the press, and they are the people, in the case of strzok and page and others involved in t the investigation that is ongoing? >> if any of them involve grand jury, it's a crime. it's also a crime called obstruction of justice if you are using your government job to interfere in an otherwise. legitimate investigation. and it's a crime to launch an
10:22 pm
illegitimate investigation to deprive people of their rights. all of those are crimes and if those crimes were committed, these people ought to be indicted for it, and you've named a great many of them. they are all in my book as well. >> sean: thank you both. we will have the latest on hurricane florence about to take the carolinas. more reaction to this breaking news. congressman mark meadows, who got a lot of this new information, jim jordan, they will join us as we continue tonight on "hannity." ♪ "hannity." ♪ just one free hearing test at
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♪ >> sean: here now with more reaction to these explosive, brand-new, just released text messages between peter strzok, lisa page, congressman jim jordan, congressman mark meadows. it all started two days ago
10:27 pm
with the media strategy and drip by drip we keep getting more and more of these textwo messages. what do we see, congressman meadows? looked like the fbi, doj, and other cia leaking all this information before the election, after the election, all designed to destroy trump. some of them are involved inrm leading investigation supposedly against him. >> obviously today's new text messages would suggest that the media week strategy was exactly what we surmised in the letter we sent to rod rosenstein just a couple of days ago. but the bigger context of this is that this is not the end of it. i can say the department of justice have been working with jim and i to get us additional documents. and i can tell you, there aref dozens of other documents that would support the factdo that peter strzok and lisa page had ongoing relationships with multiple reporters, and that they were feeding them information to spin a narrative.
10:28 pm
it's not even -- it's not legal, it's against protocol. the other thing is, they are denying it and we have the proof that would suggest otherwise. good reporting tonight on behalf of catherine and sara with these text messages, but i can tell you this, we believe that all the documents need to be made available to the american people. let them judge. we have nothing to hide. the president has nothing to hide. let's get it out there. >> sean: let's talk about that, jim jordan. a lot of people, including me, are frustrated. we've been waiting and requested -- time, congress has requested and it's been denied again and again and again, constant obstruction, but specifically, there is something, apparently, on pages 10-12, 17-34 of the rodd rosenstein -- the signature of the third fisa renewal, the fourth warrant altogether.
10:29 pm
302s, which would get into more detail with christopher steele and bruce ohr, steele was trying to steal his information. it conflicts them i think. then of course you got the gang of eight information. i think at some point we should get all of the correspondence. when are we going to get this information? people are frustrated. >> hopefully soon. transparency is a good thing. here is what is so frustrating about the dossier, it was a big lie. what they did is they said it's a big lie. if the more people we can get talk about the dossier, the more likely it is they will believe the lie. so that's why they had the document support a that was the basis of everything. that's the big problem here. they took that dossier, under document they took it to the secret court and didn't tell the court important facts to get a warrant. >> sean: didn't they purposely lied to the fisa court, purposely withhold pertinent information to the fisa court?e and got a fraud committed on a court?
10:30 pm
>> didn't tell them who paid for. didn't tell them the guy who wrote it, christopher steele, had extreme bias against the president, said he was desperate to stop trump and c didn't tell the court about ohr's, bruce and nellie ohr's involvement. we talked about this before. we've got to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> sean: if this is unredacted, what do you know and what do youxp expect the americn people will say? why do people tell me -- i have not seen them. i ask them, what is it on a scale of 1-10? everyone says a 10 or a 9 is the lowest number it's gotten. >> go ahead, jim. >> i was just going to say matt gaetz and some other set it, it's probably was not there. very clearly they didn't tell the court the thing you and i just talked about that we would have to tell them if we were in front of the court. it will be the old mission, what
10:31 pm
was omitted that will be the big news. but those 302s are important, because the pattern was every single time bruce ohr communicated with christopher steele and with glenn simpson he immediately went to the fbi and reported on that conversation.h i want to know what those reports contain, what all didle he say to these key people who were the ones who paid for and put together the dossier in thd first place? >> sean: where is spartacus, cory booker, when we need him for revealing information? >> here's the thing, we do need to reveall this. we know that james comey leak. we know that andrew mccabe leak. we know that actually peter strzok and lisa page leaked. we also know that the reporters that they leaked to, know that they leaked and we've got names. we got actually reporters names. i believe that journalism is alive and well. but at the same time we got to make sure that we get rid of this. in the fbi and doj. >> sean: i am told that there's exculpatory evidence in
10:32 pm
the 302s, gang of eight information, unredacted fisa that they literally, purposely held exculpatory evidence as it relates to papadopoulos, carter page, is that true? >> we've heard the same things. i can tell you for seeing y some the unclassified documents there is more of the story that has not been shared with the fisa court and actually with the american people. the time is now, we've s got to get out there and we are c calling on the president hopefully to release those documents. >> sean: thank you both for what you do. i know it has taken a lot of courage and work on both of your parts. when we come back, mandatory evacuations are in effect in the carolinas, elsewhere, he'll looking florence barreling towards the coast. rick reichmuth has a labin report. and much more straight ahead on this busy breaking news night straight ahead on "hannity." ei ♪ it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what,
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10:37 pm
also, as you know. has already placed extensive resources on the ground, including search and rescue experts, power restoration and medical support.t. residents in the path of these devastating storms should comply with all the evacuation orders and other emergency instructions. protection of life is the absolute highest priority, and that's what we're doing. it's called protection of lifeu so god bless everybody and be careful.d >> sean: i talked to my white house sources today, and they said they have already prepositioned trailers with food and water, medicine, supplies, baby formula, cots, blankets, and are ready for a lot of devastation. the president earlier today discussing the preparation for hurricane florence. the storm heading right towards the east coast of the united states and the carolinas. rick reichmuth is in the fox news weather center with
10:38 pm
more tonight. every single meteorologist i've spoken to watching your coverage all day, they are all saying the same thing. this is the real deal. this hurricane is going to hit, there's going to be a surge. it's going to slow down once it makes landfall and it's actually going to hit and thenr began to slowly move south from myrtle beach and elsewhere. how bad is it? >> the problem is it's going to be a really long and that's going to make all of the things that you are dealing with, the wind, the rain, the storm surge, all of it just lasts a lot longer and that exacerbates all of the problems you are going to deal with. so it is very real. i just want to put things into perspective for you. this is as big sandy as was, at least as far as the tropical storm force winds extended up, it was a thousand miles. katrina, we know the damage that did and a tropical storm force winds extended out 400 miles from the center of that. florence, with a tropical storm force winds that are extending out 390 miles. almost the same size as katrina. with all the damage katrina did, it came on shore as a category 3, which is what
10:39 pm
florence is now as well. because it has been so strong for so long, earlier today there was a wave height measured of 84 feet in the bottom right quadrant, the front right quadrant of the storm. all of that wave action is moving towards the short andnd tomorrow it's going to slow down and it's forward progression. here's the ocean temperature. it's got to go still over the gulf stream, that's the warmest water is, plenty of fuel there to at least maintain the category 3 strength right now the forecast is it might come up just a little bit. there's not a problem you mentioning. that position there is tomorrow afternoon at there's friday afternoon, there saturday afternoon. somewhere in here, this isn't going to move much more than probably 50-80 miles and because of that you are going to have maybe a 36 hour period where you've got hurricane force winds along the coast and storm surge that keeps on piling up. going to sunday and monday and finally this begins to go out of here, but because of this
10:40 pm
long-duration event we are going to be talking about a lot of spots i should say, five to 10 inches of rain and probably at the height we will see a couple of areas, maybe 40 inches of rain.oo that's all water that gravity wants to pull it off shore and out into the ocean, but storm surge is going to be pushingl all of the water towards the shore, 9-13 feet probably at the highest point, all that water going in and because of that ongoing long period, probably talk about two days, maybe five. tide cycles are so, high tide cycles where we see that waterr pouring in, trying to get out. that's what we are so concerned about flooding here. keep in mind, very mountainous terrain over the southern appalachians and that water will cause some as well. in the carolina and places like appalachians like wilmington but what is that they have ever been for the summer. the ground is already saturated that is before any of this water gets towards that. >> sean: so you think around myrtle beach, wilmington, goes
10:41 pm
a little south towards charleston but also write up the east coast and you are saying that tropical force winds, rain, all the way up through the east coast, 1,000 miles up until new york and beyond? >> i think probably eventually it pulls inland and then kind of goes up around the ohio valley, it may be exits out across parts of new england. it's going to take a while before that happens and it won't be nearly as bad when it gets up towards the north. the biggest problem certainly will be across parts of the south but we are not done with it in the south sunday. that's why this is so concerning, so many days of this extreme weather. >> sean: i hope everyone heeds the warning. this is the real deal. rick reichmuth in the fox news weather center. thank you. as hurricane florence barrels towards the east coast, sadly the left continues to try to politicize the storm. you can't make this up. we have one newspaper saying,, "the washington times," trump is complicit with a hurricane. that's how sick it's gotten. listen to this.
10:42 pm
>> you want to know what i fear? of thelamity because lack of coordination of the government with the national guard and with local government, the lack of responsiveness and preparedness of this governmentrd because te president, he wants to find out who was the one that wrote that op-ed piece about the chaos in the white house, because he wants the justice department -- he is so consumed by the p calamity that exists that he's not really prepared and focused because he spends every weekend golfing instead of preparing. >> sean: by the way, i'm so sorry to "the washington times." i meant "the washington post." a big difference. one's a national paper, "the washington times," and "the washington post" is basically a propaganda newspaper for the left wing. i apologize. joining us now, author of the book why we fight. national security strategist dr. gorka, geraldo rivera, for "the washington post" to say complicit and then go on to say further that when it comes to
10:43 pm
extreme weather trumpets complicit, he plays down humans role in increasing the risk, he continues to dismantle efforts to address those risks. donald trump, donald j. trump, our president, complicit because we have a hurricane about to hit the geraldo rivera.. >> well, sean, i think he is indeed complicit. i think he is also complicit in the stock market crash of 1929, not to mention the manson it's very clear that this man -- the good thing about that story is it so painfully ridiculous. it is so contemptuously falls that it reveals an attitudes towards this president that absolutely corroborates what i have said since before he took office. there has never been a president who has had a worse relationship with the press. where everything he does is construed in the mosts evil way possible and where farcical
10:44 pm
notions like a president ofst less than two yearspo being complicit in a storm barreling towards the carolinas, this is a shameful attempt, really, to reveal -- what it does is reveal the dark heart of "the washington post" much more than anything about donald trump. >> sean: you can add that to what we've been describing,, yu have a bunch of trump haters in the deep state. all they have to do is make a phone call and it's going to get printed verbatim, nobody ever questions their methods. there's no -- i guess they can second sourcing because they can say talk to lisa page and if it is lisa page leaking, talk to peter strzok and "the new york times," "washington post," just published whatever life. anti-trump stream they want out there. >> it is so deep, this hatred of the president.>> it is really scary. we have had political division. richard nixon was an extremely unpopular president. i submit to you that donald trump is getting a worse ride by the press and even richard nixon.
10:45 pm
>> sean: dr. gorka? >> sean, there's a funny aspect to this story and then there's the serious side. the funny thing is -- this is the editorial board.ri this isn't one op-ed writer, this is the editorial board of "the washington post" that havl just named donald trump poseidon. he is so powerful that he is now responsible for hurricanes. the average american looks at that and they just laugh. they have made themselves a laughingstock and this is why fake news is real. but on the serious side, they don't believe what i know, what giraldo knows, what you know, sean.y donald trump cares about one thing above all else, the safety of all americans, especially those who are in the path of this hurricane. with the washington posted today, it's not journalism, sean. >> sean: it is going to be
10:46 pm
devastating. if you are in these coastal areas, please -- i don't say it often, pay her taxes and listen to your government officials here, there's going to be massive damage. there's going to be a risk to human life. be careful, but no, no one person is complicit in creating a hurricane. i can't believe we are reporting it, but they did. if you think that's bad, thank you both, joy joyless they are saying god forbid president trump another 20 years. we got the tape, reaction from pam bondi, monica crowley as this breaking news night continues. please stay with us. ♪ ic
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♪ >> sean: joy behar is at it again saying that she hopes president trump doesn't live another 20 years.
10:51 pm
so nice and kind and thoughtful. take a look. >> if he lived another 20 years, god forbid -- he could be like 105 by the time -- we've got him here for the next -- >> sean: imagine it if a conservative said that about obama.a in the next segment, she tries to walk back her comments and said she didn't wish the president ill. okay. here's reaction from florida. pam bondi from the london center for policy research, monica crowley. you have this incident, pam, out in san francisco. republican congressional candidate. guy goes after him with a switchblade after saying horrible things about republicans and then i think of the rhetoric of cory booker, maxine waters, some other people, get in their faces, encouraging what has happened to sarah sanders and her family, and secretary nielsen, and you will. do you connect the rhetoric
10:52 pm
with the actions of a few maniacs? >> it's this groupthink is so dangerous and that's what they promote and that's what they promoted that entire segment. this was the perfect time for them to put aside their absolute hatred and disdain for our president and focus on a hurricane like you just did, a hurricane that is about to hit our coast. >> sean: donald trump is right up there. he tells god i want to hurricane, god and he combined. he has the forces of nature on his side. >> being from a peninsula state and dealing with hurricanes myh entire life and as attorney general i know -- president trump was in constant contact with us we can sure we were okay, making sure everything was good and ourco state. that's what he's doing now with the rest of our country. >> sean: it was handled
10:53 pm
beautifully. it was horrible, the loss of life. two hurricanes back-to-back in puerto rico. money doesn't solve the issues, but billions of dollars were spent in puerto rico in the infrastructure to begin with was horrific, monica. we've got to try and build up infrastructure at a time in cases likeon that. >> that's right and you will recall that candidate trump campaigned very intensely on infrastructure and rebuilding sort of the internal structure of watching that joy behar clip calls to mind madonna saying she wanted to blow uptc the white house early on. you have just a broadway star saying where is john wilkes booth when we need him? kathy griffin holding up the bloody trump head, and now joy behar wishing him dead. where you are in the country we have extremely deep-seated pathology of hatred. >> sean: you are saying you don't believe the president is complicit? are you really going to stand by that position? >> it is a
10:54 pm
deep-seated pathology, and it comes from the fact that hollywood, the news media, academia. they love control of the national narrative and it'soo causing tremendous frustration. >> sean: about obama. pam? >> they spent 8 minutes trashing the president, trashing him, calling him names and what did president obama do any differently during hurricanes? it's a natural disaster that hits our country and president trump has been extremely involved. >> sean: if it was said about obama -- monica quick.k. >> it would be horrible. that person would be ostracized from society forever. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, actor jon voight, a very emotional reaction when talking about president trump in an interview with a great one. we've got that video for you straight ahead. ♪ in
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>> sean: our friend amazing actor john voy sat down and got emotional when he talked about the president. >> john voy, early supporter of donald trump, how's he doing? >> i met someone on the plane flying to make this appointment with you, a friend of my, conservative, a woman, actress, very good one. and i said, what do you think about our man. she just did this... that is me crying out. it was her. why you saying, because it's so -- first of all, the gesture
11:00 pm
was so beautiful. she couldn't even speak. just saying, thank god. and i said, thank god. >> great patriot. jon's show at 10:00. laura ingraham, take it away. >> laura: hannity, i love jon voight. i missed that, i read about that. thank you for showing it. >> sean: you need to be a guest on the show. >> laura: when? let's get it done. >> sean: i did an hour, you need to do an hour. i need to come on your show. >> sean: i have a lot to work out with you. the left hates you so much. >> laura: yeah, well -- >> sean: putting up pictures of you when you were 12, you were a horrible person at 12. >> laura: cost of doing battle, hannity. >> sean: welcome to the club, welcome to prime time, you made it.