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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 20, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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have seen it happen with judge, we've seen it happen with clarence thomas. every two or four years, republicans are zena foley, homophobic. it is out of the playbook. >> why did dianne feinstein sit on this information? i think she sat on it because she wants to take advantage and push it back beyond the election, wait until the last minute. if you are a united states senator and you get, you have a constitutional requirement to go to judge kavanaugh and say this is what i have been told, is this true? she has to take constitutional action. we smell politics here. that might not be the case, but it certainly is the case for the democrats. >> sean: it would be fair to take it seriously.
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laura ingraham gave us an extra minute of time, but the president is walking in, coming right up to the set. if we can get a camera on him. president trump has just walked in and is coming over to our network. we want to thank laura ingraham very publicly for giving us extra time to interview the president, who is walking right up to the set as we speak. there he is, the commander in chief, and here comes the music and here come the flags. obviously, the crowd in this arena is huge as we come to you from the vegas convention center. mr. president, how are you sir? it is an honor to see you. way up to the news media. >> president trump: hello, folks. >> sean: great to see you, how are you? do want to sit, stand? >> president trump: where is your camera, tell me.
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>> sean: first, you can thank laura ingraham who has given us extra "hannity" time. >> president trump: what do youe kavanaugh demands are now? >> president trump: i think is a sad situation, he is an outstanding person. frankly, sean, to see what is going on is very, very sad. why didn't somebody call the fbi 36 years ago? you could also say when did this all happen, what is going on? to take a man like this -- with that being said, let her have her say and let's see how it all works out. i don't think you can delete any longer appeared they had delayed a week already. >> sean: you have been very accommodating. it >> president trump: i have been very accommodating, let her say what she has to say and she how it all comes out. they had delayed it a week, and have to get on with it. >> sean: mr. president, you
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are dealing with a lot of good economic news today. there is a lot of media people, it seems like all they ever talk about -- john solomon and sara carter broke the big story tonight -- go >> president trump: great people. >> sean: the intelligence community and the fbi didn't want to give the intel to the obama administration because there were conflicts and they would weaponize it against you, that is our new information. >> president trump: i am not surprised to hear it. if you look at what has been going on over the last couple of years, i'm not just talking about the time i won the presidency, this took place when i was waiting in the primaries. you look at what is going on, i'm not surprised to hear anything. >> sean: before the election, after the election, even the media leak strategy, lisa page testified for nine months they had no evidence whatsoever, but it seems to be coming to an end. >> president trump: it has to come to an end. it is so bad for our country, i call it the witch hunt. it is so bad for our country, and when you see strzok and page
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and mccabe with his lies, they get fired for lying, you see all of the things, comey for my hand leaking, you see what went on, it has to come to an end. so bad for our country. >> sean: the irony in all of this, when you think about it, clinton bought and paid for, used a funnel the money, a dossier, foreign national put it together. they never verified, they never corroborated, and it was the bulk of information you have now said, declassify and redact it at how soon will not be coming? >> president trump: we are moving along, we are also dealing with foreign countries that do have a problem. i got called today from two very good allies saying "please, can we talk." it is not as simple as all of that. we do have to respect their wishes. but it will all come out. >> sean: elections are about peace and prosperity. your economic record, i talked about it earlier in the show tonight, record low unemploymen
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unemployment, american african-americans, hispanic ame, we have great news on the economy. better news with kim jong un. he is not firing rockets over japan. >> president trump: honestly, korea, north korea, south korea, things are working out very nicely. >> sean: the iranian economy and of the chinese economy are going down as you have taken a tough stand. >> president trump: it is time to take a stand on china. it has been a long time, they have been hurting us. our farmers are great and starting to do very well again. it is very interesting, but we are putting very, very heavy sanctions and other things on various countries. and we are getting along with some countries. we have been ripped off, sean, by the world. all of these countries, for years and years, we can't do it anymore. >> sean: getting better deals with mexico. >> president trump: good for mexico, good for us, everybody is happy. nafta was a disaster. we lost thousands of plans,
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millions of jobs, nafta was a disaster. we have renegotiated it. we are in the process with canada, we will see what happens, canada has been tough. they charge 300% tariffs on dairy products, farmers, no good, you can't do that. we will see what happens. >> sean: i'll ask one last question pair there are a lot of people in this arena waiting for you, as you can see. i will ask one final question. >> president trump: anything for you. >> sean: 47 days from now is the midterm elections. 47 days. we know what the agenda the democrats are. they want to go after you, they want endless investigations, they want to keep obamacare, eliminate ice, they want open borders, they want the crumbs back, your tax cuts. my question is, the question that every american ought to ask, are we better off than we
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were two years ago? what do you say to those people that love you, but maybe aren't so hot on the republican house or senate member? >> president trump: you have to go out and vote. we need more republicans. we will get everything we want, but we need more republican. want to protect your second amendment, everything, protect all of the great success that you have had over the last little more than a year and a half, think of it, we are coming up -- can you believe it -- on two years. >> sean: three when you came down the escalator. >> president trump: i will say this, you have to protect, look at what is going on with the supreme court. if we are not all there, we are all together as a group, if we are not there to protect, it is going to be some really bad day for this country. we are protecting, but we made tremendous -- the stock market today, a good day to do an interview, the stock market today hit the highest level in its history. today. did you work this interview out specifically for that?
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but it was the highest -- all of the markets -- hit the highest level. 401(k)s are up, 57% in a short period of time. if the democrats get in, those numbers will be cut in half. you will see bad things. >> sean: obama never made -- the only president in history that never made 3% gdp growth in a year. budget negotiations, are you going to challenge republican, fund the law completely? >> president trump: we are getting 1.6 billion, we are getting -- we spent $3.2 billion, i would like to do it quickly and in one piece. the democrats are holding us back. i am told by republican leadership, and i hope they do it because a lot of people are counting -- see the people with the wall, i want the wall to. >> sean: they've got it down.
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>> president trump: we have 1.6 billion. >> sean: 3 billion you spent. >> president trump: we have $1.6 billion commode we have to do better than not because we can do very quickly. the bottom line, we need it. the democrats, they want open borders, people coming in, that means crime. we are the opposite. you have to have a border. you don't have a border, you don't have a country. you know that. >> sean: security. and you want a door in your wall. >> president trump: it is going to have lots of doors. people are going to come in, but they are going to come in through marriage. the map to come in because we have companies moving in from all over the world, they are coming back to the united state united states. the biggest companies, fox con, the biggest companies are coming back. we need people, but they have to come in through marriage. >> sean: mr. president, thank you. and can you think know mike thank laura again. >> president trump: laura, i love your show, i watch it all the time. and you know what, you are special. you really are. it is a good combination.
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>> sean: i know this crowd, are you ready to hear the president? thank you sir. all right, that is all the time we have left this evening. we are always fair and balanced, not the destroy-travel media. a laura ingraham, i really owe you, don't i? >> laura: sean, thanks a lot, i appreciate it. i am more laura ingraham, thiss "the ingraham angle." president trump about to hold a rally in las vegas. we won't bring them is remarks live when he takes the stage. 2,000 miles eased, the fight over brett kavanaugh's nomination is really intensifying. it has devolved into a partisan game at its worst. >> it is a sham hearing. i don't think she should participate in it. >> what is happening with the judiciary committee, i would call it a railroad job. >> what is being proposed is simply a sham and a mockery of a
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full senate hearing. >> shameful attempt to jam this group without giving anyone the time they need to investigate. >> laura: you wouldn't know the attorneys for kavanaugh's accuser resurfaced, saying the client was willing to appear sometime next week, but not monday, and only if they offer the following. terms that are fair and ensure her safety. i guess the capital police are not enough. they want her to testify before kavanaugh, and they only want committee members to question, and no outside email council, for instance. brett kavanaugh, for his part, said he is willing to appear, saying "since the moment i first heard the allegation, i have categorically and unequivocally denied it. i remain committed to defending my integrity." just a reminder as to how we got
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here, remember since christine was a's name was revealed this last sunday, senator grassley and the judiciary committee have bent over backwards to accommodate democrats and her. they delay the vote, they offer ms. ford a hearing in private, willing to fly out to california to accommodate her. and what do they get for those efforts? >> it is so obviously know my obvious that the committee is not treating her fairly. >> it is going to be a real stain on the united states senate's reputation. >> women across this nation should be outraged at what these white men senators are doing to this woman. >> what is the damn rush by senate republicans? >> laura: those learning to seek justice are doing everything in their power to avoid arriving at it. as i and many others have said throughout, this process should be delayed no longer. it should not have been delayed in the first place, if you ask
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me. that is what can stars that on monday, and i agree wholeheartedly. if ms. ford wants to tell her story, let her. in any environment she feels comfortable. but make her agree to what kavanaugh did, monday, and then schedule a committee vote. for more, let's bring in our panel, former u.s. attorney joe would judge joe digenova. byron york, correspondent. >> this is an affront to the senate. the entire process -- to have a witness and dictate the terms of their appearance to the united state senate is an embarrassmen embarrassment. i hope they don't capitulate, but they very well might because senator flake has made it very clear that because he is the deciding vote to get it out of committee, he wants certain things and on, and apparently, they are going to let him rule the roost. i can only tell you this, there
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is more news coming out every day about dr. ford, "the washington post" is doing a biography on her right now, and in the course of doing so, they contacted at her request, members of the pga tour. one of whom told the post, i don't think you really want to talk to me. >> what does that mean? i don't think she is negotiating the terms to the senate. >> laura: if you were representing kavanaugh, would you allow the accuser to a testify after him? >> not my call, i'm not chairman. >> laura: you know that is ridiculous, she does not want to testify. >> are you going to let me respond or dictate my answer? the bottom line is you can negotiate with the senate. you negotiate, they have not agreed to her terms, but right now, the republican lawyers are on the phone with her counsel right now trying to negotiate terms. you know why? the g.o.p. needs her testimony,
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they do not want to go into the midterms looking like they railroaded this testimony or not. by the way, what is the rush, this is someone who has been accused of being -- attempted rape, someone you are going to give a lifetime appointment to, what is the rush? no matter what happens, republicans will be in control until january 3rd. >> see you think that the witness should be allowed to dictate the terms of the committee's procedures? >> that is what -- >> laura: she is not negotiating, she is demanding. >> what is the rush? senator feinstein has had the allegations for six weeks. she sat on at that whole time. senate democrats had it for over a week, they did not do anything with it until they leaked it. they were the only ones that had it beside dr. ford. they made this whole further circus. 24 hours, senator grassley
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treated her with more respect than the senate democrats have any prior entire six weeks. they used the political football to time these for their their maximum political benefit. he has been so accommodating so far appear he said you can do this in public, private, confidential -- >> laura: telephone at one point -- >> doing everything, in undisclosed locations, been very accommodating. >> laura: i want to get to byron on this. all week long we have been hearing complaints that she is going to be questioned by a bunch of old, white, male senators. now it appears that they want to bring in and outside counsel, which i recommended from the beginning. it very well might be wilkinson, who is the attorney represented brett kavanaugh. she does not want the visual of a female attorney questioning a female accuser. byron, that is what i think, i think any fair-minded person watching this, after all of these complains about the white men interrogating a woman, now
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they have a woman and they say "we don't want a woman." what is that? >> not going to sit well with the committee. i think as far as the demand that kavanaugh go first, i think the committees answer will be "no can do, not going to happen." only members can question her. no outside lawyer can question her. i think the response of all of the members, certainly all of the republicans, will be "wait a minute, who's committee is this"? on the other hand, her refusal to appear on monday, that put a lot of pressure on the committee because, for chairman grassley to stick firm to monday, i think he would need all 11 of his members, republican members on the committee, to be with him. as in joe manchin, that is where senator flake comes in. we will have to see what side he comes down on. >> laura: joe, what is the real reason that democrats want this to drag out? is a dramatic affect, searching for justice, or are they
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searching for another witness? i don't think they are doing their own investigation, which they have the -- >> know, this is an exercise in delay. we are talking with the constitutional confirmation process, which has been disgraced. let me finish. don't interrupt me. senator feinstein and the senator from hawaii should be ashamed of themselves for their performances. they have produced and besmirched the united states senate. this is being done for pure political purposes, for delay, to prevent a vote to put it off until after the election. the democrats are entitled to do whatever they want, they know mike and they are in fact doing exactly that, with no concern whatsoever for the constitution or the senate. shame on them all. >> laura: tammy baldwin is already sending out a
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fund-raiser today, she's going to do this fund-raiser at the lawyers office for the accuser. this is taking place in early october, october 1st. oh, now it is candle know my counsel because they got so much bad publicity. but they were already fund-raising off it. if it is not politics, protecting a woman, standing up for justice, then why are they fund-raising on it? tammy baldwin, a woman. >> that is every g.o.p. commentator, anyone else, presupposes that this is all rooted in politics. but what is disappointing and shameful is no one on the senate judiciary committee has commented about getting to the truth and the accuracy or justice for this individual, if it is true. it would seem to me that the g.o.p. are making arguments that they should be an investigation. we should find out. why would you, as a g.o.p.
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member, not want to know with a lifetime appointee, that you of the votes to get through, why when you want to know whether he committed this bad act? why would you not want to get to the truth? i want to know whether it is true. you can go vote for him after that, if you want. but republicans don't want that. now they have to vote for somebody. >> laura: if somebody accused one of us from 36 years ago where we have no memory of anyone there, didn't know the date or even the year, i guess is confusing, and we don't know the location. >> if i was up for a lifetime appointment and that happened to me, i got to tell you, the fbi investigates older cases all the time. i'm not saying if it is viable -- you may not come to a conclusion. i would want the investigation. >> laura: he had an investigation. a six fbi background checks, and
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dianne feinstein kept the ace in the hole. >> she did not want her identity public. what is she supposed to do, publish it anyway? >> laura: i don't buy it for one second. all orchestrated. >> the way to do this confidentially is handed over to the fbi to look over while it was confidential. it is the same thing in '91 -- while the democrats have been out showboating, republican g.o.p. senators have actually been investigating. they have interviewed judge kavanaugh, they have interviewed the men who have been identified by her as having been at the party. they contacted the woman that claims she has information on social media, later recanted. >> she wants an end to this investigation -- >> the democrats boycotted thos those. the proper procedure, this should be a bipartisan investigation. they would rather showboating about it. >> remember how the democrats have claimed that she was outed
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by republicans? 30 days before anything was written about her, dr. approached "the washington post" on her own and asked to be interviewed as y maintain her confidentiality. she outed herself to "the washington post" 30 days before the first story. >> laura: senator sheldon whitehouse said this today on the fbi investigating ford. let's watch. >> even if they were to ram the sky through, as soon as democrats get, they are going to want to get to the bottom of this. you cannot ignore a victim's claim and that something happened, refused to investigat investigate, broker into the stands without the least bit of support for her, without the least bit of effort to corroborate what she said. and then walk away from that as if you behaved at all properly. >> laura: byron. >> that is a real threat. i think the reason so many
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people have concluded that this is motivated by politics is that christine ford has offered so little evidence to support her story. since it was 36 years ago, she has not offered anyone that she told about it, contemporaneously. which is one of the big things we look for when someone says something happened a long time ago. in the anita hill case in 1991, four people testified that she told them about clarence thomas around the same time. so far, christine ford has come up with no one on that. i think that is something that raises a lot of suspicions on the republican side and will not look very good if she still has no other contemporaneous witnesses to talk about when she testifies. >> laura: have we heard anything -- the president is about to speak -- have we heard about why monday is such a problem? a dental appointment? what is so important? quite a few days after this came out, she is not going to get any
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support, she has a legion of legal advisors. apparently they are public relations people involved. she has a lot of activists supporting her, i pretty much all of the hollywood elite supporting her. she gets no support. i'm not following that. but what is monday, what is the big deal about monday? >> an arbitrary date that chuck grassley picked. >> he gave noticed one week ago, it is not arbitrary. required by the senate rules. how can it be arbitrary if it is a rule? >> laura: monday, her attorney said, multiple appearances, that she would testify, to get the story forth. she did not say, "i will only testify on certain days with certain conditions? "i was excited to hear from her, and i thought it was going to happen, maybe on thursday, because of the holidays. but that it was monday, okay, monday. now monday if, mother may i, spin around twice.
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>> what is really important is that grassley will not let any other witnesses for either side testify. i think that is really important. >> laura: we had a confirmation hearing, you might've seen it, it was three days long paired >> the back on check with this individual -- >> laura: because they wanted to drop it at the 11th hour. everyone stay there, the president has come up to the podium and is going to address the crowd in nevada. let's listen in. [chanting "usa"] >> president trump: hello, las vegas, how are you? how is everybody? we love las vegas, thank you. i am thrilled to be back in nevada. you always have to say that name just right.
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with thousands of proud, hardworking american patriots. the people of nevada love our country. honor our values and always rest american flag. [applause] and, except for a lot of the fake news that you see from these people back here. it [boos] this is an incredible time for our country. america is winning again. america is being respected agai
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again. because we are finally putting america first again. [applause] we have the best economy in our history. [applause] and i have to tell you this, if our opponent got into office -- which would have been a very sad, sad period of time. [chanting "lock her up"]
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it is a pretty sad day, isn't it? don't worry, it is going to all get better. but if our opponent got into office, your 401(k)s, instead of being up to 52% in a short period of time, would have been down 52%. that is what was going to happen. that is what was going to happe happen. that is where it was going. wages right now are rising, and poverty is -- you see it -- poverty is plummeting. jobless claims and just hit a 50 year low. 50. 5-0. the stock market today just hit another all-time high. we are fighting every day for
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our factories, our ranchers, our great minors. , our farmers. and we are now the largest producer of energy in the entire world. and it is not by luck. we are rebuilding our military. we are crushing the terrorist. and we are taking care of our veterans. first time in a long time. we have also just identified the first remains of our fallen warriors from north korea. these incredible heroes canal they addressed in american soil.
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a lot of progress being made on north korea. a lot of progress. do you remember, before i came in, it looks like we were going to war with north korea? now we have made a lot of progress. relationships are getting better and better. and we have our hostages back. there is no more nuclear testing, and there is no testing of missiles and rockets over japan. we are doing well. and we are getting our remains back. very important. we believe no american should be left behind. so, we have midterms coming up. and you remember when we had that great, great election, almost two years ago, can you believe? and you remember the tears from the fake news media when it was
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obvious that we were going to win. and you know what, they are still crying. look at them, they are still crying. they are still crying. and let them cry. they don't know what the hell happened, but it happened, and that is why we are setting all-time records, that is why we are doing so well, but we have to get out for the midterms. promise me, you have to get out for the midterms. don't be complacent. you've got to get out for the midterms. you've got to vote. you got a vote, we need more republicans. when they say we have a majority, it is like this. if somebody has a cold, we don't have a majority that day. it is like, we have to have more republicans in office.
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we will get everything we want so fast. we've got to have them. so tonight, we are joined by some really terrific friends of mine, and republican leaders from the great state of nevada, including two great candidates for congress. preston hardy, where is preston? and somebody that has been supporting me a long time, and he has shown such incredible stamina and loyalty and friendship, and we have got to get him in to this race. danny tarkanian. danny? thanks, danny, what a great guy.
7:33 pm
and danny, thank you for everything. you really are -- you have done a great job, thank you, man. they are going to get you in. vote for tarkanian. also, your next governor, a popular guy in these parts, a great family, adam lacks salt. adam and another friend of mine who really was outstanding, to use an interesting word, i have a bias for this area. i love this area. you know the word bias? they have been talking about bias, their bias, there was a lot of bias, you know that. but i have bias for this area. also, for our great g.o.p. chairman, michael mcdonald.
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finally, i want you to please welcome the person that we are all here for tonight. i have to say this, we started out -- we weren't friends. i didn't like him, he did not like me. and as we fought and fought and fought, believe it or not, we started to respect each other. then we started to like each other. then we started to love each other. the fact is, and the fact is, he has been a tremendous supportern the election, he has always been there. we can count on his boat. wacky jackie will never vote for us, folks. never. she is wacky. she is never going to vote for us. you can count on his vote for
7:35 pm
second amendments, for tax reductions, for regulation cuts, four judges, look at our judges. oh, what is going on? you know, one of the reasons i was elected was because you believed that i was going to pick great supreme court justices. and brett kavanaugh.
7:36 pm
and i'm not saying anything about anybody else, but i want to tell you that brett kavanaugh is one of the finest human beings you will ever have the privilege of knowing our meeting. a great intellect, a great gentleman, an impeccable reputation. went to yale come atop a student, went to yale law school, top student, so we have to let it play out, but i want to tell you, he is a fine, fine person. so -- and he has tremendous support, i can tell you that. tremendous. just like neil gorsuch, who is now on the supreme court, has tremendous support.
7:37 pm
so we will let it play out, and i think everything is going to be just fine. this is a high quality person. and a man that agrees with that, and right now his vote is more important than mine because he has to help brett get in, and i tell you what, he respects him just like i respect him. we can count on him. with jackie, she is never going to vote for us. she may talk it, she even says -- a lot of estates where they like a trumpet, candidates on the other side, they get up and taught nicely about me, but they are never going to vote. they say we like him a lot, won the state by 34 points, then they get up and say "we like him a lot, he is great, he is
7:38 pm
wonderful." but they're never going to vote, it doesn't matter appeared i would rather have them say bad things about me. they are voting for nancy pelos nancy pelosi. [boos] they are voting for the new de facto leader of the democratic party, maxine waters. and they are voting for crying chuck schumer. whereas your incredible senator, dean heller, is going to be with us all the time. come on up here, dean. come on up here, dean. >> laura: we will get back to the rally in just a moment as it senator heller takes the stage.
7:39 pm
but first, new york senator kristen gillibrand seemingly revealing the game that it is not so much about justice, but more of a political equation for the democrats. >> she told a friend a year ago, she told a reporter before doctor dr. cavanagh was ever named. these are the hallmarks of someone who wants to be believed because she fears that if this person is confirmed, he will do care terrible things for american women. >> laura: but as i have often noticed, women's are not stupid. they are not politically monolithic, they have brains of their own, and they are also mothers to sons, wives to husbands, and sisters to brothers. check out this new poll. according to a "huffington post" survey, men are more likely than women to believe ford's allegation. the panel is back with us. carrie, reaction to those results?
7:40 pm
women more likely than men to believe ford's allegation -- your reaction? >> the poll has a very limited number of folks who responded. it is early. we do not know all of the facts. we've not even have the hearing yet. i will you this. i have prosecuted as well as defended it many of these cases. when picking a jury, i pick men because they are synthetic to a complaining witness who, nine times out of ten, are women. no women, if you will. i'm not surprised for the early poll, i would like to see it after both testify. >> when you look at the number of things, it is his credibility. all of the women who knew him at the time, who dated him at the time, nothing like the guy we know. has all of the people -- everyone who has been named, they try to search for people on both sides, they all say "her story doesn't make any
7:41 pm
sense." maybe women do no women. >> laura: let's go to you, joe. barbara boxer brought up in the woman thing. she was elected, we will get to it, we are loading that in. joe, when you look at how this has unfolded from the beginning, it was a rush to say "we just want to get our truth out." which i understand paid let's say politics is not part of it and someone did want to remain anonymous -- i don't believe that story, but let's say that is the fact. it is okay. let her testify. i think the president played it really smart. let's let her -- let's hear from her, let's hear from brett kavanaugh. he said "take as much time as you need" purity said that, and i thought, is grassley really going to take as much time as wo determine what truth we can arrive at? may be in the president is not where the senate is, he wants more time, is not possible? >> that is all show.
7:42 pm
none of that is for real. they have to do with they have to do to keep senator flake and senator collins on board, stable given more time. they're not going to allow her to testify after brett kavanaugh, that is lunacy. the demand that they do so is an obstruction move in order to delay proceedings. the bottom line is this, the longer the strings on, the worst it is, not from brett kavanaugh, but for dr. ford. >> laura: democrats are betting the other way. >> i know they are. >> laura: i'm concerned about the longer -- i never liked these delays. >> i do not want it to go along. i wanted to end. there needs to be a vote. >> laura: donald trump walking back to the podium. we'll come back after a pause, let's rejoin. >> president trump: dean really is a champion -- i can tell you, i work with him, he is a champion for all workers, or families, and for our veterans. we have to keep him, he led the
7:43 pm
charge. for congress to pass in the most significant veteran reforms. the accountability act. you know what that is. that means people in the va are accountable. if they do not do a good job, if they are sadists, we say sorry but you are fired. before, you could not do that. you couldn't do it. but now you can do it. 45 years they have been trying to get it. it does not sound like much, it is everything. most importantly, 46 years, va choice, this is where a veteran has to wait long. to see a doctor.
7:44 pm
no longer. they now go to see a doctor, if there is online, they do not have to wait 12 days, 40 days, to go see a doctor. we pay for the doctor and they get taken care of. they get taken care of. and dean has led the effort in congress to fully fund veterans affairs. it is a big deal. he has been really great, he really has. i just want to say, there has been no better friend. we started off slow, but we ended up strong. i have had no better friend in congress than dean heller. so thank you. we've got to elect republicans. that means our great congressmen, potential congressmen, and we have to get dean to fight for nevada, to fight for our heroes, and to
7:45 pm
help us make things honest around here. do you know what is going on. so we are going to drain the swamp. drain the swamp. [chanting "drain the swamp"] early voting, so important. early voting starts in exactly one month, october 20th. so you can vote early, but you have to get out and vote. remember this, dean's democrat opponent, wacky jackie, jackie
7:46 pm
rosen, she doesn't get it. jackie rosen is bought and paid for by her daughters, 100%. she does not want to go debate. i said "hey dean, when is the debate?" and he said, she won't debate m me. rosen does not represent nevada's values. she represents the extreme liberal values of her out-of-state donors funding almost 90% of her campaign. but even that, just so you understand that, she is going to do whatever pelosi and schumer tell her to do, okay? it doesn't matter. every one of them, they come in,
7:47 pm
"we want to be bipartisan." they never vote for us. jackie rosen voted no on tax cuts. you know that. she voted for the disaster which is really big change -- we got rid of the individual mandate, the most unpopular thing. the disaster known as obamacare. jacky rosen voted against case s law. and she voted in favor of deadly sanctuary cities, which nobody wants. and jacky rosen voted against the va accountability act. how do you do that? how do you do that? so she really, if you think
7:48 pm
about it, she voted for criminal aliens against veterans. a for criminal aliens against citizens of our country. that is where she is. you don't want it. a vote for wacky jacky is a vote for the extreme agenda of those people. that is pelosi, schumer. it is a vote for more taxes. seriously, it is a vote for more taxes, more crime, and more onerous regulation, which stopped everything from happening. we cut regulations more than any administration in the history of our country, and i did it in less than two years. and it is one of the reasons that you have all of those jobs,
7:49 pm
one of the reasons you can go out and look for another job if you are not happy, because everybody wants to hire you, and you are getting higher wages for the first time in 21 years. the new platform of the democrat party is radical socialism and open borders. [boos] and i want the low the united states of america to become the next venezuela. that is what they want to do.
7:50 pm
[chanting "build that wall"] so we started the wall a year ago. we have done a lot. we've rebuilt a lot of sections of wall, san diego and a lot of areas. we are starting a big, brand-new section. we spent $1.6 billion and then another $1.6 billion. unfortunately, sadly, because of the democrats' obstruction, only $1.6 billion -- it sounds like a lot, but it is not when you're talking about what we are talking about. $1.6 million was just approved. i'm not thrilled, but after the election, they are all telling me we are getting our wall the way we want it. so let's see what happens. let's see if they produce. in the selection, and by the way, we want to that wall. you know where i am.
7:51 pm
i could knock it out, because i do that while. that is what i do well. i build. we could knock that wall out in one year if they gave us the funds. i tell you what, though, if you look at a schumer and these people, even though they know you need the wall -- and they all voted for the wall in 2006. maybe from their standpoint, they can't do that, but they all voted for it. hillary clinton voted for it, right? remember her? but i will tell you this, i will tell you this. everybody knows. [chanting "lock her up"] how is our justice department
7:52 pm
doing? [boos] so they all wanted the wall. we are going to get the wall. but it would be a lot easier if you get republicans in there to vote, please, okay? a lot easier. because the whole agenda -- on bigger things, we can get. you've seen what we have gotten. we have a $700 billion to rebuild our military. we then got $760 billion to rebuild it the second year, $716 billion. with their whole agenda, they know we want the wall, they want to oppose it. they want to obstruct it. they want to resist. you know that campaign, it is called "resist." honestly, lousy politician, their policy is terrible, but they are good at sticking together and resisting. that is all they can do.
7:53 pm
[boos] and you are witnessing it right now, we will be victorious. you watch. that is all they are good at, resist. you see the signs "resist." we are for building great economies, they are far resisting. that is what it is all about. but this election, you have to vote for candidates who really know what your heart says, what your values are. you have some great, great republican candidates, and a lot of people think that i am always angry at congress. i'm angry at democrats. because of what they are doing to our country. i'm angry at democrats because of what they do to our country. today's democrat party is held
7:54 pm
hostage by left-wing haters, angry mobs, socialist fanatics, deep state bureaucrats, and their fake news allies. that is their best partner. that is their best partner. >> laura: all right, everybody, let's get final thoughts from the panel on the kavanaugh confirmation battle. joe, i want to go to you, then by rain. the committee was supposed to get her statement by tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., kavanaugh apparently has turned in his documents, but they are still debating about whether they are going to have this hearing, i guess tomorrow or monday or not? >> she will not turn in a
7:55 pm
statement because she cannot turn in a statement, because her story is indefensible, which is why she wants kavanaugh to testify first, which is why she wants the fbi to conduct an investigation so they can tell her what she is supposed to say. this is a joke. she is absolutely unreliable as a witness, and tonight come all over the country, pga golf tour members are talking about her. >> laura: we will learn more about that. scott, tomorrow is the day we will find out whether she will test testify. what is your best guess on what is going to happen? >> now that she has agreed to testify under certain conditions, they will continue to negotiate. the senate committee is going to have to push that date back. this is all about independence and women, and whether you like it or not, they are going to be on the spot to do that. goes first? i think kavanaugh goes first, probably. this is a time now for truth. the senate g.o.p. and of the
7:56 pm
dems are going to be hard-pressed. our witness is going to be brought into corroborate or do the opposite. >> laura: when they in any way allow the accusations to go after kavanaugh? >> that would turn 800 years of legal precedent on its head. that is not -- you have to make the allegations before you can possibly refute them. they have been trying every way they can. this is just another -- it is delay, delay, delay. moving the ball goalpost so fat it does not resemble due proces process. >> laura: can we play barbara boxer, do we have that? one second, we are going to play it. i think that if they do that, they will allow him to rebut. they will allow kavanaugh to rebut, he will be a great rebuttal witness. it is risky, i think it is
7:57 pm
whiskey. this is what barbara boxer said, i saved it for you. >> there is a hostility towards women when you have lindsey graham saying that dr. ford was involved in a drive-by shooting when she is speaking from her heart, through her post-traumatic stress to talk about that incident. that she can't get out of her mind. when an dean heller says it is a hick up, when we have a supreme court nominee on the line, someone accused him of having tried to raper her, where are the republicans? >> laura: a hostile work environment for the accuser to testify, meaning, bring in outside counsel. then you do not have to look at these horrible republicans out there, and you can have, probably a woman, ask the questions. it seems like they keep shifting the argument. bad male, white male senators, then an accuser i'm a bring in a
7:58 pm
woman to do the questioning. to me, that is actually a pretty good compromise, but maybe not. >> well, i think senator boxer represents a kind of thinking that is really a disgrace to the democratic party. the inflammatory language, the nonsensical statements about senator lindsey graham, one of the most reasonable, nice, gentlemanly members of the senate, to hear it senator boxer referred to him that way is really quite embarrassing. by the way, i'm calling outside witnesses, i want all of the pga golfers who have anything to say about her brought into testify. >> laura: so go to her character. >> bring in the pga golfers to testify. >> laura: you think going to the character of the accuser is a winning position? >> she has put her character at issue. >> laura: you think any republicans will go down that road? >> absolutely not. bring in those golfers. >> laura: we are going to learn more about that.
7:59 pm
everyone is wondering, everyone googling. >> this is what they said -- i think she finds that highly offensive. i think the search for truth might be over politics. >> laura: let's say republicans woke up, grassley was like "let's hold an investigation." how long will that last? >> memories fade and witnesses die, i say it should not say more than three to seven days, if that. they have the information comment on the background check already. the u.s. attorney's office had a sex crimes unit that are really, really good. >> laura: no blue dress. >> if they were interested in the truth they have it six weeks, a lot to look at.
8:00 pm
this is a politicized smearing of a candidate. >> laura: confirmed, yes or no, in the end, izzy confirmed? >> it depends on how the hearing turns out. he has a good a shot because if they can hold the g.o.p. >> yes, or they lose the senate. >> laura: great panel, love the panel. live coverage of president trump's rally continue with shannon bream. i'm taking up only nine seconds of her time. >> shannon: very judicious of you, laura. thank you very much. she is excited about that show and how it started. welcome to "fox news @ night" appeared this is a fox news alert. the attorney for supreme court nominee accuser, negotiating around the clock. we have exclusive new information tonight about the demands they are making. we will continue to monitor the president's campaign event in vegas, but with the new allegations of a


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