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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  September 24, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> it has been a very busy three hours here on the tv show. you have a busy three hours on radio. >> we'll talk about leadership and be talking to ken about what's going on on capitol hill. >> bill: the cavanaugh confirmation battle getting more complicated today. another woman coming forward with new allegations from 3 1/2 decades ago. days away from the expected hearing from the original accuser. we'll see where we go throughout the day today. hope you had an awesome weekend. go tiger. just talking about that. >> sandra: it was fun to watch. i'm sandra smith. both the white house and brett kavanaugh swinging against the latest report in which another woman is accusing kavanaugh of sexual misconduct this time at a dorm room party when they were both students at yale. >> kavanaugh putting out a statement. here is where it reads.
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>> sandra: peter doocy is live on capitol hill. how do democrats want this latest accusation to factor into kavanaugh's confirmation? >> sandra, the democrats are saying they think that scheduled thursday hearing with the first accuser, dr. christine ford, needs to be post boned indefinitely now a former kavanaugh classmate at yale named debra ramirez has accused him of exposing himself to her at a party at yale. dianne feinstein wrote a letter to chuck grassley requesting an immediate postponement of any further proceedings related to the nomination of brett kavanaugh. i also ask the newest
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allegations be referred to the f.b.i. for investigation and that you join our request for the white house to direct the f.b.i. to investigate the allegations of christine ford as well as these new claims. "the new yorker", which published this new accuser's account says they were not able to verify with any eyewitnesses that kavanaugh was actually at the party described. >> sandra: how do republicans want to handle these latest allegations? >> waiting to hear more details about specifics. the timing of the new allegations is very suspicious to senator lindsey graham i'm told and the timing of this latest story caught the chairman grassley totally offguard. his office tells us the committee's majority staff learned the allegations made by debra ramirez about judge kavanaugh from this evening's new yorker report. neither she nor her legal representative have contacted the chairman's office. democratic staff were aware of
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these allegations but never informed republican staff and the majority leader mcconnell's office tells me he didn't know about it until the story was published, either. >> sandra: peter doocy, thank you. >> bill: for more on what to make of everything. byron york chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner". i saw a few comments. i want to read from "the new yorker" piece itself, all right? in her initial conversations with "the new yorker", she was reluctant to characterize kavanaugh's role with certainty. after six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney ramirez said she felt confident enough of her recollections to say she remembers kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party. how do you gauge the veracity of the witness based on what information we've been able to access right now? >> well, like the christine ford allegation this one is very old. it is 35 years old.
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ramirez said she originally did not really remember this but as you mentioned after six days recently after the kavanaugh nomination, after six days working with a lawyer, she has been able to recover this memory that it was bret kavanaugh who was apparently with her at this party. she was drunk at the time and says there are still significant gaps in her memory and "the new yorker" was not able to find any eyewitness to corroborate this. in addition, in this morning's edition, "the new york times" reports that it reviewed dozens of people searching for someone who had firsthand knowledge of this allegation and they were not able to find anyone. >> bill: here it is from peter baker, "new york times." this is what he tweeted out this morning an hour ago. he said the times interviewed dozens and could find no one with firsthand knowledge.
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ramirez told ex-classmates she count be certain kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself. does she hold a press conference or given a hearing? how does grassley deal with this? >> the important word is credible. you heard democrats say an allegation against judge kavanaugh doesn't have to actually be true to affect his nomination and disqualify him for the supreme court. it merely has to be credible. already in the new yorker article, senator hirono, a member of the senate judiciary committee found the new allegation to be credible. we've already seen senator feinstein say let's just call everything off right now. no more hearing on thursday with christine ford. let's just get the f.b.i. to investigate and stop everything. which is precisely what republicans are determined not
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to do. >> bill: in the meantime what do we understand from the judiciary committee? there were conversations on friday with dr. ford's team. the accuser who lives in northern california and apparently they reached some sort of resolution on saturday and there are reports that she would drive to washington, d.c. for a hearing on thursday. as it stands right now, does that happen? >> i think the senate judiciary committee is fully committed to this thursday 10:00 a.m. public hearing. it took them a long time, a lot of negotiations to actually make that happen. i do not think they will say oh, we're just not going to do it. so where the ramirez allegation plays into that is unclear. but as far as the christine ford allegation, there has been a lot of talk, a lot of negotiations, many hours spent in arranging this hearing thursday at 10:00 a.m. i doubt that is going to change. >> bill: has that been resolved or are they still going back
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and forth? >> they say they're talking about details like how often there will be a break, how many lawyers could be at the table, that sort of thing. but unlike previously, christine ford and her legal team have agreed to testify thursday, 10:00 a.m. in the senate, in public. questioning to be determined by the judiciary committee and not by her. >> bill: thank you so much. analysis on the spot. thank you, good to have you. i would say more on this developing story. later the headliner will address it. >> sandra: house majority whip and louisiana congressman steve scalise joining us on all this as we kick off a jam-packed "newsweek," bill hemmer. >> bill: a couple things to keep in mind. watch senators murcowski and collins. i don't know if many heard from them over the weekend and senator jeff flake. he put the brakes on a week ago when dr. ford made the
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allegations. three critical republicans where we need to get a sense of where they are. >> sandra: president trump back in the big apple taking a big role in the u.n. general assembly wrapping up remarks on the global drug epidemic. he is expected to be involved in high-stakes meetings at the u.n. this week when it becomes to developing situations with north korea and iran including south korean president moon jae-in who he will meet with in a few hours from now. john roberts is live at the u.n. what is the president doing there today? >> sandra, good morning to you. the president spent a short time at the u.n., slightly more than a half hour. on his way back to trump tower where later this afternoon he will at a different hotel hold a lot of bilateral meetings. he meets with moon jae-in and egypt president and france
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president. tomorrow will be the big day for the president. that's when he will make a speech to the u.n. general assembly. the tone of this year's speech should be a lot different than last year. last year the highlight was when he called out north korean leader kim jong-un as little rocket man. there won't be any of that language. the president really will more reflect on a speech he gave last november at the apec conference in vietnam where he talked about sovereignty in terms of putting the interests of the american people first. his national security advisor john bolton talked more about that this morning. listen here. >> i just wish i had thought of that line before he delivered it because i think it really sums up in many respects what the president's policy is focused on. he looks at after the best interest of the american people. they are the ones who elected him. they are the ones he is responsible to. and i think in his speech to the general assembly on tuesday, his speech to the
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security council on wednesday we will talk about interference in american politics, interference in trade relations, how the u.s. exerts sovereignty. >> when the president talked about those themes at the apec conference last november he was criticized as putting forward as an american first policy. he makes no apologies about that. but he also said leaders of other countries should put the needs of their people first. if all the nations are working together to try to make the lot of their people better, then the world could be a better place. >> sandra: a busy morning there along the east river in manhattan. what can we expect to hear regarding iran and north korea? >> on north korea probably just language about how they are trying to make progress on the issue of denuclearization. one of the things he will talk with moon jae-in about. moon had a meeting with kim last week and the united states is a little concerned that as the relations between the north and south improve it could
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undercut the push toward denuclearization. he will speak about the threat posed from iran. mike pompeo has not ruled out a potential meeting between the president and ranian president rouhani. not many people think it will happen. pompeo told chris wallace yesterday the president would go all the way to the top if necessary and speak to the ayatollah. listen here. >> the president said he will talk with anyone if we can have a constructive conversation. we want iran to stop being the world's largest state sponsor of terror. make no mistake. there is no indication they have any intent on doing this. >> the ayatollah won't be here this week. rouhani. it's doubtful the two would meet but you never know. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: picking up on that.
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the u.s. upping the ante amid tense relations with tehran. >> the worst diplomatic deal in american history. we've put sanctions back on and more in november. we'll find other sanctions to put on as well to pressure the iranian government to change its behavior. >> bill: iran is in the cross hairs this week at the u.n. could there be a meeting between the president and iran's leader? that would be interesting. general jack keane is coming up in moments. plus there is this today. >> there is a bureaucratic coup going on. >> sandra: claims of political bias within the justice department. former congressman jason chaffetz will sound off on that at the bottom of the hour. hi i'm joan lunden.
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he left the united nations around the top of the hour. >> president trump: judge kavanaugh is an outstanding person and i am with him all the way. we'll see how it goes with the senate and with the vote. i think it could be-a chance this could be one of the single most unfair, unjust things to happen to a candidate for anything. but i am with judge kavanaugh and i look forward to a vote. and people to come out of the woodwork from 36 years ago and 30 years ago and never mentioned it. all of a sudden it happens. in my opinion it's totally political. >> sandra: president trump calling the allegations -- the latest allegations on judge kavanaugh unfair and unfounded. more on this coming up. >> bill: in the meantime the president front and center in new york at the u.n. already arriving last evening. world leaders gathering in manhattan. secretary of state mike pompeo
6:17 am
telling chris wallace suggesting president trump is willing to meet with iran's supreme court leader. this from sunday. >> president has been clear. if there are constructive conversations with the iranians the president is willing to have them. >> even with president rouhani. >> interesting conversation. >> bill: jack keane, how are you doing, sir. first on the ayatollah. would you anticipate such a meeting like that. >> it's certainly possible. the president has always said he is willing to meet with countries that are competing with us, adversaries with us and this country is an enemy of the united states for sure. he has met with kim jong-un, putin and president xi on more than one occasion so yes, i think it's likely that some meeting will occur.
6:18 am
whether it's with the supreme leader or not or rouhani. in the future i think it will occur. believe me, the president has his wind at his back when it comes to iran. ever since he came out of the deal, bill, amazing progress here. the oil exports by iran have dropped 35% and we haven't imposed the oil sanctions. their economy is tanking. their currency is in free fall. inflation spiraling. unemployment soaring. civil unrest, power outrajs and even terrorist recognize it. >> bill: they've been squeezed. could the headline that president trump takes a meeting with rouhani in person this week? >> i think it's unlikely but certainly possible because the president believes that having a relationship with an adversary is a good start point.
6:19 am
and they approach that differently than previous administrations. previous administrations the staff meets first and try to resolve issues and set agenda for heads of state to meet and a as the it agreement that takes place as a result. the president believes in starting at the top and let the details be worked out after by counterpart staff. that's a different approach. he believes in relationships. he is a transactional president to be sure. it is likely that it possibly could happen. but listen, there will be a meeting between iran and the united states because iran is coming to their knees over what is happening to their economy. i believe they will come to the united states. >> bill: trying to squeeze in one last question. wednesday when the president chairs the u.n. security council meeting, last week he was supposed to keep iran in the cross hairs this entire meeting. offer the weekend yesterday and today we're told the topic will
6:20 am
be broadened not just to include iran. what's the strategy behind that? and what would be the message from a meeting like that then, general? >> well, i think the focus singularly on iran will be focus on iran because as you mentioned at the introduction, they are in the united states cross hairs for sure. but i think to exclude everything else would be disproportionate to some of the challenges that are going on in the world. so he will talk about weapons of mass destruction and non-proliferation, etc. i think he got some advice reportedly from ambassador bolton, his national security advisor, that if he made his entire statement as chairing the united states desk on the national security council on iran, it would give iran the opportunity and demand their participation according to the rules of the u.n. >> bill: nikki haley, we
6:21 am
broaden the topic as of that decision. a fascinating week. stand by. thank you, sir, jack keane in washington >> sandra: the high stakes november elections are just around the corner and former first lady michelle obama is hitting the road to get out the vote on the democratic side. >> you can't vote some of the time and then sit out. you know, we saw that happen. we experienced that. we had a great president. [cheering and applause]
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>> sandra: former first lady michelle obama hitting the road to encourage people to show up for the mid-term elections. last night she was in las vegas urging supporters to get out and vote.
6:25 am
william la jeunesse joins us now live from los angeles with more. >> this is the former first lady's first major public appearance since leaving the white house almost two years ago. she launched her nonprofit when we all vote in july and says the goal is to increase voter turnout. in the last mid-terms 2014 only 36% of eligible voters cast a ballot. lowest in 70 years. >> you might not like living with the consequences of other people's choices. but that's what happens when you stay home. you essentially putting your future in the hands of others. >> the organization is supposedly nonpartisan but critics call it little more than a voter registration drive for democrats. obama did not call out republicans but doesn't support the current president. >> i am frustrated, too. i am sick of all the chaos.
6:26 am
and the nastiness of our politics. it's exhausting. >> nasty is a two-way street. not all voters are frustrated with the president's policies. this organization says it is trying to reach all voters but paying special attention to african-americans, hispanic and no surprise they tend to vote democratic. >> sandra: there were calls for her to run for office as well. >> no doubt she is a rock star in the democratic party and it is highly unusual for a former first lady to hit the campaign trail in states where democrats have tight races, nevada, florida. but as soon as the audience called for her to get in the ring the former first lady immediately knocked it down. >> and i am here -- and i am here asking you for this. you all stop this now.
6:27 am
she launches a book tour last month and similar conventions like this with other stars. >> bill: feels like an election coming up here. markets open in three minutes. all-time highs, come and get it folks. $200 billion in tariffs go into effect today. we'll see the u.s./china relation. >> a bombshell report on rod rosenstein. jason chaffetz is on deck next to talk about it. >> i don't know what rosenstein did but i know what page and strzok did. if rosenstein is involved he should be fired. oh!
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here we go. well, there we went. all-time highs. any time you are bumping around 26,600 that's the high watermark. off 60 moints. latest round of tariffs targeting u.s. and chinese goods go into effect today. mike pompeo expressing optimism saying the u.s. will come out on top ultimately. >> we are going to win. we are going to get an outcome which forces china to behave in a way if you want to be a power, a global power, transparency, rule of law, you don't steal intellectual property. the fundamental principles of trade around the world. fairness and reciprocity. >> bill: latest round of tariffs coming with no sign of proposed trade talks between washington and beijing in sight. 9:32. >> clearly the department of justice and f.b.i. was tipping the scales for clinton. this revelation after president trump was sworn in shows they were trying to undermine the
6:32 am
election. there is a bureaucrat i can coup going on at the department of justice and f.b.i. and somebody needs to look at it. >> sandra: senator lindsey graham looking into an investigation about a possible effort within the justice department to derail the trump presidency. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein allegedly suggested using the 25th amendment to remove the president from office. a report rosenstein has denied. let's bring in jason chaffetz fox news contributor and author of the new book" deep state." lindsey graham says there is a deep state working against president trump. >> it is playing out in realtime. we saw it at the highest echelons at the department of justice. they thought hillary clinton would be elected and she is not. we need to know who were the six or seven people in the meeting and what were they discussing?
6:33 am
we're focused on what what rod rosenstein side or didn't say but there was an underlying discussion about how to go after this president. the very next day is when they actually, rod rosenstein appoints director mueller to be the special counsel. >> sandra: rod rosenstein denies all the allegations out there against him. should there be a special counsel investigation? >> for a long time members of congress have been calling for a special counsel. they need at least six or seven names and congress should bring them in one at a time for a transcribed interview under oath and understand and dissect it. they also need the underlying document that mr. mccabe supposedly relied on. now, he is highly suspect in this, too, because that's why i don't think the president should take the bait and fire him. but i do think what they need is that underlying document that supposedly got leaked, how convenient, mccabe has a history of leaking and lying.
6:34 am
that's why he got fired. something nearly impossible to be done in the federal government. we need to see that document as well. >> sandra: considering you and members of your party have been asking this for some time. what's the likeliness it will come to fruition. >> it is frustrating. congress keeps issuing subpoenas but the only way to enforce that subpoena is to hand it to the department of justice. do you think that's going to go anywhere? it hasn't in the past. >> sandra: lindsey graham said unless you believe he was lying. >> he should have to recuse himself at the very least. one is about the fisa document. how is it the special counsel is supposedly looking at that and rod rosenstein's signature is on that? now he is in the midst of this other thing. at the very least he should have to step away and recuse himself. i don't know who is up next. anybody would be better than rod rosenstein and the attorney general is nowhere to be seen. this attorney general, jeff
6:35 am
sessions, is -- i've said it before. he is worthless. he is there in name only. that's a rudderless department with nobody in charge of it. >> sandra: president trump was asked about jeff session and rod rosenstein on a radio show. >> president trump: he was hired by jeff sessions. i was not involved in that process because, you know, they go out and get their own deputies and people that work in the department and it is very early. we just read the reports very shortly, various reports that came out and have been coming out. and we will make a determination and i'm sure you'll be be those early on with those that know. >> sandra: he was not responsible for hiring. >> he was appointed by the trump administration and confirmed by the united states senate and at some point the attorney general has got to get ahold of his department and agency. i don't know what he does all day. this is what he should be doing
6:36 am
but he is nowhere. >> sandra: brett kavanaugh, a huge week with the hearing on thursday. the latest allegations against him, another woman coming forward in this report claiming sexual assault. the president was just asked about this at the u.n. when he was departing a few moments ago and said the allegations are unfair and unfounded but stands by wanting to hear from the original woman who came forward let's hear her story. >> this second allegation, i was the editor of my high school newspaper. if i had gone to the middle park panthers and say i want to run this story they would have never passed the sniff test. there is no basis for it. to sit on it for days and figure out i think it's actually her. that one is weak at best. >> sandra: we want to throw out this quote, the latest published in the new yorker if we could on the screen there. this report saying in her initial conversations with "the new yorker" she was reluctant to characterize kavanaugh's role in the alleged incident
6:37 am
with certainty. after six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers kavanaugh and had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party. that is from the report. your response to that. >> i want to see the judge confirmed. i think he is a good decent man. i think it is tear ib i unfair for an incident that happened more than three decades to go to have a take a few days to figure out if it's really who i saw? are you kidding me? there is no -- >> sandra: how do you think it will play out. >> high drama and i don't know. that's the volatility of it. but the senators want to hear. under advice and consent under the constitution they can use whatever they want to make up their minds. all 10 democrats have said they're no. it won't sway in the votes there. the focus is on jeff flake. the only one that is waffling
6:38 am
and you need his vote. >> sandra: thank you for coming on this morning. >> bill: over the weekend iran responding to the most deadly attack in its country. a top military official blaming the u.s. and israel for the attack on the military parade that killed several people on saturday. nikki haley rejecting the accusations. >> the united states condemns any terrorist attack anywhere. period. we've always stood by that. i think what rouhani needs to do is look at his own home base. he can blame us as he wants. he needs to look in the mirror. >> bill: we're live in jerusalem. what happened, trey? >> the finger pointing continues after a gunman killed 25 people and injured dozens at a military parade in southern iran on saturday. today thousands gathered in the streets of mourning those killed in the attack while some chanted death to america and
6:39 am
israel. the notion that israel and the united states are somehow behind the attack is being pushed hard by iranian leadership. the head of the revolutionary guard monday promising retaliatory acts against the u.s. and allies you'll see our response will be crushing and devastating and you will regret what you have done. the president also blamed the united states over the weekend saying the attackers were instigated by americans who provided them a means to carry out the massacre. nikki haley responded to the comments something saying rouhani the -- it comes amid rizing tension to iran. following that decision the ranance have continuously threatened the united states. despite the threats the u.s. state department did release a statement over the weekend expressing condolences and sympathy for those who lost their lives in the deadly tragedy and also went on to say the united states stands with
6:40 am
the people of iran. >> bill: 25 dead. thank you, the latest from jerusalem there. >> sandra: new reaction pouring in as a brand-new woman launches a brand-new decades-old accusation against brett kavanaugh. >> the idea is to say these are very serious allegations and need to be investigated by the f.b.i. to delay this. the other very important thing here is the message is to every single conservative that if you try to crash our party, this is what we're going to do to you. >> sandra: so will this further delay or derail the confirmation? we'll take it up next. plus there's this. >> no matter, a tap-in for tiger. we thought we would never see it. >> bill: how many of you were watching that yesterday? man, tiger woods wins his first
6:41 am
tournament in more than five years. four back surgeries. one just a year ago. arguably one of the greatest comebacks in all of sports. >> pga tour win.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> president trump: justice kavanaugh is an outstanding person. i'm with him all the way. we'll see how it goes with the senate and the vote. i think it could be -- a chance this could be one of the single most unfair, unjust things to happen to a candidate for anything. but i am with judge kavanaugh and i look forward to a vote. for people to come out of the woodwork from 36 years ago and 30 years ago and never mentioned it. all of a sudden it happens. in my opinion it's totally political. >> bill: that from last hour.
6:45 am
the president is at the u.n. reacting to the second sexual misconduct allegation against brett kavanaugh. there is a thursday hearing where kavanaugh and the first a accuser will testify. gregg nunziata, welcome back. you are the expert on it. you work with the judiciary committee on two different supreme court nominations. how does that committee handle this allegation that's now public as of today, the second one? >> like the first allegation, this came up with a very unusual way. the committee has professional investigators that are supposed to investigate things like this in a confidential setting. we're reading in the papers the democrats have these allegations and working on them themselves. rejecting the bipartisan tradition of doing it together and suggesting that they are trying to use allegations like this as part of their partisan effort to stop this nomination.
6:46 am
i don't think it looks good for democrats and i think chairman grassley will be irritated to say the left that they've done it this way. now that the allegation is out there, any story like this, if true, is serious and has bearing on whether or not the committee and the senate should vote to confirm a nominee to a lifetime position on the supreme court. so chairman grassley needs to figure out how to investigate this. i think what he should do is have his investigators call the woman making these allegations, invite democrats to participate in the call. and see if there are any other witnesses that can verify this happened. according to both "the new yorker" and "the new york times," they spoke to dozens of people who could not provide any corroboration who either weren't at the party. don't remember kavanaugh being there. "the new york times" thought the story wasn't credible enough to even run. as of this morning it doesn't look like there is much to this. certainly if a woman says something like this happened the committee should hear from her in some fashion.
6:47 am
>> bill: she could also call a press conference. she could throw as much dust up in the air as she likes. that could be confusing for some senators. you mentioned "the new york times" article. pull up the two-sentence paragraph from the new york sometimes and how they addressed it. they interviewed several dozen people to corroborate her story and could find no one with firsthand knowledge. ramirez herself contacted former yale classmates asking if they recalled the incident and told some of them that she could not be certain mr. kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself. the white house is pushing that same paragraph as well. andrew mccarthy from earlier today. this is not a court of law. these are senators who sit on the panel. they ask questions and they make judgments themselves. mccarthy said this. >> the whole idea is to take these allegations, which wouldn't even get into court. i want to say they would be laughed out of court they're so thin, right now as they see it
6:48 am
this is about the ideological bent of the supreme court maybe for the next generation. and they are going to fight this tooth and nail to prevent kavanaugh from being in that seat. >> bill: you look at the calendar and the way the hearing was conducted two weeks ago and the amount of resistance or lack there of and you have two accusers becoming public. one effectively delaying the nomination process for a period of at least a week. perhaps longer than that. if this hearing is conducted on thursday, what are you hearing on the inside as to how chuck grassley could amend the rules for dr. ford and brett kavanaugh, if at all? >> i think he is going to run his committee the way he believes it should be run. he has been clear he is not going to allow dr. ford's attorneys to run this proceeding. he will decide the best way to structure the questioning according to the committee's traditions. and he will give the committee and through the committee the american people the opportunity to hear dr. ford and hear her
6:49 am
story and weigh its credibility and also to hear from judge kavanaugh. that will be an important moment in this process. supreme court nominees tend to stay out of the media. kavanaugh issued a couple of written statements but it will be different when you hear him speak personally about his history, background and how he reacts to these allegations. if these allegations are false, which he has said they are, he ought to be outraged that this is being done to him in front of his wife, his two daughters and the american people. >> bill: i thought it was interesting five days ago when the former president bush 43 put out a statement again backing brett kavanaugh and i only found it interesting because it did not come into the heat of the allegations but it sort of not out of the blue entirely but he was making a clear public statement about his support on behalf of brett kavanaugh. what that tells me is there is pressure from all sides on all this, gregg, i'm certain you
6:50 am
remember that. >> there is pressure from all sides absolutely. in some respect this nomination is a bit different here in washington as judge kavanaugh is from washington he served in the white house and now he has been a judge in washington for over a decade. so he is well-known by senators and many others in the washington community and he has an excellent reputation. this is people who know him personally feel very passionate about the situation he is in right now and are strongly motivated to defend him and speak out on his behalf. >> bill: four days in a long way from now. it feels that way. thank you for your time in washington nice to see you. >> sandra: moscow taking action after one of its military justices was caught in the line of fire in syria. reports of heavy weaponry on the move into the war zone. plus concerns about healthcare could be boosting democrats in upcoming mid-term elections. our a-team is next to discuss the new polls coming up.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. russia promising to ramp of syria's armed forces by supplying it with a missile defense system after a russian war plane was shot down by israeli forces last week. greg palkot joins us live from london, greg. what more do we know about this russian announcement? >> what we know, sandra, is that it could mean a further ratcheting up of tensions in an already very tense region. russia saying today it will be sending that advanced s-300 missile defense system in the next two weeks for use by the syrian armed forces. russian defense minister explaining in a tv address today it would help avoid incidents like last week. a russian surveillance plane
6:55 am
was shot down by a less sophisticated syrian defense system that apparently didn't recognize the fact that plane was russian. 15 people were killed in that incident. it thought it was going after israeli f-16 jet fighters that had just hit iranian linked targets in syria. using these new missiles should prevent that from happening. >> sandra: what does it mean for tensions in the region overall? >> you can figure it out. more accuracy with a deadly weapon. it can't help things too much. first of all, the arming of syria by russia with these modern missiles could further entrench the alliance between vladimir putin and syrian president bashar al-assad. but more significantly it could risk more clashes with israel for a long time israel has called this new missile system
6:56 am
in the hands of syria a threat to israel's security. israel also says it will continue to hit iranian targets and if targeted by these new missiles it will take them out, too. thus trying also the very tense alliance right now between israel and russia. back to you, sandra. >> sandra: greg palkot live from london. >> bill: breaking news on the kavanaugh confirmation. a second woman coming forward making claims from 35 years ago. house majority whip steve scalise is our headliner at the top of the hour and talk about that and more as "america's newsroom" rolls on on a busy monday. the riskiest job. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera. it's like, hey, thats mine! i want to keep doing what i love. that's the retirement plan. with my annuity i know there's a guarantee. annuities can provide protected income for life.
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>> sandra: president trump strongly defending his supreme court nominee as a second woman accuses brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct ahead of a public hearing on thursday. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. it's monday morning. >> bill: are you all right? >> sandra: i'm good. >> bill: how about tiger woods? >> sandra: what a weekend. we'll talk about that in a bit. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning everybody at home, office or wherever you're watching us today. there is a date that has been set for kavanaugh's first accuser later this week. sen rat democrats trying to delay a confirmation vote in light of more unsubstantiated claims. >> everything being said does not comport with the judge kavanaugh all these women who dealt with him in pressure situations in his adult life and career have said about him. >> if somebody is in charge who
7:01 am
really wants to uncover the truth, they would tell the white house we need an f.b.i. investigation. >> the point i want to make is this. it is not accurate to say those who knew him at the time dispute this. we wouldn't have run this if we didn't have a careful basis who heard at the time and found her credible. >> those close to the confirmation say it's part of a cheap shot political smear. president trump supports judge kavanaugh and says he is looking forward to a vote. >> president trump: judge kavanaugh is an outstanding person and i am with him all the way. we'll see how it goes with the senate and how it goes with the vote. i think it could be, a chance this could be one of the single most unfair, unjust things to happen to a candidate for anything. >> the white house spokeswoman saying this 35-year-old uncorroborated claim is the
7:02 am
latest in a coordinated smear campaign by the democrats designed to tear down a good man. this claim is denied by all who were said to be present and is wholely inconsistent with what many women and men who knew judge kavanaugh at the time in college say. the white house stands firmly behind judge kavanaugh. the republican senators to watch on all this susan collins of maine. jeff flake of arizona and lisa murcowski of alaska with a slim 51-49 majority it will take republicans to stay unified to get it done. as for democrats, the top democrat on the senate judiciary committee dianne feinstein saying i'm writing to request a postponement of further proceedings to kavanaugh and the latest allegations be referred to the f.b.i. for investigation and that you join our request for the white house to direct the f.b.i. to investigate the allegations of christine ford as well as these new claims. now before the latest allegation surfaced a key
7:03 am
democrat on the judiciary committee said she stands with the accusers. >> it is really important not only for these survivors to be heard but if the stories are as credible they need to be believed. >> it will come down to credibility on thursday. whether folks here on capitol hill believe the accuser, professor ford, or whether they believe judge kavanaugh. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: let's go down to cajun country. we're trying to work through this and figure out what happens next with steve scalise in a broad sense. what do you think of the second accusation that was leveled? >> well, you know, when you see partisans from the committee on the democrat side out there trying to encourage people to come forward and almost coaching them, look, when this latest accuser, the names of
7:04 am
people that she submitted say it didn't happen. at some point you need to look at all the women who have come forward to defend judge kavanaugh, to speak up for his integrity and the kiebd of -- kind of man he is. when you see stormy daniels' attorney involved, too. you have to balance that out. people see what's happening on the other side where they're trying to delay and delay and senate democrats on the committee might have even encouraged or knew some of this stuff and never said anything about it during the process of an open -- when you had all the hearings going on. so again, you have to weigh everything. but again look at all of the women who have come forward that have known judge kavanaugh his entire life. high school and college days and speak for his integrity and how good and high quality of a man he is. >> sandra: the president departing the u.n. called the latest allegations against the supreme court pick unfounded and unfair. it will be a big week. how do you see thursday playing
7:05 am
out? >> well, i think still when you see everything and the senator grassley and the republicans on the committee have done everything they can to give people an opportunity to come forward and speak. but at some point you have to weigh all of that evidence that speaks strongly for judge kavanaugh to be on the supreme court and then ultimately have a vote. >> bill: ronan farrow did two interviews, one good morning american and one cnn. here is he describes how he came across the woman who makes the second allegations. >> why did she come forward? >> she came forward because senate democrats began looking at the claim. she didn't flag it. it came to the attention of people on the hill independently and it is really cornered her into an awkward position and took time to think about this carefully. she said point blank i don't want to ruin anyone's life. she feels it's a serious claim.
7:06 am
she considers her own memories credible and felt it was important that she tell her story before others did without her consent. >> bill: if you go through the piece it is quite clear they tried to find eyewitnesses, difficult if not impossible. the woman admits to drinking that night as well and her memory isn't the best. she admits that also. how do you if you're chuck grassley make a decision whether you hear from this woman also? do you have to make room for that? upon -- how do you make that decision on september 24th knowing that you have to hear from the first woman initially? how is he going to manage this? you know what democrats have said about chuck grassley. an old white guy who doesn't know any better. everything in i've heard he is an outstanding senator and great gentlemen. what is his decision now?
7:07 am
>> senator grassley has been more than fair working, bending over backwards to give every opportunity for people to come forward for months. this isn't something that just started a few weeks ago. this has been going on for a few months. when some of the senate democrats on the committee maybe were encouraging this or knew about this weeks and weeks ago and sat on it, they didn't want it to come forward, there are the ones who have been trying to suppress anything. when people given as names by the accuser that said here, these are the people i want you to go talk to and they say it didn't happen, again all of that has to be weighed against all of the women who have come forward to say that judge kavanaugh ought to be on the supreme court overly qualified to be on the supreme court. let's not just leave somebody out there like a pinata for anybody with a political agenda to come forward. there has been months of opportunity and then you have to weigh all of the evidence that strongly says that judge kavanaugh is fit in the right person to be on the supreme court. >> sandra: a big day with the
7:08 am
president at the u.n. this morning. he was asked about the allegations against kavanaugh and here is how he responded. >> president trump: i am with judge kavanaugh and i look forward to a vote. and for people to come out of the woodwork from 36 years ago and 30 years ago and never mentioned it. all of a sudden it happens. in my opinion it's sounding political. >> sandra: he has maintained from the beginning let's hear from her when it comes to kavanaugh's first accuser. how as a big supporter of the president. how do you think the president and his team have handled these allegations? >> i think they've handled it incredibly well saying let's get the facts out and provide opportunities as they have and on thursday that opportunity will be there. but at the end of the day you have to look and say based on everything that we've seen, judge kavanaugh ought to be on the supreme court and again,
7:09 am
everybody that's testified that knows him that's known him his entire life says he is the person that ought to be there. but there is politics involved. clearly you can see the political side of it. again, when you see democrat political operatives, democrat lawyers, stormy daniels' lawyer involved on the other side has to be weighed as well. >> bill: one more question an kavanaugh. do you see a way based on the calendar that democrats can effectively delay this past the mid-term? >> they stated that intention before anybody came forward. so let's be clear. the democrats in the senate have been wanting to delay the kavanaugh nomination even before there was anybody accusing anything. so their political agenda has been very up front. they don't want kavanaugh to be on the bench for political reasons. so ultimately when you look at some big important decisions the court will face, if there are 4-4 cases left and right
7:10 am
you can see where there is a political agenda on the left to try to keep him off. anybody that believes in justice and an independent judiciary and supreme court functioning properly ought to say you ought to treat people nominated that have those qualifications to be on the highest court in the land, they ought to be treated with that kind of dignity and respect and ultimately let's move forward. >> sandra: that being said, what is your level of concern at this point the impact that these allegations as we know it, the hearing will be on thursday, what will the impact be on the mid-term elections? >> you can't look at it in the prism of an election. you have to look at it in the prism of the facts and what's out there. again, when witnesses who have been given by the accuser come forward and say it didn't happen, that ought to be balanced with everything else, too. so everybody gets their opportunity to make their claim but we do believe in innocence until proven guilty and then when you see all of the evidence, strongly in support
7:11 am
of the integrity, the high standards that judge kavanaugh has maintained his entire life that has to be balanced as well. >> bill: but is it their calculation on the left to get kavanaugh to withdraw? to be so unacceptable that senators can't vote him out of committee or to delay it past a mid-term vote that's 40 some odd days away? what do you think it? >> if you look at the resist movement behind what's moving the democrat party so far to the left that socialists are getting elected against liberals. a party moving toward socialism, they don't want anybody that donald trump moves forward to be on the supreme court. they've been clear about that. so you could bring up the person that they select as a constitutionalist and they would still oppose that person. let's look at the political motive they've had from day one before a name was put forward. you can look at some of these
7:12 am
press releases that liberal groups and senators were putting out before judge kavanaugh's name was put on the supreme court. when donald trump named him there were some of those press releases that he/she would be a horrible judge. they didn't know or care who the name was. they would attack whoever donald trump put forward. >> bill: sir, thank you for coming in today. we'll see you back in washington soon. steve scalise our headliner. >> sandra: how about those tigers, congressman? >> go tigers. >> sandra: another good weekend for us. all right. well, this is a fox news alert. president trump on his first day at the united states. a big meeting with the south korean president in new york city. >> good morning. it was a brief appearance by president trump this morning at the united nations. he has since left the building. the president arrived here about 8:20 this morning and joined by the u.s. u.n.
7:13 am
ambassador nikki haley, mike pompeo and other u.s. officials here to attend the meeting for the global call to action on the world drug problem. the u.s. is taking what it describes as a four-sprong approach. reduce demand, expand streement, strengthen international cooperation and cut off supply. the meeting lasted about 30 minutes, a little less than half an hour. the president has since left the united nations and turns here tomorrow when he will address the u.n. general assembly. the main focus of his remarks will be u.s. sovereignty and expanding relations with countries that share similar values to the united states. you might recall now that in the last year since the president spoke last at the u.n. general assembly the united states has withdrawn from the paris climate accord and pulled out of the u.n. human rights council. and then on wednesday the president returns to the u.n. for a third time. that's when he for the first
7:14 am
time is actually going to chair the u.n. security council. the u.s./u.n. ambassador nikki haley has described that meeting as what will be the most watched security council meeting ever. the focus is expected to be the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. that meeting to take place on wednesday and lastly as you will expect a security here extraordinarily tight throughout new york city. barricades around the u.n. and hundreds of highly visible police. >> sandra: gridlock in new york city. love it. david lee miller. >> bill: a good week to walk everywhere. trade tensions heating up with china. trump administration tightening the screws tariffs kicking off today. money man charles payne how wall street is reaction and whether there is a resolution in sight. >> sandra: michelle obama hitting the campaign trail
7:15 am
calling out the nastyist. u.s. political climate. our a-team is on deck to react to that. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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>> if we want qualified people that we trust, then people have to vote.
7:19 am
because you can't vote some of the time and then sit out, you know. we saw that happen. we experienced that. but we had a great president. >> bill: michelle obama on the trail in las vegas breaking from tradition former first ladies. let's go to america's a-team. chris stirewalt slugging away in new york city and david avella chairman of gopac and mary anne marsh former senior advisor to john kerry. how are we doing? can she sway votes? >> the goal in nevada is not about swaying votes but inconvenience filing turnout. democrats aren't satisfied among hispanic american voters. they want to intensify the base and turnout as is reflected in a couple of key house races in california but also in nevada overall. dean heller shouldn't be ahead. it shouldn't be close.
7:20 am
and they want to change the dynamic. >> sandra: what do you think, mary anne? a good move for your party? >> chris is right about the turnout. 4 million more democrats voted in the primaries than republicans. it blows the doors off the 2016 margin. that has been driven by women and voters of color. nobody to be better on the trail than michelle obama. >> this will do more to sell books for michelle obama than it will be the turn out democratic voters. the track record of barack obama and michelle obama is clear. they lost 1,000 state legislative seats and both chambers of commerce when the obamas would campaign for individuals. good for book sales. >> i feel confident democrats will take the house back and michelle obama and everybody else will be there campaigning. >> we'll be out there campaigning as well. >> bill: back to michelle obama
7:21 am
with a pretty pointed shot other than not saying by name she said this. >> we get the leaders we vote for. we get the policies we vote for. and when we don't vote, that's when we wind up with government of, by, and for other people. >> bill: in obama eight years that's what they found. if he is not on the ballot people aren't showing up. if he is on the ballot they voted in droves. >> republicans are experiencing that this time. this is in the upper midwest and in pennsylvania and a lot of key places where he won he won with obama voters. a significant number of obama voters. millions of people across the country who went from obama to trump. they are not voters so much in mid-terms. the republican challenge is like the one obama faced. how do you get these folks part
7:22 am
of your change and revolution to then transfer that energy to some congressman that they've never heard of in their life and don't care about? >> democrats don't turn out in mid-terms, chris is right. they've been turning out in the primaries. with not that much organization or push from obama or anybody else. now you see everybody coming out now to start these tv rallies and early voting has already started in a number of states. it makes a big difference. >> sandra: what we have left to see is how the kavanaugh situation plays out for the mid-terms elections. fox news polling on that. some losing support for the confirmation of judge kavanaugh in the fox poll. now 40% say yes to support him, that's down 5% since august. those no going up. david. what does all this tell us? >> senator mcconnell should have the vote up or down on thursday and move on.
7:23 am
and the fox poll also talked about healthcare being a big issue. it has been the underlying current within the democratic primaries that hasn't been talked about. the democratic candidates who have won primaries have done so talking about single payer healthcare. it is government-run healthcare. that's why this election becomes a big choice for americans. do they want a government-run healthcare system? >> sandra: the you're going to the polls. feelings about obamacare went too far 36%. just about right 21%. didn't go far enough 30%. on what the government should do on healthcare? this was the response insure more people spend more. 64% showed up in that poll. spend less 24%. >> a huge difference. 64% want more coverage of more people. that tells you everything that's important to women, voters of color. women who make the healthcare
7:24 am
decisions but what it really says is they believe the republicans when they say they take away preexisting conditions. that was the game changer and it changed the entire -- >> repeal and replace is about giving the states -- >> sandra: never happen. >> bill: 36% say they believe ford, 30% say brett kavanaugh. 34% are unsure. the last number is significant because you and you and you are going to sit and listen to christie ford on thursday. and you'll listen to brett kavanaugh and make your own individual situation who you believe. >> the most important thing here is not who the american people believe now but who on election day and in 2020 do they believe. because that's why we have a congress and live in a republic. we don't do these things -- it should be up to the -- the crucial number right now is the handful of republican senators
7:25 am
who might waiver. there are republicans it would not matter what came out. they're in for cavanaugh. here we're talking about susan collins, lisa murcowski, bob corker, jeff flake. the handful of persuadeable republicans. the question is will they believe it or not and do the allegations sound credible and are they satisfied. if they're satisfied it will be because it seems like the evidence stacks up in the right direction. and if they vote with him you'll watch the polls do what they do over time and they'll probably shift in his favor. but no matter what we should also remember this. if brett kavanaugh gets confirmed there will be a percentage of the american body politics that believe the allegations and say -- >> you've seen in the polls women oppose this nomination. not just democratic women. independent women in the suburbs are driving the bus on this election and that should tell you everything. yet they're sticking with kavanaugh. >> it's important.
7:26 am
he will have the opportunity to make his case and win the support back and ultimately get confirmed to the supreme court. >> sandra: his latest at the same time he looks forward to doing that. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein denying a report that he talked about removing trump from office. matt gates is calling for immediate hearings on this issue. he will join us live in studio next to explain. >> i don't know what rosenstein did. i know what mccabe or page and strzok did. they tried to destroy this president. if rosenstein is involved he should be fired. if he is not involved leave him alone.
7:27 am
7:28 am
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>> bill: in 30 minutes we'll get a press conference with the key player, mike pompeo, nikki haley, john bolton will be there in new york and cover the press conference live. the president kicking off his day today, four-day visit at the u.n. iran the main part of this agenda when the president chairs the u.n. security
7:31 am
council on wednesday of this week. got a big speech tomorrow around this time, too. we're covering all of that for you. meanwhile secretary of state mike pompeo over the weekend saying the president would be willing to meet with iran's president this week at the u.n. he talked about meeting with the ayatollah ultimately. next hour talk with israeli u.n. ambassador danny danon. stay tuned for that. >> sandra: fox news alert a number of republicans lawmakers urging president trump not to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein after a "new york times" article claims he suggested invoking the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office. house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy saying rosenstein deserves due process. >> defenders have said it was just a joke. what do you make of all that? >> it's not a very funny joke. but what i would say is the same thing you and i just got done talking about. rod deserves the right to be
7:32 am
heard. i'm sure the president will bring rod in and say rod, if you think i'm incompetent and you feel the need to wear a wire when you're talking to me why are you serving in my administration? >> sandra: catherine herridge is live in washington >> thank you, sandra, good morning. as president trump appears to blame attorney general jeff sessions for the controversy over his deputy rod rosenstein the house judiciary chairman threatened to subpoena the mccabe memos if they aren't supplied by tuesday. they were drafted by andrew mccabe who was fired for lying to federal investigators, the memos covering the may discussions about obstruction against the president. the firing of f.b.i. director james comey and the controversial wire comment by rosenstein. sunday morning futures judiciary xhairman bob goodlatte laid down the marker.
7:33 am
>> if they aren't produced by tuesday we'll issue a subpoena that expands upon the subpoena we issued and includes mccabe memos and other documents requested by us but thus far not produced. >> earlier this year justice department officials to include rosenstein told lawmakers they would never see the mccabe memos setting classified information and the necessary secrecy surrounding special counsel robert mueller's probe. after "the new york times" report alleging rosenstein advocated the use of a wire to record the president the deputy attorney general said in a statement i never pursued or authorized recording the president and any suggestion that i've ever advocated for the removal of the president is absolutely false. before "the new york times" before critics said rosenstein has a conflict of interest in the russia probe because he signed the final surveillance order for carter page and now at the center of the mccabe memos that go to the issue of obstruction, sandra. >> sandra: thank you.
7:34 am
>> bill: want to bring in florida congressman matt gaetz on the house comeite he. >> he never denies wearing a wire for the president. best case scenario it was a joke and very inappropriate in front of subordinates and colleagues. we need rod rosenstein under oath before the judiciary committee. articles of impeachment have been filed against him. under house rule those are ripened to the point where any one member of congress can force a vote on his impeachment. if rosenstein is not in the witness chair this week, mark meadows and i are prepared to call for that vote on an impeachment. keep the house in session a little longer than currently planning but we need to hear directly from him under oath. >> sandra: have you had any response yet? >> we've asked chairman goodlatte to do that and seen what he said to the american people. he wants the documents. just reading andrew mccabe's
7:35 am
notes are insufficient. andrew mccabe is a known liar. we need to understand from rosenstein and from the people in the room why the deputy attorney general of the united states felt it was appropriate to even joke about wearing a wire on the president while he is supposed to be overseeing an investigation that obviously involves the president. >> bill: perhaps it was just sarcasm. >> let's assume it is. we can't take it at face value. i want lisa page and other people in the meeting to share with us the context and understanding. this is not something to joke about. when this president is facing all these threats internally and external lehe does not deserve to have his own deputy attorney general wearing a wire. we may be taking a vote on his impeachment if we don't get him in a hearing this week. if we don't get answers. here is the problem right now under the current structure of our house calendar they plan to send us home after friday and
7:36 am
saying stay home in your district and campaign through the november election. some things are more important than elections. like getting to the truth and finding out if there are people in president trump's administration working against him or sewing this discontent. >> bill: how many votes could you get? >> i don't know. i don't want to take a vote on rosenstein impeachment. i want him in the witness chair. we can't continue to kick the ball down the road. >> sandra: you've issued a formal statement asking for such from the judiciary committee but you want it this week. >> if we don't do it this week it won't happen until after the election. they're sending us home. there won't be legislative business done in october. members of the house won't be in washington in october. they plan to do this omnibus -- >> sandra: you must already know how they'll respond to this. >> i don't know anything until we throw it out there. the facts that mark meadows and i are serious for calling for a vote on impeachment if we don't get rosenstein in the chair will get a lot of people's attention.
7:37 am
>> sandra: mike pompeo was asked to respond to these allegations. he had this to say. >> i've been pretty clear since my beginning of service here in this administration if you can't be on the team, if you're not supporting this mission, then maybe you ought to find something else to do. >> that's consistent with what mattis said. he wouldn't tolerate the expression of those views at the pentagon. if that's the standard the department of defense why would it be acceptable at the department of justice to be joking around about destabilizing the president? >> we had devin nunes and was encouraged that the president would release the documents not gone public. right after that interview we get the word from the president he isn't willing to push it as fast as you or others would like. why the change of mind on behalf of -- >> i think people convinced the
7:38 am
president michael horowitz, the inspector general is doing an investigation. that investigation will lead to all these documents being public anyway. i would like all the cards to be face up on the table a lot sooner but i do have great confidence that the inspector general plays it straight. even though he is an obama appointee and democrat he has been very honest and revealing. >> bill: if the documents are that revealing why sit on them? >> i don't think the documents have a smoking gun in them. i have think it's what they don't include. i think the fact it was never disclosed to the fisa court that you had bruce and nelly ohr shuttling this information from russians that wanted to tell lies about the president into the bloodstream of the intelligence community. the fact it wasn't disclosed is bigger than some of the expressed disclosures in those documents. >> some if it happen. matt gaetz. republican from florida. >> sandra: moments away from a news conference for the foreign
7:39 am
policy agenda. john bolton, secretary of state mike pompeo and u.n. ambassador nikki haley will all be speaking. we'll take you there live the second it begins. >> bill: china calling the u.s. a trade bully. fresh tariffs kicking in today. charles payne will tell us where it's headed next. and i've got to tell you, today's senior-living communities are better than ever. these days, there are amazing amenities, like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars, and bistros, even pet-care services. and nobody understands your options like the advisers at a place for mom. these are local, expert advisers that will partner with you to find the perfect place and determine the right level of care, whether that's just a helping hand or full-time memory care. best of all, it's a free service.
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call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. ♪ >> sandra: the trade battle between the u.s. and china got power. even more tariffs on each other's goods. the biggest yet. beijing accusing washington of bullying. mike pompeo spoke to chris wallace over the weekend. >> the trade war by china against the united states has been going on for years. here is what's different in this administration. to the extent one wants to call this a trade war we're determined to win it.
7:44 am
>> when you say you'll win it. as long as it takes? >> we're going to win it. >> sandra: charles payne host of making money with charles payne on fox business. what do you think? >> you have to be determined. we're in it. we're in it. i do agree with secretary pompeo in the sense that china has been abusing not just the united states but all of its trading partners for a very long period of time and now they've gotten to the point over the last couple years been able to boast about it and brag about what they plan to do making china to dominate the entire world. to be self-sufficient. the global super power in technology. not share the platform with america and germany and south korea but dominate it. they put it out there to the world because they felt like they were at a position where they could do it. i think if it wasn't for president trump they probably would be doing it without any interruption. >> bill: what's the endgame? china is calling the u.s. a
7:45 am
bully. rhetoric perhaps. perhaps more than that. what is the endgame? how does it end? it's september. does it go through the first of the year? >> i don't know how long it goes on but ultimately it has to end with china being the real offensive global citizen that it claims that it has been. it hasn't been. there is a variety of things they've done to get to the position they are. listen, tip your hat to them. i'm old enough to remember sally struthers on tv late at night crying about us sending a few bucks to china because they were poor and destitute. now the world's second largest economy. spreading money around europe and asia and africa. they want to dominate. that's fine, they can want to do it but a lot of it against the rules how they got to this point has been completely against the rules. theft, forced transfer of technology and things like that. >> sandra: everybody wants a level playing field. fairness is what the president is fighting for. the trade fight gets hotter but
7:46 am
so does the markets. why are the markets not fearing this. they're down a bit today. a triple digit dow coming off a record-breaking week. all-time high for the u.s. stock market last week. i'm at the point i'm wondering would we be higher if we didn't have the trade fight? >> it's hard to say that. three of the four worst days this year were associated with the federal reserve. if our economy is too high we'd be lower because the fed would be more aggressive. the fact of the matter is that our economy is on fire and it is on fire in a unique way. we don't have official signs of inflation that would force the federal reserve to curb it so far. to have 4% growth, tame inflation and yet higher wages is the ultimate elixir. >> bill: one more story? it starts today. airline fees. >> you are talking to a guy who
7:47 am
-- listen, i always fly first and business class not because i like -- i'm not in sandra smith east class. years ago i was on a plane and a guy put his seat back on my knees and wouldn't move it. it crushed my knees. i had to spend three hours holding his seat up. i never sat in coach after that. it is pathetic. have you ever flown the first seat in first class? i had to learn yoga moves. we don't like governance in anything. the idea that maybe they'll make it more humane. >> sandra: the government is considering mandating airlines have more leg room, right? and they don't want all the service -- >> they've gone from 35 inches to 27 inches. flight attendants are working back-to-back. we want things to be humane. >> sandra: breaking news. >> bill: big week at the u.n. president trump, what he plans to tell the g.a. about american
7:48 am
sovereignty. all that is coming up. big events every day this week. stay tuned on that. >> sandra: hemmer's most exciting story of the morning tiger woods wowing the crowd over the weekend marking a victory for the first time since 2013. jim gray is ahead with more on tiger's amazing comeback. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. the full value oft wyour new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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7:52 am
>> sandra: the latest on rod rosenstein coming into us right now. fox news is reporting currently that rod rosenstein, while he has not resigned, that he -- that it is expected that he is to be fired. that is all that we know at this point. this is the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein that we're talking about here where "the new york times" over the weekend reported that rosenstein had discussed secretly recording the president and enlisting cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment to remove trump from office. rosenstein denied all of those allegations against him. but we are just getting word that he is -- it is expected that he will be fired. >> bill: very interesting development. it almost is happening, if
7:53 am
true, if it plays out this way, in reverse order. how you can suggest that you are going to be fired but yet the termination has not yet taken place. that to decide. he is en route to the white house. rod rosenstein in the cross hairs for sometime. according to other reports, axios and others saying he verbally resigned to chief of staff john kelly in anticipation of being fired. which would suggest he is trying to get in front of the news. so we'll piece this together and see when rosenstein gets to the white house and try to clear up a little bit from that. >> sandra: the latest we heard from president trump on this he went on geraldo's radio show over the weekend yesterday and responded to that "new york times" report calling it a very sad story. after which he promised to, quote, make a determination about what to do next. and then multiple reports followed how the president might respond to that.
7:54 am
matt gaetz was on the program a few minutes ago saying he wants rod rosenstein to sit down before the judiciary committee and answer questions about that. >> bill: rosenstein you may remember the news that broke late on friday talked last year about invoking the 25th amendment, wearing a wire during the trump meetings and rosenstein suggested that it was done in sarcasm. the context is a difficult thing for people to nail down. we weren't in the room. we don't know the entirety of the conversation. rosenstein seemed to suggest it was not something that should have been taken seriously. that to the side, it is now the white house's move to see what happens next. >> sandra: it is happening in an important week for this without with the president's supreme court nominee judge kavanaugh will sit down and answer questions at a hearing on thursday as well as his accuser, dr. ford. meanwhile, looking back at rosenstein and the timeline here, this comment reported in the "new york times" which he
7:55 am
is denying was about a possibly this recording taking place of donald trump during a may 2017 meeting with andrew mccabe who had temporarily been elevated to f.b.i. director following james comey's firing. so the timeline here is all being called into question. all we know right now he hasn't resigned. heading to the white house, and it is expected that he will be fired. >> bill: catherine herridge is on it and we'll talk to her in a moment. john roberts is traveling with the president in new york city with the events surrounding the u.n. i do believe we have contact with john. what have you heard and what can you clear up? >> bill, good morning. what we can clear up is that rod rosenstein, according to a source familiar with the matter, has not verbally resigned to john kelly has has been reported. he is heading to the white house expecting to be fired. thank you for walking through the shot. appreciate that. but we do not know if he is
7:56 am
actually going to be fired or if he is just suggesting he believes given the circumstances that came out last week in that article that he likely would be fired. i do know a lot of people around the president have said we aren't sure about the veracity of this report. certainly rod rosenstein has denied it ever happened. but he is going over to the white house expecting that something is going to happen. but again, we have not heard from anybody at the white house that he is going to be fired. rosenstein simply saying that. we don't know, bill, if he is trying to get ahead of the story here or if he is -- sorry, thank you. we do not know if he will actually be fired or if he is trying to get ahead of the news cycle. not sure where all of that stands right now. forgive us, bill, we're in a busy room full of journalists. a lot of people walking back and forth. >> bill: just hang with us a moment here. what rosenstein was saying that it was a remark that was given
7:57 am
out of sarcasm. we don't know the entire context of the remark and how it was delivered and what was said in return. what has the white house said over his reaction? did you pick up much from that over the weekend? >> you know, again, there are two camps here. a camp that is saying if this is true, then rosenstein should go. when i first heard the news last week i thought he was a dead man walking. rosenstein has issued categorical denials to all of this. the white house staff right now, the senior people around the president are saying let's give him the benefit of the doubt. so perhaps what could be going on right now. we haven't been able to get in touch with anybody at the white house to confirm what is going to happen, maybe he is coming over to have a very frank conversation with general kelly about everything. but again rosenstein putting out this idea that he is expecting to be fired maybe trying to stave off a firing? maybe trying to get ahead of it?
7:58 am
unclear at this point. >> bill: stand by at the u.n. >> sandra: catherine herridge, what can you tell us? >> i just spoke to a source who is close to the president's legal team and they've told me that their understanding of the situation is very much in line with axios that broke this reporting. they say they believe that rod rosenstein verbally offered his resignation to the present chief of staff john kelly but they are seeking independent confirmation themselves. what we have at fox news right now is the deputy attorney general is heading to the white house with a expectation that he will be terminated by the president. i think it's worth noting in an interview you had a short time ago on your show this morning with congressman gaetz. there is another pressure point or leverage point in the discussion. the articles of impeachment. as congressman gaetz said they
7:59 am
had ripened to the point where he and mark meadows who are leading the charge on getting the surveillance documents, said they were prepared to proceed on the articles of impeachment for rosenstein if he did not appear before congress this week. and explained himself over these comments alleging that he was willing or discussed wearing a wire to record the president in may of 2017. and if we could just back up for one second, this week has really brought into focus, this last week, may of 2017 and a series of events that go to the idea that by may of 2017 really there had been a pivot point in the russia investigation into an obstruction investigation into the president over the firing of director comey. and that really is also at the heart of the "new york times" reporting from friday which has brought us to today. >> bill: a couple of things. gaetz was setting here 30 minutes ago and talking about the impeachment and asked whether or not he would get the
8:00 am
votes. he did not have an answer. whether you have enough support in the house to do it is another thing. did they have support? >> i don't want to speculate. they got the votes they needed for this resolution against rod rosenstein. there is a certain amount of people feeling very deflated with the decision by the president to backtrack on the declassification of these records. but congressman gaetz said that was another threat or big stick they were holding over the situation with rosenstein. >> bill: rosenstein's boss is jeff sessions, right? >> correct. >> bill: whether rosenstein resigns or whether he is fired or whether his resignation is accepted, put that on the back burner for now. if he is no longer at the department of justice, what would happen to his job? what happens to the russia matter? how is any of that affected? >> well, what i can say with absolute certainty is that there has been what i'll call a
8:01 am
plan b in the event that rod rosenstein was no longer overseeing the russia investigation in terms of preserving records and the integrity of the special counsel investigation. based on our understanding here at this point it would go to the number three or solicitor general at the justice department. i don't want to go too far. there are so many moving pieces. we want to first stay focused whether the deputy attorney general has verbally resigned and extended that to the chief of staff at the white house, or whether his expectation is that he will be fired this morning. >> bill: understood. thank you, catherine. coming back to you in a moment. >> sandra: our understanding is that rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general at the justice department is heading to the white house expected to be fired. we do not know -- not yet know if he has chosen to resign, but what we do know is the expectation is that he will be fired and this is in the wake
8:02 am
of this report suggesting in which he suggested wearing a wire against president trump and invoking the 25th amendment to remove him from office. just to let you know how rosenstein did immediately respond to that, he called "the new york times" report inaccurate, factually incorrect. said he wouldn't even further comment on a story based on anonymous sources. he finalized that statement by saying let me be clear, based on my personal dealings with the president there is no basis to invoke the 25th amendment. >> bill: that from rosenstein. brit hume is with us now in washington, d.c. trying to piece it together, brit, slowly, not trying to get ahead of this. what is our best guess right now as the slow commute happens toward the white house and west wing? >> i don't see a lot of point in guessing. it will be up to the president and rosenstein in their meeting. we've been all given to understand while rosenstein had a rocky relationship with the president who didn't trust him
8:03 am
for quite a long time, that in more recent sometimes that relationship has dramatically improved and the president has spoken warmly. it will come if he believes rosenstein was working against him or not. we need to clarify this. our reporting at fox news as of friday night was that rosenstein said this about wearing a wire as a sarcastic rebuttal to criticism from others, including andrew mccabe, whose attitude towards mr. trump we're all aware of, who was suggesting he wasn't being tough enough on the president. it was in the manner, what do you want me to do, wear a wire? it is being talked about it was a joke. it was not a joke, it was a sarcastic response to criticism he wasn't being tough enough on the president. if the president believes it, i
8:04 am
gotcha. the 25th amendment and rosenstein as denial he is denied he is presently thinking that way. not on the subject whether he talked about it before. >> sandra: he is on his way to the white house. we don't know yet what's going to happen. in an interview with geraldo over the weekend we'll see what will happen. >> we'll see. we heard a lot of we'll sees before our former secretary of state was gone. >> brit, a little more from john roberts reading this off the email. rosenstein not expected to be fired. he is expecting to be fired. got it. okay. >> thinks he may be fired. >> you see through it now. what happens within d.o.j. catherine herridge is trying to be careful not to get ahead of this and rightfully so. what is the impact within that department? jeff sessions has been criticized almost on a weekly
8:05 am
basis by the commander-in-chief. >> he certainly has. the question then becomes who would take over supervision of the mueller investigation? they would have to get -- the job of deputy attorney general can't remain unfilled for any period of time in the midst of all this. i believe it requires senate confirmation. i'm quite sure it does. and i'm not sure whether the president feels that he could get somebody confirmed in this climate. this is about as poisonous as it gets now. as a technical matter in the chain of command as catherine pointed out the number three is the solicitor general. he is really not a line officer in terms of the administration of the department. that would be odd. now, there would be another -- some other next in line. several assistant attorneys general who could be acting but that's not what you would call a desirable situation when you have as weighty a matter as the
8:06 am
mueller investigation under the supervision of the deputy because the attorney general is recused. >> sandra: you have the president at the u.n. this unfolding with the deputy a.g. at the justice department, rod rosenstein. brett kavanaugh on capitol hill in a hearing with his accuser on thursday. this is monday morning. a long way to go still. >> you know, the person i think about at such times is john roberts. can you imagine? i covered the white house for eight years back in the bush and first term of the clinton administration and i thought things were newsy back then. this is like trying to drink water out of a fire hose every day. think -- he has to feel hot grounders over there all the time. i have the most and greatest respect and sympathy for john. he has done a great job but can you imagine what it would be like down there with all this stuff flying around. >> sandra: people walking in front of his tv camera a few minutes ago. >> bill: if the president is in new york and if he is fired,
8:07 am
who does that? is that john kelly? >> the firing? well, you mean the firing of rosenstein? that would come out of this meeting today presumably. the president say he wants to think it over and if he says we'll see, look out. >> bill: we have john roberts on the phone at the u.n. and getting back to john and catherine herridge is live in washington what more do you have now? >> we're still where we were earlier, bill. which is that we have one piece of information from a legal source close to the president's legal team. their understanding is largely consistent with axios that first reported that rosenstein had verbally offered his resignation to the white house chief of staff john kelly but they were seeking further confirmation of that fact. we have our own reporting at fox news which other networks have as well which is that the deputy attorney general is heading over to the white house
8:08 am
where he expects to be fired. further to our conversation earlier about what happens next and how the dominoes fall, based on our understanding it would be the solicitor general, the number three who would step in to overseeing the russia probe. noel francisco is a known legal quantity in washington, d.c. he is seen as conservative and more in line with the president's views on these matters. that would be the likely person to step up on the russia probe. then also to emphasize that in the summer what we understood is that there really were plans in place in the event that rod rosenstein was no longer overseeing the russia probe to maintain if you will the integrity of the russia case if he was no longer going to be the point person within the justice department. finally, i would say here that -- i think it's important to connect a few dots for people in the last week, we had "the
8:09 am
new york times" reporting this allegation that he discussed whether sarcastically or in jest wearing a wire and the 25th amendment. if you peel that back a bit what you see in the "new york times" reporting and also the "washington post" reporting and also our reporting about a week ago here at fox news channel that by may of 2017 the discussion had shifted in the russia probe from this issue of collusion to largely an obstruction case regarding the president and the firing of director comey. i'm just going to take a phone call that i've been waiting for. maybe you can come back to me in one second. >> bill: absolutely. catherine. we'll cut the microphone there. when roberts comes back we'll get to him. rosenstein is the one, john, he is the one saying he is expecting to be fired. is that as far as we've gotten right now in this story? >> all right, a press conference beginning that john has to pay attention to. we'll hold that. back to john roberts in a
8:10 am
moment. back to catherine herridge. brit, you're still with us, too. when you think that rosenstein, this news popped 25 mifnts ago. he said he is expecting to be fired. what the course of the conservation was we don't know. john sununu is with us. you're listening and we're trying to quarterback this together. take it a step at a time and walk cautiously. what would be your expectation based on the history of the rosenstein, sessions and president trump? >> i know conventional wisdom is saying he will probably be fired. but i would put on the table that there is probably a 25 or 30% chance he doesn't get fired. look, i think the president and his team put it into context the politics of this. i actually think that rosenstein's claim that his statement was a sarcastic rejoinder to mccabe is plausible.
8:11 am
i think if he explains that, there might be a chance that he is kept. but like everyone there, i'm not going to make a prediction. i'm just going to say i don't think it's smart to jump to conclusions at this point. >> sandra: for sure. all we can deal with is what we know. this isn't the first consideration the president has had for possibly firing rod rosenstein. over the weekend when asked about it we'll see. but you go back to april and this consideration was underway after the f.b.i. raids on michael cohen's office. >> yeah. i think the reports of a better relationship in recent weeks is an important part of the analysis. maybe they are just going over there to reestablish going forward ground rules. i really think everybody is jumping to a conclusion that may not be correct, including rosenstein in saying that he thought he was going to the white house to be fired. >> bill: if he were terminated or if he -- if he no longer has
8:12 am
that job, reading from the a.p. now, okay? it would have -- this goes beyond rosenstein, immediate implications for bob mueller's investigation, a possible collaboration between the russia and trump campaign. rosenstein appointed mueller and oversees his investigation. perhaps that's where the story would go in rosenstein is no longer in that job. >> that's the problem for the president. it brings it back to this messy situation where mueller was picked by rosenstein to investigate russian collusion and this thing has drifted all over the place. maybe the president is just going to tell him look, you stay but you bring mueller back to where he is supposed to be and put a bound on this stuff and let's get this thing done quickly. i would not be surprised to put it beyond the president taking advantage of a messy situation to try and rebuild the wall
8:13 am
around this investigation. >> bill: governor, thank you. john sununu on call as you are today on a monday in new hampshire. we'll talk again soon. breaking news continues. >> sandra: a lot of breaking news at the top of the 11:00 hour. rod rosenstein expecting to be fired. we do not know that has or will happen yet. we're waiting on any news to come out of the white house as rosenstein heads there now. the deputy a.g. at the justice department. we'll see what happens next. we'll be right back. hard to bre. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪ go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma. it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma.
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8:17 am
>> sandra: this is a fox news alert. you are looking at a live picture in washington, d.c. right now. we just got word in the last hour that rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general of the d.o.j., is heading to the white house and he is expecting to be fired. no official word yet from the white house on that. all we know is what we can tell you. there have been several reports otherwise suggesting he has already been fired or that he has resigned. all we know is that he is on his way to the white house and he is expecting to be fired. all this coming after these reports indicating that rosenstein had raised the idea of secretly recording the president invoking the constitution to have his cabinet removed from office. catherine herridge is hanging on. everybody is trying to figure
8:18 am
out. >> what we know at fox news is that the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is heading to the white house and based on our sources the expectation is that he does foresee himself being fired. and then the story takes a couple different tracks. one track is the axios reporting that he in effect tendered his resignation verbally with the white house chief of staff john kelly this morning. one of my contacts said that was their understanding but they were seeking additional confirmation before being confident that was in fact the case. that's the thing to watch right now, whether he would be terminated by the white house or in effect he offers his resignation. i was just on the phone in the last few minutes and one of my contacts had been very much involved in some very vigorous discussions over the weekend with the white house and others about the future, the fate of
8:19 am
rod rosenstein and this morning's developments took them by surprise. the recommendation of a number of republicans had been that if the president were to fire rod rosenstein, this was a move that should not happen until after the mid-term elections for reasons that i think probably seem self-evident given the current news climate and also the potential fallout over the russia investigation. the other thing that i want to just mention to folks is that based on our reporting the next in line would technically be the solicitor general, noel francisco, someone who is seen to have conservative credentials and in line in the thinking of president trump on the russia matter but it would be possible that a deputy could be put into that position of overseeing the russia probe. but they would have to have -- they would have to be senate confirmed in that position. so a lot of moving parts but in
8:20 am
the next coming hours we'll know one way or the other what the future looks like for the deputy attorney general. >> sandra: i want to squeeze this in here. the president speaking about jeff sessions and rod rosenstein over the weekend. >> president trump: he was hired by jeff sessions. i was not involved in that process because, you know, they go out and get their own deputies and people that work in the department. very early, we just read the reports very shortly, various reports that came out and have been coming out. and we will make a determination and i'm sure you'll be very early on as to those that know. >> sandra: now rod rosenstein is on his way to the white house as we understand it. >> that's right. the thinking among some senior republicans on capitol hill was that if the president were to make a move in terms of terminating rosenstein or the attorney general, it would come
8:21 am
after the mid-term elections for reasons of politics. i'm looking at my phone again. i'm going to grab it. >> bill: getting a few more things here. jeff sessions in route back to washington, d.c. mike pompeo at a press conference in new york. the u.n. is kicking off in a big way today, tomorrow, wednesday along with nikki haley and john bolton. he was asked by john roberts for comments on rosenstein. he referred all those questions to the white house. not a whole lot of commentary coming out of new york on that. we'll get a break here. andrew napolitano has been listening to all of this and will frame it in a way that we can understand coming up after the break right after this. hi i'm joan lunden.
8:22 am
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8:25 am
we believe rod rosenstein is en route to the white house. he is saying he is expecting to be fired. judge andrew napolitano to talk about this based on what we think we know right now. your read on what you've been listening to. >> federal law requires that the department of justice be run by a person who has been nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate. jeff sessions runs the department of justice except for all things mueller. that means another human being, if rod rosenstein leaves, who has been confirmed by the senate, would be in charge of bob mueller. now the next person down the line as kathryn nicely report is noel francisco, a former clerk to justice scalia, a person very well-known in the federalist society of conservative lawyers in d.c. from which brett kavanaugh has sprung would be the person who would be mueller's boss. but mueller's boss must be a human being confirmed by the
8:26 am
senate. the president perhaps is firing rosenstein and perhaps wants to advance someone to replace him. it is inconceivable that person would be confirmed before the mid-terms. if the democrats advance on their agenda in the congress it's inconceivable that person would be confirmed in 2018. we'll see where it goes. >> bill: if rosenstein is no longer there what happens to the bob mueller matter? >> the person that would be mueller's boss would be the solicitor general. an academic whose job it is to represent the government before the supreme court. noel francisco, a well-regarded washington, d.c. lawyer and former clerk to justice scalia. >> a.p. rights any termination or resignation would have immediate implications to special counsel bob mueller. is that necessarily true? >> no. it is not necessarily true. we don't know if noel francisco would have a hands-off or
8:27 am
hands-on attitude. we don't know. >> bill: it had been reported also that the president thought about firing rosenstein when michael cohen was picked up by the feds here in new york. >> sandra: yes, the president blamed rod rosenstein for the series of f.b.i. raids. it turns out that rosenstein did sign off on those raids, did not tell the president and the president was furious. but since then, rod rosenstein and the president have had numerous meetings, including one last friday in which rosenstein talked the president out of the immediate release of the fisa documents pointing out to him other statutes that required that those documents be kept secret as well as the wishes of allies particularly great britain that was involved in that time wanting to keep documents secret. >> bill: house republicans want the information out there. trey gowdy, matt gaetz and others. >> bob goodlatte said he would subpoena the stuff. >> bill: the waters run deep in
8:28 am
washington, d.c. rod rosenstein was in the room for the hearing of brett kavanaugh two weeks ago on camera patting him on the back during one of the breaks of that testimony. >> he played a significant role in helping to select brett kavanaugh and to prepare him for his confirmation hearings. this is all before the sexual allegations came out. >> bill: rod rosenstein signed off on the fourth approval of the fisa warrant to survey carter page. he signed off number four. >> the first one is sally yates and jim comey. november of 2016. donald trump is not the president yet. on the basis what they got from carter page there was a second and third signed off by the same people. sally yates, loretta lynch's number two. jim comey running the f.b.i. donald trump is sworn in as president. the same people that surveilled
8:29 am
carter page in november 2016 won another warrant to surveil him. they go to rod rosenstein without telling the president. the president himself could be the subject of this surveillance. signs off. >> bill: i mention the waters run deep. we need a flow chart to follow all this. all these people are intertwined with the stories we talk about. the story late on friday in early of 2017, rosenstein made a crack about wearing a wire or trying to figure out how you can get answers from the president. now, it's been characterized as if that was some sarcastic or smart aleck comment like what do you want me to do, wear a wire? >> correct. >> bill: those in support of the president suggested it was a comment designed to get him kicked out of office. not knowing the context it's a hard thing to figure out was it a, b or something else. >> we're talking about may of 2017. we're talking about 17 months
8:30 am
ago. rod rosenstein was understandably animated in a negative way when he was ordered by the president to come up with reasons to justify firing jim comey. he gave a shabby and hastely prepared memo to the present that he interpreted and wrote for the president's eyes only. when the president published that memo rosenstein was humiliated in the legal community. it is not a document that was written that shows the thinking of the number two person. >> bill: in your judgment if you're the president you don't believe this guy has your best interest at heart, why keep him? >> donald trump has wrestled with that for almost two years. president trump nominated rod rosenstein and the senate confirmed rod rosenstein just a few weeks after it confirmed jeff sessions. he nominated rosenstein at the request of jeff sessions who wanted an old, experienced d.o.j. hand, a person whose career had been spent in the
8:31 am
d.o.j. to be his chief operating officer and that's what he got. >> bill: i have to run. i want to put a big important bow on this. if rod rosenstein doesn't have a job at the end of the day the mueller matter could continue as is, correct? >> it will continue as is. bob mueller would just have a different boss. >> bill: back over to sandra. >> sandra: more on this breaking news out of a rainy washington, d.c. deputy attorney general on his way to the white house. he is expecting to be firing days after a report in the "new york times" that rosenstein discussed wearing a wire when talking to president trump.
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> sandra: the latest for you on rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general at the d.o.j. heading to the white house for a little bit now. we have not seen him arrive. he is expected to be heading to the white house and he is expecting to be fired. that is according to our own john roberts. he joins us now after a news conference just wrapped up there. what can you tell us now?
8:35 am
>> sandra, let's be very specific about the language. rod rosenstein is not going to the white house which is expected to fire him. rod rosenstein has told people he is going to the white house quote, expecting to be fired. these are words from rod rosenstein, expecting what will happen in the wake of the story last week that apparently he was trying to get approval for the 25th amendment removal of the president. we heard from mike pompeo and nikki haley. both said they were in a lot of high-level meetings with a lot of people and never heard any talk about anybody trying to use the 25th amendment to get rid of the president. mike pompeo even going so far as to say never heard anybody talk about it or discussion about it or anybody even joke about it. there is word out there that rod rosenstein sarcastically said you want me to wear a wire?
8:36 am
we're not sure exactly what happened here. we have a report he was trying to get people to support him in a 25th amendment removal of the president and we have rod rosenstein categorically denying all of this. the only thing we know at the moment is he is at the white house for a very high-level meeting and staff at the white house is working on something regarding this meeting that we are going to hear soon. as to exactly what's going on, sandra, we don't know. it could be when you look at the language that rosenstein used when he was going over white house expecting to be fired, that maybe he was trying to get ahead of the story saying i'm not going to resign. you'll have to fire me if you want to get rid of me. he could also be testing the waters telling people in congress i'm expecting to be fired and seeing if there is instant reaction to that. all of this very fluid right now. expect we'll probably get clarity about it within the next 60 minutes. at the moment the only people who know what's going on is rod rosenstein and the chief of
8:37 am
staff john kelly. and people at the white house who are here at the u.n. who aren't saying anything. >> sandra: you've been able to fire off a question to the president's team and no response from them at the u.n. yet. >> at the beginning of the press conference with secretary pompeo, ambassador haley and john bolton, i know it's not in your wheel house but you spent all morning with the president. do you know what's going on with the deputy attorney general? secretary pompeo said he would leave it to the white house. nothing from them but strong denials from haley and pompeo that there was any action being taken or suggestions of action being taken under the 25th amendment last year to remove the president. >> sandra: i'm sure we'll hear more from you coming up in a few minutes. the takeaway from that, maybe a statement soon from the white house. let's bring in john sununu former white house chief of staff. you can only sort of imagine what is going on in that white
8:38 am
house as we're told that rod rosenstein is making his way there now. >> that's what chiefs of staff are for and general kelly is going to meet with the deputy attorney general. look, if anyone asks me for a recommendation of what the president would do i would tell him right now the chief of staff should try and set guidelines with rosenstein on how things go forward and they should arrange to have a phone call at 7:00 in the morning and 7:00 in the evening every night from here on in planning the day and reviewing the day. and i think in the long run the president would be better off taking control of the process than creating chaos and having him fired. >> sandra: what do you think of the distinction john roberts is making in his reporting. >> very important. >> sandra: he is at the u.n. where the president is. we look back at washington where rod rosenstein is heading to the white house expecting to
8:39 am
be fired. he has been called to the white house. he says he is expecting to be fired. the white house has not put out any indication that they are expecting to fire him. this sounds like we're getting this from rosenstein. >> i think that's correct and that's why i suggest that the scenario i just put forward is a possibility. something like that. i think the president would be better off having a rod rosenstein in office with some feedback and controls and understanding of how the process will move forward than putting a new person in there and having to survive the political firestorm that would occur. >> sandra: of course, the big challenge right now is to try to understand if he were to be fired, then what happens with the control and the oversight of the mueller investigation? >> well, i think judge napolitano was correct on it. this is not going to affect the
8:40 am
investigation. people will try to exploit it as having -- being part of undermining the investigation. the process there is entrenched, the personnel are in place. it will go forward under whatever new scenario would occur if rosenstein were removed. >> sandra: while this is going on with rod rosenstein as we await to see what happens here if he is on his way to the white house, the president at the u.n. this week and, of course, the hearing for the president's pick for the supreme court, judge brett kavanaugh, that hearing will take place on thursday. we're already off to a pretty wild week, governor. >> they're driving awfully slowly from justice department over to the white house, aren't they? >> sandra: yeah. so you know this job very well that john kelly has. >> right. >> sandra: he has an enormous job to do and not the first time there has been a discussion about the possibility of rod rosenstein being fired. you go back five or six months
8:41 am
ago in april and the r.b.i. raids on michael cohen's office where we had this discussion previously. >> again the interesting thing to me is the reports. they seem to be confirmed reports, that the president and rosenstein have been meeting often, more often than before and seem to have developed a worng relationship. that's an asset they out to try to preserve than go through a political firestorm. that is the smart move from the white house. >> sandra: there has been plenty of time to guess, speculate, predict, talk about this. we were told he was on his way to the white house and told he is expecting to be fired when he goes to the white house. we're still sort of awaiting his arrival at the white house. we've got the live cameras up in washington, d.c. and watching as this news unfolds. former chief of staff and
8:42 am
governor john sununu, thank you very much for joining us. >> bill: in the meantime the president continues his tour here in new york city of the united nations. it will be a significant three days for the president singling out countries like iran. that will happen on wednesday when he shares the u.n. security council meeting and the observers at the u.n. believe that will be the most-watched security council meeting ever. they're probably right about that. tomorrow in this time slot the president delivers his keynote speech. he speaks number three, that's the typical order for the u.n. every year. the comments a little bit of information from the white house and nikki haley and john bolton and mike pompeo suggesting how the president will lay out how he sees america's role in the world and here at home. so that will happen at this hour tomorrow. but for today we're dealing with the rosenstein matter and what will come of this. we await more news from the white house and also the traveling press corps here in
8:43 am
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>> bill: want to bring catherine herridge back in from washington we're watching the driveway at the white house. here is trey gowdy from over the weekend in reference to rod rosenstein and the article that broke late on friday just so our viewers are aware, "new york times" story suggesting that rod rosenstein said what do you want me to do, wear a wire? the context is difficult to ascertain but here is how gowdy reacted to it. >> i'm sure the president will bring rod in and you feel the need to wear a wire when you are talking to me, why are you serving in my administration? it may be that rod says mr. president, none of that happened. we won't know that until we see the mccabe memo. >> bill: the mccabe memos. when do we see those, if ever? >> well, members of congress have been trying to get the mccabe memos released since about the spring of this year and based on our reporting they
8:47 am
were told a couple months ago by the deputy attorney general and others they would not see these memos because of classified information and the needed secrecy surrounding special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. the mccabe memos were a series of memos drafted by the deputy attorney general andrew mccabe and they memorialized conversations with comey. comey was documenting meetings with the president and have a debrief with mccabe. what we know from our reporting and the reporting of the "new york times" that broke the story at the end of last week that these memos also documented meetings after comey was fired and what "the new york times" alleged was a comment made by rosenstein about the 25th amendment and wiring the president. the deputy attorney general, bill, indicated that this was a sarcastic comment and that he
8:48 am
never seriously discussed this option. but i would note for folks that in the summer when fox news did reporting on alleged threats made by rosenstein against house congressional investigators over seeking the russia records, there was they said a threat by rosenstein to subpoena their records and the explanation we had from the justice department was similar to what we heard with "the new york times." it was misunderstood and it was out of context and that was not a serious comment. >> bill: lindsey graham from sunday. "fox news sunday" and chris wallace. watch here. >> during the campaign, it's clearly the department of justice, f.b.i. was tipping the scales for clinton. this revelation after president trump was sworn in shows they were trying to undermine the election. there is a bureaucratic coup going on at the department of justice and somebody needs to look at it. >> bill: the bureaucratic coup
8:49 am
is defined how with rod rosenstein? >> i can't speak for the senator but i would term it this way. what in effect is a soft coup. an allegation that members of the bureaucracies were working in a concerted way against the president. if i have a minute we just had a statement from andrew mccabe, this is the author of the mccabe memos, and it's commenting on what has been happening throughout the morning. and that statement reads there is nothing more important to the integrity of law enforcement and the rule of law than protecting the investigation of special counsel mueller. i sacrificed personally and professionally to help with the investigation on the proper course and subsequently made every effort to protect it. i had no role in providing information of any kind to the media stories about events following director comey's firing, the reference to the "new york times." if the rumors of deputy attorney general rosenstein's departure are concerned i'm concerned it will
8:50 am
put the investigation at risk. >> bill: when you get more, come back. more on this, right? >> sandra: breaking news out of washington deputy attorney general rod rosenstein either on his way to or currently at the white house. we're expecting to hear something on this soon whether or not he is expecting to be fired. we'll have more when we come back. brand new car and totals it. and as if that wasn't bad enough, now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ with pro-skin technology. for two times faster absorption. so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh
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>> you can bet the president will have well-deserved strong words for the iranian regime. one of the worst violators of u.n. security council resolutions. he will call on every country to join our pressure campaign to thwart iran's global torrent of destructive activity. >> sandra: secretary of state mike pompeo moments ago in new
8:54 am
york. iran a hot topic at the u.n. this week. joining us is israeli ambassador to the u.n. danny danon. huge week. a struggle to get here. thanks for coming over. what can you tell us about the president on iran this week? this is a big focus for this administration. >> the spotlight on the u.n. general assembly will be on iran starting tomorrow morning when president trump addressed the general assembly and tell the member states the they're the cause of instability not only in iraq, syria, lebanon, gaza, they sponsor trims around the world and encourage other countries to join the u.s. and apply for sanctions on iran. it is working. look what's happening in iran today. demonstrating and riots because the sanctions are effective. president netanyahu will come and speak in the general assembly on thursday and also focus on the threat coming from iran and we are worried about them sending missiles to syria,
8:55 am
about them sending gps guided rockets to syria. something that we're concerned about. >> sandra: expect strong words from the president. ambassador, do you expect he will meet with rouhani? we don't know if that will happen. mike pompeo clearly saying don't rule it out but the onus is on rohany to reach out. >> i know the sanctions are working. they're blaming the u.s. and israel what happened a few days ago in iran. we were not involved in that obviously. iranians are under pressure and they will come here and see the pressure coming not only from the u.s. but other countries canceling contracts. their economy is in a crisis. in november there will be a new set of sanctions against iran. >> sandra: the president's policies are working? >> absolutely. he will be respected at the u.n. he came last year and we saw the change at the u.n. a year after in ambassador haley doing a great job for the u.s. and we see the change in the whole of
8:56 am
the u.n. >> sandra: we'll hear more from them this week. i see a lot more from the president as well. thank you for your time this morning and thank you for coming over. bill. >> bill: more on the breaking news out of washington deputy a.g. rod rosenstein either on his way to or at the white house we're hearing. he says he expects to be fired. we're waiting to clear that up. come on back right after this. what, really? craig and shelia broke up!? no, craig!? what happened? i don't know. is she okay? ♪ craig and sheila broke up! craig and sheila!? ♪ as long as office gossip travels fast, you can count on geico saving folks money. craig and sheila broke up! what!? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> how was your weekend? haven't had a chance to say i was the weekend? >> i know you had a lot of golf in your weekend. >> did you hear? >> you got five seconds. >> he's back, not america.
9:00 am
it's been my greatest time. the conversation will continue. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert for you now, big questions about the status of the number two at the justice department as a source tells fox news that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is on his way to the white house. if this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today of course, harris faulkner. most of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. fox news contributor jessica tarlov and joining us on the couch today, the editor in chief of "the daily caller" news foundation, christopher bedford. you have picked a very busy day. let's get right to it. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein as reportedly arrived at the white house amid a "new york times" report on friday. if the article reporting that


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