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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 29, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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jeff flake, senator coons and rod rosenstein. that conversation was had before the big announcement. rosenstein said they could do the investigation in a week but they would not learn more than we know. shannon bream and the fox news might team up next. shannon: brett kavanaugh makes it out of the senate judiciary committee as donald trump calls for an fbi investigation and latebreaking news, maybe holding back. delay for the weekend, brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court takes a big step forward but also facing a delay as donald trump orders the fbi to conduct an investigation because of a last-minute condition set by republican jeff flake. we talk to a former doj prosecutor worked closely with the fbi who knows about the
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background check process and tells a what the fbi will or won't be doing next, mitch mcconnell vowing brett kavanaugh's nomination will soon go to a senate vote. and henry with what happens next and but breaking news. >> the times of northwest indiana just posted a story on its website saying joe donnelly, the moderate democrats facing a tough reelection in indiana this morning before this breaking news said he would vote no on brett kavanaugh, he's not telling the local newspaper he will reserve judgment and wait to see what the fbi says and maybe could get to yes. this is a signal of the high-stakes situation going on for the white house, the president ordered the fbi to order a supplement a background check which is a big risk because brett cavanagh himself testified yesterday, this could open the floodgates to more salacious and unverified allegations. on the plus side this could lock in yes votes from moderate democrats like donnelly and
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susan collins and could ultimately get him confirmed. the caveat is he could be confirmed as long as the fbi does not find evidence to corroborate doctor ford's allegations, secondly urging of jeff flake, judiciary committee asking the white house to push forward. the judiciary committee said they want it limited to current credible allegations and it must be completed one week from today, next friday. that does nothing good enough for doctor ford's attorney released a statement praising the senate but adding no artificial limits to time or scope should be imposed on this investigation. that is raising some eyebrows that this is just another delay tactic. doctor ford's team does not run the senate. mitch mcconnell said this is going forward, this could be done quickly.
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market judge says he will cooperate with the fbi. he told the judiciary committee he does not remember anything like what doctor ford said about the incident in which mark judge was allegedly there. five key moderates say they backed this one week fbi probe. of the president does in fact get a favorable report from the fbi and no new evidence brett kavanaugh may see support from those lawmakers right there, jeff flake, susan collins, democrats like joe mannchin and connolly. this was broken by flake in anteroom of the senate judiciary panel. as they were about to vote on the nomination disallow the committee to take one step forward, reporting the nomination of brett kavanaugh with the 11-10 vote that took the cost. >> the fbi, cia and foreign legion. >> i think he showed courage and determination.
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it is my hope and expectation that a report from the fbi will be delivered to judiciary committee members to allow them to inform their vote. >> i will let the senate handle that and they will make the decision. >> that is significant because donald trump was very positive, i am going to stay out of the way about the senate do its process. chuck grassley, what he said about diane feinstein, wasted two and sitting on that original letter from doctor ford, that was valuable time for this investigation to get started. jillian: donald from directing the fbi to dig into brett kavanaugh's background for the seventh time saying i ordered the fbi to conduct an investigation to update judge cavanagh's file, it must be limited in scope and completed in less then one week. prosecutor joseph perino is here to separate fact from fiction
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about how this will work. the fbi, let's talk about this. white house correspondent for bloomberg says a note on what the fbi can or can't do that was wasn't a criminal investigation, they can't subpoena records or force anyone to testify. >> people think this is going to be a csi type affect and the fbi will swoop in and crack the case and vindicate brett kavanaugh or prove these allegations true. it is none of the above. and these are still confidential. it is a hybrid, not a background investigation but a criminal investigation. no subpoena authority. they can ask statements.
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there is no forensic evidence, no electronic evidence so they are going to be limited to have a dozen people. >> named by doctor ford in the allegations about the party, everyone has a greenh statement willing to participate with law enforcement and answer these questions. the fbi won't of its own determination about the truthfulness. investigators will conduct interviews and pass them on to the senate. is that going to be more of the same. >> i'm being nominated for some condition, they talk to my childhood friend and say he committed this act back then, they might talk to other people to see who else heard this but they won't try to prove or disprove if it happened.
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whether or not you think this is credible and what to do with it. >> many witnesses were named, it three days. what about a 1-week time frame. and is that doable? >> we talk about half a dozen people. whether or not -- is that another question entirely, very little be gained by this investigation. and and it is unlikely they will add much to this process. it is very unlikely whatever they find will be rejected by the minority. >> lying to a federal agent, big problem. all right, either way, multiple times under oath.
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very interesting and helpful. a lot of twists and turns today on the brett cavanagh nomination turn out the window with the announcement of another fbi probe. chad program will breakdown the next step by the numbers. >> reporter: senate action on the nomination of brett kavanaugh started like this. >> he moved to pursue executive section to calendar 11-27. all in favor say aye. >> all oppose no? the eyes appear to have it. >> reporter: the senate is a week from a confirmation vote on brett kavanaugh. the senate is debating the nomination. despite the delay, mitch mcconnell forged an agreement with democrats a little early. the original plan had the senate getting the nomination from the committee and waiting over the nomination to get debate on brett kavanaugh but the senate won't be this weekend as was the original plan.
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a procedural vote to break a filibuster on monday and there won't be a big confirmation vote tuesday. what is notable about the timetable is what mitch mcconnell didn't do tonight. the republican moved to overcome a filibuster. the process takes four days. on day one you moved to cut out debate, a cloture petition the senate. a full calendar data lapse in between, the next day too. the vote to break the filibuster and end debate occurs on day 3. if the senate votes to crack the filibuster opponent of the nomination are allotted 30 hours to make their last stand. confirmation vote up or down is on day 4. that means we might not have a confirmation vote on brett kavanaugh until next weekend or even as late as the week of october 7th. >> there is growing frustration on the hill at the continual
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roadblocks for brett kavanaugh. one of them thrown up today by retiring gop senator jeff flake. kristin fisher has more on the fallout today. you just can't keep up. >> reporter: this week is so full, i cannot believe this is happening, moments. this is one of those moments. everyone was waiting to see how jeff flake would vote. at 9:30 he said he would vote yes to confirm brett kavanaugh and even had a statement saying, quote, i wish i could express the confidence my colleagues have made about what either did or did not happen in the early eighth 1980s but i left the hearing with as much doubt. what i know is our system of justice toward presumption of innocence for the accused, absent corroborating evidence. something happened when senator flake was on his way he was confronted in an elevator by two protesters, survivors of sexual
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assault and what happened next was it on live tv. watch this. >> let me what i'm talking to you. you tell me my vote doesn't matter. it doesn't matter and you are going to let people do these things and put them in power. that is what you're telling me when you vote for him. >> reporter: that went on for four minutes. by the time he made it to the hearing room he was visibly shaken. an hour and he got up and left. he went into a side room. other senators joint including chris coons and when he returned to the hearing room he dropped this bomb. >> proper to delay the floor vote for up to but not more than one week in order to let the fbi continue to do an investigation limited in time and scope to the current allegations.
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>> reporter: that reversal is being praised by democrats. >> i think he showed courage and determination today. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham who said yesterday any no vote would be legitimizing, quote, the most despicable thing he had ever seen in politics. even he only had kind words for flake. >> jeff is trying his best to bring the country together and vote the best way he knows how. >> reporter: plenty of other republicans are furious. as for how much the elevator incident was a factor in flake's reversal he hasn't said but it certainly had some impact on his decision. >> tough to watch the women who are clearly in pain and him trying to be respectful and such a tough moment with the tv cameras there. that was tough to watch for everybody involved but thanks for covering it.
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let's talk to two reporters who have been covering this hectic crazy historic week on capitol hill, some insider perspective from them. mike emanuel and peter doocy are here, welcome to you both. i will start with you. have you ever seen a week like this on the hill? >> know. it has been a roller coaster ride since some of these allegations against brett kavanaugh started coming out and over the past 24 to 36 hours, nonstop roller coaster of emotion where a lot of republican sources after professor ford testified, they were sick, worried the nomination was going to go south and brett cavanagh comes out fighting and they are feeling good about it and wonder how they will get 50 votes and jeff flake says this morning he is yes but then calls for delay. there has been a lot of panic and bottom line, they think the delay is not the end of the world but some of these moderate
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senators -- shannon: you have seen enormous crowds of protesters, you saw that during the original part of the program, what has that been like this week? >> much bigger crowds of protesters than in any point in the tax reform debate obamacare repealed debate but something else you notice away from these crowds of protesters that are so loud because a lot of bringing whistles which creates quite an irritating sound. everywhere you go while the hearings are on there is nobody in the halls. we will listen and here is to get from place to place but everywhere you go the halls are completely deserted in the common areas like the coffee shop or the cafeteria where there happened to be tv people huddled around watching or reading the closed captioning. shannon: you talked about the fact the senate judiciary
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committee announced a 1-week delay, they went any investigation limited to credible things on the record, allegations and wanted wrapped up by friday. you mentioned how that may buy some boats -- votes. would buy gop votes? anything new? and democrats as well? >> we sensed heartburn from lisa murkowski and susan collins, two of the republican moderates, jeff flake called for the delay so a lot of them are breathing 5 relief. they would like to say to their constituents we have the fbi look at the allegations. there is also some thought that moderate democrats up for reelection in conservative states like joe manchin and heidi heitkamp could get to yes and a political cover to come around and say the fbi looked at it, it was nonpartisan and in the end i decided to vote for his nomination so jeff flake not guaranteeing democratic votes. shannon: the fiery speech from senator graham yesterday in front of brett kavanaugh, we saw him looking down the dais and he
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confirmed he was talking to jeff flake. how are they feeling about each other today? >> i had a chance to ask the senator about that and he said there is no ill will towards jeff flake. he likes the attribute flake has and susan collins has that they take things so seriously. if any republican senators got out of the meeting, like the senator who is retiring holding up the cavanagh nomination and as far as we can tell nobody is willing to air the dirty laundry from the conference room in public yet. shannon: those things have a way of trickling out. thank you for the extra time, great to see you. tonight you have the latest details and the calendar for moving forward but what about
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>> many americans b shannon: many americans believe the brett cavanagh confirmation drama is bringing out the worst in the world of politics, anger growing by the day at an all-time high. let's talk about that with the
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power panel, the author of the upcoming book militant normal and the director of political communication for planned parenthood, welcome to all of you. let's talk about this, a tweet from diane feinstein, ranking member of the committee, judge brett kavanaugh did not reflect impartial temperament or fairness and evenhandedness one would see in a judge. he was aggressive and belligerent, he should not be rewarded with a lifetime supreme court seat. you have been backing him, what is your assessment of her assessment of the performance? >> she wasn't going to be happy, already said she was going to vote against him. we got one step closer to having brett kavanaugh on the supreme court. he is out of committee. it is great news because we heard impassioned testimony on both sides. we ended the day where we started, not even a he said she said.
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she said, nobody else said. everyone else at the scene says i don't remember this party happening. brett kavanaugh, her close friend leland saying i don't even think i know him even though she supportive of her friend i don't remember this at all. that is a problem when talking about making someone's reputation stand or fall on uncorroborated allegations. most americans agree with that. we did some polling overnight, looks at arizona where senator flake is, strong polling, thought that brett kavanaugh should be conference but look at west virginia 30 points, that has gone up from a high but a 30 point difference is a big deal and that holds strong for independents and women as well. red state democrat in north dakota, strong support. shannon: and fbi investigation
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the left has been asking for, now carried out next weekend we will see what the results are and what the vote turns out to be. the confirmation jeff flake faced, talk about how uncomfortable this is for everybody involved, tell me again why we shouldn't confront republicans where they eat, sleep and work until they stop being complicit in the destruction of our democracy? is that the most effective way? people think that is what changed jeff flake's mind how to proceed. >> one thing is clear, across the country this is resonating with them, they are speaking out loud and clear this is not someone they went to see on the supreme court of the united states or that they trust to protect our rights for decades to come. thursday we saw a woman who was strong, brave, telling her story and then we saw somebody who is
12:24 am
supposed to be a fair and impartial jurist come out combative and disrespectful to the senators. i don't know how brett kavanaugh can come out of this with his credibility intact and i don't know how he can be confirmed to the supreme court after what we saw thursday without a serious threat to the integrity of the institution. >> it is the threat to his credibility what he is confirmed or not that had him so fired up yesterday. senator blumenthal weighing in, democratic member of the committee, says i appreciate senator flake's need to know more, the push for the fbi investigation, i support the call for an fbi investigation which has to be real and penetrating, not a show or a charade. this nomination is too important to rush the vote without a full, fair, independent inquiry. putting a 1-week time limit on this, senator chuck grassley who chairs the committee, do you think there is any investigation that will be done that democrats will say okay, good enough, now i have everything i need to know? >> i don't think anything will
12:25 am
ever please the hero of the day, senator blumenthal. the guy is a human clown show. i'm still trying to get my head around the idea that judges are supposed to be nice and friendly because i go in front of judges for a living and i wish somebody would tell them that because that is not how it works. justice brett kavanaugh was righteously furious at this disgusting and disgraceful assault on the life he has built and his family. i frankly thought he held back. if it had been me you would have heard a scream of profanity that would have made a sailor blush. shannon: not sure that would have gone over well. he was very emotional. we all anticipated, doctor ford was filled with emotion talking about these things but then we got tears, anger, a little of everything in the afternoon from brett cavanagh. do you think he crossed the line in talking over some of the
12:26 am
senators and pushing back to them? >> know, i figure was natural, someone whose lifelong career, one of the most respected jurists on the bench being challenged i uncorroborated allegations. the senators were not exactly treating him with respect. at one point he did apologize for pushing back a little bit. the most touching moments that brought a lot of tears to people's eyes were when he talked about praying for doctor ford. he said repeatedly i bear her no ill will. what we saw coming out in the testimony was seemed more like she clearly has suffered a great deal, she admitted being manipulated by the democrats, by her lawyers and that was discouraging to see. i think brett kavanaugh showed a lot of respect and sympathy for her while being forced to defend his name and defend it strongly.
12:27 am
shannon: if we could keep this moving, planned parenthood said senators have evidence that brett kavanaugh would dismantle the constitutional rights to safe legal abortion, able to confirm brett kavanaugh to the supreme court is a vote against the right to safe, legal abortion. how much is it about abortion more than anything else? >> coming into this, this is brett kavanaugh's job interview. we get to decide about the rights and future for us and our generation to come. coming into this, he absolutely would not protect the constitutional right to have an abortion. he already old against access to birth control and after watching him thursday i don't even though i could trust that i could have him the impartial. he went on a rant about partisan conspiracy theories. this is not somebody i think has the temperament to sit in the highest court of the land. shannon: there are factual issues we would talk about with
12:28 am
respect, what erica said about how he voted, how he ruled for different clients but i will give you a final word. >> it is perfectly legitimate to look at his judicial philosophy and someone for planned parenthood is going to oppose someone who will stand up strongly for the first amendment, religious freedom, against, for the right to keep and bear arms. i get that and that is a fair reason to vote against them but to trash his reputation with this slimy, despicable, constant soon army of ridiculous claims and attacks, everything from this avenatti business to this poor troubled woman's questionable accusation. it is too much. it is intolerable which means we can't tolerate it. confirm brett kavanaugh. shannon: it was good we heard from both sides under oath before the senate, now we wait
12:29 am
for the fbi to see what happens. thank you all very much for your time tonight. midterm elections around the corner. brett cavanagh's confirmation battling up the left and the right or both? who will be most motivated to show up at the polls? juan williams is live to weigh in. the evangelical vote and criticism they are willing to do anything the president once. is that fair? pastor robert jeffers is there, stick around. ndly packaging for restaurants. and we've grown substantially. so i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. that's right, $36,000. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. my unlimited 2% cash back is more than just a perk, it's our healthcare. can i say it? what's in your wallet?
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>> for weeks angry protesters have been flooding capitol hill. today was no exception. let's bring in juan williams, fox news contributor, dr. robert. we're going to start first with juan and come back to you, pastor. what the hell do you have to lose? it stems from this moment when
12:34 am
candidate donald trump directly addressed black voters. >> what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> juan, have you been thinking about it. and you said that's the title to a book. >> shannon, it's so rich in terms of a comment because he was speaking it is so rich because he is speaking to a white audience in michigan. lots of people thought he was appealing to the black community but he wasn't speaking to a black audience, he was speaking to a white audience and he was really saying the black community is dysfunctional and dangerous, lots of violence and potentially people spreading out
12:35 am
into threat to you and presented himself as the hero. i thought it was a very racially tinged comment. shannon: he talked about how he directed outreach and unemployment for african americans is that historic lows. >> i think he scared people. the little bite you played, he said 58% of your youth are unemployed, that is such hyperbole and not true but it was to draw a very desperate picture that would scare people, especially white people. when you ask about anytime race is brought up with donald trump he said look at the unemployment rate, historic low in my administration. he doesn't mention 90% of that reduction came under president obama. shannon: he has been the president for two years, does he get credit for what is happening in the economy now? >> he does, he does get credit
12:36 am
for the continuing growth of the economy, taking us out of the deep recession, no question about that but it is not therefore legitimate to say i did it all. we are seeing records in terms of the number of months of continuous growth in gdp, in most of that took place in the previous demonstration. >> some are not happy with that argument. there are those who think minorities are under threat because of the president's handling of the supreme court because of this new nominee. a headline from the atlantic said the fear driving conservative support for brett kavanaugh, minorities, women lose basic rights, conservatives don't see it that way. we will debate that as we move on. best wishes with the book and we would love to hear what you have to say. >> thanks for having me, appreciate it.
12:37 am
real juan williams. let's turn our focus to evangelical voters, pastor robert jeffers, choosing the extraordinary life, good to have you with us, you know the religious community is taking a lot of heat. we talked about this many times, what looks to be an unflinching support of donald trump because of issues like elect judges, repealing planned parenthood funding, critics say you are willing to allow a lot to get those things done. something from baptist, nearly half of white evangelicals say brett kavanaugh should be confirmed even if sexual assault allegations against him are true, the numbers support claims the ventricle churches are among the least safe places for victims to report physical or sexual abuse. what is your response? >> if there were an actual sexual assault he would be disqualified if for no other
12:38 am
reason then he lied about it but let's be clear what is going on. nobody can watch these hearings yesterday and not be moved with sympathy for the obvious pain doctor ford was in her empathy for the hell brett kavanaugh is going through. there is something bigger at work. evangelicals and conservatives are watching the left destroy the most basic foundation of not only our judicial system but of god's judicial system that dates back to moses and that is the presumption of innocence for the accused. if we ever allow the left to take that from the accused and give it to the accuser we will have chaos. i believe this more today than i did last week, i don't know who is telling the truth in this situation but i know democrats don't care who is telling the truth or they would have had an fbi investigation six weeks ago. they don't care about the truth. all they are trying to do is
12:39 am
delay and derail this nomination and i am afraid by his actions today jeff flake has become a facilitator in a democrat plan to derail the brett cavanagh confirmation. shannon: a lot of people think flake has given cover to a number of people who are red state democrats, senator collins or murkowski who could be on the fence or others who say if you look at the fbi investigation and don't find anything new or more supportive of what doctor ford alleged, he said i don't know if it will change votes but it will make people more comfortable with the process. maybe you do gain a couple votes for the nominee in the process. >> i tweeted this out, it has said 7000 likes, dealing with the left is like dealing with the devil. you gain nothing and lose everything. i can tell you there is not anything to gain from this. not one democrat mind or vote is going to be >> no matter what the moderates
12:40 am
are saying but there's a lot at risk. the longer this goes on the more unsubstantiated allegations you're going to have a there's a point, i don't know what it is, the american people say i can't understand this or sort this out, let's move to the next person. that is the risk that is going on. shannon: people are genuinely fatigued, there is no sleeping because there's underdeveloped if you blinked for 5 minutes. we will track with every step of the way. >> let to give you some hope. can you give us some hope on shannon's show, god is in control. i can guarantee the next supreme court judge is going to be a staunch conservative whether it is brett kavanaugh or somebody else because the president has pledged that and he has 100% success rate in keeping that promise. shannon: thank you, have a great weekend. rod rosenstein not out of the
12:41 am
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shannon: number 2 still on the job but rod rosenstein in the hot seat. tonight some house republicans say they have new support to get rosenstein to the hill for closed-door testimony. mike meadows of the freedom caucus tweeted leadership agreed to call rod rosenstein, he can explain his alleged comments, rosenstein failed to show up, we will subpoena him. no official date is set. the fbi says it is in contact with facebook about another massive security breach, 50 million accounts were reportedly hacked. trace gallagher here to tell us
12:46 am
why you should be concerned. >> facebook says hackers got access to the system by exploiting the view ads feature that you click on to see how your profile looks to the general public and once the hackers got in it allowed them to steal access tokens, digital keys the keep you logged in so you don't have to reenter your password every time you use facebook. the aeschylus tokens then took over people's accounts, 50 million of them. the company says passwords and credit card information was not stolen the things like names, gender and hometowns were taken. the hack gave attackers full control of the accounts meaning if they took over your accounts they could send messages, post pictures and notices as if they were you. facebook held a couple conference calls trying to tempt us down with ceo mark zuckerberg acknowledging there's work to do. we are continuing to improve our defenses and think this also
12:47 am
wonderscores constant attacks from people trying to take over accounts or steal information from people in our community. zuckerberg went on to say there is no indication who is behind the attack or if it could be a state sponsor. earlier this year facebook was hacked by cambridge analytica a which still rod data from 87 million facebook users. after that attack zuckerberg was called before congress. this time facebook says it is working with fbi on better security sites. along with 50 million users who were hacked facebook has reset access codes to an additional 40 million so in all, 90 million people will have to log back into their accounts before using. shannon: hillary clinton on the campaign trail getting involved in a high profile race in a real
12:48 am
news roundup, plus making a new guest appearance on a sitcom reboot. >> email, i do have some experience with email. shannon: the democratic governor of the golden state, two immigration bills backed by his own party, details ahead.
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>> former president obama going after president trump yet again on the world stage. that story shannon: former president obama going after donald trump on the world stage. obama addressing business leaders in finland offering a bleak picture of american and global politics. >> they have been turning to strong men who will make an argument for them everything will be okay as long as you follow me. the problem is those people are
12:53 am
immigrants or those people are from other countries or what have you. shannon: hillary clinton making a surprise cameo on cbs's reboot of murphy brown, making a joke how familiar she is with email issues, she plans to campaign for gubernatorial candidate andrew gillam at the end of the month. the reaction next. bill corbin saying even hillary voters don't want to see or hear from her again. california democratic governor, two bills backed by members of his own party on some hot immigration issues. in los angeles, more on the governor made the break. >> reporter: this was a bridge too far even governor jerry brown who named california a sanctuary state. he vetoed two bills giving illegal immigrants more rights. one would allow them to serve on state boards and commissions. he said, quote, i believe
12:54 am
existing law which requires citizenship is the better path. the bill's sponsor disagreed saying californians should be judged on experience and merit, not legal status. brown also vetoed a bill stopping ice from arresting criminal aliens saying, quote, i support the underlying intent of this measure but i'm concerned it may have unintended consequences. a dozen cities rebelled against the sanctuary state law which he defended earlier this year. >> a lot of politics on all sides. i tried to carve a path down the middle to respect our border and or law. >> reporter: the big picture, california remains a friendly stay for illegal immigrants, provides drivers licenses, does not impound the cars of those who drive without insurance and
12:55 am
grants professional license to those regardless of legal status. illegal immigrants qualify for in-state house tuition and state-funded medical care. on immigration the state shields immigrants from deportation and provides many with the state-funded -- the bottom line illegal immigrants are not without political advantages. shannon: time for our midnight hero, jeffrey jones, walmart manager in north carolina who went above and beyond to help those in need. a customer entered jeffrey app store, $50 in her hand, she was going to buy supplies for hurricane florence victims, the carolinas are struggling, jeffrey heard what she was doing, he went and filled carts with $1200 worth of clothing and food and paid for all of it out of his own pocket. shelley and jeffrey ended up helping more than 400 families
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think. good night from washington. sean hannity is next. >> sean: judge kavanaugh's nomination did just pass its first hurdle today. it cleared the senate judiciary committee on a party line vote. but tonight everything is literally hanging in the balance. i'm going to explain in detail what is really going on here. there's a lot more than meets the guy. we'll break it all down in the course of this hour. but first judge kavanaugh's nomination will remain in limbo for the next few days as republican senator jeff flake caved to pressure from the left and called for an fbi investigation at the last minute to check professor ford's accusations. lisa murkowski and senator susan collins, they all


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