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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 2, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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if he is your next senator, he will have no more problems. he is a doer. so i'm very proud of you, man. great job. and i hear you are doing well and i'm proud. also here with us are members of the mississippi congressional delegation. in fact, i'm going there with the delegation, i will be there tonight. people say, where do you get this energy? you know where i get it? i love doing it. actually. if you like doing it is easy. if you don't like doing it, it's not so good. senator cindy hyde-smith. thank you, cindy. i hear you are doing really well. a man who always does well is senator roger wicker. roger, he's been a great friend of mine from the beginning. and representative greg harper.
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thanks, greg. [applause] this is really an incredible time for our nation. we are respected again. we are respected again, like we haven't been respected in many, many decades. we have the best economy and our history. the stock market today just hit another record high. that is -- i think 103 times since i've been president that we've hit a new high. and hopefully next year at this time we will hit many more. but that's not a bad number, right? up to 103, and if i'm off just a little bit, like 102, it will be headlines. trump exaggerated. that's why i always say, i think. with republican congress, we got 4 million new jobs since election day and lifted 4 million americans off of food
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stamps. those are tremendous numbers. [applause] jobless claims are at a 50 year low, and the stock market as i just said is at an all-time high today. african-american, hispanic-american and asian american unemployment rates have all recently achieved their lowest levels ever recorded. and that's pretty good. [applause] that's a very hard sound bite to beat, if you are the opponent of trump. when you say, highest, best numbers we've ever had. and we have created over 50,000 new jobs in the electrical contracting, and that's pretty good. and it's going way up. it's going up very fast.
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and just remember this, and america's economic revival would not be possible without the men and women in this room. it would not be possible. i built so much, i've done so much business with you. i watch the things that you've done and it's incredible. we are truly grateful to our electricians, our wire men, linemen, engineers, technicians, journeymen, contractors, and apprentices. i love that word. that's a great word. [applause] i love that word! you know, i did that show 14 seasons and then i left. they wanted to sign me for three more seasons. i said, no, i'm going to run for president. so they replaced me with a big, big movie star. and that didn't last very well.
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it was gone quickly, but i love that name. the apprentice. to keep the engine of america and prosperity running full speed ahead. we are also fixing decades of disastrous trade deals that have plundered our factories and stolen our wealth and our jobs. what has happened here over the last 20 or 25 years, and more, is horrible. we are changing it all. we have added 400,000 new manufacturing jobs since the election, and that number very shortly will be up, david, to 640,000. big things are happening currently. [applause] and if you remember the past administration said, those are jobs that you are not going to be adding. you are going to need a magic wand. do you remember that? there was no magic wand, it was good policy and other things. we are in the midst of a
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manufacturing renaissance, something which nobody thought you would hear, which means more jobs for our great electrical contractors. yesterday, we made history by announcing an incredible brand-new trade deal to replace the horrible nafta deal that drained our country of jobs and companies. as i have said many times, nafta was one of the worst trade deals ever made in any country at any time, and now we have a great trade deal and we have a deal that's also good for mexico and good for canada. we have a good partnership with the three and it worked out. it all worked out. [applause] as you probably noticed, and read and saw her, they were little tough negotiations but it all worked out.
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and now we are on the right track. and now we are looking at china and other countries and straightening out so of those horrible deals that stole our wealth and so are jobs and stole so much from us. actually in many ways stole our dignity as a country. our landmark -- [applause] the new trade agreement is called the u.s. mexico canada agreement, or, usmca. like ymca or united states marine corps, with a a at the end. i didn't want to use the name nafta because nafta has been so bad for us. ten years ago, 15 years ago, you look at new england where the
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factories were devastated. people forget. you still have empty buildings all over the country from nafta, and usmca is the most advanced, modern and balanced trade agreement ever negotiated. it's also the largest trade deal the united states has ever made. we think it's the largest trade deal ever made in the world. $1.2 trillion in commerce per year. the usmca will protect america workers, substantially increase exports of american agriculture, and our farmers are so happy. and she was so happy. and they didn't know if we be able to make a deal or certainly a fair deal for them. this deal will revitalize also
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the american auto industry. one thing i wanted, was, i don't want any incentives to get companies to leave our country, fire everybody, move to mexico, canada or someplace, and build cars and send them in, no tax and no nothing. in the meantime we ended up with nothing except unemployed people. and that's not going to happen anymore. that's what i wanted in this deal and it was so important. it was so important, you remember those days, when everybody was leaving the country. we were going to make a product and send it in, and we ended up unemployed. last week i also stood beside president moon and announced a new trade deal with south korea
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that will export american-made cars very substantially. and also medicine which is a very big and important business. we are preparing to start negotiations right now with japan and we are taking the toughest ever actions in our history against china's very abusive trading policies and trade practices. china has been taking out of our country $500 billion per year. and it was time to stop. nobody ever did it. it's crazy. 500 billion per year. and we will have a great relationship with china but we have to be fair to ourselves also. after years of rebuilding foreign countries, we are finally rebuilding our country, and we are doing it with
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american aluminum, american steel, and with our great electrical contractors. it's true. we are rebuilding our country. we are committed to revitalizing our infrastructure and strengthening our electrical grid, which is so important. last week i proudly signed legislation to completely rebuild the united states military and that was all me to hear in the usa. we make the greatest military equipment in the world. greatest missiles, greatest rockets, greatest planes.
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we make the best military equipment by far in the year. and much less importantly in this case, david, but it's also made with american jobs which is good. normally jobs are number one, but when it comes to the military we put jobs at number two, we need the equipment. interestingly, i hope we never have to use it but, you know what, it assures that -- or almost a sure is that, having the most powerful military by far that we've ever had means we probably will never have to use it. it's very simple. we learned that a long time ago. right? another critical element of national security is national security. and you are doing a great job.
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he was the governor of texas for 12 years, and he was nasty against me. wasn't he? wow. he was tough. you are doing great here. we appreciate it very much. we are now the single largest producer of oil and gas anywhere in the world. took a lot of regulations off, and, think of it with the single largest producer of energy in the world. we have ended the war unclean, beautiful pennsylvania coal. right? it's beautiful and it's clean.
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and we are producing energy rich pennsylvania sale to get you more contracts and more jobs. we slashed a number of regulations and approved immediately like, first day and first week, the keystone xl pipeline and the dakota access pipeline. 48,000 jobs in one day. those companies have never had it so good. it was data, both of them were dead and i came along. we signed it, 48,000 jobs immediately. better than for our environmen.
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right now our air is record clean and our water is crystal clear. and that's what we want, but we don't want stopping jobs. we don't want to do what some people wanted us to do, mostly our foreign competitors. and have ordered federal agencies to dramatically speed up the federal permitting process so that you can get approvals much more quickly. we have the time down to one half of one half already. it used to take 20 years to get a highway approved and we are close to two years. and, we won't approve it. we will be close to one year from 20. my administration has also taken historic action to make health care more affordable. through association, health pla
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plan, and allowing businesses to band together to buy much more affordable insurance for their employees. including across state lines, many have tremendous competitio competition. i use the term last night. loco, in order to get the business. meaning, we are getting good deals, we are getting great deals. individuals can buy the plan, they want, and a plan that they need. at tremendously reduced costs. they've done great with that. we've eliminated much of obamacare and most importantly, we've eliminated the individual mandate, it's gone. that was the thing in obamacare that was just no good. were you paid a fortune for the
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privilege of not having to pay a fortune to have bad health care. they are paying thousands of dollars so they don't have to buy health care. we got rid of that, gone. that was a big one. thanks to our actions, i'm pleased to announce that for the first time since obamacare wasn't passed, premiums are not going to go up next year. we have done everything in the book and they will actually go down somewhat. and if we weren't here, if you had another administration, they were going up 122%, 150%, 70% and 80%. look at what you've done just through management of health care? it's not good stuff but we kept the premiums down to the lowest number they've been, so we are very happy with that. we are strongly protecting your medicare. we oppose efforts from democrats to raid medicare, and medicare
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belongs to the seniors who have earned it and paid into it for their entire lives. they want to take it away, the democrats. and we will always protect americans with pre-existing conditions. that is a major part of what i'm all about. [applause] at the heart of our economic revival, or the massive tax cuts passed by republicans in congress, we didn't get one democratic vote. but we are talking about a lot of money in the pockets of everybody in this room. a typical family of four earning $75,000 as an example will see an income tax cut of more than $2,000, slashing their tax bill in half and in many cases, much
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more than that. big difference. >> shepard: a president trump speaking live this afternoon to the national electrical contractors association. a trade conference is being held in philadelphia. the manager of that event space is 6,000 people are in attendance. talking today about a growing economy, tax reforms, small business jobs and all the rest. a bit of a pep rally in philly for the president this afternoon. earlier this afternoon -- i'm just shepard smith in new york, good to have you in. earlier he supported judge brett kavanaugh as the fbi investigates sexual assault allegations against him. the president said was happening to judge kavanaugh as part of a much bigger problem in america. >> president trump: my whole life, my whole life i have heard heard, you are innocent until proven guilty. but now you are guilty until proven innocent. that is a very, very difficult
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standpoint. i say it's a very scary time for young man in america when you can be guilty of something that i may not be guilty of. it's a very difficult time. >> shepard: the president says judge kavanaugh is a high-quality person but he is "waiting to see what the fbi comes back with." agents are supposed to wrap up their investigation friday at the latest. judge kavanaugh denies all of the investigations allegationss never sexually assaulted anyone. fox news has learned feds have finished questioning this key witness, mark judge, who was kavanaugh's friend in high school. his first accuser, dr. christine blasey ford claims mark judge was in the room when she says judge kavanaugh assaulted her at a high school party. mark judge gave a sworn statement indicating he did not remember that incident. kavanaugh says it never happened. some former classmates have also
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raised questions about judge kavanaugh's drinking while he was in school, while kavanaugh repeatedly testified that he likes beer, "the new york times" report says police questioned kavanaugh after a brawl at a pub when he was a student at yale in 1985. according to the police report, officers did not arrest kavanaugh but somebody says he was at the bar tells the fbi that kavanaugh started the fight. >> he said [bleep] you or something to that effect and through the ice at the guy. so he took a swing at brett and then it was two guys fighting. chris dudley, who had his drink in his hand, proceeded to smash it up against the guys head. be one judge kavanaugh has been downplaying his drinking and testified on capitol hill that he's never blacked out after drinking too much. we will have team fox coverage on this in just a moment.
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we have kristin fisher on capitol hill and our own mike emanuel will be there as well. and expert analysis just ahead. this isy "shepard smith reporting" on fox news channel,ow great to hae you with us. musical ♪ for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call 1-877-423-5732. if you're a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family, call newday usa to use your valuable va home loan benefit. thank you, admiral. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. with today's rising home values, that could mean more money for you and your family. thank you, admiral. money to pay down debts and get financial peace of mind.
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news in the investigation continues. this is a breaking news. lawyers for judge kavanaugh's accuser, dr. christine blasey ford just told fox news in the last couple of minutes that they have reached out to the fbi multiple times and still have not been contacted by the fbi. they said interview anyone and everyone but be finished by friday. however senior law enforcement
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forces tell us it's possible that the fbi will rely on for its testimony in the u.s. senate provided last week. kristin fisher with the rest of the day's news on the subject, she is live on capitol hill. high, kristin. >> the president trump says his supreme court nominee is still doing very well but a lot will hinge on what exactly is in this fbi report that comes back after they have wrapped up the investigation. we are in a little bit of a holding pattern here and capitol hill as everybody waits to see what this investigation proves. >> president trump: i don't want to do anything to interrupt what is happening with judge kavanaugh. and i think the process -- i must say, i think hopefully as he said, they will have a vote by the end of the week and it will be a positive vote. it will be dependent on what comes back from the fbi. the fbi is working, working very hard and, let's see what happen
12:26 pm
happens. >> that fbi report could come back today. they are working around the clock, and they have finished interviewing mark judge, according to judge his attorney. and they have not interviewed or even contacted dr. ford. jay gibson says they may not need to in order to finish what they need to find in this investigation, they may just rely on her testimony last week. >> shepard: kristin, regarding the president and his statements today, he did defend judge kavanaugh's tone during the hearing last week. >> he did defend the tone because his tone came under fire by republican senator jeff flake. jeff flake said that he has been concerned by the tone because he was too political, to partisan and too sharp. president trump defended that tone, and here's why.
12:27 pm
>> president trump: i think he was fighting people that would make very tough charges against him and i thought he did very well. he is fighting very for his reputation, for his family. i know what happened was really tough. i've been watching this for a long time and i've never seen anything going on with respect to judge kavanaugh. >> today president trump also described everything going on with judge kavanaugh and his family, he said that is going to be a rallying cry for republicans heading into the midterms. he believes that will help them in in november. >> shepard: the top republican in the u.s. senate is insisting that lawmakers will indeed vote on judge kavanaugh's nomination this week. he left no room for change. but the top democrat says that senator should get a briefing on the fbi investigation before they vote.
12:28 pm
our chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel continues team fox coverage and he's at the rotunda this afternoon on the hill. >> it sounds like the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is expecting the fbi to be done with its work shortly and then says it's time for the senate to act, an up or down vote on the judge kavanaugh investigation. >> so let me tell you what will certainly happen. we will get an fbi support will not report soon. it will be made available to each senator, and only senators will be allowed to look at it. and we will be voting this week. so the fbi report will be finished, and we will be voting this week on the kavanaugh nomination. >> then moments ago, the senate democratic leader called forgiving the senator is that information 24 hours before a procedural vote. >> we need to be briefed by the fbi, by the agent in charge on
12:29 pm
the extent of the investigation. >> shepard: apologies for the audio there but, five weeks out from the midterm elections, tensions are building here on capitol hill and the stakes are incredibly high. >> shepard: is the fact of the matter here that they could receive this, what we are told could be a voluminous report that doesn't draw conclusions, it's just a matter of it, here's what their findings are? by way of example, they could receive that on friday afternoon and vote within hours? >> that's the argument back and forth between schumer and mcconnell and, whether they want a certain amount of time before they review it or they put it on the floor. senators move the information and that's part of the republican versus democrat battles back and forth. when you look at the situation here, a close ally of president trump, south carolina senator lindsey graham is saying, if the kavanaugh
12:30 pm
nomination fails, if it does, they should try again. >> so what what i do? i would renominate him and take the case to the american people. i would ask voters in indiana, missouri and north dakota and other places where trump one saying who he would nominate if he got to be president, and see if voters want to appeal the verdict of their senator . the one and all words, if that fails, it will put them on the spot. >> shepard: mike emanuel live on the hill. a very busy week ahead. let's turn to barbara perry, a former judicial fellow at the united states supreme court. she's written books about the court itself and is now a professor in studies at the university of virginia miller center. it's great to have you here again, thank you so much. >> great to be with you, shepard.
12:31 pm
>> shepard: judge kavanaugh made clear repeatedly and abundantly, displayed anger with the politicians involved in the hearing. what was your take on that display. this pico i compared and contrasted it to clarence thoma thomas. 27 years ago, lots of people have gone back to the hill hearings and clarence thomas. both were federal judges on the u.s. court of appeals in the district of columbia when they came forward for the supreme court, and both had given initial hearings at which they were very judicious and judicial in their demeanor. clarence thomas, when he came back for the second hearing after anita hill's testimony, he was emotional to be sure. he was angry. we know the famous luncheon comment that he made and he was somewhat dismissive of the process that he thought was doing him wrong. he thought in that sense, judge
12:32 pm
kavanaugh was similar. and i would say his tearfulness was different than judge thomas and i think that is something that gives people pause when it comes to the concept of judicial temperament. >> shepard: i have a lot to talk to you about but because of the president's speech today we don't have the time. i hope you will come back again so we can go through things more thoroughly. >> barbara: always look forward to it. >> shepard: new word today that president trump himself headed up the effort to try to stop stormy daniels from telling all. you will hear directly from "the wall street journal" reporter who broke the story, that's next. and in addition, developing right now, a breaking story from "the new york times" in what appears to be an extraordinarily exhaustive investigation. more than 100,000 documents. and it all involves
12:33 pm
president trump, before he was president trump. and his business dealings in the 90s. and hundreds of millions of dollars, and accusations of fraud. the story, as it is being reported, still to come. ♪ come on dad! higher! higher! parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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we're in memphis, tennessee, ♪ a city with one of the highest increases of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make.
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so i have to manage my time wisely. ♪ plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. >> shepard: 23 minutes before the hour, "the wall street journal" is reporting, and by the way "the wall street journal"'s parent company on the fox news company parent company share ownership. the president led an effort to silence stormy daniels, and said he would pay all the legal costs involved. according to the reporting of "the wall street journal" back in february, president trump ordered his then lawyer and personal fixer michael cohen to get a restraining order against stormy daniels with help from the president's son, eric trump. the journal reports eric trump then got a trump organization lawyer to help with all the
12:38 pm
paperwork. the goal here, prevent stormy daniels from ignoring a nondisclosure agreement from october of 2016, and to prevent her from talking about her claim that she had with trump a decade before that, long before he became president, but not long after his wife milani i birth to their son. none of it worked. stormy daniels did go public as we all know and did an interview with 60 minutes on cbs. more than 20 million people watched. untold numbers have seen it since online. president trump has denied that he had with that person, but he admits reimbursing cohen for the $130,000 that daniels received before the election to keep quiet. michael: pleaded guilty in august to violating campaign finance law and could spend years in prison. he said that trump directed him, that donald trump directed him to arrange the payment today ano
12:39 pm
daniels. president trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani, as of that michael cohen is not credible and that none of the charges involved wrongdoing by the president. most of this we already knew, but "the wall street journal" reports is a first time that we've heard that president trump himself was involved in trying to silence daniels, much less that he led the whole thing. let's turn to michael roth field, an investigative reporter with "the wall street journal" and cowrote today's piece. nice to have you. so he led that. how did you come to that through your reporting? >> michael: just talking to sources about what happened. we initially reported that a trump organization lawyer was involved in this confidential arbitration proceeding that was back in march, a month after that happened, and continuing reporting, we learned that in fact there were two phone calls that led to that with president trump and michael cohen. one in mid-february, first with the president told michael
12:40 pm
cohen, then his lawyer, to coordinate with eric trump, and his son, and with lawrence rosen, an outside lawyer. then a second one a few days later in rosen's office. trump told cohen, i'll take care of everything, meaning the bills, and just handle this and make sure she doesn't go on television. >> shepard: you said coordinate with them. coordinate with them in the effort to make sure she holds up her end of the bargain? >> michael: and that she doesn't talk or do this in an arbitration hearing because it would be like dispute resolution in the contract that you have, you go secretly into arbitration and try to get a decision. but as you noted, stormy daniels noted ignored that injunction that they attained. >> shepard: president trump's denials on every level of this have been numerous and thorough, have they not? >> michael: that's right. at the beginning, after we reported the existence of this
12:41 pm
hush agreement, the white house and the trump organization, even michael cohen, distance the president from this and said basically, this was michael cohen who did this, you have to talk to michael cohen. the president denies everything but in fact we know he was intimately involved. >> shepard: viewers may have a memory because sometimes information will trigger a memory on such things. remember the president was on air force one and he came back to where the press was. the press asked him about it and he said, you will have to ask my lawyer about that. veith five right, he acted like he never knew anything about it. >> shepard: the importance of who led this, it really can't be overstated because of the bigger investigation involved. >> michael: that's right. michael: pleaded guilty in setting court that the president had directed him to make this deal on the first place and also coordinate on karen mcdougall, a "playboy" model
12:42 pm
that had been paid by the "national enquirer" before the elections. that may still play out in other investigations that are ongoing. >> shepard: the president further made the argument that keeping things quiet about matters of this nature was done for the reason of protecting his family. not to hurt his child and his wife and other members of his family. the bigger question is, whether this would be tantamount to, or if not directly, obstruction of justice in the face of the investigation. >> michael: we haven't heard that. >> shepard: that's what i'm saying, that would be the open question. >> michael: right, i don't know. >> shepard: nor do we. the reason the president said they kept such things quiet was because of his family. this could very well be a pivotal matter if you are a man who is doing this investigation. and aside from the fact that we now know that the president directed all of this, is there anything new about this affair from beginning to end?
12:43 pm
>> michael: we've been focused less on -- while you say affair, you don't mean the affair. >> shepard: i mean the affair as a whole was as investigated on. >> michael: we are learning about president trump's involvement through cohen's guilty plea and learning that he was more involved from beginning to end in all of this. we heard a couple months ago, a tape of trump talking to michael cohen about the karen mcdougall payment during the campaign and potentially buying the rights to that. we learn from cohen in court that trump was involved in both stormy daniels and karen mcdougall payments and now we are finding out that after the election or after we revealed at that trump was continuing to try to silence them. >> shepard: michael roth field field, investigative reporter. that's available now at and there is breaking news, news that has broken for us in the last few minutes but has apparently been underway for a very long time.
12:44 pm
let me update you on what we now know. "the new york times" has just published what appears to be an exhaustive article on president trump. it's about 14,000 words, were you to print it, it would be about 40 pages. it accuses the president of dodging taxes and committing fraud years ago. the investigative piece runs about 14,000 words, or 45 pages, give or take. david barstow, suzanne craig, and russ buettner wrote the piece. they say they went through 100,000 pages of documents including tax returns and financial reports and that donald trump receive the equivalent of $400 million from his father's business -- excuse me, $400 million from his father's business empire. the times reports that much of this money came to mr. trump because he helped his parents dodge taxes.
12:45 pm
he and his siblings to set up a sham corporation, the times reports, to disguise millions of dollars in gifts from their parents, records and interviews showed. from the time donald trump was three years old, he was earning $200,000 a year. more on that, after this. oh!
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which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. >> shepard: continuing coverage now on fox news channel. i was just reading to you the details as we have them of "the new york times" reported that has just been released in its online properties, go back please, and its online properties. i got cut off in the middle of it because sometimes, not every time but sometimes during the course of the day there is a computer-generated commercial break that happens no matter what we do, unless we program it in advance not to happen. and i couldn't finish that report. the context and perspective are important, therefore i will deliver it all for you again. they "new york times" has just published an exhaustive article on president trump which accuses the president of dodging taxes and committing fraud.
12:49 pm
the investigative piece runs about 14,000 words about 45 pages give or take. david barstow, suzanne craig and russ buettner wrote the piece. they say, they went through more than 100,000 pages of documents including tax returns and financial records. they write that donald trump received the equivalent of more than $400 million from his father's business empire. in the times reports, and i'm quoting now, much of this money came to mr. trump because he helped his parents dodge taxes. he and his siblings, the times writes, set up a sham corporation to disguise millions of dollars in gifts from their parents according to records and interviews. according to reporting of "the new york times" just out in the last 30 minutes, when donald trump was just three years old, he was earning $200,000 per year, in today's dollars, from his father's empire.
12:50 pm
he was a millionaire by age eight. to that the president responded with the statement and it reads, "the new york times allegations of fraud and tax evasion's are 100% false and highly defamatory. there was no fraud or tax evasion by anyone. the facts upon which the times bases its false allegations are extremely inaccurate." fox news channel has not independently confirmed many of the reporting of "the new york times" and today's article. we have reached out to the white house for comment and we are awaiting a reply. you can expect further reporting on the story throughout the day and if you are interested in reading it, it's available at "new york times".com. reports of poison packages sent to the pentagon today. the mail that triggered a quarantine. and, who was supposed to get the delivery? that's coming up from the fox news desk on this tuesday afternoon. ♪ norably.
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>> shepard: poisons air has rattled the pentagon today we are told after two envelopes tested positive for the toxic chemical ricin. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon now. what have you learned? >> u.s. defense officials say the two packages originally tested positive for ricin and are now in for investigation. the center for disease controls as it would take a significant amount of ricin to kill someone. the first set of packages was addressed to secretary of defense jim mattis and the other admiral jeron richardson. the packages never made their way inside of the pentagon, having been discovered in a mail facility under the building. in a statement, a spokesman said the packages were discovered monday but not turned over to
12:55 pm
the fbi until today. "all u.s. postal service mail received at the pentagon mail screening facility yesterday is currently under warranty and poses no threat to pentagon personnel." so quick actions by the pentagon today prevented anyone from getting hurt. >> shepard: president trump wrapping up his speech in philadelphia as voters get ready for elections that will decide who controls congress. the midterms now, five weeks from today. jackie heinrich's life at the convention center in philly. >> president trump stuck largely to his talking points on jobs, tax cuts on the economy, throwing and the occasional line of support for republicans that he wants to see elected but largely focusing on the money here today and what he calls the achievements of administration. he boasted about statistics saying the job market have reached another high, 4 million people are all food stamps and another jobs had been added.
12:56 pm
he talked about the replacement of nafta about his domestic policies on everything from health care to energy took center stage here. he also drew on the interest of small business owners and manufacturers. today, nancy pelosi, for one, taking a shot at the president saying the effects of the g.o.p. tax scam go beyond the obvious. republicans are using the $2 trillion deficit they justified for the attacks on medicare, medicaid and social security that americans counted on to make ends meet. he will touch on some of the issues that he left largely out of today's remarks, issues like immigration and the wall. >> shepard: jackie heinrich live at the convention center in philadelphia. thanks so much. right after this newscast, you can check up on us on facebook watch on fox news update. it will stream live on the home screen in just a few minutes and you can watch it on demand here afterwards, and should news break out, we will break in
12:57 pm
because breaking news changes everything. we are about 3 minutes away from the close of the trade on wall street and as the president said it, we are all green on the dow. the best of businesses coming out next, on "you are wheeled with neil cavuto." now that's a privilege.
12:58 pm
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1:00 pm
>> the fbi report will be finished and will be voting this week on the kavanaugh nomination. >> no under a republican colleagues wanted to limit it. they were worried about what it might find. >> the fbi is doing its investigation and what i'm going to do is, i'm going to wait to see what comes back. >> i waited until what everyone said was a right time to do it. >> and that could be friday. what happens friday, everything wraps on friday. welcome everyone, the world will stop sometime f