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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in the book, and you can read it. we unearthed videos of a man who claims to be a "washington post" reporter, works at a website with them. we hope you will check them out. see you tomorrow, sean hannity next. >> sean: tucker, thanks for being with us. what a busy news night paired welcome to "hannity." the fbi investigation is over, the results are in. the findings have been totally confirmed and brett kavanaugh is an overwhelmingly qualified candidate for the united states supreme court. now he is backed by a long and extra ordinary track record. he is admired by his colleagues, well-liked by the community, loved by his family and friends. until 17 days ago. and the fbi inquiry showed once again that the allegations against him have zero corroboration. none. instead, the claims are refuted, denied, by everyone who was interviewed. the democratic witch hunt is officially over, their delay tactics have hit a dead end, but
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the crybaby smear merchants on the left are still grandstanding. holding protest on it capitol hill. if senate democrats bashing the fbi tonight in their investigation. democrats across america -- well, they are extreme they worried because their shameful attempts to ruin a man's life for political gains have now been exposed and we are just 33 days away from the important midterm elections, and what do we see in the polling tonight? republican candidates are now surging. truth, justice, common sense, it might prevail after all. judge kavanaugh is once again coming to his own defense and a brand-new op-ed just released. sit tight, buckle up, it is time for our breaking news, busy news night, opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: the seventh fbi background check into judge kavanaugh is finished, and now a confirmation vote for judge brett kavanaugh could come as early as saturday. president trump, he is looking forward to this boat.
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>> president trump: the democrats have been trying to destroy judge brett kavanaugh. [boos] since the very first second he was announced, and he was announced for one simple reason. he has an incredible intellect, an incredible person, an incredible talent. he has been an incredible judge because they know that judge kavanaugh will protect, uphold, and defend the constitution of the united states. >> sean: tonight, many u.s. senators say they are on the fence, but responding positively to today's fbi report. according to senator jeff flake, a swing vote, the report revealed zero new evidence
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against kavanaugh. sunder collins of maine, another crucial swing vote, praised the investigation for being very thorough. here is bottom line. if both flake and collins vote in favor of judge kavanaugh, he will be a supreme court justice. today at a very fiery press conference, senate republicans had this to say about the impending vote and this horrific process. take a look. >> what we know for sure is the fbi report did not corroborate any of the allegations against a judge kavanaugh. >> this is the 87th day -- that is three weeks longer than the average of the last three or four conominees to the supreme court. so don't tell me we haven't spent enough time. what i have been dealing with since july 10th, the downhill slope that chuck schumer has put us on is really dealing with a demolition derby.
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they just about destroyed a good person, to be on the supreme court. a vote against judge kavanaugh tomorrow will be a vote for abusing the confirmation process and a good person. and it will be a vote for the shameful intimidation tactics that have been employed as part of an orchestrated smear campaign. >> this is a search and destroy mission. this is not a search for the truth. >> sean: and tonight is important to remember, more documentation was provided to the senate judiciary committee, than any supreme court nominee in history. so far, this nomination process is the third longest in the past 50 years, but tonight, the smear merchants on the left are in full on freak out mode. senate democrats will all demanded an fbi investigation te done quickly with limited scope, just last week, now trashing that very same fbi investigatio
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investigation. new jersey senator bob menendez, he called it a b.s. investigation on twitter. the whining continued when there is a television camera in front of these publicity hungry democrats. take a look. >> we democrats had many fears that this would be an all too limited process that would constrain the fbi from getting the facts. having received a thorough briefing a few minutes ago, our fears have been realized. >> this set of interviews is, at best, most charitably, woefully incomplete. to put it bluntly, it smacks of a cover-up. >> in your view, is this a credible investigation? >> it is obviously a cover-up. they are making a mockery of the constitutional requirement that the senate provide its advice and consent. >> that report is a leap
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investigation. to >> sean: every one of these democrats were against judge kavanaugh or anyone president trump would have nominated to the court. on this program, we have exposed the few, the few, top echelon, and the fbi i did abuse their power, we have made a point on the nightly basis to stand up for the rank-and-file, field agents, the ones that risked their lives, like other law enforcement, for us, every single day. including those that conducted the supplemental background check. the fbi acted in a fair independent manner peered some on the left don't like the results, the call for a more thorough investigation is beyond absurd. what is the fbi supposed to do? we don't have a location to investigate, no date to investigate. there is no physical evidence, there is no forensic evidence. we don't even know the day of the week. every single person that professor ford listed to corroborate her story denied any knowledge of her claims. the one i witness that she
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listed, totally refuted her claims. even longtime friend had no idea what she was talking about. they'll refuted her claims under penalty of perjury. now twice. the other allegations against kavanaugh, they are even more shaky. the second accuser making decades-old claims that kavanaugh had exposed himself as a freshman in college at a party. she wasn't even sure that kavanaugh was the perpetrator. even "the new york times" wouldn't publish her claims, and they searched far and wide for evidence to corroborate her story. they found nothing, except that she had been making calls to other yo classmates at the time saying, i'm not sure it is him, do you remember? the third accuser, systematic, drugging, gang rape allegation against teenage girls get her story has it changed many times in about a week. she is facing seriously credibility issues. of course, represented by michael avenatti, lawyer of the year.
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none of these allegations have dates, locations, witnesses, evidence, corroboration, of any kind, of any of these claims. so do democrats really expect to be fbi to magically find decades-old evidence proving that kavanaugh was an evil predator, systemic game rank is, somebody that drugged teenage girls. they really believe that the american people would suspend all decency and common sense and a belief that a man with an impeccable 40 year track record was really secretly a monster in his youth and did this almost on a weekly basis? in reality, this has always been about politics and power. a delay tactic. a transparent attempt to literally ruin a man's life, destroy his family. because they lost an election and they want the power. this has become a national disgrace. in some cases, these political tactics worked. democratic senator from
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north dakota, heidi heitkamp, by the way, now down 11 in the latest poll, came to be an independent voice for the people of north dakota. tonight, we know she is nothing more than a shill for chuck schumer and the democratic party. she assumed she is not getting reelected, so she is trashing the will of her own constituents in voting "no." you have john donnelly, of indiana, also a "no" vote. indiana voters, you can send him a message and get out and vote. now we are seeing the democratic party -- literally, their playbook roll out in full force. everything that we have chronicled on a regular basis on the show, we now begin our 23rd year on the fox news channel, 30 in radio. a big crescendo into one of the most despicable displays in anything we have other witnessed. i warned you they are going to try to thwart kavanaugh or whoever the president picked and bring back the clara thomas tactics.
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the smear machine on the left is in full gear. some are claiming the allegations didn't work, let's go after judge kavanaugh's temperament. that might be disqualified. saying he was just too aggressive when defending himself against false allegations of drugging and gang raping teenage girls. ask yourself this question. how would you react if you were falsely accused of rape? of drugging teenage girls? happened on an every weekend basis. gang raping them, boys lining up and he halted how would you react? what is the appropriate reaction? how would you react if senators were on national tv calling you evil, comparing you to bill cosby, suggesting that you are guilty of serious crimes you never committed? far left retired justice
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john paul stevens weighing in, this should disqualify him from becoming a justice. this is the same radical former supreme court justice that doesn't believe in the constitution beer he once demanded the second amendment b. wrote that the election of george w. bush violated our constitution peer just moments ago, judge kavanaugh, in an op-ed just released with "the wall street journal," he eloquently defended himself on the eve of what will be a historic vote. this is a tipping point for this country. he talked about these ridiculous allegations that he wrote, "after all those meetings and after my initial hearing concluded, i was subjected to wrongful, sometimes vicious, allegations. my time in high school and college, more than 30 years ago, has been ridiculously distorted. my wife, my daughters, have faced a vile violent threats. against that backdrop, i testified before the judiciary committee last thursday to defend my family, my good name,
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my lifetime a public service, my hearing testimony was forceful and passionate. that is because i forcefully and passionately denied the allegations against me. he continued, i was very emotional last thursday. more so than i have ever been. i might have been too emotional at times. i know that my tone was sharp, i said a few things i should not have said. he did apologize once in the hearings. i hope that everyone can understand that i was there as a son, a husband, a dad, and i testified with five people foremost in my mind. my mom, my dad, my wife, and most of all, my two daughters. sadly, this kind of common sense and logic and decency from judge kavanaugh, it means nothing to the left. how would you respond? by the way, it means nothing to their cohorts, their friends, in the mainstream media. you of all the people on the left whining, crying, complaining, those that believe
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that guilt by accusation -- just doing what they do best today. feigning outrage. by the way, when did any of these people on the judiciary committee, the snowflakes on the floor of the senate being taken out all day, did they ever protested bill clinton like this? did they ever stand up for juanita broaddrick, kathleen willey, paula jones? oh, that's right, dianne feinstein, who recommended debra katz, debra katz did not believe in paula jones. it was only ten or 12: 12 minu. feigned, selective moral outrage here today you are far left protesters erupting all over capitol hill. as you can imagine, emotions were running high. logic was running very low. even sent our own chris jenkins to the middle of all of this in the middle of the mom come asking these people what they thought about due process, the presumption of imminent sense, the rule of law. the answers most on you, take a look. >> there is no resumption of
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innocence in a job interview. >> do you believe he was given a fair chance in his confirmation. >> a fair chance? miss amanda sitting among friends of his peers >> clearly there been enough allegations that we know this job application needs to be denied. >> the public are the people who should be making decisions about what they deserve, not the [bleep] rich white man who doesn't give a [bleep] about us. >> judge kavanaugh made it pretty clear that he does not have the judicial temperament, he believes the supreme court is just one more political foothold. that is not what the supreme court is about, and i think in that hearing, judge kavanaugh disqualified himself. >> sean: nope resumption of innocence, no due process. let me tell you, that is the case, there is no country, there is no constitution. it is sad, it is shocking, and it is frankly beyond chilling. coming up, we are going to have a lot more, including his full interview with senator elizabeth warren peer today, she led this horde of demonstrators demanding
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that kavanaugh's life and nomination be -- regardless of what we all. there has to be sump resumption of innocence. the only good news tonight is the left, they have been officially exposed to the american people. see those protesters? you are looking at the radical left democratic party. the party of smears, lies, character assassinations. family bludgeoning with no plans to offer the hardworking, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens, you come of the american who make this country the single greatest best last great hope for man on this earth. that is not the people of this country. that is one party, though sadly, that has abandoned any sense of fundamental decency, fairness, and common sense. thankfully, you, the american
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people, it is now awoken a lot of people in this country. note look at this rasmussen poll on president trump, the highest approval rating ever. according to an npr poll of all places, remember the democratic enthusiasm, blue wave that they had? it is totally evaporated peer today, at this hour, we are seee insanity. your leaders of the democratic party, full on assault of the integrity of the fbi. there are so convinced their party activists about guilt upon accusation that that is fine in america, no due process, it's fine in america. no presumption of innocence is fine for it how does that work for you and your family in your life? slander, smear, character assassination, that is one party in america today. great job, dianne feinstein, chuckie schumer, maxine waters, nancy pelosi. do you want them in power and 33 days. the american people, the people
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causing pandemonium in the nation's capital because their so-called leaders convinced them that guilt by accusation is oka okay. that defining someone as a rapist, a gang rapist is okay? those are the tactics of today's radical democratic party. this is why, for years, i pointed this out on the show. this happens every two going four years, and now with every supreme court appointment. nearly everyone. they disseminated salacious lies about president trump before and after the election. they advanced a bizarre conspiracy theories that one candidate actually paid for. hookers urinating embeds. they do it to start up a witch hunt investigation and conspiracy. they call people racist, sexist, misogynistic, xena phobic,
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homophobic, islamophobic. we drink the water and breathe the air. we want children to die. you're only going to raise medicare 7% per year, you want to throw your own grandmother off the cliff. we hear it every two and four years. when these vile accusations of drugging, gang raping teenage girls without evidence, not to be believed by the fbi, these are the consequences, that is the reaction? is this the party you want in power? you want to elect these people and 33 days? look at your screen. high drama tonight with these four senators. they appear to hold the keys to the kavanaugh boat. are they going to give in to this new america of guilt by accusation, lying, smearing, slander, character bludgeoning? of the last 17 days peer forget the last 40 years of this man's life. no corroboration. are they going to give into this? has any of this had any impact on those four senators? do they believe in the
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presumption of innocence? that is their question tonight. do they believe in due process, the rule of law? to they have common sense and decency? do they believe that you have to have some corroboration? do they believe in our great constitution? or are they going to reward forever the slanderous tactics of the hard left that only want power? here with reaction, fox news investigative reporter sara carter, the author of the deep state, how an army of bureaucrats protected obama and working to destroy the trump agenda, fox news contributor jason chaffetz. sara, let's begin with you. you saw this unfold today, it has been building, it looks like it comes down to three republicans. murkowski, collins, and flake. i don't think he will vote for kavanaugh unless the republicans have the vote already. >> nobody wants to take a guess as to what they are going to do. i've been talking to people, however, on the hill. some of them believe that susan
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collins may vote to pass confirmation for kavanaugh, as well as mansion. he is up there. i think one of the interesting things about mansion as he is in west virginia peered west virginia with a lot of support for president trump. he is sometimes called a trump democrat. i think that is what they are going to see here. what we are hearing today, what we have seen over this last week, the op-ed that was written by kavanaugh, i can't believe he didn't go further. can you imagine going home to your daughters and having to explain to your young daughter why they are calling you a gang rapist. and why people are shredding your name, your good name, that you spent over 30 years buildin building? pulling out stories that aren't even true. the american people are not done, sean. the american people see what is happening here, and now they see the rise of this very frightening left movement. >> sean: congressman, without
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any corroboration on any of these charges, i don't believe it is profiling courage for these four senators to say he has had a 40 year track record version 17 days of smears. everybody else that seems to have known him and know him say just the opposite. are they going to give into these tactics? because if they do, i would argue america is forever changed for the worst. >> i hope that three of the four will actually get there. i'm not so sure about murkowski. i have to tell you, that kavanaugh family, they have taken every hit, every cheap shot, every blow, and they are the toughest family that i know of. because everything that has been thrown at them has been so unfair. i do, i am encouraged by what collins said today, i was encouraged by what jeff flake said. he is on the record of passing them out of committee, and i think he will hopefully get there. >> sean: he got the fbi corroborating with the senate
6:22 pm
judiciary committee there nothing else to investigate except talking to people -- we don't know where it happened, what day of the week it happened here there are no forensics in this case peered >> there is just nothing there, sean. seven investigations piled high, hundreds of pages. there is nothing there to find. we have to stand our ground here. i'm talking to the journalist here, but also as an american, you are innocent until proven guilty. they should not be allowed -- people should not be allowed to slander another person with no evidence, no corroboration, and try to make that stick. that does not happen in the united states of america. that happens in country like russia and other places. >> sean: saturday at 5:00 p.m., won't we, congressma congressman? >> yes, i think ultimately he gets 53 votes and he is the next justice on the supreme court. >> sean: how many boats? >> 53. >> sean: okay. sara, what do you say? >> i'm in total agreement that
6:23 pm
i'm kind of iffy on one of them, but i say 52 for sure, 53 may be. >> sean: thank you both, when we come back, gregg jarrett, monica crowley, we have the latest news on the liberal activism caused by liberal leaders. straight ahead. ♪ (woman) we'd been counting down to his retirement.
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♪ >> i would never use the word "fake news." i consider you folks a policeman for our democratic system of government that i want to show you where some of you have bias. i have demonstrators in my office for two weeks now, both for kavanaugh and against kavanaugh. and one time, the people that were for kavanaugh wanted to be interviewed. and they said, we are only interested in interviewing people against kavanaugh.
6:28 pm
that is a bias that none of you should be proud of. >> sean: i was senator chuck grassley criticizing the liberal media for their shameful coverage of the kavanaugh nomination. as always, usually, one sided. here with more reaction, wall street journals, kimberley strassel. senior policy research, monica crowley. number one best seller, the russia hoax. it is either going to be one way or the other, 49 or 52. i don't think there's going to be any middle ground here. >> no, i think that is probably right. to go to your topic, we know which side the media is rooting for. this is really disturbing to those of us who started on the news. look, this used to be really simple beer there was a divide between opinions and new side reporters. everything i'm writing, i am an opinion writer. it is delineated in the
6:29 pm
newspaper as opinion. but on the news side, so many and so many organizations, they don't abide by that rule anymore. they are out there -- it is undercutting the journalism industry, which already is one of the least trusted industries out there. through omission, through misrepresenting a fact, they have chosen a side. it does not reflect well on anybody. >> sean: they have more than chosen a side, gregg jarrett. they are not advocates themselves of guilt by accusation. they are not telling their audiences about the lack of corroboration in every case but i am a talk show. i am a conservative. as a talk show host, sometimes we do a straight news. we breaking news come we do investigative reporting, you are part of our investigative team. other times we give opinions, opening monologues pair they say they are the news division, and they are not. we do everything, we admit up front, like kimberly said, they do not admit -- they claim to be something they are not. >> there is no shortage of media
6:30 pm
malpractice in the age of trump. this is a perfect example. the mainstream media became witting, willing accessories to character assassination. they demonized kavanaugh, corroborating evidence be damned. they drove this constant narrative that guilt should be assumed and presumed. and that an accuser should never even be question, much less doubted. they attacked, at every turn, kavanaugh's temperament, they attacked his yearbook. they attacked his denial. and it was really a shameful example of how the media has become overwhelmed by its own bias. >> sean: yeah, monica, 48 or 52, i meant. not 49 peered my mouth was off slightly. for me, this is no profile in courage. if there is no corroboration --
6:31 pm
professor fort identified an eyewitness to the alleged crime when she was talking. the eyewitness says it didn't happen. why do so many people from the beginning, they said, "we believe are." there is no presumptive innocence there. there is no due process. they made up their mind without hearing anything. they are literally hemming and hawing at the fbi tonight. what was the fbi supposed to do beyond that which they did? >> that is exactly what the democrats, the left, and the media, the press, said they wanted. a full, thorough fbi investigation pair they got one, and of course that wasn't enough. john, talking about the press, most of the mainstream press has been biased to the left for decades, we know that good but what is different in the trump era is the level and intensity of their advocacy and activism. all of the facts that you just laid out there about dr. ford's testimony, the lack of corroboration and on substantiation, very little of
6:32 pm
that has been recorded in the mainstream press because now the press is an active and proactive member of the left. and the left is at war for the future of the country. they are at war with a constitution, free market economics, individual liberty. all of the things that judge kavanaugh will fight for as a justice on the supreme court. therefore, he must be destroyed and the press is actively doing that. >> sean: why, kimberly, they have had all day now to look at the report. why are we still waiting to hear from murkowski, collins, flay, and manchin? >> it would be nice if they declared on this so that we can start to put this episode behind us. look, i think, for the same reasons that they wanted the fbi investigation, it provided them some additional cover to say, everything has been vetted. they are going to make us wait, i think, until tomorrow morning. look, almost every other
6:33 pm
senator -- >> sean: will that vote be the indicator? >> it will be because -- low, that is -- historically, every time you have the vote, that is the indicator. if you vote to move forward, it is essentially a vote for the nominee. it historically, as well, that usually meant you made it we haa final vote. i would wager democrats are going to try to prolong it as long as they can so their protesters can keep going. >> sean: productions, kimberly, what do you say? >> i'm hopeful, i think, that he will be confirmed. >> gregg jarrett, how is this coming down and why are they waiting? >> jeff flake wins the charlie brown wishy-washy award. there is no predicting that. murkowski and collins -- they don't have courage peered there waiting to see with the other one does peered so who knows? >> sean: what you think, monica? >> i think he gets confirmed by the clarence thomas to split, 52-48. >> sean: thank you for all being with us. i hope for the sake of fairness
6:34 pm
and due process that equal justice under the law and the presumption of innocence prevails here. when we come back, more on his exclusive reporting. he was in the middle of a mob earlier today with protest. we have a sebastian gorka and dan bongino here not because we continue to monitor where will this go? judge kavanaugh writing in "the wall street journal," i am an independent and impartial judge. more next. ♪ you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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♪ >> sean: earlier today, our own chris jenkins spoke with a lot of these crazy protesters at the anti-kavanaugh valley. by the way, really think chuck and nancy and maxine waters and michael avenatti for this bizarre happening earlier today. >> do you feel that he was afforded the presumption of innocence? >> this is a job interview. the question is about the
6:39 pm
evidence that is presented and the credibility of her claim. >> do you believe that judge kavanaugh had presumption of innocence, got a fair shake in the hearing? >> no. i think that he didn't give himself a fair share because he lied the entire time peered >> do you believe judge kavanaugh was given the perception of innocence? >> is this a court of law? >> why do you believe judge kavanaugh shouldn't be confirmed? >> i feel like he lied multiple times, and he acted crazy. >> clearly there has been enough allegations swirling around that we know that this job application needs to be denied. >> judge kavanaugh was not given his fair presumption of innocence? >> i think that judge kavanaugh refused the investigation, right? he did not want it. that is not the behavior of someone who is in a sand. that, as a man, it is his benefit to say, let's discover
6:40 pm
the truth. >> do you believe he was given a fair chance in his confirmation? >> a fair chance? this man is sitting among friends of hayes. >> the public as the people who should me know might be making decisions about what they need, not the [bleep] little white man who don't give a [bleep] about what we want. >> i believe they are true, but it hasn't been proven yet one way or another peered >> this is a job interview, there is no presumptive innocence and a job interview. >> in your mind, judge kavanaugh failed that? >> absolutely, he failed the judge know my job interview. >> this is a desperate grab by the old, white, male, rich patriarchy. >> in my view, judge kavanaugh made it pretty clear that he does not have the judicial temperament peered he believes the supreme court is just one ml football. that is not what the supreme court is about. i think, in that hearing, judge kavanaugh disqualified himself. >> sean: nope resumption of innocence.
6:41 pm
this confirms everything you need to know. about the party of nancy nancy, chuck schumer, michael avenatti. here with reaction, offer of the book, why we fight, dr. sebastian quarter. author of the book spygate, dan bongino. dr. gorka, we will begin with you. may be, in ways, regardless of the outcome of the vote, maybe we will now -- maybe the american people, i think these polls show tonight, there is one party that doesn't believe in our constitution. a basic, fundamental, you know, generational principles that have served us well. they will throw all of that to the wind, guilt by accusation. mom rule seems to rule the day. >> sean, as the child of parents who suffered as children and as
6:42 pm
adults under fascism and then communism, i am deadly serious when i say it is people like the people you just showed being interviewed that make dictatorships possible. those people are idiologues. they don't care about the truth. interesting that three people used the same talking point. it is a job interview, therefore there is nope resumption of innocence. presumption of innocence is not just in a court of law. it is the basis of anglo-american society, of our civilization. the idea that he didn't show the requisite temperament for 31 hours, he showed exactly the temperament that was needed for a supreme court justice. and then, when he was slandered, he showed what an innocent man does when you react to being called a serial rapist and accused of attempted murder when
6:43 pm
he is in a sand and >> sean: an on a weekly basis. >> we have crossed the rubicon peered the other side wants chaos. i want your audience and you to smile a little bit tonight. the left is not ready for the storm they think they want. these people are soft. that one guy had a man bun. >> sean: i do not want to get dragged into one thing. i don't go after how people look, i want to deal with substance here. the substance is, do you believe in the presumption of innocence? and many on that video said no. i don't care what they dress or how they wear their hair. they said no. >> sean, they want chaos. chaos is the opposite of due process. what i'm trying to get at here is these people are soft. this entire ideology, that our
6:44 pm
emotions matter, law, reason, rule of law, nothing that matters. they have been coddled. you understand, they have been coddled the entire time through college, through their educational institutions. liberalism has been the default position pair they're not ready for the fight ahead. we are, we know how to exercise -- >> sean: if you listen to the media, that party of schumer, the ones that i would argue initiated this belief that judge kavanaugh is guilty by accusation, they want power. nancy pelosi wants to be speaker, chuckie wants to be the head of the senate. yeah, dr. gorka? >> sean, the american, the sleeping giant has awoken. there are people, millions that have been angered by the way judge kavanaugh was treated. and even if they didn't vote for donald trump, you can bet they are going to vote republican and 33 days. >> sean: do believe that? >> i do.
6:45 pm
i believe they pulled the pin on an electoral grenade they cannot possibly put back in pair they may have a little trouble on the house side, but i think the sene regretting every minute of this right now. >> sean: remember, if they get the house, and nancy pelosi is speaker and maxine waters as chair committee, they want to impeach, tax cuts, eliminate ice, it keep care. this is just the beginning. thank you both, we have to end there. we appreciate our time. when we come back, we will expose more liberal double standards, and why isn't the left in this country demanding an fbi into allegations against keith ellison? do any of these people ever stick up for juanita broaddrick? that is right, the left has left moral outrage. no fbi investigation for juanita broaddrick, paula jones. interesting. ♪ that last place was pretty nice.
6:46 pm
i don't like this whole thing. i think we can do better. change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad. this is for me, son? principal. we can help you plan for that.
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♪ >> sean: with reaction is the ongoing kavanaugh nomination saga, president of the new york civil rights coalition, former vice president of the aclu, michael myers. you saw the ad we played last night. since 1981 to 2005, you were a member, a high-ranking member of the aclu? >> i was on the board, i was also a voting member most of those years on the aclu executive's committee. >> sean: how do you feel? >> i was proudest of the aclu when they resisted fascism, when they stood up to the mama. now they have become the mom. it has become what they are not supposed to be. you are supposed to stand up to the mob, stand for freedom and individual liberty, supposed to
6:51 pm
stand for the presumption of innocence. it doesn't make assumptions. it makes a presumption that a person is presumed to be innocent unless he is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in terms of civil matters, the percent is innocent unless there is a preponderance of the evidence. >> sean: what happened, michael? what happened to your organization? >> the the aclu is hijacked bye left. they don't believe in free speech anymore. they don't believe in anything other than the resistance. as opposed to resisting fashion, they have been part of the resistance movement. i >> sean: do civil libertarians come back to where you were, or do you now join people like me, which i know will give -- send shock waves through your spine? >> let's put it this way.
6:52 pm
the aclu has become like the naacp. once you lose control of your board, once you do not have civil libertarians on the board, you do not have a civil liberties union organization anymore. and you are people who are bottom-line lunatics in terms of the left. they want "justice" peered so if a woman encourages a man, the af the aclu. this has never been a principal of civil liberties. you can't accuse someone and presume a person is guilty as opposed to innocent. >> sean: there are people like you, alan dershowitz in this case, they stand alone and have been consistent in your views. i have great admiration for both of you on this case. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: keith ellison's opponent in the race, dog wardlow it is with us. he met with the president.
6:53 pm
i heard you're hanging out with one of my best friends. when the president spoke on this issue kavanaugh tonight, the reaction, from what i could hear, was one of the loudest of the night. was that your perception? >> absolutely wise. there is a terrible double standard that the democrats are foisting on the country right now. they are going after judge kavanaugh, a good man -- unsubstantiated allegations appeared on the other hand, keith ellison running for attorney general of the state of minnesota, and there are credible allegations against him by two women, two women with medical records, as well as a witness. >> sean: text messages, doctor's reports. >> exactly. >> sean: the member of the senate judiciary committee called for an fbi investigation
6:54 pm
on the most powerful man on the democratic committee? >> no, they haven't. it reveals that the democrats only care about wealth and politics, they don't care about truth or justice. >> sean: will he win in minnesota? >> no, he is not going to win in minnesota. no, there is no fbi investigation. neck and neck in the polls. minnesotans are going to go to the polls and retired keith ellison from politics. it will be a great thing for the nation. i would encourage conservatives across the country to visit my website to join the fight to stop keith ellison paired >> sean: please send my regards to our mutual friend. thanks for being with us. the president was in minnesota tonight, huge rally there. we have the highlights, we will place that for you coming up next. busy breaking news night. stay with us.
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the only thing that would make this better is if my mom were here. what?! an unexpected ending! ♪ >> hannity: speaking of
6:59 pm
minnesota, earlier today the president held a rally there. here are some of the highlights. >> the only reason to vote democrat as if you are tired of winning. that is really it. because you are winning. . there has never been an administration that and already less than two years -- can you believe? we've all done this together? we are coming up on two years. can you believe it? there's never been an administration with you that is done so much and so little time. two years. no administration has come clos close. >> hannity: 33 days from tonight, you the american people decide if nancy pelosi become speaker, chuck schumer the senate majority leader, maxine waters, michael avenatti becomes
7:00 pm
a new start of the democratic party. should they be rewarded for what they have done? it is been a national disgrace. where you don't have the presumption of innocence. thank you for being with us, we'll be back tomorrow night with more answers. laura's next. >> laura: hannity, do you think that nancy pelosi actually sleeps with the gavel? you think the gavel is right there? people have a teddy bear or a bank he, like a blank key. the gavel. >> hannity: that she is going to hate you and me in the head with it. >> laura: oh, my gosh. sean, you got a fantastic show tonight. we are missing you in washington. spew and i'm glad be out of there but i am back in the high tax swap. >> laura: hannity, thank you so much. welcome to "the ingram angle," washington, kavanaugh is cleared. that according to an fbi report that every senator has read at this hour. and moments we will show you how the left is