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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the month-long saga turned nightmare of brett kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation process finally coming to a conclusion. the senate voted narrowly today to move the decision to the floor. that means the final vote on this, on kavanaugh, will take place tomorrow. probably tomorrow afternoon. this is almost over. democrats made one final push against kavanaugh this afternoon screaming protesters swarmed the capitol. famous journalists went crazy on twitter and dianne feinstein, the 85-year-old ranking democrat on the senate judiciary
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committee, someone long holding a reputation for being reasonable abandoned that reputation and went all the way. she suggested that brett kavanaugh isn't simply a bad nominee or a bad jurist, but he's a violent and dangerous person. here's part of it. >> at the hearing last week, we saw a man filled with anger and aggression. judge kavanaugh raised his voice, he interrupted senators, this behavior revealed a hostility and belligerence that is unbecoming of someone seeking to be elevated to the united states supreme court. >> tucker: lock that man up! for much of the day, brett kavanaugh's fate seemed uncertain. lisa murkowski of alaska voted with the democrats. then she issued a bizarre statement in which she said that kavanaugh is a good man, but should not be on the supreme court.
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in other words, brett kavanaugh's was falsely accused of gang rape and that means he can be a supreme court justice. keep in mind, that lisa murkowski is an actual u.s. senator. hard to believe but true. and in the mid afternoon, something remarkable happened. something that very few expected. senator susan collins of maine, one of the most liberal republicans in washington and not famous for oratory, took to the floor to mount a logical defense of kavanaugh's character, ability and nomination. here's part of what she said. >> the facts presented do not mean that professor ford was not sexually assaulted that night or at some other time, but they do lead me to conclude that the allegations failed to meet the
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more likely than not standard. therefore, i do not believe that these charges can fairly prevent judge kavanaugh from serving on the court. mr. president, i will vote to confirm judge kavanaugh. thank you, mr. president. [applause] >> tucker: this was not an emotional speech. for that reason, it was very different from virtually anything we've heard the past month. it was an argument rooted in reason. it had a huge effect. the dam broke almost immediately after. west virginia democrat joe manchin announced that he too will support kavanaugh. manchin gives the nominations the necessary 50 votes. even if protesters find jeff flake, the nomination will go through. barring an unforeseen event and that could happen, but if it doesn't, brett kavanaugh will become a justice this weekend.
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for representing his voters in virginia that overwhelmingly support kavanaugh, the youth ring of thinks party richly denounced him in the halls of the capitol. nobody tried to stop them or asked them to be quiet because we're getting used to mob rule here. watch. [protesters chanting]. >> tucker: these kinds of scenes are everywhere in washington tonight, we're sad to tell you. the left has given up on making their own case. activists no longer try to convince anyone of anything. instead, they scream and bully as a tactic that can be effective. it worked for the mafia, for example. but there's a cost to it especially when it's on television. normal people find it scary and unreasonable because that's what it is, scary and unreasonable. the left is going too far.
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and it's alienating even liberal republicans like susan collins. >> i am thinking in particular not at the allegations raised by professor ford but of the allegations that when he was a teenager, judge kavanaugh drugged multiple girls and used their weakened state to facilitate gang rape. this outlandish allegation was put forth without any credible supporting evidence. >> tucker: that out lands dish story sarah collins is referring to was all over the other cable channels for weeks. it was, of course, a fantasy promoted by stormy daniels attorney, the world's creepiest porn lawyer, who is a leading democratic presidential candidate if that tells you anything. he could be porn lawyer lashed out on collins.
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he called her speech entirely disingenuous and shameful. by this point, even democrats were starting to understand that the freak show that they have unleashed is beginning to hurt them. ken vogel at the "new york times" wondered on twitter if the creepy important lawyer could be a double agent, working for the republicans. unlikely but he helped them. in the field, they never got the memo. one about trying to see noncrazy for the sake of scaring the voters. many on the left attacked susan collins for the color of her skin. "senator susan collins is the mother and grandmother of white women in america that gave us a donald trump presidency." what that means, they're saying it. at g.q., a writer wrote this. if i die of getting in an illegal abortion, drop my body off after senator collins' house
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and lot it rot. if there's one thing i learned is what the activist left is really things. a lot of people are scared by what they think. actually the term "think" may be too generous. a lot of what we're hearing is not a product of thinking. it a product of coordinated instructions handed down from on high and dutifully repeated by angry children. liberals are party people. they do exactly what they are told. watch this scene today from capitol hill which says it all. >> let's go watch the vote. >> let's do watch the vote. [inaudible] >> tucker: repeat after me! like the little robots they are, they do. during her speech, susan collins noted that supreme court nomination battles have been
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steadily angrier and more vicious over the course of 30 years. she says she hopes what happened to brett kavanaugh is rock bottom and gets better from here. of course, we and a lot of other people hope she's right. we worry that she isn't. the effort to destroyed brett kavanaugh's life failed, apparently. but only barely. nobody important seems to regret what happened to him. norms like the presumption of innocence and basic fairness, the ones this country is built on, remain intact but they've been damaged. they may crumble if they're attacked a again. will they be? that depends on voters. if voters reward mob justice in november, the screaming robots you saw on the screen, we're going to get more of us because that's the way the system works. if voters reject it, the democrats may rethink the strategy and get back to arguing on behalf of what they say they believe. which would be a massive improvement over sending out their youth wing to scream at people. for once, these mid-terms
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matter. they will determine the course of the democratic party going forward. for more on tomorrow's final confirmation vote, we're joined by ed henry who has been following every minute from beginning to end. ed? >> tucker, great to see you. what is that old saying? it's all over but the shouting. more noise coming but despite an onslaught of allegations and attacks, judge brett kavanaugh is on the verge of becoming justice kavanaugh. the day started with high drama. mitch mcconnell called a procedural vote where he needed 51 votes to keep it forward. it was not clear he had it but he wanted to smoke it out. he called the bluff of chuck schumer. he made a last ditch effort for president trump to get a new nominee. schumer said he would give him a fair shake. schumer said minutes after the kavanaugh choice in july that he would oppose him with everything he had long before any sexual assault any allegations. as the roll was called, lisa murkowski voted no. susan collins and jeff flake
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voted yes. joe manchin voted yes. it's possible that collins and manchin could switch and vote no on final passage. but late today they seemed to seal it for kavanaugh saying they would vote yes on the nomination itself. collins delivered a blisters message to the left and how they used dr. ford and manchin is facing the wrath of the resistance. watch. >> watching her, mr. president, i could not help but feel that some people who wanted to engineer the defeat of this nomination cared little, if at all, for her well-being. >> you mentioned the mid terms. we've seen a surge for some republicans in key matchups.
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president trump said the fight is not over. the democrats will do everything they can to impeach kavanaugh if they take control of congress, this is war, time to fight. vote november 6 to protect the supreme court. you can see it as a rallying cry. there's going to be a vote tomorrow mid to late afternoon in the senate. expected to be a formality, that kavanaugh will be confirmed. as you've seen, tucker, it's been anything but a formality a week ago today, last friday, we thought kavanaugh was moving to confirmation. he finally seems ready to be confirmed tomorrow afternoon, tucker. >> tucker: i think that note of caution is warranted. >> very much. >> tucker: you've been with us. thanks. >> thank you. >> tucker: from the beginning, nobody has covered this story more vigorously and detail than the "wall street journal." kim, thanks for coming on. you added so much fact to this story, people that have been reading you every week. stand back if you can just a couple of steps and tell us what the take-away is.
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assuming brett kavanaugh gets confirmed tomorrow afternoon, what are we to make of what we just saw? >> well, we saw desperation. look, what no democrat would talk about, we heard about roe, a lot about the sexual allegations and other worries that they expressed. what is really bothering them is that we're about to have, assuming this vote goes forward, a fifth solid conservative vote on the supreme court that is going to fundamentally transform in many ways our juris prudence on everything from property rights, gun rights, regulations. they know that is coming and that is what is being fought against and that is what is happening tomorrow with this vote. >> tucker: democrats get their agenda enacted through the courts. republicans in general get it enacted through democratic means, the congress. so when you change the composition of the court, you're disempowering the democratic party in a profound way.
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>> you can't convince the public of your argument. therefore you can't win the elections if you don't have hillary clinton in the white house, you don't have the ability to make the regulations she would have if she had been there. you can't convince voters of your climate change agenda for legislation. the only way you can do it is to make it up or to get the courts to sign off on it. that's been the strategy. when was the last major piece of legislation other than obamacare that they got through, which has been very unpopular. >> tucker: such a good point. and they suffered for it. kim, thanks very much for everything you've done. read it carefully. >> thank you. >> tucker: the fbi investigation did not uncover crime by brett kavanaugh. it did not corroborate christine ford's story but could have uncovered witness tampering. and a new book called "ship of
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5:18 pm
that's not all that we learned. christine ford's friend, leland keyser from maryland told the fbi that she faced massive pressure from ford's friends to change her sworn statement saying she remembered the party where kavanaugh assaulted her. dan bongino is author of the book "spygate." he joins us tonight. you're a sworn law officer. is attempting to get someone to change testimony legal? >> absolutely not. not only would you be fired from your job, i was a cop and a federal agent so i've seen it at the local and federal level, there's potential depending on the degree of it you would be looked up yourself. this is entirely unethical. i think the senate republicans have finally decided that it's time to fight back against this. i don't know if you saw chuck
5:19 pm
grassley's letter. in there he said in light of uncovered information, they are looking for more documents and could see some legal malfeasance going on here and good for them for fighting back. >> tucker: this is a former fbi employee that tried to get leland keyser to change her sworn statement. is that is that correct? >> yeah, the life-long friend that was given up by the ex-boyfriend of dr. ford as well, which is particularly disturbing about this story, tucker, the republican -- senate republicans treated dr. ford with the degree of very serious dignity. they put her up there, let her tell her story. treated her with respect. brought in a professional prosecutor. there were no politically biassed questions. they just wanted the facts. there were enormous numbers of holes and this case is starting to look bad for the democrats that put this together.
5:20 pm
avenatti is not helping. >> tucker: as you well-know since you follow this, it's an asymmetrical side that one is literal and the other side will do anything. >> can i say without going too ridiculous, we can define ourselves by what they're not doing. they don't like donald trump. i believe the entrance to avenatti in this case was the turning point. this guy is a creep. he's a disgrace to the legal profession and people know that independents watch it, women voters, moderate and they say that's not us. >> tucker: i totally agree with that. whatever he's for, i'm not for it. that's right. a fair conclusion. dan bongino, thank you. joining us is john summers, a former communications director for harry reid.
5:21 pm
thanks for coming on. what is your reaction to this story that an ally of christine ford, according to leland keyser tried to get keyser tried to get her to change her sworn tomorrow, which is a crime. it's wrong. what do you make of that? >> well, i don't know that i agree it's a crime and it's something that we've seen on both sides. we know that kavanaugh was off talking to his friends, she was off talking to hers. what it boils down -- >> tucker: i mean, i think i followed it closely. is there an allegation that someone was pushed to change sworn testimony? >> there was talk about kavanaugh talking with his friends that might be approached by the fbi. the way -- >> tucker: but they -- >> the sworn testimony was not the way it was written in the "wall street journal" -- >> tucker: she said she was pushed to change -- >> she said she was asked to re-visit her account. i'm not doing to defend that. it's not for me.
5:22 pm
i don't know if it was the right thing nor do. both sides are guilty. the right thing to do is for every one to take a breath. take a step back. actually take the time to go in and investigate all the stuff. both on behalf of the accused and the accuser. so there could be some clarity brought to this. the right people to be held accountable. that's what is missing in this process because there was a rush to get it done. it would have been nice -- >> yeah, only seven fbi investigations into kavanaugh. i think we would need an eighth fbi, too, to clear his name from charges that don't make any sense. >> and hastert had clearance and he was a child molester -- >> tucker: what we're not going to do is impugn brett kavanaugh's reputation by comparing him to a child molester. that has nothing to do with it. your senator from west virginia,
5:23 pm
joe manchin, announced his vote, which is what his voters want and angry left wing children surround him and scream at him. does that bother you? is that the kind of democratic process that you want? >> people have the opportunity to approach their elected officials -- >> tucker: joe manchin -- >> not scream. i agree. >> tucker: i defend the first amendment the way the left does not. they have a right to do it, i guess, but is that what you want? do you want people screaming at lawmakers until they change their view? if that's okay, why is it not okay to slash their tires? throw molotov cocktails? if you're going to bully people, what is the kind of limit to that? >> you have bullying on both sides. we know -- >> tucker: no, you don't. >> you absolutely do, tucker. >> tucker: show me the mobs of screaming right wing children --
5:24 pm
>> it's a waste of time to scream at manchin. he voted the way i expected all the time. which is viewed by him as the politically safe way to go. i'm really impressed with senator collins, howkowski and heitkamp. it was very clear that all three of them put some serious thought into this. i still expected collins to vote the way that we expect her to vote tomorrow on the confirmation, but it was clear that she put some thought into it. i don't agree with what she said but it's clear she put thought into it. >> tucker: she made a reasonable case and now she's being dismissed by some right wing crazy -- >> the same thoughtfulness can be applied to lisa murkowski and heitkamp. >> tucker: and even heidi heitkamp made it nonsensical. good luck to them. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> tucker: one republican senator says julie swetnick should face charges for making
5:25 pm
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he lied under oath. >> tucker: angry rich ladies. it's been a rough week for senators on capitol hill. lindsey graham is looking at the bright side of the harassment. when they're not shouted at by angry people, senators have had to sort through a blizzard of accusations against brett kavanaugh. first among them is one made by julie swetnick who is being rep vented by creepy porn lawyers running for president. she said that she knew kavanaugh was a gang rapist. no evidence has been produced and seems like fantasy at this point. senator bill cassidy of louisiana says that if it turns out that swetnick lied, she ought to face criminal investigation at the least. senator, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: what would it mean legally if julie swetnick lied in that statement that she gave? >> when you give that statement
5:30 pm
under oath, under penalty of felony, it's a felony. you may not do hard time, but you certainly should be severely fined and should be recognized as such. we continue to tell the american people these statements are made under penalty of felony. when someone makes a mockery of it, you should be penalized and punished. what is at stakes is the faith in the american process. >> tucker: i can't think of a false accuser ever being punished. the woman that did the duke lacrosse accusations just went back to prison. have you ever seen anybody punished for making a false rape accusation? >> absolutely for making a false statement to the fbi. people have gone to prison for that. so this was to be the equivalent of an fbi interview. and that's why i go there.
5:31 pm
we've had high ranking administration officials who have lost their jobs because of it. in my state, a fellow went to prison over something where the fbi agent remembered a statement, did not have a recording, just remembered it. that's the kind of scrutiny and threshold that typically is record. i think it should have the same threshold now. >> tucker: i do too. are you going to follow this? >> this is up to the judiciary committee. it's up to chairman grassley. the way i look at it, the statements that brett kavanaugh had not participated in anything that he was alleged to have done were made under penalty of felony. we should show why that is important. by the way, everybody who said -- everybody else under penalty of felony said that they didn't do it and that includes
5:32 pm
people that spoke to the fbi. let's show the american people it means something. >> tucker: it's a fair point. senator, thank you for talking to us tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: one quick message for you. bob woodward has been a famous guy for close to 50 years in journalism. he tormented the washington establishment famously during watergate and then he joined the other team. he's permanent washington's court historians and tells stories and promotes causes. in return, his books go to the top of the best seller list. that's where he is now. it's frustrating to watch. but there's something you can do about it. a new book out this week that could dislodge woodward's book. this book points out that many ways they have chosen to ignore, mock and sometimes betray the country they rule over. the book is called "ship of fools." we told you about it before. if you want to knock bob woodward from his perch, there's
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>> tucker: democrats in minnesota have wrapped up their investigation of the abuse allegations being made against congressman keith ellison. the conclusion, nothing to see here. the accuser, karen monahan is not giving up. she just hired a new attorneych his name is andrew parker. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: the reports from democratic party of minnesota basically says we can't prove this, we have no evidence that it happened, let's move on.
5:38 pm
are you satisfied by that? >> well, first, karen monahan did not raise the allegations in order for -- to vindicate herself or prove anything to anyone. what she was doing by raising these allegations was number 1 really trying to heal herself by coming forward and heal what was the most traumatic time in her life and continued to be long after she left keith ellison. and this has been a cathartic and extremely harrowing experience since she left the relationship. the second reason is because she wanted to give a voice to other women, other women who still have not come forward but are involved in very difficult
5:39 pm
relationships. >> tucker: abusive relationships. let me ask you about that. so you have a woman representing the state of minnesota, amy klobuchar who has been attacking brett kavanaugh and reminding us that we need to believe the allegations that women make. she's spoken publicly about this. has she spoken to karen monahan about this? >> i don't know what senator klobuchar's view is regarding the ellison situation. >> tucker: has she said anything in public that you're aware of? >> not that i'm aware of. >> tucker: are there police reports to substantiate this allegation? >> there's not police reports that substantiate it. the investigator that was hired by the minnesota democratic party after the democratic national committee kicked this issue investigating its deputy chair down to the state party for some reason, the state party decided to hire a law firm but the one law firm that represents
5:40 pm
the democrats in the state of minnesota to investigate one of its own. an investigative report is issued with substantial corr ir. democrats say that these must be taken seriously. doesn't appear they're taking these allegations seriously. why? >> in addition to the corrobative ed, the witnesses said they believed her and told her after the incident occurred
5:41 pm
around well over 1 1/2 years before she came out publicly. >> tucker: so democrats have said -- the law from the democratic firm in minneapolis that did this so-called investigation said karen monahan doesn't want to release the videotape that she says she has. therefore we can't take her seriously. is that true? why is she not releasing it? >> the primary reason is number 1, it revictimizes her. she refuses to be bullied. it's a very hurtful video for her to show to anyone. >> tucker: have you seen it? >> i have not. she did not inject the video into this protect at all. she didn't want to go public that she even had a video. it was her son unwittingly had done that. the second reason though, it's very important. that is, she came forward in order to give voice, in order to
5:42 pm
shine light that women can step out into in order to tell their story. if they believe you have to have a video in order to be believed and even with all of the evidence that karen has, she's not believed unless she shows her video, that is a message that she does not want to give. >> tucker: it's quite a standard. again, the irony here is almost overwhelming. thank you for relaying all of that to us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: well, after decades of defending him, the left is rethinking their views on bill clinton from decades ago. kind of an amazing story. plus, we'll have celebrities reacting to brett kavanaugh's confirmation. you'll want to see that. can't make a decision without a washed up sitcom actor telling you what to think, can you? we'll be right back. introducing add on advantage,
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>> tucker: well, some in the celebrity community are taking brett kavanaugh's likely confirmation personally and hard over an abc on "the view", joy behar who has something wrong with her declared a vote for kavanaugh is a vote for legalizing sexual assault. she needs to take some time off. amy schumer was more hands on. she got arrested sort of protesting on capitol hill the other day. watch this.
5:48 pm
man! she cares more than we do. allie hosts the relatable podcast on crtv and joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. so what are we to make of this celebrity community speaking at one voice? that's why it's one community and telling us that confirming brett kavanaugh further evidence that the rest of us are disgusting. do you buy it? >> nobody is making this argument. it's a strawman. senator collins pointed out that a lot of people are making this argument on the left. if you want to confirm kavanaugh, you're approving sexual assault. i don't know that anyone that thinks that way. confirming kavanaugh had to do with his confidence, his qualification and bigger than that, truth and justice. this is not about condoning sexual assault but it's about the condemnation of the evil
5:49 pm
tactics on the left. >> tucker: so if everybody in the entertainment business, the business whose business is to entertain the rest of us is on one side and expressing open contempt for the country, why are the rest of us playing along and consuming the crap they produce? >> i know. it's this conundrum. we look to them for entertainment. now they have deemed themselves the moral and political ash -- arbiters of this world. what i'm not okay with is the hypocrisy of not condemning their own side and only doing it when it's partisan and convenient. >> tucker: yeah. they're atheist but still religious. very quick. in 20 years, there's a video showing former president bill clinton meeting with monica in the oval office. it comes as the public is
5:50 pm
turning on clinton for his behavior decades ago. last night an actress called alissa milano said the president should have been investigated for his behavior. watch this. >> look at bill clinton. he was accused of a lot of ugly things. some he had to admit. people were fine with him having to say him you have to judge him by his worst. should kavanaugh get the same benefit of the doubt? >> no. i don't think bill clinton should have gotten that benefit of the doubt in hindsight. we probably should have investigated the allegations against him as well. >> tucker: is she arguing that clinton got too much due process or what is she saying? >> i don't think she knows. she was caught in her hypocrisy there. i also think it's saving fate. a tweet resurfaced from 2012 when she said she loves bill clinton. maybe she's had a change of heart and other self-aware
5:51 pm
celebrities can follow suit. >> a win for self-awareness. my favorite line of the week. that's the good news. we need more of that. thanks very much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: do you remember the russia probe? it used to be a news story. may be a news story again. a lawyer from hillary's campaign gave documents for the investigation into the trump campaign. the russia investigation is a grand distraction that permanent washington uses to confronting the real reasons the country rebelled against them and elected trump. stay tuned. we saved hundreds on our car insurance when we switched to geico. this is how it made me feel. it was like that feeling when you're mowing the lawn on a sunny day...
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russia investigation it's ternl. a fact of physics in washington, a constant force in our lives that apparently will never go away. we're powerless in his face. we're all distracted by brett kavanaugh, doesn't mean that russia is no longer being investigated. we should be afraid, they hacked our election. fox news can now report in 2016, michael susman, top lawyer with the dnc in the hillary clinton campaign, contacted the fbi and provided rush why-related documents. the documents were turned over just as the bureau was preparing a surveillance warrant against carter page. the obama administration was spying on his political opponent. tom, thank you for coming on. tell us what this means. >> well, it brings the collusion story, look, the law firm was a cutout, originally, for the clinton operation, perkins, to
5:57 pm
pay fusion gps. after a while they said, why pretend any more, deal directly with our friends in the obama fbi to target president trump. it's just another piece of evidence of the collusion between the obama camp and the clinton camp. and there's no evidence coming out of collusion between trump and russia. all of the evidence is that we were using the fbi to launder political garbage as an excuse to target president trump. >> tucker: right. >> the question is what is robert mueller doing with this material? is he using the clinton campaign material on target trump as well? >> tucker: i guess we're going to find out. i have to wonder about the fbi. there's a lot we don't know, i don't want to attack people unfairly. if you are the fbi and one campaign comes to you with opposition research about the other campaign, don't you pause and say, wait a second, i don't want to get caught up in some kind of campaign tactic in the middle of the presidential year?
5:58 pm
doesn't that make you nervous, if you're the fbi? >> it ought to. look, there's no good reason for the general counsel of the fbi to be meeting with a top lawyer for the democratic national committee and the hillary clinton campaign. the meeting itself was unusual. and the fact that there was allegedly transfer of information about donald trump and russia. we know the information that generally had been pushed by the clinton operation, was, really, stuff made up by russia intelligence, to mess with donald trump. so, fake information, used for partisan purposes. the fbi was happy to use it as a pretext to target trump. you have to wonder, this debate whether the classified information and the fbi and d.o.j. being nervous about that, for national security reasons, well i suspect this is why they're nervous. this is a type of information that would come out as a result of a transparency initiative by president trump. >> tucker: just to clarify,
5:59 pm
nervous about damage to their own reputation, you're saying. >> well, and worse. if you're misusing your office for political purposes, as government officials, in the real world, or the nonwashington d.c. world, you would be subject to prosecution. >> tucker: right. that's -- thank you for reminding us of that. these are crimes, some of these things that are being alameda. tom fenton, as always, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> tucker: amazingly, our week is over. 15 nights in a row we brought you the latest on the kavanaugh saga, and it may come to an end tomorrow afternoon. obviously fox will be on it. we will be back monday as we always do, nice lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. if you want to help knock bob woodward off the top of the best seller list, cheb out "ship of fools" on and grab a copy.
6:00 pm
that could be a statement wouldn't it, maybe a statement rtses worth sending. looking forward to seeing you on monday. guess who's next? you know the answer. sean hannity, we turn it over to him. >> sean: welcome to hannity, fox news alert. due process? the presumption of innocence? the rule of law, common sense, are on the precipice of a monumental victory. but let us be clear, this has been an extremely ugly, scary, frankly despicable 22 days. there is hope tonight. today, in what became an extremely powerful and historic speech on the u.s. senate floor, susan collins of maine announced her support for judge brett kavanaugh. but more importantly, it was her explanation of how she arrived at her decision, that was so impressive. senator joe manchin followed her lead. kavanaugh looks poised to be


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