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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 9, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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300 miles of coastline already under hurricane morning. 35 florida counties under a state of emergency. not like florence. it sat around a while. this could be quick but do a lot of damage in the process. maybe as a category 3. "the five" is next. >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with kennedy, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." there is one thing we know for sure, the battle over brett kavanaugh has thrown a wrench into the upcoming midterm races. today was not only justice kavanaugh's first official day on the supreme court. you can see them there the picture. it also marks four weeks to election day. last night president trump apologized to him for the hostel campaign waged against him. >> president trump: i want to apologize to brett and the entire kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you
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have been forced to endure. those who stepped forward to serve our country deserve a fair and dignified evaluation, not campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception. what happened to the kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency, and due process. >> dana: the president's critics are slamming his comments, saying it was a battle cry for the upcoming election. >> what was done last night in the white house was a political rally. it further undermined the image and integrity of the court. that troubles me greatly. >> he uses a flow swearing in of a supreme court justice who was sworn in prior to last evening a platform to go after the white male vote. >> usually the president's healing in that moment and
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apologizing to kevin on behalf of the nation, it felt, again, like a trump-orchestrated political event. >> this is what power looks like. republicans have the power to do this, and they did it. >> they timed it so more people would be watching, morgan would be home and be paying attention to it. it was in part a campaign ad by the president. >> dana: before americans vote, a new poll showing 58% of independents disapprove of the way democrats handled the confirmation of brett kavanaugh. moments ago, president trump addressed kavanaugh's impact on a g.o.p. strategy heading into the midterms. >> president trump: how do you keep your base energized now that you have kavanaugh? i would say by winning. >> dana: kavanaugh, days have the need -- day 78 or something. the pool seems to be having an
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impact on the midterms. >> greg: i did an experiment where i tried to remember the big story before the last big story, i knew there was a story before kavanaugh. week prior to that, that was the biggest story and then this was huge. i can remember it. >> dana: hurricane? >> greg: less than 30 days in trump world is a year of stories. every day there's going to be something else. what is today tuesday? by thursday, there is something that will be huge. >> jesse: kanye is thursday. >> greg: that's right. i think the trump apology was necessary. and deserved. what happened to kavanaugh should never happen to an american citizen. it was disgraceful. america deserves an apology for it as well. trump shouldn't be the only person apologizing. feinstein, schumer, the media. they knew they could ruin a family for political power.
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it's probably one of the worst things i've ever seen and believe me, i've seen a lot of bad things. >> dana: that is saying something. what are you hearing, jesse, about midterms? we are less than 30 days out. >> jesse: i think the republican base is activated. this whole thing that happened yesterday was a real microcosm of the trump presidency. he has just nominated his second justice and has him confirmed and he has exposed the left as kind of me too maniacs and he's energized his base and all the left can do is talk about the words he used in the optics of the event. meanwhile he has put in 41 district court judges, 26 court of appeals justice and this is his second justice. the left needs to take inventory about what happened, pivot to another topic because this is not working. stop talking about impeachment. stop talking about the electoral college. just move forward. instead, they are acting like he
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is the first politician to do something political at the white house. i mean, i am shocked. barack obama never did anything political. he was a statesman. wait a second. i googled it. barack obama had the exact same ceremony for sotomayor i day or two after she was sworn in at the white house or he invited the congressional hispanic caucus, the leaders of the senate judiciary committee and they talked about single mothers and diversity and immigration. those kind of things that made up the obama political coalition. when barack obama does something, it's never political, but when donald trump does something it's nakedly partisan. >> juan: let me just say, dean martin. it's really hip. >> greg: he needs a tumbler of whiskey. >> jesse: you don't know what's in here. what about kennedy?
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[laughter] >> juan: it's obvious. what a different tone for sotomayor's swearing-in versus last night. last night was revenge of the republicans. republicans in the end zone doing a dance. so to me, the apology out of alignment totally. remember, the poll we showed a moment ago, gosh, we didn't show you but guess what. most americans disapproved of the way republicans handled it as well. >> dana: more so the democrats. >> juan: no, i think it's about the same. 51% of americans did not approve of this man's confirmation. in addition, a majority of americans believed professor ford, not justice kavanaugh. this is going to go on for sometime and if you want to get into women, dana, american women are overwhelming in their disapproval of kavanaugh. when you hear people say oh, my gosh, what we see here is president trump basically having
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a campaign ad at the white house and throwing it in people's faces. that's what it felt like. >> greg: he was apologizing to a family whose lives were ruine ruined. >> juan: why didn't he apologized to ms. ford? >> jesse: i have owed an apology because i have to sit next to juan. it's been really rough. >> dana: you know who needs an apology, kennedy. she hasn't gotten a word in. >> kennedy: i am watching the fireworks with a basket of popcorn. we are in a very politically strange time. both people can be right. you can have independents outraged by the way democrats behave. this could have been going on before or during the confirmation process, especially early on. most of this could be absolutely avoided, including the embarrassment not only of the kavanaugh family but also of the ford family. it was democrats were being so hyper political and that's why they are taking such a big hit with independents. judge kavanaugh, you are right. he hasn't polling very well with
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women right now but it doesn't matter because he's not running for office, is he? he has a lifetime appointment. he never has to interview for job ever again. that's settled. now democrats are essentially making stuff up and acting like they are outraged that a politician would have a political moment. if you look at it in contrast with some other rallies the president has come of those are hyper political. he goes out and fires of the base. think what you are seeing here is a lot of people who were supporting justice kavanaugh felt like he was going to be blocked from confirmation and the fact that they actually got a win and it was fact victorious over feelings, that was the boisterous nests in that crowd. you saw a lot of people especially on social media shocked and surprised and relieved and that's why they were celebrating. >> dana: you know who we need to hear from right now, james carville. he said "it's the economy stupid." apparently in 2018, he could be
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kavanaugh as the big issue. >> kavanaugh is going to be the big issue in 2018. he's going to be an issue in 2020. democrats are going to keep digging up stuff. the press is not going to stop the things they are working on about kavanaugh. >> dana: the press is not going to stop. >> greg: he gets dressed for halloween so early. i have advice for democrats. they may not listen to me. they are trying to create a battle in which all men are the oppressors and all women are the victims. this is part of the leftist identity politics strategy. the problem is that women live with men. they love men and vice versa. the bigger problem with this gambit is that there are black men and hispanic men in the democratic party who are as concerned about false allegations as everyone else in the world. you may say it's going to be about oppressors versus victims but there are people who are sensibly saying wait a minute. what about due process? it's going to be men in the
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democratic party for actually going to start thinking about it. >> kennedy: you also have men who vote. when you have people like senator hirono from hawaii saying things like men need to step up and shut up, that's really off-putting. elizabeth warren, her comments reflected the same thing. i think hillary clinton and some of the more progressive women in the democratic party, and she puts herself even though she may not be there honestly. they want to exacerbate this gender civil war. it's one of the worst things that can happen. it is very, in its own way, paternalistic and belittling. >> jesse: and james carville said about one of bill clinton's accusers, if that's what happens when you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park. he is not clean on this whole me too issue. it scares me that he seems like he knows the media is continuing to dig in on kavanaugh.
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>> dana: last word, juan. >> juan: the president last night saying kavanaugh has been proven innocent. again, this is like sticking your finger in the eyes of someone who is down. this is like what happened saturday night in vegas where the guy was jumping over the ring and starting a fight in the crowd. the fight is over. >> greg: you just said the fight is not over. >> juan: in political terms it's not over. you talk about independents. independents disagree with the way republicans handled it. it's not close. they didn't like democrats or republicans handling it but they do believed professor ford and the key is that when it comes to kavanaugh talking about devils triangle and boofing and many drinks, i just had a beer. people don't believe that. they know the guys trying to cover. >> kennedy: can i ask you something? do democrats believe in redemption? >> juan: of course. why not? i am a christian. >> kennedy: it doesn't seem
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like there was any grace extended to brett kavanaugh. >> juan: i disagree. one of the republicans trickle arguments republicans make is that it was a mob, no due process. this wasn't a trial. whether he was telling the trut truth. in that case, he failed. >> jesse: he has a robe on. >> dana: voting. >> jesse: he's going to be there his whole life. >> juan: you can run over people but people remember. >> jesse: is not called running over when it's the majority. >> dana: hillary clinton calling for incivility against republicans. can you believe that? ahead on "the five" ." with chantix. i tried to quit smoking for years on my own. i couldn't do it. i needed help. for me, chantix worked.
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♪ >> juan: another surprising announcement coming out of the trump administration. u.n. ambassador nikki haley abruptly resigning. she addressed her decision to leave earlier at at the white house. >> i think the main thing was i was governor for six years and we dealt with a hurricane, 1,000
2:17 pm
year flood, church shooting, school shooting. it was a lot. then to do two years of russia and iran and north korea, it's been eight years of intense time. i am a believer in term limits. i will say for all of you who are going to ask about 2020, no i am not running. i can promise you what i will be doing is campaigning for this one. i look forward to supporting the president. >> juan: this afternoon, the president answered questions about one potential replacement for haley who, being floated in the press. >> president trump: i think ivanka would be incredible. i wouldn't pick her. you would be accused of nepotism even though i'm not sure there's anybody more competent in the world but that's okay. but we are looking at numerous people. >> juan: jesse, nikki haley is the most popular cabinet member in the trump administration. i think today everybody's asking why now? >> jesse: more popular than
2:18 pm
jeff sessions? how is that possible? >> juan: you should check with the president. >> jesse: she was not fired by tweet like rex. not escorted off a motorcade like reince priebus. not escorted out of the white house by the secret service like amoroso. she left with her reputation intact. i'm not going to play speculation nation. that she's either going to run for president against donald trump, she was the anonymous op-ed writer, she's going to take lindsey graham's seat when graham goes to justice. i know she has two young children and she needs money and she's been working really, really hard and i think she will probably land a nice contributor ship somewhere possibly, rack up some speaking fees, may be writable, become a lobbyist. that's good for her. right now there's dina powell, her name has been floated. ric grenell, his name has been floated. as u.n. ambassador, she did a much better job than susan rice. she didn't lie on all five
2:19 pm
sunday shows. she rallied the u.n. security council against north korea, she spoke very strongly about iran and syria. she had a really good run. i don't know what's going to happen now but she was the victim of a lot of fake news. remember the curtains? the really disgusting rumors from "fire and fury." she handled it with a lot of class. i think whatever she does tomorrow, she's going to have a great road ahead of her. >> juan: kennedy, a lot of this is about, as you heard from jesse, is it possible the inquiry into her use of private jets is the prompting? everybody is surprised. john bolton says he is surprised. mike pompeo says he is surprised. so why now? jesse says it's a nice time to go. no problems. >> kennedy: after the curtain scandal, david hoag called for her resignation. we don't really know what to think at this point. so many unanswered questions. i will say of all the cabinet
2:20 pm
members, she is a moderate yet competent voice. she's very interesting. she has comported herself quite well. she has aligned herself with the president when she thought it was appropriate and distance herself when there were areas of disagreement. i think she's actually created a pretty good template for other people who will follow in her footsteps, not just in this job but in others, how to effectively and honestly deal with the president. i think his cabinet has been better for her presence there and you never know what the timing is. i think it's cool and a little early to speculate on some of the more ominous things that have been floated around. >> juan: about her. >> kennedy: yes. >> juan: dana, you know these players. you know dina powell. >> dana: and ric grenell. it's one of those things, people who had experience in the previous administration, they end up often working for the next administration along party
2:21 pm
lines. a lot of people from the clinton world ended up working for president obama, though not as many as you would think. dina powell had extremes working for president trump as the national security advisor. gained a lot of foreign policy experience in that time. ric grenell just got confirmed by the senate, that was a tough confirmation. president trump apparently loves what he is doing in germany and really having an impact. i think for her, she was able to leave, nikki haley, able to leave on her own terms. a lot of people don't know when to leave. we have talked about that before, right? >> greg: like jesse. [laughter] >> dana: you stay too long. i think two years is a very natural time to leave. the only curious thing is why they announced it today. why not wait until after the midterms. >> kennedy: that was my question too. i >> dana: i think the president held it as a secret. he got kavanaugh's ceremoniously sworn in.
2:22 pm
he is moving at an accelerated pace. we have a lot of things on the table. she won't be the only person to leave at the end of two years. she told the president six months ago she wanted to leave. the thing is, if your boss really likes you and you like them but you know you're going to have to go coming start having these conversations early. you plant the seed so it won't become abrupt and a problem later on. >> juan: i think in this administration, it would have leaked. no leaks. the top people in the administration said they didn't know. that's kind of weird to me. greg, i want to come to ivanka, the first daughter. >> greg: no, no, no. a coincidence or not a coincidence that donald trump is meeting with kanye west later. ambassador kanye west. makes total sense. talk about leaving on top. everything that's been going on in the world since nikki haley has been around, with the exception of syria. the north korea thing is huge.
2:23 pm
trade, terror. entering this new world with china. this is like the most consequential two years i've seen in recent history of things that are actually going on at taking place. why she is leaving, i think you are close and it had to do with private jets. the story i heard from "the new york times" is that she threw an ice cube at mike pompeo on air force one. it's a pattern of abusive using frozen water is a dangerous projectile. [laughter] >> juan: well, we will take that. thank you, greg. protesters taking over the streets in portland. greg takes on the "angry mob." that is next on "the five" " a once-in-five hundred year storm should happen every five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car,
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2:28 pm
how about a violent mob harassing innocent people? >> [shouting] >> greg: isn't that pleasant? according to a writer, portland's lawless mob is as routine in that city as they are in the senate office building. this video shows nt for assuming the role of armed crossing guard threatening citizens with physical harm, chasing them down with weapons. my favorite part: the pasty white loser attacking a law-abiding driver for being white. >> go that way. because i told you to. >> really? >> yeah, you little white little leap. [bleep] >> greg: how is this
2:29 pm
not a hate crime? when portland's mayor figured it might make him unpopular to enforce laws, anything is possible. you know police aren't there because they feel like they woe punished for doing their job from afraid they might look to oppressive against the violent mob. the leader's hand over authority to a violent mob. i better not use the word mob. >> when you see people like ted cruz getting chased out of restaurants by by a mob. >> you are not going to use the mob word. >> it is totally a mob, without a doubt, no other word for it. >> stop, stop. >> greg: how dare you call a mob a mob? now the word mob is no longer allowed to be used when looking at a mob. you better apologize because as we are learning, mob rules, especially in portland. the mob shows up and takes over without a fight. what a great lesson for other creeds who live near places where leaders refused to do
2:30 pm
their job. hey, if republicans are evil, anything is permitted. right, hillary? >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. >> greg: fact is, in a world where your silence is demanded and leaders are safely hidden from the rage that they enable, how do we know who's really in charge? just look for the mob. then moved to texas. i have to go to you, kennedy. you were born and raised in portland. >> kennedy: i was raised there. i was born in the mean streets of indianapolis. literally on the street. >> greg: how can those people not be charged for hate crimes? >> kennedy: if police are not allowed to engage with people like that, because ted wheeler is horrible for law enforcement in and around the city. it's unfortunate because they have tried to do what they can
2:31 pm
in order to help with the homeless problem which is really unfortunately out of control and it's affecting the quality of life there and crime has gone up. it used to be called the most livable city in the world. it was a destination place for people from defensive parts of the country to move to because if there is affordable housing. it's arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the country. ted wheeler is incredibly popular, and it's because of decisions like this. then he talks out both sides of his mouth. he would go to a meeting with civic leaders and someone will say hey, there are bunch of homeless people in old town and they look like zombies. the police tell us you have tied their hands and they can't do anything about it. if a cop tells you that, i want their badge. he tries to sound tough when it's politically convenient but he has a run of beautiful, incredible city into the ground and it's unforgettable.
2:32 pm
-- unforgivable. >> greg: if police abdicate the responsibility and the left believes you can protect yourself, isn't this possibly the best commercial you can never have for the nra? >> juan: the nra? >> greg: the gun lobby. if the police aren't going to be there to protect you come all you can do is protect yourself. if i was the nra, i would run that every day. >> juan: that that you are in a car and you can run them over, you want to shoot them. >> greg: the police are there to protect you. if they are not there, you have to defend yourself. >> juan: i think this is way overstated. to me this is like culture wars and the part of republicans. >> greg: that this never happened? >> juan: i think kennedy is right. a lot of these people -- going through this with you before. there was a protest in d.c., you said look at these antifa. a lot of these people are troubled people and they join in with an anti-trump movement and
2:33 pm
you say that's the opposition. that's a mob. this is no mob. >> greg: that's not a mob? >> juan: those people were misbehaving and they should be held accountable for their actions. i'm all for it. i don't like anyone coming after me, my family or anyone on "the five" ." >> kennedy: it's not acceptable in berkeley or chicago. >> juan: i think this problem with people who have mental issues, the homeless, it's growing in our country. but your thing is curious to me because isn't it the republicans who talk about ms-13, who talk about -- >> greg: do something about it. >> juan: pizza parlors where crazed conservatives come in and shoot. you don't talk about that. >> greg: yes, we do. >> jesse: when does a mob become a mob? when does misbehaving become breaking the law. you have to have some standards. this place is now a loonie bin because the mayor is a nutcase.
2:34 pm
hillary has gone full maxine waters. you don't go full maxine waters ever. she went there. this is why. it's because, like you said, you believe your opponents are evil, the ends justify the means. that's why you see the doxxing and hate mail and threats. all of this awful, as juan likes to say, misbehaving. it's more dangerous. liberalism needs the power of the state to enforce their ideology. democrats are completely shut out of power. they don't have any power in washington, d.c., so instead of using words and intellect to persuade, they are using mobs to intimidate. because that's the only way liberalism can be achieved through enforcement through state power of their ideas. that's getting a little dangerous. >> kennedy: imagine if those were conservatives. >> dana: tea party. oh, they are so rude very >> juan: i don't have to imagine. they were.
2:35 pm
[all speaking] >> greg: i will give you $100 for every piece of tape you find of them running in the streets. >> dana: can someone do an experiment. in the last year or so, you did pieces about the cost of a u-haul, a one-way u-haul from california to texas. i would be curious to find out what it's like in portland. it's a beautiful city but if you can have law and order, you will not want to live there. >> greg: they are moving the homeless to specific areas of the city that are away from people who are wealthy or so they are hurting new homeowners just moving in and then they have people -- >> kennedy: and small businesses. >> juan: didn't you have moving out of san francisco because they were pooping in the streets. you have everybody moving out of everywhere. >> greg: kanye west is heading to the white house. that's next. when you rent from national...
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♪ >> jesse: call it a west wing meeting. kanye west. get it? in the headlines last week for wearing a maga hat at the "snl" gig. the president praising west to reporters and talking about his impact on the african-american community. >> president trump: he's been a terrific guy. he loves what we are doing for african-american jobs, for so many different things, median income at an all-time high. poverty level of the best rate, lowest rate so far and kanye is a smart guy and he sees that. >> jesse: we are going to go to our kanye west ombudsman, greg gutfeld. >> greg: i am going to address juan's thought because i agree with him that kanye is only going to see trump because trump pays attention to him. i would say that's how
2:41 pm
reciprocity works. that's how persuasion works. in sales, that's when you succeed. being nice to someone, inviting them over. trump, as the real estate tycoon, is succeeding where other politicians aren't. kanye is arguably the biggest male pop star so he can expend the capital, take the risks. he does take the risks. he serves as an example for individuals who face the mob. he knows what he is saying is not popular among his peers but he does it anyway. last but not least, he has four ideas every hour. he is incredibly creative. let him try politics. >> jesse: what do you think about the idea that there is something that's going to come out of this meeting? >> kennedy: i like that he has a specific agenda. thinks he wants to talk about. he doesn't have a vague platitudes. i also appreciate that about his wife, and i've never been a big fan of hers or her families but the fact that she went in with a
2:42 pm
list of people she wanted to have pardon, including alice johnson and that worked and we are having a conversation, a legitimate conversation about criminal justice reform, i think it's fantastic. you wouldn't have expected that out of this administration, and certainly not one that named jeff sessions attorney general. i'm hopeful about that. i think the whole thing might be a giant control and performance piece. i don't doubt that he has respect for the president. the president makes people mad every day but changes his tone and uses unproductive debility in a way that kanye does kanye said he challenged himself to wear that red hat on "snl" to overcome his fears which i think is very amusing. >> juan: to me, this is a photo off. we have been through this before. i worry there is no agenda. his agenda as we know so far is mr. president, you should talk to colin kaepernick -- >> greg: that's a good plan. >> juan: it's the craziest
2:43 pm
thing. this is -- if he was really going to do something, let's come up with that substantive agenda. in fact i think what we see is talk about dragon energy. i think right now it's a culture war issue that apparently republicans can't talk about the tax cuts or the economy. that's not working. so go after -- >> greg: the economy is not working? >> juan: taylor swift is now the worse. >> jesse: there is a substantive agenda. manufacturing. >> dana: manufacturing jobs specifically in chicago. it is quite a substantive agenda. he is talking about prison reform in particular. what was the guys name that was in prison unfairly? >> greg: anthony weiner? >> dana: no. [laughter] prison reform, as kennedy said. he said he wants to ask president trump his ideas for bringing manufacturing jobs back to chicago where he grew up.
2:44 pm
to me, that's more than just a photo op. to talk to the president to stop going after nfl players. >> greg: that was a big deal. >> jesse: hopefully the meeting happens at 5:00. relationship contract taking the internet by storm. we until you hear a list of demands some girlfriend made to her boyfriend. .. winner! that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. hi! geico has licensed agents who i can reach 24/7. great savings and round the clock service? now that's a win-win. winner. winner. yay me! oh, hi! good luck. switch to geico®. it's a win-win.
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♪ >> kennedy: for the guys out there who think your girlfriend is too controlling, check this out. a relationship contract going viral after it was found in a used car. some things the girlfriend demanded from her man: mo is not going to hang out with us every time we hang out. you are never to take longer than 10 minutes to text me back. you are not to hang out with keegan. you are not to get mad at me about a single thing ever again. if i catch you around girls, i kill you. >> dana: if that was her voice, i would kill her. >> kennedy: doesn't it sound like it? what do you think her boyfriend did in order for her to -- >> dana: i'm not sure. basically have to write a list like this, you shouldn't be with him anyway.
2:49 pm
and he should probably not be with her. i want to point out that the honey do list i wrote for peter has three things on it. don't you feel better about our situation? jesse, this was interesting. >> kennedy: you hear about victimization in this country but it turns out women can be controlling too. >> jesse: can you imagine if a man wrote a list like this to his girlfriend? it would be like slavery. this is what it looks like the other way. i do know that i want to hang out with keegan and mole. i'm going to take the rest of the segment off because i'm afraid to say anything controversial. >> dana: and you are not to bring up tyler, noah, devon, or josh. >> juan: the part that got me was i have access to your phone at all times. wow. this is terrible. everyone can look but wow.
2:50 pm
she really thinks he's with another woman i guess. one of the imperatives here is "never look at another single woman." i don't know how you do that. just walking down the street. >> jesse: you know, juan. you know. you know. >> juan: is that what you have to do? >> dana: is that why you always wear sunglasses? >> greg: mike pence looked at this list and said "i've got this." [laughter] it's true. you know this is about, it's about a guy who cheated and cheated emotionally on social media. this was about a woman looking at the phone and saying who is this, who is this, who is this? why are you leaving comments on this instagram? are you friends? that's what this is about. a new form of cheating, social media emotional cheating. it drives people crazy. >> kennedy: it obviously drove
2:51 pm
a wedge here. if you were going to council this young one, you would look at these and say is this ever going to work out? these high demands. >> dana: she says if we ever move in, there are never to be girls our house. [laughter] don't move in. >> jesse: what if austin wants to bring a girl over varied >> kennedy: austin can but not keegan. >> dana: it wasn't terrible. she said if you say jump, -- if i say jump, you say how high princess? >> juan: the fact that we have found this in a car. >> greg: checked the trunk. >> dana: they will be on "fox & friends" tomorrow. >> kennedy: they will be cohosting. "one more thing" is up next.
2:52 pm
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>> time now for "one more thing." today is the last day of fat bare week. in cat knife national park alaska, you can vote which boat got the fattest over the last year. the boat closes tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern, martha maccallum will have both bears on the story. >> this is a fat shaming story.
2:56 pm
you are fat shaming. >> i'm not, the bears are supposed to get fat. it's kind of a fun thing to do with the family. >> propagating eating disorders among bears, that's great, dana. >> that's what i'm here for. jesse? >> i woke up this morning and i didn't think this was going to happen but i'm going to defendant bill de blasio. it was just working out at the gym and trying to do his thing and a homeless activist confronted him at the gym. just watch. from your affordable housing program, only 5% will go to the homeless. >> you have to be consistent you know, if you are going to go after the guy at the gym, eating obviously needs to go to the gym. get him on the street and get him where you can, not at the
2:57 pm
gym. >> absolutely. >> before i do my one more thing, shut out to my wife, she had to have emergency surgery last week, and the emergency appendectomy. from all of us here, get well soon. speak out for my one more thing, last night on football, there was some good news. peyton manning is on pace to break manning's record for all ten passes as well. how did peyton manning react? what go to the videotape. >> let this serve as a congratulations to the touchdown record because as you can see, we are very busy and i don't have time to keep doing these videos for you congratulating you. but in all seriousness, true, congratulations on this record.
2:58 pm
>> guess what, drew brees is nowhere near retirement so i think we are all watching a hall of fame career. >> i do want to raise a protest. this is what i wanted to do for dana's sports corner and they said somebody else had taken it. >> is called an interception. >> what does that mean? >> speaking of, let's go to thi this. "greg's sports corner." whenever you watch soccer, some of those athletes will fake an injury to slow down the game. now they have a new way to create delays in the games. i thought gets loose on the field but this is what's interesting about the dog. it's trained to do a number of things. it slows the game down but then, look what the dog does. it's on its side, then asked to be petted on its belly. then they have to do that and while they are doing this, the
2:59 pm
other soccer players are getting water and sliced oranges, which is a complete outrage. >> that poor dog. >> they never saw him again. >> the dog will be playing fullback for arsenals. >> kennedy? >> >> the rock 'n' roll hall of fame nominations are out for the 2019 class. we don't know who will be in the class, but janet jackson has received her third nomination. def leppard, pour some sugar on that first nomination. stevie next with her first solo nomination, and my nemesis, thom yorke and radiohead, may they never be inducted into the great rock 'n' roll hall of fame. tom york, thumbs down! >> you hate radiohead, too? >> it's been 25 years. >> what did he do?
3:00 pm
>> he's a creep. >> he almost electrocuted himself to get back at me. >> we will find out after this show. set your dvr and never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" and bret baier is up next. >> and i want to find out what happened with radiohead. we are covering three major stories tonight. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh makes its debut on the high court. hurricane michael straightens to a category three storm as it forces tens of thousands of people for their homes along the gulf coast of florida. we begin with the surprising resignation this morning. nikki haley is resigning as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. what's next for her and who will be nominated for that position at the u.n., is now the latest parlor game in washington. it was a move that caught almost everyone flat-footed this morning, except for her boss. president trump.


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