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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 12, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> i'm see you at 4:00 be in on fox business with david asman. thanks for joining us. have a terrific weekend. i'm melissa francis. here's dana. >> fox news alert. a court in turkey frees an american pastor there held for two years. hel hello. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." pastor andrew brunson found guilty of terror related charges that he denied but sentenced to time served. his release a victory for the trump administration, which worked behind the scenes and publicly sanctioned turkish officials to make this happen. reaction from the pastor's sister, lauren brunson. >> he forgave those in court that accused him publicly.
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if he's able to do that i don't think we can -- trying to think of the best way to say this. don't think we can judge them more harshly than he has. he has been through this. god has allowed him to extend grace towards those that have treated him this horrible way. >> remarkable words. benjamin hall is in turkey. what was it like there? >> today is the end of a two-year nightmare. as you said, this is being seen as a real win for the trump administration and in particular, for its foreign policy. this all began this morning when brunson's convoy arrived and during the trial that lasted four hours, we started to hear news from inside. the prosecutor recommended his control order to be lifted. after that, his house arrest
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lifted. finally, his travel ban clearing the way for his return to the u.s. president trump has pushed hard for his release and in person and at the highest levels. it was because of sanctions and tariffs imposed by the president and the threat of more that turkey finally conceded. the president tweeted his support, pastor brunson released, will be home soon. brunson faced 35 years in jail for espionage and terrorist charges. fox news was told that brunson is scheduled to leave very soon where he will undergo a medical examination and after that on to joint base andrews. there's records that vice president pence might meet him there. dana? >> i can imagine he would. he's been a champion for pastor brunson for years even before the presidential campaign.
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and what is the latest on the saudi columnist? >> there's been a lot of back and forth on that. turkey is accusing saudi arabia. saudi arabia pushing back. today breaking news out of turkey where the authorities saying they have video and audio evidence proving that khaishoggi was killed and tortured inside this saudi consulate. they don't want to release the details because they want the surveillance program secret. trump said he was not considering stopping arm sales to saudi arabia. a number of senators now pushing forward for a vote to try to force measures to ban the sales. that would be a catastrophe for the two allies. major breaking news on both friends from here in turkey. dana? >> a busy day. for more on all of this, let's bring in chris stirewalt. he's the editor of "half time
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report" and my co-host of our podca podcast. let's start with pastor brunson. this is important to the trump administration and vice president mike pence. he brought this to the attention of president trump. president trump taking the action to impose the sanctions as turkey's economy is in bad shape. the sanctions put it into a death spiral. >> as it should be, as it was for a citizen of the roman empire. should be for every citizen of the american public, we carry the protection of this great nation. that's what this is about. you may not harm the hair of a head on an american anywhere in the world, especially about religious liberty and especially somebody about preaching the gospel inside a majority muslim country. this touched many, many wires in the sort of political dashboard
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of this country. people like mike pence, people like tom tillis, senator from north carolina put in a lot of work because this is important to evangelicals in the united states. >> pastor brunson said this. it's been an extremely difficult time for our family and we want to express our appreciation to the millions around the world that have prayed for this day. right before benjamin hall came on, we played a sound bite from pastor brunson's sister. she said take a cue from pastor brunson. he's on his way home now. she's saying we should forgive. >> for his faith, as an evangelical christian, what more powerful witness could there be to forgive his persecutors. that's the cornerstone of the faith he's preaching and there
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he is living it out. if you recall when the congregants at the church in south carolina, it's the power of forgiveness that is a big deal. >> turkey in the news a lot. this columnist, mr. khaishoggi, who has not been seen, we don't have the details yet, but what we're hearing doesn't sound good. senator cory gardner saying this. >> i think it's very concerning situation. that's why i joined so many of my colleagues -- >> should the president take a tougher line? >> we should trigger a tougher line. this is extremely concerning. that's why we can't operate on innuendo. we have to operate on facts. >> heather nauert saying we don't know the facts. let's not get ahead of ourselves. the relationship with the saudi government and our congress are
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certainly deteriorating. >> when the orb, president trump went with the leaders of the arab states? it's not looking so hot right now. this relationship that the administration has worked hard to use this to try to find some resolution of the israeli palestinian conflict and do something there, all of that is on the line here because of this human rights concern. >> and the impact and the force over iran. >> very much so. to rebalance the obama administration had tried to tilt the balance towards tehran and the shiia side in the world of islam and the trump administration tilting it back to riyadh. the senate, when it comes to protecting journalists and these folks around the world, the united states has an interest because that's how we maintain transparency. the administration has a lot on the line here. in the senate, there will be more good sentiment towards turkey because brunson has been released and now they're on the
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right side of this issue. >> i can see why the state department is saying let's tap the brakes here. but a lot at stake here and we will keep on it. thank you, chris stirewalt. >> you bet. >> another fox news alert with the death toll up to 13 from hurricane michael with authorities warning that it could go higher. crews are working their way through the rubble right now. the storm off the atlantic coast leaving behind horrible trail of destruction from florida through virginia. griff jenkins is in tallahassee, florida. griff, how is it looking today? >> well, dana, here in tallahassee, they're in recovery mode. the power trucks are out, chainsaws are running and the sun is out. that's not the case on the coast where they're in rescue search mode. looking for anyone alive. i was down in a helicopter late yesterday afternoon over mexico beach. look at the video that we shot. it's unbelievable. what is normally pristine white
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sand beaches of the panhandle are littered with houses that were ripped from their foundations, thrown blocks along with cars and boats. you can literally go house by house, block by block and see entire grids wiped off the map. it's unthinkable that someone may have survived this. governor scott was touring it this morning around 9:00 a.m. and senator nelson is getting a first hand look essentially as we speak now. officials told me today, dana, they believe roughly 200 or more folks in mexico beach specifically had chosen to defy the evacuation. we don't know. one thing is for sure, it's going to be a tough story. here's what the director of fema, brock long, had to say about what they're learning earlier today. >> when it comes to a death toll, it's incredibly difficult 24, 48 hours to get an accurate number. unfortunately, i think you'll see that number climb. i hope we don't see it climb
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dramatically. i have reasons to believe that, you know, we still haven't got ten in the hardest hit areas, the mexico beach area. >> when i was flying there, we saw the search teams working furiously yesterday and i'm sure they've been doing it all day today, dana. >> i wanted to ask you about tyndall air force base. any update on the damage there? a lot of equipment there, a lot of important things happening there. you talked to someone from the base? >> that's right. we hope to get a press conference or some sort of work from tyndall later. they're the whole of the 325th air wing and they took a hard punch. one of the airmen, michael, he is staying with inlaws nearby here. i tried to get him to go on camera. he and his wife say they're too devastated. they have three kids and say they lost everything. his captain said it's probably going to be 30 days or more before you come back. when you come back, everything is gone. he lost everything he owns.
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cars, passports, belongings, life savings. it's going to be tough for the 3,000 airmen that tyndall houses. it's not a pretty story there. >> an important thing for us to know. these people lost everything. thank you, griff. all right. next, obamacare, guns and border security. three hot button issues defining the arizona race. we'll have more next. and new reaction from the white house and capitol hit from the missing saudi journalist.
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>> dana: believe it or not, early voting is underway in arizona where the race is on to
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fill retiring republican jeff flake's senate seat. two sitting congress woman, kyrsten sinema and martha mcsally are locked in a tight battle. william la jeunesse is live in mesa, arizona. william? >> dana, the bomb shell here today are these two videos that surfaced in the last 24 hours with congress woman sinema that portrays herself as a moderate and doesn't call her self-a democrat and mocking the gop and the state when she was a state senator. >> my state is clearly the meth lab of democracy. >> in another video, she actually refers to republicans as crazy. >> the republicans are all the
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same thing. they're crazy. >> so the race now is a virtual dead heat. the gop anger over the kavanaugh hearings helped mcsally to close the gap. early voting began wednesday. 80% will cast their votes before election day. now, arizona has not elected a democrat to the senate since 1988. so why is it so close? demographics. a third is republican, a third independent, a third democrat. hispanics now 25% of the vote. both are women. there's no gender bias and money. sinema has pro choice groups and outside money keeping her on the air. on policy, they differ on gun control, obamacare, abortion and the border wall. attack ads, sinema is portraying mcsally as a liar and hypocrite and she supports president
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trump. mcsally portrays sinema as basically a liberal democrat, masquerading as a moderate. >> while we were in harm's way in uniform, sinema was protesting us in a pink tutu. >> so mitt romney arrives later today for a rally for mcsally. george w. bush next week. president trump at some point. the videos could make a difference. >> thank you, william. >> dana: senators facing tough battles are hitting the campaign trail now that the republican party has pushed through a slate of judicial nominations. senator mitch mcconnell saying you can go home and campaign as long as you give us these 15 judges. the democrats took that deal. >> that's right. the leader made a good choice. he's working very hard to
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completely remake the judiciary and partnership with president trump. this is a big issue coming in the wake of the kavanaugh confirmation where republicans, if they have seen anything in the last few weeks, they learned that the supreme court matters, courts matter and the senate matters. if they look at the democratic party and these rage-filled mobs, their take away is the democratic party that scares me and the elections are important. >> dana: you look across the late of races and focus on the senate races. the kavanaugh bounce, is it a sugar high for republicans or is it longer lasting? has it helped with enthusiasm? >> certainly. the most important thing that either side needs to work on is the enthusiasm of their voter base, making sure they turn out 25 days from now. on the republican side, that has been lagging. post the kavanaugh confirmation, i think that is really rallied and many states that we're in
11:19 am
voter enthusiasm on the republican side has surpassed or at least matched democrat enthusiasm and it will remain. what is crystal clear to republican matters, the senate matters and voting is important. >> dana: a couple stars in the ads. there's so much money in all of these campaigns that they can run a local of television ads. the two big stars have been a couple people you might know the last 30 days. close to 100-funded republican spots, nancy pelosi and hillary clinton are the villains, aired more than 34,000 times in three battleground states, arizona, missouri and west virginia. and nancy pelosi and clinton blanketed the tvs 1,100 team in each state. they have to think the ads are effective. >> in senate race, they're
11:20 am
different. they're contest between two people. that's the focus there. in some states for example in north dakota, heidi heitkamp enthusiastically embraced hillary clinton who is not popular there. so you're seeing the two of them together in advertising. that's a very effective hit. >> dana: the other thing we're seeing and i focused this and starting to show itself is that healthcare is a really big deal. the democrats have decided to run on it. are the republicans back on their heels when it comes to talking about healthcare and where the public is at? >> they certainly have been. we're starting to see signs engaging smartly on it. there was a long brain-dead approach by the republicans on repealing obamacare without thinking about what they were replacing it. democrats have stolen a march on us using the pre-existing conditions issue. republican candidates are responding well. josh holly had an excellent ad talking about how one of his children had a very serious
11:21 am
chronic disease that was going to be treated and made it clear he's not against coverage of pre-existing conditions. >> dana: and something that went under the radar, the trump administration announcing for the first time since obamacare care has passed, the rates will go down 1.5%. that was on the back page. i just happened to see it as i was walking down here. thanks, stephen. >> thanks for having me. >> dana: okay. hurricane michael leaving more than a million people in the dark and multiple states. we'll have an update on that. and the hospital evacuations that have to take place. a live look at the big board. the dow trying to battle back after a two-day drop. will the gains hold? we'll talk about it. make a smart choice. replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna... made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar... ...and end the day with a smile.
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>> dana: the stock market giving up early gains after a string of steep losses. the dow is 25,095. up 44 points. it was up more than 400 points earlier today after falling more than 1,300 points wednesday and thursday. stocks are october track for the biggest losses in seven months. investors are focusing on rising interest rates and trade tensions with china. pope francis accepting the resignation of the archbishop of washington. wuerl is accused of protecting child molesters. massive piles of rubble and streets filling the streets of panama city, florida. rick leventhal is on the ground in panama city.
11:26 am
rick, what are city leaders telling people with property there? i know they're anxious to get back. >> they're telling people that evacuated stay out, don't come back. telling people that are here to leave if they can because the basic services won't be on here for a month or more. that includes water and power. we're at a sam's club gas station that just opened. they're trying to get the diesel pump back on. you can see national guard troops here. tensions are rising as people wait in line for fuel. these folks right here, dana, said they were here for five hours. they got here at 8:30 local time and just now filled their tank. that's because the line for fuel stretches all the way out to 23rd street. you can't see the end of the line because it's at least a half mile down the road. hundreds and hundreds of cars waiting here. there's fuel trucks being brought in to provide fuel to utility crews, 500,000 gallons a
11:27 am
day. we know there's generators that have been brought in to restore the traffic lights across the area. there's thousands of search and rescue teams been deployed. the message to the people still here is to -- take care, folks. they're leaving because they know they're not going to have the basic services. we just talked to senator bill nelson about this a short time ago. >> it's the middle of october. we're feeling cool weather here. you're not supposed to have a category four hurricane. it popped up, it's a one, it's a two and all of a sudden it's a four. it's hitting right at a populated part of the coast. >> so where they would normally predeploy assets, they may not deploy as many because the storm
11:28 am
gained strength. >> dana: tell me about the hospital evacuations. >> ten major hospitals across florida, primarily in the bay city area, evacuated because they can't provide proper care for patients some dozen hospitals and assistive care facilities have been evacuated or will be in the next day or two because the patients need to get basic services. they will be moved to other places in destin, pensacola until they can get stuff back on here. >> dana: a beautiful part of the country. dustin and all the rest. thank you, rick. president trump saying he will be headed to the area. he just tweeted this. people have no idea how hard hurricane michael has hit the great state of georgia. i'll be visiting florida and georgia next week. we're working very hard on every area and every state that was hit. we are with you! all right. new financial fallout from the
11:29 am
disappearance and alleged killing of a saudi columnist. how some u.s. companies are reacting. the trump administration pulling all the levers to win the release of an american pastor. ari fleischer has more straight ahead. experience a blend of refined craftsmanship... ...and raw power. engineered to take the crown. the lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> dana: corporate america could be having second thoughts about doing business with saudi arabia
11:33 am
following the murder of jamal khaishoggi. case in point, some media companies pulling out of a saudi investment conference. kristina partsinevelos has more. >> yes, this saudi investment conference is being pegged as the davos in the desert. it's set to start october 23. a lot of media partners that were signing on board to join in. not just media, ceos and big major leaders. there's so many questions about khaishoggi and what happened when he was visiting the saudi consulate in turkey. you have bloomberg pulling out, msnbc, uber, "new york times," l.a. times. uber's ceo is stepping out. you have the economist editor and chief and many more saying they're evaluating whether they should be attending the event or not. the tensions changing there between the united states and other countries and saudi
11:34 am
arabia. this could extend further and affect a lot of companies. think of the exposure that energy companies have with saudi arabia. saudi arabia provide so much oil or big banks or defense companies. this is an important matter. the president has been a huge supporter of the modernization of saudi arabia, the kingdom. jared kushner played a vital role in secure ago $110 billion weapons deal. u.s. weapons being sold to saudi arabia. if saudi arabia is held accountable, the united states could post sanctions on saudi arabia and that could gravely affect the defense industry in the united states. so that is just part of the problem right now. what we know is ed is still surfacing and the united states has said that they will make a decision based on the evidence. treasury secretary steve mnuchin says he still plans to attend
11:35 am
that conference in saudi arabia on october 23. >> dana: thanks, christina. for more, here's ari fleischer, a fox news contributor. one of the people that we know, elliot abrams wrote this in the "new york post" today. the saudis don't realize the conclusion will have. it will be profound. all saudi decision making will come into question. i thought that was an interesting thing. some people say why should we get involved? why it should be a problem? the problem is we put a lot of trust in this new leader. if he's going to be reckless and impulsive, we might not be able to keep it. >> first of all, turkey alleges it and saudi arabia denies it. we have to wait for facts to develop. the problem here, we in the west and the united states have so
11:36 am
much on the line with saudi reforming. it would be so healthy to have the arab kingdom to move behind the waters. so if you're going to be a reformer, you can't be a despit at home. >> and it was written that american should maybe tap the brakes here. if saudi is not going to be our ally and partner in the region, that leaves a vacuum and opening for iran. >> exactly. that's why we need to make sure we do it properly and not rushed the judgment. whatever we do, we cannot let iran be the beneficiary of it. iran is the worst player in the middle east. saudi was a buffer to iran. we cannot lose sight to that. saudi arabia needs to come around. we have to take some meaningful action against saudi arabia but without throwing the baby out
11:37 am
with the bath water here. iran will take advantage of this and anything we do to diminish saudi arabia. >> dana: let me ask you about the other big news. pastor brunson being released from turkey after a big decision to have the sanctions. here's lindsey graham reacting to the news. >> i can tell you about president trump. he has been very involved in this. he tried to give turkey the space they need to get a result good for both countries. he's been practical and firm. this is an example of i think presidential leadership. >> i wonder what you thought about that. using the power that you have to affect change like this. >> of course you always celebrate when somebody is released but somebody who should have never been taken in the first place. president erdogan of turkey and the turkish government have been a longstanding problem when it
11:38 am
comes to rights and nato relations, e.u. relations. they're not in the e.u. for a good reason. they misbehave. just because they have done the right thing here is no cause for great celebration. the family, for the president, it's good that he's coming home. doesn't change u.s. turkish relations fundamentally. >> dana: listen to pastor brunson's sister. >> they have been pressing for andrew's release and making those contacts with the senators. i'd like to thank president trump and vice president pence and secretary of state pompeo and senators tillis, shaheen, graham and corker just to name a few that have been really working hard on this and pressing on this. >> dana: do you think this episode would maybe be a lesson to other countries to knock it off when it comes to messing with any americans? >> no. sadly the history of the world goes back decades as north
11:39 am
korea, turkey, some nations do this because they cannot tolerate dissent from within. saudi arabia. this is how they act. that's my point. >> dana: something that elliot abrams said. anything government that thinks they can't survive thoughtful criticism deems itself shaky indead. >> that's why they're called despits. take criticism and deal with criticism. which makes a democracy thrive and be free. these despotic nations are stuck by their medieval ways. >> dana: capitol hill is getting nervous. they want votes on turkey and saudi arabia. the relationship is strained, but the president of the united states has to manage that. this idea that steve mnuchin is planning to go to the conference. those are big decisions. >> they have to say he's going. at some point once the white house gets proof, it's the hard
11:40 am
decision the president will make what steps do we take to punish saudi arabia without going too far that is a hard line to drive. there's one person responsible for u.s. saudi relationship, it's the president. he cannot ruin saudi relations over this. >> dana: fascinating topic. ari, have a good weekend. and kanye west getting slammed for his white house visit. does that response show a double standa standard? i'll ask tyrus about it. and check us out at instagram and twitter. look our facebook page, too. catch you there. you always pay your insurance on time.
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>> shepard smith on the fox news deck. we're getting an update out of tyndall air force base in the florida panhandle. ground zero for hurricane michael. left the base with widespread catastrophic damage. and president trump on the move
11:44 am
soon headed to ohio for a rally. we'll see if he talks to reporters on his way out of town. that's coming up at the top of the hour with "shepard smith reporting." see you then. >> dana: voting rights a flash point in the georgia governor's race. stacy abrams against ryan brian kemp who is secretary of state. he's in charge of elections and voter registration. abrams and groups say kemp is uses his office to suppress the vote which affects african american and minority voters. kemp denies the accusations. >> black people have an issue with the world "again." my feeling from that is because i'm going all the way to signal it. all we have is now. all we have is today. the word again doesn't hurt us because of the idea of racism and slavery. it hurts us because we need to focus on who we are now, today.
11:45 am
>> dana: that's kanye west in his visit to the white house. the media blasting west and questioning his mental health. a sharp contrast from what taylor swift saw after she broke her stance of not commenting on politics. the country is divided into the two camps, the woke and the resentful. they december agree vehemently as most routinely about the catch-all known as political correctness. i'm joint by tyrus. i love talking to you because you can help me get out of my new york bubble. >> it's a big bubble. >> dana: that's true. politics is downstream of culture, this week culture and politics collided. what did you think about that? >> to be completely honest, i didn't care. good for him he got to meet the
11:46 am
president. he was star struck a little bit. rightfully so. if i got a chance to meet lou ferrigno for the day, i would probably talk the same way that kanye west has. he was my hero for a child. political-wise, he wasn'ting anybody. he didn't represent the black community. he represents kanye west meeting the president of the united states, which is a great honor. i probably would have a little better prepared statement. sometimes as we know, sometimes we talk and we don't know how to end a sentence because we're excited. like right now. a situation that i think kanye -- he had a lot of things to get out and nervous. >> dana: what do you think about the over-the-top reaction. here's jimmy kimmel last night. >> my chance to have a lunch with kanye and trump turned into
11:47 am
so much more than a lunch. why they allowed cameras in, i have no idea. this would be between people hospital bracelets. >> rapper t.i. says i refuse to associate myself on someone so vile. at one time it was a pleasure to work alongside you. now i'm a shamed to have ever been associated with you. i think your point that kanye west was there for himself. why is it that others feel like he was speaking for the african american community? >> any time you take a risk to support somebody, especially -- he generally has an affection for the president of the united states, which is fine. you're going to have people that are going to attack you. it's the way we do business in this country now. kanye has every right to say and do whatever he wants to do. i don't have to agree with it, i don't have to support it.
11:48 am
he has the right. like i have a right to be excited about meeting lou ferrigno. where it goes from here, we don't know. maybe that opens the door to something, maybe it doesn't. he has every right and i support him. if it wasn't a great speech, it wasn't there but the media was there eating it up. >> ellen degeneres as a comparison, when taylor swift said she was -- she asked her followers to vote, ellen said sometimes you can shake it off and sometimes you have to speak it up. so much love and respect, taylor swift. if kanye west had said something derogatory towards the president or not complimentary or he would have maybe had a different reception. >> i think we live in a time where everything is convenienced to how i feel. if you don't something to i don't like, i'm going to attack you. if you do something i like, i can piggyback and praise you for
11:49 am
it. kanye showed love for the president. taylor swift was a little more, yes, she's supporting the democrat, but she was kind of like just register the vote. she was more like let's get involved. that was a little lighter. you can't compare the two. but the fact that we're tryi trying -- >> and it all happened this week. we'll talk about the ufc. our k-9 companion spike wept tailgating with buffalo bills fans. you have to see this. he got to meet a captain of the team that shares a name with spike's name sake. there's little rest for a single dad,
11:50 am
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traffic and roads... a mess, honestlyrents going up,le. friends and family moving out of state, millions of californians live near or below the poverty line. politicians like gavin newsom talk about change, but they've done nothing. sky-high gas and food prices. homelessness. gavin newsom, it happened on your watch. so, yeah. it is time for a change. time for someone new.
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>> dana: now a look at other stories you should know about. the daily three. first, employees stationed in six cities across asia sent back to d.c. as the agency investigates allegations that they were interacting with prostitutes. facebook unfriend fake news. a social media site deleting 800 accounts and pages recently. facebook says the accounts were flooding users with political spam. and the death penalty is abolished in washington state. the washington supreme court striking it down and calling it racially bias. the 20th state in the u.s. to do so. okay. "the daily briefing" executive producer jennifer williams took spike to her hometown of buffalo and honored her late brother in a special way. watch this. >> he was a special kid. special. he always will be. and i miss him terribly. there's a kyle williams on the
11:54 am
team. i think he was named off my son. my daughter is excited about seeing kyle williams and we'll tell him about our kyle. >> hi, everybody. >> there he is. >> how are we doing? >> hi. i'm jennifer. >> i'm kyle. nice to meet you. >> this is my mom. >> hi, mom. >> nice to meet you. >> yes, ma'am. >> good to see you. >> a cute little guy. >> let let you make those determinations for me. glad we could get you in a cute jersey. >> my brother's named kyle williams. you're a huge inspiration for my family. you're an inspiration to all of buffalo. but what it would mean to you when he was in the hospital the last couple years of his life, it was like did you know kyle williams? are you related -- >> i hope you said yes.
11:55 am
>> yes, we used to call my brother spike growing up. so i'm raising a dog for k-9 companions and hopefully he gets compared with somebody that can use hem. >> you don't know about people, they may have a connection. awesome to hear that. glad you're here and sharing that with me. you want to snap a pic? >> sure. >> let's get a group shot. hopefully tomorrow goes well. >> thank you. >> dana: good old spike. you know spike, tyrus. >> very well. >> dana: it's wonderful when sports stars open up to people. >> that was one of the most things that i was proud of, part of being the wwe. i was part of make a wish and doing the stuff in schools and hospitals and meeting people. it's really humbling when you're thinking about all the many problems getting ready for your
11:56 am
match, paying your bills. all the stuff in your head and somebody happy to be here tells them that you inspire them to get up in the morning. it's always -- i gave it when he was thanking them. it's always so humbling to say thank you to someone that you mean so much to that you look at yourself and go, maybe things in your life aren't so bad that -- >> dana: inspires you. there's spike. the group shot, spike looked away. we have to work on that. he's a good dog and doing well. up next, how one runner is being recognized for breaking down barriers. en my hot water heaterd it rocked our world. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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in two great flavors.
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11:59 am
. >> dana: justin was born with cerebral palsy. the good news is, nike just made justin the first ever professional athlete with cerebral palsy signed to a contract. he worked with the company to
12:00 pm
design a shoe for athletes with disabilities. his dream is to compete in a half marathon. i'll see you on "the five." we loved having you here at "the daily briefing." thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 on the east coast. and 10:00 p.m. in turkey. the site of two major stories making huge waves here in the united states. first, an american pastor freed from captivity and on his way home. we're getting reaction from his family and learning more about the dense diplomatic standoff that led to his relief. also, the case of the missing "washington post" columnist and critic of the saudi royal family. officials in turkey say they have proof that the saudis murdered him inside the saudi consulate. today what this could mea


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