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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 14, 2018 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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nleland: president trump heading out west campaigning for public and montana, arizona and nevada with his newest attack on democrats. will they resonate with swing voters? eboni: plus, oliver saudi arabia after president vows serious punishment if the islamic kingdom behind the appearance of parliaments critical. nleland: hundreds of thousands still without water, food and power. we are on the ground in florida as the search for survivors continues.
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finally feels like fall in the nations capital. the president touted his golf club today. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. i am leland vittert. eboni: i am eboni k. williams. resident john telling rally goers he's had a lot of victories in the white house or the message coming on the hills the pastor andrew branson's return to the u.s. gary tenney is live from the white house with that and more. reporter: last night was certainly a victory lap of sorts for president trump. the confirmation of justice kavanagh as well as of course the more than anything last night was about the midterm elections. in kentucky president trump is hoping to help gop congressman andy barr a retired marine fighter pilot running neck and neck for this policy. president trump took plenty of shots at democrats during the rally. at one point accusing them of being totally consumed by a trillion for power and told
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voters he needs more republicans to advance his agenda. >> we want to make sure it continues full speed ahead. we don't want democrats that are coming from a different place. we don't want them getting in office. all they'll do is abstract. under republican leadership, america is booming. >> the president largely focusing campaign efforts for republicans are hoping to add a theater to do the majority in this next week holding rallies in state were three of the tightest races in the country are. missouri democrat senator jon tester is a three-point lead over republican macros and out in congressman martha mcsally are in a dead heat and in nevada where gop senator dean heller is trying to fend off jacky rosen. with those two republican seats up for grabs, this morning the chairman of the democratic campaign committee says
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democrats have a shot at retaking the house and the senate in november. >> what we've said from the beginning is this is a very tough political map for senate democrats. probably the toughest we've seen in 60 years. i've said from day one that we have a credible path to a democratic senate majority. it is a narrow path and there's so many tight seeds but this is all about turnout at this point. >> despite the races, gop leaders are optimistic be able to hold onto the senate but they aren't taking any chances and that's why the president said he will be hitting the campaign trail leads to a few times a week over the next 23 days. eboni: 21 days out. thank you for the update. nleland: it's going to get more exciting. president trump promising severe punishment if the saudis killed a popular columnist. gillian turner with us now as this is the intersection between the u.s. saudi relationship,
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u.s. turkish relationship in the middle east. hi, gillian. >> hi, leland. president trump did admit to cbs in an interview that saudi arabia could be to blame for the disappearance and alleged murder of journalist jamal should be. emphasizing soap by the saudis deny any responsibility. an investigation ultimately proves their guilt. the u.s. would inflict their punishment. the option of sanctioning the royal family off the table. >> i actually think we would be punishing ourselves if we did that. >> a multi-arms still making it clear his priority is to protect hard-won u.s. profit. >> if they don't fire from us they're going to buy it from russia or they're going to buy from china or other countries. >> so far, saudi arabia has maintained a hard-line on this issue, deny, deny, deny without
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providing any substantiated evidence. yesterday they took the opportunity to ask a president trump's reasoning about the global economy the saudi state tv reported the kingdom affirms is targeted with any action it will respond with greater action and the kingdom's economy has been influential in vital role in the global economy. and the economy is affected only by the impact of the global economy. on capitol hill, however, condemnation of the saudi regime has been swift and bipartisan. >> just as they are an ally and an important mission with the iranian expansion in the region cannot allow us to walk away from that. it undermines our ability to stand for morality and human rights. >> the most important thing is clear. we cannot have a now i who murders in cold blood, in their own consulate a critic. reporter: as the investigation of event moves forward without
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u.s. participation, the trump administration concern treasury secretary the niche and will not pull out of plan travel to riyadh later this month. leland: will watch that. gillian turner, thank you. sunday is the business day. already sunday night in saudi arabia. their stock market tumbled by 7% today after the news of president trump spreads for severe punishment in response to the countries involved and in the disappearance. the market managed to rally by the end of the trading day, closing down 3.5%. they are concerned that saudi arabia is international community and as we heard from the saudi statement that stake in the global economy. eboni has more. eboni: here with moreover the fallout over his jamal khashoggi senior fellow at the hudson
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institute. michael, thank you for joining. an outstanding question as to what really happened to this journalist here. but if the circumstantial evidence weighs out and indeed the saudi arabia government is responsible for this young man's death. senator jeff flake with us this morning what he thought the u.s. response should be. let's take a listen to his >> is indeed the saudis were behind the murder of jamal khashoggi, should that stop u.s. arms sales? >> i do think arms sales will be affected is certainly our involvement in yemen or saudi arabia will be affected. that involvement really survived in the last go around at the national defense authorization act. as are it may well survive with this kind of accusation if it is true. eboni: michael after the senator's response really as good and as we heard in gillian turner's report, very bipartisan chorus here around a tough line, not moving forward with the arms
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sales potentially, really just an meant they been on the whole u.s. involvement in the yemen war itself saying it's unconstitutional is led to an humanitarian crisis. you agree with senators on that? >> saudi arabia has been a magnet for bipartisan support with what the kingdom is doing good this event in turkey you basically have the turkish government admitting they were eased dropping on the saudi consulate in istanbul and also u.s. intelligence officers on the "washington post" we have intercepts a mohammed bin salman ordering the capture of jamal. those two things that two things are a pair, u.s. intel and turkish intel basically saying we're monitoring the saudi's and now they've switched all their funds to different zones. they shut down the art until a community to see what the saudis are actually doing. we need a way for the investigation to play out, but it doesn't look it. tranter with the president says he wants a action for sure, this seems like a stopping short of saying we will not go forward
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with the arms bill. we are acting against their own interest in russia and china could move forward with those types of sales. did the president make a point there? >> a lot of things to consider there. saudi's role in countering what iran is doing in the middle east. we have the saudi is coming u.s. allies come and see everyone has advocate for the iran coming out, condemning saudi arabia for what is happening. this is a big deal to the best thing to do is have the investigation and is true for saudi give us those in the response or the international community the names come to deal with them so that this can go away over time. saudi says it doesn't happen, the forensic evidence that someone was actually butchered in the consulate in istanbul, then the damage is out of control. eboni: big picture when it comes to saudi arabia. it seems to many the narrative has changed over the last two years. 2017 when they're allowed to drive and there seems to be in a regime and certainly the royal
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family making a bit of a tour to l.a. it's really seeming to soften in the eyes of many americans. but then this happens. your response about him where we should contextualize back. >> well, the one country want to change a saudi arabia and mohammed salman has been doing now. it's weird to say that letting women drive is progressive. but in this instance it is. a lot of the other thing they are doing, cracking down on a moms that are certified and appreciative and awe qaeda like brand of islam, so there are those things. does it take the good with the bad? >> saudi arabia is the necessary allies in iran is a dedicated enemy. you have the balance we have to work with air. one dissident xu interviewed osama bin laden is one dissident who has ties with the muslim
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brotherhood. does his disappearance lead to a total collapse of the u.s. saudi relationship? it seems like everybody's ready for that. eboni: still outstanding questions as to what really happened to this man. will follow at every step of the way. thank you very much. leland: the saudis continue to issue their denial. the saudi embassy in the united states just sending out a new tweet saying apart the kingdom of saudi arabia extends its appreciation to all including the u.s. administration refraining from jumping to conclusions on the ongoing investigation. on to politics in the midterms. democrats have cast a wide net in their quest to win back the house. florida's 12th congressional district, president trump won it by double digits but two years later incumbent republican congressman told us yesterday he's running hard. >> i take every race seriously.
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i come home every weekend. i talked to my constituents. i listen to my constituents. i think i've been very, very good. we talked to the constituents. we run like we're 10 points behind. leland: with us now, challenger democratic house candidate chris hunter who recently resigned from the justice department to run for congress. nice to see you. we appreciate it. is this really a race? >> leland, great to be on. you bet it's a race and here's why. there's a level of exhaustion my district, the electorate more broadly with the circus like environment but also career politicians. the guy running against is one of those. he inherited this congressional seat from his dad. he's been a politician for two decades in the last 12 years he's been utterly unaccountable. that is changing the cycle. >> certainly have caught the eye nationally in a way that few
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have in this district. taking a wide swipe you might say that democrats running this time around in general. here is the president and then we'll get your reaction. >> if nancy pelosi and the democrats take control, they will try to raise your taxes, imposed socialism on this country, take away your health care and take away your jobs. that is what will happen. leland: is a tough talking to answer for nancy pelosi, maxine waters, kemal harris in your district? >> leland, it's not. they've nothing to do with what's going on in the ground. that is a reckless loose rhetoric that i don't think solves problems people care about. they don't care about that stuff
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in my district. what they do care about is honesty in their government and what they've learned as a result of this campaign is what they've been missing. leland: these are the leaders of your party. i repudiating them as leaders of the democratic ready and i'm not going to necessarily vote the party line on this? where does the rubber meets the road? >> you bet i will absolutely never vote the party line on anything. one day in dublin every change, leland. the other took as a prosecutor -- leland: hold on, hold on, give me policies where you see things differently than nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, dianne feinstein and you're willing to not vote the party line and be part of a solution with the republicans. >> so, what we have to have in the next congress is a group of people who are leaders to make evidence-based decisions who are not ideologues, don't come in
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with an agenda to execute. a different attitude altogether. that's an attitude of problem-solving. the important issue in my district has nothing to do with the people you mentioned. the incumbent and challenging has been exposed -- leland: chris, chris, chris, we talked to them about that yesterday. the issue for you, give me specific policies and problems you're willing to reach across the aisle on if you're in congress to view a from republicans, hey, this could work. this is something i could work with them on. >> you bet. the very first thing as free trade. i happen to believe free trade is the key that unlocks american ingenuity in the american economy. when i'm in congress that will work across the aisle to amend the trade expansion i've said this president can't use the terror power to wreck or global economic order that we so carefully constructed over
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decades. that something republicans care deeply about and i think the next congress will have bipartisan support to amend the trade expansion act so congress can protect the free trade regime we built up for years. something that started with president kennedy and continues under reagan and bush and is a sort of framework that has resulted in a really terrific economic run for country. leland: you will understand the spirit we had your we had reported on yesterday. four minutes for him and for minister you as you point out the votes and trade will be significant for whatever deals president trump makes. appreciate you coming on invite you back. >> leland, thanks for having me. appreciate it. leland: coming out, half a million people still without electricity or water in the wake of hurricane my goal. many more may not see their power restored for several weeks. mike tobin on the ground.
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>> hi, leland. the painful process of trying to find a bit terms of the storm continues in the florida panhandle. i'll have the latest from the beach. back to you. leland: thousands of pets homeless after michael. the thousands left without a place to live after florence. an update on the two dogs at america's news headquarters have been following for weeks after we found them on the ground in north carolina. white house economic adviser larry kudlow speaking to fox news about the economy as we had towards the finish line for the mid-terms early next month. i don't keep track of regrets.
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eboni: hundreds of mourners attended a joint funeral for courses or send their husbands all killed in a limo crashed last saturday in new york. in an emotional service from a grieving family members and friends came together to support and remember the lives lost. >> a very emotional, very tough. tougher the entire community. my heart goes out to these families. heartbreaking tragedy like this in our area. it's also, certainly a lot of
10:22 am
the motion, but also to pedestrians as well as all 18 people in the limo were killed when the vehicle crashed into another car in a parking lot. as leland: rescue crews are searching house to house are accurately listed houses and businesses for potential survivors. now after hurricane michael leveled entire towns on the florida panhandle. mike tobin, mexico each, florida, one of those homes, hi, mike. >> every structure here in mexico beach has now had a preliminary search in a secondary search. i want to show you something. if you look at the building right behind me, a green sticker on it. a preliminary search has been done. if you look past me to the yellow house on the gold side
10:23 am
they are, there's a green stricker on not one as well. you can see right now members of the lakeland fire and rescue teams going through this area and given it one more search with 50 and 100 people here in mexico beach who are just lost contact with family members. disaster wide you're talking about some 2000 people who are missing. it doesn't mean they're buried in the rubble. it simply means they lost contact with loved ones. they're coming through combing the area one more time. they've been through flipping up all the debris, looking trying to find anyone who is still unaccounted for. governor rick scott and fema administrator brock long toward mexico beach earlier today. they look at all this distraction. among other things they hope in the future when people hear warnings about the storm surge they look at this example and take it seriously.
10:24 am
>> when somebody says there's going to be nine-foot, 10-foot, 14 foot storm surge from its deadly. don't look just at the win. maybe it's only category to, but if there's a big storm surge are not going to survive it. >> some 5800 utility workers are on the ground here in the florida panhandle. 17,000 disaster wide. in terms of the time to reestablish power, it depends on how bad the area was hit, how easy it is for these crews to get in and reestablish power. for a place like a county, where mexico beach is located, you're talking about after friday before you can start expecting to have power again. if you look around mexico beach there a long way away from that. a lot of reconstruction has to take place before you can reestablish power. according to city officials yesterday they are still in recovery mode. getting back to modern conveniences like turning on the light switch or cold
10:25 am
refrigerators a few steps off. leland: real quick, mike, are there a lot of folks who stayed behind who are still there beginning to cleanup or have people stayed away so rescue teams and first responders can get in there and do their work. >> i wouldn't say a lot. a handful of people a stayed behind. some rode out the storm. a lot of times they said up front in their chairs hoping to get some food or cold water. people picking through the rubble trying to find irreplaceable belongings. things like family photos and mementos. by and large most of the people are staying away. still talking about 280 people who had to write up a storm in mexico beach and that's why you have the high number of people just unaccounted for who lost contact with family members. leland: 280 people to provide food and water to as well. mike tobin on the ground. mike talked a lot about the people. in the wake of michael, hundreds
10:26 am
of pets were abandoned and need rescuing. lucky dog now in the area and bring in a lot of those animals out of the hurricane zone. you might remember lucky dog because they took in the two dogs were rescued during our coverage of hurricane florence in september as we went door-to-door with flooded neighborhoods. good news to report. florence, the mama dog found her forever home. she was adopted yesterday. the younger of the pops still looking for her home. you can help her find it and you can also help a lot of dogs who have been displaced or abandoned during michael a need to be rescued. lucky dog animal for details. teams are down now and the hurricane zone. it's amazing the amount of infrastructure it takes to bring back 50 or 100 pet by way of saying please go and donate. eboni: i'm so happy for florence
10:27 am
was just the sweetest thing. you thought ageism at work against her. leland: a little more skittish the desolate looking for a loving home. leland: i have no doubt they'll get loving forever homes. leland: double pun. eboni: sylhet, president trump drumming up support for republicans on the campaign trail could at the same time, democrats trying to create their own blue wave. a talk radio panel weighs in. after a rough week on wall street, the stock market appears to open to the opening bell. >> i think the background is positive for the stock market. people should stay very calm over these things. that's quite normal. ♪ [ doorbell rings ]
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eboni: the markets open back up on wall street tomorrow morning after rocky week on the stock market. ellison barber has a look at what president trump the same spark the fluctuation. >> wednesday marked one of the worst days of the dow since february. it has been incredibly fast. some question whether was the start of a global economic slowdown. the president's top economic adviser larry cut lothian it's essentially a natural hippo. >> these kinds of corrections are absolutely normal. this went so far as rather moderate. i think it's about 5% or so, 6%. we are still had here today than the major indexes to 4% or 5%. >> president trump link the federal reserve. the fed is raising interest rates. in his words is ridiculous. presidents do not typically criticize because they're supposed to be independent and monetary policies are not supposed to be influenced by politics. president trump has criticized
10:33 am
the fed twice now. as economic adviser is not now today. >> the president as a successful businessman and investor knows a lot about these topics as these giving his opinion. his concern is the fed might move too quickly in my choke off the economic coverage. reporter: the fed is expected to raise rates in december. the fourth time this year. they cited a strong labor and economy as part of the reason why they were raising rates. they said they need to raise the target range for rates because of the realize than expected labor market conditions and inflation. eboni: thank you so much, allison. leland. leland: just taking the dow futures here give us an idea about even for tomorrow morning's open. and every stop, president trump hammers on its economic success as a reason to keep republicans in control of the house and
10:34 am
senate did the past week he meets us in iowa, pennsylvania, ohio and kentucky. rallies scheduled this week in montana, arizona and nevada. president trump says that almost every rally the blue wave will admit the red wave is coming in with us now, richest aeolian philly. robert k-kilo in atlanta. good to see you as always. robert, you talk to dan's were so confident these days. are you underestimating the power of the president's coattails? >> what we've seen so far as the president hasn't been able to pull people over. without ed gillespie go down and also they haven't done much to expand their base outside the 2015 base a house. they had to reach out to swing voters. so it's hard to pick the exact 2015 coalition together for red ways to take place it's going to
10:35 am
review momentum democrats have built over the last year. leland: we have reporters that almost every one of these rallies and they report lines out the doors. coming hours ahead of time. you've got enthusiasm in the base. as robert points out you got to pull over swing voters. is this the way republicans should go about? >> i think independent swing voters need to look at the economy and ask themselves this question. will the economy suffers democrats in charge of the house. hearing after hearing and just try to grant government to a halt. if they think the answer is yes, they need to take a serious look at their district and wonder whether the democrat they may vote for if there is a blue wave is going to cost them money and i just don't think they want the economic turbulence of the chaos of the democrats in charge of the house is going to bring. leland: the gender gap we are seeing is tied to the economic
10:36 am
issues in terms of male suburban college-educated voters going hard for president trump. you mentioned the keyword that keeps keeps coming up over and over again by republicans, which is below sea. a listen to the president without yesterday. >> if nancy pelosi, crying chuck schumer in the radical democrat takeover congress, they will try to raise your taxes. they will immediately restore job killing regulations. they will impose believe it or not socialism. leland: rocker, i democrats giving republicans a free gift on continuing to keep the leadership group that so toxic and so unpopular in power?
10:37 am
>> it's time to put the focus on the fresh faces of the democratic party. when you have kemal harris out there, tim jefferson, cedric richmond, so many young voices out there put them at the forefront. this clinton tour going around the country. that's not what we need to be doing in 2018 the 2020. focus on the message of the future, not the 1990s and early two thousands. focus on economic development for low-income families. focus on the issues middle america really cares about. leland: rich comic democrats take robert democrats take robert's advice, which so far he's been giving it for years that they haven't taken us so far. if they take that advice over the next couple of weeks and pivot on these issues as we saw a fellow in florida running for congress as a democrat tried to do comment by the vulnerability for republicans? >> no, we land.
10:38 am
your guests confirmed they don't have an economic message. kind of economic message robert alluded to is one of a lot of socialism, government staff. people don't want that. the coal industry is coming back. they want government regulations to go away. they want the freedom for the economy to explode. democrats are not selling out. they have no economic plans. with the democrats are offering right now is to impeach the president, mph justice brett kavanaugh. leland: in a way if you listen to the rising stars of the democratic party, cortez, elizabeth foreign, bernie sanders although he's older and still has a popular voice here, you see that democratic socialism creeping that is an economic message in and of itself. >> we land, it is. it's a question voters don't want. if they were smart they would nominate joe biden because we see can relate to workers.
10:39 am
i don't think he can get the nomination because he's not the guy scene will shut down coal for the good of the environment. leland: robert commuted the last 15 seconds. joe biden on the top of the polls cnn has in terms of who democrats would like to see is the nominee. >> those are the same polls who say hillary is president right now. most people recognize that we have to focus on the new and upcoming voices and something american people can believe in. socialism in all these other things are not what people care about. they care about their bread-and-butter issues in a clean environment for their families. leland: it was bill clinton's campaign that coined the term if the economy, stupid. the conversation was thoughtful, engaging in civil. folks in washington could learn a lot. eboni: democrats to the gop. we'll talk to a senior advisor and policy to the national republican senatorial committee.
10:40 am
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tranter was just 22 days to go until midterm elections, president trump and republicans are firing up reporters containing the left as an angry mob in using the democrats own words to do it. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. >> when they go low, we go high. no. they go low, we kicked them to the ground. [laughter]
10:45 am
eboni: okay, joining me now promising a riser in the policy to the national republican senatorial committee, lonnie chin. thank you for joining me. >> and for having me. eboni: those are two clips from the national gop ad running in certainly those appointed officials own words they are really calling for a lack of civility. do you think this is the republicans placing a well-made track that these dams are falling right into to become the villain of this midterm cycle. >> look, you cannot out trump donald trump. to a certain degree, some of those democrats seem to think they can do that. unfortunately it goes way over the top. you talk about things like kicking people when they're down. even the democrats don't want to embrace this language. i do think politically it's not the savviest thing to do to present yourself in that light because they're never going to be able to get to a point where
10:46 am
they'll be viewed in the way are given the latitude that the president has given. leland: you make the point that it's a good one, you can't out trump trump. would you say the effort on behalf of the democrats is to show they are fighters, too. the success president had in 2016 was he did come across as a fighter and this is their version of that. >> i suppose. the difference is people out there who support president trump perceive they are generally trying to fight for them. eric holder, it seems inauthentic. the one thing they are good at seeing through is the lack of authenticity. >> you point out in midterms, what's really important is the presidential's popularity in the economy. he cited earlier. it's the economy, stupid. we see the number increasing.
10:47 am
looks like the second highest approval rating so far. the still sort a questionable. the economy is hard to question. most people see an economy despite a shaky economy. people's pocketbooks are looking good. unemployment rate is very, very low. the growth has been astronomical. do you think republicans are running enough on that? is it too much about democrats and should be more on the economy? >> republicans are trying. you see them make the case about the economy. its historically strong. no question about that. the case president trump is try to make is what is the danger in electing a democratic senator democratic house. the answer is potentially compromising economic growth and economic success. in a midterm election cycle those messages motivating based on what you might lose, those tend to be more effective
10:48 am
messages. i think republican candidates are doing a good job focusing on the economy. it's tough to break through with any message in this day and age with so much going on. >> to hear a lot of nancy pelosi, a lot of personal symbols of a democratic party that are absolutely controversial and not very popular by most people's standards. to your pointy economy is robust and is seemingly winning issue across the board. >> no question. key states where republicans are trying to hold onto control of the senate. nevada, arizona in particular. two states decimated by the downturn in those states. along with the republican challenger of arizona, both candidates that will do well come november. this is about voter turnout.
10:49 am
who has the momentum that will drive turnout republicans or democrats? >> republicans have momentum and ground to make. this is an election where democrats have the momentum. republicans can capitalize on the energy created by that debacle. the hearings were a debacle. eboni: thanks for joining us. leland. a massive emigration caravan marching toward the u.s. border. what option the trump administration. lucky not when we come back. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. it can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage,
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tranter president trump says his administration is take another look at the practice of separating families from the border. a new caravan of migrants had to the border, jeff paul has that story. >> there could be as many as 1300 hondurans including young children right now heading to the u.s.-mexico border hoping to request refugee status for the group began growing in numbers on friday when around 100 xt hondurans organized enough for some are now calling march of the migraine. they agreed to leave together to make the travel much safer.
10:54 am
according to a recent study from the center for immigration studies, the main reason they want to leave our poor economics and violence. the mass migration comes after a caravan of migrants from central america trying to seek asylum back in may. the president addressing the legal immigration last night during a rally in kentucky where he praised pace for its efforts. >> they go in there and they liberate dams. these people came in by the thousands and we are taking them out by the thousands. the illegal alien criminals, predators, drug dealers, imus 13 and we are sending them back home. we are liberating american cities and towns. that's what we're doing. >> the trump administration reportedly considering a new immigration policy that could lead to family separations of the border once again. the plan would give migrant parents a choice to stay together during the often
10:55 am
lengthy immigration process or let the government take their child to a shelter so other guardians can take custody. the president commenting on the plan on the planets he left the white house for last night's rally. >> if they feel the separation in many cases they don't come. but also in many cases you have really bad people coming in and using children. they are not their children. they don't even know the children. they haven't known to children for 20 minutes. they grab children and use them to come into our country. really bad people out there. reporter: with the trump administration reportedly is not considering him before separations that cause so much outrage and protest along the border this past june. leland: a look at eboni williams weekend in video.
10:56 am
wouldn't you love to see this site? how to avoid it when we come back. ♪
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>> a look back at ebony williams saturday afternoon. she's just back from russia. base jumping 700 feet off a bridge. - - us, not among them.
11:00 am
>> i have a terrifying fear of heights so that would never in 1 million years be made. >> if you don't want to see this. not my tourist hotspot. have a great weekend. >>chris: i'm chris wallace. the stock market takes a big hit and president trump lived on the federal reserve raising interest rates. ♪. >> i think the fed has gone crazy. >>chris: we will discuss the selloff on the state of the economy with the president's top white house economic advisor, larry kudlow. then - - works our message to china's rulers is this, this president will not back down. >>chris: the administration takes a hard line against china on the march. are the u.s. and china in engaged in a new cold war? we will discuss the growing tensions with chins


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