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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 15, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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left's new lows and of course get out there and getting people's faces and by the way create a ground and follow people into grocery stores and gas stations in department stores. that interview with rush limbaugh's thursday night at 9:00 p.m. always fair and balanced. we will never be the destroy-trump media. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it away. >> laura: i want to follow you into a grocery store. when's the last time you are in a grocery store? >> sean: this weekend. i went to the butcher shop, the grocery store. i shop all the time of people asked me in the store why are you here, i am like isn't it obvious i like to eat? it's pretty obvious. >> laura: [laughs] do you live in mayberry? you have a butcher? that's a fancy person's neighborhood. >> sean: go do your show. this is ridiculous. mayberry? >> laura: i think it's lovely. i want a butcher. we don't have any butchers.
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witches have been grocery stores. >> sean: it's a small, family-owned butcher shop. in my tiny community. >> laura: i am just teasing you. >> sean: i like to spend my money in the local stores. speed due to the people come up to and say sean, can you sign my spinach? >> sean: you are -- can i say it on tv? you are worse than my three sisters. i grew up with three older sisters and one bathroom. >> laura: i had one bathroom and three older brothers. don't get me. thanks so much. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." thank you for joining us. elizabeth warren is catching a little bit of heat for claiming native american ancestry. the cherokee nation is out tonight with a statement slamming the massachusetts senator, one of its members is here to sound off. plus, while most folks think the
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republicans will lose the house this november, a few are beginning to take a different view. one of them joins us tonight to explain. violent anti-for mobs seemingly running the streets of portland, oregon, ? a counter protesters here with this first-hand account before mark fuhrman explains how the city leadership is failing its people miserably. but first, democrats peddle victimhood as the midterm strategy. that is the focus of tonight's angle. at some point in life, we all have to decide whether we want to be victims or victors. do we want to be defined by slights and wrongs? ones that are perceived or real? that we suffer at the hands of others. 242 years ago, our forefathers made the decision that kind of sitting around bemoaning our fate under british rule wasn't going to get us anywhere.
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they decided to do something about it. we are a people who chose freedom and liberty rooted in a sense of virtue over despair and hopelessness. and with courage, sacrifice, and an indomitable spirit and an abiding faith in god, we won our independence and created the greatest country in the world. powerful forces in today's democratic party, though, are at war with that fundamental understanding of the american story. in fact, many think the founding of our country was inherently corrupt and even illegitimate, and they have made a decision to run against that version of america. in the absence of an actual plan to grow american prosperity and keep us safe, democrats are embracing victimhood as a political platform this midterm cycle. democrat stacey abrams is running for governor in georgia. >> the miasma of fear that's
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created by voter suppression is as much about terrifying people about trying to vote as it is about actually blocking their ability to do so. >> laura: what is she talking about? voter registration has reached a record level in georgia, and there was a 75% voter participation there in 2016. the average nationwide was only 55%. abrams is selling fear victimhood at the idea of, weight, illegal aliens voting? >> the thing is, the blue wave is african-americans. it's white, latino, asian pacific islander. it's made up of those who've been told they are not worthy of being here. it's comprised of those who are documented and undocumented. >> laura: whoa, whoa, whoa. wait a midnight train to georgia. did you catch that? sounds like abrams had her -- said that illegal immigrants were part of the blue wave.
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be eligible to vote? how does that not dilute the illegal votes of american citizens of all colors and all backgrounds? it gets worse. in massachusetts, where for years elizabeth warren has shamelessly peddled the idea that she's a cherokee indian. >> my mb has walked by that picture at least a thousand times, remarked that her father, had high cheekbones like all of the indians. being native american has been part of my story i guess since the day i was born. >> laura: was she born in 1985? i think that's when she started to tell the story. anyway, warren is trying to play the victim. after years of taking criticism for her native american claims, warren, with an ion 2020, tried to get it all out of the way. she released and effective video
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during a dna specialist. >> what are the facts say? >> you absolutely have native american ancestry in your pedigree. >> some people have questioned my heritage and my family history. maybe they do it to insult me. maybe they do it to distract from the kinds of changes i'm fighting for. >> laura: according to a dna study, analyzed by stanford's carlos bustamante, who works for 23 and may, the advisor of that company, warren is possibly 1/1024, which is 0.09% native american. that's where the scale goes. it goes from .09% to i don't know, like everybody else. according to "the new york times," scientist say the average european-american is 0.18% native american. so that would make warren less native american than the average european-american. wait a second.
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what the heck happened to liberal concerns about cultural appropriation? i guess that's out the window. warren is kind of a typical denigrate her. she's racially obsessed, and let's face it, it's easier than being factually informed. she is willing to scam the system, in this case play in indian to get a boost professionally or in this case politically. to add insult to injury, her dna specialist, carlos bustamante, flatley admitted that he didn't even use native american samples for the test. seriously? to make up for the lack of those samples, he is one from mexico, peru, and colombia. keep this up and warren is going to be claiming that she's more latina than alexandria ocasio-cortez by 2020. speaking of latinos, a new migrant caravan from central america, the second in six months, is now headed up through mexico to the united states this week. it already has 1600 members.
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naturally, democrats have started their old narrative about trump separating families of the border. if only they had the same concern for americans brutally victimized by illegals here in the united states. in the last few weeks, two illegals have committed vicious rapes just in the new york area. one followed a nassau county woman home, knocked her out, and repeatedly raped her for about an hour. then there's someone who is thought to be a member of ms-13. he broke into the bedroom of an 11-year-old girl he did not know and raped her on a bunk bed with her brother below them. meanwhile, we hear almost nothing on those stories or so many more like them from democrats who at the same time agonized over noncitizens overwhelming our border patrol.
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when leslie stahl tried to melt hearts with her family separation narrative last night, the president set her straight. >> are you willing to reinstitute that policy. you said we are looking at everything? >> president trump: what i can say is there are consequences from coming into a country, namely our country, illegally. >> i'm not going to ask it again. >> president trump: you don't have to. it was the same as obama. >> laura: donald trump has exposed the fraudulent nature of the left-wing arguments and their weak narratives. there is a sudden bounce. you felt in the "60 minutes" interview last night. the left is fuming that 60 minutes actually air the interview. but he has the extra bounce in his step and the sense of his party is now on the rise again. following the kavanaugh battle, you would've thought so that the democrats might've gotten the message that victimhood for political gain is not a great strategy. it won't work, and it hasn't.
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and the good news is, the republicans may have finally found their groove. they are outselling the peace, prosperity, and security agenda that trump won on and is delivering on. i don't know. in the end, i think most americans are just smart enough to see that victimhood is a dead-end personally and politically. and that's "the angle." joining me here in studio, former trump deputy campaign manager dave bossi and university of maryland lecturer david nichols. jason, let's start with elizabeth warren. i think elizabeth warren and you go back to the harvard faculty where she is described as a premier minority hire at the harvard law school. if you're trying to pass herself off as a cherokee indian and you had to get a guy from 23 and me
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who is a paid advisor to that company, like, do this goofy hallmark video, like, you are part cherokee. the cherokee nation tonight says the following. "using a dna test to lay claim to any connection with the cherokee nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. senator warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage." she was trying to play the victim card and she got exposed. >> i don't necessarily think she was trying to play the victim card. she was trying to say she had native american ancestry which is very different than saying you are native american. and i think now she has moved on from saying she's native american. she is saying she has native american ancestry. i have british ancestry. i would never claim to be british. >> laura: because you have integrity. you have integrity. he would never do that because you don't have to pass yourself off as something that you're really not so you get an edge on someone else who might be
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applying for the same job, but they want to check a box that they've hired a native american. you wouldn't do that. >> laura, there's no evidence that she had any kind of bump in terms of her career because -- >> laura: really? you don't think elizabeth warren has received any special plaudits or considerations by being labeled a minority? >> there is no evidence of it. >> laura: if she gets no benefit from it, why is that her calling card? >> i think she, like many european-american friends of mine, believe -- >> laura: did you just call people european-american's? [laughs] >> i can tell you if i say wide i'm going to get people saying -- saying -- >> laura: no, you're not. >> i know it doesn't matter to you. >> laura: if i were a democrat, i would be throwing elizabeth -- democrats think elizabeth warren had great qualities. this sadly is a big mistake and should you go back to issues.
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connect on some of those. >> there is another reason democrats should be annoyed with elizabeth warren and that's 22 days before the midterm election, you make today's focus about yourself? how selfish and 2020 presidential campaign is this focused on? this is a ridiculous thing for her to have brought up to begin with. she did try to use this as a vehicle to get ahead in her life. whether it was on her resume or at harvard, it's an embarrassment to her and to the party. they have nothing to run on, no agenda, that's why they did this. >> laura: she said and and one interview, she said my mom and dad were very much in love and they wanted to get married. my father's parents said absolutely not because she is part cherokee and delaware. after fighting it, they eloped. i guess. she is now a delaware too. i didn't even know that. we all have to do our 23 and me
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because we probably have some cool stuff in our background. >> find out how french i am. >> laura: jason, i want to play, donald trump did mention a million dollars if she could present some evidence. he was asked about this today on the south lawn of the white house taking off for florida. let's watch. >> senator warren released some of her dna results that show a strong likelihood that she does have native american roots. do you owe her an apology? >> president trump: she owes the country an apology. what's her percentage? when you have the percentage, tell me what it is. >> what about the money? >> president trump: if she gets the nomination, the debate where i was going to have her tested. i will only do it if i can test her personally. that will not be something i enjoy doing either. >> laura: i don't know what exactly that means but
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kellyanne conway, someone put out a tweet saying he should give her 1/1000 of the money. >> hold on. she did not make the claim she was 100% cherokee. >> laura: i know. >> i agree it was a big mistake. absolutely. >> laura: this is why i like jason. >> she should not have done that. >> laura: when she sticks on some of the issues she actually can connect and she's more populous than a lot of the other democrats. she can connect. this is an area, i go back to my point. playing the victim, it's just not cool. you are not a victim. >> i think she's putting yourself in trump's arena. plane by his rules. >> trying to. >> that's for 2020. >> laura: we have to get to this issue in georgia with stacey abrams arguing about voter suppression which can be of potent argument on the campaign trail. people are led to believe they really can't register to vote or people try to keep them from
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that, civil rights lawsuits filed on the 11th of october, dave bossie. was it a mistake by brian kemp? >> it is not his law. he is the secretary of state so he's -- >> laura: he was in favor of it. >> i understand that but it's not his law. he didn't just make it and he can't undo it. it's not about brian kemp. this is more politics of destruction and separating people, trying to make people angry, trying to get them revved up for the election. that's all this is an people will see through it. people in georgia want line order. they want to be safe and secure. they want a good economy and they want jobs for themselves to be able to raise their children and educate their children, take care of their families. that's what they want. this is just -- she doesn't have a campaign to run on. good policy. >> laura: what this law does this it tries to match licenses to voter registration. they say the concern is they are not -- they become provisional
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from ballots until they are ver. they have a lot of dead people on rules, people listed twice. they are trying to match people to people. that's not a bad idea. it's a problem of its disparately effecting people. i think it's a little bit of a scare tactic to say it's people from voting. not really. most people can fill up their forms without a problem, correct? >> you can have -- say you have laura a ingram and laura ingraham. they will say it's not an exact match. 53,000 georgians are in a precarious situation. 70% of them are african-american. it hearkened backs to an era in georgia when african-americans were not -- >> laura: voter registration among all groups his way out. that was a good thing.
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turnout was huge people we want people voting. has to be fair and fairly administered. thank you, gentlemen. three weeks into the midterms and posters predicting the democrats of course will wrestle the house from the g.o.p. but some notable people are saying may be a different path forward. g.o.p. pollster john mclaughlin is here saying that republicans may just keep control of the house. he joins us now. john, thanks for being here. why do you think the g.o.p., all productions are they could be wiped out or they could lose the majority by several at the very least. why would they have a chance to hold the house and your mind? >> because of president trump. 63 million trump voters out there who came out in 2016 to vote. that was the strategy. bring millions of new voters from the rust belt and the heartland out to get them to vote for president trump. the typical midterm election is 90 million voters. what's going on right now is each party is trying to excite their base to get more of their base out. the democrats are trying to get
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the anti-trump vote out and we are trying to get the trump voters out, and the kavanaugh's up in court fiasco was really about a democrat effort to suppress our vote. what they really wanted the president to do was withdraw it or the republicans not give the votes to get past. if that have been, millions of trump voters would have stayed home. what happened, it has backfired on them. even abc today has a battleground pulsing republicans are up in the generic ballot in the 66 targeted districts that are most contested in the house. so what you've got is you got nancy pelosi, who's really unpopular, our september survey she had a 55% unfavorable rating. 30% favorable. the republicans, to win them all they have to do is run a campaign is that we have to stop nancy pelosi and her colleagues from giving us open borders, raising taxes, killing jobs. >> laura: isn't it at the same time colleges and universities, they are registering huge
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numbers of young people to vote. there is an enormous amount of money smartly i think by the left pouring into communities in florida, we are going to get into it later on, trying to turn the vote. you've got javier munoz pushing puerto rican voter registration in florida. we want people to vote but my point is if you sell this idea of victimhood and fear, or you sell peace and prosperity? is it fairness over victimhood, peace, prosperity, safety? republicans have to stay on the agenda trump sent out in 2016. >> in the campaign, the president went after hillary clinton. he never backed down. he was the right person to chase around the issues and challenge our own corruption. the challenger on her vision of america versus his. he didn't back up on trade or immigration would only elites and know in washington told him you can talk about those things. he went right for it.
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what's going on right now is the republicans that are embracing him, like ted cruz's up in the polls in texas. >> laura: the never trump-ers, ben sasse, jeff flake. we are going to be watching. we'll have you back right before the midterms. democrats want you to think they are the great protectors of women in the workplace. but is that true?
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>> laura: democrats claim to hold the high ground of champions of women in the workforce until they're involved. latest example comes via hillary clinton who had this to save on her husband's affair with white house intern monica lewinsky. >> in retrospect, do you think bill should have resigned in the wake of the monica lewinsky scandal? >> absolutely not. >> it wasn't an abuse of power? >> no.
7:25 pm
>> people look at the incidence of the '90s and they say a president of the united states cannot have a consensual relationship with an intern. the power imbalances to -- >> who was an adult. >> laura: what happened to feminism? joining us, monica crowley. senior opinion of a columnist for "the washington times." d doc, former chair of the georgia legislative women's caucus. monica, bill clinton was 49 years old. president of the most powerful country on earth. monica lewinsky in her own words, it was her first job out of college. hillary clinton saying there was no power differential that negated consent of any type. isn't that a big leap for what feminists used to believe? >> absolutely, laura. the clinton-lewinsky affair was textbook abuse of power. textbook. and the fact that mrs. clinton, given the new context of the me too movement in this whole new
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environment culturally and politically in which we are in, the fact that she would claim that it wasn't an abuse of power because ms. lewinsky was "an adult," at 22, it is so epically tone-deaf that it shows yet another reason why she lost his election. the fact that she cannot process even all of these years later what her husband did, and it wasn't just the affair with monica lewinsky. the subsequent perjury and obstruction of justice which is what he was impeached for, the fact that she still can't process it and be honest with the american people and herself about it is staggering. >> laura: not to speak of what hillary clinton did to juanita broaddrick after she brought her own concern about the way bill clinton, in her words, raped her. hillary clinton, according to we need a broader, basically squeezed her hand and said thank you for all the help and support you've given my husband
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and held on a little too long. hillary clinton today says i guess this is all okay because by any means necessary, get power and keep power. how is that feminism? i'm confused about what feminism even means anymore. >> thank you for having me on. hillary clinton was right in her assessment. it was consensual, two adults who decided to be together. now, bill clinton, was at the right decision? no but you can't regulate morality. legal does not always equate to something that is immoral. and her squeezing someone's hand, maybe she was trying to process it. i believe every woman's voice needs to be heard but at the same time, there needs to be processes in place so that everyone gets the right to be able to say what they need to say, which didn't happened in the kavanaugh case. several women said they had been assaulted and they never had the opportunity to speak. >> laura: well, obviously the
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country is wildly i think tired of bringing up stuff from 36 years ago when there is literally no contemporary conts corroboration. this is the exertion of power and a power differential between an adult man who is the head of the most important, most powerful nation on earth, within intern. how, as a feminist, do you say it's legitimate consent? how is that consent when you are the president of the united states and she is a low level intern with her first job, with no experience at all in the workplace. i am not saying she has no responsibility but i am talking about what feminism has been about, what the leaders of the feminist movement from the '60s on now to have written and thought about true and valid consent.
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>> feminism, a woman has a right to decide and dictate what she does with her body. it doesn't limit her because she's 22 years old. when i was 20 do, i had two children, working full-time jobs and i watched out a lot of women climb to. >> laura: monica lewinsky's life was, you know, -- i won't say its ruins because every life is worth a lot in the eyes of god but where did she go after that? what kind of life did she have? bill clinton went on to make speeches for $500,000 a pop, monica. monica crowley. he went on to make -- be the toast of global society. poor monica lewinsky, always to be called the woman with the blue dress. that's why the power differential matters. that's why these feminists today are total frauds for continuing to prop this out. >> you are pointing to really
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important dynamics. the feminist movement was supposed to be affording all women the opportunity to make their own choices, whether to get an education or go to work or stay home with their childre children. but over time, it became such a politically charged movement of the left that they began applying the double standard. so the democrats are all for #metoo unless and until it hits one of their own, like keith ellison or bill clinton. they circle the wagons around bill clinton because he was right on the issues, particular the on abortion. everything they could do. >> laura: ladies, ladies. we have to leave this. i want to get your thoughts on another issue. the left i don't think was satisfied, attacking white privilege, white male privilege. the leftists now accusing white women of benefiting from patriarchy power.
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you can't make this up. let's take a look. >> there have always been incentives on the table for white women who've benefited, white patriarchy versus white supremacy and their -- white women have historically voted conservatively and on behalf of the white men to whom they are attached. >> laura: quickly, your response. >> i totally agree. many white women have been complicit in the behavior of patriarchal white men because they're able to drive nice cars, live in nice houses and so they will be quiet. ivanka and melania trump not really sticking up saying what they need to say about the president was also been accused by 22 different women -- >> laura: monica, all right, all right. monica, your response. >> do you want to know what this is really all about? donald trump ran very strong among white women voters in 2016. he won a majority of them.
7:32 pm
still running strong among white women voters. it's intended to leverage white female voters away -- >> laura: all right, we are out of time. it's all about power and getting power back. fantastic segment. the antifa mob creates chaos in portland while local officials are sitting on their hands. a counter protester who was there, moments away.
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>> laura: what happens in a major metropolitan city when leftist policies like police take a hands-off approach? what happens is violence, destruction, and innocent people getting hurt. that's what's happening right now in portland, oregon. police stood idly by and let this happen. >> [bleep] >> [shouting]
7:36 pm
>> laura: instead of confronting violent protesters, we don't call them protesters. violent thugs. cops are succumbing to leftist leaders and backing off, leaving ordinary americans scared and unprotected. joining a staffer in portland is one of the organizers of last week's counter protest, julie gibson. he's also the founder of patriot prayer. joey, i know you are arrested at one point in may for, didn't you. gonna one of the events that the university of washington campus are a couple of your guys did? you are arrested for that. did your group -- >> we were detained. >> laura: what is that? >> we were detained for a second and let go. >> laura: okay, you are detained and let go. in this case, did you have any intention of getting violent with this antifa group? >> we never have any intention to get violent. for us, it's about challenging the mayor, challenging the protesters and being able to merge.
7:37 pm
if they attack us, then people definitely do defend themselves, but we've had so many marches and rallies where no one shows up and it's completely peaceful and we have a great time. >> laura: what is the goal of your group, as we watch this chaotic video? looks like a lot of people got hurt. there were batons and mace being used and rocks and bottles being throne. what's your goal with your protest? >> it depends on the city and with the mayors do. went to berkeley and we kept on hitting it because the police were standing down. the goal was to get the mayor to allow the police do their job. from city to city, it changes. in portland, as you saw we could go, there were protesters blocking the streets and they were attacking motorists, and the police did nothing about it. so we went back in there and we did a flash march to kind of bring attention to this issue to put the pressure on ted wheeler and hopes that would have some sort of response.
7:38 pm
it depends on the situation, but a lot of it is bringing media attention, inspiring other people to stand up for what they believe in, especially in these far left cities. speak to a statement released tonight from, from the mayor or the police chief? it was from the mayor, ted wheeler, who basically said, i'm paraphrasing, that there were a lot of bad people out there. it wasn't just one group that was violent. it was a little bit murky but in other words, intimating that your group was part of the problem out there. it wasn't just the antifa crowd. >> well, i would challenge it. if people don't show up to attack us, there's not going to be any problems. so the goal is, we really want to be able to have our right. if you carry an american flag in portland by yourself, you're going to get bloodied. that's the thing people to understand. until the city make some changes in the culture makes some changes, free speech isn't going to truly exist in the city until -- especially with the police.
7:39 pm
the other thing people don't understand is the police have slowly been changing their tactics in portland where they used to just stand back completely. they would never intervene. if you look at august 4, they didn't do their job and even last saturday, fights broke out that lasted maybe a minute, in minutes and a half and they got everyone separated. >> laura: people should be able to protest and walk with an american flag without being attacked. i don't like the black masks. i don't like any groups wearing black masks in public. if you want to protest and be there, be identified and be counted. thank you for being here tonight. will be following it closely. you would think portland's mayor ted wheeler would've noticed what was happening by now but he's actually pretty supportive of police backing away generally from confronting violent protesters. former l.a.p.d. detective mark fuhrman joins us to react. you have been seeing this antifa stuff happening for some time. what kind of message does it tend of the people of portland
7:40 pm
when their mayor is encouraging cops to kind of stand down and tolerate these violent street protesters and basically leave citizens to fend for themselves? >> laura, it's pretty obvious. you are telling the protesters they now have a venue that they can basically kind of bully the police and know that at the very least, there might be a few people are arrested. maybe a few skirmishes or altercations with the police. but by and large, they're going to be able to do pretty much anything they want. >> laura: well, it seems that this has happened now on multiple occasions. we have heard almost nothing from democrat leaders about these attacks by -- it's mostly the antifa group of course. we saw it in washington even after we had a protest here recently. we have seen it of course, as gibson said in berkeley, but not just there. we thought at these wto,
7:41 pm
anti-wto rallies before that, sometimes that occupy wall street things broke out. this has been ramping up over time and it seems police just do not have a good handle on it. >> oh, they have a good handle on it. if the politicians and the leaders in the upper echelons of police department and city government they do not allow the line officers. i would like to apologize to all the line officers and all of these cities. we know it's not you. your fellow officers, your retired officers, people know it's not you. if you want to actually confront these groups, once they deviate from the policy in the permit guidelines, it's now an unlawful assembly and then you take action. but laurel, the thing that this cities actually do with they make it impossible for the poli. they don't give up the absolute manpower and the reserve manpower. they don't give them city buses to transport people they have
7:42 pm
arrested, set up field jails and actually have a system where they plan on may be arresting 100, 200 or 300 people. they wanted to go away. they want to hold their breath. they want to hold there's only a couple altercations and nothing happens and nothing is burned down. >> laura: it's getting worse. >> it's not the line officers. >> laura: you are right and i want to be very clear on that. the portland mayor did speak out. just listen. >> i was appalled by what i saw in the video but i support the decision of the portland police not to intervene. this whole incident will be investigated. >> laura: he supports the decision not to intervene. quickly, close it out for us. >> well, the idea of not in not intervening means more officers are going to have their lives io
7:43 pm
injury or death the next time. because this will escalate. people had guns. people had clubs. you can pass laws in the city of portland to actually curb this by saying no masks, no disguise disguises, no certain pieces of wood on signs. you can curb this but if you don't want to do that, which the mayor seems to not want to do, then you're going to have more violence, and i really feel sorry for the officers that have to put up with this kind of conduct and have to stand there and do nothing. >> laura: i don't know how you recruit officers in this atmosphere being created mostly on the left. mark, thank you so much. forget about a wall. if the democrats win coming or going to get a turnstile at the border. former i.c.e. director tom homan is here next on on the coming caravan of migrants and the message behind president trump's immigration comments on "60 minutes" ." because my body can still make its own insulin.
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>> laura: according to "cbs this morning," the arrests of migrant families that our southern border surged after the trump administration ended the family separation policy. i.c.e. says the border detention centers are so overwhelmed that most migrants are being processed and then released. joining us now with his thoughts, tom homan, former acting director of i.c.e. as a motivating factor, how important should the threats of caravans of migrants be and how potent would it be as a political issue, a national security issue, monitoring, economic. >> it should be the biggest issue we are talking about. i hope the voters are paying attention. if the democrats take control of the house, this caravan issue is going to happen every week. it's going to keep coming. no consequence, no deterrence to illegally activity. president trump has the right idea. we know how to fix it.
7:48 pm
we have to have the willpower to fix it and the democrats don't have the willpower or desire. >> laura: you vote democrat in november, you essentially guarantee there will be a continual nonstop migration of the populations of poor central american countries through mexico flowing into the united states. >> i have been doing this for 34 years. i can guarantee it, yes. >> laura: there is a 38% surge in family, quotation marks, family units crossing on the southern border. 38%. just last month, 130,000 families crossed the border. 130,000. >> why would they stop? there is no consequence. we can't detain them more than 20 days. >> laura: because of the judge, dolly gee. >> congress failed to fix the threshold, they failed to fix the agreements. they haven't funded i.c.e.
7:49 pm
i.c.e. asked for 51,000 beds. congress has given them 40,000. giving you 10,000 less than you need. we only remove people we detain. if they get released, they don't show up in court. >> laura: this was donald trump -- can we play the 60 minutes? i want to play this quickly. >> president trump: it's very deceptive world. the other thing i really learned is i never knew how dishonest the media was. i really mean it. i'm not saying it as a sound bite. i never knew how -- >> i'm going to change the subject again. >> president trump: the way you asked me about separation. when i say obama did it, you don't want to talk about it. >> i'm going to run your answer but you did it four times. >> president trump: i'm just telling you that you treated me much differently on the subject. >> i'd disagree but i don't want to have that fight with you.
7:50 pm
>> president trump: leslie, it's okay. in the meantime, i'm president and you're not. >> laura: he didn't rule out another round of family separations if that's what it takes. >> i think the president needs to strongly consider it. i think we get out there tomorrow, get out ahead of time and let them know if you enter the country illegally after passing through to other countries, if there really escaping fear and persecution, they are out of the country already. claim asylum in mexico. if you enter illegally come up with them on notice we will separate you. we separate americans when they break the law they should be treated no better. when we separated families a while ago, we did it for three weeks in the border crossing went down 20%. if we had stuck with it for 30 more days, we wouldn't be talking about caravans. >> laura: young kids traffic in the process, harmed in the process, humanitarian disaster, cartels enriched. congress has got to do something. congress' got to pass the media turned back at the border, get more judges at the border. they have to do immediate turn back. mexico is got to turning people
7:51 pm
away. can't allow it. tom homan, thank you so much for your expertise on this and the president knows what to do. congress needs to step up. cherokee nation tonight issued a statement blasting senator elizabeth warren first essentially using them as a political prop. a member of the cherokee nation is here to respond to her directly next. while i was in the navy,
7:52 pm
i decided that i wanted to go for electrical engineering and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them.
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
>> my aunt b has walked by that picture at least a thousand times, remarked that he, her father, my papaw, had high cheekbones like all the indians. it's been part of my story i guess since the day i was born. >> laura: 1/1024 of your story, elizabeth. according to your own dna test. how are actual members of the
7:55 pm
native american community reacting to senator warren's latest political ploy question on joining us is rebecca nagel, citizen of the cherokee nation. rebecca, thank you for being here. why is the cherokee nation so upset tonight by warren's dna reveal? >> i think what an important thing for nonnative people to understand is that native identity is up to native people. it's not up to a scientists in a lab, it's not up to resident donald trump's twitter feed and it's not up to elizabeth warren. we live in a country where most of the nonnative population doesn't understand or know basic information about our identity, about tribal sovereignty, and about our history as native people. so these myths that native identity can be determined by dna test directly undermines our rights as native americans and our tribal sovereignty. >> laura: what about the whole thing come away playing the sound bite about the high
7:56 pm
cheekbones. i mean, -- that seems really outrageous. >> during this entire controversy, elizabeth warren has relied on stereotypes and popular misconceptions about native americans to prop up her false claims. in 2012 at a press conference, she talked about her relatives high cheekbones and in 2018 after scores of native people have been talked about how dna tests in no way prove native heritage or any connection to a native tribe, she ignored those vices and publish those results. i think her decision shows she does not listen to native people is more concerned about her own political career and her ambitious than tribal sovereignty and native rights. >> laura: rebecca, thank you so much for joining us tonight. we appreciate it. up next, kanye is not done yet. oh!
7:57 pm
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8:00 pm
unnoticed but some of us watched. this gem about the democrats. >> trying to control our mind. trying to control my mind. trying to tell me what i can do and what i can wear. i feel like they are touching my brain. >> laura: boring he is not. that's all the time we have tonight. i wouldn't attempt to touch shannon bream's brain because nobody controls her. "fox news @ night" team and shannon bream takes it from here. >> shannon: you have the best, interesting nuggets. thank you so much. all right, we begin with the fox news alert. government reportedly considering whether or not to say that rogue intel operatives killed missing "washington post" contributor, saudi journalist jamaal khashoggi by mistake. that talk falls of phone conversation with president trump and king solomont of saudi arabia. daniel hoffman is here with reaction.


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