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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 16, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: good morning to you. it is tuesday, october 16th and this is "fox & friends first." lots happening right now at 4:0t coast. breaking overnight, secretary of state mike pompeo arriving in saudi arabia. the major admission expected about that missing columnist that could turn the mystery upside down. >> what do the facts say? >> the facts suggests that you have african american ancestry in your pedigree. >> elizabeth warren may have bad blood with the cherokee nation. tonight's meg ga mega millis
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lottery is second biggest in history. are you feeling lucky? "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ it's a beautiful morning. ♪ i think i'll go outside for a while. ♪ and just smile. heather: that's a good song to get you started this morning. boy, it was a windy one in new york city last night, things flying all around, but it is a brand-new day. it is tuesday morning. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first." we always appreciate it. i'm heather childers. let's begin with this. secretary of state mike pompeo landing just a short time ago in saudi arabia. the president sending him there to find out what happened to a saudi columnist, apparently killed during an interrogation. griff jenkins is live in
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washington with the latest on the search for answers. this seems to be changing by the second, griff. what's going on? >> griff: it's fast-moving, secretary pompeo on the ground ahead of important meetings that includes king solomon. here's a photo, being greeted by the foreign minister. saudi arabia may be preparing to admit they accidentally killed khashoggi, an unauthorized interrogation gone wrong. president trump said he is dispatching his top diplomat to get to the bottom of it. >> he's got instructions to find out what happened. we're talking about the whole situation with saudi arabia that you've been reading about i'm sure very much. but it's a terrible situation. there's no question about it. i don't like it one bit. >> griff: secretary pompeo's meetings include king solomon, as well as the crown prince, a
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lunch meating with the foreign minister of affairs, who you saw there, and later tonight dinner with the crown prince. we were told from a spokesperson that the state will continue to ask for a thorough investigation into what happened to jamal khashoggi. the family issued a statement that they are following the news. the family is traumatized. if audi arabia turns out to be responsible for khashoggi's death, president trump promised a severe punishment that prompted saudi officials to warn of $200 a barrel of oil if the u.s. takes swift action. even if the president doesn't act, there are signs that congress almost certainly would act. we'll keep you posted right here. these developments are fast-developing and we'll get
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more on the secretary's visit in the next few hours. heather: the president also saying yesterday that the king assured him that the crown prince was not aware of what went down or happened as well griff, thank you so much. jamal gentleman shoeingy's disappearance -- khashoggi's disappearance created a diplomatic rift between the united states and our allies in saudi arabia. an analyst says w they need to explain why they misled president trump. >> the saudis in some form have been lying to the president and his team for the past two weeks and i think that's crucial, where we need an answer from the king and from the crown prince, who called jared kushner and others in the administration to deandeny any sort of saudi invo. when pompeo flew to saud saudi a
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to learn you abou about the stoy know he means business. the saudis are very good partners with the united states in many areas. there need to be answers here, specifically why they chose to thigh the president for the last two weeks. heather: the surveillance video shows khashoggi arriving at the consolate on october 2nd. saudi authorities originally said he left the same day but provided no evidence of that. an investigation on ground right now. the co-founder of fusion gps will plead the fifth today on capitol hill glen simpson will appear before lawmakers under subpoena but not answer questions. this as carter page, the former trump campaign aide, sues the dnc for defamation. >> it goes beyond damages and
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financial aspects, you look at the damage to our democratic systems and institutions of government back in 2016, and i'm just trying to get some justice in terms of getting some disclosure. heather: the dnc paid for the research in the dossier which claims page helped russia meddle in the 2016 election. also on capitol hill, a former senate intelligence committee aide pleads guilty to lying about media leaks. james wolf admitting to lying to the fbi about feeding information to reporters including one for the new york times who he was dating. wolf served at the panel's security director for 29 years, maintaining all classified information from the executive branch. he will be sentenced in december. a federal judge throws out a lawsuit filed by stormy daniels against president trump and orders her to pay his legal fees. the adult film star acuffed thee
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president for defamation. the california judge appointed by former president george w. bush ruled the president's tweet is protected by the first amendment. much more to come on that. microsoft co-founder paul allen dies of cancer. he lost a battle with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. he and bill gates were childhood friends who both dropped out of college to focus on building their company. he also owned the nfl's seattle seahawks and the nba's portland trail blazers. gates says he is heart-broken over the passing of one of his dearest friends. allen was 65. the president and the first lady getting a close look at the devastation left by hurricane michael. we now know at least 19 people are dead with billions of dollars worth of damage. president trump vowing to send federal aid.
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mike tobin has the latest from mexico beach, florida. >> reporter: it was one of the most powerful storms on record, hurricane michael causing more than a dozen death as churned through the panhandle and georgia. the president and the first lady touring the area and meeting with survivors and first responders. >> i've seen pictures but it's hard to believe when you're above it in a plane, to see the total devastation. i see no houses left. >> reporter: the president is promising a big federal response that will ramp up soon. the destruction is widespread with thousands of homes and businesses destroyed or damaged. some people who decided to ignore evacuation orders and stay with their homes say they're grateful to be alive. >> i was more scared than any time i've ever been scared in my life. i could cry to think about it because i didn't know if it was going to stop. >> reporter: local and state officials are looking to the white house to he help coordinate the recovery effort. president trump signed several
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disaster deck dolla declarationr florida and george ya. >georgia.>> we're going to helph other out and we'll get through this. it's just a temporary thing. >> reporter: we're starting to get early estimates of just how much damage michael caused with one insurance group estimating between 6 and $10 billion. in mexico beach, florida, mike tobin, fox news. heather: our hearts go out to all those folks. today, vice president mike pence will be in georgia to survey the damage there. let's talk about football. how about that? aaron rodgers and the green pay packers charging to a late night win overnight. watch. >> under 10 to play, rogers gets it pompay. heather: this game winning drive was capped off by a field goal. green bay scored twice in the final two minutes, beating the
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across the finish line? we'll have details. ♪ don't stop believing. ♪
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heather: welcome back, a fox news alert. an you urgent nationwide search underway for a missing 13-year-old girl after her parents are found dead in their home. authorities believe jamie klaus is in danger. the only word that can be understood in a 911 call is "help." police believe that she was taken by someone with a gun. they don't have any leads on a suspect right now. senator susan collins in her home right now after receiving a threatening letter reported to contain ricin. collins has been threatened over
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her support of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. ricin was sent in the mail addressed to president trump and the pentagon earlier this month. republican candidates across the country are riding the trump train into november hoping that his endorsement will pay off at the polls. are the president's economic successes enough to fend off a so-called blu blue wave? helping break it down is peter maurici. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. heather: a long list of economic successes. is that what republicans need to focus on going toward november? >> well, they couldn't ask for a better economic environment to run for re-election. everything is good, the economy's growing, unemployment is low. inflation is low also. and i think donald trump's got a real point when it comes to china on trade. we could make things better by basically raising the tariffs, going across the board, and also he's got a real complaint with
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the fed. there's no reason to push so hard with inflation so low. heather: when you say raise tariffs across the board, that puts fear in some folks. they say that hurts their businesses locally. you have a different view on it. >> there's two things. right now we have anomalies, for example, bicycles they're importing parts from china and paying a tariff on that. bicycles from china don't pay the 10% tariffs. that puts bicycle manufacturers worse off than if nothing happened. across the board eliminates that problem. what good does it do most working americans to be able to buy a toaster at walmart for $20 from china if their wages are only $11 an hour. the imports have closed the factory in their town. it's easy for the folks in new york and the financial sector to say tariffs are no good because we don't import banks from china. and the media is kind of
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infiltrated with that. we don't import television show froshows fromshowsshows from ch. middle america, factories are closed, cheap goods don't do much good. heather: your recommended rate is 35% 1234. >> 35%?>> i told the white hous% across the board, after 90 days, go up from there. heather: this one was interesting. the worst run states, one thing they apparently all have in common, they're run by democrats. take a look at this. the most and least fiscally sound states in 2016. these are the most fiscally sound, nebraska, south dakota, tennessee, florida, oklahoma. the least fiscally sound, illinois, connecticut, new jersey, massachusetts and kentucky. and so the least fiscally sound run by democrats. that benefits republicans going into november. >> it's a hard case to make.
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you fail as a state, you have to raise taxes down the road. in the near term, they promised new benefits like in new york state. doesn't seem like there's anything the mayor there or the governor there can't roll out, like paid family leave, sick time and all this for every worker, every single worker, no matter who employs them. i was at a conference recently, a private dinner for leading economists around town, there were about 30 of us there and i raised the issue of entitlements that it would soak up the entire budget and one of the liberal economists said peter, i don't believe the government will ever run out of money. they think they can borrow indefinitely. when do you that, you get a city like chicago or even new york. why are the subways so bad in new york? the answer is because mayors have spent every last nickel they can lay their hands on on some form of welfare or terribly
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high union wages. there's no money left to take care of new yorkers' basic needs. heather: and taxes. >> huge taxes. you have subways like nigeria. it would take $400 billion to rescue new york subways, to put them on par with paris. they're devoting $80 billion to renovationless. it's absurd. the mayor says let's have a millionaire's tax. heather: thank you so much. we appreciate it, peter. or just play the lottery for tomorrow, how's that? >> i ought to play the lottery so i can retire in florida. heather: you and me both. the time now is 19 minutes after the top of the hour and elizabeth warren, you've got to watch this, finally taking a dna test. >> what do the facts say? >> the facts suggest that you absolutely have native american ancestry in you your pedigree. heather: how that test is backfiring big-time. and love trumps all, how a
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heather: comb back to "fox & friends first." 23 minutes after the top of the hour. elizabeth warren's dna test backfires. the cherokee nation denouncing her results, saying they do not prove her native american heritage by any means. todd pyro joins us with more on the fierce backlash and how the democrat keeps firing back at president trump. what is happening? >> this was something else yesterday. following warren's release of a campaign video playing up her latest dna test, the cherokee nation responded in part, quote, using a dna test to lay claims
1:24 am
to any connection to the cherokee nation or any tribal nation is inappropriate and wrong. it makes a mockery out of dna tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens whose ancestors are well documented and heritage is proven. senator warren is undermining tribal interest with continued claims of tribal heritage. that statement came amidst a day of twitter tirades from warren, first posting the boston globe story highlightin highlighting . the globe had to issue a correction to its math, downgrading its results to between 1/64th and 1 /1,024th native american. the article noted the an an sill was baseanalysiswas based on cod
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peruvia dna. as for warren's reference to the president's million dollar bet, if dna showed she did have native ancestry, the president said this. >> you mean if she gets the nomination in the debate where i was going to have her tested, i'll only do it if i can test her personally. okay? that will not be something i enjoy doing either. >> even democrats upset with warren's dna debacle. obama's campaign manager mad she made the announcement right before midterms, why can't dems every stay focused. heather. heather: that's a good question. a lot of people at home have things to say about this as well. >> we asked you do warn republican's new claims prove she is only concerned about 2020. most of you seem to agree with that statement. one user on instagram saying it proves she is completely out of
1:26 am
touch with the people and has no idea what is important. patricia asks on twitter, this stuff needs to stop, is she an adult or in first grade? todd on facebook, not me, says if she was, she has nothing to worry about now, implying that any chance she has at 2020 kind of went away. we'll see. heather: the crazy thing is, after the response from cherokee nation, she is still out there tweeting about it. she might drop it at this point. >> she tried to work it back a little bit but it didn't work. heather: yeah, just stop. thank you so much. the time now is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. new poll shows joe biden far beyond the favorite to lead the democrats in 2020. is he really the best they have? two democrats join us to debate it. >> are you willing to commit to share some of that to help other democrats get across the finish line? >> no. heather: well, so much for socialism. why beto o'rourke says he will not share his funds with fellow
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- [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. upload your logo or start your design today at heather: an urgent health warning about the flu. a child who did not get vaccinated as died in florida and is the first child to die from the flu this year. 183 children you may remember died from the flu in the u.s. last year. that's the deadliest season in about 40 years. about 80% of those children were not vaccinated, that is according to the cdc. some new documents link fired fbi deputy director andrew mccabe to leaks about president trump and michael flynn. they reveal that his own a agency investigated him back in february of 2017. the same month the former national security advisor resigned from the white house. the leak went unreported. mccabe who was of course fired before he could retire in march
1:31 am
over lying about his role in another leak in october of 2016. another step closer from the korean peninsula. north and south korea meeting with officials overnight talking about the demilitaryizing of the korean border. kim jong un crossed the dmz to meet south korea's president back in april. and we will continue to update that story for you as well. so much for democratic democ socialism. after raising $38 million, beto o'rourke said he is keeping it all to himself. >> are you willing to commit to share some of that to help other democrats get across the finish line in, say, missouri? >> no. i'm focused on texas. heather: some democrats have called on the texas congressman to spread the wealth a little bit. bit to candidates in more competitive races. o'rourke and ted cruz are set to spar in a debate tonight. with just three weeks until
1:32 am
election day, health care and online fund raising are fueling one virginia congressional race peter doocy has more on the race for the state's seventh district. >> reporter: republican primary voters in virginia's seventh district are the ones who decided the former republican house majority leader eric can cantor wasn't conservative enough. dave brat beat him in the primary. four years later, a democrat believes the district is done with republican representatives. >> it's an exciting time in the seventh district. >> reporter: she is campaigning to protect people with pre-existing conditions. congressman brat argues his democratic challenger lacks details. >> there's no platform. there's no policy agenda. >> reporter: brat believes the race is close because democrats are so organized online. >> the democrats have billionaires structured across the country and they have a funding thing where there's active blue where there is millions raining down.
1:33 am
>> reporter: they say they offer fund raising tools to arrest has the power of the grass roots. >> it's been an easy method for people to make donations. >> reporter: this is a place where provocative rhetoric hit home, literally, when canvassers for the spanburger campaign left a note that said quote, rot in hell, dave. >.>> they're no longer welcome o volunteer with us. >> my kids are home alone, there are people outside of the house, taking pictures. you can imagine how that feels, being a parent. >> reporter: he says businesses in the district are harassed or threatened just for hosting campaign events or putting up a sign supporting him which means elected officials aren't the only ones affected by increasing midterm rhetoric. heather: let's talk about this. former vice president joe biden leading the pack in the latest
1:34 am
democratic 2020 poll. but is bringing back a familiar face really the best democrats can do? joining me to debate is, former ceo of the democratic national committee, joseph o'connell and former obama campaign staffer robin biry. thank you for joining us. let's bring this poll up first and jeff, i'll let you start. 33% favor former vice president joe biden, followed, 13% for senator bernie sanders and we have kamala harris,en tore he'lr elizabeth warren, corey booker and john kerry. a lot of familiar names right there. what do you think about it? >> i don't think it's any surprise that the vice president is leading the pack right now. he has about 100% name i.d. he served the country for 40 years now. he has a way with voters.
1:35 am
i think that it's no surprise that he's at the top of the list right now and i think that's a good thing for democrats. what we know for sure is that there's going to be a robust democratic field in 2020. and maybe vice president biden will run. maybe a whole bunch of other people will run. we've got a lot of senators that are lining up, a lot of women are looking at this, as you mentioned, elizabeth warren, camilla carries, we've got -- kamala harris. we've got a deep ben of. bench. we are a ways out. robin remarks do yo, what do yoe familiar faces, familiar names, does the democratic party need new blood? >?>> great question, he heather. i'm glad to see this. one thing anecdotally. my stepfather who never voted for a democrat in his life, said if biden runs he will absolutely
1:36 am
vote for him because he's that great of a guy in his opinion. i think this is a good thing. we could use new blood. one of the things that always makes our country great is healthy competition, maybe not so much for hillary clinton in 2016, but i think that a robust field really will help us in the long run, heather. heather: you look at this list also, and a lot of these potential candidates have come out very strongly against president trump and trump supporters. some of these names being accused of getting violence on behalf of their consisten const. are those the type of candidates that should be on this list as well? i'm referencing corey booker and kamala harris. >> i think democrats are looking for fighters, someone who can go toe to toe with president trump. i think presidential elections are about the future and, again, we're going to have a big contest with democratic nominees, we're going to have
1:37 am
governors, we're going to have mayors, a lot of people that are running. that's a conversation that's really important to have and voters are going to decide what that looks like as we move into 2020. i agree, we need a lot of voices in the conversation because we have a lot of problems ahead of us. i think whether it's the senators, whether it's the mayors or governors that are running, they're going to go toe to toe with president trump because that's what's required. all these folks are focused on one thing, and that's the midterm elections in three weeks. heather: interesting, though, robin, that senator warren what she did in reference to the dna testing, coming out and announcing yesterday and it has backfired. >> it definitely has. and i'm glad -- i wanted so long for her to take this d envelope na test --dna test. it didn't work in her favor. but i'm glad that we've got a good playing field. i'm glad these guys will be giving him a good argument. nobody can dispute the fact that
1:38 am
donald trump has changed the game. people are looking for fighters, for anyone who is going to come from a position of strength that's changed from the way things used to be years can ago. so honestly, he changed the playing field and we've got to adjust now. heather: that's part of what happened with senator warren. i think she walked right into that. president trump pushed her to do it. she did it. backfired. it will be interesting to see what the next poll he shows after that. >> yes. heather: thank you. appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. heather: the time now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. robert deany ro deniro has beeng president trump from the start but apparently he's the one offended. >> i'm so offended by this person and by the republicans in general, how they behave. heather: why the actor says that he's the one that deserves to feel salty. if that doesn't leave a bad
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heather: comb back. pressure building on the va to change its creed because it offends women. they are demanding the 59-year-old motto coined by abraham lincoln be changed. the quote reads like this. to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan. a spokesman says the agency is reviewing the group's petition but the words are a tribute to all veterans. changing the motto could cost millions. alec baldwin's brand-new
1:43 am
talk show tanks in the ratings. it debuted at sunday's lowest rating program. his guest, rober robert deniro d to time blasting president trump. >> i'm so offended by this person. everything he says about other people, you're a loser, you're a this, you're a that, is everything he's saying about himself. heather: baldwin, a frequent critic of the president himself, came under fire over the weekend for urging voters to, quote, overthrow the government. are you tired of winning yet? let's talk about that. president trump's economy is creating factory jobs eight times faster than the obama administration. tracy korosko is here to break it a all down. you know what, baldwin or deniro, neither one of them know
1:44 am
much about factory jobs. >> 18,000 jobs were added in the manufacturing industry. as you said, the pace of manufacturing job growth over the past 21 months under president trump, eight times that of president obama, the last 21 he was in office. and we look at things like maybe the tax cuts, also to regulatory policies, those may have contributed to the resurgence in manufacturing where over the last 21 months or so about 396,000 jobs in manufacturing were added. this is a positive sign for the economy. heather: lots of folks in hollywood have no idea what it's like to work paycheck to paycheck at all. but they have a lot to say. let's talk about this trouble, the world's beer supply could soon run out? >> yes, this is according to a new study in a british journal. over the next few decades, beer could become more scarce, more expensive, because of human caused global warming. this is because barley, the main
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ingredient in beer, it could likely substantially drop because of severe droughts and heat extremes that would become more frequent because of the climate changes. we would see beer prices potentially doubling because of the price of barley. also shortages in beer that could reduce the amount that americans consume by as much as 900 million gallons, about 9 billion bottles of beer. let's hope that doesn't happen any time soon. heather: reminds me of the song, bottles of beer on the wall. >> we'll start at 9 billion. heather: thank you so much. how about this? if you are looking for love and someone who supports president trump, there's a new app for that. it's called donald daters and it's for singles searching for fellow trump supporters. the ceo says that they launched the new platform so people could meet and not be afraid of talking politics. the app by the way is free. so we'll see how that does. the time now is 15 minutes
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until the top of the hour. portland's mayor sparking outrage standing by his decision not to allow police to stop antifa's a's anarchy. >> i support the decision to support the police, not to intervene. heather: our next guest lives in portland and has seen the violence firsthand. why she says college campuses are to blame for the temper tantrums that have turned into mobs. ♪ today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first." the mayor of portland, oregon is playing damage control after being slammed with backlash for defending antifa anarchy.
1:50 am
>> i was appalled by what i saw in the video but i support the decision of the portland police not to intervene. this whole incident will be investigated. heather: so are scenes like this the result of an out-of-control safe space mentality? here to weigh in is director of campus, emma michelle. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. heather: you're from portland. you've seen the protests on and off campus. tell us what you personally experienced or family members or friends. >> as someone who is from portland, the riots do terrify me, not only for the sake of my hometown, but the sake of the country. the left has taken on the mentality that they think they hold the moral high grounds and they're not only justified but obligated to do any means necessary to shut down their opposition over politics. and this is something that i think stems from the college
1:51 am
campus at the leadership institute campus reform, i used to be a correspondent. i went to one of the first antifa riots in portland in 2016 to film. i actually had one of the organizers look me in the eye and say, if you're here to film for the, quote, wrong reasons, that we're going to, quote, take care of you. that violence threat has turned to violent action in my own city. heather: you think the students originally they called for these safe spaces, you think they weaponized the safe spaces and gone on to graduate and go out into the community? >> certainly. and something that i've seen is that original protest that i went to, one of the groups there was the young democratic socialists of america. and since that one protest, they've added 200 new chapters and they've had over 40,000 new members join. it's very important that we watch where these movements begin and it seems to really begin at the college campus. portland state university is kind of central to all of these
1:52 am
antifa riots that have been going on. they very much do have a safe space culture. we reported on many stories coming from that specific school. it's very important to watch where these things are coming from and then we can kind of know what's going to be happening as these things bleed out into the mainstream. heather: let's here about what the portland mayor had to say about cracking down on street brawls in the city. >> the mayor has taken -- >> we don't tolerate violence on our streets. violence is not and has never been a legitimate means to a political end. heather: he's saying there that violence is not a means to an end but some folks saying too little, too late. the president of the national i.c.e. council says the mayor did not protect citizens. we have that as well i think for people at home, he said the mayor chose to leave fellow citizens to fend themselves over this violent mob. they asked that ted wheeler give
1:53 am
up control of the police department. so you were saying, response to that. >> ted wheeler has kind of gone back and forth on this issue. until now, he's taken the position that he's going to let the riots play out. that's proven too dangerous for the city, even for ted wheeler who hates to have the police crack down on things. we have a good family friend in portland p who works for the portland police department and he's expressed concern that these things are getting out of hand. my own familiarly and friends that are still there -- family and friends that are still there, they can't get to work sometimes because protests are holding up traffic. store windows are being smashed in. what we're seeing is glorified, blown out of proportion temper taken trumtion. temper tantrums. these can be traced back to college campuses. heather: go to where it begins and perhaps do something about that on campus as well. begin there. thank you so much, emma. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me.
1:54 am
heather: the time now is 8 minutes in p front of the top of the hour. imagine this, a huge piece of plywood slicing through your windshield. how the driver inside managed to walk away from this without a scratch. and stop talking, clean the bathroom and feed your cat. that's dropping the hammer on juliannjulian asaunge, the new f he wants the internet tonight. ♪ i don't want to lose your love tonight.
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heather: welcome back. president trump making good on his promises to crack down on big fa pharma. >> the other thing we have to do is create new bidding procedures for the drug instrument they're getting away with murder. heather: the health and human services secretary announcing a plan to require drug companies to include a product list price in commercials. it would apply to drugs costing more than $35 for a month supply. tad medicine strayings says you have a -- the administration says you have a right to know the cost of drugs upfront. microsoft employees are up in arms over the company's plan to bid for a $10 billion pentagon contract. they claim the deal could, quote, cause harm or human suffering. the contract aims to modernize the military's computer systems. amazon is also a top contender. google dropped out of the
1:59 am
bidding, saying ethical guidelines do not align with the project. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good. meghan markle and prince harry receiving their first baby gifts during a royal tour in you australia. they were presented with a stuffed kangaroo and fleece booties for the little one who is expected in the spring. very cute. and now the bad. look at this massive sheet of plywood slicing through a driver's windshield. mirro.the truck driver was tickd for not securing the wood. finally, the ugly. this is kind of funny. if julian assange wants internet access back, he needs to focus on his cat and not parents. the london embassy where assange lives giving him a new set of rules or else they will take his pet away.
2:00 am
the animal has been an online star with a social media following and a knack for nasty ties. there you have it. this wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first." hope you have a great day. "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye-bye. jillian: it's tuesday, october 16th. breaking right now, secretary of state mike pompeo about to meet with the king in saudi arabia as new details emerge about the missing columnist. rob: big story, the major admission expected from the saudis today and how the white house plans to deal with it. >a traffic stop takes a terrifying turn in a split second after a driver reaches for an officer's loaded gun. jillian: there is dramatic body cam video. apparently you have no right to be a republican at school. rob: what


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