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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 17, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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north carolina man would be okay admitting to opening the rig door he's tried to feed squirrels. i just blew my arm off. rob: i just blew my arm off. pardon me. i jewels blew my arm off. carley: can you pass the coffee? anyway. we are glad he is okay. rob: we will see you later. carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> touching down in tuckery, secretary of state mike pompeo in search of answers in the disappearance of a saudi journalist. >> dow seeing gains of 562 points, very close to session highs. >> people throughout look at this stuff and say to yourself do you want a party which has been delivering results for the last two years or do you want a party dedicated to resistance? >> trump accommodation warning hondurans to turn around thousands of illegal immigrants or face thousands oheavyconsequences. >> high water causing a
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bridge to collapse. >> wave of people that voted for donald trump on securing that border and building the wall was one of those key things. >> we have to do something other than building a wall. in my view like a manhood issue for the president. >> mega millions jackpot jumped to a record $868 million. >> oh my gosh. >> after nobody won last night. ♪ we've only just begun ♪ find a your place in the sun ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh ainsley: i saw everybody outside running down sixth avenue chasing the sun because it was so cold here. bine brian we haven't adjusted here. soon we will think this was nice. i'm not emotionally ready to welcome in the fall. ainsley: when you start seeing people shoveling their driveways up here in the north and putting chains on their tires then, yeah, they are missing these days right now. it did feel good outside. i love the fall. steve: i have never seen anybody put chains on their
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tires up here. brian: ainsley does. ainsley: on my taxy. the car that doesn't exist. steve: thank you very much for joining us on this very busy wednesday. ainsley: thanks for calling me out, steve. steve: all-weather style belted radials. ainsley: don't they put chains on tires? brian: those people in the wilderness. ainsley: they are somewhere out there. steve: talk a little bit about this. less than three weeks away from the midterms. and as the republicans head in, how many times have we heard well, there is going to be a blue wave, republicans are going to lose control of the u.s. house. well, maybe not. and we're going to kind of lay it out for you right now. let's start with the economic numbers and the news. it's all good for republicans and all good for america. ainsley: the headlines this morning the u.s. back on top. the most competitive country in the world regaining the number one spot for the first time in 10 years. brian: since 2008 when everything fell apart for us, we dropped in terms of economic opportunity.
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now we have surged ahead of japan, ahead of germany. ahead of all other economies because of the job openings, because of the economic growth which is supposed to be at the end of the year at averaging at 4%. steve: that's right. so, once again, to look at that graphic we had, most competitive economy we have had in 10 years. the stocks are surging, job openings at all-time high. brightest economic outlook in 10 years according to the world economic forum. bank of america, their merrill lynch fund manager surveyed how do you feel about the future? they said that the u.s. economy versus the world is the brightest it has been in 11 years.
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smooth out when we get together national economic counsel where both leaders president trump and president xi are supposed to meet. steve: that's the worry of the global economy. things are going well here. you know, in the last year, how many times have you heard the historic trends are that the party in power loses at the midterms. so, history would tell you that the republican also lose. and the mainstream media has gone all out on that. look at these headlines recently on cnbc. all america economic survey shows no big blue wave in november and "the washington post" has an op-ed will the blue wave collapse before it reaches the shore? brian: those could be a source of inspiration, too. those aren't normally publications look to gin republican base. if you show panic, quickly run to the polls and say this may not be a lay-up. will the blue wave collapse
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before it reaches the shore? kavanaugh produced a red undertow. the wave of the democratic future. if that's the future that is going to be successful for them in the polls. steve: i was talking to somebody. ainsley: on election day. steve: exactly. i was talking to somebody down in washington involved in buying all the ads in a lot of these congressional races. they said in the last two weeks they have seen such a surge. their polling shows that republicans for the most part across the board have gained five points in the last two weeks in these congressional races because of kavanaugh, immigration, and taxes. the big question is 5 points enough to win? not yet. ainsley: this president not a politician. not conventional. this is not traditional. i think democrats last time they looked at the poles. the polls showed hillary was winning. when she didn't win wait a minute what are we getting
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wrong? republicans were surprised. democrats were surprised. not what we are used. to say they are tired of the swamp. brian: meanwhile trish regan was here filling in over the weekend. the president wanted to talk to her too a little bit jealous he spoke to her about republican enthusiasm. talked to her about the size of his crowds and what he has been able to do and what he will do as he sprints to the midterms. >> we are winning on so many different fronts, but we do need more republicans. so history says president always seems to lose the midterm but nobody had an economy like we have. we have the greatest, nobody reports better than you on that. >> thank you. >> we have the greatest economy that we have ever had and numbers just came out today about job openings and everything else. it's incredible, record numbers. steve: the president also talked to the associated press and he said that he is doing big rallies and things like that. he feels his base is energized to the stage that it was in 2016.
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there is the president right there. he says he hears from a lot of the voters, you know, i might not vote because you are not running. and i hear, mr. president, that you don't like congress so i don't like congress, i'm not going to vote. he is doing an all-media blitz trying to get out the vote and say, look, i like congress. i like the republican-led congress. please vote. just vote as if i were on the ballot. brian: very interesting nancy pelosi doing a series of interviews. yesterday she was saying there are some things i'm going to work with the president on. we don't disagree on everything. if she is speaker and she gets there she is starting to realize by just saying i'm going to impeach him and nonstop investigation and get his taxes that motivates people almost as much as the brett kavanaugh hearings aggravated people which turned into motivation. ainsley: people say nancy pelosi is the one that can bring in the dollars. she can campaign and really increase the funding. brian: on both ways. john mcglaughlin said yesterday she is 30%
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popularity rating. single most motivating figure for republicans. ainsley: i see the republican party makes more money using -- putting nancy pelosi out there. brian: picturing her as speaker. ainsley: the president has rereported yesterday $100 million in his re-election campaign already. steve: think how motivated elizabeth warren motivated republicans? brian: oh my goodness. how did that boomerang? unbelievable. steve: think about this past week. you have hillary clinton out there talking about bill clinton did not abuse power with monica lewenski. then yesterday some genius with elizabeth warren said let's do your presidential rollout and secretly do a d.n.a. test and reveal on television that you are 1/1,000th native american. do you think that guy is advertising on linked in yet? brian: i'm not really sure or it was elizabeth warren trying to clear the deck. ainsley: rush limbaugh weighed in on it. he said the democrats are
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doing everything they can to stop the trump administration. watch this. >> it's easily predictable. it's a no-brainer. but i'm here to tell you that the objective is going to be to force trump out of washington, d.c. as soon as they can. they don't want to wait for re-election campaign in 2020. they are going to do everything they can to make sure that the trump administration essentially ceases to exist in january of 2019. if they win the house. steve: and then he went to a commercial. brian: or something went terribly wrong, lightning? ainsley: i'm jealous i like lightning and sound. brian: i'm jealous that he can go to work like that in a polar shirt. steve: he is in palm beach. do you think the blue wave will stop before it gets to shore? faceboomessage us or tweet us on
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facebook us. ainsley: carley has the best personality. every time i toss to you i know you have serious news to talk about i want to call you shimkonator. [buzzer] carley: i love it state t. straight to a fox news alert. deputy shot in critical condition. the suspect shot dead. it's unclear exactly how this all played out. we will keep you updated at this breaking story. secretary of state mike pompeo just wrapping up a meeting with turkish president erdogan. pompeo arriving in turkey overnight after meeting with saudi leaders about the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. >> i stress importance of them conducting a complete investigation into the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. they made a commitment and said they would do it.
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there would be a thorough and complete investigation. >> khashoggi was drugged, beaten and killed. they are waiting on the results of a full investigation. congressman bait toe o'rourke using trump-like insults in his final debate with senator ted cruz. >> is he dishonest. that's why the president called him lyin' ted. why the nickname stuck because it's true. >> it's clear o'rourke's polsters have told him to come out on the attack. if he wants to insult me that's fine. o'rourke sides with extremist on the national level instead of the people with texas. >> cruz building a strong lead over o'rourke in their senate race. switching gears to game four of the nlcs goes deep into the night and ends with a walk-off. >> 3-2. ground ball, base hit.
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matado comes to the plate. dodgers win it. carley: check that out 2 to 1 wish 13th n rng over the milwaukee brewers. series is tied at two games apiece. in the american league the red sox taking a 2-1 series lead over the houston astros. and those are your headlines, guys. i will send it back to you. ainsley: thank you, carley. brian: boston dodger series i believe fox sports wants. thanks, carley. steve: shimconator. ainsley: something like that. steve: we showed you these images yesterday. president trump says he will stop sending aid to the country of honduras and guatemala and el salvador if this don't stop that migrant caravan. our next guest has seen it first hand and weighs in on the threat to america next. ainsley: plus, do you think that cinderella is offensive? do you not want to show your
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brian: all right. we have been telling you about the latest caravans of migrants packed with up to thousand people making its way to the u.s. the numbers are growing.
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president trump has had it. he tweeted this out we have today informed the countries of honduras, guatemala, el salvador if they allow their citizens or others to journey through their borders up to the united states with the intention of entering our country illegally, all payments made to them will stop. here to react is chief of border patrol ron coal burn. this is a significant amount of money. i'm talking about millions of dollars. honduras gets 65 millions. guatemala 69-million-dollar. he will have el salvador 45 million. do you think the message is being sent? will they react? >> brian, i hope. so first and foremost for any government of any nation, it's incumbent on the executive office to protect its people. so, i think that this is a very rational statement by the president and hopefully honduras, guatemala, and he will value is a door will be listening. they can be great partners. that's why we, the american
3:19 am
taxpayers, have been sending millions of dollars to them. but it's incumbent upon them to also protect their own people rather than shove them north through guatemala, he will value is a door and mexico to come to the united states. they talk about credible fear. well, if they are leaving honduras because they are fearful of that country, whether the government or the criminal gangs, they go through guatemala, el salvador and mexico before they get to the u.s. how credible is that? brian: right. mexico could stop it. they say if you pass through, as long as you promise not to stay, can you keep going to the u.s. look, most of those people probably great people. they probably have great family stories. if we allow everyone to come in that wants to come in without any system, they won't have any country to run to. what i was struck is one of the statements from katie waldman from the department of homeland security a spokesperson she said this caravan is not that unique as we said time and time again. >> this is the story that is happening on our border on a
3:20 am
daily basis. >> this is what the american people don't know. i'm so glad you brought it up, brian. 95% of those that are arriving illegally between our lawful ports of entry are actually looking for and turning themselves in to the united statesward patrol agentunited statesward pa -- border patrol agents they know because of previous policies set in place during the obama administration and certain injunction lawsuits these people will be released before they have been truly cleared of screening for dangerous diseases or criminal records. brian: right now they are getting ankle bracelets so it's a form of catch and release. frustrating for everybody. ronald coal burn thank you so much. we will see what happens. >> you got it thanks for having me. brian: nancy pelosi has an idea why the border wall is important to president trump not national security. >>we. >> we have to do something other than building a wall. it happens to be like a
3:21 am
manhood issue for the president. brian: yeah exactly it's handhood. tomi lahren is here. see if she agrees. intimate look at the second family. chart pence opening up about what it's like having our vice president for a dad. she is here next. ♪ with advil, you'll ask... what sore muscles? what pounding head? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil. a new way to save on travel.
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i decided that i wanted to go for electrical engineering and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them.
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3:25 am
party refusing to step down mcmurray fraud charges. his name is carrera from massachusetts. taking $200,000 from investors and spending it on designer clothes. 26-year-old is bleeding not guilty. now for something totally different. ainsley: thank you, brian. we have all seen the work vice president pence has done for our country and nearly two decades of political service. what is he like as a father? steve: good question. brand new book gives an upclose and personal look at the pence family through the eyes of one of the vice president's children. it's called where you go. life lessons from my father. the author charlotte pence joins us right now, live. let's start with that picture. where is it. >> it's from. sandra: bell florida. >> so many boom things to talk about. how do you faced a verse city being in a political family because there is some
3:26 am
nasty headlines out thrncht yeah. my dad has always really taught us that, you know, when we see protesters, he always has this thing that he says that's what freedom looks like. so from a very young age we always knew that was part of the job. part of public life was that you might take criticism but that means that the american system is working the way it's supposed to work. steve: so when you were growing up, what were some of the things you didn't realize at the time my dad is giving me a life lesson but turns out it was advice then that can help anybody now. >> oh, yeah, absolutely. my dad always tells people to speak their dreams. and when he meets people on the campaign trail and even when i was a little kid, he was always telling us to tell people what our dreams were. so he writes the forward for the book and in it he talks about telling me that i was a writer from a young age, which was just very encouraging to me. ainsley: in the forward he talks about you being the at thitypical middle child thoughtful. i saw you on the campaign trail time and time again.
3:27 am
steve: squashing dad in that picture oh, wow. ainsley: what's it like to be a part of the pence family. your family seems from the outside world to be very, very close. every time i interview your dad your mom is with him even on the border. she travels everywhere with him. even on the border. evan in your house before. have you scriptings on the wall that are framed. what's it like to be when the door closes, what's it like to be inside the pence household. >> i talk about in the book that we kind of refer to ourselves as a circle. that kind of once you are in the circle you are never out. and so it was a special time especially on the campaign trail for us to test that circle even when we are physically separated. the title of the book is kind of that theme of where you go i will go with you. and so. ainsley: that's from the book of ruth. >> yeah, i think our family stays close and we support one another from wherever we are. steve: there is excerpt from the book we are going to read. this is your father talking to baron trump, the
3:28 am
president's son, after the election results came in that night. and you write: you want to read this. >> sure, yeah. i overheard dad talking to baron right after. it was a moving exchange. dad told baron had cass good for the country his dad was going to be president of the united states. and he thanked the youngest trump for letting us share this with you. steve: does that sound familiar? >> yeah. it was great. that night was amazing election night. guy into detail about it in the book. that was really special for us to be able to share that experience with the trumps. and they really did include us in the same way my dad is included my siblings and i in everything we want to do with them. steve: sure, on the biggest night of your dad's political life he spends time talking to the president's little child, smallest child. >> yeah. well, you know, their family was so inclusive and supportive of us the whole time. and they were just really amazing to watch. they are a strong union really inspired me. ainsley: what's something we
3:29 am
don't know about your dad that you write about? >> i write about i want people to see how great of a dad he is. i think that, you know, one of the things he says all the time is kind of corny, biggest title he will ever hold is the title of dad. and i hope that that comes across that he has held that title very well. ainsley: i love the idea of what you did in the last chapter. you wrote a letter to your children. >> yeah. ainsley: read that letter. give you a good idea. you don't have kids yet to go ahead and write a letter to them. steve: the book is called where you go. charlotte pence thanks for being here. ainsley: great to have you here. an ntsb reporter didn't see this coming. >> what does it say there? stand for the flag, neil for th, neil forthe cross. >> absolutely and if you don't like it go to venezuela. >> now her tv moment has gone viral and you are going to love it. >> so far, so good. >> nancy pelosi has an idea why the border wall is so good to president trump. not national security. she is talking manhood.
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tomi lahren on that next. ♪ ♪ (burke) fender-biter. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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i call it my "comfortable future plan," and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at >> we have to do something other than building a wall immoral, expensive, ineffective and not something that people do between countries. but, in any event, it happens to be like a manhood issue for the president. i'm not interested in that. brian: why is that funny? ainsley: i don't understand what she means by that. brian: has to build a wall because is he insecure. the president's manhood issue? has to prove his manhood? steve: let's talk to tomi lahren. she is out on the left coast. she is one of the hosts from the upcoming fox nation.
3:34 am
tomi, what is former speaker pelosi talking about with the it's a manhood issue? >> well, first of all, i will remind you that speaker pelosi is also the same woman that told us that sometimes mowing the grass near the border is a more effective option than a border wall so let's start there. but, furthermore, a border wall is not a manhood issue it's an american issue. i will remind you millions of american women who voted for donald trump to build that wall and we certainly don't have a manhood issue. steve: what do you make of this caravan coming toward the united states? i think it's currently in honduras and the president yesterday said hey, honduras, guatemala, he will el salvador. if you don't stop your people from coming here we will cut off the cash. >> is he exactly right and what he needs to do to secure our border. if other countries are not going to cooperate to help
3:35 am
secure our border and their own we have to resort to that wouldn't it be nice if we had a big fat border wall there so when this caravan came to our border we wouldn't have to worry about this issue? boy, i can't wait for that to happen. ainsley: tomi, there was a headline in buzzfeed and this is what it reads. suburban women are fed up with the republican party and could drive a blue wave. are they under estimating the power of women like you the republican base? >> well, they also told us that hillary had a 93% chance of winning and i remind them that hillary is not your president and not my president either. they underestimate the whisper voter. the voters who don't go out in the street and march with pink hats and voting signs. we do march into the voting booth. like they thought in november of 2016 going to have surge of women voting for hillary and democrats, that's not going to happen once again, we are going to vote with our pocketbook. we're going to vote for national security, border security. and we're going to vote for
3:36 am
our republican candidates who are going to secure that. brian: hillary got the female vote, president trump got 53% of the white female vote. the midterm elections will be another chance for both genders to weigh in hypothetically, we assume they will. here's what the president said about it? >> i had worse poll numbers when i went into the last election and you saw how well did i with women. if you looked at my poll numbers going into 2016, you would have said there is not a woman in the country that's going to vote for me, and i did phenomenal with women. they want security and they want financial security, too. brian: tomi, he feels optimistic the polls are just wrong. >> i don't believe in polls since the last election either because, again, a lot of the things that women or men, for that matter, say to polsters that they say when they are taking any type of a survey is not what they are actually going to do in their vote. in this country trump
3:37 am
supporters and republican supporters shamed into saying who they are going to support. again when they goat in voting booth by themselves they are going to vote for conscious and america first and candidates who will make sure that happens. brian: do you think it's problematic for more than just stormy daniels when the president tweets out horse face? [laughter] >> again, you might not like the president's style if is he effective economically and build us that border wall i can really care less what he says about stormy daniels. steve: tomi lahren joining us from los angeles. win of the upcoming hosts on fox nation. if you want more information go to ainsley: thank you, tomi. okay. carley shimkus has headlines for us. carley: good morning to you and to everybody at home. thanks for starting your day with us. john roberts vowing the supreme court is independent from politics. the chief justice setting the record straight following the fight to
3:38 am
confirm justice kavanaugh. >> we do not speak for the people, but we speak for the constitution. our role is very clear. that job obviously requires independence from the political branches. carley: the chief justice speaking to more than 2,000 people at the university of minnesota. and watch out for this woman. a new york city woman going viral response to reporter to questions her patriotic t-shirt. watch. well, the woman snapping back at ntsb reporter in staten island. he was there with congressman dan donovan talking to voters in a republican district in the democratic city. and if you didn't pick up a lotto ticket last night, you still have a chance. the mega millions jackpot jumping to a record $868 million after no one won last night. the lucky numbers, 3, 45, 49, 61, 69, and 9.
3:39 am
a 345-million-dollar powerball drawing is tonight. the chance of winning both jackpots one in 88 quadrillion. and banning her children from disney movies. that's actress kara nicely's approach to. >> she is banned from seeing certain children's movies, right? >> what are they? >> cinderella banned because she waits around for a rich guy to rescue her. don't, rescue yourself, obviously. >> right. [applause] >> and this is the one that i'm quite annoyed about because i really like the film but little mermaid. i mean the films are great but do not give your voice up for a man. hello. >> bashing classic disney movies despite raking in millions of dollars from disney's pirates of the caribbean. steve: i never thought of cinderella as she was just watching for a rich guy. >> i think she is
3:40 am
overthinking. brian: is that the one where she lost the slipper? ainsley: really do you need us to tell you about cinderella? brines. brian: it's been a while. ainsley: i don't think that way but i get it my mom was always a strong woman. she said autonomy. teach your kids to stand on their own two feet and take care of themselves don't wait for someone else to take cav care of you. i grew one one lady whose mom wouldn't let them play with barbie dolls. brian: i remember flintstones bad example driving without shoes. my family says no, we don't want that. steve: they were driving without a bottom to the floor of the car. janice is outside. janice: hi. steve: people should wear shoes today it's cold. janice: that would be an excellent idea. here in new york some people don't wear shoes. take a look at the map real quick. it's chilly so 48 in new york. look how cold it is international falls. the icebox of the nation. 30. so that cold air is coming our way a little bit of snow. maybe a little bit of snow
3:41 am
across the great lakes and even the northeast and new england tonight. and then we are dealing with the potential for flooding unfortunately over texas, some early mountain snow for the southwest, the southern rockies, but we are concerned about texas because they have gotten a lot of rain within the last couple of days it doesn't take a tropical system to dump incredible amounts of moisture and potential for flash flooding. that's going to be ongoing threat today. that front that's allowing all of this moisture to move in will move a little bit towards the northeast. they will get a little bit of relief heading into thursday and friday. flooding is going to be a concern. flood advisories are posted from dallas towards the big bend of texas. there are your forecast highs today. most of the country 20 to 30 degrees cooler than average. winter is coming. steve: it feels like fall. ainsley: wear your shoes. [laughter] ainsley: thanks, janice. brian: car solid still here. steve: you brought it up with the flintstones. brian: had to get it out of the house. they also just war tarps for
3:42 am
clothes with sleeves. that was a problem. no pants. carley: yabba dabba doo. brian: race to the midterms determine who holds power in the house. ainsley: from a turkish prison to praying inside the oval office. is he home. pastor brunson and his wife is here thrive share their story of faith and how they got through that i've got to tell you something. with the capital one venture card you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. not just airline purchases? everything. hey, how'd you get in here? cross-checking. nice. what's in your wallet... oh, c'mon! oh! oh!
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during or after treatment. entyvio® may increase risk of infection, which can be serious. pml, a rare, serious, potentially fatal brain infection caused by a virus may be possible. tell your doctor if you have an infection experience frequent infections or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio®. if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio®. entyvio®. relief and remission within reach. steve: with less than three weeks to the midterm elections, a few hotly contested races could determine which party ultimately controls the u.s. house of representatives. here to break it down republican strategist and polster justin joining us from our nation's capital. >> good morning. steve: let's talk about california and the 39th district. why do you want to focus on it. >> california lends in orange county, california.
3:46 am
orange county lost -- trump lost orange county in 2016. it is a very conservative kind of district. what's going on in the 39th is an open seat. and what's interesting about the 39th is kind of fascinating because of what is not going on in two other seats nearby. so, the republican national congressional committee and the republican leadership fund have dumped money in to ad buying into this seat on behalf of the republican young kim but have not spent money on mimi walker seats. they believe thee seats are lost and kim's seat only one attainable. i suspect it's just more of a matter of they think those two seats may well win without additional funding and putting all their funding into the really really expensive l.a. media market in kim's seat to push her over the edge. steve: that makes sense. meanwhile a lot of eyes on texas and ted cruz and bait toe o'rourke running for the u.s. senate. look at texas' 23rd district
3:47 am
and familiar name there will herd vs. jones. >> this is one of those if there is a swing district in the world. that district is it. it goes back and forth and back and forth between republican and democrats there. this case it has republican incumbent will herd as you mentioned. i believe that will herd is well-suited to the district. right now the polling shows him with a fairly comfortable lead. i believe this one ends up staying republican. steve: okay. let's go down to florida. have you got, of course, a lot of people are talking about the senate seat with current governor there rick scott vs. ben nelson and 23rd district debbie -- mucarsel-powell. it was misspelled in the teleprompter. what do you see there? this one is fascinating because of what the polling says. public polling take it with a little bit of grain of salt. what we showed a couple of
3:48 am
months ago was the republican incumbent was establishing a significant lead. a reasonable lead. and that prompted the political report to shift rating the seat as a toss-up seat into a lean republican. however, over the past 30 days, what we have seen is that polling has tightened up so it's a dead heat. the question here is what happened the last 30 days. the biggest event that happened is kavanaugh is this one of those interesting districts whereby the way kavanaugh largely helps republican candidates. is this one of those districts where perhaps kavanaugh hurt that candidate? we have to see. steve: you and i were talking the in the commercial before we started. you said kavanaugh has really galvanized republicans. at this point while both parties are, you know, energized it, seems like republican enthusiasm right now is spiking. why is that? >> yeah. absolutely. so, there was a funny thing earlier prior to kavanaugh where republican enthusiasm to get to the polls and vote
3:49 am
was not as high as that of democrats. we saw that because more democrats showed up in the primaries in general than republicans. i think the democratic trajectory hit its peak and republican trajectory is spiking. going to largely see a positive effect of republicans by virtue of kavanaugh. steve: all right. now it's a race to the first tuesday in november. justin wallen, thank you for joining us from our nation's capital. >> thank you. steve: 11 minutes before the top of the hour. fox news alert. big news about the mueller probe there is a new report about when he will unveil his findings. you are going to want to hear that and he wants to replace ted cruz in the u.s. senate. so it must be big news if bait toe o'rourke lying about his dui crash, right? wrong. ouare networks ignoring democratic scandals? we will show you the numbers and then you decide ♪ big time ♪
3:50 am
utright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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brian brian all eyes on the competitive midterm elections across the nation. analysts found something missing from the coverage of some of these races. ainsley: there are some democrats out there running in these races and they have been involved in some scandals. if you are only getting your news from the big three networks, odds are you have probably never heard about them. here to break it down is rich, the research director for the media research center. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: bait bait uh-oh rourke was in dui accident in 20's and witnesses say he was trying to leave the scene of the crime, the accident. here is him denying those
3:54 am
allegations. listen. >> you a witness said in that accident that you tried to leave the scene of the accident. did you and should voters be concerned about this incident? >> did i not try to leave the scene of the accident though driving drunk, which i did, is a terrible mistake for which there is no excuse or justification or defense i will not try to find one. ainsley: big three networks zero coverage on that. your thoughts. >> "the washington post" looked at that said he was so drunk at that time the police report said he left the scene or tried to leave that he should just trust the police report. abc gave national coverage to that debate did, not bring up this issue. cbs interviewed bait toe o'rourke on october 5th. didn't bring it up. ntsb flew their anchor down to houston on october 8th. he did a big profile piece. didn't mention it bait toe o'rourke is getting his fair of media coverage and then some but not this bad news.
3:55 am
brian: he was calling ted lyin' ted yesterday, amazing. the senate roberts menendez he had a hung jury that actually kept him out of jail, perhaps, for taking gifts unlawfully in a very extended public trial. how many times has that been brought up by the big networks? after all, he got censored by the senate. >> yeah. he was severely admonished by the ethics committee. this is the same underlying charge that led to a corruption trial with a hung jury last year. you would think that would be huge news it got a few seconds on cbs this year. 15 seconds, i think, on abc and nothing on ntsb. so, you know, if you are looking for a democratic scandal, you couldn't find a better scandal poster boy bob menendez and they won't touch it. ainsley: senator clair mccaskill her husband was accused of making millions off of a government program to help the pour.
3:56 am
cbs, abc and ntsb covered it zero. >> the disclosure forms claire mccaskill's husband has made over $11 million that's a minimum off a program that was designed to help poor people. that's an embarrassing headline. cbs their anchor went to missouri to profile that race just on monday. they talked about what the democrats wanted to talk about and that's healthcare. not this scandal. brian: unbelievable. so you have three very key races with some major stories that are being ignored. that's when people say the media is letting them down. not that they are making things up that they choose to ignore certain things which show as bias. rich noise, thank you so much. >> thanks. ainsley: two years behind bars in a turkish prison praying right there with the president inside the oval office. pastor andrew brun son and his wife is going to join us live to share incredible story of faith. brian: marsha blackburn, tom fitton, and stuart varney. that congressman wants to be the next senator from
3:57 am
tennessee. how is that race going? that story just ahead. ♪ good to be alive ♪ right about now. ♪
3:58 am
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4:00 am
ainsley: the headlines this morning the u.s. back on top. the most competitive country in the world regaining the number one spot for the first time in 10 years. >> i really think, again, this tremendous enthusiasm for the midterms. we will see. i think we are going too do very well. carley: secretary of state mike pompeo wrapping up a meeting with turkish president erdogan. >> i stress the importance of them conducting a complete investigation the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. steve: president trump says he will stop senting aid to the country of honduras, guatemala and el salvador if they don't stop that migrant caravan. >> incumbent on the executive office to protect its people. this is a very rational statement by the president. >> we have to do something other than building a wall. in my view it's like a manhood issue for the
4:01 am
president. >> i want to remind her that there are millions of american women who voted for donald trump. it's not a manhood issue, it's an immigration issue. it's a border enforcement issue and it's an american issue. ♪ ♪ steve: all right. it's wednesday october 17th, 2018. welcome aboard, folks. kind of a chilly day in new york city. it's warm right here by the tv. brian: when i hear things like bottle rockets, i always think of illegal. but you go down south or go to other states. it's just astounding for me to see signs. steve: for fireworks. brian: you can buy them. through new york people sneak up to your house and say take these, don't say a word. if you travel to other states. steve: who are those people. brian: in new york that's how do you it. ainsley: south of the border. brian: i find that more jarring than seeing marijuana stores. steve: fireworks?
4:02 am
brian: yeah. steve: have you got to get out more. ainsley: south of the border that's where everyone buys their fireworks. i remember when we were little we were able to buy the fancy. brian: roman candles. ainsley: we didn't do that we would let the neighbors do that my mom told us the story she saw a neighbor who lost a finger with one of the fancy big expensive ones. we did sparklers. brian: i feel i was pioneering family i was given caps and rock. i would sit there and beat on caps to make one song. that's as much gun pour as i was allowed to have. steve: welcome back swinging down memory lane thinking about the things we see at the borders between states. when you look at a lot of states a lot of elections coming up on the midterm which was the first tuesday in november. ainsley: 20 more days. steve: big question is which way is it going to go. we have seen ever since the brett kavanaugh decision in the u.s. senate and the vote
4:03 am
that followed a tremendous amount of enthusiasm on both sides. buff we were just talking to justin wallen a republican strategist and polster. he said while the democrats are energized, as are the republicans, the republican have actually seen a spike in the last two weeks. he thinks that's going to carry through through to the midterms. will it translate into a win? too soon to tell. brian: two themes the brett kavanaugh situation people looking back and saying we are actually looking at high school and the sexual assault. people can make their own decisions. the number two is the mob mentality. you saw the series of attacks and unnecessarily aggression against people that just don't agree and they thought do we want to give more of that, do we want to give people with that mind set additional power? what will they do with it? apes ain't the president sat down with trish regan and he said that there is tremendous enthusiasm. listen to this. >> i think we are going to do really well. we have great poll numbers. we have tremendous turnout
4:04 am
at these rallies. thousands and thousands of people. more than we can hold. in every case. i mean, there is no case where that doesn't happen. there is enthusiasm like we had at, you know, the last election 2016, which was quite a spectacular day and evening. >> i think we have a lot of enthusiasm. i keep hearing about the enthusiasm, the blue wave, but i think we have tremendous enthusiasm. steve: the president also said, he told the associated press, he said that a lot of his voters say they may not vote come the midterms because he is not on the ballot and he said just go ahead and vote for me anyway. they go well, mr. president, we feel that you don't like the congress. and he says trust me, vote for the congress because a vote for them is a vote for me. the president did sit down for a 50-minute interview with the associated press and the headlines all over the place. brian: so deceptive. the headline trump says don't blame me if democrats take the house.
4:05 am
that's on dredge right now. go to the associated press thing trump tells ap he won't accept blame if republicans loses the house. he did not say that. ainsley: the question to the president was do you bear responsibility if the g.o.p. loses the house? and this is really what he said. he said no. i think i'm helping people and i will say that we have a very big impact. i don't believe anybody has ever had this kind of an impact. how do you get that he is not going to accept blame out of what he really said? brian: they want to characterize the president all about me. has nothing to do with that answer. what he is actually referring to and the ap question i imagine he was alluding, to for the most part, presidents, no matter their popularity, does not have a major impact on midterms. in fact, famously, george stephanopoulos three weeks ago we told bill clinton come back in after your first midterm. you are actually hurting people. and your approval rating after same sex marriage and military and how they were doing it, he goes a couple of yours issues are really
4:06 am
unpopular, president obama famously said i was she lacked at the midterms. he was a president with higher popularity than this president who went out and maybe and certainly got the result were terrible for president obama. that's what is he referring to. ainsley: two things are forcing the mainstream media headlines about, this clicks, making money. if you write a crazy headline even if you read the story and not reflective of that headline they have gotten to you read it once you click on that story they are making money because they can sell advertising. also, they are not in favor of this president and administration so they want to write headlines like that. steve: the headlines say don't blame me, but when you look at the verbatim what he said was to the question do you bear responsibility said no, i have helped them. so, does that seem the same thing? you be the judge. let us novi a email. meanwhile, we asked you about what you regarded with this economic news, and the u.s. is having the most competitive strongest economy, according to the
4:07 am
world economic forum that we have seen in 10 years. ever since the big crash back in 2008. and the global economy is projected to grow at 4% just south of 4%. the u.s. economy much better than that. brian: back to the election real quick. when you say president helping or hurting, do you know what's helping? these rallies. if it doesn't produce results he wants in midterms. producing huge mailing lists and volunteer lists. the president racked up $108 million personally and 337 million you combine it with the rnc since winning election. they say he is so far ahead of the democrats that just a huge gap who obviously can't settle on one candidate double figures. this from "the washington post today. just listen to where the president is at. they are in awe of the ground game that the rnc still has in place. for those of you still going traditional models, looking at the midterms, you might wants to rethink it. ainsley: "the washington post" you are talking about
4:08 am
what the columnist wrote. this is the headline: will the blue wave collapse before it reaches the shore? we asked you at home to weigh in on this. we got an email from woodrow who says the big blue wave is dead. the waters have been calmed by president trump's accomplishments on jobs, stock market, 401s, tax cuts, removing back breaking regulations and foreign policy. steve: meanwhile joe emailed us not only will the blue wave stop before it gets to shore but it will turn into a red tsunami. brian: if this blue wave does not result in these midterms, i think every polster and every analyst has to. ainsley: get another job? brian: re-examine how they are coming to their conclusions. steve: they got it wrong last time. the most accurate poll polls wee the usc had that group of 3,000 people and the rasmussen poll was the most accurate back in 2016. ainsley: yesterday we talked about the caravan. there is another caravan heading up through central america up through mexico and they say they are
4:09 am
heading here to the united states. the president responded. he said we have today informed the countries of honduras, guatemala and el salvador if they allow their citizens and others to journey through their borders and up to the united states with the intention of entering our country illegally, all payments made to them will stop. end. slamhe is clam immigration steve: said what are you doing in the countries of el salvador. brian: former law maker. steve: i think. so guatemala and honduras they have all asked their citizens do not participate in it anymore hard for the people of honduras. they left honduras, they are in guatemala. what will mexico do? when you look at the amount of money that the united states is giving in foreign assistance, that's some real cash for small countries.
4:10 am
ainsley: those countries need help. many of these families are leaving, they are fleeing because they are in dangerous situations but when you talk about borderion rk about the people are escaping to get in quickly i guess that's asylum, right? steve: three big issues right now are kavanaugh. ainsley: open borders. steve: taxes and immigration. there they are right there. that's what people are thinking about as they head to the polls. brian: those countries unthinkable mess. up tenable. like to help them in their countries and have organized way to come into our country. a nightmare to democrats who said to their candidates don't talk about immigratio immigration. that band of people coming up from central and south america to our borders is a nightmare scenario for democratic candidates. steve: don't remind people about our stance. brian: yeah. here is nancy pelosi talking about the wall. we don't need it.
4:11 am
it's president trump's ego that needs it listen. >> we have to do something other than building a wall. it's immoral, expensive, ineffective and not something that people do between countries. but, in any event, it happens to be like a manhood issue for the president. [laughter] and i'm not interested in that. ainsley: kind of like should we -- manhood issue. safety issue. the president wants to put up a barrier so we know who is coming. in we are making sure drug cartels, terrorists, murder hmurderers aren't coming. in make sure everybody is checked in at the door. steve: she lives in california. here is the manhood issue. >> border wall is not manhood issue it's a border enforcement issue and american issue. i would remind her that there are millions of american women who voted for
4:12 am
donald trump to build that wall and we certainly don't have a manhood issue. ainsley: republicans arer saying in the lame duck if they don't win the house border wall funding. steve: where were they the last two years. brian: hard to imagine getting 60 votes in the senate for the wall especially if the house is going to flip. steve: republicans have had many chances to build that wall and fund that wall. brian: mitch mcconnell are not into it. steve: a lot of republicans are not. let's see what happens in the lame duck. ainsley: carley shimkus is here. carley: we have a lot of important news to get to here we begin with a fox news alert. robert mueller expected to issue definings in russia probe soon after the midterms. sources tell bloomberg mueller is under pressure from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to hand down more indictments or have his investigation shut down. mueller is reportedly close
4:13 am
to concluding. if there was any collusion between russia and president trump's campaign and whether the president obstructed justice. and also breaking right now, secretary of state mike pompeo wrapping up a meeting with turkish president erdogan. pompeo arriving in turkey overnight after meeting with saudi leaders about the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. turkish officials say khashoggi was beaten, drugged and killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. we have much more from griff jenkins in a live report in a few minutes. guys, send it back to you. steve: you left out the important part they say he was killed accidentally. brian: dismembered by mistake. ainsley: with a bone saw. unbelievable. steve: details to come. ainsley: taylor swift took to instagram to endorse democratic candidates against marsha blackburn but she is still leading in the polls, marsha blackburn is and that's coming up next. brian: she is surging. he spent two years in a
4:14 am
turkish prisoner and never lost his faith. that led him straight to the oval office last weekend. pastor andrew brunson and his wife share their incredible story of faith. ainsley: our prayers were answered. -pizza delivered. -what's happened to my son? -i think that's just what people are like now. i mean, with progressive, you can quote your insurance on just about any device. even on social media. he'll be fine. -[ laughs ] -will he? -i don't know.
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steve: we are less than three weeks out until the midterms. marsha blackburn is up in the polls against phil bredesen up by 5 points according to the real clear politics average. here to respond is tennessee senate candidate congressman marsha blackburn joining us from beautiful nashville, tennessee. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: this is good news news for you. third poll in a row that has shown you in the lead. >> that's right. we know one poll that counts is november 6th. we are dernld to be winning and early vote starts today. steve: it does indeed. 10:00 out there. let me ask you about taylor swift a couple days ago last week she came out on instagram and essentially endorsed a couple of democrats, including your opponent. has it had any impact? >> what we know is that tennesseeens care about the story of their life. not the story of their day
4:19 am
what they are focusing on is our positive message. it is getting through and that is what is going to carry people to the polls today. they like this message of less regulation economic growth. good constitutional judges. they are remembering finding out some things about phil bredesen the sexual harassment scandals that plagued his administration some of his cabinet. he had two tracks. one for friends of phil and one for everybody else. friends o phil the documents were shredded an he gave certificates to illegal aliens. he drained the road fund and used that for general expenses for the state. people recall those. our message is getting through. i was out in west tennessee
4:20 am
yesterday. we had great crowds. great response. i was in jackson for a get out the vote rally last night people are showing up. they want to make sure we have a conservative in the u.s. senate. steve: you said the only poll that counts is the one on election day and early voting that starts today. what do you make of the president saying you know, i'm hearing from voters who say i'm not going to vote because you are not on the ballot? i talk to some of those identify themselves as democrats, and what i find is that they are going to show up and they are voting for me the reason why they do like having those constitutional judges. they are so pleased that we have justice kavanaugh on the bench now that mearlts. they want to keep the trump tax cuts. steve: kavanaugh has been a motivator. let's see how it works for
4:21 am
new a couple of weeks. >> good to see you, bye-bye. steve: we did invite her opponent, phil bredesen he declined our invitation. he spent two years in a turkish prison and his faith led him into the oval office. pastor brun son and his wife will join us next. open your nose right back up. ♪ breathe better. sleep better. breathe right.
4:22 am
♪ cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way. valerie: but we worry if we have enough to last.
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♪ cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional, helps us manage our cash flow and plan for the unexpected. valerie: her experience and training gave us the courage to go for it. it's our "confident forever plan"... cal: ...and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. [shouting and gunfire] >> north carolina native lived in turkey for more than two decades was october of 2016 after a failed coup attempt there. >> american pastor andrew brunson face third degree 5 years in a turkish prison for charges of he is peep nawj anespionage andaiding terr. >> his wife also jailed with him in 2016.
4:25 am
the two ran christian churches. >> pastor brunson lived as a pastor in turkey raised his family there in 62-page indictment. the prosecutor literally says his crime is christianization. >> pastor brunson, i hope you can hear us. we will be helping you at some point. we have been working on it for a while. he has been there a long time. >> this morning pastor andrew brunson in prisoner in turkey for two years has been led out of jail. is he still under house arrest. so our work is not done. >> this is a welcomed first step it is noticed good enough. >> our not resting until he is returned to the united states. >> will continue to come up until he is no longer held appear drew brunson is a free man. >> from a turkish prison to
4:26 am
the white house in 24 hours. >> i ask that you wisdom to lead this country into righteousness. ainsley: home at last pastor brunson and his wife maureen join us now welcome home. >> thank you. ainsley: how does it feel to be back on american soil. >> first thing we want to say is thanks to fox. one of the things political prisoners often feel they are forgotten. we know you kept us in the news and this was very helpful to us so we are grateful. ainsley: all across the country people were praying for both of you and for your kids and hoping that this president and this administration would be able to bring you home and they did have you celebrated and had a chance to soak it all in. >> not enough. ainsley: your kids are doing okay? >> they are doing okay. shield them a little bit. they were here. yes. ainsley: some questions for you. first of all, why?
4:27 am
why -- going out on the mission field is tough enough. why did you decide turkey a place that there is political unrest. there is dangerous situations there why did you decide to go there. >> one of the places in the world thats has the least christians. we wanted to tell people about jesus christ. that's what our life has been about. ainsley: norine was it worth it? >> yes. that's one of the things i was asking about. is he worthy? is he worth it? is he worthy? undoubtedly, that's the easy one. is it worth it. >> is it worth the suffering we went through? yes, it is. >> something i had to specifically work through. ainsley: you really struggled that first year. what happened the first year. >> that's when i was very broken down. i was very isolated even though i was in a crowded prison cell isolated from the outside from receiving encouragement. it was my wife really who got me through that time. god did but she is the one who brought truth into me in
4:28 am
our meetings and focus hang on. one of the most important things someone tells me is just breathe. you don't have expectations that i have to preach to everyone just hang on to god. that's one of the things i did. i kept talking to god and talking to god. whether he talked to me or not. ainsley: you were the only christian in your jail cell. how many in your cell. >> 21, 22 in a cell for 8 people part of the time. ainsley: what was the living situation like? did you have a bid or sleep on the floor. >> i had a bed. others who didn't. ainsley: who did you decide who. >> it was who got there first. ainsley: did you feel forsaken. >> did i feel that but i know that god never did one was things i did in the second year when i became stronger i wrote a song that focused on speaking truth about god. one of the things i said one of the lines jesus the faithful one who lost me always good and true.
4:29 am
because these are things i doubted but i declared every day god loves me, is he true. he did not abandon me. ainsley: did you convert anyone in the cell with you? >> no. they were all very, very strong muslims. they were trying to convert me. ainsley: so you would meet with him once a week for about 30 minutes to an hour depending on what they allowed you? >> um-huh. ainsley: what would you tell your husband to keep him going and. >> i would prepare a sheet the day before with various encouraging messages, linings like that. try to memorize it because i couldn't take a shred of paper in with me high security. i would try to bring these things to him. lord, what can i bring him this week. what can i impart to him this week? we would sit down and had glass between us over the phone except for every other month it was face to face i would say put your hand on the glass and pray with him right away. ainsley: what made you stay. sorry for interrupting you. i have so many questions for you. what did you want to say?
4:30 am
your kids were here in the states. 35 year sentence. >> i was torn in two. it was very difficult. i wanted to be with my kids but i felt that really needed me. i wanted it be with him. we didn't know what was going to happen. okay two, years but at the time you don't know that. ainsley: final question. you came back on the plane and you prepared a sheet you had notes you wanted to make sure you relayed to the president? >> i knew i would be nervous when i was at the white house and might forget everything. we just wrote down that we wanted to thank him for the letter he wrote. for sending a plane are for fighting for me and we wanted to pray for him i jotted down very quickly three things i wanted to pray for him. spur of the moment and we were hoping we would have the opportunity. ainsley: he was talking but at all of his rallies saying we have got to bring you home, jay sekulow, your attorney, he pulled out all the stops to try to get you back. those two individuals really
4:31 am
just hats off to both of them for bringing you home safely. god bless you both. anything else you want to leave us with today? >> i'm on the spot. i don't know. but we are certainly grateful for many people who prayed for us. we believe that god is using this situation and that he used the prayers of god's people. ainsley: what happens next to you. >> i have been preaching jesus christ my adult life. i hope to do that until the day i die. >> the question is where and when and how. >> but that is what we will be doing. ainsley: and god's will. god bless you. thank you so much. welcome home. >> thanks. ainsley: stuart varney live from the white house on the other side of this break. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
4:32 am
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4:34 am
♪ i'm winning i'm winning ♪ i'm winning. ainsley: that's an appropriate song isn't it brian. ainsley: is that the president singing right now? steve: that is stuart varney
4:35 am
is singing somehow he has gotten past the guards at the white house and he joins us live. he is going to be doing varney and company live from the north lawn. ainsley: leaf blower is out there. congratulations you are winning on wednesday. >> i just missed the street sweeping machine it just went by. john roberts handles these situations for me better than i do. he is gone now i can hear what you have to say. the united states is the most competitive and strongest economy we have had in 10 years since the big crash. why is that? >> because of the performance of president trump's growth agenda his deregulation agenda and tax-cutting agenda. get rid of the red tape and by the way that's why we are here this morning it's get rid of the red tape day. we are here to report on that that's why we have the most competitive economy in the worlds. jumped that that position.
4:36 am
steve, bring you to speed with one economic number that just came out it's a staggering number 7.1 million jobs available in america today. that is all-time high. those are unfilled job vacancies that number has gone up by a million. we have never seen that performance before. we don't have 7.1 million people ready, willing and able to take those jobs. so we have got a surplus of jobs available and we have gotten in this position today. brian: a couple of things, only between 60% and 70% of the workforce are actually working. i get it some are radio tired. there is other people i hope would feel the pressure to say i can't get a job there are opportunities here. look inside those numbers and find out if there is a situation we don't have the skill to fill those positions? >> yes.
4:37 am
that would be accurate there is a skills shortage, a skills gap. that is accurate. that is happening right now. however, you have got to remember that you have never seen a number like this before. and with that kind of job availability wages rising and broken newses being paid to bring in workers. you can expect some of those people on the sidelines to come back into the labor force. there is not that many available frankly, have you unemployment rate of 3.7%. this economy is really going very well indeed. ainsley: it's interesting. if you look at those numbers, too. more people are quitting their jobs because there is more opportunity out there. i don't like my job. i'm not happy i will find something else. >> that's a very positive sign. if you quit your job, the job that you have got you must believe you have a chance of getting a better job some place else. the quit rate very strong at the moment positive indicator. ainsley: the dow ramied 550
4:38 am
points that's recouping all of the losses from last week. we remember last week when there was a crash and the mainstream media covered it a lot, watch. u.s. stocks opened lower again this morning after more than 800 point drop in the dow. third biggest point drop in its history. >> the market melt down plunging over 1300 points in just two days. >> a second day in a row where triple digit losses wiping out most of the gains the dow has made this year. steve: they covered when it looked like everybody's hair was on fire down on wall street because there was a melt down and, yet, when it comes to the president's economic wins according to brain room october 16th, which was yesterday. the big three didn't cover it for one second on their nightly news. >> isn't that incredible? have you an extraordinary economic development 7.1 million jobs available and it is simply not
4:39 am
covered. look, we have heard this before. we have seen this before. it's a long playing record. if there is something positive about mr. trump or the economy, forget it something possibly negative you play that in the headlines all day long. it's common instinct not going to change. you know, the media really isn't doing its job because when you ignore the extraordinary economic performance you are ignoring reality for americans you really shouldn't do that. brian: stuart, i know it means a lot to you as a naturalized citizen to be sitting down at the white house all honesty no sarcasm with the president of the united states who more than likely is going to come on your show today. can you talk about that a little. >> yes. i'm an immigrant obviously. can you tell by the voice in my wildest dreams did i not expect to one day to be sitting in the white house talking to senior
4:40 am
administration officials and broadcasting network television and to the world from the white house it's enormous privilege and i'm truly flattered. brian: last time the british were there they burned the white house down it's a luge leap for the president to trust you. >> we are going to ignore that. ainsley: cob graduate labor relations, stuart. you deserve it. >> thank you, everyone. steve: we will be watching. 20 minutes before the the top of the hour. carley: congratulations to him. take a listen to this. she needs to apologize. a descendent of pocahontas firing back at elizabeth warren after her botched attempt to prove she is native american debbie purico telling tucker carlson -- >> i feel betrayed she was using the name trying to be american indian just to rise above.
4:41 am
she needs to come back and apologize to everybody for what she has done. carley: if warren was moofn to be native american, she would be the first one to welcome them into her heritage. a professor offered students extra credit for attending a democrat's campaign event. campus reform obtaining the email that clayton state university andrea allen sent her students urging them to attend an event for georgia candidate abrams and take selfies. the school says her actions a quote manipulation of her rights as a professor. it's not clear if she will be punished. roseanne barr reacting after her popular tv character is killed off. >> roseanne od on opioids. i found these pills in mom's closet. >> these aren't even prescribed to her. >> in a statement roseanne says in part that it was done through an opioid
4:42 am
overdose grim and morbid dimension to otherwise happy family show. abc cancelled the roseanne reboot after the actress made racially insensitive comments on twitter. they brought it back as the conners without roseanne. so we have to wait and see what the ratings are without her. brian: i'm not watching. steve: it was last night. ainsley: abc said they regret firing her. carley: roseanne is talking on twitter how she is not dead. brian: that's depressing to have a make character die. what's happy is the happy cookbook and see steve in person. how was that for a transition? steve: that was great. happy cookbook tour is going to wind down this weekend? brian: how could you be stopping this weekend? steve: listen, we are busy. friday night going to atlanta. cathy and i will be at the river church in canton, georgia at 7:00 at night. we are going to be giving a talk and signing cookbooks. for ticket information contact fox tale book
4:43 am
shoppe, canton, ohio. final stop will be books and company in beaver creek, ohio on saturday. get a picture and sign your cookbook. last stops on the cookbook tour for right now. everyone else get the cookbook at local store. after two weeks not having it amazon has a bunch of books. you can order it today. ainsley: the first one at the river church just being put on by that fox tale bookstore. don't go to the bookstore go to the river church. >> last time we were there the line was out the door and around the corner. we thought we will go over to the church where there is a little more room. brian: if you are a babysitter, steve is going to be ai think that weekend so someone watch the kids. ainsley: call steve. what's your phone number? 43 minutes after the top of the hour. mike pompeo just wrapping up a meeting with turkish president erdogan. is he any closer toe answers about that missing saudi journalist. griff jenkins is on deck with the answers.
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
4:47 am
brian: a fox news alert. secretary of state mike pompeo wrapping up a trip to tucker i don't overnight after he went to saudi arabia where he met with the president and foreign minister of that country. ainsley: turkish officials claiming there is evidence that "the washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi was killed at the saudi consulate. steve: griff jenkins is live. we want to know what happened with that guy. >> the details are gruesome. if they are true, turkish officials are saying khashoggi was beaten,drugged and killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. stop in turkey with few details of the meeting that he melt with foreign minister erdogan. he says he wants to wait on the results of the investigation but that no accepts wilaccepts exceptions we made in holding leaders accountable. >> i stress the importance
4:48 am
of them conducting a complete investigation into the disappear and of jamal khashoggi. they said there would be a thorough, complete and transparent investigation. >> president trump has vowed severe punishment for those responsible for khashoggi's death. a rush to judgment noting similarities to what his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh just went through saying quote, i think we have to find out what happened first. here we go again with, you know, you are guilty until proven innocent. i don't like that. now the saudis have yet to issue any findings in this investigation. turkish media is saying he fled the country. trip to rehawd big investment conference dabbos in the dessert. president may make a final decision next week as we get more details on that investigation, guys. brian: they cleaned the place. they painted it again. it's hard to consulate general left the country
4:49 am
already. ainsley: so hard to watch that video because you see him going in trying to get a divorce so he can get married to another lady and he never comes out. if those gruesome details are true, it's so hard to fathom, to wrap your head around it all. steve: griff, thank you very much. >> thank you. ainsley: 48 minutes after the top of the hour. harvard under fire fighting accusations of discrimination. school never have that prop. what hillsdale college can teach harvard next. brian: plus is, cinderella offensive to you? hide your eyes. one hollywood actress banned it from her home. was it the music or lovingly gaze of cartoon characters? we will unwind this plot ♪ it's going to be a good life ♪ good, good life ♪ when i was shopping for car insurance, the choice was easy. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. excuse me...
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♪ brian: harvard's legal battle continues in federal court this week. the private university fighting against accusations of discrimination against asian americans. the case could make its way to the supreme court and force harvard to unmask their college admission process. next guest quoteside a "wall street journal" op-ed says quote any time anyone from harvard would like to see a college can maintain autonomy and values our door is open. explain going private schools would give up federal dollars they could run admissions he the way they want the way hillsdale wants. joining us is the president of hillsdale college larry. why do you think it was important for you to weigh in on this issue? >> i thought it was very important for me to weigh in because bill mcgurn of the "wall street journal" called
4:54 am
me and asked me. he had an idea all of this trouble would go away for harvard if they didn't take the money from the government and there is a powerful reason why it does come to them the government of the united states when it acts as a people it supposed to act on behalf of all of the people. that's what the constitution says in its 14th amendment and that's what title 4 of the higher education act says. and so they are picking some, according to their color and they shouldn't do that. brian: harvard federal funding in 2017 is $618 million and $2,016,597,000,000. with their endowment, why they need any money is beyond me. they really don't. if they did walk away from federal money, they would be -- they would be unbound i do federal rules. you guys are unbound by federal rules. what does that allow you to do? >> well, we are -- so our college is precivil war college abolitionist college and our charter, the first thing of its find says without regard to race, sex or national origin so, we
4:55 am
don't take account of race. frederick douglas a great man, the most famous photograph of him taken on our campus in 1863. it's actually true that the federal government, despite title 4, is guilty for 40 or 50 years now demanding that count and sort your students by race. we don't want to do it. that's why. we want to be colorblind. brian: asian americans say wait a second there are not enough asian americans to get the grades and background to get in they are not getting. in they claim disproportion of asian americans and sometimes they exceed that number and therefore they look to other groups. hillsdale cost $27,000 a year on average. i think private schools cost between 60 and 70. how are you able to do that? >> well, we watch our costs and generous people help pay for education of our
4:56 am
students hundreds of thousands of dollars. colleges have always by the way and anybody who sets out to make a lot of money running a college is a fool. you are doing something expensive for a bunch of people who have not had a chance to establish a career. and so you need outside help. we get a lot of it you know, our college is 175 years old next year. the department of education from 187. the whole college world for most of our history operated without all that stuff. brian: great broadcasting facilities you are not giving up a lot when you go. you are giving up a huge tuition bill. that's really it and a lot of kids would love to not have that financial obligation at 22, 23, which they won't have if they go there. thanks, larry, appreciate it. >> thank you, brian very much. brian: pick up the "wall street journal" column and you will see expanded comparison. meanwhile the founder of the firm anti-trump does yea pleading the fifth on the hill refusing to answer any questions. what does that tell you? tom fitton president of the
4:57 am
judicial watch will weigh in next hour. plus, nancy pelosi has an idea on why the border wall is so important to president trump. it's not national security. it's his personal insecurity. manhood. ♪ you got me ♪ nothing i woul wouldn't do earn a free night when you stay just twice this fall. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it.
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♪ ainsley: the u.s. back on top. the most competitive country in the world. >> there are 7.1 million jobs available in america today. that is an all-time high. >> we are winning on so many different fronts but we do need more republicans. >> special counsel robert mueller expected to issue key findings in his russia probe soon after the midterms. mueller is reportedly close to concluding if there was any conclusion between russia and the trump campaign. >> we have to do something other than building a wall. in my view it appears to be a manhood issue for the president. >> would remind her that there
5:01 am
are millions of american woman who voted for donald trump. it is not manhood issue. it is immigration issue. border issue and an american issue. steve: andrew brunson spent two years in turkish prison and never lost his faith. that led him into the oval office. >> i was talking to god. he is true. he is faithful. he has not abandoned me. ♪ ainsley: pastor brunson. many of you are praying for him. his wife and three kid are safe. your prayers were answered. can kavanaugh and brunson and kavanaugh confirmed and brunson was home in a week. the faith based community is grateful. brian: brunson home. 20 in year-and-a-half. steve: north korea. brian: americans being held for no reason.
5:02 am
president makes it a focus. he has people working on it 24 hours a day. ainsley: these are our people. they're back. steve: they are. such good news. the midterms are less than three weeks away. people are energized on both sides. we did have a republican pollster on earlier. he said thanks to kavanaugh, things are really spiking on the republican side. it is kavanaugh. it's taxes and regulations and it's immigration. immigration is front and center for the president of the united states. it all started with these images on monday out of honduras. it is a caravan was reported yesterday to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 people. they are headed once again toward our southern border. some have suggested, the track this would take, they would arrive at our southern border about the midterm election. that could prompt some horrifying images of children being taken from their parents. but at the same time, it could
5:03 am
also embolden the republicans because they will look, see we told you if we had the wall this wouldn't a be problem. ainsley: president says we give you a lot of money to make your governments better. we give you the money to make your lives better, don't come in here and try to come under asylum. the president tweeted out, we informed countries. honduras, guatemala or el salavador if they allow citizens journey up the borders to enter the united states illegally all payments to them will stop. brian: they should. this is a great policy to help impoverished nations with terrible leaders to help them out and the people deserve better. we can't as a country let everybody in that wants to come in. we're not a country. it doesn't mean we're heartless. we're trying to figure out a humane way to do this. steve: we have to be a sovereign
5:04 am
nation. you have to have borders. you have to have security. brian: people like to simplify, you have to open up your arms, in a legal orderly fashion. what i thought was striking too, department of homeland security spokesperson said about this mass of people coming, he says we see, this day in, day out as a result of well advertised and well-known catch-and-release loopholes. the president has tried to stop it. but because of backlash, lack of legislation, all they're doing now is giving them ankle bracelets. the word gets out in central and south america. we got to try it. it is worth a shot. people with fentanyl and ms-13, i get that. there are other people who have terrible life, life destroyed by gangs, it is worth a shot. somehow we got to let it be nope it is not worth a shot. you have to do it the right way. steve: the last time the caravan came up famously, those people were essentially lawyered up. they were told how to apply for
5:05 am
asylum. they don't just slip through the southern border, we saw them coming. they asked for asylum reason brian talked about, because of the gangs. when it comes to leverage, look at leverage united states has over honduras. we give them 65 a million dollars a year. guatemala, 70 million. el salavador, close to $46 million. here is statement from ronald coburn who was with i.c.e. for a while and he had this observation about what is going on. >> this is a very rational statement by the president. they can be great partners. that is why we, the american taxpayers have been sending millions of dollars to them. but it is incumbent upon them to also protect their own people rather than shove them north. if they're leaving honduras because they're fearful of that country, they go through guatemala, el salavador and mexico before the u.s. how credible is the fear. brian: president cracking
5:06 am
down -- >> border patrol. not i.c.e. brian: with the president cracking down on immigration, you would think they would pay for it with hispanic votes. counter intuitive with normal political thought. they say one out of every four hispanics is supporting president. most of them, hispanic families here right now understand the need for border security. so that is one fear republicans had when the president came down the escalator and talked about the need. ainsley: why democratic leaders are telling democrats running in the midterms, don't mention open borders. it doesn't really resonate well with our base. then you have republicans saying that they're going to fund the wall in the lame-duck session if the democrats take over the house. steve: news this morning, apparently the organizer of this particular caravan has been detained in the country of guatemala where they are right now. the bigger issue, is if they leave guatemala, next stop
5:07 am
mexico. what is mexico going to do? we essentially done a nafta ii. they are our partners. are they doing anything to stop? ainsley: they can say come here, seek asylum. you can be safe here. >> steve: what about their southern border? brian: mexican government reinforced security at southern border in guatemala, before the 2,000 person is coming. ainsley: was that part of a deal, nafta deal? steve: it could be understanding between the president of each of the nations. nonetheless they are heading toward the north and we will keep you posted. nancy pelosi though, while the president made it very clear he would like to build that wall, she sees this as an ego thing. >> we have to do something other than building a wall. it is immoral, inexpensive, ineffective and not something that people do between
5:08 am
countries. but in any event it happens to be, like a manhood issue for the president. [laughter]. and i'm going to -- [inaudible]. steve: manhood issue. we asked you what you thought. a viewer writes on twitter. thousands and thousands of women voted for this wall and she calls it a manhood problem? ainsley: good point. dave writes, no, nancy, it is not a manhood issue. fences and walls make responsible neighbors. brian: nancy writes, nancy pelosi is just slinging mud. she is totally out of touch with what the people want. steve: all right. meanwhile if you look at drudge right now there is a headline that essentially says don't blame me if we lose the house. and that's a good headline because you want to hear the president say, hey, look, my hands are tied. don't blame me if the republicans lose the house. we looked what the president
5:09 am
actually told the associated press during the 40-minute interview, he did not say that. ainsley: the question was to the president, do you bear responsibility if the gop loses the house? this was his response. he said, do we have that -- get that up for you. okay. he says -- brian: no, i think i'm helping people and i will say that we have a very big impact. i don't believe anybody has had this kind of impact. the question was asked, are you responsible. no, i think i'm helping midterms. ainsley: but the headline was trump tells ap he won't accept blame if gop loses the house. that is not what he said. they put the crazy headlines because they want you to click on them, the story is a little misleading. the more clicks they get for the storieses mornings more money they make. brian: you wouldn't think drudge would put that up because they're inaccurate. if not the most clicked on website in the country.
5:10 am
steve: if the headline is don't blame me if i lose the house, sounds like he is detached from the republicans. he is doing his best in the run up to the midterms get and keep the house republican. look at all the rallies he has done. he will continue to do rallies right up until the first tuesday in november. so he is pulling out all the stops. brian: yeah. he got a good economic news to go on but now he has a major thing to think about, that is saudi arabia where we go with our relations. steve: the caravan. ainsley: carley shimkus has the rest of the headlines. carly: good morning, guys. a fox news alert. a north carolina trooper shot and killed during a traffic stop overnight. the police found the suspect in a wooded area after hours on the run. the fallen state trooper has not been identified. a tennessee sheriff's deputy shot in the leg overnight delivering a warrant. police say the suspect opened fire in an apartment complex. he was then shot and killed.
5:11 am
the sheriff's department says the deputy is in non-critical condition. also breaking right now, secretary of state mike pompeo departing turkey this morning after wrapping up a meeting with turkish president erdogan. talking about the disappearance of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. they say he was beaten, drug and killed inside the saudi consulate in is tan ball. they are talking about other issues facing the two nation has. breaking right now, special counsel robert mueller expected to issue key findings on the russia probe after the midterms. he is under pressure from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein hand more indictments or have the investigation shut down. mueller is close to concluding if there was any collusion between russia and the trump campaign and whether the president obstructed justice. if you didn't pick up lotto,
5:12 am
you still have a chance. the megamillions jackpot is jumping to a record $868 million after no one won last night. the lucky numbers, 3, 45, 49, 61, 69 and 9. 345 million-dollar powerball drawing is tonight. the chance of winning both jackpots, well that would be 1 in 88 quadrillion. as ainsley says -- ainsley: saying there is a chance? >> yes there is. ainsley: remember from the movie. steve: how many zeros in a quadrillion? >> 16. ainsley: look at here. >> don't google that. i made it up. steve: thank you, shimkanator. >> i will google it and come back. steve: thank you, carley. founder of the firm of the anti-trump does say pleading the
5:13 am
fifth on capitol hill refusing to answer questions. will we ever find out what happened? tom fitton, president of "judicial watch". ainsley: does this offend you? >> this is love, so this is love? ♪ ainsley: now you can open up your eyes, brian. brian: okay. ainsley: one hollywood actress just banned cinderella from her house. did we mention she starred in five disney movies. steve: quadrillion has 15 zeros. brian: she got close. try new pepto with ultra coating. you'll earn unlimited double camiles on every purchase,. every day... not just "airline purchases." (loud) holy moley that's a lot of miles!!! shhhhh!
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♪ brian: founder of the firm behind the anti-trump dossier pleading the fifth on capitol hill. glenn simpson refusing to answer questions under subpoena. president trump tweeting, is it really possible bruce ohr, whose wife nelly was paid by simpson and gps worked on the fake dossier was used as a pawn in the whole scratch of the witch-hunt still working for the department of justice? can this really be so? i don't know why he is still there. he has been demoted. our next guest predicts the doj won't lift a finger against simpson. "judicial watch"'s own tom fitton joins us now.
5:18 am
why not, why not lift a finger? >> because simpson is a key cog in the machine that is the mueller special counsel operation. there is a direct line from clinton to simpson, to the dossier to the fbi-doj, to the mueller special counsel has that relied on that dossier, relied on some of the information that simpson and christopher steele concocted with the help of russia intelligence to target donald trump and as long as mueller is running the justice department effectively on these russia investigations, all these witnesses that helped him get where he is today, are going to be i think protected. brian: rosenstein runs the justice department during the russian probe because jeff sessions recused himself. what do you mean mueller runs the justice department? >> i don't think rosenstein is effectively running the mueller investigation. that is why you have a special counsel to provide some independence from supposedly the justice department's senior
5:19 am
officials. look, there has been this deference to mueller. everything the doj has done in terms of stonewalling information about what mr. strzok was up to, what bruce ohr was up to, glenn simpson was up to, it is designed to protect the special counsel which is illicitly targeting in my view, donald trump. brian: andy mccabe is under grand jury investigation. his situation getting worse by the day. peter strzok disgraced and fired. bruce ohr demoted but mysteriously still there. nellie ohr refusing to testify. joe mix on can't be located, he is a key going talking to papdopoulus -- misfud. why did glenn simpson take the fifth? why, the word is two things, he is hiding something number one,
5:20 am
or number two he is looking to play out the string, the house will flip and the investigation will stop? >> that may be, that is a good point on the second part. the first issue, he has to have a good-faith basis doing it, apparently his lawyers will let him do it without a good-faith basis. the big issue, whether he told the truth about timing of meetings with the justice department, namely bruce ohr. he said he didn't meet with them until after the election. turns out he met with ohr looks like before the election. clinton campaign vendor, dossier creator, meeting with the justice department in the middle of the election, in august of 2016. he tried to cover that up it looks like to congress and that's why he is facing some concerns about a perjury prosecution. brian: he looks like he lied. somebody is lying because they all can't be telling the truth because their stories are so different. tom, you're indefatiguable in
5:21 am
pursuing the truth. >> thank you. brian: sixth death threat to republican candidate. why was she targeted? joins us live next. introducing the all-new lexus es. a product of mastery. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. with pro-skin technology. for two times faster absorption. so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free. for a free sample visit
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finding your xfinity username or wifi password, restarting your equipment, or paying your bill is easier than ever with x1. x1 help. another reason to love x1. say "teach me more" into your voice remote to get started. ♪ steve: we have quick headlines for you right now. congressman keith ellison's divorce papers are expected to be released later today. a minnesota appeals court denying the democrat's request to keep them sealed, so he and his wife could remove confidential information. the judge's decision comes as ellison's ex-girlfriend accuses him of domestic abuse. he slipped in the polls ahead of tight race for attorney general in the great state of minnesota. international pronounce today, gender inclusion taken to a new level, 50 colleges
5:25 am
endorsed so-called holiday. to make people open, asking, sharing respecting their personal pronounce. ainsley: desiree moran, running for vermont local house of representatives received a letter with rape threats from a alleged socialist. steve: the letter reads in part, my comrades will kill you and the constitution. socialism is here. open season for republican death in vermont. ainsley: the candidate that received that threat, she joins us now, joins us live to react. thank you for joining us. tell us how you got the letter, and what your reaction was. >> the letter came in the mail. we have a community mailroom. it arrived on friday. my husband picked up the mail after getting our kids off the bus. i was on my way out the door to work. i took a quick look at it, put in my basket to save it for later. saturday morning my husband and
5:26 am
the girls were out running errandses. i was drinking coffee and started going through my mail and that is when i opened it. steve: you opened it up and saw somebody was out to kill you? >> yeah. >> do you think you know this person? >> i have no idea. i know that perp, i have in some way made contact with them because the envelope that was used, used some of my campaign materials for my address, to send it to me. steve: words cut out are from some of your campaign materials. >> on the envelope, yes. steve: it had to scare the living daylights out of you? >> at first i was just shocked. i didn't know how to take it, how seriously to take it. part of me wanted to laugh it off and shrug and throw it in the trash. ultimately, i mean i sat with it for about half an hour thinking about what am i supposed to do with this? what do i do next? do i pretend this never happened
5:27 am
and i keep on keeping on? or you know, do i let everybody know and, that is what it came down to. it wasn't just talking about me. it wasn't just a threat to me. it was threatening all of the vermont republicans and republicans in general and i felt like, if i didn't say something and then somebody else got hurt i would never be able to live with that. ainsley: i want to read to the folks at home what your platform is. reducing taxes, improving business and employment opportunities. you want freedom of choice and education. you want to protect our environment. you're committed to individual liberty and small government. why would anyone send awe death threat and rape threats? that doesn't sound very aggressive, doesn't sound outrageous, your platform? >> i have no idea. and i don't, i think that it is a platform that, you know, your average american could get behind but i have gotten a lot of pushback. i don't think it has so much to do with my platform as it has to
5:28 am
do with the fact that i'm a young woman who dares to be a republican. steve: and, i understand you work at ups. you have a job. you are interested in small government as well. you know, this is from somebody who says, socialism is here right in the middle of it. do you get the feeling that is something that is substantial going on in vermont? or is this one person who had scissors and a lot of glue? >> well, i mean, it is the home state of bernie sanders who is traveling around the country talking about democratic socialism. and socialism is the hot sell right now. we're going to eat the rich and if you have more than me, i get to take it from you. ainsley: we wish all the best, thank you for coming on with us. it is unsettling, especially considering telling your story, you got this letter and your kids are getting on and off the bus. we did hear from the lieutenant governor in your state and he
5:29 am
says they are looking into this and this is unacceptable. >> yeah. the police have been great. everybody has been great as far as the investigation. i'm hoping that eventually the fbi is going to get involved because i know that i was not the only republican in this country that was targeted last week. there were several other events that took place. i think this is a bigger problem. why i was chosen i have no idea. perhaps i just was in the wrong place at the right time and they got their hands on my stuff and they chose to use it. but i know i'm not the only one who is under threat right now. steve: sure. >> i would encourage any other republican experiencing something like this to reach out to their local authorities because we need to have a baseline and track what is going on with these events. ainsley: thank you. you're clearly not backing down. thank you for being with us. keep us posted. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. 29 minutes after the top of the hour. freed pastor andrew brunson and his wife sat down with me in the past hour what that meeting with
5:30 am
the president was like. you will hear from them next. steve: stock market reopening on wall street after marking the best day yesterday in months. we're live at the new york stock exchange, coming up. you're watching "fox & friends" for a wednesday. ♪ enjoying chocolate cake. now she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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[bell ringing] steve: they are happy they made money yesterday. ainsley: it was a big day. steve: in an hour 57 i minutes, the new york stock exchange will open. ainsley: up 500 points, marking best day since march. brian: wow, deirdre bolton live at new york city with more and our economy. things keep on booming, deirdre. i was worried when they didn't come back on monday.
5:34 am
why did they come back on tuesday? >> it is all about earnings, right? yesterday we got earnings from different kinds of companies and most of them did better. so it was johnson & johnson, a drug health care company, unitedhealth, goldman sachs, all of these companies posting earnings, doing better than expected and that is really reassuring investors that across various industries, these companies are actually able to meet a pretty high bar that has been set even by the earnings figures last year. you had a lot of optimism in a lot of those sectors. people were looking forward to netflix which knocked the cover off the ball. that was after the close. that is certainly helping out futures here this morning. the other thing we saw yesterday, which really gave a lot of muscle to that rally was this data point from the labor department and if you go back all 18 years since the labor department has been following this one particular metric, 7 million job openings were available and existed in august which is just the highest on
5:35 am
level. so it just shows to what extent we are very strong in the labor market. unemployment near record lows going back decade. two big reasons, earnings, strength in the job market giving a lot of lift to a lot of sectors. if you look this morning more of a mixed picture i can tell you right now looking at stocks we're following. ibm is lower. netflix will be a huge gainer today as more and more people want to stream what they want to see. binge-watching. back to you in the studio. ainsley: netflix. thank you very much, deirdre. hand it over to carley who has more headlines. carley: turning to eggs dream weather. heavy rain slamming parts of central texas. water is rising so high in some neighborhoodses look at that you can barely see the tops of buildings. it also caused a bridge to collapse. crews finding a body nearby in the colorado river and flash
5:36 am
flooding sending chunks of debris over a dam. expecting water to get higher calling a a state of emergency in 18 counties. urgent warning to parents, 62 cases of a rare polio-like disease is confirmed in 22 states. cdc looking into a 65 potential cases of asm across the west. the condition attacks the body's nervous system and can cause paralysis. the average age of a asm patient is just four years old. banning her children from disney movies. that is what actress keira knightley's approach to parenting is. take a listen to this. >> she is banned from seeing certain children's movies, right? >> right. >> what are they? >> cinderella. waiting for a rich guy to rescue her obviously. [applause] this is i am quite annoyed about, i like the film,
5:37 am
"little mermaid." the film is great but do not give your voice up for a man. >> wow. carley: bashing a classic disney movies, while promoting the new disney film, "the nutcracker." she made millions from "the pirates of the caribbean" film as well. new york city going viral on response to her reporter who questions her patriotic t-shirt. >> what does it say, stand for the flag, people for the cross. >> if you don't like it, go to venezuela. carley: go to venezuela snapping back at a nbc reporter there with congressman dan donovan talking to voters in republican in the democratic city. those, my friends are the headlines. steve: we have to track her down. carley: hope her family saw that. that is mom for you. ainsley: outspoken. steve: carley, thanks a lot. ainsley an hour ago had a
5:38 am
fantastic guest in the news and in our hearts for so long. ainsley: we interviewed pastor brunson. he and his wife came into the fox studio and sat down with us, thanking all of you guys. we want to thank fox news, all the viewers praying consistently for he and his wife to come home. he was in prison almost two years. he was facing 35 years behind bars and our president and jay sekulow, his attorney, really intervened. you know, they had words with the turkish president over there and said we've got to get this guy back. brian: they put sanctions on the turkish government. almost unheard of. steve: turkey wasn't giving him up. ainsley: he talked about his strug guess. the first year was really hard. he felt like he was for scene by god. then he was reminded he was not forescene. he wrote a song he sank every day behind bars. in a small prison, small little cell with tons of people. the cell was supposed to have
5:39 am
eight people. there were more than 20. he was only christian. they were all muslims. they were trying to convert him. he never converted. he cried out to the lord constantly. listen to the interview. >> one of the most important thing someone told me, just breathe. you don't have expectations to have to preach to everyone. hang on to god. it is one of the things i did consistently. i kept talking to god. talking to god. whether he talked to me or not. >> said, okay, is god worthy, number one, is he worth it? is he worthy? undoubtedly. that is an easy one. is it worth it? >> is it worth the suffering we went through? yes it is. ainsley: amazing how their story has been told all over the world now. you know sometimes when you're in that situation, never been in his situation, when you feel like everything is closing in on you, don't have hope, you feel for scene, don't, press on, run your race, god has got you.
5:40 am
he will not forsake you, he will allow you to get to the mountain eventually. brian: special thanks to god and the president and the vice president and jay sekulow for being indefatiguable. ainsley: he said on the plane ride back to turkey here in the united states. his kid are here safely. he wrote down all the things he wanted to tell the president when he walked into the oval office. to see that video, amazing we've all been praying for you of the humility you showed, getting down on your knees praying for our president. we feel like we should be praying for you. he wanted to pray for the leader of this country and thank him and bless him for what he had done for his life. brian: right. two things that are unorthodox happening in the white house. i don't see that. never expected kanye west to hug him two days prior. a different week? steve: everything different. ainsley: the faith based community loved this week. they brought him home and kavanaugh was confirmed. brian: i have great faith when you talk to janice dean she will be there. ainsley: hey, janice. janice: look at all the great
5:41 am
people that came to see us today! [cheering] let's look at the maps. i have a treat for you. we have cold air moving across the northeast. freeze advisories are posted for the midwest, great lakes and northeast. for folks in texas unfortunately more flood warnings. we have the singing men of texas. they will sing us a few bars. are you ready, singing men? take it away ♪ praise god from whom all blessings flow, praise him all creatures here below, praise him above ye heavenly host, praise father son and holy ghost ♪ janice: oh, my gosh. was that amazing! they're still going. back to you steve, ainsley, brian. ainsley: docksology, it is
5:42 am
beautiful. thank you so much, janice. brian: talented audience. ainsley: this is christian audience today. brian: unless you have a skill or wonderful singing voice, please don't come. steve: no, you can come. brian: straight ahead, we're less than three weeks away from the midterms. our next guest says democrats are out of control. a midterm defeat is just what they need. steve: really? are you sick of hearing this on late-night tv,. >> his rallies are like "pirates of the caribbean" movies, they're wild and new at first but they're exactly the same. >> stupid or delusional to believe the saudis denials. our president is both. steve: conservative comedians had enough with this kind of talk and taking the right kind of comedy on the road. one of the comedians live joins us coming up. from the fast lane. ♪
5:43 am
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♪ >> now news by the numbers. first $1.8 billion, that is the price of this rocket that just launched into space. the united atlas v blasting off from cape canaveral, florida, with a air force communication satellite. next $300,000, that is how much ryan says he spent on facebook ads before the social media giant pulled the plug on his page without warning. the disabled veteran now pressing the company over the censorship. they claim it was done to reduce political spam. finally 15 feet, that is the length of this, uh-oh, alligator. the reptile spotted strolling on a fair way in palmetto, florida. a video of him on the course wept viral two years ago. steve, down to you.
5:47 am
steve: i would play through that one. just saying. thank you very much, carley. 20 days left to the midterms, they are vowing to keep up bullying tactics until they see a blue wave. our next guest says a midterm defeat may be only thing that stops the far left agenda. writing new op-ed, a harsher drubbing in 2018 might be the knockout blow that makes democrats reverse their unicorn ride into hell. openly then might democrats stop the madness. deroy murdoch is a fox news contributor, and contributing editor for he joins us here in the big studio. you say, deroy, save the democrats, crush them at the polls. what do you mean? >> absolutely. we've seen the chaos coming out of the democrat party and the left. people screaming from the senate gallery during the kavanaugh vote. screaming at ted cruz, sarah huckabee sanders running them out of restaurants. seen gop offices attacked some
5:48 am
here on upper east side of manhattan, torched. this will continue, get house of congress, impeachment, medicare for all. democratic socialism f they republicans hang on by a seat or two, they blame russia or racism. if be republicans wipe them out in both houses then i think the democrats will hope engage in self-reflection, sit down in hard chairs, think about it is not russia, it is not white nationalism, what have you, it is us, it is our message. we need to come up with something positive to talk about to the american people. steve: if they lose big time, they will sit down and do a little postmortem, you know what? , maybe the resistance thing is not a got idea? >> if that doesn't happen we will continue to see the mob rule over last couple weeks which is something completely alien to this country. steve: we heard from republican pollsters and strategists that both parties are energized.
5:49 am
but the republicans got a bit of a spike with kavanaugh. >> i think they have. i think people are appalled the way he was treated, democrat, left-wing activists media ganging up on him, that is wake-up call for people on the right. steve: one of the standard-bearers of the political left, ill-advised rollout where she had a slickly-produced video that finally confirms she could have, she could be 1/1,000 native-american. >> she is woman of color. first female professor of color at harvard law school. she used it to advance herself. now we realize that is a total fraud. >> that with a big mistake, do you think. >> oops. steve: deroy murdoch. always a pleasure. >> thank you. steve: conservative comedians have had enough. are taking one of the right type of comedy on the road. up with of those comedians,
5:50 am
michael loftus will be here. here is bill hemmer. >> i need some ideas, good morning to you. breaking overnight, the latest on this missing journalist. mike pompeo is in turkey today so we'll have updates on that. big debate in the heart of texas. where does ted cruz stand in the race today? what secrets could be revealed about harvard admissions. a big case playing out in court right now. newt gingrich is the headliner. we're loaded with a great lineup for the next three hours. join sandra and me next ten minutes. see you at the top. hour. all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body gives you best-in-class torque, best-in-class payload... and you got it, baby... best-in-class towing. still leading the pack. this is the big dog! this is the ford f-150.
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it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar.
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♪ >> tv ratings for trump rallies have gone down. his rallies are like "pirates of the caribbean" movies.
5:54 am
they're wild and new at first but realize they're all exactly the same. >> it donald trump the president here too? [shouting] >> in l.a. he is. it is not going great. >> you have to be stupid or delusional to believe the saudis denials. our president is both. brian: taking aim at president trump, an act that never gets old for liberal late-night hosts. one group of comedians who are excellent had enough. they're taking the right kind of comedy on the road. ainsley: joining us one of comedians from the upcoming deplorables tour michael loftus. tell us about your tour? >> we'll have a blast. that is all i know. we're starting november 5th in houston, texas at the houston improve. it will be a phenomenal show. it is, if you're used to comedy and comedians leaning to the left, we're leaning to the right and it will be much more fun. the left has a stranglehold on
5:55 am
entertainment. we'll fight out of this chokehold. we're kicking out of it. steve: there you go, kicking, that's right. michael we see a lot of comedians make a lot of jokes about president trump. what sort of humor will you be talking about? >> oddly enough we're pro-trump. now and that is probably why we're starting in houston, texas, on the 5th. last night i was doing some, i was at the hollywood improve talking about how i'm a huge trump fan. i love the guy. boy that, you want to see an audience look at you like a puppy staring at a ceiling fan, they don't know what to think. the left and media -- brian: michael, do they listen after you say that? >> oh, they listen and they grab bricks, they plan their attack in the parking lot. ainsley: did you see a need for this? >> oh, absolutely, a huge need. the left and media has like demonized this president and demonized anyone on the right. someone has to start hitting
5:56 am
back for lack of a better word. there are some funny things happening, come on, bernie sanders talking about how venezuela is the great thing. that's really, bernie, we're talking about venezuela? elisabeth warren says she is an andian. i was worried what my kid will do for college. now, tell you what, my kids are indians. they will teach at harvard. brian: they will if you go back on pattern. carson used to be friends with reagan, make fun of reagan, used to make fun of democrats. you will be open season on all? >> that's right. if you're an idiot, you're going to be made fun of. that is how it is supposed to work. i miss reagan and that shaky head. ainsley: michael, where people can get tickets? >> do to deplorables show on twitter. deplorables show on twitter. check in at the loftus we'll have updates. terrence williams, myself, the
5:57 am
deplorable choir. it is off the chain. steve: michael, thank you very much. we'll be right back. when a nasty cold won't let you sleep, try new nyquil severe with vicks vapocool and vaporize it. ahhhhh! shhhhh! new nyquil severe with vicks vapocool. the vaporizing, nightime coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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>> hope to see in everybody tampa, norfolk, nashville, friday, saturday, sunday. you'll feel more pride in america and yourself, stay within yourself. >> bill: good morning. diplomatic stakes are high. president trump urging caution in the case of the missing columnist. mike pompeo pushing for answers on the international stage as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer. a great three hours ahead in "america's newsroom," correct? >> sandra: good wednesday morning. i'm sandra smith. pompeo meeting with the president of turkey and the saudi royal family about the disappear ns of columnist jamal khashoggi. >> bill: i think we have to find what happened first. i don't like guilty until


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