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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 17, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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meeting in a little while. we're going to ask every secretary to cut 5% for next year. and last year, first year, i had to do something with the military. military was falling apart. it was depleted. it was in very bad shape. that's why we went for two years. 700 billion, $716 billion. and that took place over a period of two years. we have repurchased and purchased jets, missiles, rockets, all forms of military equipment, ships, submarines, we have rebuilt and are in the process of rebuilding our military to a level that has never been before. i had to do that. in order to get to 700 and the $716 billion, those numbers have never been heard of before. i had to give the democrats, i call it waste money. things that i would never have approved. we had to do that in order to get the votes because we don't have enough republican votes to do this without them. so, when you look at the border, how bad it is, that's because the democrats
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want it to be bad because they don't give us the votes. that's why i hope we do very well in the midterm. but we are going to be asking for 5% cut from every secretary today. okay. we will see you at the cabinet meeting because you are coming in for a couple of months. we can discuss that at length. i want to talk with these great folks and wish them best wishes. they have done a fantastic job. we really appreciate it thank you. great job. thank you very much. we will see you in a couple of minutes. >> harris: all righty, so th we have pool tape spray that has just shown his words now being asked about the situation of trying to figure out what happened to the journalist, "the washington post" u.s.a.'s journalist who is purported to have died at the saudi arabia consulate inside turkey. when the president was asked why not send the fbi and i want to catch you up on this because this was just shy of the top of the hour. sometimes people are not quite set and you may have missed some of his remarks. why not send the fbi?
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well, he is not an american citizen. you don't know if we have or not maybe we have, i'm not telling, why should i tell you whether or not he has sent the fbi? have you asked turkey for audio video evidence because of course we know from the turkish officials that they say that they have some. yes, we have asked for it if it exists, not sure. probably does, maybe it does. he also talked about regulating the drug industry and some other issues there. those were his direct comments on the story that is popping today about that journalist jamal khashoggi. and then in the end he said going into a cabinet meeting you can follow me. the president mentioned that meeting with his members of the cabinet talking about he is going to ask each one of them to cut 5% from the budget of each of those cabinet members. the. >> i love that. >> harris: if that rolls out, we will definitely bring you that as well among the mounting international pressure and scrutiny over the disappearance and alleged killing of that saudi columnist jamal khashoggi. we will play the president's new comments from inside the
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cabinet meeting when we get them. this is outnumbered. i'm harris faulkner. here today melissa francis. town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich. former state department spokesperson fox news analyst and co-host of benson and hamp on fox news radio marie harf. and in the center seat we haven't seen him in a while it's so good to have him back, political editor of town fox news contributor and the other half of the benson and harp hamp radibenson h ohiobenson.the worg answers on what happened to missing saudi columnist jamal khashoggi. and as you just heard the president say moments ago from inside the oval office, the united states has requested the audio and video from turkey as it relates to the disappearance, if it exists, he says.
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secretary of state mike pompeo is now returning to the united states after meeting with the president of turkey on the issue earlier today. and, of course he met with saudi king and crowned prince yesterday. the nation's top diplomat met with those leaders inside saudi arabia. president trump telling the associated press that he talked to the saudi crowned prince on the phone during secretary pompeo's visit. and was told that both the crown prince and his father the saudi king deny any knowledge of what happened to khashoggi. just this morning fbn stuart varney asked the president what sort of punishment he has in mind if the allegations turn out to be true. >> i hope we're going to be on the better side of the equation. you know, we need saudi arabia in terms of our fight against all of the terrorism. everything that's happening in iran and other places. but i hope that the king and the crown prince didn't know about it. that's a big factor in my eyes. and i hope they haven't. mike pompeo just left. he went to turkey. as you know, he is coming
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back late tonight. i'm seeing him either late tonight or tomorrow we will find out. >> harris: the president will talk about the future of u.s. saudi arabia and the arms deal that is on the table. watch. >> they have a tremendous order. $110 billion. every country in the world wanted a piece of that order. we got all of it and what are we going to do? i have had some senators come up and some congressman that said well you know, sir, i think what we should is not take that order. i said who are would hurting? it's 500,000 jobs. it will be ultimately $110 billion. biggest order in the history of our country from an outside military. and i said we're going to turn that down. why would we do that? >> harris: senator ed markey a democrat on foreign relations has said he has seen enough evidence to know who is really behind what happened to khashoggi. he said the white house should act. >> all fingers point towards the saudi royal family. i don't think there is any debate over that except in the mind of the president of the united states,
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unfortunately. and i think what you are hearing from the republican side is just being he can echoen the democrat side as well we have to take very strong firm action. >> harris: you know guy benson i interviewed congressman wilson yesterday. he said some similar things. we know that senator lindsey graham also has said them with much more vigor, that they seem pretty confident in thinking that saudi arabia had some knowledge or direction or access to what happened to that columnist inside the saudi consulate in turkey what do you make of it all? >> i think it is wise to do a couple things. one, demanding to see answers and facts before we do anything definitive in terms of the u.s. posture is the right thing to do. now, i'm not sure if we should be trusting a saudi internal investigation to determine whether the saudis are responsible. i also think that there is skepticism warranted of the turkish government. skepticism of some of the feuding within the saudi royal family and the president is right to point out that we have american
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interests with the saudis and our partnership with them on a number of fronts. but, the blanket denial, the shifting story. the fact that this happened inside the consulate and they have lied braisingly about it. >> harris: it's their building. >> it looks very, very bad for them. >> harris: we also know katie on reporting, reportedly he didn't leave in one piece when he did leave that there was a bone cutter, forensic type person who was with the saudis that you see on the video entering the consulate. and khashoggi didn't come out. i just add that kind of to the mix. >> yeah. we actually don't have a lot of hard evidence. we have a lot of sourcing from turkish media and reports on reports in the media. we don't have a lot of first-hand knowledge. the president isn't giving a lot of the details. secretary of state mike pompeo has been very careful not to give up any detailed information about what he has heard. we have heard repeatedly about this audio and video that the turkish government and intelligence agencies claim that they have.
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yet, secretary of state pompeo went to turkey and still has not heard or seen that audio video. and as you saw, the president saying he doesn't know if it exists either. so, at this point, it seems like our top diplomat should have that information. now, that being said, to what you just said, harris, you don't just walk into a consulate building. you have to go through, you know, very serious security measures no matter how are and what it is. this idea that there were rogue killers that somehow got into the saudi consulate in turkey really doesn't pass muster. it's ridiculous there is a level of skepticism that we should definitely take. but this idea that anybody could have just walked into the consulate to kill khashoggi is a little bit ridiculous. >> can i pick up on your reporter point though before we stray away from it so you said that there are supposedly these tapes and it's the turkish media that's reporting it. it's important to remember that the turkish media is very tightly controlled by the turkish government. so, if they are saying this,
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this is the message that the government wants out. if that's the case, they need to share those tapes because that seems like that would be the be all and end-all in evidence if you had audiotapes from inside. that's it. case closed. >> harris: two observations i would make on that issue. one is that you probably have to guess the recording of anybody that walks in and out of those buildings. >> maria: and inside. >> we don't necessarily know how much we want to divulge how much we are watching team people. i respect that and understand it happens. the other issue here though when you sit across the table from mike pompeo, he is the former director of the cia. that's not just some diplomat. even if he is the top diplomat, i don't want to take it down a rung, he is at the top. this is a guy who does this in his history really well and for a living for a long, long time. >> maria: there are lots of media reports that u.s. intelligence picked up at least threats that the saudi government was making toward
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jamal khashoggi so they knew he was in some danger at least according to reports. what's interesting is the "new york times" did a really indepth look at the saudis who went to turkey and they looked at their passports and they looked at information online and they found that a number of them are very close to mohammed, the crown prince. they traveled with him on overseas trips. some have served on his security detail. to indicate yption in a nato country they could kill a dissident, dismember him and then claim that the saudi government somehow wasn't behind it, that just doesn't pass the common sense test. >> harris: i want to talk a little bit about the numbers here. we have seen some floating dollar signs, maybe 110 billion, maybe not quite that much. we know one thing it's a big arms deal that they're talking about. and when you hear the president say 500,000 jobs and so on and so forth. i mean, there is a lot at stake here. i get the money portion of it. but congressman wilson also shared with me that you want
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to be interoperable with them with their weaponry so you know more too about what they have. >> melissa: i think it's more about the weapons than the money. the dollar is the way to quantify the amount of weapons that they're getting and the enemy of the enemy is my friend this is the enemy of iran who is one of our greatest enemies. that factors into the equation. however, at this point, there is no way to ignore what happened. there is no way to stand by. it is now an international incident. it is going to be very difficult, i think, for the crown prince to deny that he was behind this. and that raises the question of saudi arabia will have to make the decision do they want to be alienated from the world and leave the crown prince in charge or is there a change of guard? and he does not take over from his father and that is where i believe we are headed. >> harris: that's the binary choice that you senator graham has put out. >> that's true.
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>> harris: is there anything in between that you could do. there was a cousin, mohammed bin naef who got displaced by msb. could you actually see a situation where he can retain something but somebody else moves in and takes over? >> i think it's risky for our government to be talking about this game of thrones at the top of the saudi regime. >> harris: why is it risky? >> we don't know what's going on within that regime. >> harris: no one does. >> there is a lot of people who hate the crown prince within his own family. he has cracked down on some folks, taken money back from them. there are knives out here. i do agree with what maria. >> melissa: no pun intended. >> we need to know exactly what happened. and i have trouble when i hear the president talking about how forceful the denials were from the saudis. of course they are going to be. >> harris: he said the same thing about president putin. >> katie: important we taked a assumed out vie zoomed out vi.
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shifted last five years. lebanon and syria. as the president said if we're not giving the saudis arms, someone like russia shah who has a foot hold in the middle east someone else may step n this vacuum that we seen has been created. the stakes are very, very high iran being the number one focus of the president and the administration in the middle east. >> maria: we can't make it look like they can kill someone. >> katie: of course, absolutely. the stakes are very high. >> harris: senator graham's remarks you don't hear anybody saying cutting loose saudi arabia. what they have said they have a difficult decision to make here. you point out so beautifully where the crown prince is in the middle of this. he was responsible for hotel shake down where he got the other princes to come and if you owe saudi arabia have you got to pay up. i bet he is not popular there. >> at the ritz carlton. >> harris: nice hotel. >> not house arrest.
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>> harris: so much to get to this hour. no doubt we will revisit this issue, too. the president is in his cabinet meeting. if he is asked about it, he will continue to make news on this point. we will cover it as it happens. as soon as the president wraps up that cabinet meeting, which is ongoing, we will bring you his remarks. meanwhile a show down is brewing over our nation's southern border. president trump is issuing warnings to leaders in sprawl america over a new caravan of migrants headed towards the united states. whether the issue will effect the midterms 20 days away people. we are getting close. a new report that robert mueller will release key findings in the russia investigation after the midterm election. the report may not be made public. should americans, do they deserve to see the information and what will it mean for the president? stay close. ♪ ♪
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another fox news alert on possible new developments in the ongoing russia probe. just 20 days out from the critical midterm elections. a new report that special counsel robert mueller plans to release key findings in the investigation soon after votes are cast in november. mueller's report may reportedly include his judgment on whether or not there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia. and whether the president attempted to obstruct the investigation. however, this does not mean that americans will see the report. mueller is only obliged to provide the findings to his deputy attorney general rod rosenstein that may not sit well with democrats. early this year. ranking house judiciary committee democrat jerry nadler saying, quote: we expect and the rule of law demands that the special counsel be permitted to complete his investigation, wherever it may lead, free from political interference, and that the facts be presented for review so that the american people can know the full truth.
9:20 am
guy, time something essential right now. you know, we are hearing recordings thareportsthat this s gone quiet that they do not want to release anything ahead of the midterm election. they think that might be inappropriate and cause some sort of -- have an impact on the election. it does matter though in terms of after the midterms. we think the president might make some changes whether it is to rod rosenstein or jeff sessions. how do you see things play into the announcement of what's happened so far? >> let me first say that i take every report about what mueller might do with a grain of salt because there have been speculative reports based on sources for months that he is wrapping up. that he is ramping up. it would make sense, logically, however, that he would wait until after the midterms. i mean, is he not a political actor but he understands how washington works. and to drop this bomb, no matter what the report says, right before the midterms.
9:21 am
>> harris: james comey style? >> he is not going to make this mistake. we will see the report some time after midterms. to the woin point you were making, melissa, certain elements of it kept private if there are sources and methods and that kind of thing. overall the findings from the mueller investigation of course they have to be made public. >> harris: they are going to leak anyway. they just have to be made public. can't you see them leaking like out of context. >> yeah. >> harris: that's not helpful to the american public. >> melissa: let me ask you about the rod rosenstein element. i continue to be suspicious that this relationship as is negative as everybody says it is. rod rosenstein says he wants it wrapped up as soon as possible. that is from the source inside the investigation supposedly that was the quote. that aligns with what the president is saying. he was, you know, a partner in the kavanaugh proceedings. i don't know that he is really going to get fired after the midterms, rod rosenstein. what's your thoughts?
9:22 am
>> maria: i take every report about rod rosenstein is a grain of salt. more likely that jeff sessions will get fired. >> harris: the president had words with him this week. >> maria: right. i'm 50/50 on rod rosenstein. i absolutely agree that democrats and republican also want this to be made public. i think rod rosenstein will agree with that it's ultimately his decision. i think he is smart enough to understand that he has to make it public at some point. i also think though that we should not expect this to wrap up really soon because we still haven't resolved the key issue of whether donald trump will sit down for an interview whether he will just do questions and if he says no to an interview and mueller decides to try to go to legal route, that could take months to play out. so i don't think we should expect this coming in december or january because that key piece of it will play out over. >> harris: it doesn't say the whole report though it says some findings in the robert. >> maria: i don't think they dual a partial. wait until they're done and
9:23 am
do interim report. >> you can't come to a conclusion about collusion. >> harris: is that the goal to help people come to a conclusion? >> yes. >> harris: that would be actually helpful to the american people. how many times have you seen it roll out that way? >> never happens that way. >> to your point, harris, i think once the report is out. whatever it shows, this has been going on for so long, has been so political that both sides, the left saying there was collusion despite no evidence of that continuing that narrative going into the midterms, going into 2020. and some on the right, you know, and saying and repeating that you have no proof and you are still using it as a political talking point. what matters here with the report being transparent is reestablishing trust within the institution. and robert mueller has to show that this was not a politically biased investigation. they did things fairly. they did things thoroughly and allowed the american people to make their own decisions about what he found rather than having it leaked thought pieces by democrats or republicans on certain committees on capitol hill. >> do you know that the
9:24 am
democrats have cooled it on the russia stuff. >> i talk about it all the time. >> melissa: what do you think is behind that? >> i think think finally got their internal polling back. people don't care. they prefer that the democrats be talking about healthcare. >> harris: that's what you hear. i talked with a former dnc, i know probably not one of your favorite people depending on where you come from across the aisle, donna brazile yesterday the former chair woman of achievement dnc. she made the point that part of the problem people are more visceral in their hunger. they wants healthcare. november 1st is new enrollment. right? this is an issue that they said they would do. congressman matt gaetz for the republicans last night on another network said why aren't we doing healthcare? he is angry with mitch mcconnell on that. on the senate side. it's really interesting. then have you elizabeth warren just drop her d.n.a. test just to keep you all focused. >> katie: russia thing too why the democrats aren't as
9:25 am
fervent in their issuance of the topic now we have seen plenty of evidence come out that the chinese are involved in propaganda when it comes to our elections and then looking at the evidence that has incited that the russians were influence you had has been very little, $100,000 in facebook ads. >> maria: i totally disagree. this is the fight we always have. >> harris: we will continue in the commercial break. >> melissa: in the meantime president trump claiming another media outlet is out with fake news as he sounds off whether the g.o.p. can hold on to congressional majority in the middle terms. >> i think we have a lot of enthusiasm. i keep hearing about the enthusiasm, the blue wave, but i think we have tremendous enthusiasm. ♪ ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight.
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so if you're a veteran and need money for your family, call newday usa. go to, or call 1-855-429-4863. >> harris: president trump is calling an associated press headline fake news. the president says it turned an interview, quote, on the midterms into a misleading headline. that wide-ranging interview
9:30 am
also touched on saudi arabia, the mueller investigation, the nfl situation in kneeling and climate change. the headline reads simply: trump tells ap he won't accept blame if g.o.p. loses house. the president tweeted this a.p. deadline is very different from my quote and meaning in the story. they just can't help themselves. fake news exclamation. here is on november 6th, do you believe, you bear some responsibility for that? the president replies, quote: no. i think i'm helping people. look, i'm 48 and 1 in the primaries. some of the people i've endorsed have gone up 40 to 50 point just on the endorsement. the a.p. eight years ago barack obama said he got she lacked taking the outcome of the election as a referendum on himself. president trump, so i think we're going to do well. look, it feels to me very
9:31 am
much like '16. meaning 2016. indicate? >katy?>> president trump made te argument on the campaign trail that he is actually on the ballot when he is not. he is saying you can't vote for democrats because that is a vote against my agenda that has to be pushed through. i will say, however, compared to barack obama, president trump has been very involved in making sure he is bringing the party with him in the successes that he has had. whereas obama, which is focused on his re-election campaign the entire time and let the dnc and democratic party to defend for itself. when it comes to results, we have seen republicans gaining in a lot of areas over the last two weeks, especially with the kavanaugh issue and the economy. we'll see if the candidates can actually pull themselves through on that level. >> harris: just to put this back where we had it at first, guy, who got it right in the associated press or the president? >> it seems like maybe a bit of a mix. mostly the associated press was generally correct, i
9:32 am
would say, in their characterization. >> harris: they asked him a question and he said no but they said he said yes. >> i would not take responsibility he said if republicans were to lose the house which they likely will. >> harris: and the headline said he would. >> the headline said he would not take responsibility. >> harris: okay. >> they were broadly correct in that headline he might quibble with the context. if the republicans lose the house, i think they are looking better in the senate there will be blame to go around. historically it doesn't matter hot president is. in the first midterm elections his party loses seats that would not be trump's fault. he is being very helpful in some districts in some senate states. he is also a drag in other places, particularly suburban districts. it's a mixed bag. the notion that his unpopularity in some districts would have nothing to do with it is ludicrous. trying to pin it all on trump and whole national referendum on trump i think the picture is more complicated. >> melissa: you know is he going to take credit for everyone wins though. >> that's how politicians
9:33 am
operate. >> melissa: exactly. this is about what he is trying to say is i improved everyone's case who was out there. if you still didn't win, that's on you, baby. that's my interpretation of what he said. >> definitely. >> melissa: i'm not saying that's true that's the sentiment he was trying to communicate. >> harris: maria, you and i have talked about each individual race and where the president stands in that particular market. but there is something now that is bigger than even him being on the ballot. it's the policies. it's the promises kept. it's the brett kavanaugh. it's the difference that that's making across the country in some polling. so how do democrats respond? >> maria: or promises not kept. no repeal and replace of obamacare. because of that and because of the things they have done to tinker with the healthcare bill. people are seeing their premiums go up. republicans in congress own. this they said they would aren't quitean on fixing as popular.
9:34 am
the latest fox news poll, obamacare polled 51% positive. republican tax cuts 41% positive. the things we talk about being good don't always seem that wait a minute i do think voters want to see accountability and they don't see the republican congress holding the administration accountable. >> harris: i think they wanted accountability for decades. i don't think can you put that at the feet of either party and at different times. >> maria: i think it's particularly bad why the now and voters say that. >> harris: i would say that about obamacare. katie we have talked about the devil you know and devil you don't know. one thing neither party has done has stepped one a fix for that true it's the number one people people say they care about in november because the new enrollment period starts ding, ding, ding we are back there other thing i would say for barack obama to have lost a thousand seats, okay, a thousand seats state house, that's a big number overall, you can't exactly say that his impact was as positive,
9:35 am
if you will, as president trump. >> maria: we don't know yet about trump because there hasn't been a mid determine election. >> harris: yes we do we get a flavor. >> maria: state houses democrats are taking back state houses. >> katie: i want to address your point on healthcare. voters according to the polling trust democrats on healthcare far more than they trust republicans. now, that could be because they like the benefits of obamacare that hairs airlines it's in place they know what can t. is. >> getting comfortable with. result of republicans not doing exactly what they said they would. the bottom line is republicans did say they would do something about it. it's not repealed and replaced. premiums will go up. and republicans have been in charge for a long time now. and when it comes to what people care about the most, healthcare is number one. >> harris: why won't mitch mcconnell bring it up? >> they don't have the votes. >> harris: why don't they have the votes? they say they can whip the
9:36 am
votes. >> katie: complicated issue depending on which state that you are in, which district that you are n the house. it's a bigger problem than just putting repeal and replace bill on the floor. and voting on it. each person has their issues with it whether it's the taxes that come with obamacare, the different industries are that are interacted in dinner states or districts and representatives that are, you know, putting that on the line in d.c. and making sure that their people are protected. it's complicated. doesn't excuse it, but it is complicated. >> maria: they want to keep the good stuff and get rid of the bad stuff but no way to pay for it. >> well said. >> maria: thank you. >> harris: the president has said he wants to bring this issue back. maybe it will be post midterm. he is the person that can go out and make a deal and lawmakers left holding the bag. >> melissa: on healthcare? >> harris: can't you see him doing something? >> melissa: i would think so because it's a business issue. when you look at it you can make a business decision and see things that would work. the problem is that there is always going to be people
9:37 am
that it works out worse for so no politician is willing to get on board and touch it the president could sit down and fix it, it's just unclear that you can't get everybody -- you can't get the swamp to then go ahead and vote for it. >> harris: he can't go and deal with this private sector and hand something to the house and the senate. >> democratic house? good luck. >> we don't know what's going to happen in the midterms. republicans are thinking that they are going to pick up a seat. >> melissa: this is why washington shouldn't do healthcare. >> katie: good point, melissa. >> harris: i can think of 99 other reasons why. president trump with a new warning to some central american countries as a migrant caravan of thousands slowly headed north towards the u.s. border. what the president is saying, whether it will effect world leaders and what it might mean to voters come november 6th. we'll debate it. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> melissa: a migrant caravan up to 3,000 central americans is right now slowly marching toward our country's southern border you the president tweeting hard to believe thousands of people south of the border walking unimpeded toward our country in the form of large caravan that the democrats won't approve legislation that will allow laws for protection of our country. great midterm issue for republicans. yesterday president trump threatening to end financial aid to honduras, guatemala, and el salvador if they don't stop the mass migration. now some countries are taking action. guatemala detaining the caravan's organizer and mexico reportedly deploying hundreds more guards to its southern border to block the migrants. in the meantime just weeks ahead of the midterms, liberal and centrist groups
9:43 am
are warning democrats in swing districts to discuss immigration policy as little as possible. saying it's hard to win the issue on the states that trump carried. here is house majority leader kevin mccarthy who is pushing to be speaker and has brought up a bill to fully fund the border wall. >> more than just building the wall. what this is about is safe communities, our children, protecting them from fentanyl. protecting them from gang members. and from human trafficking. >> melissa: maria is, it hard to make the argument because this is what i have heard a lot on the right saying if you are really fleeing for your life, you have already left your country and traveling through a bunch of other countries to get here. your life isn't in danger anymore. there are loss of places along the way that you could stop. and you are choosing america for economic reasons, which is understandable but there is a long line of people who want to come here for economic reasons. >> some of it is safety as well. a lot of countries they travel through aren't particularly safe either.
9:44 am
i think these are human tragedies and catastrophes and we need to figure out a way to work with these countries to stop them to figure out how to handle them and where these people should go. to the broader legislation question, i actually think after the midterms, even with the democratic house, you could get a bill that funds the border wall, protects dreamers and does a whole bunch of other things that could pass. i think this is one of those issues after the midterms. i truly believe once we get past this nasty political cycle we are in right now, that this is something. >> harris: you mean there is one day when politics -- >> maria: democrats also very much for 2020 feel a very strong push to get dreamers taken care of. >> katie: i got news for everyone. if you don't fix cas catch and release policies and asylum system we have in this country building a border wall isn't going to matter. caravan coming up. get to the wall claiming asylum. put in the court system.
9:45 am
released. no one is going after them to make sure they show up for court date. vast majority of them don't show up. live in the country 10 or 20 years. have children here and therefore they get to stay. so, until you change the policy of allowing the united states to deport people immediately from countries where we don't necessarily have a treaty to do so doesn't matter if you build a wall, doesn't matter what you put on the border in terms of security which is all important for the drugs and the cartels issue but they are not -- vast majority of the asylum claims are made are bogus and false. the last crisis we saw that was proven multiple times. >> melissa: harris, let me ask you, this is one of those classic issues back to what maria said where there is something that everyone wants on either side. there should be a deal in there because there is obvious give and take. i have to assume the reason why both sides can't make a deal because they feel like it's politically better not to. >> harris: i have to assume one of the reasons why they can't make a deal is because they haven't been to the border. you and i live in border
9:46 am
states when we are not on the east coast. one of the things that's true and so important for people to understand is yes, democrats can shut down the government. chuck schumer shut down over daca, it still doesn't get taken care of. mitch mcconnell can have pressure put on him from inside of his party it still stunt solve the problem. it is because of the faucet that is on that katie is talking about. how do you deal with those difficult policy issues. then you can build a wall and do these other things. they are going through other countries. now, when they get to this country they can fan out. we don't know where they go. how come these other countries know exactly where they are barks when we call on them and threaten to cut off their aid, they threaten to go out and round these people up. are they doing a better job of people crossing their borders and keeping up with people than we are? that's the question. >> you read it at the opening of the segment telling and interesting that democratic votes have done focus groups and polling are urging swing district democrats to not trust this
9:47 am
issue at all. interesting. >> melissa: texas sized show down as ted cruz and challenger bait toe o'rourke take off the gloves during a fiery debate last night. where that race stands now and what it could tell us about republican hopes to hold on to their senate majority. was with bank of america. since then, we have grown exponentially. to me, food is love. and i think food brings people together. everything in life is about giving back. you're only as good as what you leave behind, when you leave this world. ♪ and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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>> melissa: more outnumbered in just a moment. first touch base with harris on what is coming up outnumbered overtime with harris. >> harris: more news on the columnist khashoggi. president trump says it would be bad if the saudi crown prince knew anything about the disappearance of columnist jamal khashoggi. senator lindsey graham says the crown prince has to go. g.o.p. congressman sean duffy will join me on what it all could mean for u.s. saudi relations. plus, always outspoken congressman louie gohmert on reports that special counsel robert mueller will deliver his russia probe findings afters midterm elections. but they won't necessarily be made public? should they be? what do you make of the timing of it all? more on top of the hour on overtime. melissa? >> melissa: look forward to it. >> maria: less than three weeks to go in the midterms a fiery debate in the senate race. ted cruz and democratic
9:52 am
challenger beto o'rourke facing off. immigration was a big issue as the candidates traded barbs. wash. >> hwatch. >> he is dishonest that's why the president called him lyin' ted. >> polsters must have told him to attack. if he wants to insult me that's fine. >> no wall is going to solve will he psychiatric that the security concerns. >> congressman o'rourke has not only said he does not only oppose the wall. i will note he brought up el paso. >> maria: president trump strong endorsement of cruz calling o'rourke a flake not in cruz's lead. democrats have been pushing hard for an upset a new cnn ssri poll showing cruz a wide lead 52 percent to 45% over o'rourke. this despite the fact that o'rourke has raised a whopping $38 million in four months. so far he has reportedly shot shared that money with
9:53 am
other democratic candidates. guy, beto o'rourke is a national celebrity in the democratic party and has raised a lot of money. but it still looks like ted cruz is holding on to a lead. some democrats have been criticizing beto for not going negative on cruz given he has vulnerabilities. he finally did so last night. >> we saw the poll from cnn. cruz has had a lead to 7 to 11 points in almost all the polls in the last few weeks. i have here a poll that i just made up of the media. >> maria: the guy benson poll. >> 99% supporting beto o'rourke with 1% undecided. >> maria: none support cruz. >> the reason we are discussing this case bait uh-oh rourke is a media fascination. they want him so badly to win and beat ted cruz. looks very unlikely he will be able to do that despite having gobs of money showered upon him by liberals in new york and california. he is doing his best and running outbeat race. skateboarding around. media swoons. texas is still texas.
9:54 am
there is a the love republicans there. the kavanaugh confirmation brouhaha reminds a lot of right leaning voters the very high stakes in the u.s. senate and beto o'rourke would be a rubber stamp for chuck schumer, period. >> katie: definitely. >> maria: democrats focus on texas a lot because there was a time when it changing leaders. changing demographics makes it seem it will again some day but still a conservative state. >> melissa: absolutely. this idea of him redistributing the money he has been given i think is laughable. if you raised it, you get to spend it, and he has got to think even if he loses this isn't his only campaign. he is getting a lot of media attention. and i don't even criticize the media for falling in love with him because having been a local journalist and a journalist for a long time, you watch a story that is interesting and different. definitely one of them. like the socialist we have here in new york. every time she screws up. everybody loved doing that story because it's entertaining and fun. the same old race with the
9:55 am
same old two people is boring as get out. >> on the demographics things hispanics in texas are different than hispanics elsewhere in the country. greg abbott the governor up for re-election. >> katie: republican. >> leading among hispanic voters in the state of texas. >> katie: all the hispanics i know in texas are republicans even the ones who live on the border. >> maria: a lot of republicans don't like ted cruz. i remember boehner having choice words about him. it seems they are rallying around him. >> katie: beto o'rourke has made ted cruz a sympathetic figure. [laughter] i like ted cruz i think he is doing a good job. >> miracle worker. >> katie: beto 2020 it's happening. >> maria: is it? >> katie: i don't know. beto tried to act like he was this middle of the road democrat. and he is an extremist. on the border he doesn't believe that crossing the border illegally should be a crime. he thinks it should be able to be open without any consequences for people doing that in texas there
9:56 am
are real life and death consequences when it comes to border security. his record shows is he uninterested in putting america first when it comes to these issues. >> maria: we will continue to watch the case. outnumbered coming back in just a moment. here ya go, hon.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
case. >> melissa: you still came into work. we have a good time here on the couch. >> guy: socks, shirts, and pens. >> melissa: we are back here on the couch at noon tomorrow but for now, here is harris. >> harris: a fox news alert, america's top diplomat on his way back from a fact-finding mission to turkey and saudi arabia. the diplomatic crisis over a missing journalist has intensified, president trump weighing in from the we will go "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. turkey's president and foreign minister today, one day after meeting with saudi leaders about missing "washington post" columnist jamaal khashoggi. this as president trump said it would be bad if saudi saudi ars leaders had a hand in any of this. the president had this to say to


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