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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 17, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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cooler heads, hopefully they say, will prevail in saudi arabia, trade and progress there the month when the president meets with the chinese leader and everything will be hunky-dory. that and earning still strong, very, very strong. that will do it here. "the five" right now. ♪ >> i am jesse watters with morgan ortagus, juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." the liberal media is once again whipping itself into a frenzy over president trump. first up, amid the presidents bring battle with stormy daniels and her lawyer, michael avenatti, trump-hating msnbc host mika brzezinski calling on the president to be removed from office. >> this is one of the many, many
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ways this president has shown us that he's not fit, possibly not even well. you are working for a president who is not fit to lead who is going to do something crazy in r tomorrow. what more do you need to hear from him to start thinking 25th amendment or something else? >> jesse: cnn's don lemon piling on with his usual personal attacks. >> does he own a mirror? he keeps talking about people gaining weight. how people look. this he own a mirror that doesn't have vaseline over it or a cloth? all he has to do is look in the mirror. donald trump is no prize, and if i were him, not that i'm one either, i would keep my thoughts about other people's looks to myself. >> jesse: that's not all. some. some in the media trying to spin elizabeth warren's disastrous dna reveal by using it to protect trump. >> it's really not about the
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veracity of her statement. it's ultimately a dog whistle that plays into the grievances of his base, his overwhelmingly white bass, and it goes into multiple themes that are at issue for conservatives, predominately around affirmative action whether or not they are people sort of cheating the system by claiming to be minorities. >> jesse: the architect of the iran nuclear deal, former obama advisor ben rhodes, this talking point about the disappearance of "the washington post" columnist. >> the saudis want to send the message that you are not safe anywhere if you criticize us. the message president trump is sending us that there's no consequences. values like freedom of speech and dissent, suddenly they are very endangered around the world. that's a line i think it's getting worse. >> jesse: let's pick up on what ben rhodes said. i think it's pretty irresponsible to link "the washington post" columnist death with president trump's war
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on the media. that's just rhetoric. journalists have been dying in mexico for decades, before donald trump started saying things like this. do you think he's responsible for "the washington post" blogger's demise? >> juan: no. >> jesse: why would he say that? >> juan: you have press under fire in so many areas of the world. you cited mexico. i've been to mexico as a guest of the state department talk about threats again journalists. you see it in turkey. you see it throughout much of the world. we know about vladimir putin's attitude but when the president of the united states who should be standing up for democratic values, press freedom, freedom of dissent, says that the press in his country is the enemy of the people, perpetrating fake news, i think it does empower the autocrats elsewhere to say well, it's just like the united states. we are just going after them the way the president of the
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united states goes after it. it's not healthy. >> jesse: i don't know if that's the way to link it. i don't think you can draw that kind of connection. there's no evidence it's empowered anybody. the president loves the press, morgan. he courts them fanatically. he just did an interview with bloomberg, ap, fox news, and 6060 minutes within a week. he's feeding them all the time. he loves the press. >> morgan: when the president first came out, when this story first came out about khashoggi, one of the first things the president said was how he mentioned that it was upsetting that he was a journalist and that this happened to him. i think what you are seeing going on here in this specific case is there's a lot going on behind the scenes. the country team in these embassies and consulates, they are working together. we have legal attaches and all these consulates and embassies working with other agencies getting to the bottom of this. i think the president is trying to give space to our government
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and the turkish and saudi governments to figure out what actually goes on and hold people accountable. >> jesse: we heard all of the sound at the top. it's all spin. spin on the middle east, spin on elizabeth warren. it's irresponsible spin from mika brzezinski. do the democrats have any plans for the american people? >> dana: one of the things that's hurting them, 19 days until the midterms, president trump is consuming all the oxygen in the media. basically what he's decided he's going to flood the zone and nobody else can get on television unless they are talking about him and talking about him in some way that would be derogatory because that would actually get them headlines. i think that's what's happening. he has said in one of those interviews he doesn't necessarily think the midterms are a referendum on him. he has set otherwise in the past. he says he welcomes it being about him but his actions show differently. he knows if he's out there and he's driving news media and his voters get engaged, that's --
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that makes red state democrats very nervous. doesn't even have to be the majority of trump voters coming out those red states, the senate democrats up for reelection will lose. >> juan: your point is when he says horse face, he is exciting his base? >> dana: no, i didn't say that. he's doing all sorts of media. he said so many things on so many different topics. he said the fed is the biggest threat. there's a million threads. you could pull any of them. my point is he is consuming all the oxygen and that by tomorrow morning, there will be another outrage that they can talk about. >> juan: i think is bad timing for republicans to suddenly be insulting -- american women. >> dana: it might be bad for him in-house suburban districts. it's not necessarily bad for him to be on the news all the time if you're a red state republican trying to unseat a democrat. >> greg: i don't think any democrat can criticize anyone
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about bad timing, after the lives warren thing. you brought up mika, ben rhodes, don lemon. morning joe reminds me of a political talk show that you see within a tv show, like "house of cards. it's entirely fabricated and phony. it has the same faces during the same thing. almost like it is scripted for another show. mika, god love her, but she is the definition of stupidity. she is eternally shocked by something that the rest of america is used too. for example, it's like going to get indian food and complaining that it's spicy. it would be like going to see a quinton tarantino film and when you leave, go, my god, that was violent. that's what it is. >> jesse: she knows so better than anybody. >> greg: the irony and she helped get him elected. she give him more oxygen than
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anybody. there is a professor who brought up a really good way to describe it, the difference between the media and the people who voted for trump. the media excesses over the peripheral, that means words, manner, style. the people that voted for trump can tolerate all that because they focus on the substance which is jobs, economy, peace in the koreas, the supreme court, world's most competitive economy. beat out singapore. you have ben rhodes. >> jesse: take that, singapore. >> greg: all roads lead to failure. he has no right to talk about security. his naive arrogance gave us trump because they created a foreign policy that sent our leaders around saying we are sorry and then we have a leader that gets elected that says no, we are not. there is direct linkage. lastly, lemon has no right to talk about anything given the fact that he basically snickered throughout the segment mocking kanye's mental health and calling him a bunch of disgusting names. he said trump could use a
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mirror. i'm sure lemon must have 100 of them at home. >> jesse: tv is a pretty aesthetically oriented industry. i don't think anybody on tv can talk about looks. >> greg: i can. >> jesse: greg, you are the most handsome man on fox news. >> juan: greg, don't you think these comments are adolescent? you say trump supporters dismissed -- not a big deal but i think the fact that he keeps going after american women in terms of their looks. at some point -- >> greg: you are wrong. he goes after everyone. he goes after men, women. i am sure he is gone after children as well. animals. ted cruz. >> jesse: remember romney walks like a penguin? >> greg: he wasn't far off on that. >> juan: when i was saying it's about women's looks. >> greg: he will make fun of everything. he doesn't censor.
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>> jesse: i think women are very uptight about their looks and if i say -- >> dana: weight. >> jesse: i am uptight about my looks. >> greg: how does that make you feel, dana? are you uptight about your looks, morgan? that's the assumption. >> morgan: i think everyone was on television -- staring in the mirror. >> greg: how can i not stare at this? >> morgan: the 25th amendment was meant when someone is incapacitated, not because you think -- >> jesse: we are going to take a break and stare in the mirror. up next, new sign of desperation from democrats. >> the president called him lying ted and the nickname stuck because it's true. >> jesse: they are mimicking trump to try to score big in the midterms. (bright electronic music)
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♪ >> morgan: with the midterms less than three weeks away, democrats are adopting tactics they claim to despise by stealing a page from president trump's playbook.
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in texas, beto o'rourke is trailing ted cruz. last night he decided to copy trump's winning campaign formula. >> senator cruz is not going to be honest with you. he's going to make up positions and votes i've never held or ever taken. he's dishonest. it's why the president called him lying ted and it's why the nickname stuck, because it's true. >> it's clear congressman o'rourke's pollsters have told him to come out on the attack. if he wants to insult me, that's fine. john adams famously said facts are stubborn things. >> morgan: dana, that was a nasty debate last night, being someone who used to work on campaigns, everyone is talking about the race, $40 million in the last quarter. beto o'rourke has spent an unprecedented amount. he spent 29 million. he spent about $3 to raise $4. we know he is behind in the polls. it looks like is flowing through his money.
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is it just a lot of pomp and circumstance? >> dana: it could be a really good down payment on a 2020 run. spend $30 million in estate or you come short in the end, but your name ideas way up high. you have an excited base around you. he might say in the end, the last laugh might be on all of us because of the ends of figuring out a way to turn it into a national race. i think he's going negative on ted cruz very late. he's not been negative all along in this campaign. had a very positive campaign and then he decides late that he has to go negative. not running a lot of negative ads against ted cruz so i think those polls are probably correct. now the democrats have registered a lot of new voters in texas. it will probably be closer than people think and that might give the democrats and hope they can turn texas blue in the future. i would say we are quickly moving from the persuasion phase
2:17 pm
of the campaign. people are locked in. their opinions are there. the debates are a little bit late. we are now moving to get out the vote. the extra money they have, they have to spend it on trying to get voters to the polls. >> morgan: was interesting about the campaign is beto o'rourke is running a race you wouldn't expect democrats to run in texas. he's taking very liberal positions that have clearly satisfied a national audience. i know a lot of texans. i have family in texas who are watching "the five" and they are not happy about anyone saying that they want to demolish i.c.e. >> juan: you have to remember, who thought this would be close? it's texas. >> morgan: giving up already? >> juan: no i don't gets giving up but it's a situation where republicans had to send an additional money. the president, all of the republican senate campaign committee has been sending more people down to support ted cruz. in last nights debate, you pointed out the fact that he
2:18 pm
called him lying ted. i am with dana. i think he has really withheld a lot of the negativity, harsh attacks. he's run a very i think light right standing, diligent campaign. but last night when it came to something so big, i think the republicans, which is the tax cut, boy, ted cruz couldn't say a word. all he could say was we've blown up the deficit and i said the death of terrible but now i think it's not because of the tax cuts. he was lost and i was surprised. i thought he would have a stronger position on something that's been so important that the republicans that would be something they could run on. the question is, what is cruz running on except that he's a republican in texas? >> morgan: a serious question, jesse. a lot of people think beto is quite good looking. do you think beto or greg?
2:19 pm
>> jesse: i think greg gutfeld of the democratic party. he's a little taller. the kids like him. can you skateboard? >> greg: i used to be able to. >> jesse: that's a knoll. he is sucking up the donations and he's going to lose. cross them off the list. i don't think the democrats thought they would be in this position three weeks out. i totally agree with what dana said in the last segment. donald trump is consuming so much media airtime and traditionally it's been kind of chaotic and a lot of gaffes and scrambling around but it's all positive stuff. racking up things on nafta, kavanaugh, kanye, the economy. the way dana said, it makes the democrats self-destruct, with the media is apoplectic on something he does, they are
2:20 pm
going bonkers and they are not on the attack the way they should be. they just can't keep the message up. the nonpolitical news hasn't been favorable to the democrats. the hurricane, this "washington post" thing. they haven't really found any way to grab onto something and the real clear average -- a look at feinstein. look at warren. look at spartacus. they are blown themselves up on right now the congressional generic ballot, democrats up 6. trump's poll numbers, he just went up 6 in the gallup poll. he's at 45 in the economist pole and 49 in rasmussen. those aren't the kind of numbers that are going to drag republicans down nationally in the house race. >> morgan: i think the president's ubiquitous ubiquit- that's a big word for "the five." but it shows that they are
2:21 pm
getting into -- >> greg: soi don't have an opinion today? >> morgan: i think i have to go. >> greg: i already have a nickname. it is beto male. we keep talking about the name-calling. donald trump gets credit for bringing the indoor furniture outside. you hate it when your neighbors bring a couch outside because it's ugly but it's comfortable. trump has taken the dirty work of political campaigning and brought it outside with the name-calling. he doesn't hire operatives to find out if your spouse is a drunk or if you were using too many prescription pills. he just called you names. so i think that's progress, calling people names. that's why lying ted, he tried it but he failed because he is not trump. >> juan: saying that ted's dad was involved in the kennedy -- he doesn't need negative stuff.
2:22 pm
he just makes it up. greg said. >> morgan: greta, greg, you are better than beto. up next, google on patriotism. so simple, so good. get the recipes at carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy.
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that last place was pretty nice. i don't like this whole thing.
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i think we can do better. change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad. this is for me, son? principal. we can help you plan for that. ♪ >> greg: while google kills contracts to help our nation's defenses, helping instead to help china's ai, amazon puts america first. co jeff bezos of sticks to his guns. >> we are going to continue to support the dod and i think we should. it doesn't make any sense to me. one of the jobs of the senior leadership team is to make the right decision, even when it's
2:27 pm
unpopular. with big tech companies are going to turn their back on the u.s. department of defense, this country is going to be in trouble. >> greg: good for him. compare that common sense to google's virtues signaling cowardice. first google suspended its contracts with the military when some workers whined about it. then they helped china create a search engine that sensors criticism of its leaders. what suits google's, since they won't move anything that upsets them. this tech titan thinks it's more involved in the country it exploits. defenses so yesterday. securities for fascists and they are terrified of the activists in the company cafeteria. google ignores their heroic predecessors or tech geniuses. alan turing helped invent modern computing and broke secret codes to be the nazis. the mathematician call you later rocket trajectories. even movie stars like hattie lamar helped out.
2:28 pm
she came up with the guidance system for american torpedoes. top that, taylor swift. these people didn't care about p.r. they cared about a country survival. not cool. they may be the greatest search engine on earth but the one thing they will never find spin spine. morgan, you are still in the navy, aren't you? >> morgan: i am. i do not speak on the half of the department of defense. >> greg: you are now. we've done a few segments on how google opted out to help out with the drone program which would help the drones be more precise which would save lives and prevent collateral damage. google pulled out of that which makes our drones last days. -- make our drones less safe. >> morgan: when you see what they are doing in china. the chinese today have muslims detained in internment camps and detention camps. i think were in a really
2:29 pm
interesting. for american business and it ties into the saudi case in that american businesses are saying what does it mean to be an american business? are we an american business or are we seeking profit overseas. do we care about a country's human rights records. should we do business in saudi arabia after this. where do you draw the line. where do you draw the line in doing your company's business overseas and i think that something american businesses need to ask. it's going to be even more crucial as the president wraps up his escalation, the trade escalation with china over the next two years. we are in a cold war with the chinese and american businesses need to decide, are they patriotic or national businesses seeking profit? >> greg: you can be both. jesse, you kind of are an expert with google. you google your name constantly. it seems that they want the freedoms in the markets and the prophets but not the responsibility that comes with it or admitting that safety helps it happen. >> jesse: everyone is based
2:30 pm
out west and north korea already had sony and north korean nuclear missiles, they are going to go launch. they are going to go right into seattle, san francisco, or los angeles. chinese, very aggressive in the navy situation. they are hacking us, cyber warfare. when you thing about a terror attack, it could really stop the presses. you set it up nicely. american military supremacy over the last 100 years has been underwritten by patriotic big tech executives. the manhattan project, gps, stealth technology. missile defense. everything that you think about military advancements, it's because of people in the tech sector that put their country ahead of everybody else. if that collaboration between these executives and the department of defense doesn't last, then silicon valley doesn't last. >> greg: juan, i never heard about hattie lamarr. that blew me away. that's the equivalent of
2:31 pm
taylor swift building an amazing drone program. >> juan: we had baseball players who were spies. under attack by president trump most of the time because he owns "the washington post" and then trump says the postal service getting ripped off by amazon. it's constant. jeff bezos comes out and says america is a great country and we have to defend our country and then the conservatives are blocking in defensive jeff bezos. how interesting, how convenient. >> greg: because we can change our minds. but jeff -- jeff bezos is a patriot. >> juan: saying that we have a moral issue in terms of facial recognition stuff being used against people. it's not only overseas but in terms of police department at home, what goes on in terms of american rights. i agree that they have a right to speak out and speak to the
2:32 pm
leadership of the company. i also agree that jeff bezos, when he says the senior leadership sometimes has to make a decision that's not popular, what's the right decision. i think he made the right decision but that's not to say that everybody who has a moral issue is somehow a wimp or unpatriotic. >> greg: i disagree. they are unpatriotic and they are wimps. >> dana: case closed. >> greg: they are bending to a few loud voices because they don't want the p.r. nightmare. >> dana: silicon valley is in a political and ethical minefields. victory in war is increasingly dependent on not just what happens in the battlefield but your military servers and cyber warfare capabilities. they are going to have to figure out, who do they want to help? the bottom line? are they willing to help china on some of this? when it started, the phrase was don't be evil. i'm pretty sure with the chinese are doing would be classified as evil.
2:33 pm
they can't see that americans want to use better technology to limit collateral damage so that you aren't hurting innocent civilians. you can target more precise then you're going after terrorists. big tech has replaced big banks. the reason i say it's in the minefield, each side, republicans democrats, are mad at the tech ceos. >> greg: tech is wall street. everybody hated wall street. now wall street is relevant really intact. >> juan: you always talk about ai, artificial intelligence. what would greg say about killer robots being sent to kill our enemies? >> greg: i would love that because that means fewer human beings being killed. i would rather send a robot. >> juan: what happens when we sell it to saudis. >> morgan: that's already happening. you look at what's happening in yemen. whether it's robotics.
2:34 pm
>> greg: this can be applied to almost any kind of technology. nancy pelosi mocks president trump over the border wall is a new caravan of migrants marches across the border -- towards the border.
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♪ >> juan: the immigration showdown is heating up as a new caravan of thousands of migrants make their way from honduras to the u.s. this despite president trump's threats to cut off foreign aid to central american countries if they let illegal immigrants across the u.s. border. nancy pelosi is joining in on the debate with her take on why the president is pushing for this border wall. >> we have to do something other than building a wall. it's immoral, inexpensive, ineffective and it's not something people do between countries. in any event, it happens to be
2:39 pm
an issue for the president. >> juan: morgan, she went on to say that's not the best way to protect the border. the whole manhood issue caught everyone. >> morgan: i don't want to go there. i think when you look at the past 20 years, you're probably going to not agree with me but i think every attempt to secure the border, democrats voted for it in 2006 but the fringe elements of the party are against it and i think what we see now is the fringe elements of the democratic party has become mainstream policy as it relates to immigration. it will be interesting to see if any deal does get done on the border wall. lindsey graham set on "fox & friends" a couple days ago that he digs there should be a street daca deal for wall funding varied in terms of getting anything done, it's
2:40 pm
going to continue to be a wedge issue. >> juan: vice president pence calling down to honduras and saying we're going to pull all kinds of foreign aid. a contrary argument is wait a second. if we pull our money, it will increase crime in honduras which is bad, not help with education or jobs and that might lead more people to come. >> jesse: it's just a threat. i like how he made pence do it. you have pelosi talking about manhood in a caravan of migrants coming to the southern border, it's like a gift wrapped ad for the rnc for the midterms. it doesn't get any better than this. pelosi doesn't know what she's talking about on border security. last time she talked about securing the border, she said we should mow the grass instead of having a wall. morgan is right. obama, feinstein, hillary, they voted for 700 miles of border fence in 2006.
2:41 pm
it's not about manhood. it's about mankind. a secure border protects families from being separated. it protects against cartels trafficking guns, drugs, and humans across the southern border and allows for an orderly immigration process where people can apply at the point of entry and it forces the central american countries, including mexico, to deal with their societies themselves so all these poor people don't just rush north. they can figure out a way to create a better economy down there. >> juan: what do you say, dana? >> dana: latin and south america are the two places where the united states foreign policy needs to put more focus on partly because if you don't want to have to deal with the problem here, you should try to help solve it there. i do think the threat to take away money would get those leaders to say we've got to get more serious about this. now you have the mexican government say it will stop the caravan. i read the stories today about some of the caravan people. i don't doubt that they have a very desperate situation at home
2:42 pm
but the fact that they are being whipped up into a frenzy by leftists or try to get them here and to try to make a political point, i bet they are making some money on the side, it's disgusting what they are doing to those people. getting into a caravan is a really dangerous thing. several of the children have had to go to the hospital when they get to a checkpoint because they are dehydrated and exhausted. it's better to try to help them there then to deal with the caravan but i agree that it's an in-kind contribution to the republicans to have this happening two weeks before an election. >> juan: greg, what about the idea that the president has stronger policies on immigration and said this would deter people from coming in. and we have seen over the last year now a spike. >> greg: cruelly manufactured for politics. let's start with pelosi. when she mentions the word manhood about the wall, how sexist is that? she is implying that women do not understand security, don't understand safety.
2:43 pm
perhaps what pelosi would prefer is to refer to the wall instead as a belt, belt. instead of immigration detention centers, that could be a migrant purse. it could be all about accessorizing because apparently that's all women understand, belts and purses but not safety and security. you are a sexist. disgusting. as for the caravan, i've been watching the media describe it and they keep saying that the caravan is on its way to america. it's heading to our border. they conveniently leave out something in between called mexico, right? the fact is you are desperately running from a killer, you don't run by one escape hatch to one that's further away. if you are truly desperate, you stop in the nearest safety zone. so we realize this is cruelly manufactured for politics and policy. >> morgan: can i say on your point, mexico has a terrible record on human rights and that's one of the reasons mexico, honduras, guatemala, all of these countries, the
2:44 pm
united states. in addition to cut off funding, you can't treat these people inhumanely. >> juan: stay right there. wild card wednesday. lots of fun on "the five." that's up next. p you want, any way you want them. try new crunchy fiesta shrimp, tortilla chip crusted and topped with a creamy blend of three cheeses. favorites like garlic shrimp scampi are back, too. so hurry in before endless shrimp ends!
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♪ >> dana: it's time now for wild card wednesday. ♪ let's see. here we go. first one. ecuador orders julian assange to babysit cat and clean the bathroom. >> jesse: is that real? >> dana: whose is this? >> greg: not me. >> dana: ecuador is telling -- i have heard this that julian assange is kind of a slob. they are saying if he is going to have his internet access restored, he has to -- they ordered him to clean his bathroom and take better care of his cat and he was told to take care of the well-being, food, proper care of his cat or else it would be even to an animal shelter. are they worried about the cat?
2:49 pm
>> jesse: this is what you do to a teenager. i'm going to cut your internet off if you don't clean your room. >> morgan: i have dogs. but i love all animals. there's nothing worse than a cat that's not -- someone who doesn't take care of a cat because the smell is disgusting. besides being a traitor, he is gross. >> dana: do you have anything on assange and the cat? >> juan: i am they still have them there. they had threatened to throw him out several times. >> dana: they have. mega millions jackpot grows $900 million, no winning ticket sold yesterday so now tickets are $2 each and the next drawing will be held friday. anyone here by a ticket? >> jesse: i have a ticket and the producer of the show bought me the ticket for $2 and now she thinks she's entitled to my winnings. all of it? are you sure? if i win 900 million, how much
2:50 pm
do you think i should give the producer who paid $2 out of her own pocket to buy me the ticket? what's the appropriate amount? >> dana: 50%. >> jesse: no way! all she did was walk downstairs. >> juan: you didn't buy the ticket. >> jesse: all right, juan, you are never going to see me again. >> juan: you would give up all of your fame and fortune? >> jesse: what fame and fortune? >> dana: keira knightley reveals she doesn't want her daughter watching cinderella and the little mermaid because in cinderella she waits around for a rich guy terrace to her and in the little mermaid, giving up her voice for a man. >> morgan: i was obsessed with the little mermaid as a kid. i dressed up for halloween. i begged my mother. to do my room and the little
2:51 pm
mermaid. i really wanted it. i group to be a navy officer. you can still like the little mermaid. >> greg: your point is that keira knightley is punishing her child so she looks morally superior. those movies would make her child very happy but she say no. i want to tell everybody how morally superior i am. if i had kids, i would not let them see "love actually." the he is filthy, disgusting tripe. >> dana: i love "love actually." >> greg: it is the worst movie ever made. a >> juan: that was my story. my thought was, i remember my wife wouldn't let the kids watch "married with children." lots of fables about girls being rescued or girls having to do whatever -- i think it's an important change to say you know what. >> dana: i watched them. she watched them.
2:52 pm
>> greg: these stories live in all cultures. why is that? maybe because they like it. >> morgan: we did watch them, dana and apparently we are obsessed with our looks. >> dana: no, we found out that guys are more obsessed about their looks. piers morgan mocked the way he held his child. daniel craig. >> greg: do we have the video of what happened? this is what happened. >> for all those men that where pup loose -- >> dana: looks unplanned. >> greg: i think it was planned. >> dana: i think we might have pie in the next segment. "one more thing" is up next.
2:53 pm
you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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>> time now for one more thing. happy national pasta day, america. i have a new founding father favorite. thomas jefferson, he introduced pasta to america. also a fun fact about posto: it was invented in china. who knew!
2:57 pm
i think the whole table has some. put some parm on there. do you want some? >> no. >> you are not a real pasta lover. you go that's all you've got? >> i have more positive facts. do you want me to rattle off more pasta facts. >> i have one thing to plug and one thing to show you. it's all about the midterms. you've got some stuff are you. also one more thing today. neat being, the dog, his name is being, he cannot stand his dad is on the phone so he's taking matters into his own hands. i think dogs are getting smarter. they know how to take us off our phones. >> may be the dog read the book by jenna dodd. >> that's right! >> i've been to some concerts
2:58 pm
lately. one for paul simon, one for elton john. both farewell tours. the man behind big bird and oscar, the grouch, he's saying farewell too. you made of the characters but you might not know the voice and the characters behind them, take a look at the video of mr. spinney bringing big bertha life. has been behind -- almost 50 years, folks the original puppeteers on "sesame street." he's been on most of the episodes. spiny stop doing episodes in 2015 limiting himself to the voice of the bird and oscar. i concluded, he's known as mr. rogers. for several generations of american children, he has rogers' impact, teaching children to listen to each other with a big heart.
2:59 pm
>> scintillating. >> thank you. holiday time, plenty of you are coming to new york city so i encourage you to see "the lion king." i was able to see the newest nala, she's eight years old, from new jersey. very big fan of fox news, as is her parents. there she is right there. so cute, so talented. go see her and "the lying king." >> i wonder if keira knightley would let her daughter watch us. >> you won't let this go... >> my podcast is up. go to one of the main guys behind the hoax -- just look it up. it's a great story from these academic journals. remember to go check out tickets are selling out. if you don't do it, you are dead to me. not really. i'll be very sad and i'll sulk
3:00 pm
for a long time. >> that would be bad for us. >> how much are the tickets? are they expensive? >> they are moderately priced. >> if you get the winning ticket. >> never missed an episode of "the five." "special report" up next. bret, send it up next. >> bret: thank you. videos were the disappearance of the roots of greece and murder of a saudi generalist. we will check at the senate races in three races and set the stage for midterms. our neighbors light up in the north for the celebration of legal marijuana. this is "special report" ." good evening, welcome to washington. i bret baier. president trump wants to see and


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