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tv   Watters World  FOX News  October 20, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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losses. so used the code word devil's triangle. greg: thanks to our studio audience. [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. remember when president obama said this in 2016 about president trump telling crowds he'll bring jobs back to america. >> when somebody says like you person you just mentioned that i won't advertise for. he's going to bring all these jobs back. how exactly is he going to do that? how is he going to do that? there is no answer to it. he says i'll negotiate a better
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deal. how exactly are you going to negotiate that. jesse: jobs have been coming back in a huge way. donald trump doubled the manufacturing jobs obama had since taking office on a monthly basis. the son of president trump, eric trump. i think he said it on twitter the other day, jobs versus mob's. >> you know why he got jobs back and obama couldn't? because he is a businessman. we have the best economy practically we have ever seen. we have markets at record highs. go count list. 401ks are going crazy. there are people who don't
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necessarily like him say america is the strongest economy in the world. jesse: look at some of these numbers. steel workers getting a 14% raise. when you think about this best city for jobs right now, we are talking pittsburgh, st. louis, indianapolis, cincinnati, hartford, connecticut. look at these towns across america. this is a wide swath of success when you talk about blue collar, middle class jobs. >> democrats forgot about the rust belt and they did everything they could to undermine the rust belt. they took on the teal workers and coal workers. the companies that were shuttered and closed. they all went overseas.
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they went to mexico and china. we rebuilt those countries at behest of the american worker. you have 3.7% unemployment. more african-americans and hispanics and females he replied than any time in history. they have benefits and the country is doing amazingly well. we are the envy of the rest of the world. and here you have obama saying a few years ago, who is trump going to magically -- we need more business people in washington. jesse: trump is like he killa, he always wins. -- is like tequilla, he always wins.
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your father says pok says pocah. she is 1/1000 possibly native american. this is what your father had to say about her. let's roll it. >> she owes the country an apology. what's the percentage? 1/1000? >> i don't have the percentage. president trump: if she gets the nomination, i will only do it if i can test her personally. that will not be something i enjoy doing, either. >> it's substantially worse than that. she is writing powwow chow cookbooks. jesse: she has a cookbook,
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powwow chow. and she calls herself a cherokee indian in the cookbook. according to the washington post a lot of these so-called recipes looks like they were lifted from other recipe books. >> she plagiarized the book and blank rised herb own dna. give me a break. you are 1/1000. you are less native american than i am. jesse: i was .1% black. imagine if i went around telling everybody i was black? >> even the cherokee indians say it's not right. she was using it as a way to advance her career and get a
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better job. jesse: all the left-wing press, article after article, she shot herself in the foot, she is not a serious candidate anymore. it's widely accepted she is not going to get the democratic nomination. it's too bad because she would have made a great opponent for president trump. let's talk about the caravan. the ap is reporting the caravan heading north towards our southern border has allegedly been turned around. i know your father said he was going to cut off aid and send the military. this is a big win. >> it is. he told the country where people are coming from. we give you a lot of financial aid. and guess what? we are not giving you that aid if you don't fake care of this problem. we don't want to inherit your problem while we give you aid. this is the first time we have
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had a great relationship with mexico in a long time. they always throw out trump is anti-hispanic. trump has an unbelievable relationship with mexico. jesse: you know what happened in europe when they had all the migrants flood in. it's something merkel said she regrets. you don't want to make the same mistake price. rosie o'donnell is back. >> when he was elected i wrote on twitter we should impose martial law until we are sure the russians weren't involved in the vote. >> he wants to send the military to the border. >> i want to send the military to the white house. jesse: could you imagine if you had said about president trump we should send the military to the white house and take him
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out? >> game over. >> she appears every two months and embarrasses herself. then she reappears and embarrass herself. it's like a game of whack-a-mole. this country despite the nonsense and noise and rhetoric, this country is doing so well. america has never done better. by every metric, we are crushing. can you imagine if these people got on board? we might differ on this thing. but let's push forward. we are thriving as a nation. jesse: the democratic party is never going to reach across the aisle. do you think that will help because there is such obstructionists? >> they might have $ -- the left
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has become a mob. you see them lighting pickup trucks on fire. yelling at people in restaurants when they are going out to a nice dinner with their wives, the one day a week, with ted cruz. you saw what happened. scratching at the supreme court doors. people aren't into this stuff. people want civility. jesse: it's ironic because the left accused president trump of being uncivil. but every time they go outside in public they are the most of uncivilized people. they fire bombed a limousine during the inauguration. someone was almost stabbed when he was running for office. there was a person running for office in minnesota who was punched in the face and given a concussion. these are hard-core jaj day
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tores. >> they want to double taxes. they wanted to eliminate law enforcement and attack plastic straws. jesse: save our straws. >> it's not going to work. he's doing an unbelievable job. he's going to win again and america will be better off. jesse: eric trump, thanks for coming in. a witch is going to be on. "watters' world." she'll cast a hex on brett kavanaugh. but first an exclusive interview with the man at the center of spygate, george papadopoulos on. "watters' world." yes.
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jesse: republicans renewing their push for the president to declassify records from the
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russia probe. george papadopoulos has had his life turned upside down. he and his wife join me ahead of their closed door hearings next week. george. let's start this at the very beginning. when you western involved with the trump campaign back in the summer of 2016. you were invited to go to europe. this when it all started? am i wrong? who invited you over there and why? >> when i was officially part of the campaign. i was work for the london center for international law practice we find out is some sort of obscure shady front. jesse: so you were working for a group you didn't realize was a front group. >> that's what it seems like.
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after a year of research into this organization it looks like a front for western intelligence organization. jesse: you believe you were working for unbeknownst to you at the time. what was the first meeting? >> i am officially part of the campaign march 11. i tell this group i'm leaving london and go back to the u.s. because i'm joining trump. but they wanted to bring me to london called link campus it's some sort of training school for western spies. jesse: they bring you over to rome and you believe you were involved with another western intelligence front group there and you had no idea. >> then i'm randomly introduced
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to this person named joseph mitza. he's the infamous professor who is allegedly the russian spy who had information. jesse: what was the reason for the meeting? who set the meeting up? >> the london center for international law practice set up this meaning between joseph and i. jesse: you believe it was set up by western intelligence group. >> yes. jesse: europeans, english and supposedly our allies. they set this meeting up. what did he tell you about clinton emails specifically. >> we are having a couple back and forth meeting where he's introducing me to decoys. he tells me a week after i meet with him that i have to introduce to you putin's niece.
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at the time of course -- >> she is the russian spy in the russian spy story. jesse: they say they are going to set you up. >> he wants to introduce me to putin's niece. he says he can introduce me to the world. i said okay. i had no background in the u.s.-russia relations, but i happen to run into the one person who is the inside person in russia that had the one piece of information that's everyone on the globe wanted. jesse: what did he say about hillary's emails? >> the niece i find out is a russian student. he said let's go get breakfast in london. i said okay. and he drops a bomb on me.
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he said i have information the russians have thousands of hillary emails. i never heard the word dnc or podesta. the day before he told me this information, judge napolitano was on fox news openly speculating that the russians might have hillary's emails. jesse: the russians may have hacked her server before she deleted them. that was the theory at the time. when he told you russians had thousands of hillary's emails, what did you do next? did you tell anybody? >> i have been asked this question a million times. jesse: i asked it the best. >> the answer is that i have absolutely no recollection of telling anyone on the trump campaign about this. what i did do was i gossipped about it with the greek foreign minister like diplomats do.
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i'm not a diplomat. but people in policy circles gossip. i told the as you twrailian high commissioner alexander downer the same information. jesse: you are at a social event and you run into alexander downer. >> there is a misunderstanding that i just run into this fern randomly. jesse: you believe you were set up again. you were manipulated into a meeting with alexander downer who is an australian diplomat and clinton donor. >> he's the head of the equivalent of the australian characteristics a. he was the foreign minister and top dip that london for australia. jesse: you told him i heard from
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joseph missoud. >> this meeting came about through suspicious circumstances through two intermediaries. then randomly wants to meet with me after i humiliate david cameron in the u.k. press after he was calling donald trump side. he starts becoming by ledge rant talk to me saying trump is a horrible person. all my personal ideas in the middle east, my business was the energy business in israel, saying it was a threat to british interests. jesse: you say you never spoke to him about emails, but he downer went to who, the fbi, and said this gentleman who is working for the trump campaign, george papadopoulos told me about hillary's emails and some russia connection? >> i guess that's what the media is saying.
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i told the fbi i thought he was recording my meetings. during me up discussions with the fbi i told them i think this guy was recording my conversations. the meeting was very weird. i had four or five strange meetings throughout the campaign that left an indelible mark on my memory and this is one of them. jesse: you have gotten yourself involved in this huge international espionage situation. were your phones tapped and were your emails looked into? >> it's public knowledge that's halper who was work on behalf of british intelligence luring me to london. jesse: halper we believe is a cia agent? is that the word on the street? he was paid by the obama administration a nice sum of
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cash. >> the word on the street is he was a dual agent of the mi6 and the cia. jesse: he brings you back to london and you believe you were surveilled there. >> i was it's public record. jesse: you had to testify in front of robert mueller. he caught you in a perjury proper. perjury traps are easy to walk into. i guess maybe you weren't completely honest. but he gout and you will serve some time. you have been sentenced to how long? >> 14 days. jesse: what is your theory about what happened? >> i think i was set up by washington intelligence. i think most of of the meetings were orchestrated, i don't know by who. but we have evidence one of these meetings was orchestrated by western intelligence, and
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that was stephen halper for the purpose of spying on me for my business ties to israel and secondly to sabotage the trump campaign. >> can i add something? the link between me and george is the london center and the link council. all this access of intelligence from the western intelligence as far as i know, i am in the public as a spy. jesse: you are not a spy, right? >> absolutely not. i was interviewed by the fbi. if i was a spy by this time i would not be here. jesse: good luck next week. >> thank you, appreciate it. jesse: coming up, antifa mocks a
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headquarters," i'm anita vogel. investigators say they have been flooded with tips about a missing wisconsin teen. 13-year-old jayme kloss has not been seen since her parents were killed. authorities released the log of a 911 call from her mother it was inaudible except for the zpleemg the background. a small plane makes an emergency landing in san diego. a student pilot was at the controls. the instructor took over. i'm anita vogel. now back to. "watters' world." ave seen them k conservatives and destroy
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college campuses. now antifa is sinking to a new low. one protester is targeting a woman who lost her husband on 9/11. >> you are [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] i'm not like your husband, i am not going to punch you. i'm not like your boyfriend who is going to punch you. >> my husband died. >> good for him. ncpd are a bunch of sodomizing i am grants with their bully sticks. your husband can rot in the grave. jesse: i don't condone violence, but this guy should have been
8:31 pm
knocked out for what he said. he's ugly. this is the face of evil. how do you even handle something like that out on the street. >> someone decided to handle that later and walked across the street later and said you talking about my mom? and that guy turned tail and ran. picking on 9/11 victim, the firefighters and the first responders and police officers. it's insane. it goes to show you all he was trying to do was bully, harass, revoke and push this woman into responding. she seemed pretty calm. jesse: he went after pretty much everybody, police, firefighters, women, dead husbands. it doesn't get any worse than
8:32 pm
that. but it's important to show the audience this type of behavior coming from the radical left. because people need to know what they are up against. on the streets, you are up against this type of person and it's scary. >> it's not just the streets it's happening on twitter and social media. people are saying stuff like this. it reminds me of my tom arnold dust-up where he was calling me a racist and i ran into him. i said what are you talking about? i said i am absolutely not. he said i didn't mean you, i mean they are using you. then after the dust-up he goes on twitter and yelling about how he should have knocked me out. jesse: he was on twitter taking shots, and you got in his face and said hey, bro, and after you
8:33 pm
talked to him he's back on twitter? >> i called him a cowardly, slanderous weasel. people think they are allowed to do this because maxine waters is saying confront people, chase your senators down the mallways in the elevators. it's coming from somewhere and it, dangerous stuff. someone is going to get hurt and it's not going to end well. jesse: they don't like cyberbullying. they are big against cyberbullying, but i guess they are okay with bullying in the streets. i want to talk to you about rush limbaugh. he had this to say about the possibility of hillary being in the white house right now. it's frightening. >> they don't even want to make america great. they resent the whole idea of
8:34 pm
america becoming great. they resent the idea of america as a super fourth for good. the validation of all of these oddball weird perverted left-wing behaviors become more and more normal and the politics and government's role going to address their grieve yantss? have we become a country of a bunch of victims, constant liang are you demanding somebody do something about it. jesse: can you imagine if we had president hillary clinton. we wouldn't have know about spy gate. we wouldn't have had this gdp growth. we wouldn't know elizabeth warren wasn't native american. 1/1024th. i don't always agree with rush.
8:35 pm
but i didn't hear anything there i disagree with. jesse: he's right 99.9% of the time. you must disagree with him about that .01%. >> he says some things i think maybe, maybe not. but that i think is spot on. i am happy president trump is our president. i shutter to think of the idea of what would have happened had hillary become president. all these things that have been earthed. business as usual. i feel better about things moving forward. i sleep well at night. jesse: you look like you have had your beauty rest. limbaugh also predicted this for the mid terms. >> we hold the house and increase the senate. i think that's just. i think the democrat party deserves to lose in the single
8:36 pm
biggest electoral landslide deneat my lifetime. the actions they have taken just in the last month. jesse: what do you think about that theory they deserve to lose because of the way they behaved. >> i think it's an interesting theory and may hold to water. i think so. i didn't want to go out on the limb and say it's going to be a red wave. but the democrats and the kavanaugh hearing and the things they have been saying is not good behavior. i know where my votes are going. i'm an independent. i know where my votes are going. they are going red this november 6. there is no question about it. if that does happen, it will be interesting. jesse: black t-shirt, black jacket, black slick hair, dean cain, everybody. up next the witch who is going
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jesse: nation of islam leader lewis farakan in the news for making these remarks. >> to the members of the jewish community who don't like me, thank you very much. for putting my name all over the planet so when they talk about farrakhan, call me a merit. call me an anti-semite, stop it. i'm anti-termite.
8:42 pm
jesse: so far we haven't heard too many people on the left condemn him and twitter hasn't suspended his account even though they have suspended conservatives for much less. i don't think people should be band from twitter at all. i'm a big free speech guy. but there is a lot of hypocrisy with what twitter does. farrakhan is a hate feature. >> he has shown he is a hater. he has a problem with jewish people. when it comes to social media platforms like twitter. they don't want people's freedom of speech they claim to be weaponnized or their ideas to be weaponnized, but they are okay with using algorithms to
8:43 pm
weaponize conservative voices. if you are a left leaning liberal and you hate on your social media platform it's okay. but if you talk anything patriotic or talk about the love of this country, they will cut you off. they are looking at lewis farrakhan. the maxine waters and the bill clintons, they were all on stage together. >> the insult he did, for jews termite is to jews what the n word is to black people. people need to understand that. he wasn't just saying that just to say that. he was saying that to make a statement and was insulting. jesse: let's move on to somebody else. t.i. the rapper upset with donald trump and kanye west for the meeting they had. his response was to cut some
8:44 pm
video where melania trump, an impersonator, is in the oval office and being portrayed as a stripper. i mean, come on, guys. you don't want to go and do this. he's trying to say trump is racist but i's looking sexist. what are you doing, t.i.? >> t.i. don't have respect for himself or for his daughters. when you objectify a woman that's so disrespectful. so i'm for everybody. i'm not buying your music. i don't want to hear nothing else you have to say. >> you don't have respect for women, that's why his wife is
8:45 pm
probably trying to divorce him. he's a disrespectful individual. jesse: the ladies weighing in on the t.i. marriage. the caravan running around in mexico. here is donald trump on that. president trump: it will be an election of the caravan. a lot of money has been passing through people to couple and try to get to the border by election day. because they think that's a negative for us. number one they are being stopped, and number two, regardless, that's a power issue. jesse: kavanaugh and the caravan. the right hitting that hard before the mid-terms, ladies. >> they should, this is all paid for propaganda. why wait until the mid terms for the influx of illegal aliens to start crossing our borders. if you are seeking asylum, go to the ports much entry.
8:46 pm
these people look healthy and well fed. are you real i seeking asylum. are you running from distress or just trying to make a statement. everybody in this country should take a look at this. get out and vote red, vote republican. >>it is manufactured and made up. just look how it's orchestrated and organized. this is going to becomeifier on the democrats -- this is going to backfire on the democrats. they will put illegal aliens over american citizens. jesse: a car va -- a caravan ofe going to see diamond and silk's new movie. up next, a witch joins "watters' world." i can't believe this is happening. when i was shopping for car insurance, the choice was easy.
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jesse: the left is so angry over the confirmation of justice kavanaugh that some are
8:51 pm
resorting to watch gathering. earlier i spoke with the leader of this acult group. today coata, you ar -- dakota *a witch and you will use witchcraft against justice kavanaugh. >> traditionally in witchcraft most of people don't share the exact tool. jesse: can you give me a hint. >> effigies, open flames, the whole bit. jesse: will an effigy of kavanaugh be burned by the witches? >> yes. jesse: what will you be doing with the graveyard dirt? >> when you take a jar, sight and burn candles on it and it's
8:52 pm
a continuing spell. jesse: is there a cauldron involved? >> yes, that's where the fire will be. >> yeah. jesse: have the hexes worked in the past? >> yes. we hexed trumps last summer. there was one in june, one in july and one in august. since then a lot has come out. the hex. so a lot of people take it as hexing is to make that person die and do something horrible to them. it depend on what you are trying to do. the wording and the intention. for us it's about exposing these people. we believe they are fundamentally dishonest and unethical. so we want that to be exposed. jesse: perhaps the trump hex didn't work because the president is wing over and over
8:53 pm
again. >> that depend on how you define winning. on our side of things we feel since last summer we have the russia probe which has led to how many convictions does it take. jesse: you believe the hex on trump worked. now you will be hexing brett kavanaugh as well. are you a peaceful witch? an evil witch? >> i don't ascribe either to myself because i don't think anything in our universe or world is cut and dry as good and evil. i don't think people are fundamentally good or evil. jesse: excuse me,. "watters' world" is good. >> but that depend on your definition of good. every religion in the world would have a different definition for what the right action would be. there is some general set most
8:54 pm
of of them adhere to. but they have their own definition of moral action. jesse: do you believe the witchcraft makes the left and anti-trump and anti-kavanaugh people look a little silly? >> i wouldn't mind if it did. one thing i hope we get to discuss between us. this isn't just about the right. it's also about the left. jesse: you should cast a spell on hillary clinton. she has already been cursed. what about nancy pelosi? >> i'm not about kicking somebody when they are already down. jesse: isn't that what eric holder wants to do? >> i feel like hillary isn't doing too well. jesse: you are a bernie bro, aren't you? >> no, not at all.
8:55 pm
i like a lot of what bernie has to say. i don't agree with everything he has to say. i think in a lot of ways he'll sort of espouse hard leftist rhetoric and then in practice doesn't carry through with it. jesse: dakota, thank you very much. look at these rings and nails. can we get a tight shot of the that? that? up next, last call. (music throughout)
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jesse: time now for "last call." halloween a week and a half away, and this viral video will make your head spin. youtube sensation and artist shows you how to make it look like your head is upside down. you know what? i don't even need the makeup.
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i will have the witch do it to me for real. be sure to follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to justice. i'm puerto rico. -- i'm jeanine pirro. thank you for keeping "liars, leakers and liberals" on the "new york times" best sellers list. on deck, an exclusive tour of liberty university with


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