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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  October 22, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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'sheet rirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. >> harris: i'm harris. here's dana, live from texas. ♪ >> dana: we are coming to you live from dallas, texas, one of the most talked about states ahead of the midterm. democrats hoping to turn what was a safe haven into a battleground. we have an all-star lineup ahead including candidates from two congressional races here and a few other faces you may recognize from "the five." but first we turn to our southern border. do we have william?
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we don't have him yet. we're gonna go to our first guest. dan crenshaw. dan crenshaw, you're the republican candidate for the 2nd district of texas which is in houston. thanks for making the trip here. the caravan is moving north. we were talking right before the show. they are actually going to demand entry into the united states. is it too much for the president to be warning people about the dangers of this? >> it's definitely not too much. when you have 5,000 and 7,000 people demanding entry. that's what they're doing, demanding entry. it hurts the case for legal immigrants. in texas we have a relationship between latinos and tech san. my stepmother is a legal immigrant. we all know and are friends with or have family that has legally immigrated. this hurts the case for them when you have thousands of people demanding entry. it's not sustainable either. it's not sustainable from a
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security perspective, our education system, our health care systems. this has to be enforced. i don't think it's unreasonable for our president to say we're going to enforce our laws. >> dana: listen to what chuck shumer and nancy pelosi said. the president knows healthcare is the number one issue americans care ability. republicans in washington are causing premiums to increase and care to decrease. you've been out on the campaign trail. seems to me they're the ones trying to make it about healthcare when there is this immigration story that's happening right before our eyes. >> right. it's not the president changing the subject. it's 5,000 people demanding entry to our southern border that are waiting in line. healthcare is important. i would appreciate if the democrats would be honest about the healthcare debate. the president is for protection
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of preexisting candidate. my opponent is lying about this. many democrats are lying about this. that's unfortunate. >> dana: they're focusing on votes you have not taken yet, but for members of congress who voted for the house republican bill. they say there's a loophole that would decide states to make their decisions. >> god forbid we have state control over our health care. >> dana: the other thing i want to ask you about the caravan. retired navy s.e.a.l.s. the president said he is considering sending the military to stop this caravan or protect the united states border with mexico. is that too extreme? >> we'll see what's needed. in the end, we are going to enforce our laws. our laws say that you cannot illegally cross the border. you can't cross from point a to point b. if it requires military intervention, that remains to be seen. let's see what happens to this
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caravan. >> dana: we first met you when you were running in the primaries. there were nine of you. this is an open seat. congressman ted poe is retiring. generally a republican district, although you do have an opponent. we asked him to be on the show today, but he declined. the tough primary you had was against eight other people. you decided to run. was that a turning.for you in the primary? >> there was. i think there were a lot of turning points. we had the dream. we tried to spread the dream one person at a time. by the end of early voting, that was the end of the run as well. people were catching on. they decided we wanted a future for the conservative movement, for the republican party. that was the message we had. >> dana: houston chronicle had a headline about you. said is dan crenshaw the secret weapon for republican
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millennials? >> i hope so. i love campaigning for millennials. they are the future. it is my generation. i'm at the upper echelon of the millennial generation. elder millennial, you would say. they have different question, we have different concerns. there's one thing we all agree on is the debt. we need to reform our entitlement programs. >> dana: is that something you will decide to push president trump to do? >> yes. it is something we've lost sight of in the republican party. we need to get back on track. we need to tackle our spending. it's out of control. >> dana: the number one issue you hear from people on the campaign trail, healthcare, jobs? >> it's number one. in houston, the number one issue is flooding. that's bipartisan. it is healthcare. it is immigration. those are things we need to be concerned about. in texas, what we want is more control over our own healthcare. we want to renew that patient/doctor relationship. i want to focus on giving people that relationship with their
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doctors. >> dana: you're one of 172 members of -- well, 172 people running for congress. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> dana: growing questions about the saudis explanation for the death of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi. greg palcot is following the story. >> reporter: it's been nearly three weeks since the disappearance of jamal khashoggi. and there are new developments, investigation into finding out exactly what happened regarding his death in that saudi consulate. a saudi diplomatic car was found at a parking car away from the consulate. the turkish officials are trying to get inside of it. this after officials interrogated five more members of the consulate and there are also new reports that a saudi body double for khashoggi left the consulate soon after his killing wearing the writer's
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clothes, trying to reduce the trail of truth going towards that killing. meanwhile, saudi arabia is claiming khashoggi died in a fight with the crown prince having no knowledge at all. here is what the saudi foreign minister told bret baier. >> we have never engaged in such behavior. this is a mistake. this is a terrible act. those responsible for it will be punished. >> reporter: this new cover story is raising questions around the world, including with an aide to the turkish president, who called it an insult to their intelligence. the turkish leader said he will be revealing the full detail tomorrow of their probe into "the washington post" columnist's death. that is much anticipated. one, a breaking elment coming.
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there are a lot of leaks. now a leak to video according to show the saudi consulate staff one day after the killing of khashoggi burning documents in the back yard. looking for clarity on this very soon, if necessary. back to you. >> dana: all right, greg palcott, thank you. ahead, this is exciting. my friends from "the five" are here. we look at some good news for president trump. plus this -- >> the other side is absolutely determined to win back a majority. and the road they know to their majority comes right through this district. >> dana: pete session and his democratic opponent are gonna join me live. where does healthcare rank to people in the lone star state as we continue from the campus of southern methodist university right here in dallas, texas. i'd like to take a moment
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senate race in texas where early voting van today. casey sigel has been talking to voters here in the lone star state. >> we went out to the texas state fair. what a better way to get a slice of texas life. lots of folks have lots of things to say about this upcoming senate race. watch. >> welcome. >> good morning, young man. enjoy the fair. >> welcome to the state fair of texas. >> in this neck of the woods, big choices consist of mustard or not. more feed at the petting zoo. the texas state fair draws a diverse crowd. while it may look like all fun and game, they bring their diverse opinions about november 6th with them. >> i'm hoping beto will win. >> i think cruz is gonna win. >> reporter: most have a line playing out between ted cruz as democratic challenger congressman beto o'rourke. >> i think there's a lot at
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state. >> reporter: republican or democrat, virtually every vote er and not just here in texas, have identified a top issue they want fixed. >> i think our healthcare is in a horrible state. >> i'm not for obama care. i think that needs cut. >> reporter: o'rourke proposes universal health tear. >> congressman o'rourke is proposing socialized medicine. >> reporter: some say they have fear just trying to make ends meet. >> you work all your life. you have a pension. you have social security. and that still doesn't take care of you. >> reporter: senator cruz argues his opponents recommendations for health care would make the system. >> seniors have paid into medicare. they relied on it. putting 200 million people on it could bank corrupt medicare. >> senator cruz has voted to take away medicare for families
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and vowed to take away coverage for preexisting condition. >> reporter: texans like these will end up deciding who gets their chance, but on this day, they're just focused on fried food and a break from politics. dana, just before i was headed over here from downtown dallas here to the beautiful campus of southern methodist university, we were getting reports of long lines at some polling locations in houston. so this is record turnout. so lot of folks are excited about this. people are talking about it. who thought we would be sitting here. >> dana: when "the five" gets on here, we're going to talk about the enthusiasm. it's higher than ever in history that they've started asking the question about enthusiasenthusi. do you have a question about texas politics? go to the daily briefing's facebook page. i'll be hosting an interview with a reporter. he knows everything about this
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state. submit your questions and we'll try to answer as many as possible. two candidates are locked in a close race in one dallas district. it's a contest that's expected to be one of the most expensive in the country. i'll speak with congressman pete sessions next. welcome to the place...
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simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> dana: a caravan of migrants headed for the mexican border. one of the closest races is in the 32nd district which covers most of dallas, where pete sessions is facing colin allred. i'll speak to colin in just a moment, but first i'm joined by congressman pete sessions. the 32nd district quite different from 20106 to 2018. did you even have an opponent? >> no, no opponent. democrats wanted this to be the biggest race, so here it is. >> dana: hillary clinton won the race by a little bit. now there's a poll that says you're one point ahead.
11:21 am
vice president pence said the road for the republicans to try to keep the majority comes right through the 32nd district. but no pressure. >> the pressure is really on the voters to make a decision. this is the economic center of freedom. freedom center dallas texas that has a lot to lose if there's a loss here. my opponent is like electing nancy pelosi, because she would become speaker. >> dana: casey sigel was just here talking about healthcare. republicans seem back on their heels trying to explain this issue and how they feel about preexisting conditions. if you look at the republicans, is there a better way to explain their position. it >> has nothing to do with preexisting conditions. it has everything to do with whether they're going to replace in the market place an tune for every single american to have a better health care plan than what they do today if they are without a healthcare plan.
11:22 am
the advantage we would have would be one that would allow every single american to have a tax credit, be able to apply that to a group or policy. my opponent and nancy pelosi, hr676 without out law all private insurance in america that competes against their plan. >> dana: one of the frustrations people have is, we have immigration, healthcare, but there's been impact in the congress that nothing seems to get done. you were there in 2006 when washington lost the majority to democrats. i like change. what do you think the trump needs to understand about the possibility of what life could look like if the democrats take back over? >> i think it's important that the american people understand that more than just the trump administration. we're two weeks away. we're asking every voter to analyze what it would mean to them. it would mean that we would do away, they would do away with the great tax plan that we have
11:23 am
giving america the greatest economy. it would mean single payor system for healthcare and would mean 13 million people become legal citizens. we have trouble paying our bills today and we would have trouble paying social security, medicade, if all these people become citizens. >> dana: let me ask you this last question. dan crenshaw from houston district. >> he used to work for me. >> dana: he's running for congress. he said the number one issue here is the debt. republicans have failed to take that on. mitch mcconnell saying i wish we could do something about the entitlement programs. what would you try to do if you ran again? >> we would offer everybody a private account. >> dana: do you remember how that went in 2006? >> only because it was said that you'd put it in the stock market. make it guaranteed interest, like an ira, and you wouldn't have that problem. we still must take people off government programs. government programs should be for people that need them, not
11:24 am
for people that don't. >> dana: congressman pete session, thank you for being here. we appreciate. president trump taking aim at democrats this weekend over the migrant caravan. >> the democrat party and it's openly inviting millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and overwhelm our nation. the democrats want caravans. they like the caravan. >> dana: the president continuing today, tweeting every time you see a caravan or people illegally coming or attempting to come into our country illegally, think of and blame the democrats for not giving us the votes to change our pathetic immigration laws. now let's bring in the challenger in the 32nd district in texas, colin allred. this race you're in, as vice president pence said, one of the most important races in the country. >> it is. >> dana: basically it's a statistical tie. what about what the president says in terms of immigration and
11:25 am
the caravan that democrats are to blame. you're in texas. you might have a different perspective. >> i do. we need to have comprehensive immigration reform to try to take it out of the piece meal approaches we're having. >> dana: would you have voted for the proposal the president put forward where he said we can do x amount on border security and get the dreamers taken care of. would you have voted for that? >> i'm not sure which one you are talking about. i do believe we need to take care of the dreamers, folks that this is the only country they've known. i went to school with kids in that same situation in dallas. this is my home. for us in texas, this is not a new issue. i do think we can have a bipartisan solution to find comprehensive immigration reform. we had those before like you were in the white house working with ted kennedy and others. >> dana: it didn't quite pass. let's turn to health care.
11:26 am
are you for medicare for all or for some obama care and the public option? >> i am definitely for the public option. we should give people more options. promote competition. i really want to attack the cost issue here, especially for prescription drug. i think we need to talk about this. there's reason we haven't had the progress here. the prescription drug lobbyists are extremely powerful. my opponent's taken a lot of money from them. >> dana: yet you've been able to raise a lot of money. you raised more money. that's a story repeated by democrats across the board. i want to ask you about your unlikely candidacy. i read the william jeffers about your upbringing. you played professional football. then decided to make this turn. what pushed you into wanting to run for congress? >> for me this is ab serving the community that's given me so much. if you read that article, i really relied on this community. i went to pub lib schools here,
11:27 am
the ymca. when you're raised by a single mother, you have a better idea of what goes into a community. my nfl career. my career as a lawyer was made possible by the support i got growing up here. i want to represent this community. >> dana: we talk about debt, dan crenshaw talked about it. i wonder if you care about it. thinking about immigration or figuring out a way for the government to take care of more people. where are we going to get the money to do it. how can we do that? >> i think tax bill that was passed, i consider to it be irresponsible. i think some of the results are -- we can argue about what the results are of the actual tax bill. we know from the congressional budget office it's going to add $1.9 trillion to our deficit. our deficit is exploding. mcconnell has said -- >> dana: what would you want to do? >> we have to undo some of this tax bill.
11:28 am
we want to make sure the middle class is where we start. >> dana: you would vote to repeat the corporate tax cut? >> we need to look at each and every piece of this and see where we have to make changes. we should begin with the middle class. >> dana: all right. colin allred, thank for being here. lines are forming in houston. everyone waiting to get in when president trump hosts a rally for ted cruz this evening. we'll have a live report. plus thousands on their way to mexico, headed for the u.s. border. my co-hosts on "the five" this is exactly where they want to be, joining me here in dallas on this special edition of "the daily briefing." i'm at this wing joint telling people that geico has been offering savings for over 75 years. that's longer than the buffalo wing's been around. dozen wings. and did you know that geico... (lips smacking) offers mo... (coughing)
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it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100 percent of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. and they'll do all the va paperwork for you. we all know some of life's most important financial decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. so, if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday usa could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. go to, or call 1-877-423-5734. >> dana: the daily briefing is
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coming to you from dallas texas. president trump's numbers are topping president obama's midterm numbers. joining me now, you know them from "the five." we're going to be doing "the five" later. >> you're doing a great job out here. >> dana: what do you think about president trump's numbers? do you think it's kavanaugh, nomination? >> it's down to michael avonetti. he was supposed to have a rally today. i don't remember that? he was supposed to have a competing rally because trump was gonna hold a rally. >> dana: tonight in houston. >> i saw him coming in. he was on the highway with a sign that said, will defend porn stars for food. why aren't we holding him accountable? he said he was having a rally. that's why we came. >> nobody told me. >> news to me. >> they did a big study said
11:34 am
they found the guy owes millions and millions to the irs, to creditors and former businesses. >> dana: why are we talking about -- >> i have no idea. >> because i have no idea except that you're having a convenient whipping boy here. >> dana: president trump's numbers are up better than obama's were in the midterms. juan, did you think you would see this moment? >> we're so tribal in our politics. what you've seen is a real hike in terms of enthusiasm in the after math of kavanaugh. i think overall enthaou kwrafpl for the midterms is so strong. people are aligning with the republican brand. right now that's the trump brand. >> dana: jesse, the other point was, do you think this is an election as a referendum on president trump? vote signals support for president trump. most people think that it is a referendum on the president. president though starting to tap the brakes saying it's not my
11:35 am
faults if the republicans don't win. i'm working my rear end off. >> he's got a built in excuse. if the republicans lose, it's not his fault. there's another number that is interesting. the generic matchup i think has a seven to nine point democratic lead. if you boil it down to the most important race, it's dead even. it has to terrify people like juan williams. you have the president's approach rating at almost the highest level since it's been. fox news has him at high 40s. those are almost coat tail number, juan. >> have you noticed disapproval numbers, jesse? higher than the approval numbers. >> democratic disapproval numbers are pretty high as well so that's a wash. >> dana: there's never been this many people excited about a midterm election. >> do you know what irritates me, the democrats who say the republicans are stoking fear with all these issue likes
11:36 am
immigration. i'm getting e-mails from nancy pelosi saying if you vote for republicans, they will take your social security. you will lose your social security. this is the same argument, pushing granny off the cliff, that they used on paul ryan. one side of the mouth they're saying trump's different, evil, rot ten, but they're using the same argument that's used every two to four year. >> do you think there's a reason that if mitch mcconnell said we're going after entitlement spending. >> dana: he said that's a problem. >> there you go. we're going to do something about it. >> trump campaign is not touching the entitlement. >> that's true. spending like a democrat, but cutting taxes. >> who would you rely on in terms of their skill, mitch mcconnell/donald trump? he was saying, donald trump promised not to go after social security. mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, those guys are intent on reducing that. >> dana: can we talk about
11:37 am
immigration for a moment. jesse, this caravan is continuing to move forward. super organized. nancy pel ro si and chuck shumer put out a joint statement saying this is just a distraction from the real issue which is preexisting conditions. it >>'s quite alarming. this country's a fair country. we believe in immigration. we want people to come here in an ordinarily and lawful fashion. we don't want people just coming in demanding to be american citizens. being an american is a privilege. it's not a right. you don't come to someone's house, knock on the door and then just barge in and say, hey, i'm moving in. >> i did. [ laughter ] >> that's why you're never invited to any parties. >> i remember when you came to my house and did that. it was very alarming. it was halloween night. >> i had my mask. >> dana: what do you think about the caravan, juan? it is a story. it is happening two weeks before the election. the republicans didn't put the
11:38 am
caravan together. it's being organized by someone. >> clearly you have a moment where these people are seeking asylum, but they're portrayed in republican advertising that if not criminal, as somehow barging in. >> it is barging in. >> you're always talking due process. due process says you can come to our border and apply for asylum. >> why don't they go to the point of entry? they barged in pretty strongly. did you see that? >> they're so violent. so threatening. >> this is why they're shifting to healthcare because this is a huge box for the democrats. you see mostly young men fighting and waving flags of their own country as they're demanding to come in here, which is kind of a contradiction in messaging that we will coming here, but we are proud to be x makes no sense. i think it's a really -- it
11:39 am
really hurts the democrats which is why they're going after the preexisting which trump already said he's for. >> dana: let me ask you, jesse, how much do you love being in tex texas? >> everything's bigger in texas. >> goes to dallas. gets a facial. >> it was a barbecue facial. >> a barbecue facial? what did they do to you? >> dana: you admitted that to greg? >> i did not. >> so he'd say fake news on the air. i set him up perfectly. but my skin does look good. >> you're glowing. >> it is the lone star state and i am the lone star. [ laughter ] >> dana: of the show. >> i would say in all of broadcasting. not just the past, but the future. they just shut down broadcasting now. it's over. >> dana: we'll finish "the five" later. great to have you here. >> you're welcome. >> dana: catch all of us on "the
11:40 am
five" later today at our normal time 5 p.m. eastern, 4 p.m. in texas. president trump set to host a rally from senator ted cruz this evening. he sees cruz as a jab for president trump's campaign. he's trying to hold off a challenge against beto o'rourke. kristen how's the rally? >> reporter: dana, we all know how much president trump cares about crowd size. this crowd is not going to disappoint. the first person in line got here at 10 a.m. yesterday around 200 people camped out overnight. these folks, what time did you get here? >> 9:30. >> reporter: 9:3024 morn. folks are waiting for hours to get in tonight and see president trump and senator cruz. the other draw is the highly contentious relationship between these two men. who can forget what the two said to one another during the 2016
11:41 am
campaign. the president called him lying ted. the senator called him a pathological liar, coward. this is politics and 2018. they each need each other. senator cruz, he needs president trump to help him get out the vote in what's become an uncomfortably close race against beto o'rourke. senator cruz was asked whether president trump was a friend or foe. here's how he responded. >> he's the president. he's the president. i work with the president in delivering on our promises. >> reporter: so you can hear he didn't entirely answer the question there, so it's really
11:42 am
going to be fascinating to see how these two men interact on stage together tonight. this is also the same day that early voting starts in houston. just like there have been lines all over dallas for this rally tonight, there have been huge lines for early voting as well two weeks before election day. so voter enthusiasm very high, dana. >> dana: indeed. all right, kristen, looks like it's a lot of fun over there. we'll talk to an expert about this early voting process that's beginning today in the state. thank you, kristen. who do we have next here? i don't have a tease here. going to just continue to talk to you, but i will find out. okay. next from southern methodist university, we are going to have an expert on politics. we're live in dallas. be right back.
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>> shepherd smith at the fox newsdesk. president trump set to leave the white house soon. waiting to see if he'll speak to
11:47 am
reporters. there's a lot they can ask him about including the killing of a saudi journalist and if the migration caravan heading toward the united states. we'll bring you the latest top of the hour on shep hert smith reporting. >> dana: early voting begins in texas today. with voter interest reportedly at report high across the nation, many are wondering if that enthusiasm will carry over into the ballot box. so, what does early voting tell us and what does it not tell us? >> well, certainly, the turnout today for early voting certainly is boding well for the amount of people. we've already seen lines here in texas as well as around the country. so i think that tells us a little bit about the enthusiasm that's happening in terms of the republicans and democrats. >> dana: i just want to point out, you see a lot of early
11:48 am
voting, whether republican or democrat, they're saying i favors them. in 2016 democrats showed strength in florida, north carolina and nevada, but clinton only won nevada. doesn't tell you the whole story, but it is one of the things people like to get out there and lock those votes in early. >> people want to say we have a large turnout. certainly as you just pointed out, long lines the first day doesn't mean that's the winner. >> dana: tell me how texas is changing. most would like to stay purple, if they can, but always fall short. >> there's a couple things going on this year. there's a minority/majority commune here. we have a big demographic change. latino voters are under contention. we have 26 million eligible to vote this year in texas. there has been a lot of focus on
11:49 am
the minority. >> dana: the latino voters don'ted all just vote one party. that's not the case, especially here in texas. also they're not as enthusiasmic about voting this year. why is that? >> i don't know if it's enthusiastic as much as people who are entering the voting majority are folks who have said to be younger age. we know from the 18-23 earlieds have a tendency of not turning out as much. >> dana: not as reliable. >> not as reliable voters. one of the things people will be interesting to see is which party they will go to. lot of people hope they automatically turn democratic. we're not seeing that happening. they are not an monolithic voting bloc. >> dana: is it true not just in texas, but across the country? >> absolutely. >> dana: let me ask you about this rally president trump is coming in to do for ted cruz. two years ago you never thought he would do it for cruz. they've mended their relationships.
11:50 am
but also that he would need to come in for ted cruz. has that surprised you? >> two years is an eternity in politics. the fact that o'rourke and cruz are so close, this close, we've seen some fading of o'rourke. to have a sitting senator be that close torque have vice president pence come here, the president come here, certainly, i don't want to say shocking but says something about the republican and democratic, whether we have a blue or nonblue wave. >> dana: do you think beto o'rourke, if he falls short in the senate race, will run for president in 2020? even though he's saying not so fast. >> that's a long time away. between now and november is still a long time away. o'rourke is demonstrating the democrats can start to build an infrastructure here. go back to your question is can i turn somehow purple? i think what's interesting as you watch democrats whether they win or lose, they can field
11:51 am
candidates at all levels and build a strong infrastructure going forward. >> dana: all right, victoria, thank you for joining us. do you plan to vote in this election? if you head to our twitter page, you can let us know if you're going to vote and how. and what key issues some voters are considering as they head to the polls. plus hurricane willa now a cat 5 in the pacific. here we go again. could bring a lot of rain to right here in texas. we'll have an update on its path next. newday usa has helped thousands of veterans get the money they need for their family and home... thank you, admiral. by helping them use the valuable va home loan benefit they've earned with their service. thank you, admiral. it let's you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. with today's high home values, that could mean a lot more money to pay debts and get ahead. thank you, admiral. it's an honor to help you get the peace of mind every veteran and their family deserves. call 1-844-383-1571.
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>> dana: now a look at other stories you should know about. it ice our daily three. first up, hurricane willa updated to a hurricane 5, the most powerful on the scale. it's churning off mexico's pacific coast and could make landfall tomorrow. second, the search intensifies for a missing wisconsin teen as a possible new clue is emerging.
11:56 am
13-year-old jayme closs has been missing since her parents were killed one week ago. john bolton in russia for high level talks as the kremlin gives a frosty reception to president trump's announcement that he plans to pull out of a cold war era treaty with moscow. what's on the mind of voters? madalyn rivera went to a high school football game friday night to find out. >> enjoy the game. >> reporter: it's friday night and there's no place these folks would rather be than northwest houston. this showdown has been the talk. >> right there. >> reporter: but it's not the only face-off that's not them talking. on the heels of ted cruz and
11:57 am
beto o'rourke, some know what they want. >> i always vote straight republican. i know everything about trump, everybody's upset, but we need to change. whatever we've done hasn't worked. >> right now o'rourke. he represents more of what i believe in. that appeals to me at this time. >> i do feel like i'm going to lean toward mr. o'rourke because we do need a change. >> reporter: others can't pick a side. >> i don't care about political party. i will vote for anybody who is pro education. healthcare, other things like that will fall into place. >> i'm still riding the fence. i care about the economy here. kind of the jobs that -- what's going to be available when my kids are out of high school in a couple years. >> there are some people i wouldn't vote for. i'm not necessarily going to vote the opposite person just because i don't want the other person. >> reporter: they say it will come down to energy, picking whoever will get them fired up.
11:58 am
>> i fell like it's just what he's doing wrong, what he's doing wrong and nobody's really talking about what am i gonna do? >> reporter: no clear winner for many right now. in houston, madalyn rivera, fox news. >> dana: he's been here since 2000. came to texas to cover the george w. bush presidential campaign. how has texas changed politically in that time, 18 years? >> it's been fascinating. when i got here, it was, the republicans were on the verge of taking over the texas house. they did in 2003. first time since reconstruction. george w. bush was headed to the white house. rick perry became governor. now we're at a point where the predicted purple state, will texas become purple? will democrats finally strike back and take over?
11:59 am
this year now is a barometer for that. can beto o'rourke sort of win statewide? a democrat hasn't won statewide since 1994. that's why it's so fascinating. >> dana: we're going to do a facebook live after this. we'll ask a bunch of political questions. i know that you are covering these races. we had the texas 32nd candidate sessions and colin allred were here. you did profiles of them. you were there for the debate. vice president pence said that race will help determine whether republicans keep control of the house. what do you think might happen there? >> wow, it's close. as you know, it's too close to call. that district was a republican leaning district. just like a lot of texas, folks have moved in from california and the northeast. it used to be in 2003, 2% african-american. now it's about 12%. so we'll see if demographic changes lead to sessions being
12:00 pm
ousted. he's chairman of the house committee. if he loses, it's a big deal. >> dana: if you listened to madalyn's report, people said they want change. if you stick around, we're going to do facebook live. then join me for "the five" as well. we will see you in just a couple of hours. >> shepard: 's noon on west coast and 3. in washington' thousands people head toward the united states from mexicoment we will hear from the president and members the caravan in moments. body double to make it look like "the washington post" double walked out of the consulate in istanbul. the imposture wearing jamal khashoggi's own clothes. a member of the security team apparently called the prince's office the day of the killing but the saudis still


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