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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 22, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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milwaukee, wisconsin. we will update you on the races there for governor, u.s. senate and also some house races there. thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight, that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. "the story" posted by my friend martha maccallum, starts right now. >> martha: hard to believe two weeks, and we are headed to arizona later on this week so we are spreading out across the country. good evening everybody, i martha maccallum it, and as we just said, 14 days now until the election. tonight to live pictures tell the story. first we have that growing caravan of thousands of people headed toward the u.s. border. who are they? who is supporting them? and while the president of the military on our border to turn the back? and over to houston at this moment, thousands of people lined up all day long to be part of the trump cruise rally which is now moments away as these former foes who traded the
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nastiest of barbs now join forces in an attempt to hold the g.o.p. senate seat in texas. >> president trump: lying ted. lying to head what's your name? my name is lying ted cruz. >> i am not in the habit of supporting people who attacked my wife. >> president trump: he's not lying to head anymore, he's beautiful ted. i call him texas ted. >> martha: the president is expected to call for the coming border showdown, or for defense to call it a national. he will likely go after the opponents and the democrats who the president blames for the situation at the border saying the failure to vote and pass like immigration reform long overdue. about the caravan, the president is saying this. speak to guatemala, honduras, el salvador, they pay a lot of money every year.
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they get a lot of foreign aid. and they have done nothing for us. >> we will with jorge ramos for his perspective and we will talk to newt gingrich who sees that caravan in an attack on america. we begin with william la jeunesse who is live with the caravan. >> you can see people are just jamming in here, anything with wheels on it people are trying to get on. they have another two hours left in their tract to the next town that they are trying to go to end people are exhausted. they are hot and it's been a really long day. a lot of people only in flip-flops have been nursing blisters on their feet, and a lot of local mexican are helping these people out with food and water, so if a truck stops this is exactly what you would say. it's an organized caravan, and i haven't seen that. i have people who don't even have enough money to put socks
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on their feet. they are dealing with blisters and so forth. they caravan itself is growing, what started out as may be two or 3,000 crossing the honduran border and it now we are up to over 7,000 according to the people who are part of this caravan as well as the mexican government. now in terms of what's happening in mexico, the government itself has not been able to stop. they were simply overwhelmed by the number, and they are letting them go through. they told the president of guatemala and honduras they were going to offer them safe passage. so you have this caravan going on for literally miles in both directions. they stopped traffic on a major highway. now in terms of what is happening next, there is a town north of us up by about 80 miles and they are doing about 20 or 25 miles per day. some may catch a train they are or may bus. with the dilemma for is that they fear, they get on those buses and they fear that mexican
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agents will come on and deport them. so they have to have strength in numbers but on the other hand the heat was so intense today, they have people trying to find any kind of state they have. people were dropping all over the place, they couldn't make it. many of those people are not going to be able to make it. and potentially 60 or 90 days, it's just not going to happen. these people frankly, everyone i talk to, they just want a better life. it isn't about the sovereignty of u.s. borders are mexican borders, they could care less. they have no job, they have no hope, they have no wages. there is no money in that anymore. so if america doesn't want illegal immigration, they have to get their own house in order because the people are coming and in fact we have reports that back down at the river, about 5e
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are at the banks of that river to cross into mexico. >> very interesting. for more perspective on the ground perspective, and the author of real america, thank you very much and many of the people that they talk to, they told reporters that they had already been deported several times from the united states and they were going to try to make it back in again, many of them. they said that they would try to run in between the border guards, places that they know our poorest along the united states border and one reporter said that's how it is, they catch you and you try to get back. what kind of system is that?
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>> maybe they are only talking to people who speak english. i have talked to some of them who have been deported, but none of them have been in the united states before. so some of them have been deported, but something that is also important, the vast majority of these people are not criminals, not terrorists or immigrants. they are refugees and as a nation in the united states we have to choose what kind of nation we are and treat them with respect. we cannot prejudge them, we cannot say all of them are criminals or all of them -- that's not true. so what we have to do is listen to them and hear the great comic cases. >> according to one estimate by the gallup world poll, 57 million people in the latin america and the caribbean would like to come to the
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united states. do you recommend it that they should all be allowed in? at what point is there -- i mean, how is this going to work? leave the border open, just out of the goodness of everyone's heart, welcome in 57 million people? what do you recommend? >> i'm not for open borders. i understand what you are sayin saying. it's an immigration, and trump's immigration policy is complete failure. and despite the optics, i know if you are in the united states and you are watching this, you might think, we are going to be invaded. that's not true, there is no evasion here. we are talking about 7,000 now, maybe a few thousand more trying to cross the border between mexico and guatemala.
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some of them are going to make it to texas. >> this is the truth. there is only 11 million people in the united states while documented and that has remain stable for the last decade. >> martha: it's a lawbreaking environment, you are not allowed to just cross the border, you are not allowed to find the openings of the border where there are no border patrol agents and sneak your way through and put your foot on the property and then become the responsibility of the u.s. government. it simply doesn't work. what is working is asking mexico to take their share of the burden and manage this problem and perhaps find a way to improve their own economy so everyone doesn't want to flood out. >> i agree with you and i think mexico has -- unfortunately for many immigrants, the mexican
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police have become trumps immigration. police, that's the truth. we watch the fence, and it doesn't appear that there was any attempt by the mexican police to handle the situation. >> mexican police try to prevent -- mexico tried to prevent some immigrants to pass by, and instead of going through the bridge, they use the river and here they are. they try to become trumps polic police, and, -- why not mexico's police? this is your problem. >> if you put more pressure, people like this are coming to
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the united states. >> it's not trumps police, mexico has her own police department, in mexico they deport tens of thousands of people back across the border. in terms of the people that are coming now, why now? why did this all come to pass and this group growing numbers by the day, why now? >> well, it has to do with social media, and it's so interesting because, i didn't seek any conspiracy here and any collusion on democrats or republicans, and what has happened is, people in central america, once they learned that one caravan was going north, they decided to join for two reasons. first, safety. they are not risking being or
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being vandalized on their way from central america to the united states. and, if you live in honduras, if you want to go to the united states, you have to pay $6,000 or $7,000. but if you are part of this caravan, you won't pay anything, so it has to do with safety and it has to do with money. and that's why we have right now about 7,000 people in mexico it already and a few thousand more waiting at the guatemala border. >> martha: very interesting. join me now, newt gingrich, former house speaker and fox news contributor. he wrote this piece, calling this an attack on america, newt. your thoughts on what we just heard? >> newt: i think it's pretty clear. if you use jorge ramose's numbers, there are at least nine
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or 10,000 people if you count the ones on the guatemala border coming north. the easy question is this. let's say we open the border. we welcome all of them. that picture goes out across the whole planet, how big do you think the next convoy is? and then the caravan after that and the caravan after that, and you get to the question, you are either going to control the border or you are not going to control the border. as an american, we are the most generous, legal immigration system in the world. we have over a million people per year legally becoming american, getting the right to be in america. most of them go on to become an american citizen so it's just a dishonest ally to suggest that we don't have a serious immigration program that is legal. now the problem we have is, we have a lot of folks who want to break the law and if you ever had open borders as you pointed out, the gallup poll, i think the number for all of the
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caribbean was 179 179 million e that would like to come to the u.s. so the question becomes, what are you going to do about it? it's a disastrous immigration system, and it's a total disaster. i think it's important to stop this caravan, and, in the process of stopping it, we are learning a lot about the laws that need to be changed. they have to be challenged, not comprehensive remote comic reform but let's take the ten dumbest things. >> let's play this clip from the view today.
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>> is this straight up fearmongering? i mean when did he start putting the middle east in this? >> are they walking here? >> i don't know. >> he makes up everything. he will tell you usama bin laden is marching. >> they are afraid of the fact that this suggestion there could be criminals and unknown middle easterners are mixing in. your reaction to that? >> the secretary of homeland security said yesterday, there are probably people from the cartels among the 7-10000 and they are people involved in human trafficking. he was not her father, and most of these people are folks that love to get to the promised lan land. they would love to have a chance to live like we live.
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there are lawbreakers that are dangerous, o.r. ms-13 members, and, and how unlikely is it that they have ever decided to join them? >> martha: pretty good thought thought. more than ever they are arriving with the child in tow. in the department of homeland security she said has a really hard time identifying that chil child. that's a scary situation for these young people. good to have you here. tonight, for more rivals, now allies, travel to the lone star state in hopes of helping ted cruz keep his senate seat. we will go here alive. but first is the media trying to tell a particular narrative
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i decided that i wanted to go for electrical engineering and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them. >> any moment we expect president trump to take the stage at this big rally in texas tonight, for his once rival and
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friend, senator ted cruz. we do expect some news will be made with regard to a number of stories. the caravan and also the growing mysteries surrounding jamaal khashoggi, and what happened to him in the consulate in turkey. and the saudi columnist has been described as the champion of freedom and other questioned his ties. and he said this, "people die every day. it's a lot. some deaths attract more attention than others. some for good reasons, some for nefarious and dishonest ones. so what about jamaal khashoggi? it's now clear that saudi arabia man was murdered, but what are the facts of his death? do they matter to you or america? first things first. it's important to understand he was neither an american or messy
4:21 pm
strictly speaking a journalist." joining me now, great to have you both with us today. i know you find it very distasteful. but however, in terms of looking at this as the news story and the amount of attention that it gets, is there parity in terms of other things that happen in the world? is this the kind of thing that happens in the middle east, at a greater pace than it happens in other places? why has this garnered so much media attention, and what do you think of what he wrote? >> i think that this story is obviously an important story. it is -- is murder is a gruesome, barbaric affair, and, most people who followed their middle east said it was ordered
4:22 pm
by a prince, by the man who's going to be the next leader of saudi arabia. therefore, a rupture in relations between the united states and saudi arabia is a story that goes far beyond of the murder one man. and shortly, mr. gorka who is supposedly a counterterrorism expert should understand that. it's b1 bret baier over the weekend interviewed the foreign minister and said basically they think it was a plot that has gone awry. they are still trying to figure it out, and he echoed that phrase that it was a plot gone awry. the president didn't seem to know about the bone saw according to these reports and he said the prince and the king were not involved. how way, let me turn to you now in terms of the coverage of the story. some of it has been geared towards pointing a finger at president trump. and using this in some regard.
4:23 pm
your thoughts on that? >> that was some of the random dissidents who sometimes disappeared by the saudi regime, and they had made khashoggi assemble. at the same time, it is getting an awful lot of coverage. having said that, this is an international crisis for several reasons. blatant and repeated saudi lying about the situation, the gruesome nature of the crime itself and the fact that it could disrupt u.s. and saudi relations. there were a few people who minimize the magnitude by either smearing khashoggi or his support of the muslim brotherhood are nothing less than an attempt at political deflection. nobody deserves this fate. not a 60-year-old writer in virginia. >> talk about the gruesome nature of this, of someone who appears to be one of the 15 according to these reports who carried out this murder, leaving
4:24 pm
in khashoggi's clothing. >> at first glance this man could almost pass for jamaal khashoggi. and a look at, same clothes, same glasses and beard, everything except for the shoes. but a senior turkish official has told cnn that the man on the left is a body double, 1 of 15 saudi operatives sent to kill khashoggi and then cover it up. >> the other reason this story has so much power is the way in which we are learning the details of this gruesome murder. a body double sent in, along with an autopsy forensic expert who may have been overseeing the dismemberment of this writer? this is gruesome stuff and we are getting it day by day by day. when you are in a hole, saudi arabia, stop digging. that's what they are doing by continuing to lie and cover up
4:25 pm
what actually happened inside the consulate in an stem bowl. >> the problem is, you think about what happened with russian spies being killed in london, you think back to some of the other stories with ricin, these are the behaviors that we would expect from governments around the world. saudi arabia is trying to prove that it's not like that. we get endless video of all of these things happening, and yet, how will he come this is a big black mark against that idea. that seems to me to be the most important point here. journalists on all sides of this equation need to recognize and they are failing the test for membership. >> right. there's been a tremendous effort by the saudi regime through some of the media in the u.s. to paint the crown prince as a reformer, and yet it's not clear whether he knew about or acquiesced in this horrible murder. and the way this unfolded, when
4:26 pm
the russian spy or some body else was killed, often it's a two or three day story. remember, the saudi spent more than a week saying, he walked out of there, he walked out of that consulate. that has given the story legs and the trump administration response to those lies. the president now is using words lies and deception to describe the case and that has provided the narrative fuel as well. >> when you look at benghazi, and some of the stories that many reporters have not been as interested in perhaps as i should have, is that a criticism that they might be milking this story to some extent because it works for a narrative against president trump? >> i think some journalists would believe that this story would play to and and what is at stake here is the future leadership of saudi arabia and america's relationship with it,
4:27 pm
and of the kind of country not only they are but the kind of country and people that we want to be. >> martha: he's pushing for tent transparency and encouraging the prince to be completely transparent. and that this is a very serious issue. thank you both. we will see you tonight. we are no moments away from president trump taking the stage in texas with senator ted cruz and we will see you there as soon as that gets underway. we are looking for some news to be made on that stage tonight. also, harassed and heckled over politics. the latest target? charlie hurt and jessica tarlov coming up next.
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information? sure. i'll get a decision guide in the mail to you today. they're free. finally. someone who understands the real me. your health and happiness is important to us. call or go online now to get your free decision guide. call a licensed humana sales agent today. >> martha: we are back. any minute now president trump is that just take the stage in texas for a rally in support of senator ted cruz. we will join them as soon as that comes out. but first, less than one month ago he went to dinner with his wife in d.c., and this is what they had for an appetizer. hecklers chase them out, chased out by protesters. they did eventually come back in
4:32 pm
but we understand now it's happening again, this time in kentucky where the topic of public harassment was one for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> it appears mitch mcconnell is getting used to this behavior because during the entire time he was being yelled at by a small group of protesters while he dined with his wife, mcconnell stayed calm and kept zipping his drink. his wife on the other hand, transportation of second elaine chao decided to stand her ground. watch some of this. >> why don't you get out of here. why don't you -- >> you see the senator sipping his drink and elaine child yelling back at him. you can see the other diners stepped up to let the protesters know they were out of line. the woman who took this video obtained by tmz is that she didn't start taping until after
4:33 pm
a protester slammed his fist on mcconnell's table and threw food out the door. this, by the way, is a fourth time in four months that mcconnell has been publicly harassed. and he certainly not alone as you mentioned, texas senator ted cruz and his wife were harassed last month in a d.c. restaurant during the height of the kavanaugh confirmation process. and in june secretary nielsen was harassed and shouted down, and most of these incidents target republicans, but dark comic democrats are simply not immune. house minority leader nancy pelosi was bombarded with a flurry of expletives. watch. [bleep] out of here! >> and it goes on. the protesters reportedly included the proud boys, a
4:34 pm
right-wing group and g.o.p. sunk congressman steve scalise who was shot and nearly killed last year by a liberal activist condemned to that behavior saying, if you want to stop pelosi's policy is, don't threaten her, vote. that's how we settle our differences. >> that is why this is so scary because it can escalate so easily. here now with more, jessica tarlov and a senior director of research and fox news contributor's. i have anna rumbaugh, you know, he had a margarita with his wife and they are throwing food out the front door. true to character, true to form, mitch mcconnell is like, i'm just going to sit here and sipped my drink. >> the strangest part of that was throwing his food out the door. but i think it's great for -- democracy is a noisy affair,
4:35 pm
and, honestly going out to a restaurant, and spending the evening with your family and enjoying a good meal, and instead your idea of a good time is to get up and start screaming at somebody about politics. there's something wrong in your life, something is terribly out of whack. you wouldn't show up at church with a bathing suit and a cocktail. people would realize something is probably out of whack. >> i like elaine chao. watch this.
4:36 pm
[people yelling] >> martha: she gets it right in that in their face, leave them alone! meanwhile, he's in the car saying, let's get out of here. >> i really did like that clip. there are two issues at play here. if you are a public servant and to the public is paying your salary, and you are out there, where people can come up to you and speak to you in a respectful way, she said it we believe that when we are in public because we are public servants that we should talk to people, if they have something to say. you need to be respectful obviously, and you should address that. the throng of food and the real disruption approach or the ejection to restaurants, that doesn't really work for me. >> like saying to nancy pelosi, you are a [bleep] commie.
4:37 pm
and that wasn't where she was going, there was some kind of closet. >> it is horrible on all sides. >> martha: hillary clinton has been calling for more that actually. >> i wouldn't say that she wants what's happening to mitch mcconnell or to nancy pelosi, i don't think that is the point that they were making about how what kind of politics we need to put forward in the final days before the midterms. i don't think anyone wants that to happen and i appreciate lawmakers on both sides saying that. >> we have heard from republicans that this is uncivil. because that's is clearly the unfortunate position of what could happen and what that could lead to. >> politics has become like at 90% of people's lives it seems like. they have become absorbed with
4:38 pm
it, on both sides obsessed with it. and it's really not supposed to be like that. we are supposed to have our families and our jobs, everything we do come politics is not supposed to dominate our lives. that's not what this experiment is all about. >> the trend has been going on for decades and it has been building. that's why we have become more tribal and people are not associating with those on the other side because we feel there are values, they are so disjointed from those that we politically aligned with. the 24-hour news cycle, you have it coming at you all the time, and the effect social media has on you. >> martha: we will come back so we can get back to the 24/7 news cycle. next step, because we are going to talk about your top ten favorite movies, we will go back to the rally. the president will also be there to endorse his new friend ted cruz.
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>> martha: a fox news alert as we wait for the rally getting underway, that is brett favre cr scale, he was the 2020 manager behind all the data and metrics in the last campaign and he is leading the way this time around. they are all there supporting ted cruz tonight. and, as you remember, president trump when he was candidate trump, and candidate crews, kind of went at it. >> i don't get angry, but if you mess with my wife or you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you are a sniveling coward and leave heidi rachel
4:44 pm
alone. >> and >> president trump: know he is a lying ted. >> martha: remember that? here is the texas senate race. 52-45 right now and ted cruz is making his way onto the stage as we understand. let's watch a little bit of thi this. >> for former primary rivals have to get together -- >> martha: sniveling coward and! >> i mean, your father was involved in -- there was that. and >> god bless
4:45 pm
president donald trump. we are living in extraordinary times. today is the first day of early voting in texas, and there is a fundamental choice for our stat state, and we continue on the road to prosperity, or do we turn back to obama stagnation? do we defend freedom? or, do we give in to tyranny? do we embrace jobs? or do we give into mobs? and here in texas, the united states senate race provides the clearest contrast of any race in the country in 2018. we have had a couple of debates
4:46 pm
with as clear distinction as anyone anyone could help for. on every issue, on taxes, i am proud to have worked hand-in-hand on president trump to pass the biggest tax cuts in a generation. we cut taxes on small businesse businesses, on job creators, ranchers, workers and working families throughout the state of texas. o'rourke wants higher taxes. he voted against the tax cut, he voted repeatedly in favor of higher property taxes.
4:47 pm
and in all el paso, he voted for something called a rain tax. i don't even know what that is, but here in texas we celebrate when it rains, we don't celebrate tax you for it. on regulations, i am proud to have worked hand-in-hand with president trump to repeal job killing regulations that were hammering the state of texas. baidoa o'rourke supports higher regulations hammering oil and gas, hammering the state of texas. in fact, baidoa o'rourke voted in favor of a $10 per barrel tax on every barrel of oil produced in the state of texas. now that is a terrific vote, if you want to raise money in
4:48 pm
san francisco. but that is a terrible vote if you care about jobs in the great state of texas. because there are millions of jobs in the state of texas that depend on a vibrant oil and gas industry, and energy industry booming in the state of texas. and the combination of the tax cuts, and cutting job killing regulations the economy in texas is booming. right now today we are producing 33% more oil than we did in 2016. we have the lowest unemployment nationally in 49 years.
4:49 pm
we have the lowest african-american unemployment that has ever been recorded. we have the lowest hispanic unemployment that has ever been recorded. we have the lowest asian american unemployment that has ever been recorded. and young people, we have a whole lot of young people here tonight. we have the lowest youth unemployment in 52 years. look across the toyota center where we are used to seeing the
4:50 pm
rockets win, and by the way, they are going all the way this year. this is houston, this is texas, laius is the diversity of our city and state where we want jobs and freedom, opportunity, and we are delivering on all of those. we are getting there. we are getting there on the second amendment. i am for it, he's against it. in fact, he tweeted out to the world how proud he is to have a f rating from the nra. not a d-, not a d, and f.
4:51 pm
i promptly retweeted it. elections are about choices. if you want a big government gun grabbing liberal, the democrats are giving you one. on israel, today the united states embassy is in jerusalem, the once and internal capital of israel. president trump made the bold, courageous and the right decision to move the embassy. i was proud to be in jerusalem for the opening of the embassy on the 70th anniversary of the creation of the modern state of israel. baidoa o'rourke has the most anti-israel record of any democratic senate nominee in the country. let me give you specifics.
4:52 pm
in 2014 when hamas was raining rockets down on israel, he was f representatives house of representatives to her vote against funding israel's ir missile defense system. virtually every republican voted yes. virtually every democrats voted yes. nancy pelosi voted yes. maxine waters voted yes. but baidoa o'rourke voted no and wouldn't stand with the people of israel. the judges i'm proud to have helped lead the effort to confirm justice neil gorsuch and justice brett kavanaugh.
4:53 pm
and for every one of us who cares about the constitution, who cares about the bill of rights, who cares about free speech and religious liberty and the second amendment and the tenth amendment right for the federal government to help leave us alone. those judges mattered, and for the record, i am not spartacus. but you can be sure if baidoa o'rourke had been in the senate, he would have put on the toga and started the spartacus circu circus. that's not texas.
4:54 pm
on immigration, there are no rates in the country with a starker divide on immigration than the u.s. senate race here in texas. on my part, i am honored to have the formal endorsement of the national border patrol council, the union of the men and women who risk their lives keeping the border safe and protecting our country. we need to build the law. so he says we have too many
4:55 pm
border walls and fences already and means to tear down the border walls that we already have. he supports sanctuary cities, and he has said he is "open to abolishing i.c.e.." that is radical and reckless and that is not the state of texas. not only this, baidoa o'rourke is the only democratic senate nominee in the country, coming out explicitly for impeaching donald trump. he said he would vote right now, today, to impeach president trump. baidoa o'rourke in this state is running to the left of elizabeth
4:56 pm
warren, to the left of bernie sanders, and the state of texas is not going to stand for it. in texas, we support law enforcement. in texas, we support our veterans. in texas, we stand for the national anthem and we have our hand over our hearts or we salute if we are in uniform. that is who we are. in 2,020, donald trump will be overwhelmingly
4:57 pm
>> i look forward to campaigning along him in 2020 for his reelection as president of the united states. >> [cheers and applause]. >> it's a great privilege to have the opportunity to give you to the 45th president of the united states. >> [cheers and applause]. >> the man 2 provided record jobs and the president of the united states, president donald trump! >> [cheers and applause]. >> ♪ >> [cheers and applause]. >> ♪ >> [cheers and applause].
4:58 pm
♪ god bless the usa >> the president saying he would send all of the troops necessary to the u.s.-mexico border to block the growing caravan of central-american migrants calling them an assault on our country. here is the president in texas. >> [cheers and applause]. >> with all of the applause before the president starts to speak. i remember at the rnc ted cruz was on the stage not endorsing president trump. the president and his entire family walked in, in the back and the spotlight on them. they sat in their seats. all of the attention was pulled away from the stage and on to the trump family.
4:59 pm
pretty amazing. full circles we see often in politics. >> yes. >> and wait for the next 2 weeks. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ♪ ♪ i'm proud ♪ to be an american ♪ >> [cheers and applause]. >> okay. ♪ god bless ♪ the usa >> the president has been on a non-stop rally tour across america over the course of the last couple of weeks. 14 days to go. also simultaneously launching
5:00 pm
his next presidential election campaign it appears. the president will take over and after this tucker carlson on the other side. >> usa, usa, usa! >> [cheers and applause]. >> usa, usa, usa! >> good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the president took the stage at a rally in houston, texas on behalf of senator ted cruz. minutes ago ted was speaking. this is a high-profile mid-term election in texas. he is neck and neck with baton rouge. -- beto o'rourke. we will continue to listen in. >> to all of my friends in the lone star state, a special place. thank you very much for


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