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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 23, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: this is "fox and friends first". at 4:00 am a fox news alert, and assault on the sovereignty of the us, donald trump railing against the democrats as thousands of migrants heading towards the us. >> and that caravan you have some very bad people, some very bad people and we can't let that happen to the country. >> a rowdy crowd in houston. top intelligence travel to turkey.
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the answer gina haskell hopes to find in the death of jamal khashoggi. bracing for impact, the massive hurricane about to hit south of the border that has texas on high alert. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ todd: 1 watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning, you are watching the first lives of the day on the fox news channel. big night overnight. the houston rally slammed the
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migrant caravan vowing to send as many troops as necessary to stop it. >> that is an assault on our country and in that caravan you have some very bad people, have to protect our borders, we don't have borders we don't have a country. you know how the caravan started, does everybody know? i think the democrats had something to do with it. we went people, they have to come in legally and through merit. >> a national emergency. let's go to the fox news alert, north korea mexico, more than a mile long, they are headed straight to our border where agents are already dealing with criminals were knowingly breaking the law.
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griff jenkins is live witnessing these border busts firsthand. >> reporter: we actually were live, i will talk about that in a second but the question is where is this caravan headed? 7000 of them and growing by the minute, 1140 miles due south of mcallen, texas, the closest port of entry, most hondurans, guatemalans and el salvador in this come through this port of entry. the last caravan a few months ago went through san diego but that would be twice as long for them to travel. as we wait for these organizers, people without borders, we will wait and find out what they claim to do but yesterday in the bushes waiting for the crossings that happen every day, sometimes hourly, right here in mcgowan, texas, we witnessed it, we
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talked with a young honduran girl, here is what she said. she is crossing illegally. >> illegal crossing? >> yes. >> you came here in the illegally? why did you come? can you tell me why you came illegally? >> desperation. >> reporter: you are from honduras? what are the conditions there? >> criminals. >> reporter: the fastest most direct route for the caravan to travel to come to the border would be right here. the last caravan filtered out to a few hundred people and finally tried to make an asylum crossing
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with -- would overwhelm the officials here if this port of entry behind me, we will be meeting with officials later this morning for a better idea what they know about the caravan's plans. >> reporter: border patrol busted someone wanted for murder in south carolina. >> reporter: exactly right. on saturday when we were here at a border crossing, the family units coming through, women and children, they started to process them and search behind him, he was wanted for murder in south carolina and another man had evidence belonging to the 18th st. gang, a very deadly criminal element. >> reporter: a migrant caravan could have an impact on the midterms. the swing voters who will be the deciding factor don't want chaos.
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>> it is not the republican base or democrat base, they are highly energized for the midterm election. the soft voter who doesn't want chaos, they don't one the mob rule. in the brett kavanaugh hearing. the mentality they have, they are repulsed by it and donald trump talking about common sense issues and common sense solutions have an edge here and i do think this is a dog fight for the house down to the last seat and we will pick up several in the senate, now i think it is 3 or 4 in the senate. >> the caravan may not arrive at the us border until after the midterm election. extreme weather, hurricane wilma closing in on mexico before pounding texas with more rain.
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officials calling the monster category for storm extremely dangerous. you see how huge it is was it will make landfall sometime today on mexico's pacific coast bringing life-threatening storm surge, packing 145 mile-per-hour windss was that will head north, slamming central and southern texas with heavy rain next week, parts of the state facing historic flooding after rain poured down last week prompting a boiling water alert in austin. in a few hours national security adviser john bolton will be meeting with russian president vladimir putin moscow. they are expected to talk about donald trump's decision to pull out of the decades old nuclear arms treaty, former president ronald reagan and soviet president gorbachev signed the inf treaty in 1987 banning the us and russia from building and testing nuclear cruise missiles. donald trump accused russia of violating the agreement.
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russia denies those claims. treasury secretary steve mnuchin meeting with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmon overnight talking about the two nations financial relationship amid international mystery surrounding jamal khashoggi. cia director gina hasflying to turkey is new details, turkish president erdogan plans to reveal, quote, the naked truth. it all comes after another twist in the mysterious case. >> surveillance footage is said to show a man showing jamal khashoggi's clothes walking out of the saudi consulate just hours afterward, the latest twist into the death of the washington post columnist who was last seen entering the saudi
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consulate october 2nd and was headed there for marriage documents and after more than two weeks of uncertainty saudi arabia claims that is where he died, the result of a fight. >> in operation where the individual ended up with responsibilities they had. >> reporter: that extra nation questioned by lawmakers. >> i feel certain the crown prince was involved and directed this and that is why we cannot continue to have relations with him. >> very surprising, 6000 miles away, the heavy ands that happen 6000 miles away. >> reporter: donald from want of retaliation if saudi arabia is found to be behind jamal khashoggi's death, telling the washington post, the account of the killing says no one talked about whether the saudi crown prince is responsible.
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>> this are to be something that causes a re-examination of our relationship with saudi arabia. >> reporter: the country does not know the details of how jamal khashoggi was killed and they also say they don't know where the body is. >> let's talk about sports. atlanta falcons quarterback matt ryan, a big monday night win over the new york giants, he from 400 yards and a touchdown but the turning point came on the ground. >> difficult moments this year. look at this. kevin coleman scores. >> reporter: that ready the field-goal, plenty of breathing room for a late giants touchdown, 23-20. the time, 10 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump's pre-election day promise, tax-cut 2.0.
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>> we are putting in a 10% tax cut for middle income families. it is going to be put in. for two democratic candidates but one thing they have in common is not good. ♪ - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with
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who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at >> democrats have launched an assault on the sovereignty of our country, the security of our nation and the safety of every single american. >> donald trump railing against the left at a massive houston rally is thousands of migrants march 20th us. the president vowing to send as many troops as necessary to keep
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those migrants out. here is republican national committee kaylee mcinerney to talk about this. >> good to see you. heather: massive amounts of people inside and out. >> reporter: it was magnetic. a member of the trump campaign said the crowds we are seeing are reminiscent of 2016, tennessee, 20,000 people waiting outside, last night, tens of thousands giving rsvps to attend. incredible, reminiscent of 2016 the crowd size. >> were midterm election in terms of getting people out to vote talk about this caravan moving towards our borders, the president said he's going to send troops, he's not going to let them in. is that a good move on his part politically heading toward midterms? >> it is a good move. the harvard harris poll finds
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70% of americans want stricter border enforcement, the caravan arriving on our borders, 7000 strong reminds voters they want law and order, they went safety and it is important that immigration became a republican issue, winning issue for our party the moment democrats began calling, the images on screen, the ablation of ice, with that. >> building the border wall, to get that done. >> we have to have partners in the senate, 9 votes shy of the senate getting the border wall coming that we need in the house seat, expanding our majority in the senate which we will buy two or three seats, we can hold onto the house, this issue, and the border wall.
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heather: people scratching their heads, tax cuts 2.0, a pre-election tax-cut, let's listen to what he had to say. >> a 10%, for middle income families is going to be that. for middle income people, a big tax-cut. heather: house that possible? >> the president is mentioning it, is it possible democrats, not at this moment in time. what the president was referring to when he made the remark about tax cuts happening soon he's talking about releasing the plan soon and post midterms, steve mnuchin made that remark. heather: the economy is a huge topic, that he is successful want to build on that going into the midterms. >> exactly right.
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it is important for voters to know tax cuts are in effect and they will be rolled back, democrats that we want to take back tax cuts, and the middle class, in the house and senate. >> the enthusiasm last night was any indication moving forward we have big two weeks to go for sure. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump has a lot of nicknames for ted cruz but this is no longer one of them. >> lying ted. he lies. he lies. lying ted. lying with an'. heather: wait until you hear the new nickname for the senator. carly shimkus live with reaction next.
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...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> no more lying ted. donald trump taking the surface furniture a new nickname during a massive rally in houston. >> i call him texas tech. >> texas ted. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction. i'm sure there's a lot online. >> a big party going down ahead of the president's big rally, the trump campaign planning a
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major tailgate to complement the president's big speech, live music and appearances by campaign spokespeople. kaylee mcinerney was talking about how many people wanted to attend this thing, how many wanted to go and there were seats available in the arena so the trump campaign set up a big screen so people could watch his speech outside. a lot of folks talking about outpouring of support and excitement for this speech in texas. one twitter user says there is a gigantic red wave happening outside the toyota center at donald trump's rally, people are everywhere and so-called celebs, mike on twitter writing you won't the crowd like this at any rally or speeches by obama, biden or clinton and another twitter user chiming in writing over 100,000 people showed up for a 90,000 seat venue, a
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stadium wouldn't have said them all. lying ted days are thing of the past, the president has moved on to more complementary. heather: texas ted is a little better blues not complementary. >> reporter: the president feeling the love in texas yesterday. one of his biggest critics in the media, jim r costa was lobbing insults at him and sarah sanders at a cnn event in new york. >> i wouldn't put productive at a sarah sanders briefing the same sentence, dishonest, deceptive person. heather: supporters firing back on social media, one twitter user says too bad he won't say a thing about the liberal mob attacking the gop, to point out unfairness there. it is like a broken record, and
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one last tweet saying costa is dishonest and defective. a lot came out of that cnn event attended by nancy pelosi and jared kushner. >> it was a mistake? >> certainly broke a bit of protocol. all these were taken interaction with royals, everything went out the window on the first day of the game when an american sailor got really excited to meet prince harry. [laughter] >> if you can hear megan markel saying that is a hug and nicely done. they love that moment, on their official twitter account saying
1:26 am
hugs all around from team usa. heather: i wondered if they had known each other in the past or if he was a complete stranger jumping in. >> reporter: good question. a quarter of the military force with his packed as well, so he doesn't even know this guy and showing love for prince harry. heather: thanks, the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. shocking numbers showing 71,000 overdose deaths in the us alone. what can we do to turn things around and help people struggling with addiction? our panel ways in next. did cory booker just hint at his presidential platform? if he runs in 2020, his new plan to use taxpayer money to fight income any quality.
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julie: are watching "fox and friends first," from campaign enemies different on the trail donald trump raising newly named texas ted cruz in front of a huge crowd in houston while slamming beto o'rourke. doug luzader has highlights from the texas tailgater. >> reporter: he must've gone from like ted to texas ted and the shifting nicknames showing the strange arc of the relationship between donald trump and ted cruz. the president was in houston to campaign for ted cruz drying a huge crowd and hoping to boost turnout, part of an intense effort to preserve republican control of congress and the president went after ted cruz's opponent, beto o'rourke who has mounted a strong campaign and energize the party and tied o'rourke to the other issues
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ahead of the midterms especially immigration. >> if ted doesn't when your second amendment is going to be in trouble, big trouble, remember that. o'rourke voted in favor of sanctuary cities that result in the deaths of countless americans. o'rourke noted ms 13 gang members from deportation. radical democrats want to turn back the clock and ignore the full of corrupt power-hungry liberalists. we can't have that. they have a word, it sort of became old-fashioned. it is called a nationalist. >> reporter: the president spoke about the immigrant caravan making its way to the united states calling it an assault on our country. as far as this goes, real clear politics average of polls has ted cruz up by 7 points, surprisingly tight.
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>> we were talking about polls, whether you can rely on them. appreciate it. fox news alert, authorities asking 2000 volunteers to search for the missing wisconsin teenager after her parents are rated. the community holding a vigil in honor of jayme closs. two vehicles at the center of the nationwide search. police identifying a red or orange dodge challenger. both cars seen near the home at the time of the shooting. authorities who have been in 1000 tips believe jayme closs is alive but in danger. former price is right host bob barker being treated for serious back pain in los angeles. the injury is not life-threatening and he does expect to go home soon. this coming after he had a back problem at home two weeks ago.
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doctor spent 35 years hosting the game show before retiring in 2007. he celebrated his 95th birthday in december. you get your tickets yet? there is still time for a chance to score the huge payday. the jackpot for the megamillion strong up to 1.6 billion to $1.6 billion. the numbers will be drawn at 11:00 eastern and there's another chance to win. the powerball is 620 million bucks. the chances of hitting both jackpots, one in 88 quadrillion. you've got a chance. the united nations war on drugs is being labeled a failure. in a report by the international drug policy consortium slamming the un saying policies resulted in millions of people killed so as the need to combat the opioid crisis in america continues to
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grow, what needs to be done to help those struggling with addiction? here to weigh in his our panel, doctor nicole safire, democrat strategist and republican strategist dan palmer. let's bring up these statistics. they are really horrifying. 145% increase in drug-related deaths worldwide from 2011-2015, 71,000 overdose deaths in the us in 2017. i will begin with you. what do we need to do to stop this rise in deaths? >> complex question but multifaceted approach the way to combat it and part is immigration reform, tight borders, stop the illegal forms across the border, we need increased access to treatment, addiction treatment lifelong, without that you will not have recovery for those addicted.
1:35 am
having an insurance card doesn't equate to having good addiction treatment so just because we had ample coverage by the affordable care act or medicaid expansions we have more opioid deaths and fewer people getting addiction treatment they need. heather: what is your solution? >> i agree with the doctor. i will say the road to recovery is long and the climb is steep. that road is made longer and more steep when you remove health insurance from the picture of the family and individual. when you put those burdens on top of a situation that already has individual dealing with addiction the situation is more problematic. the president's focus on the border is a 20th century approach to a 21st-century problem.
1:36 am
much of this is coming in. i don't agree with the president's prescription on this but honorable they are identifying it as a policy challenge. heather: the president in texas talked about $6 billion to buy the opioid epidemic. what is the solution? >> by any empirical measure, it is failure. the federal government of the united states and our constitutional framework has limited policy responses. executing dealing, throwing back bags. and in their graves, the federal government, saving people from themselves. the federal government's primary responsibility is to preserve the sovereign border of the united states, it is not a complete solution but a step in the right direction. majority leader mccarthy's build
1:37 am
the wall, it is going to be helpful with criminal element and sanctuary city. heather: let's talk about that in reference to the border wall and that is the beginning in terms of stopping flow of drugs coming in. >> donald trump is acting like the only lifeline for next and's war on drugs, going before this, and whether is theoretical and actual border wall to stop drugs, we have to stop it from coming across the southern border and from the northern border coming into the us postal service have legally from europe. and strict border control, it will decrease the illegal drugs in the country but needs to be bigger than that.
1:38 am
heather: have the democrats on board this morning, do you think it is wise for democrats to be calling for the abolition of ice when we have this issue coming across the border. >> no is the short answer. i don't think anyone who is serious should be calling for the dismantling of ice at all. heather: you get the final word. >> the supply side of this, the tragedy of the surveillance, people are not addicted to drugs for their pleasure seeking, it is to mask pain and is a difficult circumstance and probably we have to have a great deal of compassion for these people. heather: it is a tough topic to talk about in such a short time because you have to talk about these drugs being prescribed to begin with and alternatives to them and we talked before. >> one thing, by having economic growth, a lot of people out of
1:39 am
poverty and addiction so economic growth focusing on the economy may help. heather: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. foxbusiness alert. are you in a rush? you may not want to grab one of those popular grab and go items, massive recall affecting millions nationwide. they screamed at the sky a liberal snowflakes avenue message, safe spaces to protect themselves from the conservative speaker on campus and that speaker joins us live to react coming up. ♪ ♪ turn out the lights today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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police on long island, new york say pablo pushed and slapped her in their home and prevented her from calling 911. he spent two months in detention for 2010 order of deportation after he was busted in june. washington dc attorney general suing ice for an immigration crackdown. carl rossi argues the agency violated the freedom of information act for not handing over information about the july sweep and says ice, quote, racially profiled and unfairly targeted illegals at random. more than 130 illegals were arrested including violent offenders and gang members. foxbusiness alert. you may want to think twice about those grab and go items. tracy carrasco with foxbusiness is here with a major recall impacting millions of ready to eat meals.
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>> reporter: you may think twice about grab and go, one of those meals or salads at the grocery store. several retailers are pulling off some of these meals, these entrées, burritos, pizzas, salads, whole foods, walmart, 7-11, kroger, trader joe, these meals have been recalled because of listeria and salmonella contamination. they notified the usda saying some of the vegetables, corn, inside these meals may be contaminated with that bacteria. if you grab one of these meals from the grocery store lately check it out, take it back or throw it out. heather: from that which is not appetizing to wendy's selling any size french fries for a dollar. >> reporter: we love a good deal.
1:45 am
wendy's selling french fries, any size, small, medium, large, for one dollar, for a limited time. we don't know how long this will last so take advantage why you can. it doesn't apply if you buy a combo meal. maybe you have to buy them separately. heather: you can buy the fries and frosty to dip them in. thanks. time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and this is how liberal students handle conservative speakers on campus in the past, the new coping method for snowflakes at one college, safe space to get away from our next guest, she is here to set the record straight, she will speak at american university today. here her reaction up next. it was like that feeling when you're mowing the lawn on a sunny day... ...and without even trying, you end up with one last strip that's exactly the width of your mower. when you're done, it looks so good
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heather: american university students planning protests complete with safe spaces ahead of a speech by the breaking news and media editor for the daily caller set for today, the students are pathetic and she joins us live to talk more about it. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. heather: tell us about the speech, originally called don't believe all women but the first thing they did was make a change to the name of the speech and it carried on from there. >> i chose the name of the speech to be jarring because it is an important issue in this current era and the brett kavanaugh hearings that took place a couple weeks ago and the point is to talk about how we balance the support for survivors of sexual assault, making sure innocent people are not railroaded in the process
1:50 am
and in today's culture a mere allegation is enough to ruin someone's life regardless of the credible your merits of the allegation so to think this would be uncontroversial apparently just the invitation sparked protests and safe spaces across campus. heather: what do they make you change the name to? >> the current name is your due process hashtag me too which is a little tamer and and they created a safe space on campus, the women's initiative hosting a safe space for students who might be triggered by it and this is basically comparing opposing viewpoints to physical assault that students need protection from and it is sad to think college campuses have gone from a place where dissent was encouraged and people challenged their ideas and they hide from that. >> it is encouraged but only one
1:51 am
side. let's look at the statement we received from the university. this is the university student group statement and people can read it, we wholeheartedly oppose that with due process and should not be edited, changed or amended but we should be reframing the name of the event to clarify its subject matter. and the american university student government women's initiative and in light of an event taking place on campus on tuesday, october 23rd, with the invalidation of survivors in sharing their stories, they will be opening their office at a safe space from 7:00 to 9:00 pm so do you think the description to begin with is correct? >> of course not. this has nothing to do with disempowering survivors of trying to silence them but to make sure the rights of the
1:52 am
accused and the accusers are protected. that is the point of due process and if the students are so upset over something that is literally written in the fifth amendment of the constitution i fear for the future generation of leaders. heather: crazy to me that colleges and universities, you are supposed to experience different ideas and process through your own and decide if this is what i truly believe there is no way to do that if you are not allowed to hear the other side and we hear about these stories over and over again. >> this is par for the course, we see the same with ben schapiro, miley you not alice back in the day, i graduated from college a couple years ago and when i was in school i tried to attend events with because i disagree with because it made my own views stronger and even sometimes changed my mind and instead of listening to those argument students would rabbits violence speakers and prevent
1:53 am
anyone else from hearing what they have to say. >> they are graduating, across the board. >> good luck on your speech tonight. hope it is successful. we will be right back.
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>> bernie sanders stumping for
1:57 am
two candidates with the rest records, rallying for randy bryce of wisconsin who has been arrested 9 times previously pleading guilty for drunk driving in 1995 and the dreamers administration this past march and sanders will stump for gubernatorial candidate jamie garcia. he has been arrested for not having proof of insurance and disorderly conduct, sanders says he's, quote, proud to support him. we know bernie wants free healthcare and, where harris -- thousand and taxpayer money to fight wealth inequality. he could had the idea of giving $50,000 to lower-income kids to make life purchases on house or college tuition, the money would not be available until they are 18. this would reportedly cost $60 billion if implemented next year.
1:58 am
now it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the good. meet the newest member of the "fox and friends" family, grayson moore who was born monday morning at 3:33 at 3:303 am. the proud dad, chris moore weighing in at 6 pounds and 12 ounces, 19 inches long. the second child offered a loving baby brother, and the big sister, olivia doing great. now the bad, they handcuffed woman, cost on camera. >> what is she doing? >> it is not clear. >> police say they pulled the woman over for driving a stolen car. she managed to jump in the driver seat and take off in the
1:59 am
patrol car. offices arresting era short time later, she's serving 3 years in prison. the ugly, high school seniors testing lower than any other class in years saying the class of 2018 graded out with the lowest marks in 14 years we math alone, scores are the lowest since 2004. many blamed common core standards was i want to say happy birthday to my grandmother who turns 101 today so happy birthday to you. that wraps up "fox and friends first," "fox and friends first" continues. have a great day. >> the democrats of launched an assault on the sovereignty of our country. the security of our nation and the safety of every single american. >> a fox news alert, the president rallying a crowd in
2:00 am
texas to secure the southern border. >> live with the latest on the massive migrant march, bracing for impact, monster storm about to hit mexico that has texas on highland. >> tracking the hurricane's every move. some say former president barack obama. >> when you hear about economic miracles, remember when it started. heather: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ anything can happen ♪ anything can happen


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