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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 25, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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issue of sexual assault or did she mention having been sexually assaulted? >> never, never, once. did she mention that to me. if you know julie swetnick, i know her. if you ask me if i believe her, i don't believe her. >> laura: that's already avanati will fix the whole thing. shannon bream and the fox news @ night team take it from here. who are you rooting out? >> shannon: i am out. my heart is broken. i did a twitter poll. i asked our followers when they thought avanati or grassley would win. it's a landslide. i won't tell you. i will let you guess. thanks, laura. fox news alert. the bomb scares continue as investigators work to find a suspect and a motive. tonight a central florida
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courthouse evacuated after a suspicious package showed up and police investigating a mail sorting facility in the miami-dade area. another suspicious package at the time warner center. and the caravan of migrants pushing forward unfazed by the president's warning to turn around. welcome to fox news @ night. i am shannon bream in washington. we begin with jackie live in new york city with reports of another suspicious package surfaced. good evening, jackie. >> good evening, a second day of evacuations here at the time warner center after packages prompted a bomb squad response. it was a false alarm. this building houses cnn.
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after a live explosive was found in their mail room police made sure there was not a repeat incident. 4 of the 10 mail bombs were found in new york. the latest today at the production office of robert de niro. 2 more to joe biden's office in delaware. none of the 3 reaching their target. because the postal service has no way to screen every package. they're reviewing images from where they believe the packages were processed. >> we have the employees looking for these packages. >> investigators honed in on new york and florida. all 10 bombs being dissected in quantico where investigators are
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scanning for dna and fingerprints and similarities in how they were built. questions remain about how many were operational and the powered packed in. it proved not to be dangerous, the bomb was live. investigators believe all 10 bombs came from the same sender. in new york and across the country a search for a terrorist charges on. >> clearly what we have seen in the last few days is an attack on the media outlets and prominent public figures. we will make sure there is an expanded presence as long as we need it to show very vividly that new york city takes these issues seriously. >> although none of the bombs today reached recipients. many were handled by civilians. the bomb in de niro's office
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first noticed by a security guard and noticeed it looked like the ones on tv. >> shannon: thank you very much. the suspected explosive devices on the left. president trump taking aim at a familiar target. fake news and there has been push back. ed henry is with the latest reaction. >> break tonight tension twblg the president and the media. donald trump jr. calling the network out for nonstop attacks on the presidential family. cnn saying trump has no plan for insighting the serial bomber. despite the fact that investigators don't know about motive.citing the serial bomber.
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despite the fact that investigators don't know about motive. cnn criticized trump. donald trump jr. said jim, did you or your colleagues take any responsibility for your rhetoric calling my families racist and nazis? what about when it happened to my brother. he replied everybody at cnn was terrified for members of your family. and because of your father's rhetoric, we are worried that somebody is going to get hurt. john brennan continued his critatism. he said to the president look in the mirror.icism. he said to the president look in the mirror.
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your critics won't be intimidated into silence. sarah sanders lashed at everyone today. >> day in and out there is a negative tone. 90% of the media attention around this president is negative. the first thing the president did was condemn the violence. the first thing your network did is accuse the president of being responsible for it. that is not okay. >> cnn jack tapper said he didn't hear any colleague say anyone but the bombers were responsible. trump campaign aids noticed that time warner sponsored a play depicting the stabbing death of
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a presidential lookac like. cnn called it brilliant. >> shannon: the caravan headed through mexico. trace gallagher has the latest. >> the numbers were estimated at 7,000. now we know 1700 migrants applied for asylum in mexico and 1,000 others dropped out because of sickness, fear and a longing to go home. reporters on the ground say the 4,000 that are continuing to move north have picked up speed by getting rides on trains and cars. president trump is planing to send 800 troops to the southern border. the defense secretary could sign the order for troops any time. the 800 members on top of the
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20national guard already at the board. and the homeland security secretary exclaimed to martha maccallum how the troops would be used. >> we have asked for air support and vehicle barriers. ways we can make sure i can protect my officers and agents. >> it's unclear if the u.s. troops would be armed. the president sent a message to the people coming, turn around, we are not letting people into the united states. of course migrants who reach the board can stay while their cases are being processed. many say they don't plan to seek
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asylum but do plan to come in the united states. last year the u.s. had more asylum claims of any country in the world. >> shannon: the political tensions at home. two republicans get bless. a congressman got a death threat on social media. they notified captital police. a republican shared this phot of a letter he received that made threats against his children. one of the democrats targeted in the explosive device mailings maxine waters is blasting president trump saying he should take responsibility for political violence. >> he is an expert at lying and
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deceiving and encouraging people in his own way to be violent or racist. >> shannon: vice chair of the dnc michael blake and president of the american conservative union, matt. welcome. matt what do you make of what waters said there? >> there is irresponsible. we have taken political differences and there are plenty out there -- too many -- and the trump haters are turning these bombs and terrible scary incident and saying his rhetoric is responsible for the bombs. at the same time there is an investigation about who sent these packages. it's like maxine waters already determined it came from mar-a-lago. i think the politics are disgusting. they think they will boomerang on the democrats. we should take a pause from politics.
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people's lives could be at stake. let's see what the fbi finds out before we jump to wild, irresponsible conclusions. >> shannon: michael for those who said these came from the right, john had a piece tonight on the new york post. he said the bomber was doing trump no favors. the event casts the light not on critics but on trump. days away from the mid-term we are having this conversation about the president and his role. >> well, first and foremost, thank to the first responders and those in uniform standing up for us in the face of these crises. it's irresponsible to convey
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this is someone who had a tweet last month race baiting. this rhetoric is about fear. let's be clear about this. yes, the investigation is happening. it will be irresponsible for us to make it seem like donald trump has no responsibility in this at all. >> shannon: we are talking about someone who allegedly put together devices full of glass shards and powder to blow up in people's faces? you can't directy linking the president to that action? >> i didn't. let's not put words in democrats's mouth. >> shannon: not to go that. you said the president has to take a role for this? >> absolutely. >> you are blaming the president. let's be clear. you are blaming the president. >> matt, hold on a second. >> shannon: let michael finish. you were pointing a finger at
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the president saying he bears responsibility? >> yes, when you have someone that is calling the press enemies of the state, yes, there is responsibility in the rhetoric happening here. that's different from attributing it to an actual bombing. donald trump has repeatedly been communicating this rhetoric. for to us say there is no bearing would be irresponsible. >> shannon: matt what connection is there? >> none. >> shannon: the president has joked about roughing people up and praising the person who body slammed a reporter.>> well, two things here. at the rally when trump supporters say lock her up meaning hillary clinton. that means hold hillary clinton accountable for her crimes.
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they are not saying blow her up. they are saying there should be a just, legal response to the steps she took. they criticized him for saying cnn sucks. cnn needs to be more balanced. it's an irresponsible leap to say that implies they want these people to get bombed. you have eric holder. the former chief law enforcement of the united states of america saying it's okay to kick people. hillary clinton saying you don't have to be civil. you have republicans out of restaurants and republican candidates who have been stabbed. the idea this is about donald trump and cnn alone is incorrect. >> shannon: i want to play something -- >> i have received a death threat myself. matt did a tweet last month
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saying to conservative photos looking at this phot talking about democratic people of color. >> so i am a racist. this is where you guys always go. >> shannon: stop here! matt, what was the tweet? >> last month, there was a tweet sent out by matt with a photo of three democratic people of color and said conservative voters in these states, look at this photo. that's the epitome of racism. >> i would like to respond. every trump supporter listening to this interview can see what democrats do they call us facist and racist. you just called me a racist. the facts are when those senators including dianne feinstein who was mentioned in the tweet. i talked about anglo democrat
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senators who went after brett kavanaugh. i said their actions in attacking the reputation of brett kavanaugh were reprehensible. you make it about race. i don't care what the color is. >> you are lying on national tv. >> [overlapping talking]. >> shannon: gentlemen. >> i won't put up with this. >> shannon: we appreciate you both weighing in. love to see you back soon. president trump proposes a new plan to lower drug prices. the war over healthcare let's up. >> we are here to announce another bold and historic action to bring down the price of prescription drugs. >> shannon: and chris will break down key mid-term races. millions are already casting their balt on thes. hat, girl? [ engine revving ] flo needs help?!
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(woman) learned ao play second language. applied to college. applied for a loan. started a business. started a blog. shared a picture. shared a moment. turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. mid-terms democrats don't want to focus on caravan. they want to talk about harlot. -- healthcare. we look into this tonight. >> from the stump earlier this week to a white house event
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yesterday. >> together we ever are going to end drug addiction in america. >> a speech today. >> today we will announce a bold and historic action to bring down the price of drugs. >> with obamacare at a 54% approval rating is democrats need to move left and they are. >> i support forcing insurance companies to cover all pre-existing conditions. >> florida governor rick scott promises to protect the little guy. >> my mom didn't have health insurance. you should not be denied healthcare insurance if you have a preexisting condition.
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>> bill never improved healthcare other to make the cost and premiums and co-payments go up. >> democrats rank healthcare as the top issue. compared to 17% of republicans. forcing republicans like rick desantis has painting democracy as moving too far left. >> i support expanding medicaid for 800,000 people in florida. >> defense is a good offense. the republicans have a lot of ground to makeup in 2 weeks. voters trust democrats over republicans on healthcare by a 16 point margin. >> shannon: thanks. we will focus on 3 key tight mid-term races with fox news
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politics editor chris and the author of the new best seller. every man a crown. are you going to show up in a crown? >> i do. but they make me take it off. you are the royalty here. >> shannon: let's talk about north carolina. district 9. >> no question that you know how close the republican control of the house is being. if they invest this much effort. north carolina doesn't have a senate race. they don't have a gubernatorial race. it's 1 of 435 house races. you have the president and vice-president going down to save this seat. one of the are the things about this, just as barack obama found, you can't go everywhere. there is a limited number of places. this is not a good time for donald trump to be in ohio or in pennsylvania.
8:24 pm
he took a move into pennsylvania before. his numbers are low. where he is not so popular anymore. north carolina will increase democrat intensity but there are enough republicans out there. >> shannon: let's turn to florida. this new poll, they have this in a dead heat. the senate race. governor scott and senator nelson. >> in the average senator nelson has been ahead 5 to 6 points. this is the first poll that we have seen in quite a while that has the race close. it was close once and scott had an advantage in the early going. we will wait and see. is this poll an out lier or the beginning of a trend?
8:25 pm
for scott he needs to, to be starting a trend now. with early voting already going on. the time is running out quickly. >> shannon: that's a state where there are big things on the gal on the. -- ballots. the governor's race. that factors into who turns out. >> and a state that likes to decide elections narrowly. >> shannon: michigan as well. we have a 4-term incumbent there. john james this business owner and a military guy. he was down 33 points in september. this new point says 7. is there a shot for the gop? >> there is always a shot. baylor down 50 might have won. anything is possible. this is a poll for the detroit news. the races have tightened. bill the republican nominee for
8:26 pm
governor. both races are close. i would tell everybody this. as you get closer to the end, undecided voters lie. some people flatter themselves and say i might change my mind. name identification for the candidates go up and people return to their partisan roots. whether or not james has enough mojo. he is a very good candidate. a dynamic candidate. in a different year he might be in a better condition. >> shannon: next time we expect to see you with a crown and a robe. chris, thank you. a manhunt is underway for a suspect in those mailings of pipe bombs. officials confirming there is a region of interest. >> law enforcement has proven they will find the perpetrators.
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>> this has to be taken with the utmost seriousness. as far as a hoax advice we are not treating it that way. >> shannon: the search for a suspect. investigates are focus on florida, new york and maryland as regions of interest and officials are treating the packages as live devices. former special agent fred burton and fox news contributor former u.s. assistant tarrant. -- attorney. the "washington post" says there
8:32 pm
is a treasure trove of forensic information since they were found intact. it means fib investigators it look for patterns and the method of mailing and: fred, they have a lot of information we the public don't yet know about? >> absolutely. i would not be surprised with the focus on the mail facilities in florida that they have actually some tv footage of good suspects in and out of there. if you think about this in context with the recent bomber here and the resources devoteed to hunt him down. this is an example of what is taking place behind-the-scenes. >> shannon: what was the intent here? the headline is packages
8:33 pm
designed to spread fear rather than destruction. but none of the ten devices have ignited. investigators suspect that a would be bomb maker is inept or the packages were intended to inflict fear rather than injury or death. they know the difference rather quickly? >> yes, although it's interesting. i think fred can attest to this as well. at the beginning of the investigation, when it is just one or two packages, you have to take the position that these are live bombs. this is somebody who intends to commit mass murder. when you get to the point where you are 36 hours fast forward. now you have ten devices and
8:34 pm
nothing has gone off. in fact what we are also hearing is that most of the time when you are dealing with packages like this, the idea is they are boopy trapped. the act of opening them detonates them. that hasn't happened tr. the act of opening them detonates them. that hasn't happened here. you have to shift the theory that we are dealing with somebody who intended to frighten rather than have these things detonate. that's important in your investigation. this is somebody who intended for these devices to be captured intact. all of your assumptions we have all of this rich forensic evidence. that's true. if the guy is somebody who is more sophisticated and didn't expect these things to go off, you are dealing with an anc did kind of offender. >> shannon: fred, i learned a
8:35 pm
lot in this process. the u.s. service takes images of in coming mail. will that speed up getting answerses about that? >> absolutely. the other interesting aspect they would be worried about based on the news coverage would be a tactical shift with the bomb maker. that's what we saw with the recent model here in austin. he watches the news footage and then he adjusts his mo. will we see a shift? will we see a real device? god forbid. that's the fbi joint terrorism task forces focussed on along with looking at all of the other databases files that the state department has. i would not be surprised if this person is not a record in those
8:36 pm
files once we learn his identity. >> shannon: read andy's piece and i will tweet that as well. fred and andy, thank you both. hundreds of italians mourning a slain teen. the teen was attacked in a neighborhood in rome. more police will be sent to that air to fight crime. three suspects all imgrans from africa were detained for the murder. in lebanon clashes in refugee champs. -- campus. two seriously injured. a week ago clashes in the same refugee camp led to two killed and more than 20 injured. the self--jet was chosen to replace the aging f-16's.
8:37 pm
a 4.5 billion dollars deal. they join britain, netherlands and italy and turkey to buy the planes. there was a big debate about the tweet from a conservative commentator. this was during the kavanaugh hearings. michael blake claimed this tweet is racist. it has shows 3 of the biggest objectors to brett kavanaugh. look at this photo. several are red states with democrats up for reelection. they debated it. see it for yourself and make your own decision. the president issues a stern warning to the caravan. they are still pushing north.
8:38 pm
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: asked in the troops sent to the border would be home. homeland security secretary said the rules of engagement are up to the pentagon but migrants will be stopped. william is traveling with the caravan. >> no medicare.
8:42 pm
you know it's hard for everybody. >> he got deported from a construction job in south carolina. vargs was deported after a traffic violation. both are going back. >> my boy, say when you come back? i needed at my company. i say maybe 35 days. >> most of the caravan never lived in the u.s. >> [speaking foreign language]. >> we are a big family. my children are young and we are looking for the american dream. >> we for southern mexico about 2000 miles from from the border at san diego or 1,000 miles from texas. some will ride or pay $2 a person and get in a taxi van and hopscotch town to town. sleeping and walking a little
8:43 pm
bit through mexico to the u.s. border. there is a train but it's dangerous. the farther north the caravan of splinter. some will go to the east. majority of go west and some will cross illegally. others will ask for asylum. >> are you worried about not being allowed in? >> yes, a lot. it's a long way with the children for nothing. >> the goal tomorrow is a town 62 miles away. it's also home to a freight train called the beast. many migrants will try to hop that train because it moves quicker. they can cover in one hour what it takes 1 day to walk. mexico said this will disrupt that train. that remains to be seen. >> shannon: thank you very much.
8:44 pm
white house fact sheet on the issue claims democrats are open border obstructionists. an author writes we don't admit thousands of undocumented immigrants in a caravan. but we are a country of compassion. let's bring in our guests. welcome to you both. i want to play something that vice-president pence said today about the situation. >> department of homeland security issued a statement saying gang members and criminals with significant criminal history are in the caravan. that include citizens from outside of central america including the middle east, africa and south asia that are traveling through mexico toward the united states of america. those are the facts.
8:45 pm
>> shannon: how do we vet the people who want to come here? >> we already have a process for vetting. at the border they can ask for asylum. you figure out if they have credible fear. those that don't will be returned back to their country. it's something the u.s. continues to do. we have to remember these people in the context in which they come is very difficult. talking about a maximum number of 10,000 depending on the numbers you believe. i believe the u.s. has the ability to deal with this crisis. it's part of the course of what is going on. >> part of the problem is there a huge backlog in the system of processing people for legal immigration and asylum request. nobody is cleaning up the situation in d.c.
8:46 pm
>> after we watched what happened in europe in 2015, the u.s. congress hasn't stepped up to close the loopholes taking place in our asylum system. everybody in that caravan that are bringing miners know if they get to the u.s. and ask for asylum they will be given a court date and can disappear for years and taxpayers are supposed to pay money to find them. the democratic party says anybody who is not a violent felon or a terrorist should not be deported. the illegal population continues to swell. court backlogs grow. people are rational. they are getting into that caravan because they know what to expect on the other side. the trump administration is dealing 2 hands tied behind its back because congress failed to
8:47 pm
deliver the good. build the wall and speedy process. any alien who hasn't applied for asylum in mexico should be returned on the next plane. no reason for this country to look at asylum claims for people who are shopping on where to live. >> shannon: a couple of things there. the border patrol put out new numbers. talking about the number of people who come for claims are turned away or disappear into the system. what about this issue that is brought up. why not stop in another country? why come to the u.s.? >> we have to look at this issue from a trans-national perspective. the foreign policy of this nation have created continues in the country that are unbearable. the people in the caravan they are in a exodus. do we stay and die?
8:48 pm
they understand the laws of this country. i know it's not an easy task. you mentioned before how difficult it would be for those people to undertake this trip. it's not something they take lightly. unfortunately the conditions in the country are not one that can sustain their life. >> shannon: what about mexico? why not stop there and seek asylum there? >> some have. over 100 people have. we need to ensure that mexico is not given a free pass. they need to strengthen their humanitarian protections. this is a humanitarian issue that will end up at our doorstep. we as americans have to decide what values do we have? >> we established the people coming in are are disrespecting the laws of guatemala and mexico. mexico is not enforcing its
8:49 pm
immigration laws. people all over the world coming in through guatemala. this is a national security problem. if mexico doesn't enforce its own immigration law we have a big security problem with mexico failing to act. once they get inside the u.s., the aclu will be there and there is an injunction and they are all in. >> shannon: thank you very much very much. a new story from the saudis about the killing of journalist cash next. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ not in this house.
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can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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>> shannon: prosecutors of admitting the death of jamal khashoggi was planned. to mitigate the outcry over their original explanation. the country lifted travel restrictions on khashoggi's oldest son. >> the state department said
8:54 pm
secretary pompeo was in the briefing. while in circumstance haskell heard an audio recording of jamal khashoggi's murder. the saudi government released a at the same time that the investigators received information the turkish said that the suspects committed their act with a premeditated intention. saudi arabia said the turkish government relayed this to saudi officials. the saudi government claim khashoggi left the conalate and then he was in a brawl. then they said that was untrue. there was a hit squad that planned his murder. saudi arabia has allow khashoggi's son and his family to leave the country.
8:55 pm
secretary pompeo made clear they should alou him to return to the united states. the saudi government said the royals expressed their condolences to its khashoggi's family and his family responded with great thanks. the associated press reports last year the saudi government banned khashoggi's son of leaving the country because of what his father was writing. criticisms of the government. >> shannon: all right. we want to tell you about a small apartment building in seattle for 50 years. christians abiding by the year of jubilee. you forgive every debt. they decided the 11 tennants living in their building, they
8:56 pm
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and i want to thank everybody who are the border who made this a great day. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the apparent pipe bombs have received huge media attention in the past few days and rightly so. the whole thing is horrifying. but they are not isolated acts. it's supposedly part of the landscape in this country. threats, envelopes filled with white powder and physical attacks. every day, are more examples of this. the details remain sparse but the reaction has been predictable and depressing.


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