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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it's time to revise the building all women rule. democrats believe all women who are useful to them. the rest are ignored and attack. back monday night for the show that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. have the best weekend. >> ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." a suspect believed to be responsible for this week's mail bomb scare was arrested. we will tell you what we know about this deranged individual. weer day 4 of the media's shameful attempt to connect president trump, fox news and me to the horrible actions of a madmen. we will take on the left wing,
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smear mumpeds. -- merchants. we have a very important update on the migrant caravan and only 11 days until the mid-terms. stay tuned. buckle up. time for our breaks opening monologue. tonight president trump announced that person allegedly responsible for the mail bomb scare is in custody. >> i am pleased to inform you that law enforcement apprehended the suspect and take him into custody. >> [cheers and applause]. >> an incredible job by law enforcement. we carried out a far-reaching federal, state and local investigation. to find the person or persons responsible for these events. these terrorizing act are
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despicable and have no place in our country. i have instructed authorities to spare no expense to find those responsible and thing them to swift and certain justice. >> [cheers and applause]. >> we must never allow political violence to take root in america. we can't let it happen. i am committed to doing everything in my power as president to stop it and to stop it now. >> sean: menn. oo amen. federal officials thanks to their hard work and determination, here's what we know about the subject. -- suspect. the name is cesar sayoc. a middled age resident with a long track record with theft, drug charges and made a bomb threat back this 2002.
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and sayac has dozens of felony and misdemeanor charges. he filed for bankruptcy in 2012 when he was living with his mother. his van was covered with many bizarre bumper stickers and his social media accounts were equally odd. this is a picture of an irrational man who is deeply troubled. the president said we want anybody responsible for this bomb scare to be held responsible. if sayac is found guilty he should go to prison for a long period of time. sayacoc is found guilty he should go to prison for a long period of time. say sayoc. we solve our problems at the ballot box.
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what we have witnessed in the mainstream media and the left the media rushed to judgment and put facts last. they did anything and everything possible to link president trump and anyone who supports him to this act of terrorism. even the graphics on fake news cnn blaming trump calling the bomb victims trumps targets. it was worse on-air. this should make your heart sink. >> the list of targets was out of trump's playbook. the bomber's enemies were his enemies. he said again and again and again. >> everybody should stop pretending that trump doesn't know what he is doing. that when he says these things
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he knows what he is trying to encourage. >> donald trump fails the country. he fails and democrats and republicans and all americans in between. >> he refused to acknowledge what role his rhetoric played in cultivating the current political climate. >> the president has an obligation to stop picking on the reporters. >> the president created a culture of comfort for actual violence. he spends most of his time at his rallies throwing verbal bombs at all of the people that receive these bombs in the mail. >> sean: and one fake news cnn analyst blamed yours truly for the bomb scare relating to robert mueller. -- robert de niro. >> why robert de niro? he hasn't criticized the president. what sean hannity said had a
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direct link. >> may have. we don't know the motive. you see a pattern between the president's attacks on twitter and echoed by fox news. de niro is not like the others. why robert de niro? october 15th sean hannity blasted robert de niro where he said the trump allies made a deal with the devil. robert de niro calling us devil worshippers. it's playing the victim card. >> sean: he is lying and ignorant and irresponsible. he is the walking embodement of why so many americans just don't trust the media. why they chant "cnn sucks." maybe he should watch "hannity" or listen to my radio show.
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he would see how i call on political vilification in this country to stop. especially the confrontations. i deplore it. he would know how much i value law and already and the safety of everyone including people i disagree with passionately. for example, when president obama's security was threatened in 2014, i spoke out over and over again how we need to protect our president even though i had strong disagreements with him. watch this. >> we have the fence jumper who made it past the stairs going up to the residence. we have the second incident in 2011, 6 shots fired at the white house. took them 4 days to determine it was nothing to with the white house. then a guy with a gun got on an elevator with the president of
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the united states. isis, our enemies are watching us. we have to protect our president. >> sean: every elected official deserves security. everyone deserves safety. my heart goes out to anyone who was ever threatened or harmed. i know firsthand how it feels i have been through white powder mailed to me saying it was anthrax. i had treats to myself and my family. lunatics have no political boundaries. to suggest that criticism is the motivating force behind one fringe violent individual is lazy, john, and just nothing but a cheap attempt to capitalize off a series incident.
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you should be ashamed of yourself. i never blamed bernie sanders because one of his loyal supporters shot republican lawmakers and nearly killed steve scalise on a baseball field. i said the opposite. take a look. >> i am not blaming bernie sanders. >> of course. >> this was one nut. remember the bernie sanders reporter that targeted republicans at baseball practice leaving congressman steve scalise fighting for his life? was the media blaming democrats for that? no. they should not have. i don't blame bernie sanders either. it would be irresponsible to tie him to what one nut supporter does. i said many times there are deranged individuals on both sides of the islewood. they and they alone are responsible for their evil actions. this brings us to our next point. all of the mainstream media
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condemns destructive rhetoric from only the right. reflect inward first. in the past 24 hours the anti-trump from the destroy trump media is despicable. we have the tape. >> when you keep stirring that pot and you have the president of the united states, people listen to him. he is not on a talk show. this is whipping up people. you will see people respond. >> he was elected to be president of the united states, not a mental patient. >> this is escalating. it will probably get worse if he doesn't change his tone. >> sean: maybe they should lecture maxine waters. follow them to stores and gas stations. the hatred of all things trump
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have been boiling over since the day he and melania came down the escalator. here is a small sampling of the insanity. >> if you see anybody from that party in a department store or a gas station, you get up and you tell them they are not welcomed. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. what you care about. >> when they go low, we go high. no, no. when they go low, we kick them. >> how dare him say the things he does? i want to punch him in the face. >> right. >> [laughing]. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot of blowing up the white house. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? it's been a while. >> maybe it's time.
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>> journalists who try to come what the truth is. >> i want to read the definition of treason. >> we see a shadow government come out to say we can't side with the government. >> the guy wants to kill us. >> there was a sign hung up outside of the white house, if you are not white, you are not welcome. >> sean: it was rhetoric like that, it's odd they blame donald trump for the actions of a lunatic. since deranged far left individuals we have been watching for weeks threatening republicans all over the country. just in recent weeks. we have been warning you and rand paul warned you: something horrible will happen. it doesn't matter if it's left or right. the left silenced had it's their side. it's deafening and worse.
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some elected officials sent out marching orders to harass cabinet officials and candidates. white powered mailed to president trump. secretary of defense and the fbi director wray and haskell. the president's son was targeted with a suspicious package. a trump bumper sticker was set on fire. 2 republicans candidates in minnesota who were punched. one a woman and another man with severe injuries. 6 weeks, bad concussion. republican campaign manager in nevada was assaulted. dozens more incident of vandalism and top republicans stalked in airports and run out of restaurants. we have shown you this videotape. while we condemn act of violence on both sides of the aisle, when
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something happens to a conservative, democrats are missing in action and silent. we will have more. first more big news on the looming crisis at our southern border. the migrant caravan is moving north. defense second mattis approved a request to send more troops to the border to bolster the actions of the border patrol. the president said turn back. he is mulling an executive border to bar entry of all migrants at the u.s.-mexico border which he has the authority to do. back to our top story. joining us now is dr. sebastian gorka and bernie. welcome both. congrats on your book.
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a best seller. bernie, from day 1, you said they would catch him between 48 and 22 hours. -- and 72 hours. you were dead on the mark. you said last night it was imminent. >> right. there was an enormous amount of evidence. the packaging. the devices that should have a trigger mechanism to explode upon opening. that didn't work. when you take the technology that we have today and the unbelievable working ability of the joint terrorist task force and the fbi and the new york city pd. you can't beat it. they did a phenomenal job. >> sean: the thing is, we were talking about 13 bombs here. the big question to me: 13 times these bombs are
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designed the minute you open it they are supposed to explode. we were told by the fbi director wray they had powered and shrapnel inside the pipe. simply made. you can see this garbage on the internet sadly. how is it that none exploded? lucky or he didn't know what he was doing? or maybe designed not to explode? >> did you see there man? come on. i don't think it was an explosive expert. he saw something in a magazine or wanted to create something that looked heinous. the bottom line is, i know guys that work for me that looked at this stuff and burst out into laughter and said it will never happen. the bottom line is, it was in the device itself. there may be material that could
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be explosive. what the fbi may be talking about. keep in mind, sean, for charging instruments in the doj by a u.s. attorney, they want to make sure the element are there for a crime for them to charge this guy. it will be a while before they make a determination of exactly what they consisted of and their ability to detonate. we are lucky. the guy was a dud and had a bunch of duds he sent out. >> sean: thank god nobody got hurt. dr. sebastian gorka, i said this and rand paul said it and we saw it in the kavanaugh hearings. things were hot. i suggested we might have to clear the halls of congress. it was getting too hot. then we have pam bondi run out of a motive theater. and sarah sanders and her kids run out of a restaurant. it continues. ted cruz and his wife.
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then mitch mcconnell last weekend. the left's silence was deafening. something happens and they say this guy might be a trump supporter. now we will speak out. it's hypocrisy. it doesn't matter where the violence comes from. we settle differences like we can in 11 days at the ballot box. >> that list you showed in your monologue is shocking even for myself who is not hypnotized by the fake news complex. that list of incidents should be shocking to all americans. it tells you one thing: violence against those you disagree with is okay for one party in america and one party alone. it's the democrats. there is no equivalent of antifa on the right. i would like to see a fractions of the coverage devoted to what
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the commissioner called the duds that this dud shipped out. i would like to see a fractions of that coverage for the president's former daughter-in-law who was sent to the hospital because of that white powered device. >> sean: the media -- they have been waging war to delegitimize this president before he got elected. >> since the beginning. >> sean: if the president says they are fake news, he is not advocating violence against news people. that's their big claim to fame. it's sad they are so sanctimonious and they think they are the most important people and can't be called out for their bias. the bias is evident every day. >> fake news is exactly what we have to call these outlets. when you have these outlets talking about the russia solution for 2 years.
6:20 pm
when you hear them talking about the racism of the president. a man in one of his first actions pardoned an african-american heavyweight boxer who was prosecuted for racial reasons and pardoned a black grandmother put in prison for being a drug dealer. they peddle fake news. i will use that phrase until they act like journalists and so will the president. >> sean: bernie, last word? >> just one thing i want to touch on. the fake news. cnn the mainstream media, every day they legitimize the president's complaints and his frustration and his anger by their own coverage. >> sean: you walked off the set of cnn? >> i did. 2 nights ago i walked off. >> sean: why? >> i went on to talk about the bombs. to give the american public some
6:21 pm
insight. they let john brennan rant about the president. >> sean: unbelievable. this should be a moment we all come together and agree on. when we come back busy breaking news. update on the suspect and more on the biassed media blaming the president and talk radio and fox news for this terrible deed. we continue. hi. i'm diego. and for me, there is only one choice -- crunch. ♪ delicious 100% real chocolate embracing the lightness of crispy rice. crunch. the chocolate bar all americans love.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. i am phil in florida. the fbi matched a finger print
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in the budget cent to maxine waters 4 days after the first bomb was discovered. 56-year-old of cesar sayoc seen here is walked from the fbi office. he include 5 accounts. it all went down this morning in an auto zone parking lot. his van was covered in charged political stickers and president trump glorified and hillary clinton's face in cross harris. -- hairs. the fbi said each package could have exploded and been deadly. >> sean: the media is proving how biassed they are.
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they are blame being fox and the usual go to president trump. >> the natural state of being is to not worry about the great consequences. >> do you think he knows what he is doing in terms of rhetoric encouraging people to take action like the person who sent the bombs? >> yes. >> everybody in trump's scope, his focus, they for danger. critical danger. their lives threatened. >> sean: these people don't watch their own shows and the language they do use every day? fake news cnn's john king went on the air yesterday and saying with his words no one is blaming president trump. even as the lower 3rd banner on the screen was blaming president trump. you can't make this up. it's true. >> no one is blaming the president. the president wants to make this
6:28 pm
about him. >> sean: excuse me. joining us now tammy bruce and joe. tammy, i see you laughing. i don't know whether to laugh or cry. i don't think they watch their own shows. >> it's remarkable to watch this unfold. while these are different dynamics, this horrible situation with the man arrested in florida, attempts at violent crime and sexual assault in the judge kavanaugh case and in the caravan the plight of people around the world looking for a better life matched with a need for a strong border. what the media has done in every single one of these attached to the american left and the democrat party is to use these issues against us. to twist them. not report them as they exist and to use politically. everything they see is through this dynamic of trying to destroy one man because they
6:29 pm
can't stand the fact that they lost an election. for the american people, as we come up to the mid-terms, this is why it's more absurd is don't be duped. this is a problem for the regular base. when there is something the media needs to address with the federal government, perhaps with the president, no one will take them seriously because they have be-clowned themselves in addition to harming everyone across the board. all of these issues, they transcend politics. the media is destroying their own industry and harming every american who cares about violent crime. this is a career criminal. they will always find an excuse as was the man who did the gop shooting at the baseball
6:30 pm
diamond. he had a history of domestic violence assaulting his foster daughter. these are people who will find an excuse to exact their violence. it has nothing to do with politics. it's violent individuals in the middle of 350 million people, it's remarkable that so few people act in this manner. we should be proud of this country. proud of every single american and remember that. >> sean: joe, your job, you get paid to watch a lot of this garbage. i would not want your job to be blunt. you have this idiot on cnn suggesting i figured out why is robert de niro on the list. because sean hannity was critical. i was critical of de niro saying he wants to punch the president of the united states in the face and calling him a punk, a dog, a mutt and words i can't say on
6:31 pm
tv. he should have joined me in that criticism. i never told anyone to go after de niro nor would i. for weeks on this program, i have been saying, people need to calm down! >> de niro made the f-donald trump comment on cbs for and other comments on abc. de niro's comments were everywhere. just because you criticized him and they say you are responsible for de niro receiving an explosive device, that's reckless. we keep having pundits on cable news playing psychologists. joe scarborough said the president had early on-set dementia. you are not a doctor.
6:32 pm
one said trump will bear no responsibility for the serial bomber. for americans who don't trust the media, the media doesn't learn from their mistakes. 2011 gabby giffords in a horrible shooting and sarah palin is blamed because he put out flyers to target that district. >> sean: the exxoneration barely makes a beep. he had no political association and was not incited by palin. go ahead. >> one element, before they even knew who would be arrested. we had no idea who was sending these bombs around. the media, they know they have a window. no matter what the end result will be. they have a window to where they
6:33 pm
can change and create the narrative. of course once again they misunderstood what the american people want. they are disconnected with how we view this. that's their abandonment of their jobs and the american people and the importance of delivering real news. >> sean: fake news is not a call to violence. >> no, it's not. >> sean: it's a dread on truthful statement. all of these people, joe, were silent when these republican cabinet members were run out of restaurants by mobs. cnn said you can't say it's a mob. >> you can't have it both ways and say president trump's rhetoric is triggering violence and then ignore maxine waters who says run people out of
6:34 pm
restaurants and kick them. you can't have it both ways. >> sean: bitterly partisan but claim they are fair and they are not. when we come back, the migrant caravan making its way through mexico. president trump is thinking about an executive order to hold migrants ever entering the southern border. more news straight ahead. today...
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>> ♪ >> sean: fox news reports that president trump is mulling an executive order to halt asylum seekers from entering our southern border. joining us the best selling author of the russian hoax, fox news legal analyst greg jarrett
6:39 pm
and fox news reporter sarah carter. she just got back from guatemala in an exclusive investigation of the caravan. with the military being set up on the border, their plans are to create barriers as quickly as possible in case there is a rush on the border. sarah? >> yes, that's exactly it. not only concerned about a rush coming across the border. we saw that in mexico and in guatemala. it's very dangerous. an it's enormous problem. the military is there to conduct logistics. resources even though they have grown, they are limited. border patrolls, ice is overwhelmed. with this mass of people coming over. it will be a big problem. speaking to sources in ice and border patrol over the last few days, there is a reason why the president wants to initiate or halt this asylum process. there has been a big problem
6:40 pm
with credible fear applications. they are processing people through over the last 8 years and not questioning some of the circumstances around their credible fear. anything from a political prisoner to my husband beats me up. i heard a story where my neighbor was a witch. everybody was processed in. this is a big problem with that. the president needs to look at that. >> sean: nobody can vouch for anybody coming across the border. even if 99% are good people who want a good future. they have to do it lylely. -- legally. the silence on the left, all democrats. it's deafening. they want to eliminate ice and want open borders and don't want the wall. they want sanctuary city. their silence is deafening. the president has the authority on every aspect of this to do what he needs to do. >> it's not a violation of the
6:41 pm
posse act of 1878. that bars the military from performing domestic law enforcement functions. that's not what this is. look at the pictures. this is an invading force that already with force bashed through the guatemala fence. you are right to point out, we don't know who these people are individually. they may have criminal records and some may be armed. the president has the legal authority to order troops down there. they are logistical support. the president would be derelict in his constitutional authority if he didn't do that. there are the pictures going through the fence. there are other pictures that are more graphic. this is what they are threatening to do the united states. >> sean: i would imagine as part of this, we have a few weeks before they get up here.
6:42 pm
it would seem we don't want to have one side of the border 14,000 people doing what we saw them do in mexico, knock down a fence and rush across. in the weeks leading up to it, i believe there has to be some type of barrier installed if possible. >> well, what i think they will try to do, and they are working closely with the mexican government to see what can be done on mexico's part to turn people around. i was down there interviewing them. some of the people were lied to. others were part of the movement. they were bussed in by leftist groups in honduras who said this is your chance. walk straight ahead. the americans will let you in. no way they can stop you. they were trained on what to say to get through our asylum
6:43 pm
process. somethings that to be done. this is why the guatemala and mexican governments and why president trump is being tough on them. turn these people under. there is a process to come into the country legally. we won't allow our border to be run over, period. >> sean: we know president trump. i can guarantee you this is not a barack obama redline in the sand. >> that's right. >> sean: this caravan will be stopped. if mexico allows them to make it to our southern border. i pray it doesn't happen. i don't want to see anybody hurt here. nor do i want to see our country invaded by 14,000 people none of whom have been vetted. >> the alternative for the president is to shutdown the border completely which would be economically devastating for mexico and would get their attention to stop this caravan before it gets to our border. >> sean: it seems like that will happen, right?
6:44 pm
>> the president has the authority to do it. reagan and bush did it. it could be done again. >> absolutely. and people are already hurt. the children that are there. some are being trafficked. some of the children have been trampled. they are putting women and children in the front of the lines. this is mostly men. people are already being hurt. nobody should support this type of movement. this is a threat to central america and the united states and the people in these groups. >> sean: the great irony, if we did have a call, it would create safety for america and it would be safer for the people that will end up on the other side of the wall. a far safer situation for everybody. thank you. when we come back, only 11 days until the mid-terms. senator lindsey graham campaigning can senator dean heller in nevada.
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most important mid-term election in our lifetime. republican s continue to rally voters. republican senator dean heller is gaining momentum in nevada. and senator heller joins us from vegas, along with the man of the moment. lindsey graham who saved jfb. -- judge kavanaugh. good to see you. i like it better when you are on our side, my side.
6:50 pm
i was out. there i saw the crowd in vegas. a lot of enthusiasm. but the reality is nevada is tight all the time. >> yes. as you well know. nevada is a purple state. this is my fifth statewide race. they come down to the last couple of weeks. we are on the bubble with the wind to our backs. that's the way it is working out now. to have guys like lindsey graham come out and campaign for me. he gets a bigger crowd than biden gets in nevada. >> [laughing]. >> sean: you are both in trouble. >> [laughing]. >> sean: the only state i am worried about is florida. i think rick scott will come
6:51 pm
back. and ron desantis for governor. i think blackburn will win. i don't think mccaskil is going back to the senate after she lied to the people of missouri about who she is. heidi heitkamp i think is a possible pick up in montana. if people in indiana stay away the libertarian candidate he will say good-bye in january. senator graham, what are the top issues? >> attitude. dean heller is a happy warrior. what kind of country are we going to be? do we respect elections or destroy a conservative candidate no holes barred.
6:52 pm
kavanaugh is an issue. if you really were disgusted by what happened to this fine man, you have a chance to send a signal. they won't stop until they lose. when dean wins it's over. >> sean: nevada is key and same with tennessee. newt gingrich said it's about kavanaugh, this caravan that is making its way to our southern borders. i add the mobs confronting cabinet numbers and their women and families. we have record low unemployment in 14 states for african-americans, hispanic american americans, asian americans and
6:53 pm
women. i don't want that to stop. >> let me add one more thing. we noticed for the first 20 months of the trump presidency, his numbers are starting to move in nevada. he stayed pretty consistent. he is above 50% now. when he jumped within the last 30 days, you are starting to see trump movement. that's helping all of us. >> sean: yes. senator graham, putting aside the senate for a minute. way back in your past you were a house member. much harder read on the house. it seems like with all the retirements. 45. history not working with us. the house is more of an uphill climb. your thoughts on the house? >> well, i just left california. we got 14 republicans and the party chairman. there is a post-kavanaugh bond.
6:54 pm
if you are a republican and you are not energized by kavanaugh and the caravan you are probablily legally dead. our people have every reason to vote. kavanaugh reminded us what they would do with power. the caravan reminds us of how weakness invites aggression. this caravan needs to be stopped and president trump will stop temperature -- it. the better we do in the senate the better we do in the house. >> sean: seats in california, i identified 6 on website. they are very important seats. as it your senator. we wish you the best. the key to a great night on election night will be watching you hopefully get reelected in nevada. when we come back, the video of the day. a preview of the great one.
6:55 pm
mark lei have been is back. [2.
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>> ♪ >> sean: this weekend the great one mark levin is back and hosting newt gingrich on his show. here's a sneak preview. >> 60% of the democratic party is a radical party. mccarthy said this is a campaign between america and social. it's not between democrats and republicans. i this think is the socialist party of the united states. you look at places like venezuela and you have to ask yourself: how could any rational person favor the socialism every time it's tried is a disaster. >> you think this is about
7:00 pm
american versus socialism? >> yes. >> sean: the great one back 10 p.m. on the fox news channel. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy trump media. laura ingraham is next. see you monday. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham from washington. we are here to break the news down. former fbi agent terry and steve rogers and matt and herman but first this is a fox news alert. the department of justice announcing an arrest made in connection with the explosive packages sent to democrats and a media outlet. cesar sayoc was taken into custody in