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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 28, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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let's say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at howie: president trump and the media escalate their rhetoric. but who is to blame for the pipe bombs. >> you blame us, we are the victims here. >> it's disgusting. they just sent a bomb to cnn and the president doesn't say a word about that and tells us we are to blame. >> the idea donald trump is responsible for these attacks is patently absurd any more than hillary clinton was responsible for the shooting of steve sca
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lease. >> president trump is responsible for rhetoric that made it almost inevitable that members of the media would be targeted. >> we are on day four of what is the media's shameful attempt to connect president trump, fox news, talk radio, even me to the horrible actions of a madman. howie: that debate extend to a synagogue in pittsburgh where there were 11 lives lost. constant coverage of the caravan. the left accuses him of stirring up his base and lying in the process. >> the democrats had nothing to
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do with a movement of people in central america so donald trump could use that as a campaign device to lie about so he can lie about it to his desperately fearful supporters. >> they go look what trump is doing. they are a bunch of hypocrites. howie: former communications chief anthony scaramucci said yeah, he lied, but his supporters don't care. nbc dumped megyn kelly from the "today" so after her fierce comments about dressing up in blackface. >> i'm megyn kelly and i want to start with two words. i'm sorry. howie: why was that apology not enough. this is "mediabuzz."
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president trump's initial response to the first wave of pipe bomb attacks was telling both sides to tone it down. president trump the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and stop the endless hostility and often negative and often false attacks and stories. howie: jeff zucker said there is an understanding -- a lack of understanding at the white house about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media. president trump: we have seen an effort by the media in recent hours to use the sinister actions of one individual to
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score political points against me and the republican party. howie: joining me to analyze the coverage is emily jashinsky, sara fischer and adrienne elrod. emily, what do you think with journalists and pundits blaming president trump for the pipe bombs sent to democrats. emily: it takes the responsibility away from the sick individuals committing the heinous crimes to blame anybody but the people responsible for this. i find it disgraceful and unfortunate. it was tough to watch some of the media coverage this week as well. howie: adrienne, we see this on the synagogue shooting as well.
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as much as you may not like president trump's rhetoric, is the finger pointing unfair when the suspect arrested friday has a long history of crimes and terror threats that predate president trump being in politics? adrienne: the media coverage is not unfair. the divisive and hateful rhetoric he has used as a cad and president is a big problem here. howie: it's a big problem. when you say here, are you tying that to people using bombs and rifles to try to kill other folks? adrienne: i'm saying there is a divisiveness in this country that the president of the united states created. he goes to his rallies and criticizes the media. we have had media who have had
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to have secret service protection. he said a couple things earlier this week to try to say we need to unify and come together, then he attacks cnn. he tweeted a video last year of him in a wrestling outfit tackling a cnn reporter. howie: steve schmidt, an msnbc contributor said trump created an arms where a criminal will actualize it. he's a lunatic but he loves trump so let's blame trump. sara: there are things you can be doing to create more unity so you are not having people acting out and targeting pundits. he may say it's time to call for unity, but then he goes to his
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rallies and still' criticizes cnn. howie: there was some divisiveness in this country before donald trump was elected. you have donald trump saying the media should be more civil and i'm seeing less reflection on that. >> this is what's been difficult for me to watch as a conservative, someone who monitored terrible media coverage. it's part of the reason i came to the city to do what i do. obviously cnn was the victim this week. they had a device stoanlt their headquarters. when you see at rallies, "cnn sucks," i would never do that personal lire, but cnn doesn't
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look at why this is happening. the chryons cnn ran on their lower thirds this week are ridiculous. it has to stop. i hate it, threw there is room for self-reflection. howie: cnn's new york bureau was evacuated and the anchors had to go out on the street to report. so this was personal for cnn. i understand some of the emotional reaction we are seeing. here is john king, cnn anchor saying he doesn't blame cnn for the pipe bomb attacks. cnn, trump has no plans to claim any responsibility for serial bomber. >> if you are a web cruiser and you are change the line on an article that doesn't reflect the
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article. howie: cnn made a decision to fit stop screen. sara: the network is going to blow this up because they feel personally attacked. and also they feel as though inciting that move will resonate with their audience. howie: a presidential tweet. funny how lowly-rated cnn across criticize me sat will and blame me for the current spate of bombs and compare it to the tomorrow city bombing and when i criticize them they go wild and scream, it's just not presidential. >> this has been an ongoing issue with president trump and cnn. jeff zucker had the right to say what he did. but any time there is an article or any media president trump
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doesn't like, he calls it fake news. when it's oftentimes covering things he said when he was lying about something, didn't get this facts straight, and he caused a lot of this since the beginning when he started running for president. i wish we could take this moment and it's as a reset. we can do a reset. howie: this suspect in the mail bombs spewed a lot of hate on twitter. basically the president was complaining about all the coverage the mail bomb was getting, saying it's slowing the momentum leading up to the mid terms. emily: it reveals a mindset the
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president of the united states probably shouldn't have. this was such a tough week. there are there were so many things in so many different directions to see and that tweet was one of them. howie: a lot of the critiques i see are about his style. he didn'ting mention cnn or barack obama or hillary clinton and he didn't call any of them. the critique was these are things a traditional president would do, but donald trump is not a traditional president. >> he should put all his animus aside that he has for hillary clinton and the obamas and cnn. use the moment to come together and say i'm sorry you went through this. even if he's not traditional, he should have done that. howie: he could say it's
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unfortunate the pipe bombs were sent. the "new york times" had a wrap-up about a conspiracy theory that this was a left-wing come and talking about how it spread from fringe conservative websites, ann coulter, lou dobbs had a tweet he posted then deleted. are some of the media too quick to give the conspiracy theories oxygen? >> i think a lot in the media are too quick to give them oxygen. you see the conspiracy theories and hashtags go viral instantly overnight. they look like they have false authority. howie: television producers see this and say it has a thousand retweeted and likes. i guess it's news. i think we need to be more
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but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them. howie: after a gunman who openly december pies ate piesopen -- dd fire in a synagogue and killed 11 people. president trump: it was an
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anti-semitic attack at its worst. it cannot be co cannot -- it cae tolerated and it cannot be allowed to continue. howie: critics are saying they have gone beyond demagoguery. i am not saying the president shouldn't be held accountable. but liberals say he's fomenting right-wing extremism like it hasn't existed before. emily: that was disturbing it's sock that exists on both sides. to tie it somehow to again -- we had this conversation in the last bloc as if the person
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responsible for this is not responsible on their own. it's just disappointing and wrong. howie: my heartbreaks for this tight-knit community in pittsburgh. the shooter had a history of anti-semitic postings. but as far as president trump, there were many mass shootings when barack obama was president. including the african-americans killed in the south carolina church. it's not like the violence began when donald trump became president. adrienne: . that's correct. the president has the responsibility to everything he or she can do to bring this country together. the media is not seeing that
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from president trump. i will give him credit for his words yesterday which were unifying. the press has a point when they say if the president was doing more to unite this country we may see less of this. howie: doesn't the press also have a responsibility to be careful in what's reported and the inflammatory language and attacks. emily: i believe that's true. obviously both sides have responsibility. in this context i don't want to say the press caused it or either direction. howie: mutual responsibility. the president getting flack for saying there should be an armed guard at the synagogue. the press said and writer who lost a previous job about
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posting on the president and incest. the president makes this possible. here. where you live. she was talking about moving the embassy to jerusalem which was the official congresses which never got enacted. when journalists do that, it's your fault. the president had nothing to do with what happened in pittsburgh. >> the media has to understand what president trump supporters feel about tweets like that. 12 journalists had lost their jobs this year due to political tweets that were take one side other other. a lot of them had to do about the media going overboard. howie: espn calling him a white
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supremacist. sara: journalists have to take responsibility for being fair. howie: we talked about the shooting at the republican baseball practice in virginia and steve scalise almost killed. the guy there hated republicans. so left-wing rhetoric can't be blamed for that. the rachel maddow show, he liked that but it had nothing to do with it. sara palin being blamed for the shooting of gabby giffords. this has to stop. these are not the people responsible. we should hold them accountable when they go too far in their rhetoric, including the president and others and including the media as well. president trump accuses the
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so you don't die waiting. upmc does more living-donor liver transplants than any other center in the nation. find out more and get out of line today. howie: it's known simply as the caravan. and president trump has turned it into a daily television story. what's driving the story is the pun did challenging his motives in making it a campaign issue. >> you see him ginning up the story. >> rather than doing actual reporting and dig into this.
8:26 am
it's easier to embed yourself with the migrants emotionally and manipulate the audience and dismiss trump as a fear monger. howie: he gave them the ammunition. >> do you have evidence there are terrorists in this caravan. president trump: gone it middle of this caravan and search. you will find ms-13 and middle easterners. you will find everything. president trump: there is no proof of anything. but there could very well be. howie: while trump weighs an emergency plan to close the border. he used a term that stoked anger
8:27 am
on the left. president trump: i'm a nationalist. okay? we are not supposed to use that word. >> i don't think it's a stretch for americans wondering if the president is secretly considering himself a white nationalist. >> nationalist is a favorite of the alt-right. >> hitler was a nationalist. of course, so were gandhi and abraham lincoln. but whatever. howie: the press was right to call trump on his unproven charges. but they helped him turn the caravan into a major controversy. why did nbc move so quickly to dump megyn kelly after an on-air blunder.
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howie: our next guest has sometimes been critical of the president. joining us from los angeles is anthony scaramucci. author of the new book, "trump, the blue-collar president." what do you make of liberal critics in the media, pundits, some anchors who say his
8:32 am
rhetoric have helped foster a climate that helped produce the pipe bomb attacks. anthony: i think that's obviously unfair. you can't link a madman with mental illness and say it's because of the presidency. but are you asking me if the president deescalate and have his approval ratings go up, i believe that. i think he has a 5-7 point head wind from some of the rhetoric. he may say that's what got me to the presidency. but right now he could go to another level. there is no reason he couldn't be in the mid 50s with what i see going on in the economy with jobs and wage growth. howie: some people in the press tying it to the horrible
8:33 am
synagogue attack in pittsburgh that killed 11 people. if you think he can help himself politically by toning down the bellicosity? does he believe it helps him politically not to? anthony: i think he's biologically designed when people are smack talking against him, he'll smack talk back three or four times. the harvard study says 92% of the press treats him negatively. when they are coming at him they are coming -- he's coming at them four or five times. but if he dialed it down one notch. it's not saying he doesn't have to be adversarial. calling president trump, that's
8:34 am
a sign of graciousness. that would help him with that 5 to 7 percent of the people who like him but they are concerned about the sharpness of the tone and the angry rhetoric. howie: let me ask you about the president's veracity. let me play a clip from msnbc. >> every day the president of the united states lies. and every day the media fact checks him. if he would like that to stop, he should stop lying. howie: that's the drum beat, trump lies, he creates his own facts. you said sure he lies and you told him not to lie, but journalists and other opponents make a mistake if they think this is the way to beat him on that question. anthony: it's a little bit of
8:35 am
puffery and exaj you racial. the president has an entertainment streak through his rallies. the hall monitors, they are making a big mistake. he said this, but here is the facts. if anything it galvanized the president's base. howie: sometimes he gets things wrong. but think about what you are saying. you are his friend, his former aide. you wrote a book praising him as a blue-collar president. you said he can 10,000 lies as far as you are concerned.
8:36 am
are you giving him a giant pass? anthony: i didn't say it didn't matter. i think it's fine for the media to hold him accountable. i am saying his supporters have felt a vacuum. the middle class and lower middle class have never felt an advocate in the oval office at least for 30 or 40 years. some of my democratic friends will be mad at me to say that. he hijacked the base in the democratic party and moved it over to the ledger of the republicans. how did he do that? these people want jobs, higher wages and better things for their children. the democrats focused on different issues. some of the environmental issues. but i'm just explaining that it left a wide-open berth for president trump to step in there. he may say some mistruths, you
8:37 am
may say some things you don't like. but those people are galvanized around him and he'll be re-elected. you would be better to say let's change our product line and speak of policies that can work for them rather than exact checking the president of the united states. howie: you said president trump is not a nationalist. he says he is because he wants you the media to be upset about it. is some of what he says in this realm sticking it to the press by amplifies his message? anthony: the fact that people don't understand what you just said, i it's almost laughable. he's clearly not a nationalist. he can go somewhere tomorrow, call himself a nationalist. but the orwellian definition,
8:38 am
the barbara tuckman nationalism. he's a peace cooper. it will rule up the media and -- it will rile up the media and they will focus on that. howie: in your book you would on your 11 days as communications director you said john kelly chief of staff has hissy fits and he's hurting the president. is that personal? anthony: i have been fired before. john wasn't the first person to fire me. john wasn't the first person to fire me. i am just observational of what i see going on. if you think i'm only person
8:39 am
form or current staff member who thinks that way, that's not true. but that's why i couldn't survive in washington. i like speaking plainly and telling people the truth. if you think it's personal, but for me it wasn't personal. i don't like the way i was fired. i think it's ridiculous to fire a guy like me, given the amount of money i raised, and the media advocacy and support of the president. it didn't have to be done that way. howie: thanks for joining us. the saudis changed their story on the khashoggi murder again. guess what? it was premeditated. megyn kelly's apology for her blackface comments isn't enough for nbc. you need both car and home insurance. so why not bundle them with esurance and save up to 10%?
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howie: after the gruesome murder of jamal khashoggi, saudi arabia's public prosecutor says yes evidence suggests the killing of the "washington post" reporter was premeditated. president trump: it was carried out poorly and the cover-up was one of the worst in the history of cover-ups.
8:44 am
bad deal. should have never been thought of. somebody really messed up. and they have the worst cover-up ever. howie: joining us is fox news correspondent, gillian turner. some people on the right said the media were overplaying this because it was a columnist, one of their own. now that cnn is the pipe bomb target you are not hearing that as much. gillian: i think what the media was reacting to is that the president did not come straight out and condemn the saudis and the royal family. it's not just when it comes to saudi arabia. when they feel he's not being forceful enough in condemning america's enemies. how report saudis were telling a
8:45 am
ludicrous story. last week we lad bret bairms interview with the foreign minister who was peddling the fist fight story. were the media right to keep pushing on this? gillian: the president came out on the right side. i guess he was waiting for whatever his own reasons were. it was obvious to everybody. howie: he said it was a fistfight. gillian: as a member of the media and the american public, what the saudis were peddling was offensive. >> how do reporters cover a regime that in this case blatantly lied again and again. it's effort, it's not an opinion.
8:46 am
it's fact. >> it's also something foreign governments do. they lie to the united states. it's not something new. >> maybe this was such a high profile case, or the media made it such a lie profile case. >> the media doesn't have the make the same considerations. the government does. they don't have to worry about american national security interests. howie: they can be morally outraged especially if a journalist is involved. we saw the finger pointing going on with the mass shooting in pittsburgh. the headlines president trump and his tone are perhaps to blame. what else your reaction when people said nobody cared about this khashoggi killing except for journalists. and how come you journalists didn't care about the deaths in benghazi.
8:47 am
gillian: i got a lot of comments when i was reporting on the khashoggi murder saying exactly that. saying how can you care about one person from saudi arabia when we have a caravan careening towards the new york bored and americans murder in benghazi. howie: everybody cared there were americans killed in benghazi. benghazi. gillian: i don't know where the line originated. whether it was a government line being pushed or people came up with this on their own. this is just one person. they are not an american, he has ties to hezbollah. i don't know where it came from, but it was completely ineffective. howie: in the current climate
8:48 am
even violence and murder is being politicized. that's sad to me. still to come, nbc spent $69 million to liewrp megyn kelly from fox. why is the brass so quick now to dump her? the riskiest job. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera. it's like, hey, thats mine! i want to keep doing what i love. that's the retirement plan. with my annuity i know there's a guarantee. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at
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howie: a former fox news host apologized to her colleagues.
8:52 am
but that didn't stop the coverage on the network. >> while she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country. this you a history going back to the 1830s. >> the comment came on her panel discussion quickly sparking a backlash. >> i am megyn kelly and i want to begin with two words, i'm sorry. it's not okay for that to be part of any costume, halloween or otherwise. howie: nbc confirmed reports that it's ending her role anchoring the "today" show. how big a mistake were the blackface comments considering she made a full apology on the air. >> she had been talking to andy
8:53 am
lack the nbc news chairman before she made the comments about winding down her 9:00 a.m. show. she had lost a half million viewers. compared to the show she replaced. and she had angered nbc news management by aggressively reporting on matt lawyer. and reporting on the accusations against tom pro cow and then by suggesting nbc should hire an outside investigator for the ronan farrow, harvey weinstein investigation. all of these things made nbc news management angry. howie: she made them angry by being aggressive when it came to nbc people. she felt she wasn't being supported. there were a lot of leaks against learn coming from the
8:54 am
"new york post." when you have say final nail in the coffin, it seems like nbc seized upon this mistake to orchestrate her rapid exit. >> if she had not done all of those other proceeding things, and her ratings were great, they would have supported her. but they signaled right away with that report on nbc news that was nearly 5 minutes the report it was an eternity for a 22-minute broadcast. they signaled right away that the gloves were off. and she had no support internally. howie: the way in which it was corresponded suggested there was maybe a bit of a grudge. and andy lack, the nbc news chairman had privately condemned the reports. this all happened so quickly megyn kelly had no chance to
8:55 am
fight back. it wasn't like she went out and said everybody should go on blackface *. it was a serious mistake. was the resentment also tied to the fact she was making so much money, $69 million, and she came from fox? >> i think her persona, and on-air style, a prosecutorial style, challenging people. that's what they brought to nbc when they hired her. and this has been a narrative in all of this coverage that she may have convinced herself that she could do this morning thing. she may have convinced msnbc executives, but they should have used more introspective and knew what they were getting. so you put her -- in the
8:56 am
demographics of morning and daytime tv, it has changed. her style worked very well at fox news. she was a tough interviewer. she was a strong interviewer. so that didn't fit with daytime tv. she was bringing all that to the 9:00 a.m. hour of "today" and it was causing problems. >> i understand the debate wasn't at great fit. but it seems the way it made her seem guilty despite the apology was brutal. >> but think let her go on and apologize. howie: and that was her last day. thank you for sharing your insights. that's it for this edition of "mediabuzz." you can subscribe at apple itunes, let's continue the conversation on twitter
8:57 am
@howardkurtz. on our facebook page i write columns every day. you want to have a dialogue goings specially in a -- going on especially in a week like this
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nothing says fall like a homecoming football game, so let's promote our fall travel deal on like this. touchdown. earn a free night when you stay just twice this fall. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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arthel: a day of mourning in america as we learn the names of 11 people in yesterday's shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh. i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. the horrifying mass shooting took the lives of 8 men and three women. the victims ranging in age from 54 to 97 years old. community members holding a vigil that honored those victims and stand against hate. the mayor vowing the city will stand strong. >> to the victim's families and friend. we are her