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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 30, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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results. it is a horribly dangerous thing. >> sean: right on. one week from tonight, you have the power to once again shock the world. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is next. hi. >> laura: you had a great show. anything else you want to say? >> sean: no, it's good to see you. great interview with the president last night. >> laura: happy anniversary? come on! one year on the show, i've done the show for one year tonight. >> sean: oh, happy anniversary. [laughs] >> laura: i'm going to call jill. jill will say, this is exactly what happens to me. that's sean's wife. >> sean: excuse me? you didn't wish me happy anniversary when i started my 23rd year? you're 22 years behind. >> laura: what what's the 23rd anniversary, like aluminum?
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right? >> sean: 25 is silver. 50 is gold. >> laura: am i going to see you monday in new york, or am i going to come on your show or something? >> sean: i think so. come on my show on monday. we love having you on. >> laura: all right, we will hang out monday. you had a great show tonight. >> sean: have a great show, great interview with the president. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." tonight we expose the whistle and blow the whistle on another shady part of this. birth tourism. now you don't want to miss this unbelievable story that we will highlight tonight, it doesn't get nearly the coverage it should get. and as a second caravan now clashes with police at the guatemala mexico border, the guatemalan equivalent of our cia chief is going to join us tonight to tell us what his services have discovered about who is actually behind the caravan organizing.
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plus, the race to abolish free speech. a scourge once relegated to college campuses is now essentially infiltrating every facet of political life. tonight we will show you how one phrase has been used repeatedly to silence trump and his supporters. and as i said, it's our one year anniversary tonight so make sure to and stay for some of the highlights and low lights -- no. just the highlights of our interviews for the past years. but first, when birthright goes wrong. that's the focus of tonight's angle. from the second president trump announces plans to address birthright citizenship earlier today, the left freak out. here's what the president told axios. >> president trump: we are the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby and that baby is essentially a citizen of the united states for 85 years with all those benefits. it's ridiculous and it has to end. >> have you talked about that
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with council? >> yeah. >> so where in the process? >> we're in the process. >> laura: they were quick to announce the president and condemn even raising the idea of ending birthright citizenship. >> as if we needed it, there's more evidence that immigration remains the president's animating issue. this new proposal to end birthright citizenship. >> is talking about birthright citizenship and i think he's done not just simply to inflame the issue. >> i mean, this is the hard-line immigration message, the fear of immigrants changing the way of life of americans. >> it really harkens back to the darkest chapters of american's history where in 1857, the scott decision. >> laura: move over encyclopedia britannica. this is default behavior of all those afflicted with trump
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derangement syndrome when they're faced with an inveept truth, they demonize the president and dismiss out of hand the issue. heaven forbid we actually present the american people with a factual unbiased presentation of the issue. first of all, president trump had already committed to ending birthright citizenship during the campaign, so aside from his mentioning the drafting of executive order in the pathway to fulfilling his promise, it's hardly a news flash. and why is this an important issue in the first place with the president? and so many of his supporters and i would dare say democrats as well. a lot of it goes for the money. consider the number of children born to illegals each year. back in 2010, the center for immigration studies estimated that between 300,000 and 400,000 are born to illegal aliens in the united states annually. now that figure is found to be a lot higher today given the new research that the number of illegals in the u.s. is at least double what was originally thought.
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or, about 22 million. let's conservatively say that 400,000 children are born every year in the united states to illegal immigrants. while those are people that hardworking u.s. taxpayers have to educate, and for whom they provide health care, and in many cases food stamps. obviously infrastructure, et cetera, et cetera. cis estimates that the annual cost to the u.s. taxpayers of children born to illegal aliens is a staggering $2.4 billion. you think our vets and our homeless and our inner city schools could use that money? maybe we could even pay down some of the debt. well, to burrow down a little further, a 2015 cis report found
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51% of immigrant-headed households used at least one federal program, cash, food, housing, or medical care, compared to only 30% of native households. and we aren't just talking by the way about folks on these over stays or who cross the border illegally. many of you would be stunned it to know that there are entire industries both here and abroad that are now devoted to gaining the birthright citizenship system. it's called birth tourism and its become big business in the united states, attracting immigrants from china, taiwan, mexico, russia, and turkey. what they do is they purchase package deals, where they come to the u.s. for a month or several months and have their baby on american soil. for upwards of $50,000 to those foreigners guaranteed u.s. citizenship for their children. it's wild. and that furnishes them with
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preferential college treatment and they can also sponsor their parents for green cards on their 21st birthday. that's pretty nifty. so i'm sure this is what our founders intended when they were drafting the 14th amendment. right? now contrary to what obama and so many on the left are saying today, president trump by questioning this birthright citizenship mantra is provoking a conversation that i think is sorely needed in the country. rather than just castigating the president or caricaturing his position. why not have a substantive debate on it. how we want to proceed with immigration in the united states seems like a worthy conversation for me to have especially during the mid-term election and up until now, trump is the only president who has been willing to have that debate. what are the democrats afraid of here? and that's the angle.
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joining me now with reaction dr. john eastman is a senior fellow at the claremont institute and constitutional law professor at chapman and anniversary. and andy mccarthy. john, i want to start with you because you wrote in "the new york times" that birthright citizenship is not actually in the constitution so why does the left think it is? >> they have misunderstood one of the causes and the constitution. there's actually two requirements for automatic citizenship. you have to be born on u.s. soil, and you have to be subject to the jurisdiction. they read that last clause out of the constitution as if it's not there, as if it means the same thing as being physically present here. but for those that rat fidel castro and those that drafted that language it meant subject to the complete jurisdiction, not subject to any allegiance to any foreign power, and that's what mandates birthright. what and certainly the people who are children of to and are not even lawfully present in the
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united states at all -- but the children of visitors and children of people who are not citizens of the united states at all are not automatically citizens. president trump's executive order just wants to get the constitutional right. >> laura: the reaction today was over the at top, hyperbolic, and paul ryan even, we're going the play a clip from this. paul ryan said this, i believe, it was on a radio show, let's listen. >> you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. obviously as conservatives we believe in the constitution. you know, as a conservative on a believer in following the plain text of the constitution. i think in this case, the 14th amendment is pretty clear. >> laura: andy mccarthy and paul ryan, outgoing speaker of the house, not giving it trump any help there. but he said we've got to have congressional action. is that true?
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>> i think they should have congressional action. as a tract call matter, personally i think this is a constitutional provision of the 14th amendment where we're not only just dealing with the constitutional provision it's also been codified by congress. i think they made a pretty clear that they want to weigh in here and rightly so, that they are the supreme branch of the three in terms of defining citizenship. i think there's a very good argument that trump shouldn't do this by executive order, as a practical matter i must tell you, i think the way the supreme court lines up, the only way they have a chance of succeeding on what i and my friend john eastman think is a correct policy is by getting it done by statute rather than by executive order. when ryan said the constitution is pretty clear, i don't know what constitution he's reading because as john just pointed out, there is a very strong
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interpretation of it that goes back to the people who actually defined it at the time that it was ratified that runs 180 degrees different from the way that ryan is interpreting it. >> laura: john eastman, i want to go back to you on this. again, i think people and andy talked about how this has been codified by congress. i think he's talking about -- we don't want to get in the weeds on the law. but section 14.01 of the applicable code. what is andy talking about? does this mean that the president as the chief executive officer of the united states, with a concern of who comes into the country and who does not, and who gets citizenship and who doesn't get citizenship that he doesn't have the right to do this. explain the 14.01 issue. >> congress has a statute that defined citizenship but uses the exact same language as a constitution, so we have to figure out what the constitution means. and like i said before, there are two requirements, born here and subject to the jurisdiction.
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let me give an example. if a british citizen is over here as a tourist, he has to comply with our laws while he's here. he drives on the left side of the road and not the right side of the road. but he doesn't get drafted into our army, he subject to the partial territorial jurisdiction. not the complete jurisdiction that was intended. and what the president is trying to do is just enforce that law as written. i will give you one very good example and i think andy will agree with me on this. you've got to be a citizen in order to get a passport. the one thing that everybody agrees is the subject of the jurisdiction clause excludes the children of diplomats who are here. and yet our passport office is unlawfully giving passports and deeming as citizens the children of diplomats who are clearly not covered by the 14th amendment. so the president's executive order could tell the passport office to quit violating the law that would be well within his rights as the chief executive of the country.
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>> laura: chuck grassley looked like he agreed with paul ryan today. which was a little disappointing for those of us who really like chuck grassley. i want to just go through the list of countries, not that this matters, but that do not offer birthright citizenships. australia, austria, denmark, france, germany, israel, italy, japanese, new zealand, norway, slovakia, south korea, sweden, switzerland, spain, the uk, none of them offer this type of birthright citizenship. and we will get into this in a moment. it does create perverse incentives and this birth tourism issue that we are get into deeply here, it's a huge problem and we have horrible situations happening in new york and california, with their abuses and so forth. so forth. how do you think this ultimately comes down, andy? >> i think a lot of it depends on how it goes up to the supreme
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court. you're quite right. when you hear people defend this, what they say is this is absolutely what the 14th amendment requires, they never say this is good policy because its indefensible policy. but i just think having fought the old military commissions battle back ten or 12 years ago, however long it was, there was a lot of authority that president bush had to unilaterally order military commissions and the court told him nevertheless that he needed congress. if this goes up to the supreme court as an executive order, we lose. if it goes up to the supreme court as a statute, we have a chance. >> now onto that story, there is shocking one, as a result of something called birth tourism a phenomenon where a foreign national come to this country
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just to give birth for the explicit purpose of securing citizenship for their infant. just in the last month, in a story that got very little attention, a worker at one of these host homes went on a gruesome attack, stabbing two adults and three infants. one of them only three days old. this particular site was used primarily by a chinese citizen seeking get that all important passport for their infants. ming lee chan is an immigration lawyer in new york in the area where this birth center was broken up. this story got very little attention. you pointed out that some of these birthing centers are properly registered and some are not. explain that. >> from the experience of dealing with my clients and talking to other customers, i learned that some of the maternity centers are registered
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but they are primarily registered as a daycare. but they are doing something. the maternity center are providing some service to the mothers giving birth to the infants. they are providing this and that service without telling the government. that is against the registration. >> laura: in this particular case, it was hideous. "the new york times" and new york post did big stories on this at the time. the carnage happened around 3:40 a.m. where workers provide care to babies in exchange for thousands of dollars. a person attacked a 63-year-old colleague and stabbed three baby girls. at 3-day-old, 2-week-old and 1-month-old. and women show up twice a week, pregnant, have their children there, all right under the nose of new york officials. >> a lot of these operations are
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going to be like this, kind of sleazy -- i won't say black market but they are not properly registered. and there are others that really are higher quality but cost a lot more. this seems to be a discount operation. if you have a lot of money in china and you really want a u.s. passport for your kid there are higher versions of this kind of thing and it's not just chinese. there are russian birth tourism, people from mexico, this is a big business and it's all legal. that's the problem. these people are not breaking our laws. we are the ones who set up these rules, they come here, have a kid, wait a month or two for a passport to come in the mail and they leave. at least the children's illegal immigrants actually grow up here, these kids never grow up as americans, they grow up in
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china where they grow up -- >> laura: and they want the passport to reinforce this point why? >> it depends on the people. one, it's an escape hatch. if things go bad in your country and you are in china or turkey you never know what is going to go on there, it's a way to get out or at least the kid out. the last helicopter off the embassy are much more likely to have your kid on it if it has a passport. also, when the kid is an adult, he gets to sponsor you for immigration. it's almost like a retirement program for some people. then they have an easier way of getting into college and finally for some people it's a way of dodging the draft. if you're in turkey and you don't want to serve in the turkish army -- i wouldn't -- this is a way -- >> laura: this is not what our framers intended. is china cool with this? you work with a lot of immigrants from china, or people who come here as tourists and they do this birth tourism. but is china okay with this? not a problem?
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>> china doesn't care. they don't care if somebody is coming out of the country and going to the united states to give birth to the baby. they just care whether that person or any person like that will do something bad to the government. otherwise, giving birth to a baby has nothing to do with the chinese policy. >> laura: when you go to china, anyone can go to china and get chinese citizenship. that's the way it works there? >> as far as i understand, the chinese policy is not. it's not. >> laura: of course you can't. it's a little bit different system there, which is fine. they probably want to control their immigration and citizenship a little differently. thank you so much. for more on how chump one and how the g.o.p. could do it again, grab a copy of my new paper paperback, "busting the barricades." it's in bookstores everywhere.
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coming up, as the media businessies itself with the birthright zn b birthright citizenship ban, a new migrant caravan is storming into mexico from guatemala. the head of the guatemalan strategic intelligence is here with some inside info about who is behind these new efforts. stay there. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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and it's strengthened by xfi pods, which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything.
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leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> laura: a new migrant caravan is storming violently towards our border. mexican authorities telling the associated press that the migrants, quote, attacked its agents with rocks, glass bottles and fireworks with some allegedly carrying guns and even fire bombs. as these mobile mobs barrel toward our border, we are learning more about who is actually inside the first caravan. check out this interview griff jenkins conducted with one of the honduran migrants in the original group.
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>> are you willing to break the law to get back to the united states? [ speaking foreign language ]. >> he says he wants to apply for pardon for the felony he committed. >> can you ask him exactly what happened? [ speaking foreign language ]. a third-degree felony, attempted murder. >> laura: william la jeunesse stayed up for us and joins us on the ground in oaxaca, mexico, with a live report. william, thank you for staying up. you work such a long day. tell us what we need to know. >> i will tell you that the migrants we have spoken to know are criminals among them. that's why they hang out in groups of 5, 10, or 15, to woch each other's stuff. we have interviewed so far to
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gang members, one from l.a. and one from houston. a human trafficker and a drug trafficker from north carolina who said he can't go back because he will be "killed." so it's not uncommon, in these large groups they're seeing on the southwest border right now, 100, 200, sometimes 300 people to be criminal aliens among them. that's not uncommon. we've also been told by law enforcement sources that mexico has been cooperative providing intel to the u.s. that indeed there are people that have criminal records and in fact that is why president trump, when he says there are bad guys here, he's not wrong. >> i didn't want to run from the border patrol. i just want to be legal and safe. >> most of us running the caravan, we're gangsters. not all of us, but there are some people going here that it's true, they are a bad person. >> so that first guy you heard from, he was human trafficker
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who got arrested in texas with three illegal aliens in the trunk. so here are the stats from border patrol. 2016, almost 13,000 illegal aliens arrested and it's gone down from them. but that august figure -- or that 2018 figure is only through august. the offenses ranged from murder to sexual assault, the largest criminal reentry of dui, domestic violence and assault, burglary and theft. so at this point in time, the u.s. is doing what it can. it knows there are going to be people there, which is one of the reasons why president trump is doing what he did. but a lot of people here are uninformed about what to expect from the united states. for the first time yesterday we saw u.s. immigration lawyer down here who works with migrant groups telling them how to pass a credible interview. the how to say, i was threatened, who were you threatened by, what's the relationship? why didn't you go to the police? those kinds of things. so those things that they did with the caravan in march and april in terms of telling people
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how to make it into the country, we'll have to see with the changes the president is making, whether that's possible or not. >> laura: just one question. how are they moving from point a to point b? we see all this video of various flatbed trucks, are these just random people where they are like, come on board and we will give you a ride? how is that working? >> yeah, yes, it is. it started out walking, you know, ten days ago, and they started hitchhiking. and then different towns have heard about them, of course, getting publicity down here, so you're right. buses, trucks, cabs, vans like this one, they will pay a dollar 50 to go from one town to the next. sometimes they will go 40 or 50 miles. tomorrow they are staying here to get transportation, 150 buses to take them to mexico city to
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talk to the government about their demands. now back to you. >> laura: that's a lot of money, to pay for 150 buses. so why do the caravans keep coming? joining me now from guatemala city is a bottom guatemalan secretary strategic intelligence. we heard from some officials in your country that there are certain organizations funding these caravans. what can you tell us about them? >> before we start, i wanted to wish you happy anniversary on your great show. on behalf of the president, we are great fans down here. >> laura: thank you so much. >> so back to your question. as you might have heard from president juan hernandez from honduras, he spoke with vice president pence. they have detected some ngos funding this caravan. and other more organizations that might be working with the security agencies. we're working to find out what other organizations are helping them and we are sharing this
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information with american intelligence and security agencies. >> folks in the united states wonder, why can't guatemalans fix what ails guatemala? i've been to guatemala many times, i have a beautiful daughter who was born in guatemala, it's one of the most beautiful countries. natural resources, natural beauty and incredible people. but obviously, a long history of difficulty and corruption and concern, how do you deal with that? i mean, that is a big problem. a lot of people are from honduras, but before that guatemalans were mixed in as well. >> well, we had detected, yes, some guatemalans, but as you said, most of them are from honduras. yes, guatemala is a great country. we have great resources. unfortunately through our history we have had several
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difficulties, problems with ideologies. we had a 36 year internal conflict, and we had to work through that with our citizens and get out of all that situation. we've been working on that very hard. the president's administration has been putting a lot of emphasis on building up our institutions and our capabilities and working with our partners like the united states and other countries. >> laura: mr. secretary, your country was not able to hold back that initial caravan, nor was it able to hold back that second caravan that was making its way through mexico now, nor could mexico. why couldn't you hold them back, and what was your sense about the people in this caravan. are they all just good people who just want a job. are there bad people mixed in?
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is president trump right about that? >> we are looking at different situations. central american countries, we have this agreement since 2006 or 2008, that our citizens can freely move between the countries so long as they carry their national i.d. and go through a border check point. now these caravan, as you might have seen from different videos, it was very, very big group, over 3,000 people. and when the gaud ma plan security forces -- let me say that quickly -- we put 2,000 police officers and close to 1,000 military. >> laura: but you couldn't hold them back, mr. said, secretary. you couldn't stop it. >> we tried very hard. the issue is that these people put babies, women, and the elderly at the front, almost
11:32 pm
like human shields. when they started pressing against our security personnel we had to do our best to protect their lives and human rights and dig ty as well. with that we always put life first and we had to protect these people and obviously that's when the rest of the caravan overpassed our security forces. >> laura: mr. secretary, we really appreciate it and we hope we continue to work with the united states government. this caravan has got to stop. it's untenable, it's unstainable. it's no great shakes for you trying to deal with it there as well. we will check back for you soon. the rabbi at the tree of life synagogue believe it or not, on another issue, is receiving hate mail. for what? for welcoming the president's visit to pittsburgh. ahead, we examine how those who claim to be opposed to hate may
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actually be stoking it. stay there. i had it, we examine how those opposed to this hate may
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>> when i first said that the president was welcome, i received a lot of emails, too numerous to count and what saddens me is those e-mails also contained hate. it just continues in this vicious cycle, hate promulgating more hate promulgating more hate and that's not the solution. >> laura: that was rabbi myers of pittsburgh's tree of life synagogue. the media is self-righteous leaf claiming to be fighting racism and semitism, but the only thing they seem fixated on is fighting the president. >> it's really unusual for a sitting president to head to the scene of a tragedy like this and not be in the company of other elected officials. that just goes to show how
11:37 pm
controversial this last week has been, really, when it comes to the conversation about the president's rhetoric. the response was, he does care but he's not any good at it. >> it doesn't come naturally to him. >> laura: joining me to react to all of this is dave bossi, fox news contributor and coauthor of "trump's enemies." and chris hahn, let's start with you, david. why is a visit to pay respects to the victims of this horrific anti-semitic slaughter over the weekend controversial? >> it's simply not controversial. it's only the ones with trump derangement sin dome that want to make it so they hate this president more than they love this country. i've been saying it a long time. in this time, and i hope -- i think that chris will agree with me. we all have a responsibility to try to ratchet down the
11:38 pm
partisanship, not ratchet it up. the president as all presidents do went to the scene of a tragedy to try to pay his respects with the first lady, with his son-in-law, who is jewish, with his daughter, who is jewish, to pay respects to those fallen, the first responders that were incredibly brave going after the shooter and their families. that's what presidents do. that's what should happen and that -- we should all take a moment just to take a deep breath. >> laura: chris hahn, on the so-called -- the 2,000 protesters, some of them organized, the "daily mail" has a big long piece on it tonight by the democrats for socialist america and other left-wing groups. and that's fine, they can protest the president. but this is what ana navarro said today. >> the reason he's being faulted is because everything he has
11:39 pm
said before hand and everything he has said sense makes this act seem like he is checking off a box and just rings hollow. >> laura: chris, is the president checking off a box? >> i don't know what's in the president's heart. i think every president should visit scenes like this. i know that he was concerned about security and resources to protect the funerals and other people because they're worried about a copy cat. so whether he should have been there or not will be debated. i think that will pass shortly. what needs to be done by the president, and i agree, we need to racket down the rhetoric in this country. the president needs to choose his words more carefully. he cannot be saying that he is a nationalist. i am the grandson of people who were chased out of europe by nationalists. and the great grandson of people murdered in concentration camps by nationalists. so there are better words to use for the love of your country, like patriot or love of my country.
11:40 pm
but using that word has really set a tone that many in this country have their back up and are angered by the president. i think the president should you choose his words more carefully and try to unite the nation. especially with the election over a week from tonight, laura. i hope that the day after the election the president of the united states looks into the camera and says it's time for this nation to have a healing. >> laura: is that what nancy pelosi is planning to do? i take what you say and i know you feel that in your heart and i respect that. >> i do. >> laura: but the idea that in a mid-term election, the president should just kind of sit there and say, well, this is my view on immigration and this is the chart we have here and this is the gdp. come on. the left will hit him with everything they have had from the very beginning. the idea that he can't argue this stuff at this point because we've had horrific tragedies is
11:41 pm
convenient for the left. >> that's not what i'm saying at all. >> laura: that's what the left is saying. >> i think the president could run on his accomplishments and make comparisons to his opponents but he's got to catch a hateful rhetoric. read this book on nationalism, saying his hair was messed up in the rain. >> laura: -- is a jewish scholar and he has -- >> my great grandfather was murdered by a nationalist -- >> laura: those are also socialists. >> chris, i want to say that the president's heart is filled with love for all the american people, and i just have to say this. his grandchildren are jewish. this is something that's very close to home to him. i know the left wants to hate on him and i know that they want to argument with everybody. but can they just not give him
11:42 pm
moments to pay respects to the 11 that died in pittsburgh? that is what america historically has always done. i know we just need to check ourselves and do that some more. >> i'm not faulting him for going there but like i said, there are other words. that word has been taken. and there are people in this country who know what nationalist means. there are people in this country -- >> laura: shouting doesn't make it any better. i get it, but we have freaks in all walks of life and in the country and with we could extrapolate it out until the cows come home but he wants the best for the country. i think the democrats want the best for the country. >> we do. >> laura: but you can't demonize
11:43 pm
every word that comes out of his mound. >> he has to stop using that word. >> laura: if he does, that i'm sure, chris, you'll be on trump's camp. >> laura: the speech police are back again and the stronger they are this time. >> listen, i think nationalism is a dog whistle for white nationalism. monica crowley is here next to tell us how the foisted on society at large is something that we need to think a little bit about. don't go away. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> laura: here is the left's really cool game. if you disagree with the policy or phrase from the president and then you describe a really nasty qualifier to describe it. watch. >> voter fraud is the new dog whistle. it's a new welfare queen in cadillac. >> i think nationalism is a dog whistle for white nationalism. >> when he's in the biggest
11:47 pm
trouble, the biggest dog whistle he blows is the immigration dog whistle. >> president trump: if this other guy is a stone cold, and my opinion, he's a thief. look at the job he's done as the mayor of tallahassee, he's a total disaster. >> look, that is a racial dog whistle, pure and simple. >> laura: how do you call cats? it's always the dog whistle, you have to have new phrases to really trash the president. joining me from new york city, "new york times" opinion editor, monica crowley. what's the end goal for the left ear? >> you know laura, this was george orwell's dire warning coming to pass on that's not an overstatement. the founders made the amendment protecting free speech, the first one, for a reason. you cannot have a truly free society if free speech is infringe judged or sby the
11:48 pm
president which the first amendment was designed to guard against or by these roving mobs of leftists that control the media and the narrative they use, fear, intimidation, extortion, blacklisting, boycotts and so many other manipulative ways as hammer against anybody whose speech they disapprove of. it is a form of totalitarianism, and if we don't watch out we will end up like europe where free speech is essentially out the window. >> laura: monica, it always ends up boiling over. they tried to do this even with the issue of abortion. the supreme court comes in and finds a right in the constitution that's not there, roe vs. wade. 45 years later we are still debating roe vs. wade, with hundreds of thousands of people. people are trying to say it's a choice but then others say your euphemistic language doesn't work with me. and the debate continues. you can't take issues off the table, the supreme court couldn't do it with roe. and i think the college campus
11:49 pm
folks who are trying to foist this on society at large, i don't think it works. i think they breeding more resentment. >> they are trying to turn the entire country into the college campus and what they are essentially doing by using all these instruments of intimidation and extortion and boycotts and so on is enforce speech codes. and they haven't really had enormous success so far unfortunately, in marginalizing, if not outright silencing people. i was at the store the other day and the cashier recognized me and she said, monica, i keep my mouth closed. i'd rather not say anything then getting into trouble with my boss or lose my job. that is a victory against the first amendment and it's very dangerous for the future of the country. >> laura: and we see it in the military and we see it and big corporations, people are afraid to speak out and speak their mind. that's a terrible thing in this country. do it respectfully but speak their mind.
11:50 pm
monica, thank you so much. folks, we are celebrating an anniversary tonight, our own. "the ingraham angle" turned one today. and, come on, isn't the program still adorable. ahead, we're going to celebrate the big one-on-ones from the past year. proposition 11 solves two issues.
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>> laura: the first of our best of year up with series begins tonight with some of the most consequential interviews to date, openjoy. >> are you having fun? >> i've never seen your angry. >> i think the press is fake, a lot of the media is fake. >> you are like a distinguished elder statesman.
11:54 pm
and you are putting up the middle finger to the president. why are you going the same thing back? criticizing this administration's immigration policy when they are assisting despotic -- communist regimes overseas but trump's a threat? >> american foreign policy is on the right track and when we get it right, when we ultimately see the end result of president trump's efforts i think you'll see many of these things in a place that america has not seen before. >> i have the privilege of knowing kavanaugh for 25 years, if this can happen to him i tremble for him and for the process and for any man or women up for a big job who didn't spend their teenaged years in a convent or monastery. >> do you intend to use this issue on the campaign trail for the last four weeks?
11:55 pm
>> absolutely. i'm going to remind everybody of the importance of the senate, 26 circuit judges, these are lifetime appointments. >> laura: is it collegial on the inside? >> it's a good place to work. you can disagree with this opinion or not. but i'm not a person to say it's a sour place or a dour place or it is funeral in its atmosphere. it's a wonderful place to work. >> laura: what do you pray for? >> i pray for world peace. i pray for our society that seems to be so broken right now and against itself. i pray for my family, i pray for my son and all the fallen. >> they burned him alive in a garbage can. he wasn't in a gang. he didn't do drugs. >> give me a hug.
11:56 pm
the word nationalism has taken on a connotation of anti-semitism, hate and violence. do you think that is fair and do you want to clarify what nationalism means to you. >> it means i love the country. i'm fighting for the country. >> hang on, one second. >> lock the door. >> i'm walking to the next studio. this is how close i am to you. >> make sure -- make sure that -- make sure the lighting is really shadowy. he's a shadowy figure. one year, i can't believe it. okay. coming up next, a surprise and a separation you don't want to miss.
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but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. >> laura: one year anniversary of "the ingraham angle." just had a baby. >> one year anniversary, alicia just had a baby, our entire staff, debbie is not here,
12:00 am
cardin, jessica, the academy awards, scott, shawn, mike, everybody. >> i have to say so many people have been tweeting they wanted me to thank you on the first anniversary and congratulations, year one. >> thank you, see you tomorrow, shannon bream's one year anniversary as well and we have cake for shannon bream in the fox news at night team. shannon: i don't know about you but the year has flown by. >> a lot has happened, that is for sure. happy anniversary. shannon: fox news alert, the caravan of migrants approaching the us border donald trump set his right on birthright citizenship, the latest move


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