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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 31, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thanks to everybody for stopping by today. if you're out trick and treating tonight, be careful. >> cutest kids in america. >> bill: good morning. fox news alert. the fight over president trump's plan to end birthright citizenship rages in washington while some republicans call hypocrisy on the left. i'm live inside of "america's newsroom," i'm bill hemmer. >> julie: i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith this morning. critics slamming the president's plan saying an executive order on birthright citizenship is unconstitutional. sarah sanders is placing blame on the democrats. >> let's not forget why we're even here at all. that's because of the failure of congress, democrats in congress to actually do their job. again, the president is going to take whatever powers he has
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to protect our borders and to protect our country. >> julie: doug mcelway is live from the white house this morning. >> bill: we're headed for another major showdown immigration after the president signaled his intention to sign an executive order ending birthright citizenship saying it lures many illegals here for the purpose of producing anchor babies. >> president trump: you can do it with an act of congress, but now they're saying i can do it just with an executive order. how ridiculous, we're the only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby and the baby is essentially a citizen of the united states for 85 years with all of those benefits. it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous and it has to end. >> sarah sanders was asked just this morning what legal authority the white house is citing to sign this executive order when many legal scholars says the 14th amendment can only be done through another
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constitutional amendment. >> there are a number of things allowed under the law. we're looking at all those. i go back the president shouldn't have to do any of these things alone. democrats are failing to work with the president. he has laid out a number of different pieces of legislation that congress could have easily addressed the problems and fix our system and they failed to do so. >> immigration experts note we have birthright tourism in this day and age where foreign women get a tourist visa, stay with organizations that provide lodging, birthing services. their newborn child becomes a citizen and eventually the parents do, too, through chain migration. still the president is meeting with stiff resistance over this proposal not coming just from the democrats. >> you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. i think in this case the 14th amendment is pretty clear and that would involve a very, very lengthy constitutional process.
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>> the president will not be able to take away the birthright by executive order or legislation. that birthright is there. it is the 14th amendment of the constitution. >> senator lindsey graham is among the president's supporters tweeting yesterday in addition i plan to introduce legislation along the same lines as the proposed executive order from the president. there is no doubt a real political component to this as well. the white house has seen how these repeated images of the caravans coming through mexico has instilled a fire within the republican base and with just six days to go now until election day they want to keep that fire alive and this is one way to do that. >> bill: want to bring in charlie hurt right now, opinion editor washington times. how are you doing? >> good morning, happy halloween. >> bill: your costume looks great as julie would say. >> i'm dressed up as a
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respectable person, a stretch for me. >> bill: nice tie. what is the strategy behind this in the final week do you think, charlie? >> i think obviously the idea of ending birthright citizenship is not for a long time it was not a terribly controversial idea. it was an idea espoused by many democrats as well as republicans. the way it's been interpreted you have to do something to change that if you want to end it. and we can debate about what the 14th amendment actually says. but i do think that paul ryan is right about one thing, that is that if president trump does it through an executive order it will cause court challenges. if you have a court challenge and simply an executive order it will be on much shakeier ground than if you do it legislatively. the problem is not just democrats. republicans have ignored this issue, have ignored the will of
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voters for a very long time, and tried to ignore the entire issue of immigration for a very long time. so it really is a problem for both parties. >> bill: might be a court challenge before the sun goes down. lindsey graham is a fan and here is what he said. finally a president willing to take on this absurd policy of birthright citizenship. policy is a magnet for illegal immigration out of the mainstream of the developed world and needs to come to an end. he is proposing legislation. you see that going anywhere? >> i don't know if -- i don't see much of anything happening on capitol hill in the next two years, if democrats even just come close to taking over the house. let alone if they actually take over the house. i think most of the action we'll see is on federal courts in the senate. but lindsey graham is right. donald trump should be commended for the fact he is the first president in a long time to understand what an
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important issue this is to voters. and you may disagree with those voters but the fact remains they have very significant concerns about illegal immigration and the degree to which policies like this attract further illegal immigration. >> bill: my suggestion is that lindsey graham and the president and the white house knew. they had a strategy going into this week for this roll-out. we'll see about that. we asked you to pick one race, charlie, that perhaps tells the story about the whole country. you chose interestingly enough the state of florida and the governor's race down there that now pits ron desantis with gillum. why this governor's race that will be featured later tonight in florida, charlie? >> there is no state in the country that is more evenly
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divided than florida. we remember that with the 2000 presidential election and every big contest since then. florida has played a significant determinative role in that. what you have here is an andrew gillum, a true bernie sanders style socialistic democrat running against an absolute trump acolyte. somebody who is very much in favor of trump's policies. they're going head-to-head. an interesting match-up. >> bill: why not pick the senate rate with bill nelson against rick scott? >> equally interesting. i think both of those -- of course, that one will have -- the senate race will have a whole lot of impact on whether republicans pick up a seat in the senate, lose a seat. they could lose the senate. my hunch is that they will pick up a seat or two but both of
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those races are going to be fascinating to watch. >> bill: we'll play stump the anchor later. thank you, charlie. nice to see you in washington >> julie: three more funerals planned today for the victims of the deadly shooting rampage at a pittsburgh synagogue just a day after president trump and the first lady both visited the city to pay their respects. david lee miller has the latest from pittsburgh. >> the president tweeted about the visit moments ago. melania and i were treated very nicely in pittsburgh. the office of the president was shown great respect on a sad and solemn day. we were treated so warmly. small protest was not seen by us. it was staged far away. he then went on to say that coverage of the event, much of it, any way, was fake news. what happened yesterday, the
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president came to pittsburgh with the first lady. his daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner. they spent about four hours in pittsburgh to show solidarity and support for the community. the democratic governor and mayor turned down an offer to accompany mr. trump. republican congressman paul ryan and mitch mcconnell did not make the trip citing what they described as scheduling conflicts. at the tree of life synagogue where on saturday 11 people were shot and killed, the president was welcomed and joined by the rabbi. as is jewish custom mr. trump placed a number of rocks brought from the white house on a makeshift memorial. the first family also brought with them flowers. later the president met with the widow of one of the shooting victims and several police officers one who had been shot seven times. during the visit hundreds of protestors took to the streets.
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many accused mr. trump of fueling an atmosphere of hate and they turned their back on him as the motorcade drove by. a less vocal group welcomed the presidential visit. this grieving city was left divided. >> i think the president's visit was very much a distraction. i think it detracts from our ability as a neighborhood to go and mourn. >> if they didn't come they would say something like he didn't have the decency to come. >> the next few hours three more funerals are scheduled to take place. laid to rest will be 88-year-old melvin wax and 69-year-old irving younger. tomorrow the alleged shooter will have another appearance in court and will appear in federal court here. the prosecution says at that time some of the evidence in this case will likely be presented. back to you. >> julie: david lee miller,
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thank you. >> bill: 11 past the hour. moving back to washington president trump's legal team getting written answers together for bob mueller's russia matter. how close are we to the end of that probe? committee member darrell issa will answer that live. >> julie: tragedy strikes a family in the heartland, three young children hit and killed on their way to school and what we know about the cause of this fatal crash. >> he lost all of his kids. what do you tell your little brother? tell your little brother that it will get better? you can't.
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>> julie: fox news alert. a new report revealing special counsel robert mueller referred to the f.b.i. an alleged attempt to smear him and discredit the russia investigation. federal investigators have been asked to look into a possible scheme to get women to make
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false accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment against him. now in a rare public statement mueller said the following, when we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the special counsel we immediately referred the matter to the f.b.i. for investigation. >> the written questions to mueller's -- >> president trump: it's ridiculous i have to do anything because we didn't do anything. but we will probably do something, yes, we will respond to some questions. >> bill: president trump the other day insisting there was no collusion between his campaign and russia in the election of 2016. fox news confirming the president's lawyers are drafting a set of answers for bob mueller into the investigation. the answers could be submitted next week, maybe after the election on tuesday. california congressman daryl issa retiring from his seat.
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what your retirement -- what about the drafting of questions? do you think it's real? >> i do. i think we're near the end of any possible investigation. as you know, the president made virtually his entire staff available, waived many of the privileges, including attorney/client privilege to allow them to testify and provided more than a million documents. so this last part, interrogatories as they are usually called, where they ask specific questions. they may have of the president and he is free to answer them or claim a privilege or partially answer them. that's typical and i suspect that rudy giuliani, a skilled u.s. attorney, is preparing to answer the questions that can be answered to bring this to a conclusion. >> bill: so giuliani would only be doing this, you believe, to
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end it >> it's the right reason. at the end of an investigation if there are unanswered questions or want something clarified or want something for the record that has the weight of oath, an interog tore is appropriate. only in extreme cases do you actually depose high-ranking public officials. the president, with rare exception, would be the hardest to even consider. especially when mueller doesn't have even one person that has been charged with any crime related to collusion with the russians in -- during the campaign. >> bill: interesting point and we'll hang onto that. mid-terms are six days away. who knows what happens in the new year? have you considered the fate of jeff sessions? >> i think we all have. you know, the president is not satisfied with his attorney general. he hasn't been particularly aggressive in getting the system working the way he would like it to. it could just be he doesn't
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have the managerial skills and obviously rod rosenstein is too busy, quite frankly, running this investigation and doing other things to do what the normal number two does, which is be the operation manager. so i think the president really does have to look at that organization and get it doing everything it is supposed to do, including enforce civil rights and all kinds of other activities that this vast network does. >> bill: talk about the campaign now for tuesday. you are out, hillary clinton won your district by nine points two years ago. >> it was interesting to figure out who the 8 or 9 people out of every 100 and voted for me were. >> bill: do you think this is a district lost to democrats this time? >> it will be a difficult district for that very reason, that i held it because people believed in what i was doing. it's a little harder for a
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newcomer to have the same effect. but you have the opposite here in northern virginia. barbara comstock has been independent. she has done a good job. she has been hard working in her duties, traveled, done everything you're supposed to do and now they're trying to line her up with donald trump when, in fact, she has really been a longstanding public servant. we'll see there where it's much more of an incumbent doing a good job, will she be able to hold on. >> bill: that country shifts more blue every time we vote. comstock seems to be trailing there. are you suggesting she can pull this out? >> she was trailing a couple years ago. she was trailing when she ran the first time. the polls haven't been very accurate because this is a tenacious, hard working public servant. she served as a senior staff member of my old committee, the oversight committee. she has done investigations. this is somebody who has a long
6:20 am
history of connecting with the voters. so the polls don't always reflect the real feeling for barbara comstock. i was driving to middleburg yesterday and all i saw were the barbara comstock posters up on private property. something that says a lot about how the people of rural virginia feel about her. >> bill: we'll watch that and california, too. you could get five or eight races that go deep into the night if not beyond. darrell issa in washington >> julie: one of america's most notorious gangsters whitey bulger found dead in his jail cell and new details how he died and who was behind it. >> bill: could new rounds of peace talks be around the corner? why the trump plan could be back on the table. live in jerusalem on that today. endless shrimp is on at red lobster.
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>> julie: new efforts underway to bring the palestinians back to the negotiating table to hammer out a peace plan with israel. relations between washington and the palestinians have been frozen since president trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and moved the american embassy there from tel aviv. >> an authority official says palestinians would need to see major policy reversals from president trump in order for them to participate in any
6:25 am
u.s.-led peace negotiations. two days ago the palestinian president announced he rejects the trump administration's efforts between the palestinians and israel. a senior palestinian officials says until the u.s. embassy is moved back to tel aviv and the u.s. stops supporting israeli settlements. both of the policy reversals are highly unlikely and new questions about how president trump will be able to implement his deal of the century as sentions are high in the region among months of clashes on the gaza border and the west bank. three palestinian teens were killed by a israeli drone strike. there were strikes by the israeli air force. amid rising tension president trump has said that his support for israel remains unwavering. you look at the palestinians and say if president trump
6:26 am
keeps up the pro-israel policies they're unwilling to participate in any peace talks led by the united states leading to a stalemate in the region. >> julie: thank you so much. >> bill: fox news alert. 26 past the hour. four minutes away. opening bell on wall street after a big bounce yesterday. a nice rebound. early word is we may see more of the same in a moment. we got a tweet from the west wing that we'll share what's on the president's mind on this in a moment. >> julie: all right. plus this. president trump speaking up embarking on his final mid-term push with nearly a dozen rallies to go before the elections. where he is headed this week. >> president trump: the choice for every american this november is between resistance and results.
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>> bill: interesting to watch opening bell on wall street a moment away and we should see a strong open here. stocks moving higher, this a
6:30 am
day after they moved higher yet again. it has been one heck of a month for october. up and down day-by-day. you go back to the second of october, the dow 30 was around 26,900. a few days ago you were down around 24,300 for the low. a swing of 2600 points in a matter of weeks. president tweeting on this a moment ago, stock market up more than 400 yesterday. today looks to be another good one. companies' earnings are great is the message from the west wing and what you want to be selling a week before mid-terms. >> julie: that will be the message on the campaign trail. he has 11 states he will be campaigning in. this will be at the top of his agenda. >> bill: six days to do it. a lot of travel. general motors decent earnings and facebook decent earnings. off we go. >> julie: no better momentum than a strong stock market heading into the elections.
6:31 am
the final stretch run to the mid-terms six days to go now. president trump is planning 11 rallies focusing mostly on senate and governor races, the first visit on the last list is florida where the president is headed later today. let's bring in republican congresswoman mimi walters. thank you for talking to us this morning. a lot of people will say it's a referendum on the president's presidency. how much will it be a referendum on president trump himself or his office? >> well, i think the mid-terms are extremely important. we have a choice here, either we can move this country forward and continue to move it forward, or go back to the obama-era and the regulations and the government regulation, high taxes. so this definitely is going to be a choice for voters in this mid-term election. >> julie: does the president you think still have the magic
6:32 am
touch in helping sway voters in his favor and with that, which candidates would you believe in particular do you think he would be most helpful? >> well, i think the president definitely is very good about rallying the base. it will come down to both republicans and democrats. rallying their bases and looking at the independents and seeing which independents can be persuaded in order to turn out and vote for individual candidates. the momentum i believe is on the republican side right now. the republicans are energized just as the democrats are energized. >> julie: when the president doesn't like someone, though, that's where his strongest suit is he lets us know. not a local election. he turns it into a national one. florida, for example, the governor nominee gillum had an interview on fox and the president called him a stone cold thief. i love the names he calls to any candidate who he disagrees with.
6:33 am
he is referencing the tallahassee mayor getting tickets to see hamilton. you only hear squabbling between the candidates in the state you are voting in. what does it mean for the democratic candidate when the president weighs in? >> he is good at campaigning and believes he can connect with people through twitter. he understands what is at stake in these mid-term elections. we want to make sure we continue to move america forward and the president is out there campaigning for candidates that the base -- to make sure the base turns out. >> julie: i want to talk about your race now. you are up against a hard fight. it is a close one but you are one of seven california republicans in house districts which were won by hillary clinton in 2016. democrats have said they need to flip at least a few seats in california in order to take back control of the house and many republicans are, as always
6:34 am
in mid-terms, facing an uphill battle seeking reelection. how is your race shaping up in a tough state to be a republican, the state of california, couldn't be harder. >> julie: nancy pelosi knows the only way she gets the gavel back is come through california. we won't let it happen. early runs are very good in my district. the absentee returns. we have a large margin between myself and my democrat opponent. we feel very good we have turned the corner and that the republicans are coming home. now what we're focusing is making sure we get those independents to come our way as well. >> julie: real clear politics has you slightly trailing your opponent. what is the main reason for that? >> i don't believe in any polls except for my own poll. we have seen polls be wrong time and time again. so i am focused in on my own internal polling which has me up. i'm focused on the ground game. it is all about the turnout right now. i have a terrific team helping
6:35 am
me. we're knocking on doors. we are making telephone calls. and we are turning out the vote and we can see those results right now in the absentee returns. >> julie: i want to ask you quick. i was reading about california having a housing crisis right now. how will that affect the election? >> listen, we have a housing crisis because of our liberal policies out of sacramento. our leaders in sacramento have too much regulation on our houses and make the housing extremely expensive in this state and we need to change that. >> julie: all right. congresswoman mimi walters. thank you for talking to us. >> bill: fox news alert from southern mexico. thousands of migrants from central america pushing further north into that country hoping eventually to get into the united states. they are hundreds of miles away still. meanwhile another caravan moving across the guatemala/mexican border. william la jeunesse is in southern mexico to tell us
6:36 am
what's happening today. william. >> this caravan won't walk today. they've requested buses to mexico city not just for women and children but for everyone. the reason, the next stretch of road for 100 miles is windy, blind curves and the safety of motorists and caravans as well. they say we need those buses. there was an election here last night. the caravan elected six people, three men, three women from the caravan to represent them with the mexican government going forward whether they'll stay and the terms of that or transportation to the border. also the caravan is shrinking from 7,000 to now below 5,000. some people think it's too oh slow. some have medical issues. some taken the train. swollen glands, inflamed muscles. blisters on the feet. we did speak to a man who was deported from the u.s. for human trafficking saying he
6:37 am
will stay in mexico or try to make it to canada. >> i don't want to cross the border and run from the border patrol. i want to be legal and safe. >> there was a rally here last night that lasted two hours. they showed the movie cocoa, no mention of president trump or the changes in the u.s. that will affect their future. no talking about the military, tent cities or how long they could be stuck in places like tijuana. this from president trump. many more troops coming. we will not let this -- these caravans, which are also made up of very bad thugs and gang members, into the u.s. our border is sacred. must come in legally. turn around. that information isn't being shared with them. you mentioned other caravans. indeed there is one now where we were 10 days ago, about
6:38 am
2,000. another caravan on the guatemala/mexican border on the south side about 2,000, and finally that caravan is waiting for a third coming up through el salvador. the way it is here i want to share with you very quickly a comment i just got from two honduran immigrants said it's stressful. fights over food. this area is like a public bathroom. it stinks. they said of course president trump has to say that. if he said he was letting us in all of honduras would come to the u.s. >> julie: president trump rally the base in the final days before the mid-terms. >> president trump: if you vote republican this november we'll continue to cut your taxes, cut your regulations and raise your incomes like we've been doing. >> julie: why one op-ed warns republicans should keep their focus on tax cuts in the next six days. >> bill: how close is the special counsel to wrapping up its investigation on the russia
6:39 am
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♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief >> julie: an indiana family suffering an unimaginable loss. their three young children killed tuesday morning hit by a pickup truck as they were about to board their school bus. a fourth child was also seriously injured. the community trying to come to terms with the tragedy. >> been a while since i seen first responders cry. i saw tears shed today because this is what the situation dictated. >> julie: the driver of that truck a 24-year-old woman is now charged with three counts of reckless homicide. the cause of the crash still under investigation. >> bill: mid-terms, healthcare, immigration? an op-ed "wall street journal" suggesting republicans should focus on a different issue. william mcgurn calls it nancy
6:43 am
pelosi the sequel. republicans should push their tax cut or the democrats will push against them. what's the point? >> the point is we have a roaring economy and it didn't happen by accident. republicans should be saying that. instead they're vaguely attacking democrats for wanting to raise taxes and so forth. but i think they have not played up not just the economy, but their role in giving us the 3.5% growth. >> bill: here is how you conclude the piece. however it turns out, the election on tuesday. mrs. pelosi understands one thing the republicans don't. when the party in power can't figure out how to promote its own achievements the other party will make it into liabilities. >> the tax bill when passed was unpopular there was a 20-point gap in the average approval or disapproval. that has narrowed as the economy gets better but it
6:44 am
never had the majority approval. so mrs. pelosi has been more with the public sentiment partly because she is shaping it by attacking it every day. i think when the republicans bet on immigration, something down there, that's sort of passive. they aren't doing anything on that. they did give us this roaring economy and i think they should take credit for it. >> bill: is there a message from the democratic party coming from this mid-term? could you put it on a bumper sticker? >> repeal tax cuts is a big part of it. mrs. pelosi has made no secret if she gets the gavel back that's where she will start. >> bill: you wonder sometimes in elections pass when the party doesn't have a singular message sometimes they suffer for that. do you agree with that? >> generally yes. there are two messages. one is again i think -- three, mrs. pelosi has hammered republicans on the tax cuts saying she will repeal them. she has now turned obamacare to her advantage, right? she lost her majority because
6:45 am
of obamacare. now she is hammering republicans on pre-existing conditions and drug prices, right? and third is donald trump. she is trying to energize her base against donald trump and his unpopularity with democrats. >> bill: talking about trump in a message. campaign ad that came out earlier this week ton economy. exactly what you are talking about. a quick clip of this. >> there is more opportunity and security to invest in the ones that matter. >> but we can't get distracted from the biggest issue which are jobs and kids' future. >> this could all go away if we don't remember what we came from. >> bill: do you have a problem with that? >> i wish they were more touting what the republicans did. it didn't happen that the economy just started growing. deregulation and the tax cuts. i think they've been a little shy about the tax cut bill because of where it is in the polls. >> bill: we're doing a little
6:46 am
thing this week. a big thing. we ask people like you to tell us what races you are watching and perhaps maybe they tell us a bigger story about what is happening across the country. you have selected the american heartland. here in the senate race in indiana it's a really good one between joe donnelly trying to get reelected against mike braun. why do you choose this one? a state where the president really rocked by 20 points two years ago. >> this is sort of the paradigm race for why republicans should be picking up in the senate. president trump won by 19 points. so it would be a good place for a republican to run. senator donnelly voted against brett kavanaugh, so that ought to play to republican advantages. it is very tight right now but i think this is a good bellwether for the nation. >> bill: how did he vote on taxes? >> i'm not sure. >> bill: on the house side we
6:47 am
asked you to pick one, too. usually what we do a lot of times is gravitate toward the familiar. i know ohio because that's where i'm from. you are from new jersey. let's go to the northeast. you picked there is one, two, three, four toss-ups in new jersey at the moment that we consider to be a coin flip. you picked new jersey 11 just west of new york city. why this one? >> one, it's my district. the republican candidate is very attractive. he is a tax cutter, he has endorsed the tax bill, a lot of republicans in blue states were a little afraid to do because of the salt deduction but in many ways it's a district with a retiring republican who has been there for many, many years, his father had the seat before him. a suburban district. you have a very attractive democratic candidate who has military record. she is an annapolis grad and helicopter pilot. then she has a gazillion
6:48 am
dollars. she broke the state record for raising money. i think it's $7 million. >> bill: what happens on tuesday? >> we don't know. the polls have been very tight within the margin of error. one "new york times" poll had him far down about two weeks ago. that was an outlier. the others had him within three or four points. >> bill: the white house likes him. >> another aspect, he has been supported by president trump in tweets. you have had outside people come in. joe biden came in for the democrat and president trump did a fundraiser for weber. vice president pence came. paul ryan came. heavy artillery on both sides. >> bill: so many races just like this. >> julie: a good one to look at moderate republican seat and it is one i think that we have to win. >> bill: thank you, sir. bill mcgurn, nice to see you
6:49 am
from the "wall street journal." >> julie: fox news alert. officials in indonesia believe they may have identified the location of that jetliner that crashed on monday killing all passengers and crew on board. we'll have details on the search. >> bill: also mitt romney is looking to take a senate seat in utah. with that race pretty interesting. could he give a boost to other republican candidates? we'll take you there live coming up shortly. >> this is the kind of leadership america needs. conservative republican leadership. and vaporize it with an intense rush of vicks vapors. ahhhhhhh! new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. the daytime coughing, stuffy head, vaporize your cold, medicine. here at snowfest... for your worst sore throat pain try new vicks vapocool drops. it's not candy, it's powerful relief. ahhhhhh! vaporize sore throat pain with new vicks vapocool drops.
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you've worked so hard to (huachieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. >> bill: military officials saying they believe they may have found the location of that lion air jet that crashed into the java sea on monday. it went down minutes after take-off out of jakarta. 189 people on board.
6:53 am
officials are still looking for the main fuselage with the plane's black box. >> julie: mitt romney has a strong lead in his race for senate in utah. now he is dedicating his time to helping his fellow republicans who find themselves in tough mid-term battles. peter doocy is live in salt lake city, utah. hi, peter. >> dozens of door bells rang last night and people were surprised to see that outside it was mitt romney who parked his pickup truck down the block and stopped by to boost lesser known down ballot republican candidates. >> i do get a what are you doing here? how did you arrive here? it's random where we show up. and of course the reaction changes from door-to-door. some democrats are not as enthusiastic as some republicans. by and large a very big welcome.
6:54 am
>> romney has canvassed or campaigned for 45 candidates in utah and five in other states this cycle and he holds the commanding lead he has over jenny wilson he will join a senate where many lawmakers are trying to go viral or run in 2020 or both. >> i think i'm the one guy that will be in the united states senate, if i get there, that's actually run for president and not planning on doing it again. and as a result of that, i think i have the freedom to really focus on issues that the people in our state care about. >> and to that end i asked romney for his unique perspective on hillary clinton's recent comment that she still wants to be president. >> the last one didn't work out so well and speaking from experience, if you had a campaign that didn't work out so well, take a lesson from that. >> romney also told us if he wins and gets to the senate he will only try to comment on matters of significance so we shouldn't expect to get a reaction from him to every
6:55 am
tweet by president trump or anyone else when reporters ask him about it in the hallway. julie. >> julie: imagine mitt romney showing up at your doorstep. that must have again quite a sight. >> bill: oh, mitt romney. fox news alert now. marathon campaign trip about to begin. president trump, 11 rallies, six days, a battle to hold onto congress and martha mcsally wants to be a senator and will join us live today to tell us a little bit about where that race stands neck and neck coming up.
6:56 am
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>> bill: good morning, six days before the mid-terms. immigration is the word of the day. brand-new hour. i'm bill hemmer, good to have you with us along with julie. >> julie: good to see you, too, let's go. i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. the fight in washington raging over whether president trump can end birthright citizenship with an executive order. >> with a caravan of migrants approaching the u.s. border president trump sets his sights on birthright citizenship and the latest move on immigration days before the mid-term elections. >> president trump indicates he is the stroke of a pen away from changing birthright citizenship. >> which removes the right for people born in the u.s. soil to parents who are non-citizens. >> the continue surrounding this issue is beginning to
7:00 am
snowball. the media pushback from house speakers and others. >> you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. >> that birthright is there, it's the 14th amendment of the constitution. you need a lot of votes to amend the constitution and they won't be there to do this, i assure you. >> constitutional scholars say in the event the president tries this move there would be an immediate injunction and his order would not ever take effect. >> amendment to the constitution, as you mentioned, is what governs this idea of birthright citizenship. >> critics will tell you it's a mid-term election ploy. the president and white house say he is deadly serious about it. >> whether the president follows through on his promise of executive action is clearly unknown. >> bill: lawmakers on the hill sounding off on the proposal. mike emanuel has more on that part of the story. >> republican leaders on capitol hill say addressing this issue should be done by the legislative branch, by
7:01 am
lawmakers. chuck grassley said i will closely review president trump's executive order as a general matter this is an issue that congress should take the lead to carefully consider and debate. house speaker paul ryan said this is not something a president can do on his own. >> he cannot do that. you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. we didn't like it when obama tried changing immigration laws via executive action and as conservatives we believe in the constitution. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham praised president trump saying finally a president to take on this absurd policy of birthright citizenship. i've always supported comprehensive immigration reform and the elimination of birthright citizenship. democrats aren't impressed. tim kaine saying the u.s. presidency is not a dictatorship. patriotic americans must rally to defeat the president's unprecedented attempt to rewrite the constitution on his own. house democratic leader nancy
7:02 am
pelosi suggests it's part of a pattern with this president warning about a caravan that is more than 1,000 miles away, putting troops on the border and pelosi suggests this move is beyond president trump's authority. >> this is constitutional. i just can't even imagine what our founders would be thinking to see a president to take an oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states and then abuse that. >> 25 years ago democrat senator harry reid of nevada was critical of offering a reward for being an illegal immigrants. he said no sane country would do that. if you break u.s. laws by entering this country without permission and give birth to a child we reward that child with u.s. citizenship. senator lindsey graham said he will introduce legislation along the lines of the president's action. but it is not clear congress will be able to get it done. >> bill: thanks.
7:03 am
want to bring in america's a-team. brad blakeman is back in the city. former clinton advisor richard good steen is here. and kelly jane torrance. we rode out the kavanaugh hearings together. >> it was quite a -- >> bill: it was some day. let's talk about what's happening on immigration. what is your sense? >> i never thought i would agree with harry reid but he is right. you don't reward law breakers for citizenship with their children. as far as the president is concerned trick-or-treat. he is tricking the legislature and courts to act on this. although we've allowed it doesn't mean its constitutional. it fires up the base on an issue burning on immigration. this is a small part of the overall problem. >> julie: first of all, the president said we're the only country that grants birthright citizenship. there are 30 other countries
7:04 am
that do grant the same but on that note, could he possibly change that law? it is written in the constitution, the 14th amendment allows this to be a law here in our country. >> donald trump needs an other, right? so this caravan thing, shep smith says there is no invasion, nobody is at risk and had to say there weren't middle eastern thugs embedded there. no proof. he moved on to this and he will move on to something else. the answer to your question under the constitution no. it is very specific about the fact that people born here with a couple exceptions that the framers said don't apply here. and donald trump said he was a strict constructionist. that person looks at the constitution. this is not even debatable. has it been litigated? no. i think if you're a democrat say let's see you in court and let's talk healthcare and a check on donald trump.
7:05 am
that's what will happen. >> people talking about this, the caravan that drove trump to do this. i disagree. michael anton who was trump's national security counsel spokeman had an op-ed earlier this year in the "washington post" making the argument donald trump is making nou. i don't think it's new now. can he do it by executive order? i hope the people saying that he can't also got upset when president obama created the dreamer program by executive order. i do think you need to go through congress. >> bill: you want me to take you back 25 years? harry reid in 1993 talking about this very topic. >> if making it easy to be an illegal alien isn't enough, how about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant? no sane country would do that, right? guess again. if you break our laws by entering this country without permission and give birth to a
7:06 am
child, we reward that child with u.s. citizenship. >> bill: that was 25 years ago and six years later he apologized for that. in that same speech he said, quote, is it any wonder that 2/3 of the babies born at taxpayer expense at country-run hospitals in los angeles are born to illegal alien mothers? that was harry reid in 1993. >> it's a fact. we have hundreds of thousands of people every year coming and using our laws to our detriment. they're playing the system. i disagree with richard. the constitution is vague when it says under the jurisdiction of in the 14th amendment is what needs to be interpreted. because if -- you are not under the jurisdiction of the united states if you've broken our laws to come here to seek a benefit. >> bill: this point has nothing to do with the caravan. >> i understand. i don't know if you want to have a legal discussion. it refers to a hostile foreign
7:07 am
power. framer's day, two, diplomats having children here. that's the exception. again, maybe when donald trump went to fordham he took a law class we don't know about. under the law we know about this is not a close call. he is doing it for a specific reason. not the caravan, it is because there is -- he wants people to be concerned about an other who happens to be not white skinned, sorry. >> i'm not used to saying that it is so clear-cut. those words subject to the jurisdiction. think about it. the biggest fights we have now as you know is about our supreme court justice because things have happened in the supreme court that completely change laws. you have abortion was not mentioned in the constitution. they found a right to that. i don't think it's necessarily as clear-cut and i think there will be a lot of debate over the words subject to the jurisdiction. does it mean if you come here illegally are you then under
7:08 am
the jurisdiction? i think it's a tough one. >> bill: six days away from the vote. you can feel it, right? >> excited and nervous. >> bill: lindsey graham was in ohio. an interesting governor's race. here is graham on what's on the line for republicans. >> if you are republican and you are not excited about voting, you are legally dead. this has been a nightmare for red state trump democrats between the kavanaugh debacle, despicable character assassination and a caravan trying to overrun our borders, it has been a nightmare for red state democrats and unified republicans. >> julie: lindsey graham has maintained the election is all about kavanaugh and the caravan and that motto has stuck through. on the caravan, that is an issue. immigration is a huge issue. democrats say if they regain control in the house they will make immigration reform a top
7:09 am
issue. but how and why would they do anything any differently to prevent this caravan from coming? >> they wouldn't. this is resistance versus results. donald trump has made good on his promises and it drives democrats crazy. the rhetoric versus results. and if you balance those out donald trump has vastly underpromised and over delivered for the american people. if the democrats get in control it will be gridlock like we've never seen. they aren't out to help this president. they resist him. >> bill: if you're a republican you are not excited about voting you're legally dead. ronna mcdaniel was on our show on "fox & friends" 6:30 this morning canvassing all over the country. she says the level of enthusiasm they're seeing today matches 2016. i can't say that's the case. i guess we'll find out tuesday night. she thinks that's happening. >> it's interesting. what does excited mean?
7:10 am
does it mean you're happy with the way things are going and you want to get out there and like what trump is doing or you're really passionate, upset, angry about the kavanaugh fight and angry about the caravan coming? i think if people were excited the republicans would be focusing on the good news, the economy. they're focusing on things that worry americans. >> julie: anger drives people to the polls. >> you said the word excited. i don't know that that's the word i would use. >> julie: anger drives people, once again. if you're happy you sit home. >> people are angry about the fear of losing healthcare. you have these members of congress who voted dozens of times to repeal obamacare without frankly replacement to protect pre-existing conditions and people who have somebody in their family -- >> they stated their case. they would farm it out to the states and figure out how the governors --
7:11 am
>> republicans have had decades to try to come up with something. to have this discussion in 2018 to say here is what they might do considering they ran in 2010, 11, 12 saying we'll repeal and replace and they can't tell you what they'll replace. >> bill: what race do you believe right now is something that could be a bellwether that tells a larger story? >> arizona, u.s. senate race. >> bill: richard? >> florida governor. if gillum wins he pulls nelson with him in the senate race. >> florida. you have a focus on the issues, it is turning into race and corruption. >> bill: we'll bring you back for round two. >> julie: fox news alert. an alleged plot targeting the special counsel, f.b.i. investigating a potential scheme to discredit robert mueller by setting up claims of sexual misconduct. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the story from
7:12 am
washington >> good morning. the office of special counsel rarely comments publicly and took the unusual step issuing a brief statement yesterday the matter is now in the hands of the f.b.i. quote, when we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the special counsel we immediately referred the matter to the f.b.i. for investigation. background, the special counsel spokeman indicated a week ago several journalists received an email from an individual claiming they had been offered money to level sexual misconduct allegations against special counsel robert mueller. alleged incident dating back to the 1970s was the individual was a parallel at a large law firm from mueller worked. a radio host doing conservative news an commentary has been singled out as one of the people in the scheme. bergman said he did not know the woman who spoke to
7:13 am
reporters and he says this is silly, mueller doing the usual, trying to deflect from his own problems. the f.b.i. provided no further comment about the referral to fox. burkeman tweeted about a related event thursday. we'll keep you updated as we verify more details. >> bill: 13 past the hour. nancy pelosi making a case for victory. how she responds to critics who say that she is being used as a weapon against other democrats. >> julie: stocks higher for a second day in a row. how will a really rough month end up on wall street? we'll ask charles payne next.
7:14 am
7:15 am
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♪ >> bill: 401k. it's okay to peak at the morning. stocks are flying right now. what a month it has been. october has been a ride and then some. here is charles payne. making money today? >> making a little bit. up over 400 points on the dow yesterday. up 300 today. a nice way to come out of this month. >> bill: did you see the graphic? what's up with that? >> it has been a tough one but it is one of those things you have to go through periodically in a bull market we've been in.
7:18 am
it has to be tested. i think we're being tested. what is coming to the rescue? the one-two punch. great corporate earnings and reminder this economy is on fire. >> julie: great corporate earnings, that's what the president basically alluded to when he said companies earnings are great and why jobs are up. >> not only that of all the earnings so far today. facebook is getting a lot of ink. i think the best one, the best proxy today is general motors. a few things. first of all, they killed it. they just really did so much better than anyone said. it is also a company impacted by tariffs but our economy is so strong the american consumer is so strong the tariffs were nothing, they were nothing compared to the american consumer. the highest average selling price ever for a car in the third quarter $36,000. $4,000 more than the industry average. operating margins are expanding. cash flow is strong.
7:19 am
north america sales grew dramatically. sales internationally went down. it was about the u.s. general motors, and the usa. incredible story. general motors was the proxy for america and today it is as well. >> bill: what about the reports on friday? >> 227,000, street was looking for 189,000. jobs where you want them. i talk about dirty fingernail jobs and good producerings. 4,000 in mining which is beyond mind-boggling. 1700 construction. 17,000 manufacturing. a great number going into friday. we'll see. the last number from the government was really what they call noisy. when you get hurricane disruptions like we had, people were displaced, it is hard to get a good read on it. maybe we'll get a better one friday. >> bill: what is the street looking for on friday? you also have to take it within the context of an election that happens four days later.
7:20 am
>> we came into the week looking for 190,000 after the adp report. secretly what they call the whisper number wall street looking for 200,000 on friday. >> julie: it's interesting when you see the job growth and you look at the types of jobs that are happening. that means that people are building and hiring. that's incredible leading into an election. that has to be on the minds of every republican heading into the polling places. >> it should be on the mind of people voting as well. you got a hell of a decision to make. every time i drive by any kind of business, mall, strip mall, whatever it is, office building. i'm seeing help wanted sign. 7 million jobs. do i want to give that up because i don't like the president's tweets? or other things that may not impact whether i can accepted my kids to college or not? americans have tough decisions to make. >> bill: your point is if you want to work you can find a job.
7:21 am
>> if you don't have work skills you have a chance you never would have had before. if you're a non-violent felon you will get a chance now you thought would never exist in your lifetime again. >> bill: 2:00 eastern. thank you very much. >> a memo to watch? >> nice to see you. >> julie: the president making his final push on the campaign trail holding 11 rallies in six days as we hit the homestretch. so can the president help republicans cross the finish line on tuesday? >> bill: illegal immigration front and center heading into mid-terms. can the president end birthright citizenship with an executive order? talk to former deputy a.g. tom dupree and more. >> you have the look at the reason we're in this position in the first place. because democrats in congress have failed to help fix our broken immigration system and the president is looking at all options. hey there people eligible for medicare.
7:22 am
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7:26 am
>> julie: fox news alert on more boots on the ground at our southern border. the top general in charge of the deployment of 5400 troops, anticipating this number will rise further as the migrant caravan heads north. president trump tweeting our military is being mobilized at the southern border. we will not let these caravans who are made up of some very bad thugs. must come in legally. turn around. lucas tomlinson is live from the pentagon with the latest. >> the top military commander for north america says more
7:27 am
troops will deploy to the southern border on top of the more than 5,000 expected to arrive by the end of this weekend. what i can confirm is that there will be additional forces over and above the 5,239. the magnitude of that difference i don't have an answer for now. air force general terrance o'shaughnessy said 1800 active duty troops are in texas right now. so far none of the troops have been sent to the border. first they will need training. while border patrol remains in the lead for dealing with migrants the military will prepare for incidental interaction. troops will be armed but only for self-defense. the cost of the deployment remains unclear. officials say the migrant caravan remains 900 miles from the u.s. border but a higher level of organization than seen in the past. one of the reasons the active duty military has been called in. asked by reporters if it was a political stunt the general
7:28 am
said border security is national security and his forces support the dhs. the caravan isn't expected to arrive for weeks but orders for troops going to the border expire december 15th. we'll hear more about the deployment to the border. >> bill: the president saying he could end birthright citizenship with an executive order. will the 14th amendment stand in his way? the headliner today is tom did -- dupree. what about the president's case he is making? >> i think it's a steep uphill constitutional battle. you look at the text of the 14th amendment and it applies to anyone born in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction of the united states. i think the president's best argument is that this is a question that the supreme court has never specifically decided.
7:29 am
namely whether the children of persons here illegally are entitled to birthright citizenship. you look at the text of the constitution, you look at what a lot of the legal and historic scholars say, i think it's an uphill battle. >> bill: hang on. here is the text. all persons born or naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction there of are citizens of the united states and the state wherein they reside. what part of the phrase would you challenge? >> if i were in the president's choose the phrase he would focus on is the point about jurisdiction. you can't fight the fact that they're born on united states soil. the question then becomes are they also subject to the jurisdiction of the united states? and so i think the argument would be if your parents are here illegally you aren't subject to the jurisdiction of the united states. i'm not quite sure why that follows. from my perspective if people are here illegally they're subject to the jurisdiction of the laws of the united states. that's why i think it's a hard battle for the president to win.
7:30 am
>> bill: from your lips to jonathan turley's keyboard. the debate comes down to six poorly chosen words, quote, and subject to the jurisdiction there of, he could challenge that. >> the supreme court hasn't touched this part of the amendment for many years. more than a century. so there is some running room. i think the president's attitude here is look, he will do what he wants to do. if he does this by executive order i think his attitude is i'll do what i want to do. let the courts step in and stop me if they will. the one thing everyone regardless of their views this would be challenged within nanoseconds in court if the president were to attempt to repeal birthright citizenship by executive order. >> bill: some said by lunchtime. >> julie: 1857 supreme court
7:31 am
ruling the dread scott decision. harry reid even said that no sane country would award citizenship to children of illegal immigrants. basically saying that he would go for passing a law that would essentially grant citizenship only to the children of mothers in the u.s. that are here legally. but while that sounds realistic and while that sounds like it would make sense, is it even possible for the president ever to make any kind of change when it comes to this law? >> i think it's very difficult. if you are talking about birthright citizenship you are looking at something that is enshrine i had in the 14th amendment. if it's in the constitution that means you can only change it through another amendment to the constitution. which as we all know is a very difficult process. you need to get a super majority in the house and senate, a super majority of the states to ratify the amendment. so practically speaking it is all but impossible to try to change the law.
7:32 am
that's why the president's attitude is i'll do whatever i can do since the constitutional amendment is exceedingly unlikely. >> julie: paul ryan is also saying it's impossible. >> bill: the comment to axios from yesterday. >> president trump: you can definitely do it with an act of congress but now they are saying i can do it just with an executive order. how ridiculous, we're the only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the united states for 85 years with all of those benefits. it's ridiculous. and it has to end. >> bill: we'll see where this goes. we know what your position is. also in an interview with laura ingraham on monday night the mueller probe. we are led to believe that written answers could be happening right now and perhaps after the vote on tuesday someday next week we might see them. here is how the president characterized that with laura the other night. >> president trump: i do get along and i have made everything available. you know why?
7:33 am
because i have nothing to do with russia. it's ridiculous i have to do anything because we didn't do anything but we will probably do something, yes, we will respond to some questions. >> bill: that last part we'll do something, yes, we'll respond to some questions, written answers, is that your sense about how they would handle this? >> that is certainly what the white house wants to do. from the white house perspective they submit the written answers, give mueller the final piece of the puzzle to complete the investigation. we close it up and move on. the question is whether mueller will be satisfied with written answers alone. many prosecutors will say questions are a start but i think the 64,000 dollar question is whether bob mueller is satisfied with written answers and prepared to move on. >> julie: we want to correct misinformation. there is a piece that the
7:34 am
president is battling a subpoena from mueller's office, not true. here is a statement. the report in "politico", no subpoena issued and no litigation. we know that the president was willing to answer questions by robert mueller. this is nothing new. and now they prepare their answers. >> yes, and i think the way this has been playing out is there has been a lot of dancing back and forth between mueller and the white house. that's the nature of how the president will testify. if the president's team can satisfy mueller with written answers there is no way to characterize that other than a significant victory for the white house. >> bill: go back last hour. darrell issa addressed it the following way. in a very specific question. here is issa from last hour. >> this last part interrogatories as they are usually called, where they ask specific questions they may have of the president and he is free to answer them, or claim a
7:35 am
privilege, or partially answer them, that's typical and i suspect that rudy giuliani, a skilled u.s. attorney, is preparing to answer the questions that can be answered to bring this to a conclusion. >> bill: go ahead and address that and the thing that he went on to say is that none of the indictments that we have seen so far go to any suggestion about collusion from 2016, tom. >> that's right. we haven't seen anything along those lines. and i think as far as mr. issa's point goes, yes, look, these interrogatories are very typical when they are issued the advantage to the person responding you have a lot of time to think about what your answer is and make sure it's accurate and also to insert any objections you have. in this case it wouldn't surprise me at all if the president's legal team asserts executive privilege or other objections they have to answering the questions and the ball is in mueller's court, whether he is satisfied with the objections or wants to push back and potentially take the
7:36 am
president to court and litigate the legitimacy of some of these objections. >> julie: i have to address the robert mueller and the story of these alleged women who were paid to tell stories about being the victims of sexual harassment. now robert mueller alerted the f.b.i. to do an investigation. some are saying it's an abuse of power by involving the f.b.i. i want your take on it. >> you know, this strikes me, this whole story strikes me as nonsense being perpetrated right before the election. if mueller has credible evidence there was plot along these lines he was well within his rights to refer it to the f.b.i. it is unfortunate we have gotten to this point where people are -- if the stories are true -- trying to perpetrate these sorts of things. >> bill: thanks for coming on. what race are you watching tuesday? pick one. >> oh my gosh i'm watching a bunch of them. one close to my neighborhood is
7:37 am
virginia. barbara comstock's race. we'll see if she can pull it out. how about texas? let's look at how cruz is going to do fighting off a spirited democratic challenger. i think he will pull it out. >> bill: fair enough. see you, tom. 37 past the hour. breaking news from overseas now in the murder of the saudi columnist jamal khashoggi worked for the "washington post". turkish authorities revealing they believe khashoggi was strangled as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul as part of a pre-meditated killing. his body was then dismembered and disposed of. it is information coming in from greg palkot who is working that story in london. we'll get you more on that as we learn more. but that's tough for the family. >> julie: tough for the family because they want answers and getting answers out of this investigation has been a very slow process. hopefully the united states can push that along. house minority leader nancy
7:38 am
pelosi hitting late night tv with less than a week before election day. so what does she have to say about accusations she is hurting her own party? our a-team is back next. >> san francisco liberal nancy pelosi values in the united states congress, that's what they say. >> san francisco liberal is something i'm very, very proud of. have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361.
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>> negative ads that include you as a negative figure in them have been run 130,000 times. more than negative ads about the president. what goes through your head when people use you against a democrat? >> you cannot let anyone else define you or your opponent choose the leaders of your party. in terms when they come after me because i'm a very effective legislator. >> julie: nancy pelosi on "the
7:43 am
late show" with steven colbert, six days before the mid-terms. we're back with america's a-team with brad blakeman, richard goodstein and kelly jane torrance. it seems as though she was proud of that. i don't think it's a compliment. >> it is not. if nancy pelosi gets in again it's the has been crowd against the younger turks of the democratic party that claim to be socialist democrats. the inmates will be running the asylum if that happens and what we have to bring home to republicans. >> nancy pelosi has said if she gets elected speaker again it's as a transitional figure. so all these young turks that brad is so desperate to see and as running the house for the democrats, they're in the starting blocks ready to go. my forecast is that by this time two years from now if the democrats win the house we will know that nancy pelosi is not
7:44 am
going to be ready to be speaker after that. this is it for her. >> why does it have to be it at all? >> there is a feeling the democrats have been out of power for so long she knows how the institution works and basically pulls the levers and she would say her big achievement was the affordable care act which is popular. paul ryan is not -- >> bill: if democrats have the majority in the house, can you picture six months from now nancy pelosi having a ceremony and handle the gavel to one of her colleagues? >> no. she has said many times she does not plan to retire. she loves being called -- they came up a little earlier in the election that some democrats were saying well, if i win i'm not going to vote for her as speaker. she came out and was strong. she have has a huge ego. >> julie: she is like hillary clinton. not going anywhere soon.
7:45 am
>> would we rather see speaker pelosi or someone who is one of those democratic socialists? who is worse? >> nothing will get done anyway. >> the socialist thing is an exaggeration. most of those candidates that supported bernie sanders lost. it happens not to comport with reality. >> bill: we asked you guys to pick a race. we'll go to the board here and you can give us some wisdom for what you think will happen on tuesday, all right? should we go lady's first, kelly jane, are you all right with that? this thing is turbocharged this year, too. pick a race, what do you think is representative on tuesday? >> i think one of the more interesting ones is new jersey senate. >> bill: hang on. let's pull that up here. pretty good race here, bob menendez been in the seat against bob hugin who is self-funding his race. in a state, by the way, two years ago that hillary clinton
7:46 am
won by 14 points. >> exactly and one of the reasons i find it so interesting. you have an incumbent bob menendez, it has been very close. right now he is up about six. for a while it was less than five. an incumbent well-known in a blue state but he is having problems because of those ethical issues. he thought that he had a hung jury in his trial. he thought well, that's what the court decided. there is the court of public opinion as you know. i think people are a little uncomfortable. >> bill: my sense was this was republicans hoping for a victory like democrats are hoping for a victory in texas with o'rourke. >> i think he will probably pull it out. the fact he has had to try so hard says something. again, people are still tired of politics as usual, that feeling from 2016 is still here. >> i'll say the house race pennsylvania 7, why? >> bill: up in the northeast. we have a number of races in
7:47 am
pennsylvania redistricting in january. pennsylvania 7? center part of the state. >> allentown is the big down that's the anchor for that district. i point to it because it was represented by a republican. it's a pretty much of a swing district if you look at how the parties lay out by registration. if the polls are any indication susan wild, the democrat, is ahead and it will come in early, bill. so we'll have some indication whether this is a night that's pretty good for democrats in these swing districts or not. if it is i think -- >> bill: this is what the president did in that district. he only lost by two points, okay? we'll watch that. okay, brad, tell us what you would key in on for tuesday night. pick one. >> the arizona u.s. senate race. >> bill: mcsally will join us
7:48 am
next hour against sinema. the president won this state by two points two years ago. >> it should be a bellwether for republicans. mcsally is a war veteran, the first female combat pilot. central casting to what a republican candidate should be. she has got great credentials not only in the military but also politically and legislatively and if we would lose that race it could be a bellwether for things in come in 2020. we cannot lose the arizona senate race. >> bill: interesting stuff. we will go back to the set here and julie, do you have one? >> julie: yeah, i think florida. that's fascinating. the president will be there. he holds 11 rallies in six days. florida is interesting because the governor's race is fascinating. i don't know what will happen there in the state of florida. it will be a close call. >> i think it is, you're right.
7:49 am
rick scott, i thought at one point it has his to lose. democrats have been very good at making it not about the issues and the media is not doing a great job, with the exception of fox, of reporting all the corruption possibilities still dogging gillum. >> bill: let's take it up to -- >> the house will flip. i look at first thing in the morning. they're calling for six and seven chance the house flips. 39, 40 seat pickup. my for cast is 42. senate is likely to hold. republicans may pick up one. >> bill: that seems to be the line that most people are going with. >> i don't agree with that. when you count donald trump out you do it at your risk. he has defied history time and time again. i happen to think it's a 50/50 chance at this point with the kind of issues that are front and center for the american people.
7:50 am
immigration, economy is doing well. i think there is a 50/50 chance we lose the house. i don't think if we do lose the house it won't be anywhere near the historical portion of 32 seats. i think we'll remain in the senate. >> julie: the arizona senate race one of the most hotly contested. republican martha mcsally battling democrat kristin sinema. mcsally will join us live coming up next.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> bill: mid-term, democrats focusing on healthcare promoting medicare for all. leland vittert has more on that from washington >> good morning, bill. democrats think healthcare could be their ticket to control the house. a nurses group in favor of medicare for all lists close to 230 democratic house candidates who promise that government, aka, us the taxpayers, will take care of everybody's healthcare and with healthcare as one of the most important issues for democratic voters the bernie sanders approach is now becoming mainstream. >> i have seen the ads, the ugly ads here in maryland.
7:55 am
oh, it's impossible, it's too extravagant and expensive. well, i want to ask those people how the hell does it happen that we spend twice as much per capita on healthcare as do the people of any other nation? >> there isn't time to closely examine the facts of that statement but republicans are worried enough about an exposed flank on healthcare that president trump is hitting back. >> president trump: a majority of democrats on the ballot for congress have already signed up for a government takeover of healthcare that would obliterate medicare and terminate medicare advantage for half a million illinois seniors. >> this is perhaps previewing the 2020 race. among those senators co-sponsoring a medicare for all bill, 2020 prospects cory
7:56 am
booker, bernie sanders, kristin gillibrand and elizabeth warren. we have some republicans moving to the left. hawley running in missouri promising to protect pre-existing conditions. 63% saying it is the federal government's responsibility to make sure all americans have affordable healthcare. >> bill: thank you, sir. >> julie: president trump heading to florida today. he kicks off an 11-stop campaign blitz. can he tip the scales come tuesday? bret baier is here live to talk about that and much more straight ahead. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed.
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>> bill: fox news alert. the battle over birthright citizenship. the president's plan to take executive action. third hour, bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." sandra has a day off. >> julie: three is my favorite number. let's make this rock. i'm julie banderas. house speaker paul ryan making it clear the president cannot end birthright citizenship on his own explaining there is a constitutional issue here. this as republicans slam democrats for changing their tune on immigration. white house press secretary sarah sanders earlier today. >> there are a number of legal scholars who think he can. but again let's not forget why we're in this place -- why we're here at all. because of the failure of
8:01 am
congress, democrats in congress to actually do their job. the president is going to take whatever powers esch has to protect our borders and to protect our country. >> bill: john roberts live from the north lawn. john. >> good morning to you. let's point out the white house is looking at a couple of ways to try to dissuade this caravan from either entering the united states or doing something about them if they do get into the united states. the first and the most controversial is some sort of executive action to clarify the birthright citizenship afforded in the 14th amendment. the president tweeting this morning so-called birthright citizenship which costs our country billions of dollars is very unfair to our citizens and will be ended one way or the other. it is not covered by the 14th amendment because of the words subject to the jurisdiction there of. the 14th amendment states all persons born or naturalized in the united states and subject
8:02 am
to the jurisdiction there of are citizens of the united states. the 14th amendment doesn't apply to certain people including foreign diplomats. the white house is arguing, it's the center of their argument, that congress has never passed a law that confers birthright citizenship to the children of illegal migrants. the white house is trying to determine whether there might be some sort of carve-out in the 14th amendment for people who enter the country illegally saying the constitution does not compel birthright citizenship. it is more of a custom. the president at odds with members of his own party as you pointed out at the top and whether he can do it by executive action or regulation. speaker ryan says he cannot. listen here. >> you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. i follow the plain text of the constitution and the 14th amendment i think is pretty clear. it would involve a very, very lengthy constitutional process. >> on that front he gets agreement from lindsey graham.
8:03 am
many republicans would like to do away with birthright citizenship. a topic early in the 2016 campaign. democrats on the other hand like senator dianne feinstein like it just the way it is. listen here. >> the president will not be able to take away the birthright by executive order or legislation. that birthright is there. it is the 14th amendment of the constitution. >> it is interesting to note how democrats have evolved on birthright citizenship and illegal immigration in general. let's go back to 1993 and this statement from harry reid. >> if making it easy to be an illegal alien isn't enough. how about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant? no sane country would do that, right? guess again. if you break our laws by entering this country without permission and give birth to a child, we reward that child
8:04 am
with u.s. citizenship. >> what a difference a couple decades can make. the other idea, an executive order or regulation stipulating that migrants can only claim asylum if they do it at a port of entry. and if they cross the border illegally they will not be eligible to claim asylum. that's what the white house is working on. six days to go until the mid-term elections. i doubt if they can get anything done before tuesday but they say they are going to continue pursuing this. >> bill: john roberts leading our coverage from the white house. >> julie: while the migrant caravan from central america continues to head through mexico headed to the u.s., a second caravan has formed and it's now traveling north as well. all this as the pentagon deploys troops to the u.s./mexico border. william la jeunesse is with the initial caravan. he joins us live with the latest from southern mexico. >> good morning.
8:05 am
the detail that john roberts has talking about hasn't trickled into the caravan yet. they will be here another night. not walking today. they requested buses to get the entire group of 5,000 plus to mexico city. in that stretch of highway about 100 miles is very windy, blind curves. only two lanes and they feel it is not safe for the migrants or for motorists. there was an election here last night. the caravan elected six of their own, three men and three women to represent them talking to the mexican government regarding work permits and transportation to the united states. the caravan is probably decline in numbers 7,000 to 5,000. numbers are hard to come by but some people have taken the train, some are going ahead on their own. some people i have got to know are gone now. medical issues, swollen glands, inflamed muscles. the white house press secretary sarah sanders about two hours ago suggested the mexican government, who has offered
8:06 am
people asylum and work permits, may be slowing it down for trying to help break it up. >> they have helped stop a lot of the transportation means of these individuals in these caravans, forcing them walking. they have helped us in new ways to slow this down, to break it up and keep it from moving as aggressively towards the united states. >> there was a rally here last night. no news really coming from the states. no news programming. just the movie coco to add levity here. no mention of the military build-up. the changes in asylum that may be coming to them. the tent city the president is proposing or how long these people could be stuck in tijuana. spoke to a man who got deported last year. he said he won't run the border illegally but he will request asylum and he said that he would explain to them that he is looking for work. here he is. go to the border, you claim
8:07 am
asylum. go to the immigration court. >> that's the best way. i don't think going straight through the bridge and making the runway, i don't think we will make it. that's not the right way. i have proven that. >> there is another caravan that has already crossed into mexico. a second caravan is then south of the river about 2,000 as well and finally, a third caravan has already left el salvador headed to the mexican border. so there is enough people coming, but i have to tell you, if you spend any time on the southern border, the border patrol is apprehending more than 1,000 people every day. back to you. >> julie: william la jeunesse, thank you. >> bill: what a situation there. thank you. the president kicking off a campaign blitz ahead of the mid-terms. six days, 11 rallies. first stop is later tonight in florida. governor rick scott in florida trying to defeat the democratic incumbent senator bill nelson in that race.
8:08 am
usa today poll showing it's a dead heat. nelson 45, scott 43. within the margin of error. here is guy benson political editor of town good morning. give our viewers an idea here. you've been looking at this one, right, between scott and nelson. the president won a state. a lot of red here two years ago beat hillary clinton by two points, a little less than that. go ahead and examine the scott race against bill nelson. can he win? >> oh, sure he can win. it is a very, very tight race. if you look at the breadth of polling over the last week or two, many of those surveys have the race either exactly tied or plus one or plus two in either direction. so bill nelson is the incumbent, a democrat. it is a blue tinted year and florida is the biggest and most diverse swing state in the country. scott is a pretty popular governor and nelson is not
8:09 am
particularly well-known or well liked in the state. when you take all of those competing factors and you put them all together you've got yet another extremely close race in florida. surprise. >> bill: right. big surprise, right. that's fort myers tonight. go back to the last senate race that bill nelson had, something to consider in 2012 six years ago. he beat connie mack easily by 13 points in his race there. we'll see how it goes there. you also believe, if you follow the president's trips over the next six days to look at where he is going twice, all right? i'll show you on the map here. here is how we came out six years ago between hillary clinton and donald trump. he is going to missouri twice, he will be there late monday night. a race he won about 20 points. the other state he is going to twice is over here in indiana. that's a state that he won by 20 points as well two years ago. in the senate race in indiana
8:10 am
joe donnelly up against mike braun. donnelly had a pretty easy time, i would say, relatively speaking in a ruby red state of indiana winning the race by six points six years ago. why missouri, why indiana other than the obvious? >> because these are states with massively important senate races where republicans have a very real chance of flipping seats from blue to red. so when you look out west the democrats have their eyes on arizona and nevada. they feel like they have an opportunity to take over some currently republican-held seats. those are very close races as well. the republicans want to blunt any potential impact by picking up races themselves. picking up seats themselves and missouri -- north dakota looks like it is probably over. if you are a republican you knock on wood but the polling shows heidi heitkamp is down by double digits. the next two closest polls that show republicans with a good position beyond north dakota
8:11 am
are missouri with claire mccaskill in trouble there against josh hawley the state's attorney general and joe donnelly in indiana. the last three or four polls in the hoosier state have the challenger in that state, braun, ahead by three or four points. a state that trump and pence carried in 2016. so i think what -- if you will ask the president's team what the strategy is here, they want the president to go to states -- red states where he is popular and an asset to the republican nominee and make sure that republican voters turn out in force because if they do, if the turnout numbers are relatively strong for the gop in missouri and indiana there is a very good chance that one or both of those seats will go from democrat to republican after next tuesday. >> bill: he will argue it's a base election. one last thought here. claire mccaskill's reelection bid from 2012. she won by 16 points.
8:12 am
some could argue whether she has had a competitive race for a long time considering she first one in 2006. >> she handpicked her republican opponent last time. not the case this time. very different political situation and moment in missouri. she is fighting for her life. >> bill: thank you very much. see you real soon. guy benson. thank you. what's next? >> julie: the brutal murder of whitey bulger investigators eyeing a former mob boss and a former hit man from massachusetts. killing bulger could seal his fate behind bars. >> bill: one of the senate races we're watching is arizona. is that caravan an issue? what about immigration in arizona? the republican martha mcsally wants to win and she is in a very close race and she will make her case live coming up shortly. >> every single day everywhere i go people ask me about the caravan. every day they're asking what
8:13 am
will we do to secure our border? what will we do to support our military and keep our country safe?
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> bill: some details how the notorious boss whitey bulger died in prison. the 89-year-old appeared to have been beaten to death by inmates with possible mob ties. he had been transferred to a prison in virginia on monday of this week. law enforcement brass worried one of those inmates gaining
8:17 am
more power and stature among fellow prisoners. "new york post" reports one official say of bulger's alleged killer. he is a rich man now and will run any prison he is in. he was captured in california eight years ago. fugitive on the run for 16 years, sentenced to life in prison in 2013. >> julie: more funerals held today in pittsburgh for the victims of the deadly attack against jews after president trump confronted hundreds of protestors. it drew widespread outrage and sympathy worldwide in the surge of anti-semitic violence. our next guest met with community leaders in pittsburgh how to face this problem.
8:18 am
israel's education minister, he joins us now. >> we're seeing a certain rise around the world doing with social media. it is not true there is more anti-semites but they can interconnect better than in the past and they can inspire each other for anti-semitic acts. >> julie: moving the embassy. how much did that play a role? >> nothing, that was the right thing to do and the state of israel wall-to-wall thanks president trump for that courageous move. i'm not in the business of giving excuses for anti-semites and murderers. this guy clearly hated jews and he went in to kill a jew who is a jew. we should never ask ourselves are we to be blamed for anti-semitism? >> julie: what did you make of the way pittsburgh did not welcome the president who wanted to lend his hand? he spoke with the rabbi, he met at the synagogue. however, protestors protesting against a president not only is he a republican but a supporter
8:19 am
of the state of israel and our biggest ally, and has done nothing but support israel. so then for those who came out in protest against the president, did you find that to be confusing? >> president trump is a great friend of the state of israel. a great friend of the jews. his daughter is jewish, orthodox. >> julie: they have been addizing the president how to handle it behind the scenes. >> the president moved the embassy to jerusalem and fighting israel's biggest enemy, the terrible regime in iran, and so the president is no anti-semite. i think that we have to not turn this into a partisan issue. we heard just a week ago
8:20 am
>> it's not an issue of republican or democrats, it's an issue of people who hate jews. we have to stand up and say we do not accept you. >> julie: why would somebody go and say that the president could potentially be to blame when it comes to a shooting in a synagogue, much like any other hate-filled crime in this country? a lot of people like to point the blame at the president. there were mass murders that occurred under former president obama. i don't recall former president obama being blamed for congressmen being shot in a ball field or bernie sanders being blamed for such a thing. it seems that the blame always tends to lean to one side. >> i think blaming president trump for this horrific massacre is unfair. it is flatly wrong. president trump is a great friend of israel, of the jewish state. his family is jewish. he came out i guess with the
8:21 am
most powerful words i can recall. he said that anyone who is out to destroy the jewish nation, he will destroy them. >> julie: absolutely. and he has stood firm on iran, unlike former president obama. he has made it very clear he is not playing games when it comes to iran's threat toward the security in israel as well. >> iran is out trying to murder jews across the world and formeant terrorism. with donald trump we feel he has our back. >> julie: thank you very much. >> bill: 21 past. six days to the mid-terms. president trump will kick off an impressive rally. 11 in six days. what will be the deciding factor come election day. chris wallace joins us in a moment coming up live. billions of mouths.
8:22 am
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>> bill: 16-year-old suspected of shoongt and killing another classmate in north carolina made his first appearance in court yesterday. 16-year-old is being tried as an adult on first degree murder. officials say he shot and killed a 10th grader after a bully than conflict escalated out of control. >> julie: president trump vowing to revoke birthright citizenship. his comment on an axios special sparking swift reaction in the media, much negative. howard kurtz here on the fox news channel writes it parks the media reaction he wanted. howard kurtz joins us with more on his take. okay, once again hook, line, sinker, the president casts a bait and the media responds. >> he could have deflected it.
8:26 am
one of a number of things. president wants birthright citizenship and illegal immigration and caravan out there as his closing issue for the mid-terms. he knew by taking an aggressive stance, even though it's in the 14th amendment to the constitution, i can change it with the stroke of a pen, the media would jump all over him and guarantee heavy coverage of this issue and it worked. >> julie: we're talking about it. here is your piece. the right fearfully objected when president obama used executive order for dreamers but i'm not expecting a lot of pushback. there is pushback on both sides. members of the president's own party particularly from house speaker paul ryan who says you obviously can't do that. i want to play a clip of that and get your take.
8:27 am
>> you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. we didn't like it when obama tried changing immigration laws. i'm a believer in following the plain text of the constitution and the 14th amendment is pretty clear. that would involve a very, very lengthy constitutional process. but where we obviously totally agree with the president is getting at the root issue here, which is unchecked illegal immigration. >> julie: by unchecked illegal immigration essentially what they are arguing, for those who believe birthright citizenship should not be in the constitution, is that essentially you are not preventing those who want to come into this country illegally or deterring them. if you come here illegally and have a baby your baby becomes an american citizen. realistically i don't think the president thinks he will be changing the constitution. >> i understand why it's an issue that bothers millions of people. many illegal immigrants flock here for the express person to
8:28 am
having a baby. paul ryan is retiring from congress. the husband of kellyanne co-authored a "washington post" op-ed saying you can't do it. what most legal scholars would say you have to change the constitution and get a constitutional amendment. this is not about whether the president can actually do this. whatever he does, it will be tied up in court for years. it's about next tuesday and the president with his fingertip feel for what rouses his supporters and knows this will get people to turn out and that's why we'll keep hearing about birthright citizenship and the caravan. he is -- the media are broadcasting it for him. >> julie: the president is pulling the puppet strings and he knows what he is doing. when he says things like this he doesn't say it by accident. he knows the media will react. the president not surprised by the media's negative attention nor is sarah sanders. >> i'm not at all surprised the
8:29 am
media and democrats, who can be one and the same, would overplay their hand in the way they're doing whether on this issue or anything else the president brings up. this is the party of no, the party of obstruction. they have no ideas, they have no policies. >> julie: we were talking earlier off the set it is not as big a story as it is. it is not like he will be able to do it. he is basically talking about how he thinks certain things in the curbent constitution might have been a mistake nowadays considering that decision was made back in the 1800s. >> the president may try but again that will take a long time. but we're six days out. to give you a sense of the tone of the coverage i a-- cnn had an on screen statement. this is a president who complained when the pipe bomber was getting so much coverage that the media were not covering politics anymore and blunted republican momentum in the mid-terms. he is trying very much to shift
8:30 am
the conversation after the week of violence. back to his issues, immigration chief among them and why we're talking about birthright citizenship and the media taking the bait. >> julie: how quickly the news cycle changes at the flip of a tweet. we appreciate it. great to see you. howie. >> bill: 1130. a lot of questions about how the plane with 190 on board went down shortly after take-off. what we're hearing from officials as to how this happened in a moment here. >> julie: president trump is barnstorming across the nation in a series of rallies hoping to win votes for republicans ahead of the mid-terms. will it be enough to keep the house and the senate? >> it's crazy the ability the president has day in and day out not just to bring these massive crowds out, but to actually deliver and with the amount of energy and stamina that he has.
8:31 am
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to any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. do you accept medicare patients? i sure do! to learn more call or go online today for your free decision guide. oh, and happy birthday... or retirement... in advance. >> bill: fox news alert on the murder of the "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. turkish authorities saying he was strangled and later his body was dismembered. these details emerging as a saudi arabia top prosecutor arrives in turkey to assist that country's investigation after this killing. more details on that. greg palkot and others are working on that. >> julie: wreckage from monday's plane crash may have been found. indonesian rescue teams working to recover the main lion air fuselage. the black boxes and bodies of
8:35 am
the victims. but many questions remain about exactly how this happened. benjamin hall is following the story from our london bureau. hi, benjamin. >> they won't know anymore until they find the black boxes. that's what they're so focus eds on at the moment. they believe they've located them. because of the strong currents in this part of the ocean they can't recover them yet. dozens of divers are working on the wreckage in waters 130 feet deep and they believe they have found a 70-foot section of the fuselage. the brand-new boeing 737 max plummeted into the sea. the pilots had issue with the air speed readings a day before the crash. the airline claims engineers had fixed that problem with guidance from boeing. ever more body parts, debris and personal belongings are being collected from the water and body bags are being taken
8:36 am
to jakarta for identification. personal items as wallets, and passports with being laid out on a pier and families have been called forward to try to identify items belonging to their loved ones. authorities have said there are no survivors, many relatives are still holding to hope. once the black boxes are found it should be a month until we get the first investigation report. about four to six months until we get the larger ones. lion air has checked all its boeing 737 max's they've kept it on the ground but boeing says that plane is safe. >> it's amazing the amount of time and energy that he has spent helping push republicans over the line and i think you will see that fruitful, particularly when it comes to the senate. i think that the president has done an incredible job telling the story of the first two years of his administration. >> bill: mid-term six days away.
8:37 am
president trump doing what he can to keep republican majorities in congress. tonight he is in florida. 11 rallies, six days. chris wallace with me now. how are you doing, sir, nice to see you. soup is on for sunday. you are all jacked up for this. on we go. i'm sure lorraine is watching, too. >> that's very sweet to call out to mrs. sunday. this is our super bowl. >> bill: i get jacked up for it. there is a certain drama that builds towards tuesday. the travel that guy benson was pointing out 30 minutes ago, two trips to florida, two trips to missouri, two trips to indiana over the next six days tells you what the white house strategy is, chris. >> it seems to be more of the senate strategy than a house strategy. he is campaigning in states that he won and he is trying to either hold onto or take seats in the senates. this is a strategy and very
8:38 am
telling the sound bite you played from sarah huckabee sanders that she talked about the senate. that the president is trying to hold onto and maybe increase the margin which is now just 51-49. the talk of two or three republican pickups in the senate, which would give them a more comfortable majority, not a filibuster proof majority but a majority. on the other hand the house looking dicey at this point. i think you would have to give the advantage -- you know, shouldn't be in the prediction business after how wrong all of us were in 2016. i think you would have to give the advantage to the democrats, more roads to their getting to 218 majority than republicans. >> bill: i've been asked 100 times about a prediction for tuesday in the past week and i said no chance, not going there. ronna mcdaniel did earlier today at 6:30 on "fox & friends." she says the numbers they're seeing based on turnout match easily 2016. this is all anecdotal, who
8:39 am
knows? if she is right there could be yet more drama to be filled on tuesday. >> of course, part of the problem with turnout. one of the reasons i always stick away from it you have an advantage in the early turnout among republicans but do we necessarily know? remember, trump, as much as he is working, is not on the ballot. do we know that all those republicans are voting for the republican candidate? there is at least an indication that in some of these house races particularly in suburban districts that college-educated people. suburban women registered at republicans voting for democratic candidates for the house. we won't know until election day. i don't think it's a sure thing that just because republicans have an advantage that it necessarily means that they will vote for republican candidates particularly in house races. >> bill: let's just for a second here come next wednesday we'll decipher the results and
8:40 am
figure out what the voters are telling us but then we'll move into a new phase of the presidency, two more years, "politico" writes this earlier today on trump shifting gears for the 2020 campaign. on screen here is what it reads. the white house is poised for a wave of post mid-term departures as staffers leave for president' trumps reelection campaign and shifting his focus to 2020. one unresolved question is who will stay in the white house and emerge as the point person between the administration and the reelection campaign? how much of that is the topic in washington, d.c. today? or is it? >> no. obviously "politico" thought so and wrote an article about it. that really is getting ahead of the horse. i certainly agree that the president will shift into reelection mode but while he is a candidate for 2020 he is also the president and he will have to figure out -- a lot of it depends on the election results, how he plans to run
8:41 am
between to 2018 and 2020. if he holds onto republican majorities in the house and senate he will obviously have to push legislation, try to get things accomplished. and have a record to run on for those last two years. on the other hand, if democrats take the house, if nancy pelosi is the speaker and adam schiff is the house intelligence chair and on and on and on you will see him shift quickly into more of a political mode and more a running against the democratic house. they'll butt heads with each other on a lot of issues and a lot of investigations. some people say he doesn't want to lose the house to the democrats, it might make it easier for him running for reelection in 2020 if he is running against a democratic house. he can say look, they are blocking me. we need to reelect me and reelect a republican house and senate in 2020. but that's not the immediate. listen, one of the first things they have to do is choose
8:42 am
leaders in the house and senate. neither nancy pelosi nor kevin mccarthy have a sure shot to be leaders of their parties. one of them will be the speaker and one of them will be the minority leader and both of those races are up for grabs in the next couple weeks after the election. >> bill: there are a thousand stories lines at least. see you in new york next week. check dana perino in the briefing live in the hoosier state with mike braun who wants to be a senator and unseat joe donnelly, the democrat, a very tight race in indiana. check dana out in 2 hours and 18 minutes from now. >> julie: all right. a republican running for senate in arizona making the migrant caravan headed for the u.s. a major focus of her mid-term campaign. >> this caravan is coming every day and highlighting to people across america and arizona the border crisis that's going on every single day.
8:43 am
>> julie: martha mcsally joins us next. stay with us. veterans like us earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets us borrow up to 100 percent of our home's value. at newday usa, that can mean a lot more money, especially if your home has gone up in value. on average, our veterans take out 54,000 dollars. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your high rate credit card debt, get cash... and lower your payments by over 600 dollars a month. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. they look at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score. they even do all the va paperwork for you, so your loan could close in as little as 30 days. so if you're a veteran and need money for your family, call newday usa. go to, or call 1-855-429-4863.
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8:46 am
>> bill: arizona, fox news power rankings calling the battle between martha mcsally and kyrsten sinema a toss-up. it shows how tight this race is. mcsally trailing by .2 percentage points. congresswoman and senate candidate martha mcsally with us now. saw a poll from nbc that had her up six. what gives on that? >> the only poll that matters is when they actually count the ballots. the vast majority of people vote early in arizona and we're out there fighting for every last vote. i won my first race in the house by 167 votes. i know the importance of sprinting through the tape and getting your message out and making sure people are excited to turn out and get their friends and family and neighbors to turn out. that will make the difference.
8:47 am
>> bill: she is hitting you on healthcare. mcsally continues to lie on her record of healthcare. i voted to protect coverage for the 2.8 -- the president said republicans will protect people with pre-existing positions far better than the dems. what is your challenger talking about. >> fear tactics like we see all over the country. it's a lie. i am passionate protect people with pre-existing conditions and i voted that way. the reality is right now under obamacare there are people in arizona, i meet them every day, who don't have health insurance with pre-existing conditions because obamacare has failed. the costs are too high, one choice and 14 or 15 counties, deductibles and premiums are networks are small. we need a different approach where there are more options and flexibility at the state
8:48 am
level that brings down costs so people get the insurance that they need while protecting people with pre-existing conditions. they have nothing else to run on. they use fear. >> bill: healthcare and immigration is a big deal in arizona. i don't know how the caravan is playing out there as well. you are hitting her back about comments she made eight years ago about arizona being the meth lab of democracy and you feel she hasn't given a sufficient response to that. the president will be all over the country starting tonight in florida. he is not coming to arizona. what does that mean? >> he has been to arizona. we have had a great rally here. >> bill: over the next six days he isn't. >> we have don junior coming tomorrow, susan collins today, the vice president last week. he is out there campaigning everywhere. border security is so important to people in arizona. another tape came out. so many of them. my opponent said she thinks everybody here illegally should be able to stay. this is a real contrast here. she is weak on these issues.
8:49 am
she voted to protect sanctuary cities, to allow violent criminals to be released in our communities. she and her party want to abolish ice, open er policies. border security, national security. cutting your taxes providing for opportunities. people from arizona need to do research and make a good choice for the direction of the country and state. i love arizona. she has repeatedly mocked arizona when talking out of state to her liberal friends. >> bill: we invited her to come on and hope she takes us up on that invitation. six days left. thank you for your time, thank you, tough race to watch. tight race. >> julie: all right. "outnumbered" tees now. we head to melissa and katie. they like to tease us before their show. that's their thing. >> new words the administration may be sending more troops to the border ahead of the caravan
8:50 am
of south american. whether it's a winning strategy for republicans. >> big political reactions and legal questions whether the president can end citizenship for babies born to illegal immigrants. >> our #oneluckyguy. he is reaching into the shot. it's supposed to be a surprise. it is still kind of a surprise. >> julie: as the nation reels from the worst anti-semitic attack in american history pittsburgh in mourning with more funerals for the victims of the synagogue massacre. we're live with the story next. ! and vaporize it with an intense rush of vicks vapors. ahhhhhhh! new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. the daytime coughing, stuffy head, vaporize your cold, medicine. here at snowfest...
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> julie: another emotional day in pittsburgh with more funerals for victims of the
8:54 am
synagogue shooting massacre one day after president trump came to the city to pay his respects. david lee miller is live in pittsburgh with the latest. >> julie, it has been four days since the deadly shooting at the tree of life synagogue behind me and the scene remains one where active investigators continue to investigate. president trump joined by his first lady and his daughter and son-in-law visited yesterday and he visited the widow of one of the shooting victims as well as first responders including one of the officers shot as many as seven times. the president said melania and i were treated nicely yesterday in pittsburgh. the office of president was shown great respect on a very sad and solemn day. we were treated so warmly. small protest was not seen by us. staged far away. the fake news stories were just the opposite. disgraceful.
8:55 am
the president is referring to demonstrations that took place nearby. the demonstrators accuse mr. trump of fueling an atmosphere of hate. some of the protestors chanted make america peaceful again. president trump meanwhile has called the synagogue attack a wicked act of mass murder. and julie, underscoring how much unease there is in pittsburgh, not far from where i'm standing there is an elementary school in the squirrel hill neighborhood. the school was put on lockdown this morning after someone called in to say that a student had brought a firearm into the building. a search took place, nothing was found. the school now returning to business as usual. but that just underscores how there is such a great level of unease not just here in pittsburgh but also throughout the country. in this community this weekend, we're told there is going to be increased security at
8:56 am
synagogues throughout pittsburgh. julie. >> julie: david lee miller, thank you. >> bill: in the meantime the fight in washington raging whether or not the president can end birthright citizenship with an executive order. washington reacts coming up next. it's the best of pressure cooking and air frying all in one. with tendercrisp technology, food will be juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. (upbeat drumming) the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. when you're looking for answers, it's good to have help. because the right information, at the right time, may make all the difference. at humana, we know that's especially true when you're looking for a medicare supplement insurance plan. that's why we're offering seven things every medicare supplement should have. it's yours free just for calling the number on your screen. and when you call, a knowledgeable licensed agent-producer can answer any questions you have and help you choose the plan that's right for you. the call is free and
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8:59 am
>> bill: boston, they like to call themselves title town. it's a good reason, jay b. >> julie: they know how to party! >> bill: another world series title! four of them in 12 years? going back to 2004. >> julie: i will go with you on that. that's pretty incredible. >> bill: the ducks are out, they're going to take the day off of school. skip work. >> julie: i love it. boston, first of all, knows how to hold a party. when it comes with a baseball, they are big fans. >> bill: that's at the point. the point is they are winning all the time period between the football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, that's title town. >> julie: you are getting too technical for me. all i know is that the red sox,
9:00 am
i was rooting for them. i will take credit on this one. >> bill: it's a great year. they beat l.a. 4-1, they had a great season, as well. anyway -- have a good party. we've got to run, everybody. >> julie: "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, with just six days to go until the midterms, new reaction to president trump's suggestion that he could end birthright citizenship by executive order. growing questions over whether such a move would be constitutional. this is "outnumbered," i melissa francis. here today is town hall editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich. national security analyst, morgan ortagus. fox news contributor a jessica tarlov, and fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. he is outnumbered! >> judge napolitano: happily so. [laughter] >> melissa: let's get to it. excellent.


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