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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 31, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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we have a lot of work to do. >> next time, wear orange for halloween, though. >> jessica: eyewear no orange, i wore it this morning. >> harris: a fox news alert, president trump watching a multistate blitz to boost republicans, six days out from the midterms. we go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. president trump is kicking off his final campaign rallies today, visiting 11 cities in six days. air force one will take the president to battleground florida, home to a tight race is for the senate and governor and a host of house races. sarah sanders marveling at the loss of stamina, we all are.
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he says he can provide the difference on november 6th. >> it's amazing, the amount of time and energy he's spent helping push republicans over the line and i think you will see that fruitful, particularly when it comes to the senate. i think the president has done an incredible job telling the story of these first years of his administration and the number of successes he's had and i think you're going to see that on full display next week. >> harris: add to the story this, senator chuck grassley says the kavanaugh battle and caravan of migrants could save the republican majorities in the house and senate. the republican share of the senate judiciary committee that republican enthusiasm has picked up after kavanaugh's explosive supreme court hearing and he says the migrant caravan heading to the united states could be the second boost the g.o.p. needs. senior political correspondent mike emanuel with more from washington. mike? >> good afternoon.
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aides to chuck grassley say those issues could be critical based on the way democrats handle justice kavanaugh and the caravan, which they maintain has resulted in a backlash of voter disapproval of those tactics. the thinking of senator grassley and others as americans pair them i care about the principles of due process, fairness, and their presumption of innocence and reject what aides chuck grassley call mob rule. president trump has emphasized a number of hot-button issue, including illegal immigration and sending our troops to protect the southern border. the president has also said he's operating by using common sense. a short time ago in battleground ohio, this was the message from vice president mike pence. >> these caravans are being driven by leftist organizations in central america and by human traffickers who you need to know have no regard for human life.
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>> on the democrat side, former president obama and vice president biden are on the campaign trail trying to help democrats in key congressional races around the country. biden has told supporters he is sick and tired of the trump administration and is clearly trying to drive a wedge between republicans. >> it seems lately that many of my republicans colleagues, still a lot of friends i have in both parties, my republican colleagues seem to have lost their nerve. no, i'm not trying to be a wise guy. they are spending more time protecting the white house and a choosing party over country than any time before. >> it is the political season with the balance of power in the house and senate on the line next tuesday. harris? >> harris: the season of six more days, thank you very much. good to see you. for more on the president's campaign blitz and how much this helps republicans, chris stirewalt is in the house.
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fox news politics at editor. let's get started, let's start with the caravan and what senator chuck grassley is saying is a 1-two type of situation. why does he say that? >> that was certainly the republicans hope a week ago, a week ago the strong belief among republicans, and kavanaugh definitely had the effect of increasing the unity among republicans and satisfaction among republican voters. which only can help turn out if you are the g.o.p. the president using this caravan to frighten and outrage into all that stuff is a further intensifier. the problem with republicans was their closing argument which was about kavanaugh and this caravan was interrupted, by the pipe bomber and the worst anti-semitic attack in american history and it took away their hope that they could use these
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issues. >> harris: those tragic events have taken away hope on a whole different level for us as americans so of course they have to hit the pause button. i do want to ask this, though. under the best kind of guessing of how long a caravan could make it north, i haven't seen anybody who says it's going to be less than months. i'm wondering, and now some of that 7,000 even though they picked up people along the way which is kind of a mystery maker there. some of it's starting to dissipate and experts there on the border, say yeah, it won't be 7,000 people at the border at one point, what do you make of this as you will, a talking .6 days from the election? >> the strongest motivators and politics are always anger and fear, fear and anger are the way you can exploit people's anxieties, how you can get them to the polls. it's very hard to make a persuasive argument and talk somebody into voting for you or
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voting with you compared to exploiting their existing fears. so by talking about this caravan and as you heard, mike pence making it sound like this was a cabal of stalinists weaving their way through mexico with her designs on the united states, it's a great way to stoke the fears of the republican base that are very concerned about immigration as a core issue. >> harris: you'll hear people on both sides of the political i'll say there is facts, there are facts rather in some of what's being said and nonfacts. break it down, what's the truth? >> the truth is both sides have good points to make about this caravan and the larger point is we have a dysfunctional immigration system and serious problem with our allies in latin america, especially in central america that our foreign policy has not adequately addressed in this administration were the previous one. the whole questions come down to
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both parties. the question comes down to both parties, how can we exploit this. so we can obtain political advantage in the next vote. let's talk about history. i had rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel, we've been talking sense and if the republicans retain the house, that would be historic. how would that break out? we are seeing so many close races six days out. >> it is about equally likely that the republicans -- they are going to lose seats, everybody knows they will lose seats but it's about equally likely that the republicans will lose few enough seats to retain control of the house as it would for the democrats to take over the senate. below is not none and for the democrats when they are thinking pie-in-the-sky, they take the
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senate. when republicans are doing pie-in-the-sky and all the polls, they get everything they want, they get to not only vote on the house back in a couple seats in the senate. as you said, we are six days away. now we can just watch. >> harris: it's so true, you've got oprah going down to georgia. the democrat in that race there, you are seeing celebrities jump in. i know will ferrell was down there a couple days ago, what does that signal to you in terms of where the battle lines are? >> everything is political, now, even politics, sadly. [laughs] for these celebrities and people -- other entertainers or sports figures on the right or kanye west or whoever, the fact that our politics are taking up so much space in our public life, if you want to be where the bright lights are you want to be around politics in america these days. >> harris: chris, that's kind of pessimistic. but you're right, it's
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hollywood. the last question has to do with early voting, absentee voting. what are the facts on the ground telling us? >> the facts on the ground tell us not to pay so much attention to early voting. there is a scenarios where you can spin it that it's good for republicans and democrats, it will probably vary race by race by race. >> harris: do we know where it's been robust? >> we've seen lots of early voting. every year, americans get used to having election month instead of election day, more and more people embrace early voting and it's harder and harder to pull out trendlines. we know this overall, we are going to have a whopper turn out on tuesday. we are going to see amazing levels of turnout, i suspect, far beyond the historic lows we saw in 2014. >> harris: that is fascinating, i wonder how millennials will vote. that's an area where we've seen it out and flow and their voices may be needed this time. i hope they are engaged in any
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event, get in there and learn about the facts. chris stirewalt, thank you very much. another fox news alert, president trump facing backlash over his suggestion that he could and birthright citizenship through an executive order. paul ryan told a kentucky radio station that such a move would violate the 14th amendment but at least one vulnerable democrat, senator joe donnelly of indiana says he's open to considering legislation. >> the 14th mm and of our constitution, how this should be handled is by the congress and i heard you say that lindsey graham is going to put legislation forward. we have to take a look at that legislation. >> harris: meanwhile, president trump minutes ago fired back at speaker ryan on twitter, let's take a look at that with our chief white house correspondent john roberts live with the latest. this conversation now on twitter between the speaker of the house
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and the president. >> it's interesting, the slings and arrows going back and forth. there is not 100% opposition of this idea of ending birthright citizenship at the president getting an awful lot of blowback on his ideas. many legal scholars, members of his own party saying you can't do this by executive order, it's in the 14th amendment so you have to do it through the constitutional amendment process. to which president trump set out twitter rock at paul ryan's way, saying "paul ryan should be focusing on holding the majority, rather than giving his opinions on birthright citizenship, something he knows nothing about. our new republican majority will work on this and securing our border. if you've got time for a little lesson, here's the white house argument on how they think they may be able to do this without a constitutional amendment. white house officials point out to fox news that congress has
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never passed a law that specifically confers citizenship on the children of illegal immigrants born on u.s. soil. while the issue of birthright citizenship has been ruled on by the supreme court, it's never been ruled on in the context of the children of illegal immigrants. the white house argument centers on the opening line of the 14th amendment, all persons born or naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united states. in a tweet this morning, president trump addressed that. so called birthright citizenship which costs our country and is very unfair to our citizens will be ended one way or another. and here is the key line, "it is not covered by the 14th amendment because of the words "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" legal scholars are attempting to make a case for the white house that illegal immigrants, though they may be on u.s. soil, are not "subject to the jurisdiction thereof."
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there are exclusions to the 14th amendment, foreign dignitaries in the united states, if the albanian ambassador to the united states, who happens to be a woman, was to have a baby at george washington hospital in washington, d.c., that baby would not become a u.s. citizen. the white house is looking for similar carve outs for illegal immigrants in this country, suggesting that the word jurisdiction has a much deeper historical meaning than just having your feet on u.s. soil. harris? >> harris: you know you never have to ask me if you can give a lesson. i was taking notes and i appreciate it, because i have someone from the other side of the political aisle, for all this conversation with the president, you read it before, john roberts, thank you. rhode island congressman david to salina, cochairman of the house democratic policy and communications committee is here now.
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thank you for being here. let's start with some of the openings that john just took us through. is there an opening that this has never been ruled on by the supreme court? does that give that birthright citizenship conversation some oxygen, if you will? >> no, i don't think it does. we have a constitution and within the constitution is a procedure to amend the constitution set forth by our founders in the constitution. there is absolutely no basis to think the president of the united states, this president or any other president can amend the constitution through an executive order. there is a process set forth that requires a full amendment process. the president knows this and what i think this is really symptomatic of is the republican party that's desperate, a week before the election. they should be arguing, look at all the great stuff we've gotten done for you but they don't have a lot of stuff that's gotten done for the american people so
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they are talking the caravan, to distract for the failure of producing results for the american people. >> harris: these are all thing the presidents have talked abou about, these are his promises. national security, republicans have something to talk about, 3.7 unemployment. you've got a democrat now, joe donnelly. that's a big name in your party. he says he's open to the idea -- open to it. do you forgive your fellow party member if you don't agree with him? do you forgive joe donnelly? >> i think what senator donnelly said is that lindsey graham is going to introduce a constitutional amendment which
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is the process you have to follow to amend the constitution and he had to look at the proposal. i think he acknowledges, everyone acknowledges, that in order to change the constitution and amend it -- i think what we can not lose sight of as this is a week before the election, there is no basis to suggest you can amend the constitution by executive order, by this president or any other president. when democrats are focused on is what we've been arguing about during this campaign. drive down health care costs, rebuild the country and create 16 million jobs and take on in a serious way the corruption and money that implements influency to get the government working for the people. we are focused on issues that matter to the american people. with the president is doing and his republican colleagues, are trying to distract from the democratic agenda and our message because we are winning and we are going to take back the house and they want to from
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the issues a week before the election. >> harris: how do you feel about nancy pelosi? if she takes over as house speaker again, that is not change. >> to finish on the question about the amendment of the constitution, i taught constitutional law at a law school, you don't have to be a constitutional scholar, you just have to be able to read. it requires an amendment, not an executive order. >> harris: . >> harris: two things, and i do want to get the nancy pelosi answer from you quickly. i saw you move around, you are adept at that. president trump gets us talking about these issues. >> he gets you talking about them. what you are talking about is this crazy idea from the president that has no basis in law, which he knows he can't do a week before the election. >> harris: you know we have immigration policy issues we had
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to get to. nancy pelosi, you saw tim ryan run for her position. is that the person you want as the speaker if you should retake the house? >> i support nancy pelosi if we retake the house, democrats will caucus and make that decision. my expectation is if she runs, she wins agaill do a terrific job. democrats will decide that. we have lots of people, lots of new talent. we are going to have a leadership team that's a diverse and is going to represent our caucus and harness a lot of new energy. >> harris: there is some complaining in your party, a few people who are younger that that might not be the place you want to go. >> we have lots of young people. >> harris: i'm hoping you'll come back, we have to let you go. always good to talk with you. we are learning even more u.s. troops then we initially expected will be going to the u.s. southern border with mexico. officials were warning the
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caravan is different from others. what do they mean? house so? former acting i.c.e. director tom homan will join me with his take. he's got an interesting take on the situation. plus, nancy pelosi making a bold prediction that democrats will win the house when voters have the polls next week. is she right to be optimistic or is she too confident too soon? watch. >> what now i'm saying is we will win. we will win. >> do you want to say that on hillary's fireworks barge that she canceled? a once-in-five hundred year storm
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>> harris: the head of the u.s. northern command is now saying there will be more than the originally announced 5200 troops headed to the u.s. southern border to deal with a migrant caravan. the head of the u.s. northern command declined to give an exact number but wonder this caravan is different than others, organized at a higher level and more violent. president trump hit the issue this morning with a tweet. "our military is being mobilized at the southern border. we will not let these caravans,
10:24 am
which are made up of some very bad thugs and gang members into our u.s. our border is sacred, you must come in legally. turn around. lucas tomlinson joins us with a lab report from the pentagon. >> moments ago, the defense secretary wrapped up a meeting with his counterpart at the pentagon. fired back "we do not do stunts." more troops will be going to the southern border on top of the more than 5,000 troops expected to arrive at the end of this weekend. "what i can confirm is that there will be additional forces over and above the 5,239. the magnitude of that difference i don't have an answer for now." air force general terrence o'shaughnessy said 1800 active-duty troops are now in texas. so far, none of the troops have been sent to the border. first they will need training.
10:25 am
the military will remain in a supporting role. troops will be armed but only for self-defense. the cost of the deployment remains unclear. general o'shaughnessy said his troops will be used to built ten cities for the border patrol, not for migrants. officials say that caravan remains 900 miles from the u.s. border. one of the reasons the active-duty military was called in. late yesterday, this was a political stunt as well, general o'shaughnessy said that border security is national security and his forces support dhs. the migrants are still weeks away from the u.s. border but the true borders for these forces going to the southern border expires on december 15th, harris? >> harris: a couple different things from your reporting. you're saying weeks away, some reporting has had months, that's a big difference. our people getting rides? >> that remains unclear. when asked yesterday if there
10:26 am
were terrorists among the caravan, general o'shaughnessy would only say that these troops going to the border our support troops, not the combat troops. >> harris: i meant that caravan that's coming. the weeks to the months seems -- i'm curious as to whether or not people are getting rides, it doesn't take a terrorist to have a car. the point, i was trying to get an understanding of how fast or slowly this caravan is moving. that matters, particularly this close to an election day, if they are months away, 900 miles, are they as much a danger as we are being told? >> they are, i don't think they
10:27 am
are months away. to answer your question, they are going to get rides. there are buses and people to get to the northern border quicker. i agree with general o'shaughnessy, border security is national security. the military's number one mission is to protect this country, protecting the border is protecting the country the country. >> harris: i'm curious about this high level of organization. that means this could happen potentially over and over again if people are getting help forming caravans. it's hard to keep thousands of people together. >> general o'shaughnessy, the president, they have access to the most sophisticated intelligence in the world. so if he's saying they have information that these caravans are being organized at a high level, which i agree with. i've done this for 34 years, i've been watching this a lot and i have to agree with him, it's more sophisticated and they are learning from the loopholes congress fails to fix. and one thing we need to talk
10:28 am
about on the border is people need to understand, and clear intelligence clearly shows, when they are busy pushing these families across the border in this area, the cartels are moving drugs and dangerous people through another area because our assets are tied up. if there are drugs moving across a certain area, the border patrol will be able to do a lot of logistics -- them agility can do a lot of logistics on the border patrol and put those men in green uniforms in those areas and have the whole border protected. this is national security. this is more than illegal immigration. >> harris: that is so specific, how you are talking about using these troops. when we saw the national guard called and they were behind the scenes in a supporting role for what you're suggesting now is caravans and we've been reporting there might be more than one now coming north. one clearly larger than the other. if that is something that's going to pick up steam in terms
10:29 am
of how people see migration, you would be able to purpose those >> what, more border patrol agents are currently doing the logistics. moving supplies around, building barriers. by the military being there, that releases more border patrol agents were equals more time on the ground to carry out law enforcement duties. >> harris: it's a lot of people going there and you're telling us more detail of what that looks like. i saw you were a little cautious to tell us how much more sophisticated this caravan is. should we be protecting that information or can we share it? >> look, there's a lot of things we can't share, a lot of intelligence down there, i.c.e., homeland security investigations, there are currently some ongoing criminal investigations on who is
10:30 am
supporting this and funding this and the secretary said they other day, we are going to look at people who support and help smuggle people to the united states and prosecute them. we have a great relationship with the mexican federal police. we can't talk about everything that's going on but rest assured that homeland security investigations are looking at this whole enterprise. >> harris: i've interviewed you enough times to know that was the case so i appreciate you showing us even that much transparency. defense secretary mattis says we don't do stunts, this is not a stance over those critics, you've given us some information to look at this in that sense, that this is real. tom homan, thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thank you for telling the story to the the american peop. >> harris: absolutely. bold prediction, nancy pelosi says democrats will take back the house in next next weeks mm election. why her remarks are raising
10:31 am
eyebrows and could she be measuring the drapes too soon? ari fleischer and his take, we are busy this hour. >> we are not yielding one grain of sand. >> how long are the curtains you are measuring right now? >> we are not measuring, if everyone votes we will have even a bigger victory. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. so i have to manage my time wisely. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. ♪ >> up until today, i would've said if the election were held today we would win. >> what happens today that changed that? >> what now i'm saying is we will win. if everyone votes we will have an even bigger victory, but we will. democrats will carry the house, the senate, governorship. it's going to be a great night for america. >> harris: she's no longer being cautious, nancy pelosi now
10:36 am
guaranteeing a win in the house on november 6 for democrats. her bold prediction even shocking late-night host stephen colbert. he pleaded for her not to jinx it. she doubled down. should she be so confident? bring in former white house press secretary and fox news contributor ari fleischer. if i had to guess, is she running for house speaker already? >> of course she has and i suppose that's our job to do it. harris, at this late stage i don't think there's anything anybody outside the candidates in their individual races can do that's going to dramatically change or influence the outcome of this election. i think the democrats are at peak performance and they've been there for a year because they are also excited to vote against donald trump. i don't think nancy pelosi's words bring out any additional democrats. republicans are the ones who have room to grow row of the vote, the question is how much
10:37 am
can they grow it? >> harris: the president is said to make a big difference when he swoops in on air force one for certain candidates, the democrats don't really have the equivalency, obviously they don't have a president in the white house but we saw barack obama, we've seen others. is there anybody who has that ability to be a game change on the left side? >> donald trump. >> harris: that's interesting. >> the democrats do have donald trump, that's why their turnout has been at extraordinarily high levels for a year, special elections or republicans should have been winning by double digits they were won by only one, this is because democrats are already in p performance, they are ready to turn out against the president. with the president is doing is tried to create a similar excitement among the republican base which otherwise was probably sitting on its hands prior to the kavanaugh hearings. the combination of the
10:38 am
president's campaign and kavanaugh are an attempt to get the republicans to turn out at the same level as the democrats and i think the president is smart to do that. if he sat out this whole race i think it would've been much worse for republicans in the senate. >> harris: isn't that the lesson from former president obama, you saw hundreds of seats lost. it is against something enough for the democrats? and are kavanaugh/caravan motivating the republicans enough on that side of the ticket? >> they both could be correct and being against something is powerful in politics. in 2006 the democrats took the house and senate because they were so against president bush. it wasn't for the democrats, it wasn't for nancy pelosi, it was against president bush. a similar dynamic in 2010-2014,
10:39 am
republicans did great largely against president obama. here's the thing about midterm elections. some 40 million fewer americans voted midterm elections than general elections. who are those 40 million? largely young people, minorities, and this is where the democrat turnout has been high and that's their hope going into the election, they've got that excited base coming out, trump is trying to match it with republicans, i'm glad he is. >> harris: i was talking previously about the idea that getting millennials out for either side, it's difficult in the midterms. "the san francisco chronicle" is reporting that republicans are turning out early and big. i had an earlier conversation with chris stirewalt, i want to get your take on people who make that decision early, are they a different type of voter? >> it really depends on the year. in a boring, standard year, a voter who has a civic duty and
10:40 am
they know they want to vote. this year i think turnout will be way higher than a typical midterm election. in a general election in a presidential year, you get 135 million people voting, in a midterm election it's only about 80 8,085,000,000. i wouldn't be surprised if 95 million to 100 million, which is remarkable in a midterm election. >> harris: that's what we want, we want americans to take control of things the way we do like no other country in the world. ari fleischer, always great to have you on the program, thank you very much. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: our hearts are heavy for pittsburgh. three more funerals are set for today there, a community morning the senseless loss of lives from a mass shooting at a synagogue. the president was met with some pushback when he visited the city to pay his respects yesterday but as he tweeted about it today, mostly open arms. we are on the ground in pittsburgh, stay close.
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>> harris: solemn ceremonies today in pittsburgh sense of pennsylvania, three more victims from saturday synagogue shooting are being laid to rest. a community united in morning also dealing with some division, hard to believe this is part of the story. protesters are coming out in criticism of the president at this time, who was in the city along with the first lady yesterday paying their respects. david lee miller is live in pittsburgh. david? >> harris, pittsburgh continues to mourn the 11 lives lost at the tree of life synagogue. throughout the day there's been a steady stream of people coming by to pay their respects and as you mentioned, yesterday afternoon, president trump, joined by the first lady, his daughter and son-in-law visited the synagogue as well as a makeshift memorial. they were welcomed by the synagogue's rabbi. later, mr. trump met with the
10:46 am
widow of a shooting victim as well as some of the wounded first responders. in a tweet this morning, the president said he was treated warmly in pittsburgh, he said he never saw what he called a small protest staged far away, saying the fake news stories were just the opposite, disgraceful. hundreds of protesters called on mr. trump to stay awake, some blamed him for inciting violence. a smaller number of supporters say he would have been criticized no matter what he did. we people wounded in the shooting remain hospitalized, including a police officer. doctors say they all continue to improve. >> i think overall the prognoses are good now for all the patients, including the three that remain. but each of them in a varying wave will have a different trajectory and likely require a series of ongoing care. >> is the wounded heal, so too does this city but recovery is going to take time.
10:47 am
the synagogue behind me, four days after the shooting, remains an active crime scene. harris? >> harris: god bless that city, people obviously have the right to protest, the politics though, it's difficult to but you know, they have the right. david lee miller, thank you very much. we will be right back, stay close. make a smart choice. replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna... made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar... ...and end the day with a smile. glucerna®. everyday progress. glucerna®. mthat i'm 19%a rnative american specifically from the chihuahua people. the level of details it gives you - it's incredible.
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perino come alive from the home of one of the hottest senate races in 2018, indiana. we have a new statement from senator joe donnelly about his controversial comments from last nights debate. plus, our all-star hoosier political panel and how it's all playing in the home stretch. we went to a future farmers of america convention to find out there beef with politicians. don't miss this special edition of "the daily briefing" live from indiana. ♪ >> harris: five and a half days, not just. it seems like some democrats could already be looking ahead to 2020. several prominent members of the political party there already path to iowa and new hampshire,
10:52 am
hillary clinton lead leaving the door open for speculation of a possible third run after she said she'd like to be president. she didn't say she wanted to run. president trump is saying he can beat anyone the democrats put up. this is his war chest for a reelection battle. the power panel right now. andrea bosak, former communications director for the national republican congressional committee. david burstein is the founder of run for america and a progressive commentator. let's talk money. the nrc is seeing a lot of cash, too. >> president trump is in such a great position for 2020 and i can't believe we are already talking about 2020, but we are. as we are talking about 2020, i think it's helpful to remember that we are going to take a lot of lessons from next week and to the election there and i think democrats need to be careful what they wished for speaker pelosi.
10:53 am
>> harris: david, who on your side of the aisle can beat president trump in 2020? >> it's a tough field to beat the president, he is a formidable candidate and a formidable campaigner. i do not think with the possible exception of joe biden, that there is an elected democrat, i think the democrats need to look at people outside the elected sphere if they want to defeat trump. >> harris: how crazy are you about nancy pelosi stepping up for speaker if you take the house? >> nancy pelosi has done a tremendous amount of service in her leadership. without her there would be no health care bill, but the reality is, i cannot name you are single american company whose ceo is the same as it was in 2006. there is reason to move on, i would argue she would probably
10:54 am
do an effective job leading the house, she does have a good grip on the caucus, for shaking things up we are in a much different world, we need new leadership, fresh blood. >> listen, nancy pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving for the republicans. i think you can learn a lot about the closing ads you're seeing in this election cycle and 98% of what republicans are running now are nancy pelosi and government run health care and taxes. the other thing you were to think about, can nancy pelosi win of democrats take control of congress? you have a lot of candidates that publicly had to say they would not support nancy pelosi. i think it's going to be a very interesting race next tuesday. >> harris: we saw reports, that colorado governor is
10:55 am
looking to run for president. you've got more people getting in, that's going to be a big field. what does that do to the democrats plan should they take back the house? it's not likely that they will take the senate at this point. they've got these things that are enumerated that they want to hit first. >> i think the biggest struggle for democrats will be actually showing that they can accomplish something. the biggest thing going for a democratic presidential candidate would be to say look, when democrats take power they can get things done but that requires them to get something done over the next two years. >> harris: is the conversation go high, go low, are we some place now where if we have a republican senate and a democrat house after next week, that we can go forward? what do you think? >> i think so. the only thing that gives me pause on that, next tuesday we are going to be talking about 2020. there's going to be a lot of division there and i think what president trump is probably saying is let's get more of
10:56 am
these democratic candidates running because they will all out crazy each other in the democrat primary. one of them is more liberal and radical than the next. i think that's going to further the crazy political debate we see. >> harris: who do you have that is the celebrity status? we talk about opera, she's going down to georgia. >> i think oprah would be the best person to beat trump. there's a separate question about whether i think she's the best person to be president. >> harris: we will hit pause there. coming right back. carpooling... ...mobility services are proliferating. and there's a new generation who don't seem to want to own cars in the first place. it all means massive disruption to the car industry, cities, businesses and investors. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: power panel, thank you for the great discussion. and we are gonna get set for a great show with dana live from the battleground state of indiana. i'm harris. here she is. >> dana: welcome to the war memorial museum in indianapolis. senate candidates facing off in their final debate in indiana. one of the major battleground states, as we hit the home stretch in the midterms. hello, everyone. i'm dain in rino live in indianapolis and this is "the daily briefing." president trump is making a campaign blitz around the country. first stop tonight in florida. friday he will be here in the hoosier state. all this as the focus on the plan to end birth right citizenship by executive order.
11:01 am
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