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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 31, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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federation of greater pittsburgh and benefit the four police officers injured in the attack. thanks for joining us live. i'm dana perino. back in new york tomorrow. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house, president trump business to kick off the last-minute campaign blitz ahead of the make or break mid-term elections. minority leader nancy pelosi predicts democrats win the house. with less an week to go, there's word of states that have not signed up for free service to help protect their voting systems. and did the remains of a teenage girl, missing for many decades, just turn up near a vatican property? let's get to it. ♪ >> shepherd smith reporting. >> shepard: this halloween afternoon, the final sprint, mid terms, just six days away with control of the house, control of
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the senate, and control of governor's manages all up for grabs. president trump very active on the ground, and on twitter, with messages about the economy, healthcare, immigration, and now an attack on the top republican in the house of representatives. more on that in a moment. the president kicking off a campaign blitz across america, from florida to montana. starting with the rally in fort myers, in southwest florida, tonight. he's heading to eight states in all, including several that he won in 2016, where democrats are fighting to hold on to crucial senate seats. democrats say it's a sign that the president has given up on holding the house. the house -- the minority leader, nancy pelosi, predicting democrats will win at the very least take it back. >> we will win. [applause] we will win. if everyone votes, we will have even a bigger victory. but we will -- democrats will
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carry the house, if we have the bigger victory the senate, governorships, it's going to be a great night for america. >> shepard: has she forgotten 2016? president trump isn't just slamming the democrats he's going after the republican house speaker paul ryan and warning him, focus on keeping the minority. john rockets is live on the north lawn. >> shep, good afternoon. the president going all in over the next five days. one of the things he will be talking about at length, particularly tonight in fort myers, florida, many of the other campaign stops, immigration. and his idea that you can end brirth right citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants through an executive order or some type of regulatory action. we remind, again, birth right citizenship has been granted by virtue of the 14th amendment, and that's why many legal scholars and even some republicans like paul ryan, have said the president can't do this by executive order. he needs to do it through a constitutional amendment.
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that's going to take a two-thirds majority in the house and senate, and then ratification by three-fourths of the states. here's what ryan said about it. >> you cannot end birth citizenship with an executive order. like obama tried changing immigration laws via executive. we believe in the constitution. the conservative, i'm a believer in following the plain text of the constitution and i think in this case the 14th amendment is pretty clear. that would involve a very, very lengthy constitutional process. >> president trump didn't like that one bit, particularly since paul ryan has said he's not running for re-election and stepping down as speaker of the house. the president tweeting this morning, quote, paul ryan should be focusing on holding the majority rather than giving his opinions on birth right citizenship, something he knows something about. our new republican majority will work on this, closing the immigration loopholes, and securing our border. the way that the president believes, shep, he can do it
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through an executive order or regulatory action is the phrase in the 14th amendment, the opening line, which says, subject to the jurisdiction of. he believes as foreign dignit y dignitaries they're not subject to the jurisdiction of the united states and twlfer with the albanian ambassador had a baby at gw hospital, he would not be an american citizen. neither should illegal immigrants be subject to the jurisdiction of the united states. it's a legal argument that i'm sure is life for all kinds of argument. that's what the white house is looking at doing if they can do it through executive order or regulation. >> shepard: okay, what more do we know about his travel plans? >> well, as you mentioned at the top, five days left of campaigning at least, until people go to the polls tuesday. the president with 11 rallies in that time. let's put up the map you had a bit ago. the president in fort myers, florida, campaigning for rick scott and ron desantis. the democrats lead, bill nelson
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by two, gillum by three, but gillum's lead is narrowing. columbia, missouri tomorrow. the republican josh hawley is up two over mccaskill. huntington, west virginia and indianapolis on the second. then on the third, in belgrade, montana and pensacola, florida. tester, by the way, is up about 4.2 over matt rosen dale in montana. but tester is believed to be in a little more trouble than the polls suggest. he will be in georgia and chattanooga, tennessee on sunday. then on monday, triple play, cleveland, fort wayne, indiana and cape girardeau. joe biden, the former vice president, saying he believes american voters will overwhelmingly choose democrats. listen here. >> today, more than ever, the american people are desperately, democrats and republicans and independents, looking for people with character. [applause]
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no, they really are. they're looking for authenticity. [ applause ] they're looking for some one who never bee little the other guy. [applause] who treats everyone like my dad did, with dignity and respect. they're looking for people to tell the truth. >> now, the political forecasting website says the highest probability is for the democrats to pick up 30 seats, they need 23 for the howls of republicans. the republicans are banking that the quiet vote for donald trump in 2016 will be there to an even greater degree in 2018. shep, you mentioned at the top, after the nancy pelosi remarks, is she forgetting 2016? well, republicans are hoping that democrats are forgetting 2016 and that they'll pull this one out of their hat. e maintaining control of the house, real tough, i think. >> shepard: it will be tough.
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man, present dpixs -- predictions, we have video, play them back, sometimes it's painful. thank you, john. i want to turn to jonathan swann, national political reporter for axius. you got good scoops in here. annal sills of the map is interesting. tell our viewers what you disfrern the travel plan? what you discern. >> trump is going, to the best way to describe it, trump country within trump states. he's not focused on the house in this last week. he's going to competitive senate states where he still remains popular. places like tennessee, missouri. the exception to that are ohio. and the reason is nothing do with the senate race, i'm told, it's because of the governor's race. that's going to be a crucial, for 2020 in the pivotal states. as a republican, you really want to control the governor's mansion, it's very important
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from a political standpoint. >> shepard: so you don't break up the district. >> exactly. >> shepard: have it favorable to you if you can. >> managing for the votes and there's all sorts of advantages to controlling the political operation in the presidential year. with florida, trump has a strong personal affinity for the state, spends a lot of time. he's refed in the governor's race. but besides that it's senators and they're avoiding the suburbs where trump is toxic, particularly among highly educated people and women. >> shepard: is there a chance for the democrats in the senate, realistically speaking? >> a chance, but most forecasters have it, i think, around the 20% mark. it's, you know, it's sort of spin the wheel enough times and the votes -- the planets might line up. but the polling isn't their friend. the dynamics have moved toward republicans since the brett kavanaugh confirmation side.
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>> shepard: why is that not the case in the house? >> well, because a 4r069 competitive house districts are not -- competitive house districts are not red districts, they ee swing districts. take pete roscom in illinois, skilled, experienced member of congress. but trump is toxic in his district. hillary beat trump significantly. pete roscom still won, nearly half are college educated, the kind of people who don't like this. and motivated to come out in big numbers. can you replicate that across the country. >> shepard: is there a big surprise coming, and if you can think of one is there a surprise in texas, is there a surprise in florida, what do you think? >> i don't know about texas. the polling seems pretty decent there. florida is the place to look, desantis appears to be closing in the polls, tight senate race, too. i think florida will be an interesting state. trump is doubling up there in
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the last stretch. >> shepard: clare mccaskill? >> tough for her. it's heavy, heavy trump country. she's a skillful politician. if democrats turn out in huge numbers, you know, things could easily change for her. >> shepard: across pennsylvania, with the new districts? >> yeah, that's pretty brutal. it's pretty brutal. >> shepard: you're usually good with here's where i think there should be a surprise. nothing? [laughing] come on, jonathan. >> what do you want from me, shep. >> shepard: what good are you? >> i say watch florida, i think that republicans could take the senate and then the governor's manages in florida. that would be a surprise. democrats were feeling very, very good about florida with the surge there. >> shepard: and how has that happened, what change has happened that makes you say that? >> you know, i do think that the kavanaugh effect has been real. i think it has awoken republicans, we've seen the energy go way up. democrats were 11 out of 10. and the energy among republicans
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has increased. seems to have stayed there. the real question is, when trump floats into these states, he normally energizes his people, but also energizes independent interests, wildly toward democrats. and he energizes democrats. constant balancing act. >> shepard: jonathan swann gives the governor's mansion and the senate to the republicans. >> i don't give anything, mate. you forced me! >> shepard: there is a video. [laughing] see you a week from today. >> oh, see you, mate. >> shepard: good stuff in there. there's one that you might like, one article they have today, from mike allen. headline is, the mid-term split decision. who knows if it's right. you don't hear us, see us putting polls up in this hour any more. we do remember 2016. breaking this past hour, a grandie, has now indicted the man accused of the deadliest attack on jews in the united states our nation's history. 11 people gunned down in a
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synagogue during shabat. the victims' loved ones continue to say goodbye. we'll go live to pittsburgh, coming up. this is loma linda, a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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attack on jewish people in u.s. history. folks paying their respects three 1691 gunned down in the synagogue on shabat. david lee miller is live in pittsburgh, what else do we know about the charges, david lee? >> shepard, the 44 count indictment by the federal grand jury, spells out the details about what unfolded here last saturday. the indictment says that 42-year-old robert bowers entered the tree of life sane going with multiple firearms, three glocks, .357 handguns, colt afr rifle. during the rampage, bowers made statements about his desire to, quote, kill jews. and among the charges are hate crimes. 11 counts of obstruction of free excercise have size of religious bleefers resulting in death. and 11 counts of use and discharge of a firearm to commit murder during and in relation to a crime of violence. the attorney general jeff
12:17 pm
sessions calls the alleged crimes quoting them incomprehensible evil and utterly repugnant on the nation. bowers is expected to appear in court tomorrow, the court indicating we could hear more details about the evidence in the case. a case that they say resulted in the death 161 people. shepard? >> shepard: what are we hearing about the injured, david lee? >> well, we have heard great deal about the 11 who died. but in addition to those who lost their life, two congregants and four policemen injured. we're getting word that only three remain in the hospital, and they continue to improve. listen. >> i think overall, the progress knowsese are good for awful the -- prognosis is good for all of the patients that remain. each of them p a varying way will have a different trajectory and likely require a series of ongoing care. >> it should be pointed out the
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wound pod lease officer remains in the intensive care unit. and today, three funerals took place, 75-year-old joyce fine berg, 88-year-old melvin rock and 69-year-older ving younger. there is a great deal of unease in the community, a short time ago a nearby school was placed in lockdown after some one made a phone call saying a student in the school had a gun. turned out to be nothing more than a hoax after a lengthy search was conducted. but it just underscores how much people here in pittsburgh and beyond are on edge. >> shepard: david lee miller, live, thank you. turkish officials say that a saudi hit team killed and chopped up a "washington post" writer at the consulate in istanbul. now they say the saudis killed him as he walked into the building. we'll explain how in the new report. new details about how the former
12:19 pm
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>> shepard: 22 minutes parent the hour. feds investigating the death of
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the infamous mob boss whitey bulger as homicide in prison according to a justice department official in west virginia where whitey bulger was serving a life sentence. tmz reporting four inmates walked into bulger's cell, right after he got there, where he was sitting in his wheelchair, and then beat him to death with a lock wrapped in a sock and cut him with a homemade knife. of course bulger helped put other mob members behind bars as an fbi informant. he was doing time for a number of crimes including nearly a dozen murders. his gang infamous in south boston in the day, the '70s and the '80s, he went on the run, lived under fake identity, we're told in california for more than a decade, before a tip led the feds right to him. sounds like somebody just took him out. jackie heinrich with the 23450us. jackie? >> the west virginia federal prison houses more than 1,200
12:24 pm
male on finders including two massachusetts gangsters. one who had ties to bulger. no word on any suspects, but nonetheless former investigators calling his death poetic justice. the front page of the boston heard reads departed, 89 are-year-old james whitey bulger is the pattern for jack nichol a. son in the movie "the departed" closing a long and painful chapter for the victims and family of the victims and massachusetts police. he led a charmed life as an fbi informant, until he went into hiding, spending 16 years on the lam. captured in 2011 and sentenced to two life terms for his role in 11 murders, extortion and money laundering, just transferred to hazelton the day before his death. two inmates at the same facility have ties to bulger. paul was locked up in summer for a role in the 1993 of a murder of a nightclub owner, whitey bulger's right-hand man was the
12:25 pm
prime with it. and an ex-mafia hitman from springfield, mass was initially suspected in bulger's death. according to the boston globe he has not disputed the allegations. as you said, bulger was reportedly beaten with a lock inside of a sock and had his eyes gouged out. >> shepard: thanks, jesse. somebody strangled a "washington post" columnist as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in is tan pul according to turkey's top prosecutor. he adds that a saudi hit team chopped up jamal khashoggi and disposed of his body. this video from the last time he was inteen entering the consulate on october 2. his fiancee was waiting outside. we don't know where the remains may be, they've been described as destroyed, whatever that means. khashoggi was a critic of the saudi government and warned about the dangers of its overreaching in its writing. the saudis initially called his death an accident, but recently
12:26 pm
changed that to say yes it was premeditated. the state department correspondent rich edson is live there. >> shep, secretary day of sat mike pompeo said the u.s. is waiting to see where the facts lead. he went into the consulate nearly a month ago. the secretary acknowledges that, says that saudi arabia needs to come forward with something soon. he said to brian in a radio interview, they understand they have to get these facts out, that the time is not on their side in doing so. secretary also says the administration has a responsibility to maintain a good relationship with saudi arabia. in response to all this, the state department has revoked or cancelled the visas of 21 saudi suspects. but there's also an element here, shep, in the war on yemen, the u.s. backed the saudi coalition fighting there. now the u.s. is saying both sides need to stop fighting. in a statement, the state department says, quote, the time
12:27 pm
is now for it s sayings of hostilities, missile and uas strikes into the kingdom of saudi arabia and united arab emirates. coalition strikes mutt satisfies in yemen. secretary of defense james mattis wants the peace talks to starts within 30 days. >> shepard: some republicans putting pressure on the president to shut down the talks with the saudis? >> saudi talks with the administration on helping to provide civilian peaceful nuclear power to the kingdom. though five republican senators saying the situations should stop, they had a problem before the khashoggi murder, now they say the ongoing referllations about jamal could showingie as well as certain saudi actions related to yemen and lebanon raise concerns about the transparency, accountability, and judgment of current decisionmakers in saudi arabia.
12:28 pm
they even threatened to block deal on civilian nuclear power to saudi arabia with a joint congressional resolution. other lawmakers, republicans and democrats, calling for the united states towns cancel arms sales to saudi arabia, eastern sanction saudis, ball games of the murder of gentleman cal khashoggi. >> shepard: thank you, rich edson. getting a look at the internet search of the man suspected of sending male bombs to high profile democrats and cnn. investigators say césar sayoc did research on his targets, using his laptop and cell phone. according to the feds, here are some of his internet searchs, including typos. cnn building. address for barack obama. eric holder wife and kids. hillary clinton and family. john brennan wife and kids. prosecutors in new jersey have charged a rutgers football player in connection with a murder plot. isaiah bullock facing two counts
12:29 pm
of attempted murder and conspiracy. prosecutors say he initiated a plot to murder the family members of an acquaintance and that the intended victims are not connected to rutgers. they dismissed the junior linebacker from the team, he's right now being held in the county jail. visit cam pain websites? just to check a campaign website out? it turns out, they're probably tracking you. nd they're probably finding out all kinds of details about you. we'll show you how and why. plus, find out the most popular candy in your state. the most popular candy in your state, how do we know? we just know. life was tough in cuba in the 60's. my mom was fired from her job, so she started making cakes to support us. the first account that we opened was with bank of america. since then, we have grown exponentially. to me, food is love.
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but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> shepard: six days to the mid terms. esdz feds finish election reviews, in fewer than half of the united states. 21 to be exact. that's what the department of
12:34 pm
homeland security is telling fox news. the security check is free for all states that request it. the official also said there are other tests taking place in additional states. catherine herridge is our intelligence officer. why only 21 states. >> it's ongoing process. what they said is they anticipate 36 states are on track to complete the vulnerability assessments. and they also said in a a lot of states go outside of the system and they get similar security reviews done by contractors. so they anticipate the number will go higher come election day. but this week one of the major washington think tanks issued a report card concluding the focus has been on hardening security for core systems like voter registration databases. but there could still be disruptions on election day. that report said cam panels and election night reporting systems have received comparatively little attention. while these systems can't be used to directly disrupt or manipulate elections, attacks
12:35 pm
pose a serious threat to public confidence in american democracy. dhs also says all 50 states, more than 1,300 local goments, are part of an information sharing program on the evening and the goal is to flag breaches or? of these fake tallies they expect as early as possible. >> shepard: what kind of vulnerabilities are they looking for specifically? >> well, when you hear consistently from homeland security officials and former intelligence officials is they believe the russians may use a different tactic this time around. not go to hacked e-mails route to sway voters. this e warn that it's possibility the groups will say they hacked election results to create a lot of uncertainty, and to undermine confidence in the electoral process. former fbi executive bob anderson, who was an assistant fbi director, specialized in hacking, spying, economic espionage, reisn'tly told us that he's concerned election security simply has not been aggressive enough this time around. >> had a huge wakeup call in
12:36 pm
2016. for men and women like me, who have worked against these countries for years, did not come unexpectedly. but if you look around, since the 2016 elections and outcomes, i don't see where much has changed on this. and i honestly worry that we're not postured for enough ahead of the threat. >> i know you've really been tracking this, shep. you remember the nation's chief intelligent officer warned how russia, china, and iran are meddling in u.s. elections. but the key thing anderson said to us, is that in fact what they've seen, based on his experience at the fbi, is there is an alliance between russia, and china. and that they have partnered up to run espionage operations together. he said that is probably the single most worrying development that he's seen in the last decade. >> shepard: thank you, catherine herridge. if you visited a campaign website, tech giants probably
12:37 pm
have your information. that's according to a new study from ghostry, interface pret si products. they say they found trackers on 87% of the campaign websites they monitored. and they say the three biggest trackers are facebook, google, and twitter. full disclosure, fox news and facebook have a partnership to deliver news on facebook watch. fox news is solely responsible for its content and production. gillian turner is here live from washington. >> millions of americans have visited campaign websites this election season. and now they're being tracked. doesn't matter whether they signed up to volunteer, made donations, or simply tried to learn more about political candidates, about 90% of them had their data captured by trackers. online cyber tools used to collect information about american voters. cyber experts call it a sophisticated way to understand individuals and their political habits. >> they can discern what age
12:38 pm
group are you in, demographic issues, ethnicity, likely household income, political affiliations, and voting patterns. purchasing history. >> online ad blocker ghost reassessed more than 1,000 house and senate websites, found virtually all contain trackers. google with trackers on 75% of web pages. facebook with trackers on 53%. and twitter with trackers on 30%. these companies are at the center of ongoing debate in washington over political ads and user privacy. the primary purpose of web tracking cools is to collect information to be used to focus political ads at different groups. the study also found many candidate websites had multiple trackers, nearly half the candidates assessed had up to five operating on their sites. >> so, you know, we have kur tanls at voting booths for a reason. that's -- curtains because people want a level of privacy
12:39 pm
regards to who they vote for and why. online, that curtain is being pulled back. >> experts say the new study data goes a long way towards laying out the tracking companies' operations in the world of online politics. more thoroughly than ever before. we have to point out each of the thee big tracking companies does provide very clear data privacy policies on their website. you can go there, we're showing some of them on screen to check them out further. >> gillian turner, thank you. mitt romney, needs no introduction in utah. but the republican senate candidate is knocking on doors and hitting phone banks like a first timer. his sales pitch, if you're voting republican, vote for all of us. he's running against the democrat jenny wilson, salt lake city councilwoman to replace orrin hatch. and 6 days out, political analysts call the race pretty much a lock for romney. so, now, he's helping out dozens of candidates in utah and other
12:40 pm
states. peter doocy is live in salt lake city. >> so far this cycle mitt romney has helped 45 candidates in utah, five candidates out of the state. and we interest with him to see what it looks like when mitt romney pulls his pickup truck to your house and goes to ring the bell to introduce you to republican running down the ballot. >> if you get a chance don't forget by name. you know melissa. make sure and vote, all right? we have girl scout cookies. >> i'd love some. >> how are you? i'm mitt romney. >> you don't need me. >> i do need you. i need your vote. >> i've already voted for you. >> the democrat in the race, jenny wilson, running to be a check on the trump white house. romney was once in the running to be trump's secretary of state, he's supportive of his policies, sometimes a sharply critical word about him. not expect a running trump commentary if he wins. >> i don't plan on taking the job of the pundits or the
12:41 pm
reporters like yourself. i'll speak on matters of significance. and not really respond to every tweet that comes up from the president or other peep for that matter. >> romney says his focus will be on reducing regulations, the debt, and immigration policy. he thinks he'd stand out where so many look at running for president in 2020. >> i think i'm the one guy that will be in the united states senate if i get will, that's actually run for president and not planning on doing it again. and as a result of that, i think i have the freedom to really focus on issues that the people in our state care about. >> i also asked romney about hillary clinton's resent comment that she still wants to be president, he said based on his experience, if you have a campaign that doesn't work out, you should probably learn from that. shep? >> shepard: sounds reasonable. peter doocy, live for us, beautiful day in salt lake. wrapping up a rough week on wall street, but on a high note, a live look at the dow. stocks are up on the session. but and there's always a but, the dow, the nasdaq, s&p 500
12:42 pm
have been having their worst october since 2008 in the financial meltdown. also on track for their worst overall month in years. fox bills network, susan lee, is here. what in the world. >> scary october. >> shepard: boo! >> nice tie, by the way. two trillion wiped off the market, the u.s. markets in the month. and that does impact the 401-ks. the stocks leading the markets down, have been leading the markets up. i'm talking about big technology, silicon valley names, facebook, alphabet, amazon, netflix, google and apple of course. the reasons why is that there's been a reset of expectations. you know how markets work, they price in expectations of what is going happen in the future, compared to today. so, i think they understand, the interest rates will continue to go up. also, corporate earnings are peaking at this point, they've made so much money this year next year is going to be hard to compare to. >> shepard: they have all of it. >> right.
12:43 pm
president trump has said, right? we spoke to somebody, a fund manager, asked about the mid-term elections, what happens afterwards. take listen. >> it's the dems, if they take the house, good for markets. if a deadlock actually is good, it means no change. gridlock -- >> gridlock is good, it means there's a lack of change and markets can continue operate on the status quo. >> gridlock, maybe not great for americans but for the markets, a known quantity, but historically over 07 years after the mid terms who matter who wins, the house or the senate, markets rally 12 to 15%. >> shepard: really. everybody should get an index fund, like today, and wait until the mid terms are over. then make lots of money. >> make lots of money for the first year. >> shepard: history as the died. workers renovating a vatican building in italy made a chilling discovery, human bone flagments. investigators are checking to see if they belong to a teenage
12:44 pm
girl missing 35 years. the details ahead. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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your free decision guide. call a licensed humana sales agent today. >> shepard: the jet was brand new, delivered in august. now, it and all 189 onboard are in a watery grave. investigators say the big jet hit the water at such a high speed it disintegrated upon impact. after taking off from indonesia, jakarta on monday. divers have not been able to find the passenger jet's main section, and only bits and pieces. to give you a sense of what they're looking for, this type of plane is a boeing 737 max 8 passenger jet. it's about 43 yards long, nearly half the length of a football field. benjamin hall is following the investigation from london. ben? >> well, hi. they're not going to find out any more until they find the all-important black boxes, what they're focused on at the moment. they say they have heard a
12:49 pm
number of pings on the sea bed but because of the current conditions and the heavy current they can't get to them. over 100 divers are searching through the wregage along with shims and helicopters, waters about 130 deep. the boeing 737 plummeted into the sea just 30 minutes after takeoff. only two months old. but pilots had issues with the readings a day before the crash. the airline claimed they had fixed with guidance from boeing. as far as bodies, they say because of the speed of the impact there are sadly no intact bodies but they are finding many body parts. body bags are taken to jakarta for investigation. and watches, wallets, clothing brought out of the sea laid out on the nearby pier, an emotional scene families are asked to come forward and try to identify them. many relatives who we have had interviews with are clinging to hope. they say when they find the black boxing it'll be about four weeks until they get the results, four to six months before they get the indepth ones.
12:50 pm
>> shepard: one of italys haunting memories, the 15-year-old daughter of a vat i cal employee disappears during a walk home from music lessons. 35 years ago. now, a grisly find. headlines all across italy today, bones found a vatican owned building in rome. trace gal a dper with the details as we have them. trace? >> the vatican's embassy is near the museum. during renovations, construction crews found almost a full human skeleton, then bone fragments a few feet away. forensic investigators are working to determine the gender of the bones, and the date of death. it's critical information, the discovery has revived one of the most enduring mysteries. in june of 1983, 15-year-old girl disappeared on her way home from the music lesson. her father worked at the vatican bank, her family lived in an apartment in vatican city. one theory is that she was
12:51 pm
kidnapped by a criminal gang demanding the release of agan, the turkish man who tried to assassinate pope john paul ii. some believe they hoped to exchange the prisoners but there was never any ransom request or negotiation. recently, a leading italian investigative journalist published a five-page document stolen from a locked vatican cabinet suggesting the holy see was involved in the disappearance. the document was purportedly written by a cardinal, detailing expenses after she apparently disappeared. the vatican said it is a fake. they never explained what it was doing in the cabinet. >> shepard: trace, thank you. all it took was a single faulty season sore to make a rocket fail after launch earlier this month, according to russia's space agency. american astronaut and russian cosmonaut were onboard, forcing an emergency landing, both men are okay. if you like candy, it's a great day.
12:52 pm
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>> shepard: how's happy halloween.
12:56 pm
if your picky kids come back from trick or treating they can swap it out for something benter with a so-called candy converter. one catch, you can only trade it in for reece's. that's the company behind the new exchange machine. it's running this afternoon, here in new york city's washington square park. turns out your favorite kind of candy could depend where you live. does your state favor sweet or sour? kem si's here. are all of these different states have different favorites? >> yeah, seems like coast-to-coast and state-to-state it differs. based off 11 years of sales date from this is taken out here. ts pretty big reece's cups. >> shepard: yes. >> your home state of mississippi, three musketeers. skitles are -- skitles are the most popular overall in california. also if my home state of new jersey and pennsylvania and hawaii. second place was m&ms.
12:57 pm
skitles, we ran out of them on set, they must have been popular here. hot ta mallies. mississippi halloween? >> yes, apparently in virginia. >> shepard: this is weird, salt water taffy, washington, state? >> not necessarily a lal wean treat, but to each their own. >> the shore thing in jersey. >> shepard: how do they find this? >> sales data. >> shepard: what do you think about the nation's candy choice, tell us on facebook after the newscast, we'll likely read some of your responses if they're clean on facebook watch for a fox news update, streaming live at facebook watch in a few minutes. americans spending big on halloween this year, according to the national retail illion worth of le will buy costumes and candy. fox business network xwerry willis is here, all out with the costume. >> i borrowed this. >> shepard: from whom? >> our producer let me take it
12:58 pm
away. thank you very much, appreciate that. >> shepard: you have a lot of candy. >> yeah. and i love, you know, old school good school. >> shepard: these look like they've had better days. >> what did you do with them? >> shepard: dried out. what are you supposed to be doing? >> here's where i was going to tell you, you said $9 million the estimate from national retail, 9.1 last year, we're coming down. but, just, 2005 we spent $3.3 billion. unless you think we're rivaling christmas -- >> shepard: no. >> that's three quarters of a trillion dollars ismts oh not even close. but the biggest area, people want to increase spending on, you can see it right here in this studio, is spending on costumes for your puppies. >> shepard: these are our news deck people children and pets. and some anchor is a round there, too. shoom in, chuck. there's lucia, a bee today,
12:59 pm
that's my girl. she's not pleased, not pleased a bit. >> doesn't like that. >> shepard: confining, i think, couldn't get to her bowl. >> too warm? >> shepard: she doesn't like stuff all over her. push to make sure halloween always falls on a saturday a? come on! >> people any everybody would be safer if halloween was during the daylight hours. >> shepard: be safer if there wasn't a halloween. >> there are halloween injuries, kids falling on their face, shep. you don't care? >> shepard: shouldn't walk, shouldn't go to the play ground. >> 82% of costumes have no visibility. 63% of kids don't carry a flashlight. guess who put the petition out? >> shepard: who. >> the halloween and costume association. >> shepard: look at this candy corn. i'm concerned. this one particular bag, can you see this? this candy corn is a disaster. if i were to get this candy corn in my pumpkin bag i would think halloween was ruined. >> you know what doesn't ruin
1:00 pm
halloween? chocolate and carmel. >> shepard: you said sugar is a killer. >> i don't really eat it. >> shepard: you know what's going happen in five seconds? it will be cavuto's turn. >> oh! >> shepard: there's lucia, goodbye! >> neil: president trump about to take off on a campaign blitz as investors take stock of one of the ugliest months for the market. will these wild swings on wall street swing voters on main street? welcome, everyone, i'm charles payne in for neel cavuto, your world. >> the president taking questions, we'll bring the tape to you shortly. right now the fox team coverage for blake burr man on the president hoping it's market days like today that voters remember come tuesday. christina on why investors are glad to see october go away. we begin with blake. >> hi, there.