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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 31, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> i don't even want those. >> bret: there is a candy converted that you put candy in there and you get reese's back. it's not in my neighborhood. it may be is in martha's neighborhood. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. >> martha: i'm not taking any bad candy and getting reese's. i agree except i don't like anything miniature. i like the large size whenever possible. good to see you, thank you. tonight, we've got some very fresh new poles to take a look at that just came out. we fed six days to go until election night, and tonight president trump is going to florida, where he is expected to stick the stage in just a few minutes. >> it seems that the campaign is going very well. it looks like we are doing very, very well in the senate. a lot of seats that were not really being thought up in terms of victories a year ago now are looking like they could very
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well be victories. >> martha: but there are reports tonight that says the president is not so happy with what is going on in terms of momentum in the house races and that he is going all in on border security and a crackdown on illegal immigration, betting that there was arguments that work for the country and the election, while some say 5,000 troops at the border is overkill, he now says he may send 10,000. as a critics claim that you can't overturn the birthright rule, he says he can and that the days of getting caught at the border and then being released until a court date that almost no one shows up for, those are over. >> we are not doing any releases anymore. we are not going to release and let them never come back to trial. >> martha: the president also saying that he believes this method will resonate with women voters across the country. >> we are doing very well with the women vote because they want to security, they want to safety. they don't want these people
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pouring into our country totally unchecked. >> martha: one woman is not buying it, nancy pelosi is warming up her gavel. >> house will be in order. >> martha: and she says that she will be back in her old job soon. >> up until today, i would have said if the election were held today, we would win. >> what happened today that changed that? >> now i'm saying is, we will win. [cheers and applause] >> martha: a little confusing but you get the idea. joining me now, karl rove, fox news contributor, with a look at the brand-new data tonight. good to see you this evening. >> good to see you. >> martha: going through these numbers, there is some interesting trends, as we've said, it looks like the president's popularity is increasing in the senate states where there are a lot of tight races, and basically we've seen upward movement for the republican candidate in arizona, and both the senate and
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governor 's race, tennessee, missouri, north dakota, both the house race and senate race, indiana is the only one that sort of break that trend. which one are you most focused on? >> i'm involved in a super pac focused on the senate, so i'm focused on any state with a senate race. you're right, the president's popularity matters a lot. the president approve, disapprove and north dakota, 61-36. the closest to the states that you mention, arizona where it's 52% approve, 46% disapprove, and that says significantly about this national average. where the president is doing well, 58-39, favorite, unfavored, approve, disapprove and tennessee, our republican candidates are doing well out there. >> martha: what you think about the arizona race, just to focus in on that, when you look at the sinema and mick martha mcsally? >> i've written about this in my "wall street journal" column, in
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arizona, 465,000 republicans who cast early ballots, 360,000, 253,000 independents. if you compare that to four years ago, but we republicans doing better than they did two years ago and democrats doing worse than they did two years ago, the republicans have a swing of 5.4%. remember, they won arizona by about 3.5% last time around, so if you now suddenly got a 5% better republican vote out of the early vote, that points to good night for governer ducey and potentially for martha mcsally. her issue is that she is doing extremely well amongst the base, she's got some softer republicans wondering if they should vote for her or send a protest vote. she had a strong campaign message, but it's going to be a long night in arizona. >> martha: we said there some reporting tonight at the president is really not happy with what he sees in terms of
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the momentum and house races, and he feels like some of the awful stories that we have had over the last week have heard some of that momentum from a purely political perspective. he is really focused on the theme of immigration, caravan, the border, 14th amendment. some of these races are on the fence. >> i think it is better than what we have been talking about, which is the ieds in pittsburgh. both of those did not help in pittsburgh. at the caravan and immigration do help them but he's got to be careful. of the people we are talking about here in a lot of these house districts are nominal republicans, college-educated women, these are districts thate largely carried by hillary clinton that are at risk. they would like to vote republican but he's got to be careful in pushing them away by going overboard on this. they are concerned, i looked at a poll in one of the battleground senate states, tennessee, where radisson has been dismissive of the caravan.
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but 62% of the people in his state are concerned about the caravan. >> martha: the white house wants a way to talk about a 10% tax cut for the middle cost, class and are talking about a swift action from congress. what about that? >> tax bills are always tough to pass, and a lot of ground work, and a lot of preparation needs to be put into it. frankly, it's way too late this close to the election. the president would be better to talk about what he would like to do without saying, i want to the committee to do this and that. point to the next steps, but don't ask for immediate action, like he did a few days ago when he said we are going to vote before the november election. that's never going to happen. >> martha: there are so many numbers out there, so many pollsters that are taking a look at all of this. the cook report is estimating between 25 and 40 house seats go to democrats. 9023 to take over control. how does that number sound to you based on the numbers that
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you are seeing? >> that's the most likely outcome but it may not be the only outcome. let's assume for a moment that cook is right, you open the program by talking about nancy pelosi becoming speaker again. 46 democratic candidates have said they will not support her. 11 sitting members, current members of the democratic caucus who are likely to come back have said they will not support her for speaker. 40 democratic candidates for congress are on record saying i don't want to talk about it right now. if they get a 25-seat margin, they win 25 seats, they got 220 votes and may be hundred 18 to elect for speaker, what happens when you got 11 sitting democrats with a they are not voting for her, and 46 democrats who say they won't vote for her if she gets elected. i think there is a very strong likelihood that nancy pelosi is not the speaker of the house, even if the democrats take
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control of the house. >> martha: quickly, indiana. tell me why you think the numbers you are seeing there don't necessarily reflect what you are looking at. >> or fox news poll has a substantial lead for joe donnelly. that is not what the rest of the public polls say. they say this is the worst race, and the majority of the recent polls have gone ahead. i'm looking at the data from american crossroads center of leadership, i think mike brown is improving his position, and i think he's going to win. >> martha: thanks. we will see you soon. big night coming up. joining me now, fox news contributor, and michael blake, welcome to both of you. good to have both of you here. >> outlets start with you, i want your reaction to what karl rove was saying about whether or not nancy pelosi, if democrats do win the house, whether or not he will be the speaker again. >> if we think about what is
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happening, momentum is on the democrat's side. it is likely that the democrats will take the house in this manner. it's ironic that when we talk about how republicans are doing great, they are great polls, but when indiana isn't doing great, it's not a great poll. >> martha: that's why we have both sides. >> happy halloween, right? we need 23 pickups, there are 25 seats, 119 districts that are more. the number one issue around the country's health care expansion. we are very confident and we see what is happening with donald trump, quite frankly. all we see is a racist, discriminatory distraction when it comes to a caravan. i come from a military background -- you can shake your head all you want to. the notion of talking about 15,000 troops going down for a caravan is purely a ploy and a
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stunned and a distraction, and just respectful for all who served our country. >> martha: they say we don't do stunts at the department of defense. i want to get back to you, nancy pelosi, first i want to get mark's reaction to what you just said. >> i lead the team of speechwriters who were the first one to write the words madame speaker, so i've been through this rodeo before. but i don't think she should be setting off the fireworks just yet. it's a very confident a statement that was just made, but the reality is, the republicans do have an uphill battle and the house. there are 29 swing districts who will decide this election that are going to control the house one way or another, and 28 of those are republicans who are fighting to keep their seats. democrats need to win 23 in order to pick it up. they really have to swing those swing states that our battlegrounds. but that doesn't mean they can't do it, because the republican-leaning districts, where the republicans should have the advantage, the fact
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that donald trump's poll numbers are going up in these areas is certainly helpful. >> martha: we talk about the issue of race, and this is always the season in campaigns where a slipup is problematic and covering these, throughout the course of the last few week weeks, but this one is from a j. in the race we were just talking about this. we will get your reaction. >> our state director is indian american. but he does an amazing job. our director of all constituent services, she's african-american. but she does an even more incredible job then you could ever imagine. >> martha: michael, what? "but?" but she still does a good job? >> let's not put it out of context, he says but to convey the usual point where if something happens with people of color, you are also not
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qualified or capable. >> that's ridiculous. >> pulled on a second. it's always amazing when you come in on the shows and republicans want to jump in on your talking points and comments. in georgia, the reality in that instance, when you see that brian camp is denying the opportunity for african-americans to get registered to vote, it's conveying a notion and a narrative that when it comes to people of color, there is always apparently something wrong with us. so to joe donnelly, in answer to your question, when saying "but" he's making the point yes, this is a person of color, there is capability and excellence that happened in that way. i was in indiana, i campaigned for joe donnelly in that manner, and i would hope that would be happening on the other side, is to stop the noise in the nonsense about the foolish argument being conveyed around the caravan. stop talking about it, it is a race baiting and intentionally trying to divide. >> number one, he meant "end. "and if he had, everything would
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have been fine. i don't know why you couldn't acknowledge he misspoke instead of accusing everyone of racism. >> i'm not accusing everyone of racism. >> martha: go ahead. >> accusing everyone in america accused about the caravan of racism. >> i did not. >> a lot of people -- and now you're interrupting. a lot of people who are for a welcoming immigration policy also want to enforce border security and don't want to see a caravan of people coming over our border. there is nothing racist about being concerned about border security. in fact, democrats, as we saw, scary reduced to be concerned about border security and people coming in here and having children to become citizens, to anchor them in, as well. >> martha: it is interesting, border security, and when you go back to the harry reid statement from 1993, which he is now tripping over himself to say that i never meant that, it used to be a very bipartisan issue. it's a shame that both sides
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have not been able to put it together to provide security and to create a process where people can come into this country and go through the process. but michael, just to go back for a minute, are you suggesting that anyone who does not think that the caravan should be able to come across the border is -- that that's coming from a racist place? >> i'm not saying anyone, but i'm saying for donald trump. let's be very clear about this. six days before the election, they are not talking about the tax cut, they are not talking about health care, republicans are not talking about education, they are not talking about anything of substance. they are talking about ascending up to 15,000 men and women in uniform down to a border where everything is conveyed, individuals, if they get here, won't be here for a month. we think about the rhetoric and what has been happening from donald trump in particular, someone, who we have seen many times, but a full-page ad a year ago to promote the death penalty. someone whose initial speech
4:15 pm
talked about how mexicans were. there is a clear consistency of racist rhetoric from donald trump, and the caravan, there is nothing else he can describe -- >> martha: a lot of people think what you're saying is very unfair. >> the president said a rally the other day, we want them to come to this country, we just want them to come legally. you keep going with the race baiting, calling people racist, you are doing a great job of winning over those people in middle america who voted twice for barack obama, those racist people who voted for barack obama and ended up voting for donald trump in 2016. that is where the democrats are not going to win back in the white house. that's not the way to do it. >> "those people." thank you, mark. >> i meant though voters. >> >> martha: that was an obvios reference to the voters who voted --
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>> how dare you? >> i did not call all people racist. >> unbelievable. >> martha: that went a little long. you heard president trump trying to stop illegal immigrants to coming into the country illegally, deploying the military, and involved employine president to open the gates. is that in their jurisdiction? >> nobody is coming in! we are not allowing people to come and ! do these moves look familiar? then you might have a condition called dry mouth. biotène is clinically proven to soothe and moisturize a dry mouth. plus, it freshens breath. biotène. immediate and long lasting dry mouth symptom relief.
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> martha: president trump now says that he's considering as many as 15,000 troops at some point at the border, if they are needed. that would be triple the amount that is already in process in response to the thousands of approaching migrants in the caravan who probably won't be here for quite some time, as has been pointed out. according to the u.n., they have a right to be let in. an agency spokesperson said, "those entering the united states need to be provided access to the american asylum system." fox news senior judicial analyst, a lot to say about this. good evening, good to have you here. can the u.n. tell the united states who they can and
4:21 pm
cannot allow into the country the country? >> no, certainly not the u.n. refugee agency, which is a branch of the u.n. that is designed to help refugees get from the place of repression to the place of salvation. the only entity of the u.n. that would have any authority would be the security council, where the united states has a permanency. this is simply not going to happen. this is just an opinion of some u.n. bureaucrats. it is essentially a correct opinion, and it's even an opinion with which the president has a grade. you stand in line, and when we get to you, you will make your asylum claim. i don't think the president is going to stop that. what he wants to stop is people not standing in line and coming in through areas where there is no line. sort of jumping over the border. if that's what he's concerned about. >> martha: something like 80% of those who are seeking asylum do not have a credible fear. the reason for coming, a lot of those people in the caravan, you
4:22 pm
can't blame them, they are looking for a better life. they want to improve the lives of their children. all of that is understandable. however, it does not fall under the definition of asylum. the interesting thing to me, the president is saying now that when they come over, we are going to hold them intense, hold hold them in shelters and see what happens. once you release them, they don't show up. >> in the obama administration, once they come over and they made the asylum application, which consists of an interview and filling out paperwork, they were left to go in the united states at -- >> martha: that still happens today. >> many did not come back, and some dead. when i say come back, the hearings , the trump administration is saying we are going to detain you until the time of your hearing. and we are going to separate you from your children. the separation is not lawful. every judge has looked at that and said you can't do it.
4:23 pm
but the detention is lawful under federal law. it's expensive, but it's unlawful. >> martha: they can keep them together for 20 days, and they are trying to expand that to 40 days to give them a chance to go through the process while they are being held in these intensities. >> one, make the application. it's frivolous, but -- >> martha: which they can also do in mexico. >> correct. if it's not frivolous, then they wait six to eight months to see a judge because there are so many people appear >> martha: they want to speed up that process. >> in that period, they are detained at the border in a tent facility. they are not free to go into the mainland of the u.s. if they do and they go more than 200 miles then, they can go wherever they want. then you need an arrest warrant to arrest them. >> martha: no one blames any of these individuals were wanting to be in america. it's a great place. nobody blames them. but really, democrats and republicans are to blame for not
4:24 pm
getting together and creating a process that actually work so we can help these people get here legally and with a process that is less dangerous and all of that we are to i wish they would have been up compromise, because i don't know, but this is goinga republican house in a couple months, so i don't know if there will ever be a compromise. >> martha: a lot of people talk about the 15,000 number that the president wants to put potentially at the border. as you heard from michael blake, he thinks this is all just election politics. watch this. >> is this a political stunt as critics allege? >> we don't do stunts in this department. >> they cannot enforce the law, and they cannot use weapons, but they can provide support. their very image of 15,000
4:25 pm
uniformed men and women locking arms across the border is the image of the president wants to convey. >> martha: he wants a human wall. >> if you want to cross, here is a portal, there is a portal, i don't try to come anywhere about this portal. >> martha: the migrants say, we are going to look for an open spot. if they see the open spot, they will take it. >> if they are patient and the government follows the law, every one of them will get an interview at a legitimate, lawful lace. >> martha: thank you. she is back just in time for the midterms. oprah winfrey is set to hit the campaign trail, and we will tell you where she is headed and may be why. when jesse joins us for wednesdays with watters coming up. >> vote, vote, vote!
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>> martha: tonight, police are working to get to the bottom of a brutal and tragic mystery here in new york city after two sisters from saudi arabia were found dead last week. they were duct taped together and washed up on the bank of the hudson river. trace gallagher with the latest. good evening. >> good evening.
4:30 pm
a 16-year-old was reported missing in virginia in late august in late october. her body in the body of her 22-year-old sister were found along the banks of the hudson, fully dressed in black leggings and black jackets, both duct taped together at the waist and ankles. please originally thought they had followed through on a suicide pact and jumped off the george washington bridge. bodies of previous jumpers have also washed up along that part of the hudson. but the sisters' bodies were not decomposed, meaning they hadn't been in the water very long, and showed no signs of the obvious injuries that would have resulted from a jump that high. we know that the sisters moved with her mother from saudi arabia to virginia in 2015, and the sisters had a history of running away. in fact, the mother reported that missing last december but went police located them, they asked for protection and were placed in a shelter. this time, the mother had apparently been in contact with her daughters in early october and knew they were in
4:31 pm
new york city, but the day before their bodies were found, the associated press said the mother told new york police detective that she got a call from the saudi embassy in d.c. requesting the family leave the u.s. because the daughters had applied for asylum. the saudi embassy denies making that request and the new york police denied the mother ever told them anything about asylum. nypd was then asked about a possible double homicide. watch. >> we owe it to the victims in any case to do our due diligence and follow the facts. at the detectives are doing exactly that here, and i'm confident that when a complete investigation is done, we will have a good exact idea of exact happened. >> as of today, the medical examiner had not determined the cause of death but police were tracing the sisters' movements and say they are getting a much better idea of what was going on in their lives.
4:32 pm
martha. >> martha: thank you very much much. you remember president obama's arrangement to bring bowe bergdahl home. he traded the united states for five terrorists. where are they now? lieutenant colonel who led the search for bowe bergdahl reacts to the stunning news today that they have returned to battle. >> is there the possibility of some of them trying to return to activities that are detrimental to us? absolutely. ulin to control his high blood sugar and, at his age, he's at greater risk for lows. tresiba® releases slow and steady and works all day and night like the body's insulin. (vo) tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens.
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>> this morning, i called bob and janie bergdahl and told them that after five years in captivity, their son, bo is coming home. as part of this effort, we are transferring five presidents from guantanamo bay to the
4:37 pm
government, giving assurances that they will put in place measures to protect our national security. >> martha: the highly controversial prisoner swamp that was negotiated under president obama in 2014 when five high risk taliban members were released in exchange for for former army sergeant bowe bergdahl. he wandered off his base in 2009 and was captured by the terror group. for years, americans searched for him. during that time, six soldiers were killed in the process. last year, bergdahl pled guilty to desertion, and many believed he was a traitor. now those five terrorists have joined the taliban's political office. joining me down, lieutenant colonel michael, a former green beret commander who led the search mission for bergdahl, and he is now running for
4:38 pm
congress in florida. good to have you here tonight. first of all, what goes through your mind when you see that these individuals are now reengaged with the taliban? >> martha, this just continues to be an outrage to every soldier who sacrificed, who fought over there, who participated in that search. private bergdahl stacked up his gear, left his weapons behind, and defected to the enemy and now he is walking free, private bergdahl is walking free summer and now the five what were essentially the telegrams were cabinet, that americans also sacrifice to capture and put in guantanamo are also free. it's important to point out that it's a slap in the face to the afghan people. these five senior taliban were murderers and had massacred thousands of afghan minority, and the afghan government was never offered an opportunity to
4:39 pm
bring them to justice before the obama administration set them free. it's just one amongst a list of bad deals that the obama administration is responsible for. >> martha: i mean, what do you think they are going to do now? now they are part of the political operation. what does that mean? >> a lot of analysts are debating whether this means the taliban is serious about may be negotiating. others are saying that this is return to the old hardliners. either way, talks are going to take some time. i guarantee you these guys are not sitting around singing kumbaya and "god bless america." they are recruiting, they are fund-raising. any terrorist who was held in guantanamo is essentially a celebrity and jihadist world, and for the tens of thousands of americans that are in 60 to 70 countries including afghanistan as we speak keeping us safe, i think this is just awful all around.
4:40 pm
if i can make another point, we have hostages, journalists, aid workers, held by terrorists and rogue regimes all over the world and this deal violated decades of precedent that america doesn't negotiate with terrorists. guess what? whether they are isis or the iran regime or you name it, they now want their deal like president obama gave the taliba taliban, and it's making it harder. this is a terrible deal for everyone and i think it's outrageous that they are now free. >> martha: i would ask you one quick question about all of these troops being sent to the border. potentially even 15,000, because you heard one of our previous guests saying it is all just a stunt and it's ridiculous to send the many trips to the border. what do you think? >> i think what's important here and president trump knows it's a message. that i understand that these people, and i sympathize, that are leaving a terrible life and they want a better life in
4:41 pm
america, but we are a nation of borders, we are a nation of law laws. i sponsored an afghan soldier who fought with us to come over here. he waited five years to get that immigrant visa. he started a business here now with his family. but his cousins and his entire family were executed for fighting with us. there is over 50,000 of them on a waiting list that deserve to be here. not through a lottery system or someone who just walks over our border, and he won't find anyone who is more outraged over illegal immigration then immigrants who did it legally. we have to uphold those laws. >> martha: colonel, thank you much. good to see you tonight. the issue of birthright citizenship has ignited a brand-new feud between president trump and former foe, paul ryan. they also got along a lot over the course of their time working together, but if this happens right before the midterms. in the radio studios coming up
4:42 pm
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>> you cannot and birthright citizenship with an executive order. >> martha: the president going into a bit of attack mode after those comments from paul ryan, speaker of the house. he says the speaker knows nothing about the issue of birthright citizenship and he should keep his sights set on republicans retaining their power in congress. >> are you going to blame paul ryan if republicans don't hold the house? >> i'm not going to blame anybody, but a lot of people, i campaigned for a lot of candidates that were down a little bit and now they are up. >> martha: here now on fox news radio, guy benson, such a good name for your show. good to see you guys. great to have you here tonight. what about the blaming paul ryan issue? >> he said he wouldn't blame paul ryan if republicans lose the house, so we should keep
4:47 pm
that tape and see if we end up having to replay it at some point on the line here. but i think politically, i don't think it's terribly helpful for the republican party to have a republican president and a republican speaker sniping at each other publicly over a disagreement over an issue that just came up from a reporter question two days ago in the final week of an election. i understand the arguments on both sides of the birthright citizenship question, i actually think they are reasonable questions about whether or not we ought to change our policy as a country, i do agree with the speaker that that cannot be acca mere executive order. i think a lot of us have a lot to say about the abuse of executive power under the previous president, and this is well beyond that scope, but for now, i don't think it is terribly edifying for republicans who are trying to come together and win some really important elections to be engaged in this sort of back and forth. >> martha: the president made
4:48 pm
the comment that he should be focusing on republicans, the congressional leadership fund has driven an enormous amount of money driven by paul ryan, and it was there keep the house fund. he has also campaigned for 55 candidates over the course of this campaign. hasn't been highly visible out there, but i think when it comes to all of the races, he has certainly been a presence. but when it comes to, clearly, on paul ryan's side he feels like this was sort of a distraction issue that was brought up, and he is trying to sort of knock it down and say let's move back to the more important issues. >> that's right and what you see here is donald trump trying to do a closing argument a week out from the midterms that focusing on issues his base loves and that's immigration, hard-line on these issues, and he's doing that to help the senate and some of these other candidates, but paul ryan is focused on a house map where they need to win in his swing districts, they need to hold onto some seats where
4:49 pm
there are a lot of independents and people who don't like this hardcore, hard-line immigration talking point from the president. paul ryan is like, hey, man, first of all, it's not legal and i don't think we should do it that way, but we really need to be talking about health care and the economy. to speak economy! >> i think donald trump is trying to shore up the base but there is a question about whether what works for him in 2016 will work for him when he's not on the ballot in 2018, and they need to win and a lot of these swing districts. >> martha: i think you're absolutely right about assessing paul ryan's focus on some of those suburban races. the president has brought this issue up before. what i find interesting is that the scene is so hard-line, yet we know that harry reid supported it back in 1993. and he seems to have gone on about this birth tourism, this used to be something that was okay for both sides to have a concession about as evidenced by this nbc piece which i remember
4:50 pm
it, and we dug it up. watch this. >> federal agents come in unannounced, searching some 20 locations in southern california advertised on this chinese website with a cartoon that translates in any language, a pregnant woman coming into america and leaving with an american baby. >> martha: of guys, this is not something that is a toxic conversation. you can have a conversation about it without being a vile human being on either side. >> he said, harry reid, no sane country would do what we are doing and have done for a long time. we are one of only two countries in the world, advanced nations, us and canada half this custom where people are born on our soil, they automatically are granted citizenship regardless of who their parents are or how they got here or anything along those lines. i don't think it is out-of-bounds whatsoever to talk about whether or not that is a
4:51 pm
sensible, rational policy for our country. >> but the president is not talking about it from a rational policy perspective. he's using it politically as part of an overall hard-line immigration message. that's how it's heard by people. >> martha: know, a lot of times an idea like this is brought up by the president, he gets abilify just because he is the president and it turns out rational people have been talking about it for a long time, so there shouldn't be a reason that you can't have a conversation about a just because the president brought it up. we are going to leave it there, but we will see you later. >> sounds good. >> martha: it's that time of the week. kanye west. he's not coming on. [laughs] but he's welcome anytime. he is distancing himself from politics. what does that mean about this scene in the oval office? we will tell you the truth of the situation. it is wednesday, so jesse watters is on deck to weigh-in next. >> i love this guy right here,
4:52 pm
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>> vote, vote, vote. >> vote. >> i'm not going to do that. november 6th. please vote. >> you get the idea. oprah winfrey testing the political waters again. heading to georgia with democratic candidate for governor stacey abrams. people want to know is this a warm-up for 2020. here now for wednesdays with waters. jesse with watters. host of "watters' world." >> i'm excited talking about oprah. i feel like can i win something. >> martha: feel like something under your chin. >> first black female governor ever in history. hillary could have made history and oprah didn't lift a finger, remember? she sat on the sidelines. i think she feel as little bit guilty about that. but this woman, stacey
4:57 pm
abrams is pretty radical, burned a flag, pro-caravan. >> martha: confederate symbol. >> jesse: i never burned an american flag. i never did. did i a lot of other things in college. >> martha: flag because they were having the battle over the confederate symbol on the flag. >> jesse: i will give her a pass on that. she does say she wants to seize guns and for open borders. not too good in georgia. democrats are always trying to change georgia to purple. it could happen. >> martha: kanye west tweeting yesterday he was used and distancing himself from politics and everybody instantly thought. i instantly thought when i saw this oh he loves donald trump a couple weeks ago. >> jesse: so did i. >> martha: now he decided he doesn't like him very material to say the least. but he says my eyes are now open. i realized i have been used to spread messages i don't believe. in i'm distancing myself on politics and completely focusing on being creative islacraven.he went on to say b.s
4:58 pm
t-shirt and blexit. >> jesse: candace is pushing blexit black exit from the democratic party. used kanye's name to push the merchandise. can yea saying i still lo donald trump i don't want to be told what to think or what to feel. i don't want to feel used by other people and i don't want to tell other people what to think and feel. and if someone with dragon blood also, martha, i completely understand kanye's journey here. >> martha: that's very ye of you. tmz everybody said he is abandoning trump. they had to do a correction. kanye did not mention donald trump in his tweets and getting out of politics all together. that is the latest from kanye. more to come. also, it is halloween and everybody is out trick or treating. if you are over 12 and in certain place places in virginia in chesapeake, virginia and
4:59 pm
other places you could get fined $225 to over $100. they have never fined anybody. they are sending a message. what do you think? >> jesse: i support. this i don't want teens trick or treating. if you vote you show your i.d. if you trick or treat you should show your i.d. i have had people come to the house. they are not even dressed up as anything. 18 have a baseball bat. what are you? i'm a baseball player. i slam the door. let the kids have all the candy. if you are a teenager, you are there to cause mischief anyway. >> martha: i'm 100 percent with you on this. when they show up at the door and they are standing there and like 6 feet tall and you are like my husband is like what are you? and they just go i'm not really anything. i just want to collect free candy. >> jesse: steal your younger brother's candy a beard, not a fake beard it's a real beard. you are too old for that. >> martha: happy trick-or-treating everybody
5:00 pm
under 12. that's our story on this wednesday night. wish you a safe and happy halloween tonight. be back here tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. until then, you can continue this halloween journey with our good friend tucker carlson coming up next in d.c. good night, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. if you have been watching the other channels lately there is one thing you learned about the caravan of central american migrants marching toward our southern border the whole thing is no big deal. these are nice people, every single one of them. much better people than you are. they have the deep moral authority that comes from living in a third world country unlike you, mr. pampered suburbanite. they are not invaders, future super americans. not nothing to worry about. that's been the chorus from politicians and news anchors who think they are politicians for weeks and weeks now.


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