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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 1, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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country. these are one of the things to watch come tuesday night, to see whether or not they can maintain that. whether or not -- that board can do a million things. >> sandra: when it wants to! [laughter] we will have more on that tomorrow. that's it for us. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, with just five days to go into the high-stakes midterms, president trump last night campaign blitz of 11 rallies in the home stretch, firing up the crowd in florida. a battleground state becoming a big focus in this election cycle. this is to be 25, i melissa francis preet here today's fox business network anchor dagen mcdowell, fox news contributor lisa boothe, fox news contributor jessica tarlov. and from the couch, fox news political analyst, cohost of "the five," juan williams. [laughter] i love it! that was a good move.
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>> juan: halloween was rocking around here. >> melissa: it was rocking. >> the halloween parade, it was terrifying! >> dagen: i come to work at 3:00 in the morning. can you imagine? [laughter] >> melissa: on that note, president trump taking the stage and sell for less at looking to rally republican voters in a state sure to impact the balance of power on the capitol hill and the 2020 race. republican governor rick scott is in a tight senate contest with bill nelson, with the rcp average showing that nelson is up by only 2. the race to replace governor scott is also close between ron desantis and tallahassee mayor andrew gillum, who had a heated twitter exchange with the president earlier in the week. the president going after both democrats and his speech, as he stumped for the republican candidates. watch this. >> ron is running against a radical socialist who wants to turn florida, frankly, into
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venezuela. get used to it. andrew gillum wants to take a wrecking ball to one of the successful economies anywhere in the world. the florida economy. bill nelson and andrew gillum would be a disaster for florida's economy. your jobs, your safety. the people of florida are going to reject socialism, and elect ron desantis and rick scott. >> melissa: all right. there you go. juan, what do you think? a >> juan: i think he is out there putting maximum effort in. boy, you look at his trip right now, he is almost nonstop. of course, we just heard that today at 4:00 he spent have another speech. it's been, let's drive the issues. the issue for him, number one, the caravan. i think he demonizes people, but he is saying that's a threat. he is also saying birthright citizenship to the point where he is going after his fellow republican, paul ryan, for saying it's not constitutional. then he is sending thousands of
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troops to the border. they can't actually detain migrants, but they can do some maintenance work and repair wor work. [laughter] just saying! it's the day after halloween. >> picks a material, it's an hour. >> juan: it still fright night in terms of campaign 2018. >> dagen: a lot of focus on the economy in florida, obviously. i think this is a microcosm of what's going on in the country. we have an economy at a higher growth plateau. wages in this country, last quarter, were growing north of 3%. they are the fastest pace in more than a decade. but voters -- you have seen this in some of the polling -- treated as though this is a problem that is sell settled ae republicans aren't getting any lift or mojo from people feeling better about the economy. instead, they turn to him an issue like health care. calling on, saying "you don't want florida to turn onto venezuela," that's quite smart.
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there are a lot of immigrants in florida who come from not only cuba but these countries in south america that have suffered because of socialist policies. he is trying to drive home that point, like, "you don't want to take over of the health care system by the government." >> melissa: jessica, i think that brings up an interesting nuance point out florida, we do something so many people missed in the last election. they said trump is going to lose florida because he is a racist, and hispanic voters don't like him. here it turns out there is a huge cuban community that came out for him because they didn't like the former president's policy on cuba. i wonder if both sides realize how a nuance to florida is, in that -- venezuela, like she said, isn't an accident. there are a lot of migrants from countries in central and south america who at live in florida and are responding to what he saying. they are coming from places that were chaotic. >> adding up to that argument,
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since he's emphasizing the caravan, there's an argument that more of them have made, we waited in line, we did this illegal way. we don't want people to hop across the border and come in. that's the argument or republicans are making. it's not based in reality. that's not how it works. they are coming to seek asylum, and that is their legal right. i think it is my firm to be doing that. we were talking yesterday on the maria's show about the importance of the republicans emphasizing the economy and health care. health care is the number one issue. they are now trying to pretend, as they always have been, to protect preexisting conditions even though they voted dozens upon dozens of times to repeal obamacare with that being the central plank of it. they clearly realize -- at least the candidates in the home stretch -- that they have to talk about the economy. but the president and the immigration thing, i don't know what he's going to do. it will be five days straight, he released that horribly racist ad yesterday. >> melissa: let's save the caravan for the next segment.
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there are things going unchecked for now. don't worry come audience. we will do that in the next block. go ahead. speech you right now it's about turning your partisans. that's what he's doing by going of us to her, heading two different states and holding these rallies. that's exactly what he's doing. that's what the left does when they look at issues like health care. that's the number one issue on the left. immigration is number one on the right. that's why president trump is putting so many much time talkg about immigration. that's what president trump is doing. what really hurts democrat is looking at these red states, because you have democrats like claire mccaskill that are trying to attach themselves to president trump. in montana. and when president trump goes to their state and rejects them saying "they are not with me, they are against me," that will hurt them when you look at these races that a margin of error. when you go to florida, it's important to put the emphasis on andrew gillum. you have someone who supports the single -- he wants to do a corporate tax increase, making those taxes higher than states like new york and california.
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he also should talk about the fact that andrew gillum is facing no less than two different investigations. he is surrounded by an fbi investigation, where undercover agents wanted access to him. purchase tickets to hamilton, took amount of play, took them on a boat tour. paid for thousands of dollars of catering for a fund-raiser. he is also facing a state probe from the florida commission on ethics looking into travel he didn't disclose, including a trip to tampa which he paid for through his mayoral account. it turns out it was a campaign trip. president trump's to be calling things attention. >> juan: it could be that's a smear. >> lisa: it's true from everything i said was 100% true. what's wrong that i said? >> juan: the truth is, gillum says the fbi has informed him he's not a target of any investigation. >> lisa: that's what he said. a >> juan: you asked him the truth, i'm telling you the truth. hold on. then you have the president weaning out that the man is a thief. you say "mr. president, what's the basis of that?"
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the investigation. you would think that present trip would be very empathetic with a -- >> melissa: hold on, one at a time. >> lisa: riddle me this -- if the fbi was uninterested in galen, if he was not of interest in this probe, why would undercover agents go through the effort of taking him to a hamilton concert, a boat tour, pay for his fund-raiser, and also a former fbi agent said that given he is a public official they likely had to get approval by the doj. why would they go through all of that if he wasn't someone they were interested in looking at? >> juan: again, this is what i'm saying by the president. >> lisa: you don't know that, juan. >> juan: he has been assured that he's not the target of an investigation. looking into interference, it's not to say the fbi isn't looking into possible corruption in city hall in tallahassee. but it's not him, and all we see here is an effort to smear him. >> lisa: you don't know that as a matter fact. >> juan: i just told you, i do do. >> dagen: what republicans ought to be saying about single
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payer, the democrats like calling it medicare for all. in terms of medicare for all, if andrew gillum is backing what bernie sanders wants to do, it's medicare for none because his bill gets rid of medicare. where do seniors live? florida. they want to get rid of her medicare. that's all the republicans need to say. they want to eliminate private competition with these bills that are in washington. that's all they need to say. the seniors in florida would be screaming at the top of their lungs, and the republicans are not getting that message out. >> melissa: good points. >> dagen: want to move on. another fox news alert, president trump said to give a speech on immigration from the white house today. press secretary sarah sanders thing the president will make brief remarks on "the illegal immigration crisis," and give an update on border security. this comes as the president to seize on the issue of illegal immigration and birthright citizenship during his rally in florida last night. watch.
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>> republicans want strong borders. no crime, no chaos, and no caravans. [cheers and applause] the democrats want to continue giving automatic birthright citizenship to every child born to an illegal alien. democrats want open borders, and they want to invite to caravan after caravan into our country, which brings crime upon crime. [boos] >> dagen: meantime, in an interview yesterday, the president cleaning that up to 15,000 troops could be sent to the border to deal with the migrant caravans currently making their way north. the pentagon has sent 5200 active troops of the border, and has identified another 2,000 that could go if needed. lisa, to you first on this. is this going to be a winning issue? he is talking about in florida and he is bragging about building the border wall, which the republicans have not funded. the republicans did not deprive century cities of money.
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is this a winner for republicans? because president trump is not up for reelection. if these congressmen and senators. >> lisa: you look at immigration and it is a top issue for republicans. in the polls, it's a top issue. when you see thousands of people marching to the united states, breaking down barriers in mexico, throwing rocks and getting into scuffles and fights with mexican police, this underscores president trump's very point in talking about the need for border security and things like the wall. i actually think this is one of the biggest missed opportunities, if president trump doesn't take this moment to give an official speech about immigration, talking about the laws that are being exploited by these migrants. things like an antihuman trafficking law. he should take this moment to highlight these problems we are facing in our country with immigration. >> dagen: what i was trying to get at is, when he talks about building the border wall and century cities, he is essentially highlighting something the republicans didn't
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take care of for him during the last two years. >> juan: that's true, but i think part of it is that the president understands the issue hasn't gone away. i think lisa was talking about polls that immigration is the number one issue for republicans. i see that it's the economy, tax cuts, and then immigration. on the democratic side it's clearly health care. >> lisa: not true. >> juan: what you see is the president trying to push a button, here. the economy and the tax cuts haven't worked. you can look at the advertising, especially this weekend. >> dagen: let me cranky. they haven't worked in terms of the messaging, but the economy -- >> juan: you don't need to correct that. the fact is it hasn't worked for them as a message. we see in the ads is that it is barely -- i think it's less than 15% of the ads focus on the economy or tax cuts. what it focuses on is this, what i think of as a photo op of the president wants, which is troops rushing to the border if there is an invasion coming. what we have is a humanitarian crisis and we have a bunch of
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people who are fleeing -- >> dagen: it's not "wag the dog," is not something he made up. they are coming for the border. >> juan: it is a sad lot of people and it requires our compassion. >> melissa: when you talk about the economy not working as a message, it's interesting because when something is fixed and good, people aren't enraged by it. the fact that things are better economically, when you look at gdp and you look at the street numbers that are coming out of the federal reserve and elsewhere -- which is math -- it is good. people are less fired up about that. i think what's interesting is, when you look at the people that are coming toward the border and you say it's a humanitarian crisis -- and i think there's no doubt about that -- but what's in people's minds as they are watching two more caravans come up behind this one. you have democrats making fun of people or calling them racist for being concerned about these groups that are coming in, and you may not talk about it a lot because you don't want to be
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called a racist. but it makes you nervous that there was a hobo to people coming. you said in the last thing that they are not jumping in a line absolute yard. >> jessica: i'm saying that's the perception that could be in a state like florida of migrants who did wait in line, and came here legally. i'm saying you're not jumping in light if you are seeking a sale on hard that's a legal recourse, constitutionally, that they can do that. i'm saying it could be a perception to immigrants that they are cutting. that could aggravate them. >> lisa: they are also being taken advantage of. when you look, initially, at asylum -- 80% of those migrants are going to pass their initial interview seeking asylum. yet, the individuals that actually end up showing up in court, they are only going to be granted in the asylum about 20%. in 2008, i talked about a loophole, antihuman trafficking law that treats central americans differently than it does mexico. mexicans, we can send back very quickly. it's different for central americans. that's a problem.
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look at the decree -- the amount of time, immigration officials can actually detain those children is 20 days or less. that's an issue. they are problems we need to do with. >> dagen: it's an issue that people on the left will treat president trump like he is unhinged because he brings up the 14th amendment. one issue that has been going on that actually has been tackled even under president obama is the problem of birth tourism in this country. there have been department of homeland security and immigration raids on birth tourism hotels going back years, people come in from china to los angeles pink thousands of dollars to have their kids be born here so they get the benefit of being an american citizen when they grow up. in miami, it's an issue as well with russians coming in and having these children on american soil. there are ways we can tackle it without doing away with the 14th amendment. it's a very widely what he is
9:16 am
doing, talking about it. >> jessica: i think a sensible speech about it, having more bipartisan honest conversations about this, it becomes an american problem. it's not as republican or democrat. it's important. i think we are letting him scapegoat a little bit in the way we are having a measure discussion about this. here's fearmongering. he's not talking sensibly. this caravan, if it reaches here, would only get here in mid-december. he's acting like they are knocking down orders now. >> melissa: he's getting ahead of the issue, nuts waiting until it's here. >> jessica: on facebook, it's been compared to the willie horton ad and its level of racism. you see what he's doing -- he's trying to gin up his base to come out for the fear of others. they feel like they are being stormed. >> melissa: scared of others, that's what you think? >> jessica: i think his base, that 20% or 25% who will not --
9:17 am
be too i think the majority of americans -- >> jessica: not that caravan. >> lisa: i think they do. because i think what they see when you see thousands of people literally breaking down the gates into mexico, yes, it demonstrates lawlessness and people want the rule of law. they want law & order. >> dagen: they see local economies that are swamped to trying to take care of these individuals. that's the latest, a battleground poll shows a heat into senate races. arizona, and "missoura." claims that the blue wave is dead. plus, president trump's direction if the reporter asked him if he has ever lied to the public. his answer, and what it means to the president and the media, and their politics. much to discuss, next. the ♪ >> sometimes it turns out to be where something happens, it's different, or there is a change. i always like to be truthful. ♪
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9:22 am
would never lie to the public, asking if he has kept that promise. listen. >> i try, i do try. i think you try, too. i think you say things to me that are not necessarily correct. i try, and i always want to tell the truth. when i can come i tell the truth. sometimes it turns to be where something happens, it's different, or there's a change. i always like to be truthful. >> melissa: dagen, what do you think of that? [laughter] >> dagen: he likes to exaggerate, okay? we clearly know that. again, i think it highlights -- i was sitting up in my office thinking "every politician lies." one of what are the greatest liu can think of? "i've never had with that woman." "if you like your health plan you can keep it." this year it's been "the top 1%
9:23 am
got 80% of the tax cuts." that's patently false, but you see it. you see it and press releases, the democrats say it all the time. i think that people love to get their trousers in a twist over a president trump. i think it's an example of -- >> juan: i will take that "my trousers and a twist." i will try to keep them on straight. anthony's curmudgeon, who was there for ten days as a communication director -- he buys a lot, but he's doing good stuff. i think they will take it. yesterday there was the thing where, i think it was jon stewart, he says the press takes the bait from president trump because they say "this guy live so much." you can point out lies the politicians tell, but it's the magnitude. it was the magnitude. it's constant with this president. then they say may be the shouldn't engage in. it's a stretch from the policy
9:24 am
and the actual action. >> melissa: let's take a trip down history road for a moment here. here is hillary clinton 60 minutes. >> have you always told the truth? >> i have always tried to. always, always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. always. jimmy carter said "i will never lie to you." >> you are acting me to say "have i ever?" i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have, i don't believe i ever will. >> lisa: can i get in here? i think his comment is being taken entirely out of context. if you look at what he said -- i'm going to make sure and reading to get it right. he said "sometimes it turns out were something happens, it's different or there is a change. but i always like to be truthful." the point he's making, you are only as good as the information you have in front of you. the information can change. really insincerely, sometimes information changes. for him to point to abc and says "sometimes your truths aren't
9:25 am
100% true." look at the epic mistake regarding michael flynn, which is a massive, monumental error on behalf of abc. i think his comment is being taken out of context. >> melissa: that's true. what's the difference between his response and hillary clinton's response that we displayed? >> jessica: the magnitude. donald trump has broken the fact-checking machine. >> dagen: or obama. >> jessica: listen, i think actually when you can pick out two or three things you want to say, those democrat presidents next to the magnitude of it that he is maintaining he won the popular vote and his crowd size of the inauguration? he can't tell the truth about the most basic things. he is right to point out the media -- >> dagen: this is what is called "asymmetric outrage" on the left. >> jessica: i'm not outraged, i'm excepting -- >> dagen: plenty of other people. when president obama said "if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. if you like the doctor you have,
9:26 am
you can keep your doctor, too." there were literally millions of americans, 40 million initially, who got a notice is saying "hey, you're losing her health insurance coverage." or the health insurance provider. why wasn't there just more rage about that? >> jessica: that's how unpopular it was. on the left. people were pissed off about their premium skyrocketing. why do you think they voted for trump? because they liked their hairdo? they were frustrated about wages and health care costs. it was only because they took off about not getting anything done with health care that they turned around and -- >> i'm going to wash your mouth out with soap. you just admitted that president obama has tried to take credit for the common prelet me finish paid president obama has tried to take credit for the economy now, and he said "look what we -- it started under me." >> jessica: it did. >> dagen: you just said why it
9:27 am
isn't as good as it is now, and why could have been better. in a circular motion, if you want to say "you said this, it wasn't true." i'm saying, democrats and republicans -- they all say. i'm dolly parton. [laughter] >> melissa: democrats calling on their hollywood bench where oprah winfrey hits the campaign trail today. whether this helps or hurts. plus, balance of power -- two key senate races that could go either way as the president throws cold water on the so-called "blue waves." whether he is right or if it's too soon to call. >> i think the blue wave is dead, frankly. i think we are doing very well. ♪ ow veterans, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value.
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9:32 am
democrats are trying to hold claire mccaskill's seat in missouri, an , and in arizona republicans want to keep retiring senator jeff flake's seat. here are the numbers in missour missouri. they are tied at 43%. president trump will stump for josh hawley in missouri today. it's a state that he handily won. check the stat in arizona -- congressman martha mccallie mis tied with kyrsten sinema at 40%. president trump says that the so-called blue wave is dead, and he's extremely optimistic about the senate. >> i think the blue wave is dead, frankly. i think we are doing very well. i think we are going to win the senate. we'll see what happens. we think we will do well in the house, as well. a >> jessica: i hate when he kills my waves! juan, how do you feel about things? >> juan: was interesting to me is that these are red states we are talking about. when you see dead heats in red states, you're thinking "that tells me something about the
9:33 am
nature of the entire campaign." that's republicans being on the defensive. given the landscape of senate states up this time, republicans have a pretty tremendous advantage because so many of these concepts are in states the president of won in. by double digits. why is that all of a sudden that he is struggling here? i think it's also an indication, again, going back to his travel itinerary, that you see he is not focused on winning votes in areas where they may be swing votes, independent voters. and said, as lisa said earlier, he is focused on turnout in his core. string them up. that's a lot of link which we were hearing about earlier about caravans and kavanaugh. it's intended to stir -- >> jessica: i don't think arizona is on his travel schedule as of now, which i found curious. maybe it's updated. what you think of it so close? about mick sally being a veteran? >> he didn't win by that much.
9:34 am
>> melissa: i don't mean to interrupt, we're going to go to oprah winfrey. she's on the ground now georgia. she is there campaigning for cece abrams. she has a bunch of sold-out events. she's going to be going door-to-door. right now she is speaking in marietta. let's listen in. [cheers and applause] >> i have earned the right to do what i want to do, when i want to do it! [cheers and applause] i have earned the right to think for myself! [cheers and applause] and to vote for myself. [cheers and applause] that's why i am a registered independent. because i don't want any party, or any kind of partisan influence telling me what decisions i get to make for myself.
9:35 am
[applause] i wanted to just say to you -- nobody paid for me to come here. [cheers and applause] nobody even asked me to come here. [cheers and applause] i paid for myself, and i approve this message! [cheers and applause] i wanted to tell you -- as a matter of fact, as i said, i was not asked. i just called stacy up three days ago. yes. i didn't even know what number, but you know -- [laughter] somebody said "i know her! i have her cell number!" i go "give it to me x !"
9:36 am
i called her, and i said " "stacey, this is over." you know what she said? she said "girl, let me pull over to the side of the road." [laughter] [applause] that's a good thing. "you should not be talking on your cell phone while you are driving!" i told her eye wanted to come to georgia and lend my support. she said "that would be all right!" [laughter] "that would be just fine!" i told her, "here's what i want to come, stacey. i have been reading about you. i have been reading about you in the atlantic journal. i have been reading about human "time" magazine. i have been reading about you in "the new york times." i have been watching you, and i have been seeing how you handle yourself." [cheers and applause] "i have been watching you in the
9:37 am
midst of the onslaught of haters and vitriol that is thrown against you. i have been watching you, and you just keep a-coming. you keep it coming on. and not only do you keep coming on, you keep standing, you keep standing strong for the values that matter to me and the values that matter to georgians all over this state." [cheers and applause] "you keep it coming on." i am here today because stacey abrams cares about the things that matter. she cares about medicaid expansion. she cares about keeping families together. she cares about environmental protection for our children.
9:38 am
so that they will have clean water, and will be wearing oxygen masks ten years from now she cares about common sense gun control. [cheers and applause] she doesn't want to take the guns from the people. this is georgia, we know people want to hunt in georgia! but, since when have we lost common sense for common sense? she wants common sense gun control. she cares about affordable housing, and she cares about criminal justice reform. to protect our community, and create jobs. the reason i have a registered independent is because i believe that everybody should have the right to vote their values, and vote your conscience regardless of the party. i tell you, i have voted republican, and i have voted
9:39 am
democrat. each time i have voted, i have voted for the people who i felt represented my values. so, stacey abrams' values are in alignment with the conscience notice of which our democracy has been founded. the very foundation of our democracy is to think about other people. to live a life in service to others. [cheers and applause] democracy is not just about our individual rights and concerns, and our individual protections -- rather, it lives and thrives in making sure that everybody is lifted by the community. that everybody -- it lives because the baseline is not just what i want, or what i need, or what's going to fill my pocketbook. recognizing that what is good for everybody is good for us. it's good for us.
9:40 am
[applause] stacey abrams gets that. she gets that, she understands, and she will serve the undeserved underserved of the state of georgia. because you see, here's the truth. all of us may have been created equal, but if you woke... [cheers and applause] if you woke, just a little bit, you've got sense enough to know that everybody is not treated equally. the reality is this -- we see injustices, big and small, all around us. every single day of our lives. i know it's easy for a lot of people to feel that you have no power against those injustices. this is what i am here to tell you -- this land was made for you and me. [cheers and applause] this land was made for you and me!
9:41 am
that's not just a song. that's the truth. i will tell you -- i will tell you, we are not powerless. every single one of us. every single one of us has the same power at the polls. every single one of us has something that is done in numbers too they get tamper with. [cheers and applause] to not be suppressed, and cannot be denied. as our civil rights predecessors used to say, "we shall not be moved." every single one of us has the same power at the polls. we have the ability to go into a tiny booth -- in my neighborhood it's not even a booth, just a little stand. every one of us, regardless of
9:42 am
the color of our skin, it doesn't matter when you are there at the polls. the god we pray to, it doesn't matter. who we choose to love, whether or not we graduated high school or went to college, how much money you have in the bank, whether or not you have a pre-existing condition, whether you are elderly, whether you are not, whether you are developmentally disabled -- it doesn't matter at the polls. we are all equal in power! [cheers and applause] on november 6th, you are here, you've already got it. your job is to go out and live everybody tell mike let everybody else know how to get it. you make your voice heard on november 6. we have this incredible opportunity to make history. we have our inalienable right to vote because the one place where we are all equal, is at the
9:43 am
polls. i am here today because i know you know that. i just came to remind you of the power. i am here because i want you to remind others of the power. i want to make it very clear to all of the press, everybody, i am not here because i'm making some grandstand because i'm thinking about running myself. i don't want to run! okay? [laughter] [applause] i'm not trying to test any waters. [laughter] i don't want to go in those waters! i am here today because of stacey abrams! [cheers and applause] here today because of the men, and because of the women who we,
9:44 am
who were discriminated against, who were sub-press, repressed, and oppressed for the right and the equality at the polls. i want you to know that their blood has seeped into my dna, and i refuse to let their sacrifices be in vain. i refuse. [cheers and applause] i am here today -- [cheers and applause] don't let nobody tell you. you can't let their sacrifices be in vain. i am here today because, like a lot of young people, i didn't take voting seriously until around my mid 20s. around my mid 20s, i had the privilege of hearing reverend otis moss jr., you all know him? he's a preacher.
9:45 am
a preacher in cleveland, ohio. i heard him tell the story of his father. of otis moss senior, who, right here in georgia, got up in the morning and put on his only suit and his best time. he walked 6 miles to the voting poll location he was told to go to in lagrange. when he got there, after walking 6 miles in his good suit and tie, they said "boy, you at the wrong place." "you at the wrong place. you need to go over there." so he walks another 6 miles, and when he got there, they said "boy, you at the wrong place. you need to go to the rosemont school." and i picture him walking from dawn to dusk, in his suit.
9:46 am
his feet tired. getting to the rosemont school, and they say "boy, you too late. the polls are closed." and he never had a chance to vote. by the time the next election came around, he had died. when i go to the polls and i cast my ballot, i cast it for a man i never knew. i cast it for otis moss senior, who walked 18 miles one day just for the chance to vote. [cheers and applause] when i go into the polls, i cast the vote for my grandmother, hattie may lee, who died in 1963 before the voting rights act of 1965 and never had a chance to vote. i vote for her. [applause] when i stand in the polls, i do what maya angelou says -- i come as one, but i stand as 10,000.
9:47 am
[cheers and applause] for all those who paved the way that we might have the right to vote. for anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote, and you are choosing not to vote, wherever you are in this state, in this country, you are dishonoring your family. [cheers and applause] you are disrespecting and disregarding their legacy. they are suffering their dreams, when you don't vote. honor your legacy. arner your legacy. honor your right to citizenship. and this, which is the greatest country in the world. the greatest country in the world. the right to vote is like --
9:48 am
like the crown we all get to wear. maia used to say, "baby, your crown has been paid for. put it on your head and wear it." your crown has been paid for! the right to vote is your crown! this is a tight race here in georgia. this is tight. there are tight races all over this country that depend on all of us giving honor to our greatest democratic right and privilege. let your vote make a difference. let your vote counts. let your vote speak for you. if you are a woman, let me just talk to the women for a minute... [cheers and applause] if you are a woman, you need to recognize, it hasn't even been 100 years. since we even have the right to vote. since we were considered a piece of property. you couldn't even own a piece of property. i love land so much, and if i was born at the turn-of-the-century, the 20th century, i wouldn't even have the right to own the land
9:49 am
without your father or your husband saying it was so. he didn't have the right to even take care of yourself. you didn't have a voice, and now we do. we, as women people, we as women people, need to stand united and vote our values. vote your values. vote your conscience. all this noise, all the noise, you just can't get away from it. you turn on the tv, it's so much noise and crazy talk. all the vitriol in the ads. you know what? they are designed to confuse and confound you with fear. that's what they have done. they are designed to confound you with fear. they are not designed for people with discernment. it women people, we have discernment. [cheers and applause] when you know the right thing, and you can feel it, you can
9:50 am
feel what is the right thing to do. you can't be influenced by propaganda and fear. now is the time for discernment. only when we unite as sisters -- and i don't just mean "sistas" " i mean sisters. black sisters, brown sisters. white sisters. asian sisters. lgbtq sisters. [cheers and applause] when we all unite, i know for sure a change is going to come. i am here today to support a change-maker. [cheers and applause] she is a woman who dared believe that she could change the state
9:51 am
of georgia. she is dynamic, she is so inspired and inspiring. she's bold. [applause] and bodacious. she is a georgia warrior woman. ladies and gentlemen, stacey abrams! ♪ >> melissa: that was oprah winfrey, of course. she needs no introduction. she is in marietta, georgia. she is there campaigning for stacey abrams, who is taking the stage right now. she is of course running for governor in that seat. she would be the first female black governor of any state if she won this race. oprah winfrey saying there that she is independent, not part of any party, that she was not asked to go down there. she's not testing the waters were thinking about running herself. she simply has been watching stacey abrams, and she picked up the phone and found her phone number and asked if she could
9:52 am
come out and campaign for her. i want to bring it out to the couch, here, because oprah did some very interesting things with that speech. she is truly a master. she made the message of her speech, i would say -- and i don't know who would disagree with me -- about the vote. about going in voting, and how important that is. how everybody has the same power in the booth as everyone else. she did not talk about anything negative. she did not talk about -- i mean, you talk about campaigning positively. she said -- she talked about how stacey abrams did reflect her values and her conscience, but she said it has been hard-fought for women and for minorities and everyone to get out there and have the right to vote. she threads the needle of inclusion in a really interesting way, in my mind. if you are listening to that speech, it's hard not to feel inspired. it's hard to make yourself feel less doubts. >> dagen: a lot of celebrities
9:53 am
can raise money for you if you are running political office. oprah winfrey has a spiritual connection with so much of this country, and it was built over years and years of doing that talk show. i said, when we were watching it, i said "if that women can get folks to eat pizza with a cauliflower crest on it, she is going to get that woman elected. the first black female governor." they are not >> lisa: they are not voting for oprah, they are voting for stacey abrams. she's the most far left in their history. sheep supported single-payer. she didn't pay the irs, yet she wants to raise taxes on georgia families. she says she is against assault weapons, yet she doesn't want to -- she has legislation in the statehouse to seize weapons. >> jessica: lisa, you are killing our oprah moment, here! >> lisa: maybe i'm not as
9:54 am
easily sold. >> jessica: is exactly what michelle obama has been doing, as well. these "get out the vote" rallies who are centered on getting out the vote. she told stories about people who have never met struggling to vote, she also spoke directly to women. "women people," as she called in. she said it's not even 100 years since we got this ability. don't squander it. i love the phrase "vote your values." we hear about your conscience a lot, which she said, but "vote your values." if you think people should have access to quality, friable health care, vote your value. >> dagen: i think he is sitting there saying "why doesn't she run?" >> juan: when i am watching oprah winfrey, i'm thinking to myself two things. one, so much of the midterms will be decided by white suburban women. the question is, as dagen was suggesting, whether or not you can reach those women. you see there are republican ads
9:55 am
out now that at the very end have a white suburban woman saying "i have concerns about this, concerned about trump and that, but i've got to go with the republicans." i think what you are seeing now is democrats -- especially in so many of these suburban house districts where trump carried it, or it was close -- are saying "we are counting on those white suburban women this time, especially in the aftermath of all the trouble we have seen with the violence, to say we want to check on trump." i think that's what you are hearing from oprah. >> melissa: i don't know if that's what you're hearing. i love when people tell me what white women are thinking and feeling and how they're going to vote. it's very interesting. we heard from oprah, she didn't see donica say "go vote for abrams." she just said "go float boot." interesting. more "outnumbered" in just s a minute. for up to 100% of your home's value.
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information? sure. i'll get a decision guide in the mail to you today. they're free. finally. someone who understands the real me. your health and happiness is important to us. call or go online now to get your free decision guide. call a licensed humana sales agent today. >> harris: juan williams, thank you for joining us. you have a book. tell us about your book. >> it's so important because we're talking about politics, issues like get out and vote so in this book i talk about when the president says what the hell do you have to lose? trump's war on civil rights. here are some things we have to lose, including what you just heard oprah talking about, getting out to vote with voting rights as opposed to voter suppression. >> i want to say something very polite. >> i hope you read it then you can argue about it. >> i'm very happy for your book. you are my friend, even though we argue with each other. >> i thought this was very civil. oprah would be proud.
10:00 am
>> she did take 25 minutes of the arguing time. >> very true. >> i have more tax about that caravan. >> she convinced people to go out and vote. it's one thing everybody can agree on it's your responsibility, it's your right, go do it. >> and we're lucky to have it. >> for now, here is harris faulkner. ♪ ♪ >> harris: fox news alert, new fox battleground polls point to the possibility of the gop adding to their senate ranks even more than they had projected. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. with just five days until the mid-term elections, fox news has released brand-new polling out of five key battleground states. take a look at your screen. don't miss it. the new data shows it now seems very possible republicans could flip the three democrat-held seats in indiana, missouri, north dakota. republicans also appear to have run away with tennessee, while arizona


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