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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 1, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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of rigid ideology and total conform city. they demand absolute agreement and they dismiss and demonize anyone who questions their radical ideas. did you ever see anything like what is going on? >> sean: you decide in four nights. laura ingraham, i have a question for you. just for a second. i know conventional wisdom says republicans will pick up seats in the house and may lose the -- may lose the house and pick up seats in the senate. i'm thinking just imagine for a moment all the media -- if the republicans win it all. i'm just -- i'm an optimistic guy. i don't know what is going to happen. i can take victory or defeat. i can't even imagine how unhinged they will be. it's worth the price of admission just for that. >> laura: well, they will be wearing what i'm wearing,
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. day remember the day after the election they all wore black. it's an election. the country goes one way and then it goes the other way. everybody take a breath. >> sean: i want to win this one just to see their faces. where you in? >> in phoenix. covering the mcsally race. >> laura: they have planes over me. this is fun. >> sean: i want to tell you one thing. according to sinema, you're among crazy people, it's okay to fight with the taliban. good luck to kyrsten sinema. >> laura: i think the people are taking a second, third, and fourth look at ms. sinema. >> sean: i'm glad you're out there. have a great show. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is the "angle" live from the border state in arizona. we have so much to get through.
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i don't think an hour's going to do it but we have to fit it into an hour. stay right there. states like this are not just front and center in the mid-terms because of a close senate race, they resonate nationally because the issue of immigration has come to the foreonce again. president trump has refocussed attention on the issue, of course he is being labeled a racist. you just heard him refer to that in his speech in missouri. tonight a hispanic border patrol agent and a family member of a victim of illegal immigrants crime will be here to react. plus, where the polls stand now and what ads are actually working the most with voters. the men who know the answers are all here. i cannot wait to talk to them. everything you need to know in the waning days of these mid-terms. and democrats have long used dark money and dirty tricks. they're always bemoaning that.
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we are going to lay out tonight how they are shamelessly engaging in both this mid-term. it's off the charts. first the race to the bottom. the focus of tonight's "angle." the better donald trump does among african-american voters, the more race of obsessed the democrats become. when young african-americans were invited to the white house by the president. they were derided by the left. >> was not a summit. it was a make america great rally, the use of young blacks as props which is really an insult to them. >> laura: insult to them? really. aren't those racist sentiments? isn't it wrong to lump people into political camps based on their skin color or believe only authentic african-americans are the ones who despise donald
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trump? and i thought stereo typing people based on their skin color was the definition of racism. why should a reverend be speaking of these terms at all? they are worried about their prospects. so now the left are engaged in a coordinated effort to brand donald trump as a racist. >> we have a white nationalist president. who is a threat to american democracy. >> people know when you say nationalism, people know what that is a dog whistle for. that's a wink and nod to white nationalist. >> this man doubled down after 11 beautiful people were shot and killed while worshipping. for what? some ideal of whiteness that donald trump represents and spews out of his mouth every single day. >> laura: that's what donald trump thinks about every morning when he wakes up, whiteness. come on, you're better than that. and this tiresome claim. >> trump knows the only way they
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can energize their base is through fear. >> laura: i thought sarah silverman was supposed to be funny. oh. oh, really. fear mongering. what was oprah winfrey doing in atlanta if not fear mongering? >> i am here today because of the men and the women who were lynched, who were humiliated, and who were discriminated against and who were suppressed who were repressed and oppressed. and i refuse to let their sacrifices be in vain. >> laura: you have to hand it to oprah. she is a great speaker. but i kind of liked herbert when she was giving away to yotas an refrigerators. to tie the candidacy of kemp to the scorch of racism and even
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lynching. come on, oprah. it's dehumanizing. it's completely baseless. it's totally cruel and again, i say, you're much better than that and you're much bigger than that. and i say this to oprah winfrey, how is this living our best life now? this desensitizes us to the real racists out there who should be condemned and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when they commit heinous crimes and use violence to hurt and maim people of a different race. what did kemp ever do aside from running against a black opponent? nothing. for a taste of true racial obsession and racism, hear what a few prominent democrats said this week that didn't get that much attention. >> what do you think of cory booker? >> i adore him. >> saying kick them in the
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shins, essentially. >> that was eric holder. >> sorry. >> i know they all look alike. >> [laughing]. >> our state director is indian-american but he does an amazing job. our director of constituent services, she's african-american, but she does an even more incredible job than you could ever imagine. >> laura: [laughing]. i still can't believe that comment. look, come on, it's all race, all the time. and in florida, project veritas caught a staffer of andrew gillum saying this about his promises and about the state itself. >> fairy tales in the modern-day begin with "once i am elected." >> this is a [bleep] state. >> okay. >> a cracker state. >> laura: imagine if a conservative staffer for ron desantis said something similar. it would be wall-to-wall news day and night.
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and he and the candidate would be labeled as racist. and a pathetic and transparent double standard is what we just showed you. you know they won't cover that. that's just some fringe guy making a video. democrats like gillum are featured in endless puff pieces across all media. most of these pieces focus on their race as the biggest selling point for the candidacy. i assume they are about more than that. they have views and ideas. but it's always about race and race for the most part, alone. black republicans like john james running for senate or omar a muslim republican running for congress for california's 52nd district are hardly covered at all. race doesn't matter if you are a republican. not historic at all. the reason for this leftist race baiting trump's policies are
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working for african-americans and the results are now beginning to come in. democrats sense it. they're losing their grip on the black community. black unemployment is down and black entrepreneurism is up and the polls are moving. check out this poll. a year president trump's approval rating among black americans was 10%. today it's almost triple at 29 percent. and this may be the most revealing number of all. on the issue of immigration. 15% of black americans like trump's approach last year. not great. this year, it's almost doubled. 29% approve of trump's immigration stance. my friend, you might not like
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everything he tweets. i get that. but donald trump is standing up for all americans. he doesn't care about your skin color or what religion you practice. he's about america. and that is a good thing. and back to obama, because he is campaigning across the country. aside from his incredible example of being a great father and himself a historic figure. you have to ask this question. what did obama actually do -- substantively do for black america? african-american wages during his eight years were flat. obamacare was a complete and total disaster. he did little to protect the black community from the competition of cheap, illegal labor. hardly talked about it. do not let the race husksters convince you to embrace the failure of the past. for the democrats, this is not about protecting minority
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groups, it's about regaining raw political power, even if it means turning american against american and stopping the economic revival. we've seen the best we've seen in decades across all races and all ethnicities. and that's the angle. joining me to discuss, a fox news contributor and editorial board member of the "wall street journal." jonathan harris is a liberal analyst. how effective do you see these strategies in winning over african-american voters in the mid-terms. let's start with what the democrats are doing. trump is a white nationalist. he's a racist, embracing racist policies. the drum beat across all media today. >> well, in the past it's been what they go to in their playbook. they can't talk about the
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economy and the record low black and brown unemployment. i mean, historic lows. since we have been recording these numbers. they go to their dirty bag of tricks and pull out the race card. i've been calling it for close to a couple of decades and my father, the great roy ennis before me, he called it racial hustling. the problem is and the reason we take this posture is we come from a civil rights organization that comes with racial equality. where you want to talk about real voter suppression. three of our boys were murdered. they lost their lives. they didn't have to show an i.d. they lost their lives. they were murdered by the klan in mississippi for registering
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people to vote. >> laura: but to hear today, we have made no progress. >> that's an absurdity. that's nonsense. and it spits on the grave of all those brave whites and blacks that gave their lives for the civil rights revolution, for the civil war, before -- 100 years before then. and it really sends the wrong message to young blacks, young whites, hispanics, asian americans that they live in a country because of our constitution and because of the passage of the 14th amendment, it's the freest liberty-embracing country not only in the world but the history of the world. >> laura: jonathan, interesting races across the country. but stacy abrams may be elected in georgia. you have gillum in florida. barack obama a 2-term president. went out very popular. for oprah to come to georgia. and she's a larger than life
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figure and an incredible person and done a lot for a lot of people. she comes to georgia and she basically acts like no progress has been made and we're on the verge of having this guy, brian kemp oversee mass lynchings of african-americans. how is that a positive engagement on politics? >> i think what she's doing is acknowledging the fact that brian kemp is suppressing over 53,000 votes according to the a.p., in georgia. and this is a long history of suppressing votes in the south by conservatives, by republicans. in 2005, the head of the rnc apologized for embracing the southern strategy. where the republican party embraced racism from white people to get votes. that was what the republican party tried to do. that's where this all comes from. that was their strategy. though he apologized for it in 2005 there's no proof they stopped doing it.
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cue donald trump calling mexicans murderers and rapists. >> laura: let's say in georgia. because i think this is really important for people to understand what did happen in georgia. when voter registrations and, kim, you have written about this, the integrity of the vote does need to be maintained. and duplicate registrations, people registered in multiple counties and names not quite matching. states all across the country end up cleaning up their rolls. but this has turned into a racial football in georgia, kim. you heard what jonathan said. 53,000 purged from the rolls. is that really what has been happening and is kemp the culprit? >> no. because we've been cleaning up the voter rolls. it's a routine thing that happens in states year after year. you are not seeing it happen to
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just minorities. people of all races are pulled off and sometimes it's an error. often it's just to update the list. few the rhetoric here has changed so much this election. the complaint was tougher voter i.d. laws. that moved to claims of outright suppression. you used to claim that republicans had latent racism. there is an electoral strategy behind this. democrats continue to argue every time there is a poll that says that african-americans are supporting donald trump in greater numbers. even they will admit that has shifted. in a race this close where two or three points could be the deciding factor to have african-americans come out and vote for republicans or worse in their minds, simply not come out and vote for democrats, stay home because they're not animated against donald trump, that could be the difference between victory and defeat.
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nd that's why you see this rhetoric reaching such extraordinary levels. >> laura: both side are accusing the other of ramping up rhetoric for political reasons. i want to go to what vice president pence said today, kind of reacting to what oprah did in georgia. let's watch. >> i would like to remind stacy and oprah and will farrell, i am kind of a big deal, too. this ain't hollywood. this is georgia. >> [cheers and applause]. >> laura: how much star power? i mean, oprah did have an effect in 2008. she really turned out some voters for barack obama, there's no doubt about it. but the economy is doing well. in 2008 it wasn't. the great economic statistics yesterday with raising wages. so, niger, does the celebrity
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factor work here even using the race card? >> i suppose this will be some degree of an impact. no doubt that oprah is popular. but i actually think that come next tuesday there's going to be a surprise. i don't know that republicans are going to hold on to the house. but i think they're going to do a lot better, particularly in the minority community than people are polling right now. you often hear of a hidden trump vote that could move the vote polls 3% to 5%. it's not just whites, you know, that are afraid to tell their pollster they're voting for donald trump. there's a reign of terror in minority precincts that punish people that you are supposed to vote democrat if you are black. >> laura: yes, people are afraid. jonathan, don't you agree it's not a good thing if people are afraid to wear a t-shirt supporting whether it's the
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democrat or the republicans? now you have people who are afraid to wear a maga hat. they are afraid they will be called a racist. is that a good thing? >> i don't think they should be afraid. they should be embarrassed. >> laura: well, they are afraid. >> you shouldn't be afraid. >> laura: the fear from racism is potent. >> there should be no fear from expressing your political opinions. when you are embracing a party who advocates for racism calling themselves nationalists, you should be embarrassed. >> everything is racism. >> not everything is racism. >> my friend says you can't throw out the racism card forever. [ overlapping speakers ] >> laura: the record low unemployment for african-americans is not racist. i'll tell you that. >> obama cut it in half. >> laura: wages have gone up. didn't under obama. kimberly, real quick because
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we're almost out of time, progressivism, even if they take the house, do progressive policies end up showing something new this time? a new economic boom under liberal policies? >> it's not been note. there are few real progressive candidates likely to win. democrats kept a lid on them. most of the races are democrats trying to position themselves at sent resists and moderates. look at arizona. to the extent the progressive his the air time in the kavanaugh hearing they blew the potential for a blue wave. that is not what's winning it for democrats this year. >> laura: they don't want to talk about the caravan at all. thank you very much. they know it doesn't poll well. the reaction to trump's moves on immigration over the last week resulted in a common refrain from the left. oh, it's racist!
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a border agent and the aunt of a police officer killed by an illegal alien tells us why they are offended. stay there. relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief
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displrch ♪ >> laura: we broadcast from th >> laura: tonight we broadcast from the border state of arizona where immigration will play front and center in the senate race tight between martha mcsally and democrat kyrsten sinema. there are thousands of illegal immigrants in the state. and thousands more are in mobile mobs heading to the u.s. boarder, coming to claim asylum.
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the caravan. president announced a big change to the process. let's watch. >> illegal aliens won't get a free pass into our country by launching meritless claims in seek asylum. those who break our laws and enter illegally will no longer be able to use meritless claims to gain automatic admission to our country. we will hold them. >> laura: fantastic! i love it. joining us with reaction is the vice president of the national border patrol council and host of the green line radio show and old friend of mine. and pam owens who nephew was murdered in 2014 by an illegal immigrant who was already twice deported. will this make a difference in the number of illegals crossing the border especially with this caravan approaching? >> we have a situation where we have a president who actually cares. i think that's what's important. he is making a bigger deal out
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of it. he's keeping us in the limelight. he's shown he cares about illegal immigration. we haven't seen that before. and that is very, very welcome. unless you stop the catch and release, it will not stop them. >> laura: he said we will catch but won't release. he said that today and a lot of people are questioning it. this was jake tapper of cnn earlier today discussing what the president said. let's catch. -- watch. >> we were told by the white house that president trump would be introducing a new proposal, a new policy when it came to asylum. that's not what happened. i don't know of a national security expert who says there says there is a crisis at the border. >> laura: he doesn't know of a national security expert who considers it a crisis at the border. you deal with this day in and day out. is this a crisis with the number of people now crossing the border? >> it's been a crisis for some time.
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it was a huge crisis during the obama administration. when we started under president trump the numbers lowered dramatically on his rhetoric alone. i think we missed the mark. the leaders of our agency. but now, we're seeing a president that's going to enforce the law. he is not bringing anything new to the table. he is saying protect our borders. what a crazy idea. >> laura: but it's racist and you're hispanic, yourself. how does it feel to have the president called racist and anti-latino. xenophobe, nativist. every time he wants to do something all of those names come out. >> when you don't have an argument anymore and you realize you are wrong, that's what you have to say, racist. i, myself, i've been called an uncle juan, a race traitor. stand up for your own race. it's not a racial thing. border security has nothing to do with race. the security of our country has nothing to do with race. i owe everything to this country. the only flag i will fly and
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the only flag asuppoi support a only country i support in this is the united states of america. >> laura: a lot of blue flag in that caravan. >> if you are escaping a country because they oppressed you so badly, would you be flying the flag of that country? >> laura: that's a great point. which i had not thought of. thank you for raising it. pamela, i want to go to you. the president has been vilified for raising the issue of illegal immigrants crime. outrage all day long because he discussed cases such as that of your nephew, a police officer in california gunned down in cold blood by a man twice deported and yet came back and killed and laughed about it in court when he was being sentenced. i've got to get your take on the vilification of this president
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and his concern about illegal immigrant crime. pamela? >> i support everything this president is doing and has done. our entire family are so grateful for everything he's done. i get so angry when i listen to what people do say about him. because he's not a villain. he's doing what he was hired to do, which is protect our nation, protect our people. that's what he is there for. that's what he is supposed to do. finally we have a president who's doing it and the democrats just can't stand it. they have blood on their hands. they should be ashamed of themselves. listening to the last guest talking about we should be embarrassed. no, they should be embarrassed. shame on them all of them. thank you, president trump. >> laura: pamela, i am so stunned when i see people -- i shouldn't be after all these years. i shouldn't be surprised at all.
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but i'm stunned. when you have someone standing up for victims. victims who are trafficked and guns coming across the board and meth. i know you deal with fentanyl coming across the boarder. and in this case, a california police officer, two gunned down. to bring this up as racist? he doesn't care if it's white, black, gay or straight. it's an american. killed. >> exactly. >> laura: and that's racist? if you could speak directly to the american people about this toxic charge of racism that we heard all day long on cnn and msnbc, all day long. >> well, i can tell you that you should take a walk in our shoes and see what it feels like and you would understand, it has nothing to do with race. i don't care what race he was,
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he murdered two officers as well as, i believe the man that he carjacked was a black man. so let's not talk race. it has nothing to do with ways. he was a criminal, an illegal alien. he was not an illegal immigrant, he was an illegal alien. in our country numerous times illegally. shame on those who get on the president for doing what he should do. >> laura: they used the charge because they do not have an answer. they know this is a potent issue. as the president said today, we have time to play it. women want to be safe too. let's watch that. >> there's nothing political about a caravan of thousands of people and now others forming, pouring up into our country. we have no idea who they are.
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i don't want them in our country. women don't want them in our country. women want security. men don't want them in our country. but the women do not want them. women want security. >> laura: safety is very important and homeland. those concepts for women as a woman you want to be safe. not everybody is a criminal. we know that. but sadly that's not the case. even many mesa, arizona, a man shot in the face. >> you don't know. you are here in arizona. close to 40% of the drugs that enter this country illegally come through here. we are coming up on elections. it's important that people realize when you go to that poll, do you want border security? 40% of drugs come through arizona. do you want border security or do you want somebody that doesn't care about our borders. >> laura: sinema is terrible on the border. mcsally is the only person to vote for. thank you very much.
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great to you have on. pam, thanks for being brave and brave enough to share that story tonight. we will never forget. when we come back, the polsters, they have it all covered for us. you don't want to miss this next segment. stay right there. this next
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>> ♪ >> laura: only >> laura: only five days to go until the mid-term elections and tonight we want to highlight some of the races that democrats once thought were a sure bet. now it's anyone's guess. joining me is tom and doug. tom, let's start with you. john tester in montana. he was sailing to reelection. but tell us about some of the dirty tricks that have his challenger, matt rosendale back in the hunt tonight. >> well, a libertarian candidate. he doesn't dropout but endorsed rosendale.
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the livetarian -- libertarian wasn't getting a lot of support in the polls. the problem is we've only had two polls in october. one was completed two weeks ago. so we have almost no data in montana to tell us what is going on there. trump has been there. this could be a surprise election night because we don't have good data on what's going on. >> laura: doug, in florida things are interesting there. it looked like gillum built a big momentum. then we started hearing more about this corruption, the -- getting bribes, potentially, the fbi investigation and now stuff with the anti- israel group. and now his lead has been cut in half and obviously trump spending a lot of time there as well.
11:38 pm
what's going on? >> look, florida is a very close toss up state in both the governor's race and the senate race. and you're exactly right. gillum opened a double digits lead. since then, we've heard a lot more about a corruption scandal, potentially during his administration, travel, gifts. and there's also the issue of the role of the president trying to mobilize voters for desantis who had been slipping until recently. i see this as a close race, a slight advantage to gillum but no more. >> laura: now missouri where claire mccaskill made a comment is donald trump's border security policy. specifically, talking about the wall and other things. let's watch what she said. >> the impression he is giving missourians is that somehow the democrats are in favor of our border being overrun.
11:39 pm
i am not. i support the president 100% doing what he needs to do to secure the border. >> laura: tom, mccaskill is like a border hawk. i mean, she's going to be wearing a maga hat soon. what's going on there? >> mccaskill is the lucy with the football for republicans. every cycle they think they can get her and remove her and kick her out of office. this year seems a little different. she is running ads saying she is not one of those crazy democrats like bernie sanders and the others. this race has a different feel to it. the polls are very, very close. josh holiday is up 2 points. but this race is close. you can't count out mccaskill. she's a hard campaigner and doing what she needs to do to try to win this race. but this one feels different. i shake she might end up on the
11:40 pm
short side five years ago. >> laura: we saw the graphic come up on trump's approval rating for the economy. great news. 51% approval rating. his numbers in florida and tennessee with marsha blackburn, very good. but i want to move up to new jersey because bob menendez who is another person mired in various scandals but he is holding on to the lead. could that change? >> it could. laura, the only thing that is tethering bob menendez up at this point is the state is so very, very democratic as long as i can remember going back over 20 years. it's been represented by democrats in the senate. that being said, the lead in the polls that i've seen is down to somewhere between 4 and 6 points. so it's a tossup according to charlie cook. it could go either way but the
11:41 pm
democratic nature of the state makes bob menendez ever so slightly a favorite. >> laura: tom, we are out of time. a quick question. could it be in some polls people are afraid to say they will vote for the republican? you find that sometimes in workplaces? they're afraid because i'm a conservative. is there something about pollsters that people might not always be truthful are or they pretty straight with the pollsters. >> the effect in 2016 trump's numbers were higher when the poll was conducted with the robo-call. which means that people -- instead of talking to a live pollster, if it was, press one if you support donald trump, trump got higher rates than talking to live pollsters. there is a bit of that effect. we may see it come back here in 2018. it's very hard to quantify.
11:42 pm
>> democrats like polls more than republicans and answer them in slightly higher numbers which effects the ultimate results as well. >> laura: can't wait. thank you very much. great insight. we have been reviewing the hottest and most effective ads. we want to bring in someone, an advertising guru. he will break them down for us. stay there. us. stay there.
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>> ♪ >> laura: >> laura: a good campaign ad can completely change the course of an entire race. and there's one man who studied their effectiveness for years. joining us now frank luntz. great to see you.
11:46 pm
you for georgia. i am here in arizona. i want to start with an ad from president trump. let's watch. >> when i look at the way things are, it remind me of how far we have come. >> these numbers they are impressively weak. >> things are starting to change. there is more opportunity and security to invest in the ones that matter. but this could all go away if we don't remember what we came from. and choose the right future. >> laura: frank, what do you think about that one? >> it's clearly a partisan ad. but to my surprise and the testing that we just completed, that atd was celebrated. democrats responded almost as favorably as republicans because it dealt with an emotional appeal that the public wants. a mom and her daughter. desperate for things to get better. and people actually do. democrats even give trump credit for improving the economy. that was right on the mark. it's one of those rare partisan ads that are effective.
11:47 pm
>> laura: i want to play an ad from brian kemp in georgia. stacy abrams getting some help from oprah today and will farrell earlier this week. let's watch this. >> i am brian kemp. i am so conservative, i blow up government spending. i own guns. that no one is taking away. my chainsaw is ready to rip up some regulations. >> [whirring]. i got a big truck just in case i need to round up criminal illegals and take them home, myself. yep, i just said that. you want a political incorrect conservative, that's me. >> laura: how did that do? >> fantastic among republicans and awful among democrats. and actually, people who are independent wonder is this guy serious or is he a good old boy?
11:48 pm
all of these ads will be join monday night on hbo and vice news. we tested over 250 political ads. that one among republicans is in the top ten. but democrats when they look at it, they say no way. >> laura: let's move on to bob. because i'm going to stake it on him beating menendez. i might be wrong but i have hope for new jersey. fi love the state of new jersey. it's corrupt but it's a beautiful state. i want it to get better. watch this ad. >> these are difficult times. things are better for us than they were for our mothers and grandmothers. now we're going through another change and it will make life better for her. reading this sworn fbi affidavit containing allegations that menendez traveled abroad to have sex with under-age prostitutes. one thing became clear, i'll never be able to explain a vote
11:49 pm
for him to her. >> brilliant. it is brilliant because there is a special relationship between a mother and a daughter and this is one of those places where the #metoo movement is alive and alive on behalf of the republicans and against the democrats. i believe there are a series of ads that may cost menendez the election and that's one of them right there. >> laura: thank you very much, frank. democrats used to claim when it comes to dark money and dirty tricks, they are above board. it's all the republicans who do that stuff. but tonight, we have information showing that they are intently engaged in both this election season and we're going to show you, next.
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>> laura: >> laura: don't you love it when democrats claim moral superiority on an issue but do it themselves. we have information that democrats are utilizing anonymous and potentially illegal mailers targeting republican voters in montana, indiana and missouri, attempting to scare them into staying home. then, there is the dark money. the "new york times" reporting on a group called the hub project run by obama alumns with a stated goal of funding progressive candidates to the tune of $30 million through anonymous sources. >> senior fellow at the hoover institution. i thought the democrats were against these practices. they abhor them. >> [laughing]. the party switched. the wealthy and the poor in the democratic party and the middle-class fed. you can see that in the 2018 and
11:54 pm
2012 and '16 campaigns. they outraised republicans. obama was the first president to refuse public campaign. public financing of campaigns. he paid a $375,000 penalty for fines. and you look at the wealthiest 20 counties in the united states, 15 of the 20 are democratic. the great wealth in this country is no longer mining or agriculture or steel. it's high-tech and media and high finance. apple and google and amazon. bloomberg, facebook. that's why we have a billion dollars coming to this race. i'll just end by thinking -- it's not always logical how you spend that money when you have so much of it. some is sloppy on their part. they feel ted cruz is public enemy number one and nunes is
11:55 pm
public enemy number two. and they are pouring $75 million into a senate race they probably won't win. they had two minutes of hate and not distributing the fund. it's like the end are so justified. that they're so noble, redistribution, that any means necessary to obtain them are considered okay. >> laura: weigh in on the race baiting we started the show with tonight. in arizona. immigration. 40% of all illegal drugs come in through arizona. it's a really important state. but the race card being played all day long. and frankly, for most of this election cycle, again, supporters of the president, his agenda and so forth. your final thoughts on that? >> it's the same idea. it's flipped.
11:56 pm
the civil rights people that were in the north democratic now they believe that you are superficial appearance is essential rather than incidental to your character. it's conservatives that are live and let live. they flipped just like the money question that we discussed earlier. >> laura: well, i think people are getting tired of it. i really do. i think it's an insult to true racism. i think it minimizes true racism. victor, thank you very much. stay there. i want you to stay there for a preview of a very important "the ingraham angle" from arizona tonight. we're going to continue right when we come back.
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11:59 pm
>> laura: you just heard from the border patrol who told us >> border patrol told us how important arizona is to the immigration debate. tomorrow we have a focus group
12:00 am
of arizonans of every political stripe to discuss this pressing issue and we will talk with martha mc sally as she looks to close the needle first and kristin's inema. shannon bream in washington to take it away. shannon: a brand-new lawsuit by a number of migrants in the caravan. thank you so much. donald trump rallies for josh holly in a day filled with new developments for the immigration method. republicans taking tuesday on trump power as democrats been two races on star power. who will win? karl rove live with analysis.


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